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  1. I'm certain that any supposed photo's of blood evidence shown to Trista was from luminol glow, minus of course what was visible blood.
    Did they show her lab reports from samples taken from the luminol glow?? Or did they tell her their interpretation of what this glow represents?
    According to Jeff, she ONLY saw photo's.

    No spraying of anything, no faking of reports.

    I have no clue what MSP told Trista. I'll wait until I hear from *her* before I make any decision about what MSP said to her, and didn't say.

    As for liability, who's going to sue them? All of their statements leave room for someone to interpret it as they choose. This is a missing baby case, they are going to do everything and anything to find out what happened to Ayla. Ever try suing a LE agency?

    Bonnie I think this was the last post

    1. It was in reply to a comment made by CG.

    2. Looking At The FactsAugust 3, 2013 at 8:50 AM

      I am doing some research on luminol and thanks to a friend she sent me a couple links from th5 Amanda Knox trial. Some of this is a very interesting read. This section makes me wonder how the cupful statement can be true if it was cleaned up blood as so many have expressed. Bleach would glow just like blood then they would test for DNA so unless the whole area they saw was stained as blood and not cleaned up I do not know how a cup full of Ayla's blood could be true. I also have heard the washer and dryer are in the basement bleach could have been spilled at any time and it would have glowed when tested.

      The way luminal works at a crime scene is this:

      1. A mixture of luminol powder and hydrogen peroxide is mixed in a spray bottle like you buy at the grocery store.
      2. The mixture is sprayed on areas where blood (or other substances) are expected to be.
      3. The mixture reacts to many things, but one of them is the iron in hemoglobin (a component of blood) which causes the mixture to glow. The luminol, like the light stick, has a limited fluorescent life. In the forensics application, the glow lasts about 30 seconds.
      4. On those areas where you get a “hit”, you photograph quickly, and then test the site for indicators of what the “hit” was. You first test for the presence of blood, then if not blood; other substances. If it is blood, you can then conduct a DNA test. (Luminol does not disrupt blood or DNA testing).
      5. Importantly, you take a control sample from a nearby area that did NOT fluoresce, so you can be certain that your tests are valid.
      6. There is no difference in the fluorescent color of luminol, no matter what substance it is reacting with. If it reacts with blood, it is blue. If it reacts with bleach, it is the same color of blue.

      Imagine for a minute a schoolroom chalkboard with a couple of footprints drawn on it in chalk. Now, take an eraser and erase the prints. This is a little what a bleach-cleaned crime scene looks like under luminol examination. A crime scene cleaned with bleach wouldn’t have footprints or fingerprints; it would have wide swaths of bleach, many times in arcs that give away the tell-tale motions of cleaning and wiping, kind of like we used to see on chalk-board erasures. You would see luminol reactions everywhere; it would look like a huge florescent blue paint spill.

      Pictures that the prosecution released in the Amanda Knox trial did not show the real story and they did not inform people that the pictures they saw were treated with a pink substance. Attached is a link that showed what the bathroom really looked like and then it shows the picture they released with the pink substance it was treated with. You need to scroll down to see the pictures. So whether or not LE would show pictures that are like these to Justin or Trista I am unsure of. This certainly shows it could happen.

    3. Looking At The FactsAugust 3, 2013 at 8:51 AM

      sorry forgot add this link

    4. "So whether or not LE would show pictures that are like these to Justin or Trista I am unsure of. This certainly shows it could happen."

      I'm not sure what the point of this statement is. LE has said publicly some of the blood was visible to the naked eye and some was not and was only visible with luminol. If they wanted to show the blood only visible with luminol, they would have to show them the glowing pics. Otherwise they would have nothing but a circle on a floor (or wall, whatever) that did not have any visible blood in it.

      Luminol pics in the Amanda Knox case were misleading because they were used to imply she went into a bathroom, saw it covered in blood, and nonchalantly took a shower.

      Luminol pics are not misleading when used to show the family of a baby where her blood was found.

