Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parents Wrongly Accused of Killing Their Children

After reading Dana's blog posting I thought it would be interesting to see how many parents out there that had been wrongly accused of hurting their children. Parents who could no longer trust that the legal system is fair and just because it had failed them miserably. Police Officers who were supposed to help them but instead built cases against them. Parents who were already reeling from the loss of their beloved child and instead of being able to grieve and get justice for them, they are ripped away from their families and their jobs, sent to prison, and a stigma is attached to their name. They are labeled baby-killers and child abusers. It seems like the plot of a horror movie and certainly not something that actually happens in real life but even with all of the technology available to us in this day and age, it can and does still happen.

To many it may seem like the case against Justin and those in the home the night Ayla disappeared is a slam dunk. No one can figure out what is taking so long, it is so obvious Ayla is dead and at the hands of someone in the house that night, primarily Justin although it tends to change from time to time to Elisha or Courtney, so why no arrest? I tend to have my suspicions about what happened but I also am smart enough to know that not everything is always as it seems and with so little the public has to go on it would not surprise me a bit if my suspicions were way off.

Take the case of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain for example, at the time it was so unbelievable that a dingo was able to enter their tent, grab a 2 month old baby and run off with her and her body never recovered. Police built a case against the Chamberlains claiming Lindy Chamberlain slit her daughter's throat with a pair of scissors in the car, placed her body in a camera case and then cleaned the blood off the seats and the outside of the camera case before disposing the body and changing her clothes. She did this all in the amount of time it took to get a can of baked beans from the car to feed her son. Police backed up their theory with the presence of blood found in the car even though the test also would react to mucus and chocolate milk shakes both of which would probably be found in the cars of many people with children. Lindy was found guilty of Murder and her husband was convicted of Accessory to Murder. His sentence was suspended, Lindy ended up serving over 3 years before she was released. It wasn't until 2012 that she was finally completely exonerated and Azaria's death certificate changed to reflect that she had died at the hands of a dingo. Lindy spent over 3 years in prison, was even forced to have her fourth child behind bars. The family spent all of the money that they had on their legal defense trying to clear their names. The family suffered 32 years of torment for being wrongly accused of murdering their own child.

Sally Clark was a British lawyer and daughter of a police officer who was brought up strongly believing in the justice system that was until she was convicted of murdering her two children all because a pediatrician named Roy Meadow testified that it was a one in 73 million chance that two children could both die of SIDS. Clark spent over 3 years in prison and although released for her appeal the damage was already done. Clark developed a number of psychiatric problems, including an alcohol dependency and ultimately died of alcohol poisoning. When Clark's conviction was overturned, prosecutors looked into the cases of other women who were convicted of their children's death and Donna Anthony was also set free after serving six years for the murder of her children. Angela Cannings had three children die of SIDS and her conviction was overturned as a result of Sally Clark's case. Medical examiners concluded that a genetic disorder was likely to blame for the children's deaths. Cannings marriage ended because of her wrongful conviction, it also ruined the relationship with her daughter.

Lynn DeJac was convicted of strangling her 13 year old daughter, Crystallynn Girard, to death in 1994. DeJac was convicted on little more than the now recanted testimony of a neighbor who claimed Lynn confessed to the crime. There was absolutely no physical evidence tying Lynn DeJac to the crime. She ended up having her conviction overturned thanks to DNA testing. Prosecutors then thought that maybe DeJac's boyfriend at the time, Dennis Donohue was guilty of her murder but because he was given immunity for his testimony in the original trial he could not be charged with the murder. Even more surprisingly, in 2008 it was revealed that Crystallyn Girard died of a cocaine overdose and wasn't even murdered.

Julie Rae Harper's story is beyond tragic. It is unthinkable. On October 13, 1997, Julie awoke to the sound of her 10 year old son screaming. Julie ran to his room only to see a masked man in her son's room. The man fled and Julie noticed her son had been stabbed to death. Julie was a PHD student at a local college and a single mom. Julie was the sole focus of the crime for three years before police finally arrested her in 2000. Police said that because there was no sign of forced entry and because the knife used to stab Joel came from the home she must be guilty even though there was no motive and no evidence linking her to the killing. Julie was convicted of capital murder and exhausted her life savings on her defense. Eventually it was discovered that Joel was murder by confessed child serial killer, Tommy Lynn Sells, who claimed he killed Joel because Julie had been rude to him in a grocery store earlier in the day. It also came out that police withheld evidence at trial and lied on the stand. Julie was released from prison in June 2004 after serving 4 years.

The Ramsey family is another case that should have made the list but maybe that case will make it into a future blog post because of the vast amount of information available online regarding it.

