Thursday, September 5, 2013

In Times Like These

I have been thinking, and I know my wife has told me that is dangerous at times. People have come along side the maternal family, and paternal family. They have come to lend their support in this tragic time. There is a small child missing LE has said they don't believe she will be found alive.

So these people that knew nothing of Trista Reynolds, Ayla Reynolds, lil Ray, or even Justin
Di Pietro. They have come and wept, and poured their heart out trying to find answers as to who, why, and how this could have happened.

Some have even shared their own family member losses with everyone here. I think they wanted Trista and Justin to know something of themselves in all of this, to bond with them as a family so to speak.

This post isn't about who the guilty party in little Aylas disappearance is. It is about how people can come together in a time of tragedy, and try to show compassion to all involved. I know at times we get frustrated at what each other has to say, but what family doesn't have disagreements about things.

I am sure that both maternal, and paternal appreciate the support we have all tried to be. I am also sure as in any family we have fallen short of our mark as we are human. The thoughts and prayers have been there and were all from the heart.

This little precious child Ayla has touched so many hearts and lives. She deserves Justice no matter who caused her to go missing, or what the reason was.

I want to thank all who have been a part in keeping Aylas name spoken daily. To all that have come to be supportive of the hurting families.

I know more information that LE has shared with Trista and family will be coming on Sept. 24th, and I know that no matter anyone's personal feeling on this, we will all come together as a family, and be supportive.

Again thank you all for being here for Ayla.


  1. Web Tips

    This program allows community members to submit crime tips to the Portland Police Department via the internet completely anonymously.

    How to Submit a Web Tip:

    Go to the Portland Police Department website and click "Submit an Anonymous Tip to Portland MAINE Police Department"; Fill out the online form providing as much information as possible. Attach any photos that may be helpful. You will receive an immediate response with a code number and password. You can log back on at any time to see the status of your tip, provide additional information or answer follow-up questions.

    How it works:

    Tips are encrypted by our software provider and forwarded to investigators for follow-up.
    *The Police Department has no way of identifying who you are.*

  2. A very nice post Dana.
    Your empathy and compassion for others is so often reflected in your post and comments.

    I know there are some who don't understand why or how I can have just as much empathy for the paternal family as I do the maternal.
    Because I don't know what happened to Ayla. Until I do, ALL of Ayla's family members have my empathy.

    I know that the paternal family hasn't spoken to the media very much. I don't know why. I understand why many question that, and see it as very negative. I however, would like to hear their reasons before I make any judgment about it.
    I know MSP has made negative comments about the 3 people in the DiPietro home the night Ayla went missing. I just can't help but see that those statements are always so indecisive. ..We think, we believe, we doubt, may have, unlikely, and no evidence of. No comment on things the maternal family has released. No comment on things said by S. Bourget.
    There just isn't anything solid enough for me to make a determination.

    If it is learned that Ayla lost her life in the DiPietro home I will most likely still have some sort of empathy for the paternal family.

    In the end this is about Ayla, that's why I'm here. No matter what happened to her I want Justice for her. I want her found and brought home.

    1. I know when I get frustrated at all the accusations day after day sometimes I lash out. I am always sorry for that afterwards and try to apologize, but sometimes the hurt can't be repaired that is what I fear most. Those times are when I wish I could bridle my tongue most. Even if it is decided one side caused Ayla to go missing the remainder of that family will be hurting so both sides still need our empathy.

    2. I post this from time to time...
      "What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned as a prosecutor?"
      JoDee Lee Neil, Assistant Criminal ­District Attorney in Collin County:
      "The hardest thing I’ve learned is that the unthinkable really happens. Three years ago I would have told you that I’ve learned the most from my losses in trial, whether it be from an overruled objection, a not guilty verdict, or a piece of evidence that was not admitted. Since then, however, I’ve learned more about human nature than I ever expected to learn. Although prosecuting crimes against children proved to be a rewarding experience, it was also an eye-opening expression of the actual world where we live. I learned that not all fathers treasure their daughters, that not all mothers protect, and that to some people, a baby isn’t a precious gift. I’ve learned that cycles are difficult to break, that some people don’t care at all that they hurt other people, and that a lot of people are in so much pain.

      I’ve learned that good can prevail in spite of the filthy crimes others commit and that a small voice is sometimes the loudest. Most importantly, I’ve learned that one person can make a difference in the life of someone else. It is not easy, but it is worth it."

      Please remember that: "a small voice is sometimes the loudest" and "one person can make a difference"

    3. Thanks you Jazzie. There is a lesson for us all in this.

  3. OT for M.M.

    Breaking news in Elaina's case.

    1. Thanks anon 1. I've been following this also and appreciate the link.

    2. Extremely heartbreaking.

    3. Thank you for the information, Anonymous 1. Rest in peace, little Elaina. Everything about Elaina's case is so sad. All those water searches, and she was apparently in a box all of this time. There's a good possibility the boyfriend finally spoke. But, it took being incarcerated for movement in Elaina's case.

  4. See Elaina's father has spoken loud for her. It may not be the reason she may have been found but he has not given up. I think the people in the police department involved in the case missed a good chance to arrest anyone that was in that house that night and everyone knows that. Now with nearly 20 months gone by, nothing has happened and I think the police were depending on Trista to be loud at first and not wait for the info on the sides to be released 9 months later even though they are saying she could not release it at the time of the meeting with her. They waited 10 months to tell Justin and 2 months to tell Trista after him. Time wa ticking when they already said she was dead so it seems the police had to regroup and try to do anything in their power to get someone to speak. They missed the beast chance and now people may not believe that those slides prove any guilt or an arrest would have been made. Guilt will not be from the slides alone and there will have to be more to prove that. They have to hold on to most of their finding and we do not need to know all but without someone not speaking out for Ayla and not telling where she is speaks volumes that an arrest is not near in the future. Someone needs to talk and time has been on their side. Too much time has passed and lets pray time does not keep ticking until nothing happens and Ayla does not get found. Nobody is perfect and they have had to made mistakes. That one mistake will lead us to her so everyone keep their eyes and ears open, it will be our only hope of getting justice for Ayla.


    1. I meant to say anyone in Ayla's case that were in the house that night that the police missed a good chance to arrest them if any arrests were to be made.


  5. The Elaina Steinfurth case is sad, but if she was found the dad can start the healing process. It will still be a long hard road prayers for the family.