Thursday, July 25, 2013

Have you seen her?

Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, reported his child missing just before 9 a.m. on Dec. 17, 2011. DiPietro told authorities that he found an empty bed when he went to wake his child. Police say DiPietro, his girlfriend and his sister were all at home on the night of the disappearance. Won't you please help us find Ayla?


Have you seen Ayla?

Do you have any idea where we could look?

Please keep looking LE.

Tell everyone you know about Ayla.

She must not be forgotten!!

What can we do to create more awareness?

If you see Ayla Please Call  207-624-7076

Still today 19 months later police have not named DiPietro a suspect, or even a person of interest. They say they have ruled no one out and no one in, and that they are no closer to solving this case than they were on the morning of Dec. 17 when Ayla was reported missing.

How can they be no closer after over 19 months and thousands of tips along with hundreds of pieces of evidence? If something happened in that house, and more than one person knows what it was, how can they remain silent that long? If Ayla was taken by a family member from that home, how could she be kept from view this long? If she was taken by someone outside the family in the middle of the night, the percentage on chances of her safe return have been greatly reduced. The clock is ticking not only for the culprit, but also for Ayla. We need to come together as a group to create a greater awareness of the missing angel Ayla Reynolds. I do not know if LE reads the posts on this site, but if they do, PLEASE let Justice 4 Ayla know if there is anything more we can do.



  1. This sweet girl needs to be found and returned to her parents, first and foremost. I don't care what anyone is so "sure" happened, or what biases you have against anyone involved. She deserves to be home again. I pray it is soon. I pray she's alive and well. I pray that MSP is wrong. I pray the DiPietros are telling the truth. Anything less is unfair to sweet Ayla.

  2. Dana, this was a fair and open-minded post. Thank you!

    I hope the theory that a stranger took Ayla is explored more on this site. I personally don't believe that is the case. A stranger,imo, wouldn't know that much about the house and the management of the household to be able to pull off an abduction leaving no evidence (according to the police).

    Unless, of course, he/she had been shadowing the house and the inhabitants for a while. (See Phoebe's remarks about it being a creepy feeling to think someone is casing your house.)

    Phoebe seems to think her sheer curtins in the little cousins' shared bedroom gave the intruder the impetus to take Ayla. Phoebe said she replaced the sheer curtainls with heavier ones with "backing" on them.

    It seems as though her reasoning points to a person looking inside the bedroom through the sheer curtains and monitoring the two little girls and what time they usually went to bed. Could he be sure that Elisha would take Gabby out of the bedroom into her own that night?

    How did the kidnapper get into the house? Were the doors left unlocked? LE said the window to Ayla's room could not be opened.

    Would not Ayla have made a sound if pulled out of bed by a stranger? Would the kidnapper have come equipped with chloroform to be sure Ayla wouldn't cry out? Did he wait to take Ayla after Gabby went to her mother's room?

    Also, the time that Ayla was last seen: Was it eight when Justin said he put Ayla to bed or ten o'clock when Elisha said she took Gabby from the little girls' shared room into her own around 10:00? Did Elisha look then to see if Ayla was all right? Has Elisha ever said whether Ayla was in her bed when she took Gabby?

    Anyway, those are just some of the areas which could prompt a discussion about a stranger abduction, if anyone is interested in pursuing the discussion.

    1. Your most welcome and thanks for reading, and commenting for Ayla.

    2. Anon 12:45, excellent post and I agree with everything you said. I did hope that your comment sparks more conversation on you questions but I would like to know more about the last time checked.

      You say; "Also, the time that Ayla was last seen: Was it eight when Justin said he put Ayla to bed or ten o'clock when Elisha said she took Gabby from the little girls' shared room into her own around 10:00?"

      IIRC, the few articles I have seen on this only said a family member checked on Ayla at 10 PM. I know Elisha was the only other family member reported to have been in the house besides Justin. Is it possible that Phoebe stopped in and checked before her night out?

      I only ask because we have heard very little in the way of clarification on this particular point. I would greatly appreciate any links that may show a direct response from one of the three in the house.

    3. anon: 12:45 AM
      While the possibility of a stranger is there, I think it is a slim one. I would think the possibility would be stronger if it were a friend of the family, or a family member that removed her from the house. I don't understand how they could keep her hidden for this long though.

    4. Dana B., what prompted a family membe, or family frind of the DiPietros to take Ayla" I can only think of these possible reasons:

      1. Justin learned from someone in DHHS that Trista had filed for Parental R&R. He knew that he'd have to give Ayla back, at least until custody was settled, by legal proceedings.

      Justin and his family didn't want to return Ayla to Trista under any circumstance, so Ayla was given to a trusted friend or relative to hide Ayla. This person volunarily agreed to take on the responsibility of hiding Ayla and caring for her "until the time is right" for the truth to come out. As Justin noted,"The truth is patient." "The time being right"? Well, when Justin can gather proof Trista is an untrustworthy and negligent mom. Perhaps even an abusive mom.

