Thursday, September 12, 2013

Upcoming Evidence Release-My Thoughts

The big day is fast approaching and there are mixed feelings about whether or not Trista should share what LE has released to her in confidence. I have made my position known to Jeff but ultimately it really doesn't matter what any of us think. Ayla isn't our daughter and Trista is doing what she thinks is the right thing. Knowing your daughter isn't coming back and then knowing that the person who was responsible for her at that time has not had to face any consequences for either "losing her" or worse, the unthinkable-killing her has to be a tough pill to swallow. Putting myself in Trista's shoes, how many times am I going to accept that bitter pill before I say enough is enough? I can't fault her for wanting action and if this is the only way she can get the wheels of justice moving so be it.

My concerns and I am sure they echo the concerns of many others is that if the public pushes LE into action and an arrest is made prematurely how do we know that if the person charged, most likely Justin based on info Trista has already shared, will be convicted based on the evidence LE has? What has prevented them from charging him already? There likely is a piece or two of the puzzle missing for them and it seems they are holding out for Ayla to be found to finish putting that puzzle together. Will a jury be able to visualize that completed puzzle with a few pieces missing? If Justin was charged and tried and won, wouldn't that bitter pill be even more bitter to swallow?

With that being said, if LE is waiting to make an arrest because they want an airtight case and are waiting to find Ayla, why haven't they been searching? It has been over a year since we have heard anything about any searches and if they are so positive that Ayla is no longer alive, why have they entertained leads all the way to Alaska? It would have been impossible for Justin to kill Ayla and bury her in Alaska that night and be home to call LE first thing in the morning. Why entertain leads that LE knows to be impossible and used taxpayer dollars if they are certain they know what happened to Ayla?

There were three people in the house that night. How likely is it that the other two have no knowledge of what happened to Ayla? They go to bed and she is there, they wake up and she is gone? They heard no cries, saw no evidence of clean up? They truly believe Ayla was abducted? LE has stated that they don't believe those in the house are telling all they know why haven't they put pressure on Courtney or Elisha and charged them with Obstruction of Justice or Child Endangerment? Even if they could likely beat the charge if it went to court, it might scare them enough to talk. A criminal conviction would ruin both of their careers and also could cause C.P.S. to investigate their own home lives with their children.

My other concern is if LE did not show all of the same info to Justin and showed it only to Trista, if Trista releases it Justin will get to see LE's hand before an arrest and trial. Discovery is only available AFTER a plea is made at the arraignment. If Justin has an attorney right now he is working blind because no charges have been filed and Justin has not been arraigned. Why give him an advantage? Justin, if guilty, knows what he did but he doesn't necessarily know what LE found that ties him to it.

Ultimately though, this is Trista's call so this is the last time I will discuss the matter of whether or not she should release the information. I don't know what I would do in her shoes and am thankful I am not in her shoes. I hope that this will be the oil that causes the wheels of justice to move along more quickly. It has been two years. It has been long enough.



  1. Very thoughtful post. Love the monkeys and get out of jail free card. I think Courtney must know because Trista said there was blood in the basement and that's where Justin, Courtney and Courtney's son supposedly slept that night.

    As far as releasing goes, it's a hard decision but I respect Trista's need to do this.

    1. Thank You CG.

      Dana is to thank for the pictures, Jeff is to thank for the structuring. My laptop is out of commission AGAIN and the iPad is a pain to upload pictures to the blog from. They have to have a URL etc...

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    3. I feel its time Justin opened his mouth,he know time is running out for him, also I feel that the people who place Alya with him need to be help accountable for there actions. Alys was fine at her Aunts and never go hurt with her Aunt, but Justin always returned Alya bruised and banged up. Why, if you had left her where she was happy and safe, we would not be here, and don't say hine sight is 20/20, with the record Justin had with abusing people and all the evidence which was all over her body, said it all. So I'm just saying. I hate to put it that way but this has happened to many times when a child has been placed in the hands of someone who killed or harmed that child and was fine before being taking away. There really needs to be a look into that too, First Justin then the people who put that poor baby.
      Thanks for letting me voice this.
      Sincerely, Pam Dufresne

  2. I don't know where I read it, sorry, but I think a retired detective commenting on the Ayla case said, "LE only tells the press and public approximately 10-20 percent of the evidence they have collected during an investigation."

    If that is the case with the Waterville LE, the MSP (and the FBI unit on Ayla's case) then I'd say that they are only waiting for a confession or a body. And they have enough to go on for an indictment w/o a body.

    If Ayla was thrown in the river, then her body most likely went out to sea rather quickly. I think LE got a tip that Ayla was thrown in the river, because of their concentration on searching the river several times. Orthat was their best bet.

    I've always doubted whoever hid/buried Ayla would use the river because one cannot control where the body may turn up in the rushing waters.

    Perps always wants to make sure the body is safe from discovery and that he/she can check on it from time to time. However, some have been arrested because of their checking activity. In one cazse, cops followed the suspect by the GPS secretly installed on the suspect's car and he found the body for them.

    I don't mean to be disrespectful to Ayla talking this way, but Ayla has been disrespected already and in the most disturbing way: Ayla's blood left at the scene. Then she disappears.

    Just my opinion. I don't know anything. That is I'm not connected to LE, the principles in the case, or to the planets.

  3. "It has been two years. It has been long enough."

    Two years with out justice.
    Two years with out Ayla.
    Two years of what ifs.
    Two years of law enforcement investigating.
    Two years of being in the media.
    Two years of a broken heart.
    Two years with out being able to love or be loved by her oldest child.

