Monday, March 31, 2014


Lately I have had other things in my life take precedence over any online activities, the blog and Facebook included. I try to stay on top of what is going on by reading the comments on the blog that make it to my inbox but unfortunately many other comments get routed directly to my junk folder.

When Ayla first disappeared and I started following her case online I had an abundance of free time. Unfortunately as the case went on over the years with no conclusion and very little by the way of updates it became harder and harder to find something to write about that wasn't rehashing some point that had already been dissected a hundred times before, blogging about the case no longer was a top priority. It became clearer and clearer that the more one tidbit became discussed the more that got added to it and the original truth or fact became muddled somewhere. Sort of like the game of telephone. If that wasn't enough to cause frustration then the craziness of people started to show. The ones who claim conspiracy theories and coverups. Those who are interested more in sensationalism than the actual truth of what happened to Ayla. This case isn't going to be solved on a blog or online. It is IMPOSSIBLE to put a puzzle together when most of the pieces aren't available to you and many haven't even been shown to you. Why spend countless hours online responding to comments that are growing nastier and nastier in nature and adding more stress to your life? Under the guise of claiming you are doing this for Ayla? I call bullshit! Fighting on a blog and attacking either side of Ayla's family isn't helping Ayla. It isn't raising awareness for Ayla either. The majority of people who frequent the blogs are the same ones who have been here from the beginning. New people aren't  flocking in droves years later to now help with Ayla's case. The only time there is an influx in visitors is when there is a news story or an article written in a newspaper and then after a few days most of those people go back to their lives only a few stay and wade through the personal attacks in the comments and the drama that is here on the blogs. The sad reality is that the blogs aren't here for Ayla, they are carried on so people with too much time on their hands can bicker back and forth about who is right and who is wrong and not one of those people will ever really know who was right and who was wrong until an arrest is made and the evidence becomes available during the trial.

I knew exactly why Jeff was closing United4Ayla and I was very close to following suit. It is embarrassing to have those new people who are brought to the blogs by a media article or story come to the blog looking for information regarding Ayla's case and read comments attacking either side of Ayla's family or just attacking other commenters because they are on their high horse and think they know it all. The blogs could have been a platform to raise awareness for Ayla. To use as meeting place for people to organize walks or vigils, to use to educate people on other missing children and to educate how ways to keep your child safe but alas it is too far gone now. So you want to know why I abandoned ship and didn't make time for the blogs amidst all else that was going in my life, that is why. Why Katie continues with the abuse I don't know. She is apparently a stronger person than I am. I wondered and waited for years to see if both sides would finally come together and realize that if you truly want justice for Ayla there is only one side and that is Ayla's side but the more comments I read the more apparent it is to me that for some this isn't about Ayla or anyone in their family but instead only about themselves and what is gratifying for them. Some apparently need the hate and the drama and the spiteful know it all attitudes to give them some satisfaction in their miserable lives and if you think I'm talking about you then I probably am.

So in closing, this is my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions... Just a forewarning, I don't have the time or the desire to answer comments attacking me or others or moderating comments so keep that in mind. It is easier for me just to hit delete on the whole blog and honestly my frustration level is sky high after reading some comments lately and may still do just that.


  1. Tori, I could not have said it better myself and, like you, I don’t mean to take anything away from the respectful bloggers who have been here from the beginning. I appreciate the sacrifices they made and continue to make for Ayla, I really do, but I could not understand the need for some to blog about Ayla every day under the guise of raising awareness for her, while their were others getting their hands dirty behind the scenes.

    But this is a thankless job and for me the blogs, like Facebook, help get the word out when there is word to get out.

    During my down time however, I have come to realize that maybe this is not just about Justice for Ayla. Maybe this is about people united for a common cause who became friends over time, friends who greeted and got to know each other a little better every day by blogging over a little girl named Ayla .. and you know what, that is not such a bad thing. If we could just get rid of the damn trolls :)

    1. I don't say this often, Jeff, but I agree with you. 100%.

    2. I agree as well. I also think in the beginning (when face it, there were trolls around, too) there was a different purpose for the blogs. I remember waiting to read Tori's posts because she was bringing to light things that weren't in the mainstream press. I felt there was a possibility people in the know would reveal things police would find helpful... but that was then. These days, the blogs seem to attract too many polarized people who spend more time worrying about each other than Ayla, the truth, or justice.

    3. If it was possible to go back to that time I certainly would love to. I attempted to twice with blog reopenings and revampments but unfortunately there is too much water under the bridge so to speak.

