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What is the definition for the word truth? a (1) : the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality.

What is the definition for the word believe?  a : to consider to be true or honest <believe the reports> <you wouldn't believe how long it took>
b : to accept the word or evidence of <I believe you> <couldn't believe my ears>
: to hold as an opinion : suppose <I believe it will rain soon>

Lets look at one statement Stephen McCausland made and apply the meaning of these two words to what he said.

“We think it is highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive,” Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Stephen McCausland said at a Thursday afternoon press conference. “Nothing points in that direction.”

He is making this statement on evidence they believe to be true but does not state it as a fact, By using the word unlikely and not saying she will not, he is leaving room for error in the conclusion they have reached.

What do they believe the percentage to be that they are correct they don't say . By the use of the word highly I would think you could safely say 90% possibly even higher. This is still their opinion and not a proven fact yet. “Nothing points in that direction.” As far as they are concerned, and by the evidence they have collected.

Some people feel, and it is their right that this is enough reason to hurl accusations at who they think is responsible. Some of the things they say in discussion of scenarios to them become fact. If you don't think so drop down a few comments and read how things are worded. This is fine, it is a part of being human, but remember to be human you can make mistakes.

I am not concerned with who is guilty LE will prove that. I am concerned with the prosecution of the guilty party, or parties. In all that Stephen McCausland has said He has not accused anyone of murder, manslaughter intentional, or unintentional.

There has been enough accusations made by the arm chair detectives by reading what LE has not said. Like I have stated this is my opinion love me or hate me. I don't really think anyone is a bad person just because of what they think. Your assessment of my interpretation and application of these two words may differ, feel free to express and expound upon them.


  1. Ok so ignore the dead part for now.

    McCausland also said: there was no kidnapping, Ayla met with foul play in that home, those inside the home aren't telling all they know.

    Unless you believe a mystery person came in and committed foul play against Ayla in that house and left, leaving Ayla behind, there's no way to get to the conclusion at least one of those in the home isn't responsible for the foul play.

    And then-- poof! Ayla's gone. So what happened to her if there was no kidnapping? Again one of the three in the home is responsible for it whatever it was.

    And all three remain silent, protecting themselves and each other, while the state and federal governments spend gargantuan sums of your money and mine and the rest of the public's trying to figure out what happened.

    It's not a game, and I'm confident Ayla didn't see it as a game either, despite what Justin has said.

    1. No I am not saying to ignore anything.Thank you for your contribution,and I really would like to hear more.Not of the poof Ayla is gone or about a mystery person. About what you really think happened, not about who you think it was.

    2. Great post Dana!

      Anon 9:13pm, I think you missed the point of Dana's post by changing McCausland's words.

      Please go back and read "exactly" what he said.


    3. Thanks GRP good to see you.

  2. I am just respectively replying to this comment. Just a sampling of statement/news sources that have lead me to believe Ayla is no longer alive:

    18 Dec:
    Danielle Waugh, reporter for @WLBZ2 + @WCSH6:
    Police searching family's home on Violette Ave w K9 unit -- specifically the garage

    Dec 22, 2011:
    "Assistant Attorney General Bill Stokes and the Maine State Police mobile unit were at Ayla's home in Waterville, while cadaver dogs were searching an area in the woods near the Waterville airport... Stokes is one of the state's top homicide prosecutors, according to the Associated Press."

    December 31, 2011:
    Ayla now a criminal case - Maine State Police taking over probe into disappearance
    "McCausland said the unit is tasked with investigating homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations... "This case would fall into that latter category," he said."

    Major Crime Units:
    The State Police criminal investigation division (M.C.U.) is responsible for major investigations including homicides, suspicious deaths and child abuse cases. MCU investigates all homicides in Maine, except in Portland and Bangor. The Maine Attorney Generals Office prosecutes all homicides in the state and detectives work closely with those prosecutors.

    Jan 11 1st River Dive:
    "The girl's father, Justin DiPietro, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he was grateful to law enforcement officials and said he had "complete confidence in them... They are doing everything they can to get my daughter home," he said."

    When asked "Why water search now?" Maine Warden Service Lt. Kevin Adams:
    "If for some reason she ends up being in the water, we're going to get there anyways."

    LE started looking for AYLA in water on January 11, 2012.

    Joe Louglin's take on Ayla Reynolds case:

    Jan 29, 2012:
    “There were three adults in the home, and their version of events is not backed up by any forensic evidence that we have located,” McCausland said Saturday afternoon... “We find the discovery of the blood troubling, and it’s also frustrating that we think the three adults in the home that night haven’t told us everything they know,” he said.
    McCausland added that police don’t yet know whose blood it is, but it is being analyzed in the state police crime laboratory in Augusta. He said he wouldn’t discuss how much blood had been found or how it was discovered."

