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Investigators Meet With Trista 2 EXT

Investigators meet with Trista

                                                                  January 4

Investigators meet with missing toddler Ayla Reynolds' mother on Thursday
'We gave her specifics that we felt a mother should know,' state police spokesman says

Investigators met with Trista Reynolds, the mother of Ayla Reynolds, on Thursday for a review of the investigation into the toddler's disappearance, said Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland."I'm not getting into specifics, but we shared the status of the case with Trista, as we had with the relatives from Waterville," he said Friday.

So did LE have a meeting with Trista back in October when he had his meeting with the Di Pietro family? If not why did it take until January for her meeting? Or did LE meet with Di Pietro in January as well?
By their own admission they shared the status of the case with Trista, and also with the Waterville relatives.
If someone wants to know the status of something, they want to know what condition it's in, where it is, or how much progress it's made.
So is it the same as before on May 31st 2012? No person of interest no suspects?Has it only made progress in evidence they have uncovered?

Reynolds did not respond to a reporter's requests for an interview this week, but she has said that investigators planned to show her evidence that has been gathered over the past year since the child disappeared, along with items that were recovered from the Kennebec River during searches near the Lockwood Dam by state police last spring.

Did Trista not respond to a request for an interview because LE asked her not to? She had been very responsive to reporters request before this. These articles found in the river, do they belong to Ayla?

In October, investigators met with members of Ayla's paternal family from Waterville -- father Justin DiPietro, aunt Elisha DiPietro and grandmother Phoebe DiPietro.

In October they met with the Waterville family and shared with them the same status. Does this mean they had found no new evidence since then? Did a reporter ask Justin for an interview in October? Did they tell Justin the specifics they felt a father should know?
Doesn't specific mean "detailed and exact"?

An attorney for Phoebe and Elisha DiPietro has said the October meeting included an update of the investigation and a review of the physical evidence that has been collected.

If the physical evidence was shown to Phoebe And Elisha in the October meeting. Then why wasn't it shown to Trista at her meeting? They stated that they shared the same things that they had with the Di Pietro family. Did they find something more between October and January? If they did then did they inform the Waterville family as well?

McCausland, during a press conference last month, described the October meeting as a frank conversation with the paternal family. McCausland on Friday wouldn't characterize the tone of this week's meeting with Reynolds.

frank = characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. Could this mean that LE pulled no punches with the paternal family and actually made some accusations? What reason could LE have for not describing the tone of his meeting with Trista?

"We gave her specifics that we felt a mother should know," he said.

Then to make this statement specifics a mother should know? Wouldn't the father want to know the same specifics? What do you think LE is trying to say? Doesn't specific mean "detailed and exact"?

Ayla was reported missing on Dec. 17, 2011, by her father. No one has been named as a suspect. Justin DiPietro contends that Ayla was abducted. Police say a kidnapping did not happen, and they believe the three adults who saw her last -- her father, aunt and Courtney Roberts -- are withholding information in the case.
Ben McCanna -- 861-9239

Investigators also believe Ayla is dead. State police are asking that anyone with information call them at 624-7076.

I for one will be satisfied when, and only when LE is frank and specific with the details of this case with all of us. It has been a long 20 months, Ayla deserves Justice. I pray it is soon.


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  2. What I found interesting and of course this is all up to interpretation of how it is read is

    Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said he had "no reaction" to the website's claims, adding that the information shared during that meeting "is between us and her."

    "I'm not going to get into specifics other than to repeat what I've said: We think it's unlikely (Ayla) is still alive," he said.

    Unlikely Ayla is STILL alive? Could that mean they think there is a chance she was alive when she left the house but no longer is now? Statistics show IF a child is abducted and not found within a certain time frame it is unlikely the child will be found alive. Why didn't McCausland say we don't believe Ayla left the house alive or something along those lines to hint that the police do in fact believe Justin or someone in the house killed Ayla whether intentional or by accident and therefore giving credence to what Trista is saying somewhat?

    Instead he gives a cookie cutter statistical answer that still leaves some of the public speculating on possibilities she was abducted.

    1. "Instead he gives a cookie cutter statistical answer that still leaves some of the public speculating on possibilities she was abducted."

      I know, and it really bothers me. It's one of my BIG issues.
      This time there was not even a "highly" unlikely, and of course the same ol "we think".

    2. I agree that is what is weird. Like the hiding of the info on Justins arrest it was not in the log I checked for over a week. Why would police want to keep it a secret. Then the showing up late for court but saying he was on time. Then the charge not being domestic assault, dropping it down to just assault. A lot of strange things going on.