    Dang. That's a lot. That's hard to just think about.

    I can appreciate where Trista is coming from. I don't blame her for playing the hand she's been dealt. Hopefully the announcement will help achieve justice for Ayla...FINALLY.

  4. When it has been two years, I'm with Trista, tell everything you got. What can it hurt, Justin is not being held accountable for the death of his daughter. I would rather try to prosecute and lose, than never try at all.

  5. Very thought-provoking Post Tori.

    I've thought of most of the things you have mentioned, and more.

    The things that Trista has revealed is very concerning, and hard to reckon with.
    Still I'm very cautious about accepting what is and what isn't fact. I have to be, so many things just don't add up for me.

    I don't accept that MSP has unequivocal evidence that Ayla is deceased and the AG won't prosecute.
    I don't accept that MSP conducted searches in 40 states as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and even in Canada, as late as Oct. or Nov. of 2012. While at the same time being sure Ayla is deceased.
    I don't accept that MSP know Ayla died in the DiPietro home, yet the FBI is still assisting them with this case, as of Dec. 2012. (according to McCausland).

    It's hard for me to believe that 3 persons know what happened to Ayla, and yet they have never been pressured into telling what they know by experienced LE interrogators. Especially two young mothers.
    It's hard to believe that MSP hasn't arrested one or more of them on Obstruction charges, if they have proof of that.

    I also question whether Trista and the DiPietro's were shown the same evidence. I don't believe they were, and MSP has reasons for that. I just don't know what those reasons are.

    In the end though, I understand Trista's frustration. I have no doubt that she is doing what she feels she has to do for her beloved baby girl.
    I hope it does bring answers.

    1. Addressing a few of the points Anon1 made:

      Why would MSP follow up out-of-state leads knowing Ayla is dead? Because until they have a body, they have to make sure the defense at trial can't malign them for not tracking down leads on the infinitismal chance she somehow survived injuries that reasonably would be expected to cause death.

      The FBI assists in investigations even when the missing person is dead because they have certain resources and expertise local law enforcement agencies don't always have.

      Finally, I don't think it's a matter of they have the evidence and won't prosecute. It's not that black and white. What I believe is they have enough that they could make a case but they would have a stronger case with either a body or confession. I think they prefer to wait for that stronger evidence and then prosecute, a question of timing not of doing or not doing.

      "Justice delayed is justice denied." -- Justice William Gladstone

    2. CG,

      I've considered everything you've said many times.
      I haven't closed the door on anything.

      It's also possible that MSP has tracked down leads in all these other states, and another country, because they are not positive that Ayla is deceased, and wasn't abducted.

      I think it's of importance that the FBI is still assisting in Ayla's case. I understand that they have certain expertise, especially in missing person cases, and laboratory work.
      In Sept. 2012 it was reported that the majority of evidence had been processed. The FBI are seldom involved in murder and accidental death cases, those are state crimes, not federal. Once it was determined that Ayla was deceased, would they still be involved?? I question that. Unless they are not certain what has happened to Ayla.

      If the AG has been presented this case, it's clear to me that *the AG* does not believe there is "unequivocal evidence" that Ayla died in the DiPietro home. With unequivocal evidence you don't need a body or confession.
      At least that's how I see it.

    3. Anon 1: What do you think would happen in a court trial if it were known that LE did not follow up tips and investigate those claims about an alive Ayla seen in a Walmart in Alaska?

      The defense would accuse the investigators/prosecutors of "rush to judgement".

      "They focused on my client only, jury members, withhout giving due attention to claims that Ayla was seen alive in Alaska, Puerto Rico and Timbuktu! This is an outrage!"

      The investigators in one of their press conferences had to say that they would not be taking any more psychic tips! Why did they say that? Because they had been following psychic tips and wasting money and man hours? Very probably. Covering all bases as time, money and man power would permit.

      It seems the jury pool in some localities is a lot dumber than they used to be. A lot of simple-minded people believe in this horseraddish psychic stuff, when no paychic tip has ever solved a case, or so I read un many articles from law enforcement.

      There will be some jury members, like those in the Caylee Anthony case, who can overlook anything the person on trial has done and said, and ignore even DNA evidence of the accused's guilt by saying," The ivestigators did a sloppy job and didn't search wide enough or long enough for a kidnapped Ayla! They didn't look in Tierra Del Fuego for Ayla, although they got tips Ayla was seen there!"

      No, Anon 1, LE could not afford to overlook many far-off fields for investigation and even some psychic tips because LE/AG want to look as if they covered everything they could.

    4. Maybe because they think they have enough evidence that shows Ayla is no longer alive. But as long as we are not privy to this information we won't know.

    5. It has been stated and illustrated many times on this blog and elsewhere that it is very hard to prosecute a missing person's case as a homicide (regardless of other evidence) without a body. Of course each missing person case is unique, but with the exception of very few cases, it is seldom done. Yes, the FBI often remains involved in missing person cases even after it is determined that the individual is deceased. In fact, the FBI was involved all along in my cousin and her children's deaths. Also, just as prevuously explained in earlier comments--of course LE is obligated to follow other leads even though they know Ayla didn't survive the blood loss their forensic evidence shows. When this case goes to trial, the defense would have a field day with that. Regarding the Assistant Attorney General's comment that they don't have enough evidence to convict--do you really expect him to say anything differently and lose face? They want to find Ayla first; that is the missing evidence from their conservative perspective. As other child homicide cases have shown, even with the children proven to be victims of blunt force trauma that resulted in homicide, arrests are not always made. I believe that in Ayla's case, LE is reluctant to attempt prosecution without Ayla although they have their de facto suspect in their crosshairs. MOO.

