Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Submission By Anonymous1

Why is it that I can hear & read the same  statements that MSP make as everyone else, and still believe that Ayla could have been abducted?  
Could it be because I have this sense that Ayla is alive?
Where does that sense come from?
I can't answer that, I honestly don't know.   It's something that I can't explain.
I can say that I've always felt that way about Ayla, from the beginning.
Having the sense that Ayla is alive,  causes me to scrutinize MSP's statements very closely.  Probably in a different light than many others do.
MSP has made few statements and has given very little fact.  As far as I'm concerned the only  *fact of evidence*  that they have given us is that some of Ayla's blood was found at the DiPitero home. 
A look at the few from my perspective,
  " We have questioned the three adults in the home that night. We believe they have not told us the full story.
.....They believe?  Not we know they haven't told us the full story".
    " We Think  one or all of the three adults have information they haven't told us.
..... We think?    
    "We Think the three people in the house that night hasn't told us everything they know."
.....Again we think?   Prefacing the statement with "we think"  tells me they are NOT certain the three people aren't telling the truth.
    "The circumstances under their first version that the child was abducted, we dispelled because it just doesn't hold water".
.....Doesn't hold water?   It may have a flaw, that doesn't make it untrue.
   "There were three adults in the home and their version of events is not backed up by any forensic evidence that we have located",.    .
.....That we have located?. me,  negates the first part of the sentence.  They haven't located, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    "We have found not one piece of evidence that supports an abduction.  That someone slipped into the home in the middle of the night, while three adults are there, that someone went into the bedroom where Ayla was sleeping alone, removed her, and vanished into the night, and the three adults did not see or hear anything, doesn't pass the straight face test.
......Okay, they didn't find evidence of an abduction...absence of evidence does not mean it  couldn't have occurred.
A straight face test?   I guess that is a test MSP use.   Doesn't mean much to me.
    "Abduction is longer a part of this investigation. We have grave doubts  that an abduction took place.
.....Doubts?  That doesn't sound positive or certain to me.
MSP has  Doubts that an abduction took place.  They didn't find evidence to support an abduction.
They Think  or Believe, the three people in the home that night didn't tell them everything they know..
From these statements, It doesn't sound to me like MSP is certain, or 100% positive, that Ayla wasn't abducted.
If they are not certain how can anyone else be?  Because there was no evidence found to support an abduction, doesn't mean that one could not have happened.
MSP told us that samples of Ayla's Blood was found in the DiPietro home and McCausland did call the finding of blood troubling.  Anytime you find blood of a missing toddler in her home,  LE is going to find that troubling. 
MSP has never stated the amount of Ayla's blood that was found.
That being the case, there isn't much I can consider about that at this time.
Therefore, it doesn't interfere with my thoughts that Aylas may have been abducted.
At the May 31 PC MSP did state  We Think it is highly unlikely that Ayla Reynolds will be found alive.
......Many people believe this implies that Ayla is deceased. 
I Don't.   They did not say that we have evidence that Ayla is deceased.   They said ..We Think  it is highly unlikely that Ayla will be Found alive.
If Ayla was abducted, statistically  she probably wouldn't be found alive.  Leaving this a fairly safe statement for MSP to make.   I'm not sure what there reasoning was in making this statement.   If they wanted to inform the public Ayla was deceased, they could have said, we have evidence that Ayla is deceased.  Yet they didn't.  It has always bothered me.
At the one year P.C. Detective Love said "over the past year police have followed up on 1,300 leads. Those leads have spanned over 40 different states. from Maine to Florida, Texas, Cali., Alaska, Hawaii, and even Canada.
Why?    Because Ayla could have been abducted.
As late as Nov. 2012 there was 2 new searches in Mayfield Township Maine, and Stoddard N.H.- 160 miles from Waterville Maine. 
Why? Because Ayla could have been abducted.
I maintain that it is possible that Ayla could have been abducted. 
Sources used for , The Boston Globe, Portland Press Herald, KJ online, and The Morning Sentinel.
Submitted by Anonymous 1


  1. Thank you, Anonymous1. It was refreshing to read your perspective.

  2. Yes, thank you. Your feelings are the same as mine. Thank you for taking the time to outline it so clearly.

  3. Looking At The FactsAugust 1, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    Great post Anonymous1

    This was something I have commented on many times and I believe the same as you.

