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Stephen McCausland May 31,2012

Thursday May 31, 2012

(CNN) -- Maine authorities gave their most dire judgment yet Thursday as to what they believe happened to missing toddler Ayla Reynolds, with a police spokesman saying "there's nothing we have found that leads us to believe she's alive."

Having read the statement Maine authorities have given up all hope of finding Ayla Reynolds alive. My question is if in 166 days you believe Ayla is deceased. Then why don't you at least have a person of interest?
Do you think LE told the three adults how or why they think Ayla is deceased? Do you think LE found something in the house that makes them think Ayla died there?

"Based on everything we know -- the thousands of hours of investigation, the 1,127 leads that have come in, the searches, the dives and the evidence gathered -- we think it's highly unlikely that Ayla Reynolds will be found alive," said state police spokesman Stephen McCausland. "Nothing points us in that direction.

Wouldn't you expect that after all the hours of investigation, and the many leads LE has checked out, the dives and evidence gathered.  That LE should be able to tell us more definitely what direction it does point in?  Do you think after all those hours of investigation, LE should know if an accident happened in that house? Wouldn't you think LE would know if there was a conspiracy to commit a crime  in that house?

Ayla was 20 months old when her father, Justin DiPietro told police he had put her to bed around 8 p.m. on December 16 in a first-floor bedroom of her grandmother's Waterville, Maine, home. The toddler's father, her aunt and the father's girlfriend were in the home at that time. DiPietro called police the next morning, just before 9 a.m., to report Ayla missing.

So they think he did do one thing right when he called and reported Ayla missing. So would you deduct from LE's statement that he thinks one of the three caused Ayla to go missing? Or is he just stating who the adults are that were there that night?

Authorities believe, as they have said previously, that there was "foul play" involved in the girl's disappearance and they opened a criminal probe, McCausland told reporters Thursday. But her body has not been found and no one has been named a suspect in the case.

foul play = unlawful or dishonest behavior.
Why doesn't LE tell us what kind of foul play he thinks was involved in Ayla's disappearance? If LE can't find a body does that mean he can't have, or even name a person of interest? LE has only mentioned three adults being there that night. Do you think LE suspects one of the three are responsible of the foul play? Or does LE think someone else could have done the foul play, and the three are afraid for their own lives?

"She did not leave that home by herself, and she was not abducted," the state police spokesman said.


So if you say Ayla did not leave that home by herself, and Ayla was not abducted then what are you saying?

Abducted =   Take (someone) away illegally by force or deception; kidnap.
Is LE saying Ayla was taken away legally with no force or deception? Is it legal to remove a deceased person from the property without contacting the proper authorities? Is LE saying they think Ayla may have been alive when taken legally and without deception? To be taken legally was Ayla taken with permission of the parent, or by the parent? If taken without deception does that mean one or more of the three knows where Ayla is?

On Thursday, as he has done previously, McCausland suggested the adults in the house with Ayla the night before she was reported missing -- including her father -- have not been totally forthcoming.

• FORTHCOMING (adjective)
  The adjective FORTHCOMING has 3 senses:
1. at ease in talking to others
2. of the relatively near future
3. available when required or as promised

The police spokesman said there has not been "a lot of communication with the three adults who were inside the home that night." At the same time, he said "it's way premature to start speculating on charging anyone."

So is LE saying they just haven't talked to the three that much? Is it only because of LE or the three haven't wanted to talk to LE? Wouldn't you think LE could ask them to come in to talk,or send a cruiser to bring them in for a talk?

"They were the adults and they were there, and they may have answers," said McCausland. "Justin was the father, (and) we believe he knows more than he has told us."

What could Justin have done that LE would make that statement? If Justin has not told all he knows wouldn't you think that would qualify him as a person of interest to LE? Then why would LE say he has no person of interest, or suspect?


  1. I again would like to ask for some guest submissions it would help tremendously, and maybe you have something you would like to discuss.

    1. If you have an additional opinion and/or theory regarding this case that has not yet been discussed, no matter which side you support, we would love to hear it! Please feel free to submit your ideas to:

    2. Dana, I am working on one myself....It has been difficult with work and home life but I am working on it...


    3. Thank you Oaklanrez I realize how difficult it must be working a job and all, it will be greatly appreciated and I am excited to read it.

  2. At the same time, he said "it's way premature to start speculating on charging anyone."

    So what was all of that Grand Jury stuff about?