    6. I meant 'previously'.....

    7. Rose City,
      I've read your thoughts and opinions, as many times as you have written them. (As well as CG's and everyone else's).
      I don't dismiss them. In fact I appreciate them, as I know you have more knowledge in missing children cases than I do.

      Obviously I'm not convinced that Ayla is deceased, and that she could have been abducted.

    8. I respect your feelings, Anonymous 1. I would love for Ayla to be alive and well somewhere. Thank you for your respectful post.

  6. Right on Rob! A good thought.

    Tori, you did a beautiful job in your post and showed respect for Trista's choice to reveal the info.

    Actually what other choices would Trista have in seeking justice for Ayla? It does not look like there were/are any. Prayers are that the info will hasten justice and help bring closure to a nightmare lasting 21 months now. It is not right to withhold info from Trista, Ayla's Mother, and whoever "disappeared" Ayla in such a manner needs to fess up. "If the bloody shoe fits, wear it" from Glenda Armandi

  7. Doing the right thing is the only way for Ayla to be found. It is never too late but if someone can not do it then it is time for action to be taken and someone pushed into telling. Maqke them feel that they are can not walk the face of this earth without someone looking over their shoulder. Ayla deserves better and they deserve nothing for not speaking out for her. Justice for Ayla is all we want and without that nobody should sleep, eat or think without thoughts of everyone knowing they are guilty of something.


  8. If Justin can not do the right thing then force someone to do it for him. Please go into the link and sign the petition.


  9. For John P.

    A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Justin DiPietro has been charged with domestic violence assault. He has been charged with assault.

  10. This recent horror story caught my attention for many reasons:
    Suspicious Death of Toddler Ruled a Homicide
    A 19-year-old man charged in connection with the baby's death is being held on a $1 million bond.

    "Brown-Barrett's arrest warrant includes a hospital report explaining that the baby had bruising on her stomach and marks consistent with being punched.

    He initially told doctors that Taiasia had fallen off the bed, but later changed his story to say the baby was whining so he punched her in the stomach and left her on a bed, according to police.

    Brown-Barrett told police he punched Taiasia because he had lost his patience.

    When he came back a while later, she wasn't breathing and was bleeding and foaming at the mouth, according to the warrant for his arrest.

    The warrant said he never called 911, and instead used a neighbor's phone to call family members and ran to his cousin's house for help."

    Trista revealed: "Some of the blood, Reynolds said, was mixed with saliva, indicating Ayla may have suffered internally, she told WCSH."

  11. "They'll separate everybody and get statements to put together what makes sense and doesn't make sense," said Loughlin, who ultimately thinks they will solve the case because state police know when and where Ayla was last seen and who was in the house with her.

    The final piece of this jigsaw puzzle, he said, is getting them to explain what happened to Ayla Reynolds."

  12. "No one has been eliminated as a suspect," McCausland told CNN. Police have been careful not to name anyone a suspect and have warned against speculation."

    The investigation remains "full and active" and more searches are expected, McCausland said

    ...Still today MSP say that no one has been eliminated as a suspect.

    1. The AG's office also said there was not enough evidence to convict, despite what Trista thinks or reveals.

    2. It is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the vast majority of criminal investigations NOT to publicly eliminate anyone as a suspect. Thus has been discussed ad nauseam previously.

    3. Meant 'this'.

  13. I believe that Phoebe DiPietro is in extreme denial. She refuses to comment about Ayla's blood and saliva found on her son, Justin's shoes, Ayla's blood found in Justin's vehicle, and Ayla's blood found in her basement. It is also noteworthy to me that she didn't dispute Trista's description of the blood evidence. Then, Phoebe proceeds to talk about Ayla being alive somewhere like Ayla's blood and saliva being on her father's footwear, in his vehicle, and in her home is just no big deal. Where is the grandmotherly concern? Doesn't it register with this woman that a baby's blood mixed with saliva should not be on her son's shoes, in his vehicle, or in his room (basement)?! I just don't understand such a reaction. MOO.

  14. I'll go an extreme step further...I think Phoebe DiPietro was there when Ayla was hurt or came in to the aftermath. I believe she helped with the clean-up, if not the body disposal. I believe her Friday night "away" with her friend was arranged after the fact of Ayla's death, which occurred much earlier in the evening of the 16th. Or perhaps even earlier in the day. They're all involved in a conspiracy in that house even if Ayla's death was a true accident.

    So why couldn't they report it as an accident? Many theories to cover that question have circulated.

  15. If LE indeed found Ayla's blood mixed with saliva in Justin's truck, that means Ayla was still alive when she left the house, injured but alive. LE has said repeatedly that there were three adults involved that night. If it had been an accident and Justin called his mother to help him cover up, LE would have traced the phone call and doubted her alibi, which they haven't so far.

    1. LE would have traced the phone call and doubted her alibi, which they haven't so far.

      They haven't doubted it publicly. Privately? Maybe.

    2. I could say the same for Trista and her alibi. They haven't doubted her publicly, but they have said NO ONE has been eliminated and that would include Phoebe and Trista.