  4. Thanks for the for the great post Anon1.

  5. Anon 1. This is a great post, you have laid out your thoughts perfectly and I respect that. I will not post any comments here that may lead someone to believe I am trying to change your mind. On the contrary, you listened to the radio show I did For Ayla and you know I respect your believe and wish I could find it inside me to believe as you do. Keep Speaking For Ayla with what is in your heart Anon 1, great job!

    1. That is incredibly decent of you, John. Seriously. Respect for each other here will go a long way.

    2. Thank you John

      I wish you'd feel free to make whatever comments you'd like. Discussion is a good thing.

    3. For the purpose of discussion and out of respect for Anon 1's request, here is just one example of MSP being very direct and very blunt about Ayla's case. Again I do not want to change the heart of any individual if they believe in their heart that Ayla is alive and was abducted. Mama also posted a few other examples that leave no doubt to their position on the abduction / kidnapping.

      We do not envy the belief that Ayla is with God, but it is what we believe because of the statements like this that we have posted on U4A and there are more that have not been posted. Anyways, here is what McCausland said on the day before Ayla's 3rd birthday. :(

      “The case continues to be open and active, but there are no new developments,” Steve McCausland, spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety, said Wednesday.

      He added: “Any birthday of a child is a milestone, usually filled with joy and hope. Today is a sad reminder this is not the case in Waterville, and that on Ayla’s third birthday we still do not have the complete story of what happened inside that Violette Avenue home from those who know what occurred. Ayla deserves better.”

    4. Respectfully, John, I have to point out that an abduction could be what occurred and the person who took her would be the person who knows what happened. He does not name Justin or anyone else in this statement. Someone did take Ayla out of that house. Who took her and under what circumstances is what we don't know. If we did, Ayla would be home :(

    5. My first thoughts when I read this comment by McCausland was;

      That is certainly a vague comment. It is one of the more vague statements by McCausland that I had read.

    6. Great post Anonymous1. I have always felt the same. Ditto for your comment at 11:41pm!

      @tomato soup, Well said, and I agree with you.

      @John, If you actually meant what you said on your first comment, you wouldn't have made the second comment!


  6. I understand the desire to have hope. Some of this seems to be grasping at straws. LE has stated definitively there was no kidnapping after making these less definite statements. The fact of searches is no indication whether she's dead or alive. They will search for her body if she's deceased. They will follow up alleged sightings because they have to, to make sure no stone is unturned.

    1. Looking At The FactsAugust 1, 2013 at 11:30 AM

      Just a little food for thought. With kidnap victim Michelle Knight abduction was ruled out in her case due to LE and social workers assessments. They believed she had left because she lost custody of her son. Her mother wasn’t so sure. Over time, she couldn’t believe that her daughter, who was close to her, wouldn’t even so much as call. The Florida resident continued to search for her missing daughter long after police stopped looking, papering the Cleveland neighborhood where her daughter had last been seen with fliers.

    2. CG,

      Hope, yes, I have hope that Ayla is alive. I have hope that every missing child that hasn't been found is alive. Sadly I know no matter how much hope I have, that isn't going to be the case.
      My feelings that Ayla is alive is ...more than hope. As I said I can't explain it.
      That doesn't mean that I don't realize it is a real possibly that I am wrong.

      Grasping at straws? Maybe, maybe not.
      As for the searches, you're right it is no indication that Ayla is anymore dead, than she is alive.
      They are looking at both possibilities. As far away as Hawaii and Canada.

    3. CG, LE has never stated "definitively" there was no kidnapping. Reread what they said (it's stated in this blog).

      (CG) 'They will follow up alleged sightings because they have to, to make sure no stone is unturned."

      OMG, not sure how to respond to that statement, but it is an incredible statement!!!


  7. LATF, yes the police can be wrong. In this case, I think their conclusion Ayla was not abducted and is likely deceased is correct because she is a baby (could not have gone anywhere far on her own or survived without adult assistance), lost a substantial amount of blood in her own home, and her parent who was there is not giving a credible explanation of what happened.

    1. There's that word again..."likely"
      You do not know for a FACT that there was a substantial amount of blood loss from Ayla.
      As for Justin's explanation of what happened not being credible, that's your opinion.
      MSP is not even definitive about that.

    2. Anon 1 We have to hold onto our hope for Ayla's sake. We cannot cause anyone in that house to come forward, and tell us anything other than what they have told LE. When LE offers proof with an arrest of a suspect, or the discovery of remains, then we can talk of that scenario. We need to keep everyone speaking Ayla's name until we know for a fact what happened to her. I respect everyone's opinion and believe they should have the freedom of that opinion. I am sure investigators are looking at both sides of this situation.