      I agree Jeff that many have formed bonds and come here more for the social aspect and because of that I have kept the blog opened and tolerated a lot more than many would. Many unlikely friendships have come about as a result of the blogs and for that I'm grateful to Ayla and of course to you for allowing me to be apart of it all.

    4. It would be idealistic to think that people from all sides of the fence could see that those with opposite views are no different then themselves. I've seen a lot of great theories and thoughtful posts put out there over the years regarding Ayla's disappearance, unfortunately they often get side tracked with name calling and trashing of individuals with opposing viewpoints. Until the police make arrests, I'm afraid we are all stuck in limbo, every theory being a possibility until they are not. We could all talk about these theories until we are blue in the face, but what good does that really do? The truth is that there are adults out there who know what happened and they aren't saying. Obviously, some people are very good at lying.

      Everyone can trash each other here, assume what others think, skew what they say and cheer each other on or tear each other down. In the end, you all end up exactly in the same spot you were before. No closer to finding the truth about what happened to Ayla.

      I'll pray for Ayla and pray that those adults who know the truth decide that it is better to release it, then to hold it inside.

  2. Wow, I was not expecting my comment to start such a chain of reactions ! I was just answering to the comment of a blogger who said that the police didn't want to communicate with Trista any more.

    1. Bonnie it wasn't anything any one person said today or yesterday. This has been a culmination of comments and attitudes for months and months.

    2. Bonnie, you have nothing to reproach yourself for. You are always interesting and polite. From your last post, especially, you seem to follow the dictates of LE, and not those of mods and posters who profess to have "associations" or access to principles...connections which supposedly make their posts Gospel.

      You only commented on the fact that LE is still communicating with Trista. Someone else commented that LE was not sending out their hearts to both sides of Ayla's family.Very odd, that.

      And a different Someone Else, (Dana B. perhaps?) at one point suggested that we only talk of Ayla and not the two families -- both (supposedly, according to some posters) under suspicion in her disappearance. Only writing about Ayla would prevent us from squabbles and troll nastiness. I'm game! Then I would not be deleted!

      How would talk of only Ayla read? Something like this?

      Ayla looks great in "Daddy's Princess" pajamas especially as a "taken" ensemble.
      Ayla likes to dance and pauses in mid-step only to catch Daddy when he falls.
      Ayla can suffer pain and swelling stoically and indefinitely until her caretakers find time to attend class and then take her for medical help.
      Ayla loves air shows, even when she gets sunburned, especially if she can cuddle with Daddy and his long-time GF, future bride.
      Ayla loves to watch videos, especially "Home Alone", and gets so enthralled with the plot that she can't pause to talk to Mommy when she calls. ( Ayla and her daddy aren't aware of rewind buttons, yet.)
      Ayla has "distinctive" blue eyes which will help us to identify her if we discover her disquised as a boy hanging out at our neighborhood Walmart.
      Ayla would have loved her unwrapped Christmas presents, especially her new red dress which, luckily economically, fits Gabby as well.
      Ayla takes discipline bravely, with only a trembling of her lips when her loving granny kindly whispers "No!"
      Ayla was "taken", to be sure, according to Granny, but that's the only thing which happened to her. Nothing bad about that.
      Ayla's devices and desires will be different at four years than her actions and needs at at 20 months, but she's probably still dancin' like crazy under the watchful eyes of Aunt Jessica, or mommy, when Trista visits.
      Phoebe's Good Samaritan who will bring Ayla home from the Reynolds hideout...will he/she expect a reward? Will Ayla bite the hand that rescues her?
      When will LE start kicking in Reynolds' doors to find Ayla instead of perfusing dumpsters, diving in freezing rivers, and slogging through sod?

      In the case of LE, though, it's the bunglers leading the blind, so what to do? What to expect? Ayla may not come home until she's able to hail a cab.

      Yes, just discussing only Ayla works for me. I can't speak for anybody else.

      Thanks Tori, for explaining your personal reasons for not blogging. They are certainly understandable. No joke.

      Thanks, too, for those parameters in posting about the two families. Nothing bad about either family. Nothing bad about either family. And civility all 'round in every post by every poster. Got it.

    3. Sort of fitting your statements 10:06, being April first and all.

    4. When I say not to talk bad about either family I'm not talking about things directly involved to the case, I'm sure you all are old enough and smart enough to figure it out, I'm talking about calling Trista a slut, Elisha a fat slob, Phoebe a witch etc. it adds nothing to the case.