    3. Bonnie, I mistakenly grouped the blood found on Justin's shoes with the saliva found. That was a serious error on my part. Mountain Mama pointed that out on the United4Ayla blog that it is not accurate, and she is absolutely correct. We need to be very careful not to take words out of context when regurgitating them from a mainstream news source to a blog--sorry. Facts matter. If you go back and read Trista's quoted statements again, you will note that she DID NOT state that the saliva was found in Justin's truck or on his shoes. Sorry if I contributed to that confusion.

    4. Reynolds said authorities showed her photographic evidence of 20-month-old Ayla's blood and saliva allegedly on the shoes of her father, Justin DiPietro, and inside his vehicle, according to her stepgrandfather, Jeff Hanson.

      Reynolds first disclosed the alleged additional blood evidence to CNN affiliate WCSH.

      "It was very difficult for her to see it," Hanson told CNN.

      Some of the blood, Reynolds said, was mixed with saliva, indicating Ayla may have suffered internally, she told WCS
      Rose, I thought I had first read on an article that Ayla's blood was Justin's shoes and that her blood was found mixed with saliva in Justin's truck, but the articles sometimes don't say the exact same thing.

    5. Exactly, Bonnnie. It can really get confusing. I was going to comment on that after having read the CNN article this morning with Jeff's paraphrased words. I take into consideration that he wasn't quoted, and CNN is using previously published information that was first reported locally in the media. It could just be a matter of bad reporting--who knows? Anyway, I hope that movement happens in this case very soon.

    6. What if his mother were there when Ayla had her "accident"? Then there would be no phone call to his mother for LE to trace. Phoebe could have then arranged an alibi for her night out. And the pre-planned story of the kidnapping in the night could proceed with Phoebe away.

    7. Do you think they found blood and saliva on Phoebe's shoes?

  16. Neither police nor the Maine attorney general's office will comment on what Ayla's mother said about her daughter's alleged additional blood evidence.

    What they will say is there isn't enough evidence to make an arrest.

    "We make our charging decisions on the basis of the evidence and never on the basis of public pressure or public demand," Assistant Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.

    1. Trista Reynolds told WCSH she doesn't believe there is evidence DiPietro killed their daughter, but added, "In my eyes, by him letting it go so long and not getting that help, yeah, he killed her."

      This jumped out at me as we'll as what you posted mckeekitty.

    2. If there isn't enough evidence to say DiPietro killed Ayla, how can there be "unequivocal" evidence that she is dead?

      Something smells fishy to me. The AG clearly stated there was not enough evidence to convict, this means not enough to convict on anything, not just murder charges.

    3. This is what I don't understand, Katie. According to Trista, she was shown a "slideshow" of some 30-40 graphic photographs...Ayla's blood in the basement, in Justin's room, on Justin's shoes, in Justin's vehicle. Not only this, but the investigators suggested to Trista that Ayla suffered during her ordeal. According to Jeff, the evidence is "unequivocal."

      According to Stokes, there is not enough evidence to make an arrest.

      I'm having a difficult time reconciling such vastly different positions.

    4. Justin was smart enough to clean up the crime scene well enough they had to use luminol to find the blood and saliva, but stupid enough to leave blood evidence on his shoes and in his truck? And this evidence is equivocal to Ayla's death but not how she died? What happened to "specific and probable causes regarding the blood found by MSP in their investigation.”? What did LE say was the specific and probable causes of the blood found if it wasn't the murder of Ayla?

    5. mckeekitty, the law enforcement in this case could very well believe that they have the evidence to move forward while the attorney general refuses without finding Ayla. That is not unusual at all. Surely you know that? I'm not being snarky; I am just surprised if you really don't understand that.

    6. Grace, it was never specifically stated by law enforcement, or Trista for that matter, what portion of the blood evidence you mention was visible to the naked eye and what was shown by luminol. LE has also never stated that they haven't determined a probable cause of death.

    7. Heidi claimed that she saw only 3 or 4 drops. Trista said she saw blood on Justin's shoes. If she was referring to luminol pictures wouldn't she have said so? Trista said she saw blood, and pictures of the blood evidence, not luminol pictures.

      Just like Justin, if I am incorrect Trista can request a retraction. Since she has not, I am sticking with my assertion that the blood on Justin's shoes was visible to the naked eye.

    8. Also, I am not asking what LE has said publicly about probable cause of death. Jeff said they told Trsta specific and probable causes. I am asking what those were, since she is claiming publicly that there is no evidence that Justin killed Ayla. If there is no such evidence, then the blood evidence must mean Ayla was killed some other way.

    9. Rose...I am simply contrasting Jeff's "unequivocal evidence" statement to Bill Stokes' position that there is not enough evidence to make an arrest.

      Surely you know that?

    10. Rose City, the AG said there was not enough evidence to make an ARREST. He didn't say anything about having enough to convict, so that isn't even an issue yet. They need enough evidence to ARREST. How can there be "unequivocal" evidence that Ayla is dead and yet not be enough evidence to ARREST? Can you explain that?

      It doesn't matter if MSP feels there is enough to arrest, the AG (and apparently the Grand Jury as well) don't feel there is enough evidence to ARREST. It doesn't matter how much pressure anyone puts on them.

    11. Grace, I found this from the other day: "Something terrible happened to Ayla that night, whether it was done by accident or on purpose. People need to be brought to justice for it,"

      I also read this:

      "Trista Reynolds told WCSH she doesn't believe there is evidence DiPietro killed their daughter, but added, 'In my eyes, by him letting it go so long and not getting that help, yeah, he killed her.'"