  3. Anon 1:07 AM

    An additional question is that the "premature" comment was made May 31 2012. It is now Aug 20, 2013. When will it no longer be "premature"?

    Great post Dana B. and thank you for asking so many great questions in the post. Keep Ayla's name out there Dana, you are doing a fantastic job For Ayla!

    1. It is not that I would want them to do anything premature, but how long and how much evidence does it take to name a person of interest?


    NEWS CENTER) -- The mother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds says that she will release new information on Ayla's case on September 24.

    Trista Reynolds says she will hold a news conference the next day in Lincoln Park in Portland.

    Ayla Reynolds was 20 months old when she was last seen at her father's house in Waterville on December 17, 2011. Trista Reynolds say she hopes the information will force police to arrest Justin DiPietro and bring him to trial.

    1. I post as Nene-please on other sites and forgot to put it on the bottom here.


  5. Sounds to me like Trista is making a serious accusation as to what she now believes took place.

  6. Nice post Dana.

    You ask some really good questions Dana.
    Many of which I've pondered myself.
    The May 31 PC left me with more questions, than were answered.
    What was it's purpose?
    It wasn't to announce to the public that Ayla is deceased, they did NOT do that.

    Based on everything we know--We *think* it is *highly unlikely* Ayla will be found alive.
    Based on everything they know, they THINK, it's highly unlikrly Ayls will be FOUND alive??
    That is not at all definitive. .

    I hope if Trista releases new information it will force MSP to make another statement. I hope it won't include words like;
    "May have"
    "no evidence to support"
    "leads us to believe"
    "Face and smell test"

    If MSP can't say that they have evidence that proves that Ayla is deceased, I can not accept that she is.
    If MSP can't name a person of interest in her death, or disappearance, I can't or won't speculate on who that may be.

    1. I think there are a few of us out there that will not give up hope until LE has made that announcement. We may be forced at some point to let go of that hope. It is very difficult to accept something that is needless, and if Ayla is deceased it is something that did not have to happen.JMO

    2. Actually it is not my opinion it is a fact.


    The site is not available via phone so here's the transcript...

    A Mother Should Know
    Trista Reynolds has selected September 24th 2013 as the day that she will share with the public a description of the horrific physical evidence (contains graphic content that may offend some readers) presented to her by the Maine State Police on January 3rd of this year.

    The public appeal for answers will be published in two parts:

    “The Case for Ayla” will be posted at:
    “The Case for Trista” will be posted at:

    Trista will also hold a press conference in Lincoln Park (the small park adjacent to the court house in Portland) after Justin DiPietro appears before the judge on a domestic violence charge September 25th 2013.

    Our Goal in Releasing this Information

    We are seeking justice, administered in an orderly and legal fashion by the court system. We believe that Justin’s arrest on charges related to Ayla’s disappearance may lead to his disclosing whatever happened to Ayla and where her remains are.
    That is our primary goal, to bring our Ayla home.
    Our secondary goal is holding Justin to account for his actions in a legal proceeding where he will have fair opportunity to present his side of the story before an impartial decision-maker, be it a judge or jury. Honoring Ayla’s memory requires no less.

    Those who wish to press for prosecution after reading about the evidence may contact:

    Attorney General’s Office
    6 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04333
    Phone: 207.626.8800

    Maine State Police’s Public Information OfficerStephen McCausland
    Phone: 207.626.3811

    We will need your help to bring Ayla home.. ..everything else will fall into place

    1. Had to come out of lurking for this.

      What reasons would MSP have for NOT charging Justin if the evidence is so strong?

    2. "What reasons would MSP have for NOT charging Justin if the evidence is so strong?"

      That is what stumps me too, Foil. Why would MSP let Justin walk around free all these months if they KNEW he was the perpetrator?

    3. Could it be because:

      1) They don't think he did it.

      2) They know he hurt or killed Ayla but bungled the evidence somehow so can't proceed.

      3) They are corrupt and something sinister is going on behind the scenes.

      4) They are actively working on the case and don't want to charge Justin until the evidence is bullet-proof.

      5) They like the blog wars and wish to prolong the case as long as possible.

      6) None of the above.


    4. Option #5...LOL!

    5. Of course it is, kitty! Glad we can still laugh, because this case is growing more and more sinister. I feel very uneasy.

    6. This is only my opinion and I've said this before...I think MSP feels they have what they need to go forward. I think it is the AG holding up the process. MSP can arrest Justin (or whoever) 10 times over but if the AG does not move the case forward, what good does it do them to arrest him/them/whoever?