      As far as the rest of my personal reasons for not blogging, we bought a house and haven't been able to move into it, I've been in a hotel room for five months. My son is undergoing chemo again more rigorously than before. Everything else going on takes quality time away from my daughter so I choose my free time to be devoted to her. Not that I needed to explain myself....

    5. Some people just have to go too the extreme Tori no middle ground. I am sure they know what you mean. Prayers and thoughts are always with you and your family.

    6. I'm sorry to hear about your family situation, Tori. I hope your son's health improves quickly and everything else falls into place.

    7. Oh I'm sorry about your son Tori; I hope he feels better soon.

    8. My sincere best wishes to & for your son Tori. Likewise to you, as you deal with all.

    9. Thank you all I very much appreciate it and hope all is well with you all. I'm glad to see you all still here for Ayla

  3. It helps to remember the beginning of a story.
    Everybody got involved in a desperate search for a kidnapped little girl.
    A true frenzied panic in the hopes of finding her alive and bringing her home safe.

    But that was the thin ice on the murky waters below.

    Derek agreed to dispose of the body in return for Justin never filing a LIP claim.
    The details of the interaction only require imagination and unexplainable wound.
    Hence the lame tale of kidnap. Only Derek knows whether she went in the river or
    got tucked into some obscure but secure hiding place, even Justin does not know
    where hence his fluency when acting on NBC morning news. He is talking to Derek.

    Everyone could hate Phoebe but she believed she was doing the right thing.
    Everyone could hate Trista but she too believed she was doing the right thing.

    A complete and utter tragedy that only God understands.
    On the lighter side is the incredible light that Ayla shone forth.
    On the heavier side is the weighty burden Justin and Derek carry.

    God would never interfere in this to satisfy his or our morbid curiosity.
    God might interfere in the outcome if its the only way to save Justin and Derek.
    But that could take a long time if not many lifetimes of letting them figure it out.

    Mark 2:17 “And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, ‘Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

    My favorite picture of Ayla is a tiny snapshot of her in Elton John style sunglasses.
    In the world I live in she is alive and well and has no hard feelings towards anyone.
    She is the sweetest little kid I ever met and her adult self is very noble and elegant.

    Prayers for Justin & Derek

    "Levon" aka God as The Youth - Chosen One

    Levon wears his war wound like a crown
    He calls his child Jesus
    'Cause he likes the name
    And he sends him to the finest school in town

    Levon, Levon likes his money
    He makes a lot they say
    Spend his days counting
    In a garage by the motorway

    He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
    When the New York Times said God is dead
    And the war's begun
    Alvin Tostig has a son today

    And he shall be Levon
    And he shall be a good man
    And he shall be Levon
    In tradition with the family plan
    And he shall be Levon
    And he shall be a good man
    He shall be Levon

    Levon sells cartoon balloons in town
    His family business thrives
    Jesus blows up balloons all day
    Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

    And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
    Leaving Levon far behind
    Take a balloon and go sailing
    While Levon, Levon slowly dies

    In the intro God is the little boy spoken of.

    1. Leave on, why would Derek have disposed of the body in exchange for not filing a LIP claim ? What would he have gained by doing this ? Except to put his future in jeopardy ? Why would Derek know more than Justin ? He has a family, why would he risk all that for an LIP claim ?

    2. Don't be too hard on Leave On, he is one of Tori's special friends from:

    3. Mr. Carter -your point is what? Also who was being hard on him? Bonnie respectfully asked questions without attacking or belittling.

    4. You have to have a point to post here?

  4. Just an observation and opinion:

    It doesn't look very professional when one goes from Mr.. Dipietro to "the Dips".
    It may lead to someone loosing respect for that professional's opinions.

    1. Now that's a good point.

      Still, he didn't think there were any leaks in this case either so....

    2. And: "I read the narrative log notes on the investigation into the broken arm that were posted online a couple of months back. (By the way, it was a misdemeanor to have disclosed and posted it.)"

      Note the bottom: "This message is intended only for the use of..."



    Notwithstanding any other provision of law:
    [1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW)]

    1 All proceedings for Class A, B and C crimes must be prosecuted by indictment, unless indictment is waived, in which case prosecution must be as the Supreme Judicial Court provides by rule;
    [1997, c. 4, §2 (AMD)]

    2 All proceedings for murder shall be prosecuted by indictment; and
    [1977, c. 510, §19 (AMD)

    3 The District Courts have jurisdiction to try civil violations and Class D and E crimes and to impose sentence in Class A, B and C crimes in which the District Court has accepted a plea of guilty.

    If Trista wants Justin charged with a Class C crime, she will need an indictment from the Grand Jury, and it carries a six year statute of limitations and a penalty of three to five years in prison.

