Monday, August 26, 2013

Does It Really Matter

Does my opinion really effect others? Does someone's opinion really effect me? I will still wake up tomorrow the good Lord willing, and my opinion will be the same. You will more than likely have your same opinion tomorrow as well. Then why do I seem to get angry because you don't share the same opinion as I do? Why does my opinion cause you to lash out at me because it doesn't agree with yours? The only thing that will matter is how I treat you and your opinion. If I lash out in anger because I don't agree with your opinion, then I most likely will offend you. You may then out of a need to get even lash out at me in return. Then it snowballs from there and we are both offended by each other. Then the goal that we hoped to achieve is lost in a battle of name calling and despair. So I would have to say yes it matters, and if we treat each other along with each others opinion with respect and civility each of our goals can be achieved.

Is it easier to say Ayla is hopefully alive, or Ayla is more than likely deceased? One thing we all can agree on is she is missing. I for one would not want her to be with a stranger that would harm her, but it is a possibility however slim. She could have been taken for fear of the outcome of a custody dispute, that is also a very slim possibility. My goal is to raise awareness for Ayla, and to be sure she is not forgotten, and hopefully bring her home so she can receive Justice.

You may feel very strongly that Ayla is deceased without a shadow of doubt. That is a possibility that is increasing in strength as each day passes. You may feel that this was an accident gone wrong, and because of the lack of medical attention Ayla died. You may even feel this was intentional and you know who could have done this great injustice to Ayla. I believe your goal is to raise awareness for Ayla, and insure that she is not forgotten, and bring her home so she can receive Justice.
Which ever scenario is the correct one we both want the person/s who committed the crime to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law .
For Ayla's sake lets stop with the attacks on each other, and be committed  to the goal we share in common. To raise awareness for Ayla,  insuring she is not forgotten, and bring her home so she can receive the Justice she deserves.


Please join in, everyone is invited to join us in “Lighting The Way Home For Ayla” awareness event. My front patio light will be on for Ayla.
Anyone who wishes to learn about the “Lighting The Way Home For Ayla” awareness event please check out the tab on the navigation bar, also there is a tab for Press For Prosecution.


  1. Very nice post Dana.

    Or you may feel strongly that Ayla is alive. That it is very possible that she was abducted.

    Some may feel that I get angry because they do not share my opinion. However that is not the case at all.
    I don't have anger towards anyone because of their opinions about Ayla. I more than understand all the different opinions, and why they're held.
    I do tend to get upset when things are said to be fact, that are not fact. I do try to correct those things in a civil way, although it may not always come across that way.
    I'm human and imperfect.
    This is the writen word, at times read the wrong way. No one can see your expressions and hear your tome.

  2. True you may feel strongly the people that figure statistics say the longer it goes the less likely a kidnapped victim will be found alive. Thats the part that has me worried.if by a stranger.

    1. Dana, think of it this way, every time you toss a penny, it has a 50/50 chance of being heads or tails. Statistics say, if you toss that penny 100 times, you will get "heads" 50 times and "tails" 50 times. But, every toss has the same chance of being heads or tails. That's where "what are the odds" come in. The more times the penny is tossed, the less chance it being the same as the previous tosses, but each toss still has the same chance!

      I won't use statistics in deciding Ayla's fate!


    2. GRP there are no odds involved, the evidence that will be presented will tell us all what happened to this sweet child. LE would not let a mom believe their child is deceased for all this time just to torture her. Common sense GRP, some people need more of it.

  3. Excellent post Dana. Thank you.

  4. Good post Dana!

    I agree Anon 1, I know some of my posts are taken the wrong way, then what I meant. Maybe I assume the reader will know what I meant. I read over them before I post!

    But, then sometimes the absurd things being said, get to me, and I am straight forward in my comment!

    I am human, and I am certainly not perfect!

    Your last sentence describes it perfectly: "This is the writen word, at times read the wrong way. No one can see your expressions and hear your tome."