    7. Dee,

      That may or may not be the case.
      How does the AG not wanting to go forward stop MSP from issuing a statement that they have the evidence to prove that Ayla is deceased.
      What stops them from naming a person of interest?

      If they did that, wouldn't it put more pressure on the AG to move forward?

    8. I believe that the reason why no arrest(s) have been made in Ayla's disappearance is simply because they have not YET located Ayla. Yes, it is POSSIBLE to successfully prosecute a missing person case without a body, but it is very difficult. Of course, there will always be exceptions to the norm. Yes, there have been some missing person cases prosecuted without a body. However, it is more likely than not that a murder case cannot be successfully prosecuted without a body. I sincerely hope that in this case law enforcement will seek justice for Ayla whether they locate her or not. MOO.

    9. I think the thing is unless Justin or who ever caused the death confessed to it, without a body how could they convict? Unless there was an eye witness. I am not saying she is deceased, but if she was what other way could they get a conviction?

    10. I don't know, Rose. There was high talk that an arrest was imminent when they recovered Hailey Dunn's remains. Ditto Dylan Redwine.

      Granted, the discovery of Hailey and Dylan's remains have been relatively recent, but still no arrests.

      If they do recover Ayla, will it be enough to determine cause of death? Will it be enough to pinpoint the perp if her death is ruled a homicide?

      I honestly don't know.

    11. A conviction is possible when the evidence reasonably leads to one conclusion, that Ayla is dead and Justin is responsible. How much evidence that requires is an imprecise inquiry- more significant is how much evidence meets the prosecutor's comfort level, assuming there is enough to bring the case but less than the ideal amount the prosecutor might feel confident will secure a conviction.

      Whoever made the comment about the public's role, the public can put pressure on the prosecutor to bring a case rather than wait until a conviction is a sure thing, something that may or may not ever come to pass.

    12. PS: I should add that if Ayla is deceased, I hope her remains will be found. Not only for any clues her remains may yield, but for the sake of BOTH her families, the wounded community of Waterville, and beyond.

    13. "If they do recover Ayla, will it be enough to determine cause of death? Will it be enough to pinpoint the perp if her death is ruled a homicide?"

      I certainly hope so, mckeekitty. Along with the blood evidence and whatever evidence that the MSP has, I sincerely hope that it is enough to eventually bring justice to Ayla.

      Regarding Hailey Dunn and Dylan Redwine's cases--the advantage in prosecuting Ayla's case may be the blood evidence found in the home. It's purely speculation on my part; I do not know. I still haven't given up hope that both Hailey and Dylan will eventually receive justice though. There was a recent development in Dylan's case; law enforcement and the FBI just conducted a major search of Mark Redwine's property. They removed carpeting, wood flooring, a fireplace poker, clothing, and a cell phone. I hope that their search was productive.

  8. P.S. Angela Harry's Facebook page looks awfully spamming with the non-stop ads for shopping to help find Ayla. kitty recalls my thoughts on this.

  9. I meant to write "spammy" not "spamming" but if I had "liked" her page I would consider her posts spam in my newsfeed.


    Missing Waterville toddler Ayla Reynolds' mother to describe ‘horrific’ evidence in daughter’s case
    State police say they aren’t involved with Trista Reynolds’ planned September release of material she says will incriminate the girl’s father.

    By Jesse Scardina
    Staff Writer

    WATERVILLE — Next month, the mother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds plans to describe “horrific physical evidence” she says the Maine State Police gave her in connection with her daughter’s case, according to her website.

    Trista Reynolds wrote that she will release the evidence through two websites on Sept. 24 and hold a press conference in Portland’s Lincoln Park the next day.

    The conference is planned to start just after Justin DiPietro, Ayla’s father, is scheduled to appear at nearby Cumberland County Superior Court on a domestic-violence charge unrelated to his daughter’s case on Sept. 25.

    On her website, Reynolds said the evidence she’ll describe was given to her by state police on Jan. 3. Reynolds wrote that she hopes the evidence she provides to the public will be enough to prosecute DiPietro.

    Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland said the agency has no involvement with the announcement. While he wouldn’t say if Reynolds was given evidence Jan. 3, he said police have been keeping Reynolds “up to date” on the investigation.

    He said state police found out about the expected press conference Tuesday morning. McCausland said the case into Ayla’s disapperance is still open and active, but he wouldn’t provide further details.

    When asked if Reynolds’ planned release could jeopardize the case, McCausland said he had “no reaction.”