    I can't understand how she feels this is adequate punishment for the man whose bedroom "looked like a murder scene", where her daughter suffered, and suffered greatly. If I thought he murdered my child, i would want to see him get life in prison, just as Trista got, when he sentenced her to never seeing her daughter again. That is probably the worst life sentence any mother could get.


    1. Whoops, wrong link:

    2. "Police said that at one time it was believed the girl’s father, Justin DiPietro, was not being fully truthful about what transpired the night of Ayla’s disappearance."

      Interesting read.

    3. Rose City, OregonApril 5, 2014 at 1:53 AM

      Sounds like a misprint--nothing more than that.

    4. You would say that, Rose. Maybe it's not a misprint. Maybe it's the truth.

    5. I would think that if this was a misstatement McCausland would speak out and deny it. He has no problem with correcting misquotes from the news media.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Sorry shouldn't have brought it up.

    9. Never apologize for questioning what seems out of the ordinary here Dana. I agree.

    10. Rose City, OregonApril 6, 2014 at 12:23 AM

      Dana, if the sentence was accurately written, I would think that this information would be changed on the MSP website:

      "Missing Persons

      Ayla Reynolds
      Missing since: 2011

      Town: Waterville, Maine

      On December 17, 2011, Ayla Reynolds (DOB 4-4-2010) was reported missing from her Violette Avenue home by her father Justin DiPietro. Investigators have ruled out any possibility that Ayla left the house on her own or that she was abducted. Investigators discovered Ayla's blood in the basement of her home, and the three adults who were in the home at the time are withholding information. Police believe that Ayla is probably dead.

      Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit North, 36 Hospital Street, Augusta, Maine 04330 1-800-452-4664

      Contact the Maine State Police, Criminal Investigation Division with information regarding this investigation. You may also report information about this crime using the online Report a Crime form."

    11. When was the last time the site was updated or maintained?

    12. Rose City, OregonApril 6, 2014 at 1:01 AM

      Dana, I don't have that information. I suppose I could call them and ask if the information on their website is updated and accurate. It would be easier for someone to call who lives in the same time zone (ours is PST time), though. My thoughts are that if law enforcement had truly changed their beliefs in regards to what happened to Ayla, and whether or not Justin DiPietro, Elisha DiPietro, and Courtney Robert's are wilthholding information, they would certainly have the information updated on their official website. Additionally, the sentence in the article did not quote anyone or mention a specific name. I do not speak for anyone but myself, but I personally take what is published on a government website more seriously that that of a newspaper article.

    13. I wasn't going to put this back up but I guess I should have left it up.

      Baby Ayla was reported missing, taken from her bedroom window, in Maine.
      When was this announced? I remember LE taking a window for lab testing, but no one stating Ayla was taken from her bedroom window.
      Then there was the trail of blood.
      What trail of blood? Where does Peter Hyatt get his information?
      There were a few notable quotes from the DiPietro Siblings.
      When asked how he did on his polygraph, Justin DiPietro said, "I smoked it."
      Interesting choice of words from the drug world.
      When sister Elisha was pressed she said, "I did fine" but the reporter just kept on asking and Elisha, self described model, kept on a answering; "I did fine."
      Neither was able to say "I passed."
      Trista was unable to finish her polygraph, her mother couldn't do hers due to drugs. Could either of them say they passed?
      Emboldened, they continue their attacks and like the street thugs they are, Justin and Lance held a man down, two against one, while kicking and beating him.
      When did they do this? I read about Lance fighting but it wasn't said Justin held a guy down. Are these the lies and liars Peter is talking about or are they misquotes.

    14. As far as the state web site they post and do updates when and if they get around to it. It isn't a high priority thing with them.
      I am not saying you are wrong about the statement and I wouldn't read alot into it. Far be it for anyone here to question anything it just isn't accepted.

    15. Dana I think Peter is sometimes loose with words but I wonder if the attacks and thugs comment is intended to reference in part what Lance and one of the Tudelas have allegedly said/done to him? There was a post in the comments the other day in which he described some of it but it seems to have been deleted.

    16. Rose City, OregonApril 6, 2014 at 1:21 PM

      Dana, it seems like a quick call to the MSP asking whether their website information about Ayla is surrent and correct would answer your questions. I have not observed that.questioning things is not accepted on this blog.

    17. Rose City, OregonApril 6, 2014 at 1:22 PM


    18. Rose I don't mean on this blog I mean by some people.

    19. Rose City, OregonApril 6, 2014 at 8:09 PM

      Oh, okay. :)

  7. Ayla was in Justin DiPietro’s care when he reported her missing on Dec. 17, 2011. Investigators who found blood inside the home concluded the child is no longer alive and was a victim of foul play.