      That is different than Trista claiming "that there is no evidence that Justin killed Ayla." Her words could indicate that she feels Ayla's death was the result of an accident at Justin's hands; she may not want to believe that Justin would deliberately harm their daughter. Maybe she feels that Ayla suffered a blood-letting injury that was so extreme that Ayla died because she didn't receive medical attention. I didn't have time to watch the video of the snippets of Trista's interview again, but did she state in the video that there is no evidence that Justin killed Ayla? Thanks.

    12. mckeekitty, I understand what you wrote. My comment was regarding this statement from you:

      "I'm having a difficult time reconciling such vastly different positions."

      I meant that the Attorney General's refusal to arrest or prosecute Justin does not mean that law enforcement doesn't have unequivocal evidence. If you happen to reply to this comment, my lack of a response doesn't mean that I am disregarding your opinions. I have to finish preparing for a ten hour drive in the early morning hours. :)

    13. Grace, you stated: "Rose City, the AG said there was not enough evidence to make an ARREST. He didn't say anything about having enough to convict, so that isn't even an issue yet." Did I ever indicate that I don't know the difference between an arrest, and a conviction? Anyway, I would think that if law enforcement made an arrest in Ayla's case, their intent would be to try for a conviction. I don't have time right now to describe the grand jury process. Yes, there has been at least one case in which public pressure resulted in grand jury indictments. One case immediately come to mind--Juliette Geurts.

    14. For Grace:

      My last comment today (I hope that I can stick to that).

      1) I personally take everything Heidi says with a grain of salt, but that is just me. Also, if Heidi truly saw four drops of blood, that doesn't mean that there wasn't more blood evidence that she didn't see.

      2) I don't think think that Trista's intent with her recent interview was to discuss the ways in which Ayla's blood evidence was initially observed by the evidence technicians, whether by luminol or by the naked eye. Trista was shown pictures of blood. I would not expect Trista to be more specific than that, but that is just my perspective. Besides, I haven't watched Trista's full, uncut interview. I don't know if she ever discussed the luminol enhanced evidence. I wouldn't expect her to, though. Is the uncut interview available? Have you seen it?

      3) I would not expect or anticipate that Trista would really care enough or pay much attention to what you or I comment on a private blog. This is not mainstream media after all. No matter what you comment, I wouldn't anticipate Trista asking you for a retraction. In the grand scheme of things, your thoughts (and mine) are irrelevant as it pertains to this case. But, again, that is just my perspective.

    15. This is just my opinion, Rose.

      There is either unequivocal evidence that Ayla is dead, or there is not enough evidence to make an arrest.

      If deceased, I pray Ayla's remains are found. I wish this for the sake of evidentiary value and emotional closure.

      According to Trista and Jeff, Ayla is not only deceased, but she may have suffered before dying.

      If the evidence that is being released is true and accurate, Justin should be charged with depraved indifference for not seeking medical attention for his daughter.

      And for illegally disposing of a body.

      And for the blood, sweat, tears, man-hours, and costs committed to recovering his daughter that he well knew was dead.

      Again...all my opinion.

      Safe travels to Palo Alto!

    16. LE obviously believes Ayla is deceased. LE showed Trista what they feel is unequivocal evidence of this, because they felt, as Ayla's mother, she had the right to know. Because they have unequivocal evidence Ayla is deceased, doesn't mean they have unequivocal evidence of WHO killed her or how - there were, after all, three adults in the house. With Justin's recent arrests, LE is keeping a close on eye on him and are probably just as frustrated as the public.

    17. Clever move by Mr. Stokes. Stokes did NOT say there wasn't enough info for an arrest. What he did was artfully dodge the issue. Stokes said, "We make our charging decisions on the basis of the evidence and never on the basis of public pressure or public demand."

      He does not say whether the evidence they have is enough or not.

      CNN walked into his diversion, similar to when early in the case police said Ayla did not leave the house on her own, and someone removed her, and news sources took this to mean she was kidnapped.

      CNN also got the saliva on shoes wrong. They cite their source WCSH, and their source says nothing about saliva on shoes. It says, "Reynolds said police showed her pictures of Justin's room, where there was blood. His shoes had blood on them. His truck had Ayla's blood in it, and there was saliva mixed with her blood in some places."

    18. Again, in that same article JEFF HANSON states that Trista said there was blood and saliva on Justin's shoes.

    19. Reynolds said authorities showed her photographic evidence of 20-month-old Ayla's blood and saliva allegedly on the shoes of her father, Justin DiPietro, and inside his vehicle, according to her stepgrandfather, Jeff Hanson.

      I'm ASSUMING Jeff said this to CNN as it does not state he said it to anyone else.

    20. That is the most convoluted sentence (CNN's doing, not yours Grace). Didn't Trista and Jeff go to that interview together? I think they did cuz I think I saw Jeff on one of the videos. So why would Jeff tell them what Trista said when Trista was right there? I am wondering if the sentence was really trying to say Trista said the first part about the shoes and Jeff said the second part about the vehicle? But who can fathom it, really. It's a poorly crafted sentence whose meaning is lost.

    21. Not if you take it literally. The reporter is reporting what Jeff Hanson told him/her, not what Trista said. And Jeff is further quoted in the story as "told CNN".

    22. Mckeekitty says "There is either unequivocal evidence that Ayla is dead, or there is not enough evidence to make an arrest." I disagree. This is not an either/or situation, both can be true at the same time. And I think that is most likely the case.