    Ayla was 20 months old when she was last seen at her father’s house on Violette Avenue in Waterville on Dec. 11, 2011.

    DiPietro was one of three adults, along with former girlfriend Courtney Roberts and DiPietro’s sister Elisha, who were in the house when Ayla went missing. Police have said they don’t believe the three adults who were present when the toddler went missing have told authorities everything they know.

    State police have since said they believe Ayla is dead and that the toddler’s blood has been found in the basement of DiPietro’s home.

    Calls to DiPietro and family members of Reynolds were not immediately returned Tuesday afternoon.

    This story will be updated.

    1. I'm starting to really wonder even more about MSP..."no reaction." Why no reaction?!

    2. I appears MSP doesn't intend to comment on anything Trista releases.

    3. I wonder if they would comment on it if Justin released a statement? This is a dangerous game being played with peoples lives and possibly a little girl's life. I just can't believe they would share this kind of information with either parent and especially not a non family member if they couldn't make an arrest. Something is not right here.

    4. "Reynolds wrote that she hopes the evidence she provides to the public will be enough to prosecute DiPietro."

      The public is not capable of prosecuting.

    5. "Reynolds wrote that she hopes the evidence she provides to the public will be enough to prosecute DiPietro"

      What? The public doesn't decide when there is enough evidence to prosecute someone.
      The writer must mean *persecute*.

    6. Foil, my internet is slow today.

      Guess we had the same thoughts.

    7. A1, GMTA, and I agree with and like: "The writer must mean *persecute*."

    8. How can her press conferance even be relevant. She is going to put on a show, now the cameras are on her again. What the blood evidence in the cellar or basement if you will.If they had enough (M.S.P), WOULDN'T THEY HAVE ALREADY ARRESTED SOMEONE.Enough out of these socio-paths.

    9. I wouldn't expect the MSP to comment on Trista's decision to publicly reveal the evidence that was presented to her. That doesn't mean that they disagree with her. If law enforcement has any hopes of a future prosecution, the less they publicly reveal, the better. MOO.

    10. ANNON says~~"She is going to put on a show, now the cameras are on her again."
      Trista is not doing this to, "put on a show" She is doing what she feels is best to hopefully bring Justice for Ayla. She is a Mother speaking out for her baby girl Ayla.

    11. "Trista is not doing this to, 'put on a show' She is doing what she feels is best to hopefully bring Justice for Ayla. She is a Mother speaking out for her baby girl Ayla."

      I agree, Chicky. Trista Reynolds has spoken out for her daughter, Ayla Bell, more than Justin, Phoebe, Elisha, and Courtney combined and multiplied.

  11. concerned anonymous says on U4A:August 20, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    MSP isn’t even confirming that Trista viewed evidence.

    MSP just learned about the press conference this morning? What?

    Excellent points, Concerned Anonymous.

    1. Didn't Jeff state he alerted them in advance? Or is the surprise that MSP doesn't read or give any credibility to what's on the blogs?

    2. Makes one wonder.
      I'm not searching for the comment, Jeff said..what about a week ago,... that MSP was aware. That Trista had spoken to Detective Love concerning it.

    3. A1 haha we are aligned once again.

    4. Answers 4 Ayla- July 30th

      "The Maine State Police’s lead detective on Ayla’s case; Sergeant Jeff Love now has foreknowledge of this intent to post from discerning Justice for Ayla and United for Ayla’s previous comments and has spoken with Trista"

    5. Either Trista/Jeff or MSP is lying, then.

    6. Hmmm...that wasn't very nice of Detective Love to keep Trista's "intention" from Steve McCausland, now was it?

    7. Mckeekitty, Jeff's words were: "The Maine State Police’s lead detective on Ayla’s case; Sergeant Jeff Love now has foreknowledge of this intent to post from discerning Justice for Ayla and United for Ayla’s previous comments and has spoken with Trista."

      According to the article in the Kennebec Journal: "He said state police found out about the expected press conference this morning."

      I'm not trying to cause an argument, but where has it been stated by Jeff that Sergeant Jeff Love had been informed of Trista's intent to hold a press conference prior to Steve McCausland's alleged knowledge of it? My understanding from Jeff's post is that Sergeant Jeff Love had been aware of Trista's intent to post information on the two blogs--not about the press conference. Perhaps I missed that bit of information somewhere; I have not read all of the comments here or on the United for Ayla blog. Thank you!