      2.) Someone acquaintance of the DiPietros took Ayla, with no consent from Justin or his family, because the abductor knew of the turmoil in both Trista's and Justin's lives and decided that a better home could be found for this beautiful little girl. Like a really nice couple aching for a child to adopt.

      Justin may have been referring to this scenario in one of his statements. "You may think you are doing what's best for Ayla, but Ayla needs to be home with her parents." (Not an exact quote.) And more: "You are not her parent"",etc.

      Perhaps Justin suspects that it was a relative or friend of his who took Ayla and so he pleads for immunity for the abductor. Again, he does not seem overly anxious about her safety because he thinks he knows the person who took her is a caring person, although greatly misguided.

      3.) An acquaintance of the DiPietro family took Ayla. She/he had been in the house and observed the layout of the rooms and somehow learned that the doors were usually left unlocked. This person coveted Ayla for various reasons, either benevolent or nefarious.

      Let's say that person wanted a child desperately to love and raise (Has any adult usually seen around the Waterville and DiPietro scene disappeared since Dec.2011?)

      If the abductor had desired Ayla for his own evil puposes, again, did anyone notice an acquaintance's absence beginning in Dec. 2011?

      4.) The fourth and last theory I propose is that Ayla was kidnapped by a person who had been stalking the neighborhood and saw Ay;a and planned to kidnap her and hold her for ransome. The payout would likely come from the town citizens rallying through a fundraiser or from a rich benefactor.

      Unfortunately, before a ransome note could be written, chaos of some kind erupted and Ayla succombed in an accident leaving the kidnapper with something he had to dispose of in a hurry.

      Honetly, I can't think of any other scenarios in which a known person to the DiPietros abducted Ayla, but I am interested in other's theories.

      In the meantime what happened to Ayla? If she survived the abduction, and is alive with people who love her, where is she and why hasn't she been found?

    5. # 3 & # 4 were not on my list of thoughts. In the beginning I was suspicious of Justin wanting to keep Ayla away from Trista, or Trista wanting to get Ayla away from Justin. I feel it has been way to long for either of these to have likely happened. It doesn't mean they didn't, just the percentage of chances is a lot lower now. It would be extremely difficult to keep a child hidden that long with the publicity this case has had.

    6. Looking At The FactsJuly 26, 2013 at 9:56 PM

      Here is another theory, the timing of Trista filing and Ayla disappearing has bothered me for so long. I mean if Justin was suppose to return Ayla when Trista left rehab and he didn't why not file then. That story has always been hinky to me also. Suppose Trista had been talking to people and told someone her plan to seek custody of Ayla, this person she had also talked to about the layout of the house in describing Ayla's room to them or someone she talked to that had been in Justin's house and they knew the layout already. They then took it upon themselves to take Ayla not wanting her back in Trista's care and hearing stories from Trista of supposed abuse not wanting her with Justin either. To me it is not that far fetched since we have all fallen in love with Ayla and we have never met her imagine someone who had met her and thinking her life would probably be a train wreck with either parent. It would not be hard for anyone to take Ayla in the middle of the night and safely get anywhere before anyone knew she was missing. We hear plenty of stories of children abducted and living within miles of where they were taken without anyone knowing. i will also throw this out there that I live 30 miles from Waterville. I live in a very secluded area and could easily have Ayla hidden here without a person knowing. Not that I do but it is possible that she could be hidden right under our noses. Anyone familiar with the area could travel just a few miles in either direction of Waterville and find houses far of the road in a small little town and no one would know the difference if they had Ayla. And before anyone says explain the blood, i grew upin this house with 4 brothers i have since had 3 kids and 2 grandchildren in this house. I can almost guarantee if you used luminol in this house it would light up like the 4th of July and test positive for everyone. Just tonight my grandson cut his foot, not a big cut and there was blood from one end of the living room to the kitchen and a pool on the floor in front of the table.

    7. It is a possibility I suppose, the snag is you would never be able to have friends or family drop by. Her picture and flyers are everywhere, not to mention television news. You would have to live like the North Pond Hermit.

    8. @Anon 12:45 AM

      You said, “A stranger,imo, wouldn't know that much about the house and the management of the household to be able to pull off an abduction leaving no evidence (according to the police).” First off, I don’t remember the police ever making such a comment! Please be careful rewording comments from WPD or MSP! Also, Trista knew the lay-out of the house. She made it quite clear on a talk show interview. I’m not saying she kidnapped Ayla, but she did leave out the fact that her sister was there that night. That came out later! Why didn’t say then, her sister and her were at the motel that night, and she went to visist her fiancĂ© in next morning. Why did it take her so long to say this?

      I believe the whole “sheer curtains” issue brought up by Phoebe, is because her granddaughter disappeared. She’s thinking in retrospect. She is asking if someone was watching her granddaughters, because they were able to see in the room, I don’t believe it has anything to do with whether they knew another child was in the room or not.