    3. I agree with everything you said Dana.

  8. Thanks everyone for your nice comments.

  9. To U4A,
    I have read the articles that you posted. I don't think there are any that I haven't read.

    One (CNN I think) was quoting from the M<ay 31 press conference. I did go back and listen to that yesterday. McCausland did say that "Ayla did not leave the house on her own, and was not abducted from inside that house".

    I had forgotten that he said; "was not abducted from inside that house.
    Isn't that interesting.. from inside that house??

    The quote from kjonline, again uses the term ..doesn't hold water. I think I quoted it above, or something very similar.

    The quote from McCausland at Ayla's birthday

    "We still do not have the complete story of what happened inside that Violette Avenue home from those who know what occurred. Ayla deserves better"

    ...IMO is another non-definitive quote. They still *don't know what happened* inside the Violette home,.. .from *those who know* what occurred.
    No names? Who knows what occurred? It leaves room for Ayla having been abducted...from inside the Violette Av. home.

    Perhaps MSP should be much more definitive in their statements.

    At the PC in May McCausland was ask about Obstruction Of Justice charges pertaining to the 3 in the house that night, 2 different times. Interesting to note that McCausland said that it was way to premature to even speculate on charging anyone.
    That tells me they had no prof that the 3 were not being forthcoming.

  10. Anon 1-

    You hit a slam dunk with my thoughts here. I really wish that others would look at these statements as you do, to see the unsettling amount of doubt MSP holds with them. Thank you, so very much, for speaking your words. It is much appreciated.

    1. Glad you're back Katie!


  11. OT ..To M.M.

    I also follow Elaina's case closely. As someone born, raised, and having spent 2/3 of my life in Toledo, it's of interest to me. I also lived some of that time in East Toledo, though not near their neighborhood. Elaina is a beautiful, little sweetie, and I HOPE she's found safe, but I have serious doubts.
    I don't see these 2 cases as similar at all. Only in that Ayla and Elaina were both reported as abducted.

    As someone who has, countless times, fished the Maumee, and close to the area the dives have taken place. It's my opinion that it would not be unusual at all to find human hair on your fish hook, or line. People swim in this area (stupidly) and boat. It's loaded with junk, even cars. There is so many ways for human hair to have gotten there.
    Like you, I hope that there is resolve, in both of these cases soon.

  12. LE must leave no stone unturned in following tips of an alive Ayla.
    If they didn't have a record of how diiligent they were in looking for her, a defense attorney in court would be using that against LE as "rushing to judgement and not following leads which led to her being alive or to her being abducted by a stranger".

    I cannot see this case ever being prosecuted until a body is found. Even then, we'll probably be arguing about whether the "kidnapper" sent her to the ocean or someone connected to the DiPietro house hid her body in the vast woods of Maine.

    The results of cases like this is that more parents will harm their children with impunity and falsely cry "Abduction!" And the parents and relatives of "abducted" children will become even more clever about cleaning up evidence, hiding the body and lying for one another.

    Unless LE states "No little child could survive the amount of blood lost in the house, without immediate treatment. There is no record of Ayla receiving any such treatment; therefore, Ayla Reynold is dead", then I know this case will go nowhere.

    My suspicion is that the blood evidence may have been found in spots "all over the house", but in what quantity and belonging to whom?

    LE says nothing but vague and ambivalent statements and are defended by their supporters saying "LE has to be careful not to compromise their case". I ask what case?

    LE, put up, speak up or call it a cold case!

    1. Good point Anonymous (August 2, 2013 at 8:28 PM).

      LE has said, they think, we believe, etc., why won't they say anything definitive? How does it hurt their investigation? No pertinent details need to be given! What actually is going on here?


    2. "What actually is going on here?"

      I'm wondering too, GRP.

      Foil raised a good question: why won't the media touch this story? Why hasn't MSP publically commented on Trista's intention to release evidence?

      Is it a credibility issue?

  13. IMO I feel that LE is being very careful what they release so as not to jeopardize their case. I believe that when they say it is highly unlikely Ayla will not be found alive is because they have evidence to make them believe that. They wouldn't say it unless "they", not us, had evidence to back up their words. . . from the mouth of Justin, "the truth will come out when the time is right", I believe this to mean that sooner or later LE will have their stone cold truth and at that time they will prosecute and Ayla will finally have her justice, Trista will finally have Ayla and the rest of us can go on with our lives.