    8. It's all p r e t t y c r a z y!!!


  12. For concerned anonymous,

    Did you know that someone else comments with the same avatar as you?
    Just something that I noticed, and thought was curious.

    1. Dana, it is really only of importance to concerned anonymous.

    2. I was only wondering if there was another blog where I hadn't read. I only check the 2 as I don't do face book. That is why I was wondering.

  13. Trista may not have told detective Love about the PC she intends to give. However, Jeff did state her intend to give a PC after she released the information, in the same comment on July 30th.

    Answers 4 Ayla. July 30th.
    "Trista has veered from the public eye since she saw the state’s evidence of her daughter’s blood throughout the Dipietro’s home,, **but fully intends to hold a press conference soon after this information is made public**."

    1. Can I call you "A1 Sauce", Anonymous1? It is my favorite condiment, and you are one of my favorite commenters. I'll understand if the answer is a no.

      Anyway, great sleuthing. I find it hard to believe that both Love and McCausland were in-the-dark about Trista's intention to go public.

    2. McKee,

      I don't mind if you call me A1 sauce. I like A1 sauce as well.

      I don't know if either Love or McCausland were in the dark about the Press conference that Trista plans on or not.
      If, as Jeff implies, and Tori has also said, that MSP read these blogs, then they were not in the dark about the PC.

      I just wish people would be upfront and honest.

  14. Maybe they do have a person or persons of interest, but they aren't sure which one did what. Why does the public feel that the investigators or the Maine State Police owe you any explanation as to how they proceed to do their job? I'm surprised that they have told the public anything and I think the public should be thankful for what they have said (even thought they have no obligation to do so). I don't try to figure out what the LE told the three adults. I don't care what the three adults in the home that night have to say, because they are only protecting themselves and don't care about Ayla at all.

    I repeat, it's not the public's business what direction their investigation is taking them. This is an active criminal investigation. The LE probably does know if an accident happened in that house, they also probably know if a murder took place in that house. But they have no obligation to satisfy the public's "desire to know all", it's their job to successfully investigate and prosecute a case against the criminals. I'm sure they also know if there was a conspiracy. Again, and I repeat, they have no obligation to say anything.

    He had no choice but to call and report Ayla missing. Trista had been calling and trying to talk to Ayla since December 8th, with Justin stalling her at every attempt. He knew it probably wouldn't be long before she came to Waterville to see her for herself, or sent the police to check on her. You can't hide a crime forever. And when you can't hide a crime, you make up a lie that tries to protect your butt.

    1. Rinse and Repeat! The authorities investigating this case have no obligation to tell you or the public anything. Since you asked what I think, I'll tell you. I think the authorities know that one or more of the adults in that house harmed Ayla and hid her. I also believe they do not know which one did what and there lies the problem. As long as the only ones who know, don't tell on each other, they think they are safe. They think they got away with it. The only thing those three are afraid of is rotting in jail, hence their lies. As for what the LE really believes, who knows. They aren't saying and they don't have to say.

      It's pretty clear what the authorities are saying. Ayla was not abducted. There is no way any adult could have silently gone into that small house, found Ayla in a room she didn't usually occupy and get out unnoticed by three adults and two other children (and a dog, I hear) as well. Ayla is most likely deceased and if she was removed from that house, it was after she died. At least one of the three know exactly where Ayla is, in my opinion. Ayla most certainly is not living a wonderful life, taken by people who thought they could give her a better life (like most the TLLOM members believe). .

      What is this? Statement analysis? Cut to the chase, the three adults are lying. They have not openly told the truth. I'm sure their statements have shown deception. The truth is out there hidden with Ayla and the three adults are withholding the truth in an effort to protect themselves.

      Not a lot of communication with the three because they most likely don't say much when asked. They probably subscribe to the theory "the less they say, the more likely the truth will not be found".

      Perhaps Justin is a person of interest and the authorities are just not ready to name him as one? What makes you think any of the three adults in the home that night are NOT persons of interest?

      Investigators can say and do anything they want, or not say anything in the process of their investigation. Most of the public's questioning of the investigators is humorous. They are in an active investigation, they owe the public nothing.

      Better to ask, why isn't Justin talking publicly about Ayla? Why doesn't Elisha, Phoebe and Courtney talk publicly and openly about Ayla (if, as they say) they have nothing to hide? Seems to be, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    2. Wow! All I have to say about your two posts is you are NOT barking up the wrong tree.