For further reading- The story of the Velasquez Family, accused of abusing their infant daughter. The Reader's Digest article describes their ordeal and the hell the family was put through.

Sadly there is no shortage of these kind of cases, be it parents accused of murder or child abuse. In all of these cases, the public and prosecutors were positive that they had the culprits. All evidence led to the parents, the evidence was enough to convict these parents of murder and enough to put them away for the rest of their lives but in the end the evidence was not all it appeared or was interpreted wrong because these parents were not guilty. How many other parents are sitting in jail for the rest of their lives while their child's killer runs free? How many parents have been executed for the murder of their child because the evidence was stacked against them?

Maybe Justin, Elisha, or Courtney are guilty of Ayla's disappearance, the evidence at this time seems to point that way or maybe they aren't guilty and the evidence isn't as strong as we think or it is being interpreted wrong. It is because of cases like the ones above that I cannot stand here and adamantly say that based on the evidence that has been released in this case to date that one or all of the three in the home the night Ayla disappeared are 100% without a doubt guilty.


  1. Looking At The FactsJuly 24, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    I think if Ayla's case was as cut and dry as everyone think then at least a person of interest would be named by now. I think the one telling thing is LE says they THINK the 3 are not telling the truth. Well they can think that but it does not make it true. Has anyone ever had to defend something they know is true with no other proof than your words? Now put yourself in parent of a missing child's place, imagine for a minute you are being told you hurt your child or you caused their disappearance and you know you didn't. You have no other way to prove it but to deny it. What else can you do?

    1. I would never want to be in the position these parents were in. All you can do is deny it and heck you can't even really help prepare your defense because you are being held in jail awaiting your trial. You would be completely helpless praying that your attorney really was looking out for your best interest and not intending to represent you because they are obligated but really don't care either way if you go to jail.

      If you deny it, many will believe you are lying anyway and the denial is just covering your ass.

  2. Thank you, Tori, for compiling this. I had done the same kind of research earlier in this case. There are so many variables to weigh and, let's be honest, wtvl pd and MSP are not in the practice of investigating this particular type of crime. Who knows what kind of unknown mistakes were made on the first day that inhibited the FBI from collecting the necessary evidence to form the correct opinion of this case. Anything could have happened. In my opinion, it is arrogant and irresponsible to state that "no evidence supports a kidnapping" when they're not saying "the evidence supports a murder". They say she's not likely to be alive. They say they think someone isn't being truthful. They never say, she's been murdered. Wonder why that is?

    1. I was surprised when compiling this list how many parents had been wrongly accused and in almost all of the cases they were charged because someone screwed up somewhere, usually during the initial investigation. In Julie Rae Harper's case the police never checked for footprints outside of the house and once the investigation was under way there was no way to differentiate the culprits footprints between the footprints of investigators. The officer then lied to cover his ass for not checking, Waterville and even Maine State Police may be trained in these investigations but they certainly don't have very much on the job experience regarding them and it is very likely mistakes were made and in turn assumptions of guilt made,

    2. Looking At The FactsJuly 24, 2013 at 4:40 PM

      This I think speaks volumes
      Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011
      Six days into the search, investigators put crime scene tape around DiPietro's house and intensify the search for clues. Two of the state's top homicide prosecutors visit the house.

      What happened in those 6 days? How many came and went with out booties or gloves on? How much evidence could have been compromised?

    3. To be fair anyone can make a mistake,but with something of this nature it is not acceptable. No more than a doctor amputating the wrong leg, it is a mistake but unacceptable.The minute Ayla was reported missing the place should have been taped off and no one allowed in until the right investigators arrived on the scene.

    4. Looking At The FactsJuly 25, 2013 at 9:33 AM

      I totally agree Dana. Anyone can make a mistake and seeing on the news when Ayla first went missing people were frantically looking for a little girl who may have gotten out of the home and could have wondered anywhere. It was freezing outside and the number 1 goal was to find Ayla. I just don't know why it took 6 days to put the tape up. 6 days to stop people from entering the house without gloves and booties. Six days of people possibly trampling evidence that may have proved an abduction. I think it had a lot to do with LE not having experience in these kind of cases.

  3. Well, I'll just say it: I think MSP bungled this case. Irrevocably.

    Check it out. According to the MSP, there hasn't been a single crime in the state since 2005:

  4. Because it was probably not murder, it was probably accidential, but for the W3 to stay quiet all this time . . . . Justin is quilty regardless of not making sure his home was safe when he had concerns that someone would come take Ayla. . . Its very fishy that she was left in a room that wasn't hers by herself while everyone else was sleeping together. . . He has made himself look quilty by not continuing to speak for ayla. If he truly believes someone has her why would he stop pleading for her. The cases you list are sad, but in this case I believe the LP and MSP know exactly what happened to Ayla but are waiting to find Ayla to prove it.

