Thursday, November 7, 2013

Six questions

These are simple questions that I would like to have answered. I don't think Justin or Trista will answer them. What six simple questions would you like them to answer. Questions that may help LE to have another area to seek answers.

What 3 questions would you ask Justin that he hasn't answered concerning Ayla?

1. Who do you think took Ayla?

2. Why do you think she is still alive?

3. What did you do that you think someone would take her from you?

What 3 questions would you ask Trista that she hasn't answered concerning Ayla?

1. Why didn't you leave Ayla with your parents instead of Jessica?

2. Why did you say you had an agreement that Justin would care for Ayla while you were in re hab?

3. Why did you wait over 40 days before filing for custody if you knew she was being abused?


  1. None of these questions for either person are meant to belittle either one. They are just basic questions to try to get an understanding of what the thoughts were.

  2. Questions I would like Justin to answer:

    Why didn't you take Ayla to her last doctor's appointment?

    In your account of how Ayla's arm was broken, you state she only needed a splint, and that there was no sling. How did the sling enter the description on the missing posters, and why wasn't that corrected?

    The earliest news reports state that Ayla was last seen at 10 PM. Later, that time was changed to 8 PM. In Angela Harry's account, she wrote that Elisha went into the shared bedroom and took a fussy Gabby to bed with her. Who was the last person in the household to see Ayla, and when did that occur?

    In an early statement, you say you have no idea what happened to Ayla, but you later address the kidnapper as someone who is not her parent, adding that Ayla probably thinks this is all a game. What made you change your mind, and why have you not expressed concern about Ayla's physical and emotional well being in the hands of her kidnapper?

    Sorry my questions aren't that simple. I don't really have any questions for Trista, at least none that I think would shed light on Ayla's disappearance.

  3. I would rephrase the questions you posed and ask Justin:

    1. You said "You are not her parent" - so who do you think took Ayla?

    2. Do you think she is still alive?

    3. Can you explain why Ayla's blood was found in your home?

    I would not ask Trista the first two questions you asked as I feel they have no bearing on why Ayla is missing. I would like an answer to the third question only to satisfy my own curiosity, not because it has anything to do with Ayla being missing. The 3 questions I would ask Trista?

    1. When you visited Ayla at the DiPietro home did she appear to be well cared for?

    2. Has Justin ever been violent toward you or Ayla?

    3. Why did you wait over 40 days before filing for custody if you knew she was being abused?

  4. I would ask Justin -

    Did you harm Ayla, either accidentally or on purpose?

    Do you know where Ayla is?

    Why have you seemed not concerned for her safety and well being since her disappearance?

    I would ask Trista -

    What was the agreement of Ayla's care upon your release from treatment?

    Do you know where Ayla is?

    Also, why did you wait to file for custody?

    I don't always see eye to eye with you Dana, but I think this is a great post. A lot could be learned from a few simple and direct questions of each parent.

    1. Who knows maybe LE did ask these or similar ones, and we just won't hear the answers until LE is ready to move forward.I too think simple questions could shed a lot of light in this case.

    2. Oh I'm sure they did, they must have. We're obviously not privy to all of the investigative details and questions and answers. These are just questions I wish we, or someone publicly, could ask them, and hear their answers.

  5. Get Tomato Soup over here to answer!

    1. pound sand, anon. I'm done here. These anons need to grow up.

    2. Im done here, LOL, tomato soup. But you still read here. Come on, answer the questions. Your responses intrigue me.

  6. If I could ask 3 questions each of Justin and Trista I would ask...

    1. Disregarding arguments of how much of Ayla's blood was found in your home, what was the cause of the blood that was found that MSP has acknowledged, i.e. "some of the blood samples"?
    2. Why didn't you take Ayla to her already-once-rescheduled-follow-up-appointment with the orthopedic doctor the day she went missing?
    3. When exactly did you last see Ayla, and under what circumstances, and when exactly did you realize she was missing?

    I would ask Trista:
    1. If it was an incident with Jessica that led to DHHS getting involved in your parenting life, why did you continue to live with Jessica after you got out of rehab?
    2. When did you obtain the forms for filing for PR&R? If it was not the same day as when you filed, what caused you to delay and file the day you did?
    3. What is your timeline of the events of the morning that Ayla was reported missing? Where and when did you meet up with your ride to Machiasport, what route did you take and how did that series of calls and notifications really go down?


    1. Scout, I love those questions. Just about sums it up for me.

  7. Justin...
    Why did you want to take custody of your daughter if you wanted her to die before she was born?
    When did you quit your CDL course or did you fail the drug screen?
    Did Derek talk you into Aylas LIP and why? If you were unemployed would you tty to obtain and maintain a LIP on either of you?

    Why was Jeff not present for the SLIDESHOW?
    Why although you were pregnant did you wait 9 months to release the case for Ayla?
    Why didn't you and your family make calls to CPS regarding your concerns with Aylas Abuse while in Waterville? Surely they would have went to check on Ayla had you and other family member called even anonymously to report suspected abuse.

  8. Here's my six questions:

    For Trista

    1.) Trista you said you had never met Courtney Roberts, but she was there at the police station when the DiPietros and you were questioned on the 17th. What did CR say to you when you met her?
    2.) I know it was a terribly, horrible painful process, but why for the sake of justice for Ayla, did you not watch the whole slide show?
    3.) Did LE investigate the car in which you rode to Machiasport and was your motel room ever inspected by LE?

    For Justin:
    1.) If the rumor is true, why was Derek Tudela the first person you called upon discovering Ayla missing?
    2.) Where did you and CR and Ayden really sleep the night of the 16th/17th...or did you and CR not mind the blood spots on the sheets and around the walls of the bed?
    3.) Why didn't you canvas the neighborhood while others called 911 to see if Ayla couldn't have been in the vicinity? Neighbors will rallyand go all out to help find a missing pet, let alone a child.

    And some to grow on for LE:

    1.) Why weren't EDs and PD's cars also impounded for forensic examination?
    2.) Do you have proof when PD left for her " date" and if she was with her "date" the whole night?
    3.) Have any tips about searching in Portland for Ayla's remains ever been reported to the MSP and then enacted upon?