    3. I agree Dana

  3. Anonymous 1 has left a new comment on your post "Sept. 24,2013":

    . "On other blogs people wanted to do pictures of Ayla with older but everyone was told to back off because it was upsetting Trista and then people were wondering at that point if the meeting did provide info that Ayla was no longer with "

    ...Jeff himself stated that Trista was working with LNM to do an age progression photo of Ayla AFTER Trista met with MSP in Jan. He made that comment in Feb.

    Trista raised a stink on Facebook and attacked those publishing unauthorized pictures of an age progressed Ayla. Jeff did say that LMN was working with Trista but nothing came to fruition. From my understanding Trista has accepted Ayla is gone and does not want to go through with any age progressed photos.

    1. Could it be she just wants to punish Justin anyway she can for dumping her. Who knows?

    2. Thanks Tori.

      If Trista believes that, I can understand why she wouldn't want to do an aged progression photo.

    3. Dana, I do not understand your comment. What is Trista's not wanting to do an age progression photo of Ayla have to do with Trista just wanting to punish Justin for dumping her?

    4. Simply stated Paternal side wanted to, and maternal side didn't. Was just asking if their break up could have been the reason she did not agree to have one done. You know how a person may not agree with you just to hurt you. Maybe if they had been together at that point they would have done one. No malice intended.

    5. Why wouldn't anyone with a missing child not want age progression photos released? I have never understood that.

      What happened with Trista working with LMN, after the meeting with LE?

      Anon 1:34AM, do you not wonder why Trista doesn't want an age progression photo of Ayla done? It may not involve Justin, but why not do it!

      IMO, another oddity from Trista/Jeff.


    6. AnonymousSeptember 3, 2013 at 7:50 PM

      Pray, Dana, what names did I call anybody? I said there was a double standard in asking questions of Trista, of perceiving her as troublesome, and not with Justin and his family, by many posters on this blog.

      Not many people ask questions of Justin and his family here. Trista seems to be always under the microscope for her past behavior, past indicretions, and altogether difficulty personality.

      But Justin, from whose care this baby went missing and with stange attitude toward the kidnapper, is hardly ever "profiled" on here except by posters from the other blog.

      Question about his behavior in the past are just not asked. Trista is a no goodnick procreating with three different men. Justin's sexual past is not questioned or discussed. That's just one area where he is let off scott free.

      Dana, get over yourself. You are not a policeman for this blog. And you don't even recognize name-calling when you see it.

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    1. Yes. I understand what happened.
      No problem at all.

      God night Dana, and sleep well.

    2. Ok talk again tomorrow I hope.

  6. I do want to say one thing about our site here at J4A. I am very pleased we have a place where so many people can comment and not have to have the same opinion to belong.
    We don't have to call the maternal side names, or the paternal side names to speak for Ayla.
    We come here voice our opinion and attack no one. If it does happen it is someone who drops in and attacks then after enough some one lashes back, but it is not the norm. Thank you Tori and Katie for being here and giving us a place to belong.

    1. Yes, it is nice...and we can still (albeit subtlety bash Trista.

      Why is it hard to understand that a mom who has been shown and told are pictures from a place in which her baby likely died and is no more, would not want to see an age-progression picture of what her baby would have looked like? My God! Is there no understanding? And then perhaps she had a ray of hope and changed her mind. Not allowed!

      So she raised a "stink"! With Trista, it had to be a "stink" didn't it? It couldn't be explained with any other word? Even a "fuss"? Because Trista is trash.

      If someone wanted to plant pictures all over of what I believed to be my dead baby, as she would have looked had someone not harmed her and let her grow up, I'd raise holy hell! And making the age progressions without my permission or input? Just on their own? It wouldn't be just a stink, I'd make

      !I can't think of a much more heartbreaking thing for a mother who's lost her baby girl to see. Honetly Trista gets absolutely no compassion or understanding from some movers and shakers in the blog empire! She's just the mother who didn't have anything to do with her child missing and is not, as far as any pronouncments by LE, under the suspicion of not telling all she knows.

      I really believe that there's a few souls out there so taken (for some odd reason) with Justin that Trista just has to be played as a villain in everything she does and doen not do.

      These same people cannot see anything odd in Justin's behavior. He just reacts "differently" and that's as it should ber because he's Justin; he marches to a different drummer and that's okay!

      I think it is called the "double standard".