    1. You probably can't blame him anymore than he blames himself. I believe LP and MSP botched the investigation and that is why no one has been ruled in or out. That to me includes both sides of the family, but what good does it do to keep up the he did she did routine. It hasn't changed a thing in 19 months. To keep doing the same thing day in and day out and expect to get a different out come is crazy. You are going to keep getting what you got no answers and more he did it she did it.

    2. Re: the cases of innocent parents cited above. The bodies of their children were right there for LE to see. No "missing" label was attached to them. That is a big difference.

      Ayla's case is more like some of the latest missing children we have read about: Baby Lisa, Sky Metawala, Kyron Horman, Baby Gabriel, and many more. All the caretakers are suspected of lying with some proved to have done so.

      In some current cases of "missing children" reported by their caretakers, the bodies were found not too long after the initial parental "missing child" calls, and not too far from home. The children were beaten severly and even burned by the paents reporting them missing.

      One "missing" child was found under his own porch, evidently tortured by both mommy and her live-in boyfriend because the little four-year old "was not acting like a man."

      In the cases listed above, it was much easier to discard the child's body and claim kidnapping than undergo the investigation which would result from the discovery of a child's body and what it would tell investigators/forensics.

      I truly do not think Ayla was murdered for an LIP or any other reason. I think Ayla suffered a tragic accident which resulted from negligence or loss-of- temper abuse on someone's part. Many children have gone "missing" and were later found dead after a caretaker's disciplinary action which went too far.

      I believe the DiPietros thought they could not explain the condition of Ayla to the satisfaction of LE. Someone or more would have been in deep trouble.

      With Ayla's broken-arm accident, which she suffered in Phoebe's house, on the record with LE, the people involved probably thought it would save everybody a truck load of trouble if Ayla were to just disappear.

      After all, any pain the survivors were to suffer from an investigation, and perhaps an incarceration, would not bring Ayla back.

      Most importantly, what happened to Ayla was definitely not intentional. No one meant to harm Ayla. "It was not intentional" as Justin claimed when talking about which? Ayla's broken arm or the blood discovered?

      For all those who think the Waterville LE and the MSP made a mistake in saying "no abduction took place" and scoffing at their initial investigation: Remember that the FBI team of experts in child kidnappings were called in to investigate the case. They issued the same conclusion. No evidence of an abduction.

      I suppose all three LE bodies could have made some terrible mistakes during the investigation. It could certainly happen, but in this case I doubt it. I base my theory on the "not normal" reaction of everyone in that house. Including their "guest" Ms.Courtney Roberts, late of the non-assault by JD. She has never spoken about Ayla nor, IIRC, attended any activities to keep Ayla in the spotlight.

    3. "Remember that the FBI team of experts in child kidnappings were called in to investigate the case. They issued the same conclusion. No evidence of an abduction."

      Really????? Please cite your source/link. I would really like to see this statement from the FBI concluding Ayla wasn't abducted.


  5. Thanks for the post Tori and the time you spent on researching it. SPEAK UP FOR AYLA REYNOLDS.

    1. Thanks Dana. It was an interesting post for sure. I never realized the nightmare these parents and so many others had to go through.

    2. AND ~ the nightmare these CHILDREN had to go through.

  6. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be accused of a major crime like murder and know that I am not guilty and have nobody believe me. I would not want to be in anyone's shoes on the Dipietro side. To be dragged through the mud on a daily basis by your peers, co workers, neighbors, friends, random people on a blog, etc, has got to be a huge amount of stress. I sure hope that if this proves to be something other than the morbid scenarios that they are playing out at other places that those people would be big enough to make as public an apology as their speculations are. How mortifying it must be for Courtney to discover things from her facebook about her private life are spread all over the internet and people are happily convicting her of unthinkable things. Makes my stomach turn. What if they are all wrong and she is just an innocent person caught up in a whirlwind of crap? None of us have any clue as to what happened in that house.


    1. I agree, Oak.

      Courtney was dehumanized on U4A.

      Courtney has been nothing more than fodder for certain people with a "Jerry Springer" mentality. There was little to no consideration that Courtney is going through a difficult patch as of late. No consideration that she is a human being with human vulnerabilities and human feelings.

      The post went far beyond the pale of innocent, healthy speculation.

      I am so relieved that Dee and Dana didn't have a hand in the post. Deep down, I knew they didn't.