    23. Grace4Ayla:
      "Reynolds said police showed her pictures of Justin's room, where there was blood. His shoes had blood on them. His truck had Ayla's blood in it, and there was saliva mixed with her blood in some places. She said it shows that Ayla suffered, and there was enough blood that she feels it's clear her little girl has died."

      This is the direct quote from WCSH6

    24. Then if that was all Jeff verified, the blood, then CNN LIED. Interesting. Thanks for the link!

  17. Is anybody on here familiar with the Susan Powell case? She is the missing mother whose husband was never arrested for her disappearance although he was their only de facto suspect. A lot of the evidence law enforcement had against him was revealed to the public (including blood evidence) after he killed their two little boys and himself in a home explosion about two hours north of here in Washington state. He went at his sons with a hatchet first. People are still really upset with the handling of that case (especially Susan's parents); Josh Powell was free to come and go as he pleased (he even relocated from Utah to Washington State). Of course finding Susan was the missing link, but can you imagine what Susan's family is going through after having lost not only their daughter, but their two grandsons? That case reminds me somewhat of what is going on here.

    1. Yes, Rose that's another case that in most people's opinion had enough evidence to prosecute, but prosecutors failed to do so and created catastrophic consequences.

    2. Rose City:
      I followed the tragic case of Susan Powell and her two little boys. I posted the recent case of the murdered toddler in Hartford because it caught my attention on many levels. 13-month-old Taiasia Allen was brought to St. Francis Hospital but was in cardiac arrest and couldn't be revived.

      "The state medical examiner has ruled that the suspicious death of a toddler in Hartford yesterday was, in fact, a homicide, according to police....

      David Brown-Barrett was arrested last night after an afternoon of questioning. His bond was set at $1 million.

      He was charged with first-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor, but police said they are working to upgrade the charges in light of the medical examiner's ruling."

      But in this case there is a toddler's body. In CT during the time we had DP (it is now a non-DP state) prosecutors have moved forward without a body (with great difficulty and pre-DNA technology and won):

      I often joke about our prosecutors and creating an exchange program with Maine.
      Lawyers for Lobsters©
      A Win-Win Proposition
      or Prosecution
      Depending on how you look at at it.

  18. mountain mama says:
    September 14, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Another misconception that’s being put out there is that Stokes said there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute. That is not true! That was an assumption of the reporter but those were not Stoke’s words. That was NOT a quote.

    Neither police nor the Maine attorney general’s office will comment on what Ayla’s mother said about her daughter’s alleged additional blood evidence.
    What they will say is there isn’t enough evidence to make an arrest

    “We make our charging decisions on the basis of the evidence and never on the basis of public pressure or public demand,” Assistant Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.


    Um, I'm not sure I would be accusing mainstream media (CNN) of putting words in AG Stoke's mouth without proof. Jeff has clearly stated that the eyes of the media are on the blogs, especially the one that Trista is going to be releasing information on.

    Just saying...

    1. Um, What they will say is there isn’t enough evidence to make an arrest. **Notice this is not a quote, but is the assumption of the writer, based on the following quotes:
      “We make our charging decisions on the basis of the evidence and never on the basis of public pressure or public demand,” Assistant Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.
      “We understand certainly the frustration that families feel in circumstance like these, but there are professional standards we must abide by for all of us, based not on emotion or feeling, but evidence-based.”
      Those are what quotes look like. Just sayin....

    2. From the same article:

      Trista Reynolds told WCSH she doesn't believe there is evidence DiPietro killed their daughter, but added, "In my eyes, by him letting it go so long and not getting that help, yeah, he killed her."


      So by your logic the same applies. This same reporter is making the same assumption about what Trista "told" WCSH because it isn't in quotes.

      This must mean that LE led Trista to believe "unequivocal" evidence that Ayla is dead on Justin's shoes, but this evidence doesn't prove Justin killed her except possibly by neglecting her urgent medical need?

      So what does she expect the AG to prosecute for? Improper disposal of a body? Failing to act? Manslaughter?


      But again, this was not in quotes. It was what Jeff Hanson said Trista said.

      So what is Trista saying? Does anyone know?

    3. Go back and listen to Trista, Grace. Then interpret how you will. And, then, wait for the 24th. And then consult with the stars. Maybe it will all be made much clearer for you.

      As for me, there's blood in that house. We don't know the quantity or the cause of the blood because the people in the house sure ain't talkin'. Not to us, and evidently, not to the cops.

      What Heidi says is less important than what Phoebe, Justin, Elisha, and Courtney have NOT said.

      Heidi was NOT there that night! When she finally got there, days later, she was not a forensic investigator. Did she carry luminol with her in her tote bag?

      Someone in that house knows about the cause of the blood from a missing child! There's Ayla's blood in that house; then Ayla disappeared. Coincidence? Perhaps. Although, one philosophy rampant says there are no real coincidences in this world. Again, the DiPietro CO. isn't saying a word about blood or coincidence.

      If that isn't hinky enough for you, I don't know what is.

      Some people will undoubtedly argue that Ayla is alive even if and when Ayla's body is unlikey prospect.

      Others will say her body doesn't prove Justin or others in the house killed her and hid her body.

      Possibly, no COD can be determined if she is found at this late date or ever, so maybe she wasn't killed but died of old age or she wandered away and met up with a bear.

      And then there's the theory that Ayla could have been killed by her abductor who spilled her blood when leaving the house with bleeding Ayla in deathly silence.

      Why all the arguments? I think it has something to do with the fact that some people are just innately oppositional to any prevailing theory. They can't be with the mainstream of thought, no matter what.