    1. Maine Stante has NEVER said that Ayla is no longer alive.

      Maine State Police officials have long acknowledged it’s unlikely Ayla will be found alive.

  8. First, thank you A1 and Kitty for your earlier support after Penny's latest vicious, unprovoked attack on me, the worst of which was removed by Katie.

    Tori, I understand your feelings and thoughts completely. I just read over at F4A where the sentiment of your post was made into a straw man argument by Dee. Dee completely left out the parts about how U4A and F4A supports attacks like Penny's and did nothing to protect long-term posters like Kitty, myself and many MANY others. (How many got McKeeKittied over the past couple of years?)

    I will no longer comment on the case here or anywhere publicly but I did want to lend you my support. Thanks for keeping this blog here for those who are not welcome elsewhere.

    1. Tori, also, I am very sorry to hear about your son and wish him and your family well.

  9. In speaking with the reporter who wrote the article his meaning was that at one point police said that Justin was not being truthful. He added, "at one point" because of the statement made about there being more/better communication with the dipeitros.
    There is a big difference between, “Police said that at one time it was believed the girl’s father, Justin DiPietro, was not being fully truthful about what transpired the night of Ayla’s disappearance”
    “At one time police said it was believed the girl’s father, Justin DiPietro, was not being fully truthful about what transpired the night of Ayla’s disappearance ' He states that he did not mean to suggest anything about what police think currently, and apologize if it came across as confusing.

    1. Thank you anonymous for sharing this.

      "He states that he did not mean to suggest anything about what police think currently."

      Good for him, I wish others would not presume to know what police think.

    2. To clarify, his statement was meant to read... "At one time police said it was believed..."
      I will add that it was repeated by McClausland later, after the communications statement. that all 3 are with holding info.

    3. He did not interview police the day of writing the article.


  10. Did Grace get hacked?

    Grace4AylaApril 16, 2014 at 8:40 PM

    Come now...I know someone is just itching to ask a question or two.

    Clicking Grace4Ayla leads to:

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    Also, Grace's blog is now gone, pending deletion:

    NOTICE: This domain name expired on 4/30/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.
    Welcome to:

    This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of

  11. What a sad end to a very trying day, read the post at FFA. (Dear Grandma)
    It disgust me!!

    I try to be mindful that we don't all share the same opinions and feelings,...but we should all feel the same about Ayla. She is owed total respect.

    What gives you the right M.M to put words in Ayla's mouth?
    To use her to cause pain, is so disrespectful to her, it's such a dishonor.......but you won't understand that. This isn't the first time you have used her to humiliate and cause pain. (a short while back you used a video of her to humiliate) I don't believe that Ayla is your true interest at all.

    1. Amen, A1! It is wrong to Photoshop (manipulate) Ayla's photos, put words in her mouth, and vilify her paternal family WHEN THIS CASE CONTINUES TO BE ONGOING!

      It is wrong to use Ayla as a prop to further your agenda, FFA. If you don't understand this by now, I fear you never will. And that is a disservice to Ayla Reynold.

    2. I think it is wrong to hurta child and lye about it. There is nothing wrong with keeping pressure on this family until the truth is told.

    3. I think it's wrong to take the word of someone without hard proof. I think it's wrong to make someone out to be something they may not be just to satisfy an agenda. I think pointing fingers and being so disrespectful to ANY family member of Ayla's is a disservice to her honor and her justice.

    4. Katie, how about you go right over to the Dips house and get some questions answered for us. If they had nothing to hide they would be giving answers. WHAT HAPPENED TO AYLA TO CAUSE THE BLOOD LOSS IN YOUR HOME AND VEHICLE, WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR AYLA THAT HAS CAUSED HER TO NO LONGER BE HERE. YOU WERE THE LAST TO BE WITH HER, YOU ARE ALL ADULTS, PLEASE ALLOW AYLA TO COME HOME!!!!

    5. Furthermore Katie, what would you be doing right now if this was one of your kids? What avenues would you be taking to get the answers that need getting in order to bring your child home. Who would you be looking at as suspect with what we have been shown and told? Can you answer these questions for me. Can you honestly say that if one of your children disappeared while visiting their father you wouldn't be looking for answers from their father?

    6. I didn't expect a response Katie. I think you are a fake!

    7. A fake what?

  12. Wow. Who is disrespecting who? You even know peoples motivations? Are you A1 the all knowing? Do you do astrology too?