    2. You said it. I just cannot imagine the mentality of people who will run with no evidence, a whole lot of speculation, and mob mentality. It's scary :(

    3. OaklandRez,

      You say "I would not want to be in anyone's shoes on the Dipietro side. To be dragged through the mud on a daily basis by your peers, co workers, neighbors, friends, random people on a blog, etc, has got to be a huge amount of stress. I sure hope that if this proves to be something other than the morbid scenarios that they are playing out at other places that those people would be big enough to make as public an apology as their speculations are. How mortifying it must be for Courtney to discover things from her facebook about her private life are spread all over the internet and people are happily convicting her of unthinkable things. Makes my stomach turn."

      McKee says,

      Courtney was dehumanized on U4A.

      Courtney has been nothing more than fodder for certain people with a "Jerry Springer" mentality. There was little to no consideration that Courtney is going through a difficult patch as of late. No consideration that she is a human being with human vulnerabilities and human feelings.

      I say who gives a flying leap? You have not mentioned once the stress, the torture, the dehumanization, or the lost innocense of a sweet missing little girl named Ayla Bell Reynolds. And remember that none of these people you mention being so harrased and stressed are speaking for Ayla Bell either. Hell, Courtney has never spoken publically to the angel she claimed to have loved like one of her own. I for one do not care how much they are stressed if they are incapable of speaking for a sweet little girl.

      I thought this was called Justice For AYLA! The comments here are asking for Justice for Justin, his family and his friends. This truely makes me sick how thier defense and the trashing of a group of individuals trying to look at all possibilities concerning Ayla has taken precedence over sweet Ayla Bell! I am sorry but those of you doing this, you should all be ashamed for forgetting what is most important, Ayla! Stop criticizing others and focus on your own theories if you disagree with the way we are looking at all possibilities.

    4. Justice is achieved through truth seeking and a fair doling of punishment for those responsible for the wrongdoings toward any victims. How in hell are any of your finger pointing, speculating, mud-slinging accusations, and disgusting scenarios doing ANYTHING *for* Ayla? Is it bringing her back any faster? Does it make you feel better to treat people (Ayla's own blood) like shit?

    5. I am so thankful that I am not in the Dipietro's or the Reynold's shoes. Their lives are under a micro scope, everything they do wrong is in the media news. We don't hear anything they are doing either side for the cause of Ayla in the media. If it wasn't for Trista going to the media in the beginning to nag them, and others helping organize vigils the media wouldn't have covered as much as they did. What did a lot of people think at that time including myself? She is out for the lime lite, she is a little to showy some of it is put on. The video when she was to have first learned they didn't think Ayla would be found alive, it did appear to be done on cue from the ones filming, and probably was. They were trying to keep Ayla out there and the seriousness of the case. Justin did his video thing and what was the response from some people? He is insincere, he doesn't look like he cares, he doesn't do enough. We criticize each other about what we say and how we say it, but why are we all still here? Because we care and we want to keep Aylas memory alive. We want her to be brought home to her family where she belongs. We use names like united and justice, it is meant to be United for Ayla and Justice for Ayla. What we need to do is Unite together for Justice for Ayla. I don't mean the sites should be one, but for one cause Ayla. I hope what I have said doesn't hurt anyone's feelings because we need every voice we can get for Ayla. We need every person that is willing to write a post for Ayla. We need ideas to keep people reading and commenting for Ayla.

    6. @mckeekitty:
      "I am so relieved that Dee and Dana didn't have a hand in the post. Deep down, I knew they didn't. " What MM did was intentional, IMO. Dee and Dana, no apology was necessary by either of you!

      Great comment Michelle! Right on!!!

      John P. you're an idiot! Sorry, that's all I can say about your comment.


    7. In response to my comment above "Dee and Dana, no apology was necessary by either of you!" (10:33). I was referring to the comment by MM on U4A:

      "mountain mama says:
      July 24, 2013 at 2:55 pm
      I apologize to Dee and Dana for unintentionally giving the impression that you are somehow responsible for contributing to this post."


    8. John ask .."Who gives a flying leap?"

      I do.
      I have empathy for all involved, most especially Ayla.

    9. John...I'm sorry that you cannot see that dragging Ayla's paternal side of the family through the mud is not helping find Ayla. If she is gone then that sweet little girl never stood a chance with either side of her family.
      I personally believe she is still alive and well somewhere with another family. My theory is that she was removed from her situation by someone who cares for her, whether it was misguided or not, and placed in a better situation. I choose to believe kadoe's story.
      I think by bashing Ayla's father, family and friends you folks are doing a great disservice to Ayla. Your theories of conspiracy and graphic death scenarios have hurt MANY people from Ayla's fathers family to Heidi, Derek and beyond.
      I think we all manage to lose perspective and forget that all involved in this mess are real live people with lives, hopes, dreams and most of all feelings. I feel great sympathy for both sides of this family and most of all for Ayla. Her family (all of them) failed her. I believe that someone (maybe Phoebe) tried to make it right and give her the life she deserved to have.