    February 4, 2012
    Divers find no new clues in search for Ayla Reynolds

    May 11, 2012
    Divers return to Kennebec River in search for Ayla Reynolds

    July 17, 2012
    “Nothing substantial was located,” McCausland said. “This is not the end. We will continue to look, we will continue to search, we will continue to dive.”
    When asked what he meant by “substantial,” McCausland skirted the question. “I don’t want to get into specifics,” he said."

    1. All of these statements and activities don't lead me to conclude that Ayla is not alive.

      K9 units and cadaver dogs. K9 dogs are usually for tracking. Ayla could have at any point while at the DiPietro's been in the garage. Or was the K9 dog sniffing for blood? We don't know if any was found in the garage, or who's it may have been.
      Was there a hit by the cadaver dogs? I don't think so. I think we would have heard. Most especially by the dogs in the woods by the airport. Still we don't know of any evidence found by these dogs.
      I am glad that these dogs were utilized.

      Water searches. If there is a body of water near where there is a missing child, they are going to search it. That's routine.
      We know Ayla wasn't found in these water searches.
      Other evidence, we don't know.

      MSP has found no forensic evidence to support an abduction. That does not mean once could not have happened.

      The MCU handles major investigations. A missing 20 month old is major. Abduction is considered foul play. They have also conducted searches for Ayla in 40 states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, ...and not for a body.

      Yes Ayla's blood was found, and that is troubling. I would think finding any amount of blood of a missing toddler would be troubling.
      We don't know an amount.

      This is not enough at all to convince me Ayla is dead.

      A.A.G's visit the home on Dec 22 2011. Yet there has been no arrest, or persons of interest named. No one ruled in or out as suspects.

    2. Then please state all statements/sources that have lead you to believe that AYLA is alive.

    3. 1. My heart

    4. "They have also conducted searches for Ayla in 40 states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, ...and not for a body."

      Please verify with Media/LE sources.

    5. Detective Sgt. Love said that over the past year, police have followed up on 1,300 leads.

      “Those leads have spanned to 40 different states,” said Love. “From Maine to Florida, Texas, California, Alaska, Hawaii and even into Canada.”

    6. Jazzie on the 22nd of DEC 2011
      WATERVILLE — Despite police's use of cadaver dogs Thursday, authorities implied they still had hope of finding 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds alive. When Massey was asked if he thought Ayla was still alive he said he did not want to speculate. I guess at that time they still thought there was a good possibility she was just lost

  3. I believe the police are correct in what they have said. That foul play befell Ayla, that it happened inside 29 Violette, that the people who were there know more than they're saying.

    I do believe Ayla died from her injuries. Whether anyone chooses to believe what the maternal family said or not (a cupful), police have confirmed for the media the amount was substantial.

    If Ayla had been taken for treatment and her life saved, no one would have a reason to pretend she was kidnapped. If someone had a plot to give Ayla away or sell her, as some have suggested, it seems highly coincidental it would happen at the same time as this foul play. And if there were a murder plot, as others have suggested, for the insurance money (which would implicate Justin as the beneficiary), why do it in his own house?

  4. I do not know the truth. I have stated what I believe based on what has been released by LE and the news media. I could be wrong that AYLA REYNOLDS is no longer alive. I hope I am. But my gut instinct tells me otherwise.

    1. "But my gut instinct tells me otherwise"

      I can't say mine is "gut instinct", but I have a VERY real sense that Ayla is alive.

    2. Anon 1, then what do you see as having happened?

    3. I don't have an answer.
      However having this sense that Ayla is alive makes me believe she could have been abducted.

      *IF* she was, not necessarily by a stranger. Someone who knows the family. Someone who watched the family, or Ayla. Someone who knew details about the family and the home.

    4. From what Justin said, he knows hwo took her and the truth will come out eventually.
      And Justin will be in for a pack of trojuble for this hoax.

  5. Jazzie I hope your wrong also and I think you have really stayed on top of everything they have released. The thing I respect and even from the comments other than yours here the accusations and belittling are not there. The statement McCausland made about the adults there that night not telling all they know. He doesn't say a confession. So I wonder does he think they may be protecting someone else, or are in fear of someone else? I guess when he is ready he will clear that point up.

    1. anon 9:39
      If Ayla had been taken for treatment and her life saved, no one would have a reason to pretend she was kidnapped. If someone had a plot to give Ayla away or sell her, as some have suggested, it seems highly coincidental it would happen at the same time as this foul play. And if there were a murder plot, as others have suggested, for the insurance money (which would implicate Justin as the beneficiary), why do it in his own house?

