On December 15, 2011 Trista Reynolds filed for "Parental Rights and Responsibilities" (http://aylareynolds.com/anon/pprr.pdf) on her daughter Ayla Bell Reynolds, who disappeared the very next night. The reason she gives on her website is "due to her growing concerns of infrequent visitations, lack of communication from Justin, missing doctor visits and Ayla's injuries while under Justin's care..."
Yet in the media she tells a whole different story.  Why is the status of Ayla's custody important? Watch this. (http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/missing-maine-toddler-aylas-reynolds-mother-speaks-15187306)
On Nancy Grace, Trista said this:
GRACE: I think I understand what you`re saying. With me is the mom and the grandfather. Trista Reynolds, did the dad have any idea that you went to court, on your own, no lawyer, nobody helping you, to seek full custody of the baby?
TRISTA REYNOLDS, AYLA REYNOLDS` MOTHER (via telephone): No. I did not tell Justin that I was going to the court to file. Now, me and him had had the discussion within that week that he told me himself that he was going to file the custody papers against me. So I decided to go and file against him.
GRACE: All right. So he did not know, then? In your mind, he did not know that you had filed the papers?
TRISTA REYNOLDS: No, I wanted him not to know that I was filing –
On the Today Show she said this:
On Thursday, yeah, I went to a Portland courthouse and I filed for parental rights and responsibilities.
I don't think that he was not a non-caring parent, I just, I just think that the way he was going about doing things was just wrong, by lots of ways, and I mean, just, you know what? After a while of not hearing from her or being able to see her a mother is gonna get suspicious and I started getting very suspicious of what was going on.

We've been unable to actually get along the last few weeks and parent together.
He didn't know I went to file them. He'll know now, but I never told him and no one told him.
These are all very different reasons for filing the rights and responsibilities. It is possible that all the reasons were true. Statement analysis however tells a different story. I have analyzed many of these statements before, but it bears repeating. It also bears re-asking the question "If deception is indicated, what reason does Trista Reynolds have to be deceptive about this issue?"
First let's go over the reasons she gives on her website.
1) Infrequent visitations. Trista entered rehab on October 14, 2011 and was released on October 24, 2011. She does not tell us how often she saw Ayla during this time. We do know that she saw Ayla on November 14, 2011, and two weeks after that on November 21, 2011. Ayla was reported missing December 17th, 2011. We do not know if any visitation was set in her "agreement" with Justin.
2) Lack of communication with Justin. We know that Trista spoke with Justin on November 12, the day he took Ayla to the emergency room for her broken arm. We know she saw him on the 14th and the 21st, so I suspect there was communication before the actual appointments. We know she spoke with him on December 8, 2011, the last day she spoke with Ayla. We know according to her Nancy Grace appearance that at some point she spoke with Justin about his filing custody of Ayla. It seems Trista spoke with Justin more than she saw Ayla during her stay.
This is inline with Trista's description of their relationship before she went to rehab. She said she had an affair with Justin for at least five months before he ever had his first visitation with Ayla.
3) Missing doctors appointments. At this point, how many visits could she have missed? We have ascertained here (link to our post) that Ayla was not due any immunizations. WIC appointments are every three months, so at most he could have only missed one. The December 16 appointment he technically hadn't missed yet. I count only one possible appointment he could have missed, and that's the follow-up visit for the flu vaccination. This does not make Justin a bad parent, nor is it extreme enough in my opinion for Trista to be worried about.
4) Ayla's injuries. Sometimes I feel like I am beating a dead horse but Trista was at both orthopedic doctors appointments with Ayla and Justin. If she had concerns, why didn't she voice them with the doctors at that time? Why would she believe Justin then and not now? If what he reported here(http://bangordailynews.com/2012/01/07/news/mid-maine/father-explains-ayla-reynolds-broken-arm/)  and what he told doctors was the same (and Trista would know), his story hasn't changed.
If we look at the above with a Statement Analysis view, we remember order is important. Trista first notes infrequent visitations but she doesn't say with who. She next lists communication with Justin. I'm inclined to believe the visits she wanted were with Justin as well. Third she lists the non-existent and future missed doctors visits but again doesn't say who missed them, and finally she lists Ayla's injuries.
If we apply Statement Analysis to Trista's words on Nancy Grace we see many troubling indicators. First we see Trista reflecting Nancy Grace's words back to her "went to court to file". Trista did not "go to court" she went to the courthouse and filed the papers at the clerks' office.Then we see Trista use the words "Now" and "so" in an attempt to explain. Deception indicated. Is she lying about Justin telling her he was going to file for custody of Ayla, or about Justin not knowing she filed "the" custody paper. Obviously he knew about "the" custody paper before Trista filed it, or it wouldn't be "the" custody paper. It would be "paperwork" or "papers". The pronouns always tell. Did she file to try and beat him to it and therefore look better to the judge? I think this would be a very reasonable and acceptable reason for Trista to file given the circumstances. Strange how that idea never came to her.
Her words on the Today Show are even worse! I'm not sure I can even follow this: "I don't think he was not a non-caring parent." If the shortest sentence is the most honest, she could have said "I think he was a caring parent." She is actually saying she thought he was a non-caring parent! Trista is again parroting words back to the reporter, an indication of deception.
Finally on Good Morning America, as I covered before, we see Trista use the word "never" and "but" as well as state in the negative, two deception indicators.
Why does Trista have a need to deceive about why she filed for Parental Rights and Responsibilities on December 15, 2011 and whether or not Justin had knowledge about it? What reason did Justin Di Pietro give Trista when he told her "himself" that he was filing them as well? These are just a few of the unanswered questions that might hold the key to what really happened to Ayla Bell Reynolds. It's a shame that neither Trista nor Justin will answer them.