    1. Anon. 2:44,

      I took a while and reflected on my comment, since it was made in haste on a very trying day.

      I don't feel I disrespected anyone.
      I am FAR from all knowing, and know very little about astrology.

      I do know however, that using Ayla to hurt someone is a disservice to her.
      I ask myself, in any situation, would I use a photo of one of my children or grandchildren, with hurtful innuendo written on it, to hurt someone, or cause pain? Would I pen a letter in one of their names to hurt someone, ..especially one of their family members?
      The answer was clear, NO. No, I couldn't do that to one of them.
      Ayla deserves the same respect.

      I believe when M. M penned the post she knew it might garner some negative thoughts. She likely knew I would comment on it, and what I would say. I don't think it was a surprise to her.
      I don't know what her motivations are. However, when I read post like that (Dear Grandma) I find it hard to believe that Ayla's best interest is at heart.

    2. "I find it hard to believe that Ayla's best interest is at heart."

      What ARE, in your mind, Ayla's best interests? To allow her to be forgotten and for everyone to just go on as if she never existed -- as her auntie, father, grandmother, and ersatz step-mother would have it be? Tell me how they are keeping knowledge of this child in the public eye IF they really believe she has been kidnapped. They are hunkering down in their caves waiting until it all goes away. Tell me what they are doing to keep her name and image alive.

      Ron Reynolds is putting up posters with Ayla's picture as well as the WatervilleTthree photos prominent on them. LE has commended his efforts as keeping Ayla's name and picture out there.

      What is Justin doing?

    3. We don't know what Justin is doing. He is only in the news when arrested these days, not to speak about Ayla.
      The fake step mother is living her life with out speaking for/of Ayla.

    4. Let's not be harsh about Courtney! At least she is not still planning her wedding to Justin online! I think that shows her real concern for Ayla! Sometimes actions speak louder than words. I am sure if Courtney could speak she would say how much she misses Ayla.Ayla, who by the way, was just like her own child.

      But then, Ayla is probably having a ball with her caring kidnapper! Isn't that the propaganda being put out there by Grammie DiPietro and Justin and some folks here? Ayla is okay, just at another address.

      Why worry! Sure Ayla has been "taken" by someone, but let's not get excited about it. Nothing else happened to her, right, Phoebe, "except she was taken"?

      All we (and I empahasize WE) have to do is find her. Meanwhile, (yawn) all the DiPietros go on as if absolutely nothing has happened. But they care/cared about Ayla. You bet!

      Do we doubt it?

  13. Replies

  14. "What ARE, in your mind, Ayla's best interests?"

    Foremost, the arrest and prosecution of the person/persons involved in Ayla's disappearance.
    Until that happens, as much media exposure as possible. ...TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, billboards, posters, fliers, etc., in EVERY state. ..
    I think MSP should give regular updates, whether there is new info or not...It shows interest and intent on solving the case, and increases public awareness.

    I have no clue what Justin is doing, or not doing.
    I don't believe for a second that any of Ayla's family members want her to be forgotten. Nor, are able to go on with life as if she never existed.
    No matter what happened to Ayla, her family members are ALL enduring grief of some form...of that I'm positive.

    On another topic, with all the drug talk, I can't help but wonder where Trista got her drugs?

    1. You ask an excellent question, A1! It looks like Dee concurs, indirectly. ; )

      Dee: "I don’t know if this has anything at all to do with Ayla but it may have something to do with the people who were around her. I’ve always been bothered by McCausland’s use of “magnitude”.

  15. From Justin who got them from Brianna? Just a stab in the dark!

    What does it matter? Did Ayla disappear under Trista's watch?

    I'm glad to see that "Let's blame Trista" is always in force here.

    1. It's a valid question. Where DID Trista get her drugs? Was she associated with any of the people being discussed?

    2. Why shouldn't Trista take part of the blame? She wants to blame DHHS. Why shouldn't she take responsibility for her own role? As Ayla's mother, isn't Trista supposed to be responsible for her? Did Ayla ask to have her mother shacked up with an arsonist? Did Ayla want her mother to have multiple children who stressed her out? Did Ayla want to raised in poverty? Did Ayla want her mother to be a drug addict? What exactly do you think was happening to Ayla while her mother was strung out? Do you imagine that Trista was being a great mom while fucked up? Did Ayla asked to be abandoned by her mother for months while she "got a little help for herself?" Is it really that uncomfortable for people to acknowledge that Ayla's life with Trista was not the idyllic picture that's been painted? When we're talking about "disservice to Ayla" that people are withholding the truth, shouldn't we be invested in the WHOLE truth? Or is it that the whole truth is just too inconvenient?