      Why didn't someone take Ayla for medical attention? Even if she died in the house they could have said it was an accident. Wouldn't they have been better off than what they are now?I don't think it was for any life ins policy either. I also don't think she was sold. There are a lot of question to be answered before they start to prosecute.

    2. Dana, This is a guess but I am thinking they could not pretend it was an accident because they feared the evidence would have given away that it was not in some way or another. That could mean anything from gross negligence to recklessness to deliberate harm.

    3. Anonymous 10:57

      Wouldn't that mean that all 3 were involved, and stood by and watched while Ayla died?
      I just can't fathom that.

    4. There could have been other people there possibly. I don't know if LE thinks that or not. It depends what McCausland meant when he referred to the 3 and others that may have been associated with the home.

    5. It depends on what happened and the timing. They may have been there all along, walked in on what happened, walked in on the aftermath... If one hurt her, convinced the others the damage wasn't intentional but reporting was going to cause a boatload of trouble/jail time, if there was nothing more they believed could be done for Ayla, then yes I could see others protecting the one, given their relationships. Do I think they all stood by and watched a helpless baby die? Probably not.

      Another possible scenario is they were all in something illegal together that led to Ayla's death (such as some have mentioned drugs.) If all stood the risk of going to jail, that may have kept them silent.

      If all felt some level of culpability (maybe because of actual culpability, maybe because the one causing the harm was manipulative), that may also have kept them silent.

    6. But what would ever make them think they stood a chance of getting away with it?

    7. Arrogance? Ignorance?

      Maybe it's a game to one or more of them. Remember Justin saying Ayla thinks it's a game? Maybe there was a hidden truth in that sentence. Maybe he or all of them think it's a game and they're smarter than the cops. Maybe they think as long as three are silent, the cops won't know which one to blame, or if they all start pointing fingers at each other, same thing.

      What I think is most likely is most of the evidence was in the basement and they did not think the police would go down there. I think they were way in over their heads, had no idea of the vast machinery that would start to hum once they reported a baby missing.

    8. But something is seriously wrong because there has not been an arrest made or even an indication LE is any closer to solving this thing.

    9. Anon 10:57,

      Something dreadful happens to Ayla...She dies...They all 3 know this.
      All three decide it's best to cover for the person who caused the harm.... Or for themselves because of something illegal going on and they were involved in the illegal activity....Or are coving up out of loyalty....Or fear of jail.
      This is what you believe, correct?

      Again this is all hard for me to fathom. Of course it could happen.
      I find it hard to believe that all 3 of these young people went through intense interrogations with LE. I'm sure several times. Maybe with all 3 LE agency's involved in the case. They never broke down. None of them obviously implicated the other.
      Two of these three are young mothers. Who have never been in trouble. Who I'm sure LE leaned on very heavily in these interrogations. Probably threatening that they would loose their children. Yet they never gave in to all this pressure.
      They have been under enormous pressure for almost 2 years, publicly, as well as by LE. Yet they still maintain.
      I just can't fathom being able to do that. I can not believe that any of them think this is a game.

      A lot of pressure is being put on all three of them right now with this said "unequivocal evidence" release. Lets see what happens.

    10. I agree anon 1
      I don't think the two women could have stood up under the pressure LE could apply using their children. Justin maybe but they would of had him sweating profusely. I also think that is why LE hasn't said much else about them other than they are not telling all they know. This could also be why Justin hasn't been speaking out anymore than he has. It is a strange case to say the least time will tell.

    11. Suppose one is culpable and that one person left Ayla alone, asleep. And perhaps drugged to keep her asleep while the person went out for whatever.

      Ayla woke up from her nap, stll drugged, and started to explore the house looking for someone/anyone. In her druggy state, Ayla came to harm with nobody about.

      Perhaps she got into something poisenous and aspirated blood before expiring. Perhaps she tumbled down the basement stairs and was killed, in her still groggy state.

      When the errant caretaker retuned, Ayla is discoverd beyond help. No use to call 911. She can't be saved.

      So what to do? The ME might discover in an autopsy that Ayla was drugged or poisened. Perhaps the medical examiner would discover other things about Ayla's body which would indicate hours of neglect.

      It's not too hard to believe that the near and dear of a perp often lie to the police for a loved one. Why is this so hard to take in? Plenty of cases to study where this has occurred. Look at the Anthonys lying for Casey. Jessica Lunsford's murderous pervert neighbor, John Couey's sister lied to police and hid him when she knew he had killed Jessica..

      It's not too hard to believe rhat the DiPietros thought their abduction story would be believed. Look at the examples all across the nation where missing children's abductions are, perhaps not believed, but can't be prosecuted. No bodies:

      Sky Metawala in Washington
      Kyron Horan in Oregon
      Baby Lisa in Missouri
      Baby Gabriel in Arizona.