    10. Oakland Rez, Very well said and I thank you for being respectful to me with your comments. I also appreciate how you included Ayla in your comments so prominantly. You are a true supporter of Ayla. Your original comment onlt mentioned how Justin, Courtney and others the MSP have themselves indicated are not telling all they know, were bing criticised and personally attacked, (I don't remember the exact words and do not care to retreat to look them up). The next few comments followed suit and it became suit on the entire thread to ignor what Ayla had been going through if you believe she is still alive as you indicate. That is why I made the comment I made.

      Anon 1 You were not part of the thread nor quoted in the posted comment, and I apologize if you were offended by my questions to those that were part of it. You were not an intended recipient of the question.

      Again Oakland, I respect you are able to look past the LE statements and believe in you rheart that Ayla is alive and well in someone elses care. I have only those same believes that MSP is correct in their statements and the DiPietros, the Tudelas and Mrs Roberts have not told all they know nor been speaking for sweet Ayla. In my mind and heart I am a believer that God is protecting our sweet angel even today and she will never feel earthly pain again. We believe differently of Ayla's fate. But we agree that Ayla must have Justice for whatever may have befallen her.

      My question is how is Ayla to recieve that justice if LE has been in error with everything they have said and done? I have to believe they have and are corrct if LE is to bring justice for Ayla. I hope this helps to understand why i feel as passionatly for my approach as you do for yours?

      To GRP, you say

      John P. you're an idiot! Sorry, that's all I can say about your comment.
      Read my comment and if I am an idiot for wanting the focus of discussion to be related to Ayla Bell and her justice that is so long overdue, then call me batty, call me an f***ing idiot, call me anyhing you want I could care less. But your statements of fact that are not, that is what I would normally refer to as Heidiish. ;)

    11. John P., you need to reread your post! Also, what the hell does "Heidiish" mean? Is that a slam towards Heidi Tudela? Aren't you clever John!

      John, you are obsessed with this case. Why? I ask why because children go missing everyday in this country, you are so focussed on this case. Jeff, who encouraged you to attend the attend the event for Ayla, and assured you he would be there to meet the man doing so much for Ayla. (Never happened did it? and you believe his excuse!) The man who has never even met his grand-daughter-in -law. The man who has never cared about Trista living in a Motel, .......until Ayla disappeared.

      Why was Trista in and out of motels? Answer-fighting with her mother and sister! The whole group of Reynolds have shown they are completely dysfunctional.

      Do you really believe that neither Trista or her mother couldn't finish the "Lie Detector Test", and were told it's okay. Trista said she would retake it...when she got better. Why won't/hasn't she. Hey, she is about to have a child, then she can take the lie detector test again! Why doesn't she want to finish the test? Why did her mother go to take the test when she knew the drugs she was on, and admitted to the drugs she was on, would not allow her to finish the test? Why did she offer to go off the drugs for a day and retake the test? Sounds "hinky" to me John.

      Why is it when anything is said against you or Trista, you throw out the "it's all about Ayla" card. Poor John!!! Again, you're an idiot!! (Please don't complain about me calling you an idiot. It is much nicer than comments you have made!)


    12. getrealpeople, excellent. I want to know, too!

  7. Mountain Mama wrote: "I will not turn my back on Ayla and stop writing because there’s nothing new to write about."

    Sometimes it's better to say nothing. Just because I or anyone else only speaks when I/they have something to say doesn't mean I, or anyone else, has turned their back on Ayla.

    1. Especially when it involves endless speculations involving gratuitous details about grisly murder scenes or picking apart the personal lives of others.

    2. Well said, Foil. Some people need to step back & stop the madness they've created.

    3. I agree, Michelle...very well said, Foil.

      Can you imagine a post on this blog that cherry-picks horrific accounts of mothers that have brutally murdered their toddlers to illustrate that Trista may have harmed Ayla?

      The very notion is ludicrous. It would never, ever be tolerated, not even in the name of speculative "sport."

      Now, I need to be fair here. I don't believe MM intended to aim for a new low. I honestly think she is trying to be more open-minded, and this was just a big hiccup. Just my opinion.

    4. McKeekitty, If such a post were relevant, it would be worthy of discussion. For example, if someone were to write about cases where mothers broke into father's homes and killed babies in the night by the bedside of the fathers while the fathers slept, then took their bodies elsewhere, anyone open-minded would have to be willing to consider the possibility that could have happened in this case.

  8. I'm being snarky, but I don't believe Foil and McKee are the same people (or person) who used to post on the Sentinel's pages when the case was new. That was two (or one) other people/person using those names, right?