      Secondary tests rule out bleach and other substances. LE would not be mistaking bleach for blood. As far as there possibly being bleach spills all over the floor in Justin's bedroom, that doesn't seem likely. The basement has been described as partially finished with Justin's bedroom in the finished part. Most of the time, laundry machines are in the unfinished areas- Selena may have addressed this but I can't remember if she was specific in describing where the washing machine was.

      The Amanda Knox trial took place in a foreign country with a different type of legal system and the prosecutor appears to have been obsessed with maligning people with crazy sex and satanism allegations which a higher court ultimately rejected.

    5. Looking At The FactsAugust 3, 2013 at 11:05 AM

      The point was how luminol works and understanding luminol better. Whether the justice system in another country is different luminol works the same way. It is pretty obvious that a so called cup full of blood was not visible to the naked eye and just circled. We have never heard beside Justin's bed from LE, I'm not even sure we have ever heard any location from LE. Urine would glow with luminol, urine cleaned up with bleach would glow the same color as blood and then it would be tested for DNA and urine contains DNA.

      So I wonder if it is possible that LE showed pictures of luminol that was quite a big area and had wide swaths of bleach, many times in arcs that give away the tell-tale motions of cleaning and wiping telling Justin or Trista it contained DNA and let them assume it was blood to look for a reaction.

    6. Looking...we do know that Ayla's blood was found in the basement:

      STEPHEN MCCAUSLAND, MAINE STATE POLICE (via telephone): I want to -- the blood -- Susan basically revealed what we`ve talked about. We`ve confirmed there was blood in the basement, and we`ve confirmed that some of those samples were Ayla`s. We haven`t discussed the quantity, nor am I going to tonight. But we find the discovery of the blood troubling.

      Note that in this same interview, Nancy presses McCausland for an exact location. She asks if blood was found in "Daddy's bedroom." McCausland refuses to respond.

    7. Looking At The FactsAugust 3, 2013 at 11:32 AM

      Thank you Mckee There are so many rumors that get spread like fact I don't like to quote unless I have a link and couldn't find this one. That is why I said I wasn't sure.

    8. "There are so many rumors that get spread like fact..."

      That is the understatement of the year.

  2. What is the point of declaring Ayla "likely dead" while refusing to release an iota of hard evidence to substantiate the claim?

    I want LE to release this evidence (if it actually exists). I'm not interested in Jeff presenting descriptive and graphic details accompanied by MSP commentary, err, "input."

    If this "presentation" goes forward as proposed, how the hell can it be authenticated?

    1. PS: Does Alex's mom have a name? Or does she go by "Alex's mom"?

      I'm certainly not interested in Jeff "translating" for Trista, Alex, and Alex's mom. The margin for error borders on 100%.

    2. "how the hell can it be authenticated?"

      It can't, except by MSP.

    3. Anonymous1August 2, 2013 at 4:04 PM
      "how the hell can it be authenticated?"

      It can't, except by MSP

      And as many here believe, LE mismanaged or bungled the whole initial investigation.

      So why wait for any pronouncements from LE?

      I wish people here would make up their we not pay attention to anyone except LE? Or do we cast out anything LE has done or said because they're bunglers!

    4. I can only speak for myself. I don't necessarily believe that LE bungled anything.

    5. Exactly mckeekitty and Anonymous1! Jeff will take the suppositions from all three people, because Trista gets things wrong! He will compile the info from all three people and give us all an accurate description of went on in that meeting!!! An important meeting with Trista, her new live-in, and his mother. What's going on here!!!


      JMO Jeff's sudden interest in a child of his step-daughter's has always struck me as odd.
      Did he ever help her out (with her two kids) before Ayla disappeared? Did he ever meet Ayla? $$$


  3. Anonymous you are nothing more than a waste beyond a useful manuare implement. You deserve a cyber punch in the face for insinuating anything other a love for a grandchild by Jeff. Trista does not need to show any right from wrong. Justin Dipietro no doubt did away with Ayla but just like OJ Simpson....KARMA will come calling one day and you too will get a taste of it in one form or another.