      Do many here follow any other crime cases? Some people sound too naive for words.

    12. Sorry I don't follow many. I use to live near where this one happened.

    13. I have followed Kyron Horman's case from day one. His disappearance occurred less than fifteen minutes from my home. Terri Horman is the de facto suspect, but they need to find Kyron. I have been involved in searches for Kyron, and the latest search was today. I am familiar with the other three missing children cases. Another child that comes to mind is Lindsey Baum from Washington state.

    14. Hi Dana, are there a few more comments "hiding out" in the spam folder? LOL!

    15. I found a couple and put them back if there is any you dont find repost and I will keep an eye out.

    16. Thank you, Dana. You are really doing a fantastic job keeping up with this blog. I also appreciate the fact that you are trying to keep it respectful.

    17. Thanks Rose hope I was able to help with the lost comment.

    18. "Do many here follow any other crime cases? Some people sound too naive for words"

      I know of all the cases you listed. I know some about each of them. No I don't follow them as I do Ayla's.
      I may be somewhat naïve. Not enough though to not realize that parents do murder children. That parents do claim abduction, when it is not the case. That parents lie to LE. That people do cover for one another. I'm well aware of the statistics regarding missing children.

  6. Jazzie would you consider writing a post for J4A on what you have researched and your take on it?

  7. anons as well we need some writers that are interested in keeping Aylas name out there for Justice.

  8. I have stated: "Who chooses silence over speaking the truth?" Someone who lives in fear.
    I trust justice will be carried out on its own timetable. Not on ours.

    1. I know it will, we live in a world where things can be done in an instant and people start to want everything that way. It has been a long time since this happened and it could go on even longer yet.

    2. "Who chooses lies over speaking the truth (or being silent)!

      If you look back at Trista's/Jeff's statements, they really don't speak out for Ayla, they only accuse Justin of murdering her.


    3. Get real people,

      If the police showed them evidence she's dead and they believe she's dead, if the evidence suggests to them Justin killed her, then asking for Justin to tell what happened and demanding he be prosecuted is speaking out for Ayla. The is the only justice Ayla can have, the only thing they can do for her, is to try to recover her body and ensure whoever is responsible for her death is held accountable in court.

    4. "Who chooses silence over speaking the truth?" Someone who lives in fear"

      I suspect you are right. I just don't know what that fear is.

    5. The fear of being prosecuted for manslaughter. Or murder.

  9. "Justin, in his case, obviously is her father, ah, she was in his custody, ah, and that, um, we believe he knows more than he told us. Oh and um, and that is where we stand. That, there is, we think, that he or the two others, inside that home, or any others that are associated with that home, may have information but they just haven't told us."

    Steve McCausland, MSP

    This statement stood out to me simply because it was the first time McCausland stated "or any others that are associated with that home"... "may have information"

    1. Surprised to see you here, Jazzie, given your disdain for me. Glad you are here

    2. yep, MAY have.

    3. Jazzie something else that caught my attention was the statement to the public that Justin was free to leave town.

    4. Dana, I looked at that statement as almost an invitation or dare. I don't know what's behind it, but it really struck me when he said it.

    5. I looked at it both ways like we have nothing concrete your not a suspect . The other one is run and we will then know. I guess we will have to wait on that one too.

    6. I want to thank you all for the discussion it so far has been very pleasant and informative.I pray it continues.

  10. Jazzie I C&P all the references you wrote and put them in my documents I want to read them tomorrow maybe it will help me thank you.

  11. McCausland said the unit is tasked with investigating homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations.

    "This case would fall into that latter category," he said.
    On their website the latter category has two listings unsolved homicides, and missing persons

  12. I found it interesting that when they did a search at the river, LT Adams said they were not ruling out any scenario's, when asked if they were assuming after the amount of time missing she was no longer alive.

  13. I will be putting up a new post later tonight. I hope it gets a good discussion going like last nights. The title is:

    Food For Thought-Just Concerned For Ayla - Guest Submission.

  14. The new post is about to go up hope you are ready.

  15. "What is the definition for the word truth?... (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts"
    "What is the definition for the word believe? a : to consider to be true or honest"
    I posted a sampling (not all) of statements/news releases, that has lead me to believe AYLA is no longer alive. The totality of what has been released by LE, I believe is not a game nor folly. I do not know the truth. I believe that there are people who know the truth of what happened to AYLA. I believe there will be justice for AYLA.

    1. Good to see you back Jazzie I saved all the news releases you posted the other night. when you list more I will collect and read those too. I also believe Ayla will receive her justice.
      Have you thought of a post yet?