    Talk about your degrees of turnabout! Two of the most contemptious and judgmental, acid-laced tag-team commenters about Justin DiPietro and his obvious guilt are now waffling like mad and SERMONIZING, if you can believe, to others about hasty judgments before a trial!

    It's kind of pathetic. And I recall something in the Bible about taking out the plank in your own eye, first, before you notice the sliver in another's eye.

    1. I would commend them on their turnabout, and ask you to read that verse in the bible about taking out the plank in your own eye, before you try to remove the sliver in your friends eye.

    2. Aren't you clever, Penny.

      Anyway, may you never be unjustly accused of a horrific crime on a blog, Penny. May you and your family never know the pain, humiliation, scorn, disdain and vicious gossip caused by strangers armed with a keyboard, some idle time, and a burning need to destroy lives of others.

      I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy...not even you.

      Oh, BTW, if IRRC, I think you were looking for this a few days ago:

      "DiPietro initially avoided interviews with the media under the advice of police, he said. Now, he said he's prepared to go in front of cameras, and he's in talks with NBC for another "Today" appearance."

    3. Good morning, Penny. "SERMONIZING" is something I'll never do. I've never quoted Bible verse or replied to a comment with an "Amen!" I don't see anything hasty about anything on either blog since we're approaching two years. It's been too long to not have any answers.

      However, I have a problem with gratuitous speculations involving horrific violence to Ayla as well as people with very closed minds who aren't open to challenging their own beliefs if they find evidence to the contrary of something they know.

      You call that waffling. I call it an open-mind.

      P.S. I like your snark.

  9. I posted this on u4a and am posting it here:

    Tori G says:
    July 24, 2013 at 10:52 pm
    The whole point of the post has apparently went over the heads of some. The post has nothing to do with LE bungling the case. It has everything to do with sometimes things not being as they seem and people being convicted based on evidence that was obviously misinterpreted. The fact that there was a body should add more credence because the medical examiners had the opportunity to examine the cause of death and whether or not the evidence backed up the theory that the parent did it and the conclusion was still that the parent was guilty. Since when did the public become judge, jury, and executioner? What is constantly being overlooked here is that many people on J4A do not necessarily think Justin is innocent and Trista is guilty, nor are they Justin defenders nor was this post meant scream Justin is being railroaded from the rooftops. The point of the post was that we do not know what happened and who is guilty or innocent and things are not always what they seem, it isn’t our job to condemn anyone whether we feel they are innocent or guilty and it does nothing by way of getting justice for Ayla since we are not the judge, jury, and executioners merely the public who can only be responsible for keeping her name out there. Doing anything else only causes hate and misery.

    If you don’t like what is said there, why continue to go there and read? Why not be the bigger person and ignore what is said and not give it any attention? Why constantly the back and forth? Everyone has a right to their own opinion and no one can say who’s opinion is right or wrong because it is all just opinion. The back and forth takes away from Ayla and makes everyone look petty and juvenile.

    1. The age of the internet!!!!

      It becomes necessary to point out the inconsistencies made by the maternal side of the family, when the horrid stories are told about the paternal side. How many people (family and friends), have U4A involved in Ayla's demise!!! It's ludicrous! (Even Ayden was accused of shooting Ayla, but they couldn't call 911 because Ayden would be arrested.)

      Bottom line, we don't know what happened to Ayla.

      However, I do believe she is alive. All the talk about "Justin Defenders", I have never seen anyone accuse Trista of killing Ayla.


    2. "Even Ayden was accused of shooting Ayla, but they couldn't call 911 because Ayden would be arrested."

      OMG...that was a classic.

  10. I will say the same thing here that I said at United concerning descriptions of what happened to these children... here and at United These poor children, so very disturbing and heartbreaking to know what they went through. Especially the sweet little 2 month old baby being taken and killed by a dingo....
    All of these children suffered and I would gladly take their pain and umimaginable fear if I could.

  11. Moving some comments from this morning from an old post here...

    Anonymous wrote...

    Also moving these comments from earlier today over to the new thread..l

    AnonymousJuly 24, 2013 at 5:00 AM
    Some here,including Dana, think that Ayla is alive. If she is, how do you think Ayla is being treated by her abductor? I don't usually read much concern or worry about Ayla's fate from those who think she is alive.

    I ask this question because a child Ayla's age kidnapped by a pervert is not usually cared for as an adopted child. I think we are all aware of the fact that the child victim is usually used for sex,then killed and discarded.

    In other cases the child is kidnapped for purposes of making money in the highly profitable child prostitution or child pornorgraphy industries both which flourish world wide, as you know.