    2. hold up just a minute I knew what you were up to that won't fly here. I gave you the explanation if you want to argue and call names go back where you came from please.

    3. No one wants to bash Trista. People want to understand.
      People have questions they don't know the answers to.
      Like many have questions about Justin, the DiPietro's, Courteny, Derek. There also have questions about Trista.

    4. Number one you called people Trista bashers. You stated we were not understanding. You left the impression we think of Trista as trash. You think we portray Trista as a villain. Your use of punctuation portrays a very angry person.
      your question:AnonymousSeptember 3, 2013 at 5:47 PM

      Dana, I do not understand your comment. What is Trista's not wanting to do an age progression photo of Ayla have to do with Trista just wanting to punish Justin for dumping her?

      my answer:Dana B.September 3, 2013 at 5:54 PM

      Simply stated Paternal side wanted to, and maternal side didn't. Was just asking if their break up could have been the reason she did not agree to have one done. You know how a person may not agree with you just to hurt you. Maybe if they had been together at that point they would have done one. No malice intended.

      Then you cut loose on me. What should my reaction have been?

      my answer was:Dana B.September 3, 2013 at 6:10 PM

      hold up just a minute I knew what you were up to that won't fly here. I gave you the explanation if you want to argue and call names go back where you came from please.

      I ask you did I deserve what you unloaded on me? anyone feel free to answer did I?

    5. anon 7:50 I will take under consideration your dislike for me. Have a nice day I think maybe you should consider anger management classes at some point. Unless your age prevents that.

    6. "ask you did I deserve what you unloaded on me? anyone feel free to answer did I"

      No Dana you didn't.

      Anonymous 7:50
      There is no double standard. Questions are ask of Justin, Elisha, Courtneyy, Derek, & Phoebe, all most every day.
      What difference does it make if they aren't ask on this blog? They are ask! Most everyone reads both blogs. Why repeat the same questions here?
      How many times are questions ask of Trista on U4A?
      I don't think it matters which blog they are ask a., .They aren't going to get answered at this time.

    7. Anon 7:50PM, Posters that post here, from the "other blog", post here quite regularly! They are posters here, as well as "the rest of us".

      We are all allowed to post here, whether we differ in our opinions or not, we are just asked to be civil.

      You are crossing the line! No need for that, everyone does not have the same opinion as you. I am sure others posting here (from the "other site") don't approve of your comment.


    8. "I ask you did I deserve what you unloaded on me?"

      No, Dana. You did not. The suggestion is laughable.

      How is asking Trista to clarify some of her statements and actions "trashing" her?

      Trista...why did you state that you didn't retrieve Ayla from Justin because you believed she was safe?

      Why did you not mention you were on route to Machiasport with Robert Fortier that fateful morning? Why did it take four months for that detail to surface?

      Why did you say that Justin told you to call Phoebe if you wanted to speak with Ayla? Did Phoebe refuse to put Ayla on the phone with you? Did you ever call Phoebe to speak with Ayla? You never said...

      Did you, or did you not, arrange for Justin to care for Ayla while you were getting on your feet? Your story changes on that critical point. And it is a very critical point, since you also state Ayla sustained previous injuries while in Justin's care.

      Why did you insist you never knew about the PC in advance when LE insists they gave you the "heads-up" earlier that day? Why did you allow the press in your home to capture your reaction to the news when you were told in advance what was going to be announced?

      How did you feel about leaving Ayla at 29 Violette when Phoebe told you she kept a gun in the home?

      Why wasn't WPD summoned to a well-being check if your concerns were high? Justin told you he wasn't going to keep Ayla's December 15 doctor appointment. You hadn't spoken with your daughter since the 8th. Right?

      Why was it "awesome" to be at the vigil with Justin...the same vigil in which you had already been told about the blood?

      Why was the evidence presented to you, Alex, and Alex's mom when McCausland refers to the sharing of the evidence as "between us and her."

      Now you see, Anonymous, these are just a few questions I have. I make no reference to Trista's lifestyle. I make no reference to her "indiscretions." I make no reference to public assistance. I make no reference to her choice of fathers for her children. I make no reference to her past struggles with substance abuse.

      My questions do NOT attack. I ask these questions because I'm genuinely confused, and I'm trying to find out what happened to Ayla.

      As do many of us.

    9. mckeekitty, I am genuinely confused by Trista's statements also. I don't know what to make of it!


    10. A couple more questions for Trista.

      Did you or did you not have your own phone on the morning of the Machiasport trip? It was reported that your phone rang many times, but you were sleeping and didn't hear it or answer. Who were the missed calls from?