    3. Did Ayla disappear under the Tudela's watch? Under Lance's watch? No. Yet that's fair game for you and your friends at FFA.

    4. No Trista should not take part of the blame. She asked Ayla's father to care for Ayla while she worked on her own issues. Aren't you supposed to be able to depend on the other parent? Who would think that the father of your child could be so careless that he would lose your child? Give it up, I am so tired of this ploy to try to pin this all on Trista for having issues. By the sounds of things they ALL had issues, but the fact still remains that Ayla was with Justin when whatever happened to her

    5. Whoa, hold up. A parenting gig isn't part time. Trista chose to have children, then blamed her "issues" on the fact that she was a single mom of two children. Why is it so important to you to give Trista a free pass for making terrible decisions when her children are supposed to be first? She may have had nothing to do with Ayla's disappearance, but she had plenty to do with lousy parenting. Being a better parent than Justin doesn't rubber stamp her as a "good" parent, and I'M tired of this ploy to portray her as super mom.

      Take a look at this link:

      These "issues" you minimize are SERIOUS and I think it's about time we stop sending the message that it's ever okay to mix parenting and drug abuse. We all read these stories about children being harmed or killed by drug abusing parents and we click our tongues and say "how horrible, poor baby, something should've been done" but when when something IS done, it's "DHHS is so evil, why do they interfere, everything is fine." Something has got to be done and we can't wait for children to turn up dead before it gets our attention. Minimizing the issue isn't going to make it go away.

    6. DEFLECTION! DEFLECTION! Sorry I had to shout.

  16. Apparently not. Trista said in an interview she didn't know Courtney or have contact with Justin's family and friends (other than Lance and Justin himself) , only met his mom and sister twice.

    1. She wouldn't have to know Courtney to know the people involved in drugs who are somehow related to Courtney.

      Notable from that article: "Trista declined to discuss with me any potential role drug trafficking may have had in the case."

    2. Trista said so, therefore it's true.

  17. Take any assumptions about Trista's drug use as far as you want and the bottom line is still that Justin is the one who reported her missing. Ayla's blood is in Justin's house. If Trista were the worst and most drugged out mom on earth, she still isn't the parent responsible for the foul play that happened to Ayla in Justin's bedroom.

    1. How do you know that a drug connection related to Trista's usage wasn't responsible for Ayla's disappearance? Just because Justin reported her missing from his house under his watch does not mean that there can't be a connection. FFA and UFA has talked about drug connections possibly involving Justin. Yet when it comes to Trista, it's HOW DARE YOU.

      Anyone with critical thinking skills can see this.

    2. No, Anon 3:03. The bottom line is neither parent has been held responsible for Ayla's disappearance.

      And neither parent has been cleared of involvement. Fact.

    3. If someone (like a drug dealer) that associated with Trista wanted to harm Ayla, he or she would have had to find Ayla first. How would they know where to look? And then the person would have to get into Phoebe's house with Justin there and if some stranger showed up like that, don't you think he'd have called 911?

    4. Unless the same person was known to Justin?

    5. I'm not saying that's what I believe, but I am saying that none of us know.

    6. Who knows? Trista was friends with Lance. Justin was friends with Trista's brother and reputed crack-dealer, Ronnie. Everyone is connected to everyone, at least casually. The point is why the need to exclude Trista's drug associations when it's clear the connections to the drug world exist? Why is there no honesty about this? For goodness sake, FFA is discussing the Boston Bomber's possible connection to Ayla's case via drugs, yet no one will discuss that Ayla's mother had a direct connection to the drug culture of Portland. Really?

    7. It's possible, but it doesn't seem like Justin and Trista had many common aquaintances let alone friends.

  18. anonymous from maineMay 14, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    Still...the only VERIFIED drug angle to Ayla case is TRISTAS drug use!

  19. Trista's drug use is verified as having happened. It isn't verified as having any connection with the harm that happened to Ayla while Justin had her at his mother's house in Waterville.

    There is verified drug use on both sides of the family and those they hang with if you use the same standards for verification on both sides.

    Briana's federal drug conviction.
    Justin Linnell, who lived with the DiPietros, said the DiPietro kids used drugs in their mom's house. Personal witness.
    There were posts between Lance and some woman about them smoking pot at work on one of their facebooks early in the case. His own words.
    The tape Ashley put out there talks about her husband (who apparently gets methadone treatment) allegedly seeing Phoebe going in for methadone treatment too. Methadone treatment results from drug abuse.