      I have yet to determine what you believe, Grace. You appear to be at sixes and sevens or at the seventeenth theory. My favorite of yours is that Justin and Trista (and Jeff?) are in it together! Whatever "it" is.

      But that's okay. As the story of the old lady kissing the the pig underscores: Everyone to her own taste.

    4. When you provide evidence that directly refutes my theories, then I will listen to you. Until then, my theory is the only one that takes everything revealed so far into account. Even Trista's wishy washy Justin killed her but Justin didn't kill her attitude.

    5. LE showed Trista what they feel is unequivocal evidence Ayla is deceased, because they felt, as Ayla's mother, she had the right to know. Because they have unequivocal evidence Ayla is deceased, doesn't mean they have unequivocal evidence of WHO killed her or how - there were, after all, three adults in the house.

    6. I think the "unequivocal evidence" is Jeff's words, not MSP.
      Jeff was ask directly a few days ago if MSP said that Ayla is deceased, his reply was:
      MSP think it is highly unlikely Ayla will be found alive.

  19. According to MountainMama, Jeff said this:

    “No, Susan (CNN) only asked me to verify what Trista had said to News 6 and NECN.”

    So Jeff verified what Trista SAID to News 6 and NECN.

    past tense: verified; past participle: verified

    1. make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified. synonyms:substantiate, confirm, prove, corroborate, back up, bear out, justify, support, uphold, attest to, testify to, validate, authenticate, endorse, certify

    This means that Trista said there was blood and saliva on Justin's shoes.

    1. Geeze II. Wait, Grace, until the 24th and 25th. You need new material to obsess over.

    2. WOW, this grace character is annoying as fuck.

  20. Gee, all of a sudden direct quotes are very important. Imagine that!

    I only mention it because I've seen many things said and stated to have been said, that were not direct quotes. Yet they became fact to so many.
    Reporters get it wrong some times, and they some times inject their own opinion.
    Example, I've seen it written so many times that LE believe Ayla is deceased.
    LE, or their spokesperson has never said that.


      "We think it is highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive. Nothing points in that direction," said Steve McCausland of the Maine Department of Public Safety.

    2. "Based on everything we know, the thousands of hours of investigation, the 1,127 leads that have been received and acted on, we think it is highly unlikely that Ayla Reynolds will be found alive," McCausland said.

      On Dec. 26, police said they had ruled out the possibility that Ayla left her home on her own.

      On Jan. 28, McCausland said investigators had found no evidence to support DiPietro's claim that Ayla was abducted.

    3. "Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said he had "no reaction" to the website's claims, adding that the information shared during that meeting "is between us and her."

      "I'm not going to get into specifics other than to repeat what I've said: We think it's unlikely (Ayla) is still alive," he said."

    4. Perhaps LE or their spokesperson McCausland is trying to be respectful and not use words like "dead" or "deceased", but instead uses word like "will not be found alive" or "unlikely (Ayla) is still alive".

      Just putting it out there that some people when in the public realm might be respectful/diplomatic and use words so as not to offend the family/loved ones of the child.

    5. Thank you for making my point Jazzie. I appreciate it.

      I can't say I know why S. McCausland words things the way he does. Perhaps it is out of respect. Ot perhaps it is because they are not positive that Ayla is deceased.
      I do know that he never said that Ayla is deceased, or dead.

      My comment was about direct quotes.

  21. Yes everyone wants justice for Ayla but what Trista is releasing may or may not lead to this so everyone needs to focus on finding Ayla and then we all can discuss her justice from that point forward. Without Ayla it means nothing to me. Blood here and blood there is not bringing her home and that should be everyone's focus. Bring Ayla home to get her justice. Putting Justin in jail will not make him talk because he knows he has made it his far and will not release anything that happened. Pushing for more help for searches wiith other groups that have helped with other missimg children's researches to me will bring this closer to finding her. If the police are just following leads and certain searches then maybe fresh eyes from groups that do this everyday may lead them to Ayla and the justice that she deserves. Argueing over who said what is childish because it will not bring her home. What anyone says will be blown apart because that is human nature for words to get mixed up. That is why I will not be listening to the release of what Trista was shown because that is "what a mother should know" and not for us to tear apart. It will turn from her trying to get justice for her daughter to her words do not make sense. Really people, Trista just wants answers and with Justin walking the street and not talking, she wants him charged so maybe he will lead her to Ayla, not lead Ayla to us. We are wanting this to happen but in the end we want as many answers too but we do not deserve to know all just that Ayla is found and someone pays for it, PEROID. Sorry some are taking this and running with it as Ayla belongs to them or they are God. I am not praying to any of you and only pray for Ayla to be found at this point. Sorry if I hit nerves but some need a time out and I have a time out chair here at the house for you and also a flip plop I write names on when you get out of line and even have my husbands name on it. Do I need to add names to it?


    1. Nene...Where do we look for Ayla? Got any ideas on how she can be brought home? How long do we look for more year, or twenty?

      Can we put a grid over the entire state of Maine and search? How about New Hampshire or Canada? That would take years and a whole lot of volunteers.

      I'm sure you really are aware that Ayla may never be found. And if she is found, (that is, if she didn't flow out to the ocean in the first few days) it will be accidentally.

      She most likely will not be found by teams of volunteers, but by somebody like a hunter stumbling over remains of what the animals didn't get.