      When was your agreement with Justin that he would take care of Ayla until you got on your feet made? Was it before or after you were in rehab?

    11. Good questions, Anonymous 1.

      The details of the Machaisport trip raises MANY questions.

      Ron Sr. hit the floor in inconsolable grief upon hearing that Ayla was missing, and yet he told Foriter to keep driving AWAY from Waterville?


    12. Since we're asking questions...

      Why did the "abduction fear" texts stop the day before Ayla went missing? What day would that be in your mind...the 15th? Did all communication with Justin end that day? Is that why you went to file for custody?

    13. How about, do you and Jeff know Chris Brichetto? I am still waiting on the answer to that one....

    14. mckeekitty, you really kill me. . . you will put anything out there to make Trista look bad, but then defend Justin with all your might. . . I have to wonder where you are coming from. What do the details of the Machaisport trip have to do with Ayla being missing. TRISTA WASN'T THERE, get over it already. Justin is responsible for whatever happened to Ayla. . . It was his responsibility at the time to make sure she was safe. . . .if he had any idea that harm could come of Ayla why didn't he protect her no matter what happened to her. I don't get where you are coming from with most of your posts just saying. I agree in not prosecuting without evidence, but have a problem with him being so quiet for so long. . if he truly believed she was kidnapped he would be pleading for her return. I have to repeat again that your posts remind me of Obscure. Same writing style. Same coldness in your words.

    15. Mckeekitty I am sure your mother is very proud of you.


  7. What happened to Ayla, happened at that house and Trista was not there so who answers those questions? Especially the big one-where is Ayla?

    (For the record, Chicky has a bad hard drive and asked me to interpret for her since not all of her keys are working-Tori)

    1. Thanx T0r1 !! W0rds were n0t fact.. are 0n1y 0wn 1dea... we a11 want t0 f1nd Ay1a and 0nes wh0 were 1n ab0de are 0nes wh0 can answer we can 0n1y w1sh.

    2. 1 get new dev1ce 1n few days they say. Yah00 !

    3. I have never had so much trouble understanding what you were trying to say before. You use to talk so plain and down to earth.


    4. (For the record, Chicky has a bad hard drive and asked me to interpret for her since not all of her keys are working-Tori)
      S0rry... when 1 get new dev1ce 1 can be c1ear and d0wn t0 earth 0nce aga1n. {gr1ns/

    5. Chicky you are very creative hope you will like you new one.

    6. Yes,1t's new and f1aw absent 1 say w1th c0v1ct10n !!! The dev1ce that 1s n0t behav1ng 1s 4 years 01d, The new 0ne 1s 0n 1t's way ! Yes. 1 say, w0rds are ch0sen 1n a wh01e new way !!!

    7. I have an extra keyboard you could have but I live in AZ

    8. Dana, thanx,th0 1t 1s a hard dr1ve f1x and b0ard f1x. 1ess $ t0 get new ent1re system. Hard t0 even b00t system.. 1t's bas1c1y dy1ng and 1 gett1ng the 1ast w0rd 1n!!

    9. Looks like you are going to get the last word out of that thing no matter what.

  8. Fair is fair people. . .if you don't think that Justin has to answer to us you certainly can't expect Trista to. Furthermore, I think the person who had custody of Ayla should be the one answering the questions, Trista wasn't there when Ayla went missing what does it matter what she was doing at the time. . . In my opinion people on this blog are Trista haters. Pathetic if you ask me. . . this woman just lost a child.

    1. Anon 9:51-I'm sorry, but fair has nothing to do with it. Trista is pushing for prosecution. The reality is this...if Justin goes on trial, he will NOT have to answer questions. I can all but guarantee that the defense will go with an alternative theory of the crime and effectively put Trista on trial, and she WILL have to answer. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

    2. Tr1sta 1s n0t the 0n1y 0ne 1n the search f0r 1ega1 dec1s10ns. A11 her re1at1ves, 1E, and we a11 wh0 care.1 say 1eave her be. She 1s d01ng a11 she can f0r answers and sad bey0nd be1e1f.

    3. Anon 10:32 what makes you think Trista will be a witness if Justin is on trial? She wasn't in Justin's house. Justin was there with Ayla. Assuming the prosecutor charges him with murder or manslaughter and the evidence is her blood is in his house, what alternate theory brings Trista into the picture? You think his attorney would claim she came to his house and killed Ayla in front of him? An attorney trying to bash her in this situation would be courting disaster. And certainly no jury or judge would buy that line; it would make them angry at Justin and his attorney. As far as making her answer questions, subpoenaing her to testify in an effort to prove she is responsible would be absurd. JMO.