      I think it's amusing that Jeff and Trista and the MSP MUST provide all the answers that most posters on here demand. By golly, if the usual suspects, Jeff, Trista, and the MSP do not, they are members of a conspiracy, or inveterate liars, socially unacceptables or bunglers. Or maybe they're hiding some dark deep where Ayla is! Or maybe their hiding the secret that Trista accidentally killed Ayla as she was kidnapping her. Or some more inane and impossible ideas to DISTRACT from the Waterville three, or four or more. Those guys... the ones who know bloody hell what happened to that precious baby!

      Ever see much of these same posters asking questions of Justin, Elisha, Phoebe,and Courtney? Why not?

      Ever hear many posters on this site demanding that the three silent monkeys in the house answer LE's questions? Why not?

      Ever hear any questions for Justin, Elisha, and the big C... on this site? Damm few and usually from the "opposing team".

      What a farce! People here like to act dumb; they know how LE works. Most of these people on here are crime-case aware. They know that to name anybody as a POI or a suspect is just not done in most cases because as soon as someone is named, the big-shot high-priced defense lawyers from the big cities take over as in the Baby Lisa case.

      I am tired of the "dumb act" some on this site are playing to the peanut gallery. Ridiculous! Thanks for calling them out!

    3. Good morning Anonymous/Penny.

      "I think it's amusing that Jeff and Trista and the MSP MUST provide all the answers that most posters on here demand."

      Yet Jeff and Trista expect us to prosecute Justin...without giving us the "evidence" without any confirmation from MSP.

      Stop playing dumb, Penny. You're a smart lady.

    4. Wants Justice said: "Investigators can say and do anything they want, or not say anything in the process of their investigation. Most of the public's questioning of the investigators is humorous. They are in an active investigation, they owe the public nothing."

      yet Trista and Jeff feel that they do and are forcing their hand. What are your thoughts about that?

    5. My thoughts? the MSP are using Trista to do their dirty work for them. They know a defense lawyer would scream "Trying the case in public!" if the MSP announced their findings.

      The MSp is using Trista to get a rise out of Justin in hopes that he goes ballistic and off the deep end with a statement.

      I hope Trista does accuse Justin of something...withholding info, or more. Maybe even accusing him of knowing where Ayla is.

      Then let him initate a lawsuit against Trista and then we'd see some action in this case. Not very likely, however. He's smarter than that...or his lawyer is.

      The AG in Maine is not going to indict someone in this case without a body, no matter how much of Ayla's blood they found. I undestand that the AG is a newbie and probably is sitting on her hands as much as she can hoping a body turns up, or everyone just forgets about Ayla. What is one more kid, more or less? A career is important.(I do not think the MSP feels this way.)

      As long as the Waterville four remain silent, I think they are safe. LE can't prove which one in that house neglected Ayla so she came to harm, or harmed her directly. But if Trista comes out with both guns blazing, Justin may rise to the bait. That will be a whole other story. And one, I think, LE is hoping for.

    6. Foil, "yet Trista and Jeff feel that they do and are forcing their hand. What are your thoughts about that?"

      The authorities have not told the families anything they wouldn't want to get out to the public. The authorities (regardless of the opinions here) are NOT that stupid.

      Jeff and Trista can say anything they want publicly, if the authorities told them, it's not a secret. Anything truly secret, the authorities have not told anyone.

      So, Jeff and Trista, GO FOR IT. If it gets the criminals in this case to finally tell the truth good for you.

    7. Anonymous 4:34 PM, Justin is not that smart. He only thinks he's smart.

    8. If LE has not told the families anything they wouldn't want to get out, why did they ask Trista not to reveal the evidence as it "could jeopardize their case against the perpetrators" (Jeff's words not mine)?

  15. For Trista. May she have the strength to say the right words:

    Do It Right

    Have a strong voice,
    Make the right choice,
    And you will go far,
    You must be true,
    See it right through,
    And prove who you are.

    Know what to say,
    In the right way,
    Use a little tact,
    Have no disguise,
    And tell no lies,
    Always deal with fact.

    Never deceive,
    Always believe,
    That you’ll do it right,
    You know you’re strong,
    You can’t go wrong,
    You must keep up the fight!

    {©2009 Jan Brooks}


    1. Great post, Nene_please.

    2. You lost Trista at the tell no lies part.

    3. Anonymous 12:03 AM, I think you are confusing Trista with Justin.

      Justins lies will catch up with him all too soon. I just wonder how many will go down with him.

    4. Do I really need to repeat the litany again? Trista lied repeatedly, in the media. To the media. To you.

  16. Awesome post Nene.