    I've never seen any concern among the "Ayla is Alive" posters how Ayla might be surviving as a victim of the scenarios above. I'm guessing, therefore, that few think Ayla's abduction was for the purposes mentioned above. If people here were worried about that, there would be more concern expressed over an alive Ayla in the hands of such criminal monsters.

    There used to be a popular opinion expressed among DiPietro defenders that Trista took Ayla. Understandably little concern for Ayla's health and safety were expressed because Ayla was thought to be okay with mom or her relatives, and, as Justin said, "getting used to her new surroundings" thinking "it was all a game."

    Now, it looks as if Trista does not have Ayla. Personally, I think LE had proved that early on, by not accusing Trista of anything, but that is just an opinion based on LE's media comments about Trista as contrasted with those LE comments regarding the DiPietros nd "guest".

    So if Ayla is alive, where is she? What kind of a person took her? Was she stalked by a psychotic person who just had to have a child and knew Ayla was sleeping alone that night?

    Did the kidnapper know that the doors were unlocked? Did the abductor know the floor plan of the simple little house and that Ayla's father would be sleeping in the basement, not with Ayla in his room, but with Courtney's child? How would Ayla be faring with such a kidnapper?

    Was there no abductor? Was Ayla "adopted out" by Justin to a nice family in need of a toddler because he thought Ayla would be better off with a more "together" parent than either he or Trista was shaping up to be?

    Perhaps that would explain why none of the DiPietro family and their close friends seem to express any worries that Ayla is, besides alive, also well and thriving.

    People here express outrage over the other camp believing Ayla is dead and charge them with being, not only insensitive, bute "bloodthirsty"!

    Yet these same people who insist that we can't even think that Ayla is dead, seem so reticent to express any worry over her fate in the hands of perhaps a criminal or psychotic abductor.

    Very like the position maintained all along by Justin, Elisha, Phoebe, Heidi, Derek, Angela and Lance: one of eye-popping ennui. From the "guest in the house and a mother of a toddler herself, we heard nada. A very caring stance, but about whom?

    I just wonder why that is.

    1. Anonymous 5 am.

      I think Ayla could have been abducted.
      I *sense* that Ayla is alive. Call it intuition.

      I'm not expressing my thoughts to you though, as I also *sense* that you don't honestly want to hear them. :)

  12. Anonymous,

    I can't reply to your comment using the reply link as it doesn't always work for me so will reply here although it will eventually get moved down. I also would suggest reposting your comment onto the most recent post to get more exposure and more answers to your questions.

    The whole point is we don't know what happened to Ayla so we can't rule out the possibility that she was abducted either by a family member or someone else or even that she was alive when taken and isn't now or is still alive. Regardless of whether she died that night, died later, is alive but in a deplorable environment it is still awful period and just as concerning. The people commenting here and at the "other camp" all care quite a bit about Ayla no matter what they believe happened to her, they are all on these blogs more often than not and still check in to read and talk about her over a year and a half later.

    Some people feel more comfortable rehashing different scenarios that go more in depth than others but to say one side cares more than the other is ridiculous. The concern is expressed in making Ayla is alive posters, they tried to see about getting posters put up with Ayla's age enhanced to more accurately reflect what she might look like today in case she is alive so someone would be able to recognize her but Trista did not want either professional or amateur made posters distributed so her wishes were respected.

    I think anyone who thinks there is a chance she is still alive has not discounted the fact that likely if she is still alive chances are that she is in a horrible place with a horrible person but that is the job of the MSP to profile the type of person that may have her, not bloggers who come together to keep Ayla's name out there or for the people who pay money out of their own pockets to make and distribute awareness items and put up billboards. The public is limited to what we can do, we are not FBI agents, behavioral analysts, or law enforcement. We, as the public, can do very little in the grand scheme of things and that is keeping her name out there and keeping the public aware of her situation.

    If other people feel more useful discussing scenarios and causes of death then that is their right just many here do not find it helpful since it is likely LE has gone over these scenarios and have evidence to prove or disprove it, evidence that the public, even people in the public who have ties to others who are directly involved, do not have access to. Some, myself included, find it very graphic and disturbing. I also think discussing possible scenarios and conditions Ayla may be forced to be involved in also very graphic and disturbing although I do not discount the fact that it could possibly be a reality. It just isn't in my job description or pay grade to have to write about those things and it isn't something I would enjoy doing period.

    I do think that discounting ANY scenario even one of Ayla being alive and thriving is an injustice to Ayla since no one knows at this juncture what happened to her and to consistently focus on Ayla being dead when there could be someone out there that knows something and wants to tell but may be dissuaded from doing so because they second guess themselves because everyone else is convinced that Ayla is deceased so it must be a coincidence or a mistake on that person's part.