    4. The only thing Trista can testify to is she agreed Justin was to take care of Ayla. Plus if she witnessed any abuse or saw the marks. What she has been told or shown she can not testify too.I think it would come under hearsay.But LE won't need her to say anything about what she was shown if they prosecute.

    5. Chicky I agree leave them both alone let LE handle it just continue speaking for justice.

    6. Anon 9:51 It is people like you with accusations about Trista haters that start trouble. You will push more people away from Pressing for prosecution than you will attract. The only time anyone mentions the questions Trista should answer is when you attack. This whole thing is about justice for Ayla not what either parent has to answer to you or anyone else here about. It they prosecute then they will have to answer questions the attorneys ask not us. Your opinion of people at J4A or at U4A really don't matter. We don't expect Justin to answer any questions here, and we don't expect Trista to either. They both have enough on their plate already.

    7. CG-the theory doesn't have to make sense, it's just to raise doubt. Mark Fuhrman is racist, George Anthony molested his daughter, Roy Kronk was out for the reward...none of these had anything to do with their cases, either.

    8. Anonymous 9:51 am.

      I'm not a Trista hater. (I can't think of anyone that I hate) I have much very honest and real empathy for her.
      Having questions of someone doesn't equal hate. I don't expect Trista to answer any of my questions, nor do I believe that she has to.
      The questions that McKee and I ask are not because of hate. All the questions ask had to do with Ayla, her circumstances before and after she went missing.
      The questions may not have a thing to do with what happened to Ayla, they also MIGHT have.

      Since I believe that Ayla could have been abducted it is important to know what she was doing the night, and morning that Ayla went missing.

      No, Trista doesn't owe me any explanations at all, and I don't demand the answers. My questions are more meant to reflect that I am trying to understand all the circumstances surrounding Ayla and the night/morning she went missing.
      Unlike many others I haven't reached a conclusion as to what happened to Ayla.

    9. Dana says, "Chicky I agree leave them both alone let LE handle"

      1 have c0ncern w1th th0se 1n the ad0de and want t0 hear and f1nd what went 0n. Th0se c0ncerns t0 be addressed t0 th0se 1 d0 aga1n and aga1n even th0 they d0 n0t get answered. 1 d0 n0t address Tr1sta n0r any0ne e1se wh0 was n0t 1n the ab0de

    10. I read your comments very slowly Chicky.But I really don't think people that live in the home are going to say anymore than they have already said at this point.Do they know more? Probably did they cause the harm I don't know. In the beginning I thought possibly Trista had came an taken Ayla, Then I thought maybe someone in the home had taken Ayla so Trista couldn't have her. Now I don't know but some people are in the know of what Trista was shown I am not. Then I thought there could have been an accident I don't know for sure.Maybe with the release on the 24th I can make up my mind. If someone could just verify Alex and his mother was there to view this evidence then you can increase the percentage that what is told is as close to accurate as you can get at this point. I don't mean any disrespect but alot of people are saying believe everything the maternal side is saying and going to say, and don't believe anything the paternal will say. That is hard to do.

    11. 1 say that 1f what Tr1sta has t0 re1ease 1s way 0ff base that 1e's w0rds are t0 be heard say1ng 0therw1se.

    12. So you think if LE's words get twisted in anyway as not to be what he said he will deny publicly he said them?

    13. You are doing a disservice to Ayla by choosing to be blind to any scenario unless it involves Justin or someone in the house harming Ayla. You come here all the time calling us all Trista haters, and it's quite ridiculous. Just because we're discussing all scenarios and keeping our minds open to many different possibilities, it does NOT make us Trista haters. On the contrary, it makes us Ayla supporters; whereas, you're all about Trista. How about you make it about Ayla for once? Just stop the ignorance.

    14. ^that was in reply to anonymous 9:51

    15. Dana, 1 say , "way 0ff base" as 1n crewc1a1 ev1dense.

  9. Anon 1:36 there are rules that limit what an attorney can bring up in court. Attorneys weigh the pros and cons- sometimes it's what they have their clients testify to that opens the door to impeaching evidence. It's hard to say none of this had anything to do with their cases- if a cop is biased against black people, for example, and the defendant is black, it is relevant whether that prejudice affected the investigation. Witness motive is also relevant to whether their testimony is truthful.