      Think I'm too graphic and heartless? Go back and read about Caylee Anthony and the state she was found in. Technicians on their hands and knees for days trying to gather the pieces of Caylee together to make an entire body for forensic examination.

      Maybe someone should take turns following the DiPietros. To see where they go checking on the grave. is it still undisturbed?

      On second thought, when have the DiPietros indicated a concern over Ayla, living or dead?

      And what do you mean by "we do not deserve to know all...just that Ayla is found.

      As fellow citizen of an innocent little baby, I think we do deserve to know all of what happened to her. We can't afford to turn away with a blind eye because we just don't need or want to know. That is not being there for Ayla. That is not bringing justice to her.

    2. Here is a rock, argue with it because I am asking for answers if any of the family have contacted any of the search groups and if there has to be certain details to why they will help or will they come in no matter to help. I have been where other blogs have talked of starting search groups and maybe if there was enough to help they would do it. I am in Texas and would love to help find her. As far as the details being made public, that has me unnerved and sorry as I said for that. Justin will not talk and that is why I have mention if searches were heated up to the point he may be scared of her being found he may just say where she is. I do not see the release of the blood being any closer to getting JUSTICE FOR AYLE because Justin was shown something months before Trista and that did not start him talking so what makes people think he will talk after Sept 24th or 25th. We are not in a dream world where it is all roses and happy ending. I do not care to hear the details of Caylee or AYLA, They are not my daughters and this was for the families to hear and not us are the Le would had a press conference and release them to us not her mother. Some of you are living for the details to how a child may had died. Has our morals come down to that, if seems we are just as bad as the person that did it. Oh blood everywhere so he is guilty. Not that easy as he Le has said because it will have to have what point did this start and what was the point that may have killed Ayla. Do Le know? Know they do not, all they have is blood everywhere and no timeline. I do feel sorry for Trista and she will never have closure without the body of Ayla. My granddaughter had been died Sept 10 for 10 years. At 5 months she had an accident and yes we have a place to go but we do not make it all the time but I still talk to her and cry for her. The hole in your heart never goes away and to me gets bigger as I see what she misses not being here but I never ask to God and thank him for letting me have my time with her for 5 months. It is anybody business what happened No that is family business and nobody elses so is Trista wants to open her life up that is her business and I know she needs answers but this could stand still forever. I know from other blogs people are out there keeping Ayla's name and face in the public eye and some have mention of doing searches and the searches can be done without the Le so if this does pan out I hope to see people come together in that area and do searches and maybe then Justin may then panic. My aunt is a snow bird so I know she will be leaving Maine soon due to the winter weather and yes maybe hunters will find her after that. I do not want to argue with someone that does not have the answer to if any searchers groups were contacted at first and since? If someone that have knowledge or may know part of the question please answer. And I am not talking about Le or police searches. Those are part of an investigation and should not be made public but the big search groups may not be binded to keep their info private and we may have not hear about them if they have already done searches. I am more for finding Ayla and I am sorry I am not for reading what may have happened to her. I am sorry for what she has missed in her short life and want her to be fiound which is why we came together in the first place was to find her and get justice for her. Maine seems to think like me or they would have already press charges without a body with what they have. May Ayla not see the people so hungry to hear about pictures of blood but see people wanting to find her. Jusin has not cared from day one and will not care ever. His own mother has already said how she feels so if the fathers family thinks people are going to do searches maybe that would put more heat on them. The slides sure have done nothing to them, even cause Justin to do things that make him feel he is untouchable. I will not answer to no more petty comments but will answer positive ones. Thanks.


    3. "Some of you are living for the details to how a child may had died."

      Are you kidding? Of course we want to know how she died, not because we are salivating over gory details, but because we don't want Ayla to go into history as another unsolved mystery. No justice for her there.

      You know that each child who goes missing this way gives another person down the line the confidence to do what was probably done to Ayla and get away with it. How does she get justice if we don't know at least how she was killed?

      And I despair, the longer we wait on a body, the less can be told about her fate.

      I must confess to not understanding what you are saying, Nene. What are your fears about the bloodthirsty ones among us? You must think we are in this for the sensation.

      In fact, what are your real fears in Trista speaking out? Why are you so insistent that we must wait to prosecute, or even say anything, until Ayla's body is found? I know you must have your reasons, but I'm not putting it all together from your post.

    4. Nene, Justin didn't think the "public" would ever get to see what he saw. So he believed he would be able to keep the delusion of being a "victim". Now the public will know, he's more likely the perpetrator and not a victim at all.

  22. Nene, You asked why Justin might talk after the 24th if he didn't talk after seeing the evidence in November. After the 24th it will be public, the world will know, the world will draw conclusions about him based on what they hear. This was not the case with his private showing in November. I still have doubts about whether it will prompt him to talk, but it might make one of his conspirators throw in the towel and save her or his own hide by revealing what happened. When this information is public, I think the push for prosecution is going to be very strong and it will be unneerving for those with secrets.

  23. " I think the push for prosecution is going to be very strong and it will be unneerving for those with secrets."

    And it's probably unnerving some now, even before all is put out for the public. And I don't mean just the DiPietros and their houseguest, Miss Courtney.

  24. Justin will prob try to sneak out the back of the courthouse to avoid the press like a weenie boy

    1. Justin won't face a strong woman, he is a woman abuser and only can face weakened women that he thinks he can control. Once a woman gets a voice, Justin runs and hides behind momma's apron.

  25. All I want to say is...WHAT A STRONG GIRL TRISTA IS!! MY HEART,