    Throw in some common sense. If Justin were clean and drug-free (including pot), why would he have been sleeping with a drug addict? Why would he have been dating someone who is good buddies with a drug dealer and has him in her home, someone who also has a sister who is dealing out of their apartment?

    I think there is little doubt there was substantial substance abuse on both sides of Ayla's family and among the close associates of both sides of the family. What makes Justin's position more significant is that Ayla had been in his care for 2 months and the site of the crime was his mother's house where he lived, with much of the blood in his bedroom. If someone up in Portland had it in for Trista, baby Ray was right there with her. Why track down Ayla and take on Justin? Makes no sense.

    1. "Throw in some common sense. If Justin were clean and drug-free (including pot), why would he have been sleeping with a drug addict?"

      Because people do this all of the time. It's ludicrous to state that someone who is drug-free would never date a drug addict. Some people become co-dependent and try to rescue them. Etc. Don't you watch the talk shows?
      ; )

      "If someone up in Portland had it in for Trista, baby Ray was right there with her. Why track down Ayla and take on Justin? Makes no sense."

      Maybe they wanted to get back at Trista AND Justin? Maybe they had a connection to Ray and didn't want to involve him? Just putting out the maybes to show you just don't know.

    2. None of us "knows" or the case would be solved, right? But when you look at possibilities, it's human nature and common sense to think some are likely, some are remote, some are so way out, it's crazy to believe them.

      Every scenario leads to one place: 29 Violette Avenue.

    3. ashleys interview did not mention Phoebe at all. stop lying.

    4. Quick to call names. I was mistaken that's where that info came from. I apologize for confusing people.

    5. Anonymous 8:25 p.m.

      That's okay, I doubt that you confused anyone.

      As to the recording that Ashley P. passed around the internet, it very well could have been fabricated and/or altered. I wouldn't surprise me.

  20. Penny: KISS is sadly lacking over at J4A in the “taking” of Ayla. Then, methinks, the “abduction” of Ayla is not all that important to their agenda.

    KISS is not a good approach to a missing child's case. As for an agenda, I think most of us posting here have two items on our agenda: Ayla and trying to keep the facts straight. Over at FFA, it's been made very clear that the agenda is to keep the pressure on those who are guilty according to the court of KISS.

    1. That is your opinion, Nina.Who says? It is not the opinion of the FBI special team trained especially for kidnapping cases, nor for the MSP who joined the FBI team in determining that " Ayla did not leave on her own, and there was no abduction." It seems kind of simple. What is left after those two considerations have been put to bed, especially if you do not believe the FBI special team or the MSP?

      I didn't mention Ayla's blood because you and others here were not invited by the FBI or the LE scientific team to help them forensically deteremine its properties as to type, quantity, pattern, age, etc.. We are not able to discuss its troublesome aspects, but as merely a simple coincidence, not connected whatsoever with Ayla's mysterious vanishing.

  21. Just a quick comment.
    Lots of convo, to read. That's a good thing.

    Nina, it's really nice to read your comments again.

    Anonymous over at FFA today,'ve expressed many of my thoughts, feelings and concerns thank you for adding your voice.

  22. I can't defend Trista or her lifestyle, but itsn't it amazing that the drunk, drugged out Mom managed not to have he daughter stolen while she was zonked out in some coma-like stupor?

    Can the same thing be said of Justin and Co,? (That is, if you even believe Justin Courtney, and Elisha all slept like the dead whilst Ayla was purloined by the mysterious midnight pervert.)

  23. Let's take an informal poll! Raise a hand if you believe anyone at Violette Avenue slept at all the night of Dec.16, 2011.?

    1. I don't even believe Courtney was there that night. At least not for sleep. I think she was "called in" as a witness to the "abduction". But I think she got there much later and was "told" what happened. I'll bet she was as silent with the cops as she has been in public. She did not have her story down pat. Or she made some huge mistakes in her part. And I think LE knows where she really was for the better part of that night and when she got there..

      And then there's Phoebe and her whatever. I think the cops know a lot about her night out, as she said, but they know much more than she thinks they know. There's all kinds of ways to track people, nowadays.

      Gotta be reasons why the cops don't believe their individual or combined stories. Some things did not add, up.There was so little time to really get it all down pat for everybody. Too much work to do in such a short time.

  24. the cops know phoebe was seen with a blond child the morning of the abduction. I'm sure they identified the other adults also.

    1. The cops said they followed this tio and there was nothing to it.

      Of course, who knows if they really think it was a worthless tip. Maybe they don't want to talk about it, yet.