    I also find that the majority of people here are open to discussing ALL possibilities and no one has discouraged anyone from discussing theories that Ayla is deceased. Most here are undecided about what happened, no one has anything set in stone, even those who tend to think she is alive.

  13. To add to the above, the only thing people are hesitant about discussing is putting blame or accusing any particular person of taking Ayla or hurting Ayla whether it be Justin, Elisha, Courtney, or even Trista because we do not know what happened to her so therefore it is not fair to accuse anyone. Innocent until proven guilty sort of thing hence my most recent post

  14. Nicely done post Tori.

    I appreciated reading it.
    It should cause one to pause and reflect.
    Mistakes happen all the time. Even when someone's life is on the line.

    I watched a documentary not that long ago about Tod Willingham, who was arrested, convicted and executed for the death of his 3 daughters in a house fire. It was thought he started the fire with an accelerant. Later investigations by more up to date Arson experts showed that was not the case at all. They believe the fire was an accident.
    Very sad case of injustice.
    It happens.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you were able to see the point behind the post and how unfortunately this does happen and innocent people's lives are ruined. Even when they are exonerated the damage has already been done, the stigma attached to their name is hard to shake and their lives already ruined.

      There were many cases I excluded, at least 3 regarding parents who were executed as a result of their conviction only for the truth to come out years later, way too late to right a wrong as the person was already punished to death.

      That is a burden I would not want on my conscience so I refuse to persecute anyone for Ayla's disappearance regardless of what I may personally think happened to her and I am glad many here share my thoughts on this. I have yet to see what calling someone a murderer has done to help Ayla's case.

      I will certainly check out Tod Willingham's story, it is another tragic story of someone being falsely accused.


    Well, this is interesting

    I wonder why he didn't show up.

    1. Also:

      Ayla Reynolds' father skips court date; warrant out for his arrest

      PORTLAND — Justin DiPietro, father of missing Waterville toddler Ayla Reynolds, skipped a Portland court appearance Thursday morning on a domestic violence charge unrelated to his daughter’s disappearance, according to WCSH, Portland’s NBC television affiliate.

      Justin Dipietro

      Contributed photo
      Related headlines

      Missing toddler's father facing Portland assault charge

      Select images available for purchase in the
      Maine Today Photo Store

      A warrant was subsequently issued for DiPietro’s arrest following the failure to appear in court, the television station also said.

      This story will be updated.

    2. I think he is going to wish he kept this appointment.

    3. I think the same thing Dana. He's certainly not making it any easier on himself. Unless there's a VERY good excuse that's provable, ie: he's laid up in a hospital somewhere, then his bail will be set much higher because of the FTA when they catch up with him.

    4. Oh, brother.

      Justin best have a damn good excuse for failing to appear.

      Katie...any idea what is going on?

    5. I can't think of any good excuses for failing to appear.

    6. Apparently he finally showed up. I guess he will do that to save his own skin.

    7. Looking At The FactsJuly 25, 2013 at 11:51 AM

      I just found out from a very reliable source that Justin did appear. He was late and got there after the news left. There is no warrant out for him. Once again the news getting partial info and reporting it for ratings. I do not have a link for this info but got the news from a friend.


    9. Looking At The FactsJuly 25, 2013 at 12:24 PM

      Thank you Foil I'm working and did not have time to look for a link

    10. Looking at the facts said..."Once again the news getting partial info and reporting it for ratings."

      Looking, I don't think that's the case here. They (the media)were there, he was not. They cared enough about the case (and their jobs) to get up early to cover the story. Justin didn't care enough to get up early to be there on time apparently. He was late enough that a judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. In my mind, that shows a total disregard and disrespect for the law and the judicial system. He's lucky the judge was lenient with him and let him enter his plea instead of revoking his bond or making it higher.
      He has to appear again in September. Maybe he can buy a new alarm clock before then.

    11. "He's lucky the judge was lenient with him and let him enter his plea instead of revoking his bond or making it higher"

      Yes he is. Perhaps that is because he had a good reason for being late.

  16. Shall you do an article on the parents who were NOT suspected of anything and ended up being the ones that killed their child?

    I'm sure there are mistakes everywhere and with everyone. But there is no mistaking Justin's lack of caring, lack of action and lack of looking for his daughter.

    His actions (or lack of) cause people to deem him guilty. He has the power to change that, but he won't. Makes one wonder why? Well, makes some wonder why. Justin, where is Ayla?

  17. He arrived late on purpose--he was hoping most people would not be there and that the media would be gone. He is truly running scared-he knows his days are numbered! He hurried but he had to wait for Heidi to scrape his shorts clean and bleach them!