      (Does anyone remember seeing an article/blog about a thief in Maine, robbing houses while the people were home and asleep? Massey (I forget, is he with MSP?), anyway, he compared it with moving a young child while they are asleep. Not only did the children not wake up, but the parents never woke and he was in their bedroom stealing items. It was fairly recently that I saw this article. Tori, I thought it may have been on one of your blogs, but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know what I’m talking about?)

      Was Ayla last seen at 8:00 or 10:00? I’m not sure what that would prove. If Gabby was fussy and Elisha went to get her, would she turn the bedroom light on? IMO, probably not because she would not want to risk waking Ayla. She would be quiet, probably have the hall light on, and get her daughter and go back to her bedroom.

      @John P. 4:11 PM

      “Is it possible that Phoebe stopped in and checked before her night out?” I don’t understand that comment. She owns the house, and lives there! Are you saying she came home from work, and later left to go out and on her way to her “night out” she turned around and went back to check on Ayla? Makes no sense to me John!


    9. I vaguely recall what you are talking about but remember it as a comment on a blog article about someone here whose house was broken into while they were all sleeping and no one knew someone was in the house, I will look though comments and see what I can find but I do vaguely recall reading that.

      I can say that I was told by a reputable source who heard it directly from Chief Massey that Phoebe was definitely not in Waterville that night but was in Augusta and her alibi checked out. I do not know if she stopped back in the house but doubt she would make a round trip from Augusta to Waterville to check on anyone since it is 30 min one way. She also would have no reason to not think her kids had things under control since they are the parents and are both adults. JMO. I agree Phoebe coming back or being there that night makes no sense to me

    10. @Anon 8:20 PM

      I still think it is odd that Trista filed for custody of Ayla the day before she disappeared. I don’t see how there is any possibility of Trista getting back Alya at that time, Did she know she couldn’t get Ayla back right away? Did she think that filing for “Parental Rights and Reponsiblities” would show she has no nothing to do with Ayla’s disappearance?

      Ransom, chaos, that’s far fetched to me.

      Your last sentence ending with, “why hasn't she been found?”, that really wouldn’t be hard to do, especially with an 18 month old child. Even with a little national coverage, most people have never heard of Ayla Reynolds. People may have read about Ayla (on a national news station) when she first disappeared, but most people don’t keep up and follow with news on that missing child.


    11. Thanks Tori! I think you're right, it was a comment. I also remember a "copy and paste" of the article of what Massey said.


    12. I did some reading last night to see how common and what m.o. mothers abducting their own children would use and under what circumstances. It seems that most mothers who abduct their own children do it for two reasons, mostly. One, social services are involved and they fear that they will lose then permanently. Two, financial gain. They get someone to abduct them and have the illusion they can get not only a ransom but possibly publicity and fame. Sounds crazy, right? I had hours of reading from one google search and before everyone tells me I'm full of crap, there was a woman in New York who abducted her 8 children from a supervised visit and kept them hidden for a week.. She probably would have hidden them longer if she hadn't brought them to a family members home. There was a woman who got her love interest and his friend to kidnap her daughter for a ransom. It took a month to find her and only after the ransom was paid and the united states army assisted. Just think if you had only one child to hide and people in various parts of the country to hide her with. Think she wouldn't do it? Who would have thought her best friend would pull off a jailbreak? Who would have thought a stand up guy like Ron would attempt to use a knife on a family member? Who would think that Ayla's responsible caring aunty that was taking such good care of her would have her own children removed from her care? Who would think that the son of a fireman and upstanding local business owner would attempt to kill more than a dozen people by burning down their home while they slept? Still think it's not possible for Trista to take Ayla and hide her? How about the case of the little boy who was taken by his babysitter as a baby and want found for 8 years? He was found alive and well. For 8 years she hid him, with the authorities KNOWING she was the one who took him. Her mother helped her. It is possible!! Did Trista take Ayla? I don't know. I'm just sick of it not being an option for most people because she had means and motive.

    13. Kidnapping scenario does not hold water. #4 above would mean Justin knew someone killed his daughter and did not report it (because he was in the house that night and the chaos would have happened at least in part by his bed where the blood was.) That's beyond improbable.

      Both kidnapping and voluntary handoff fail. Justin claimed to be home with Ayla (and others) the evening of the 16th; went to bed at a normal time. Not knowing what's normal, but knowing they are young adults, maybe midnight? That leaves 8 hours til the family woke up and claimed Ayla was gone.

      Assuming abduction, that leaves 8 hours in which there was an abduction, a blood-letting involving Ayla that ended by Justin's bed, a clean-up of the blood by his bed and elsewhere in the house and on the property, time for the cleaned areas to dry, removal of the clean-up items and removal of Ayla- an intruder did this and 5 people slept through it all? Did the intruder clean in the dark so as not to awaken the three people sleeping near the blood being cleaned? Or did all three sleep through a light being turned on and someone tromping in and out with cleaning supplies?

      If it was a voluntary hand-off, explain the substantial quantity of Ayla's blood in the house, most especially by Justin's bed.

      Focus on physical facts:
      1. entry from bedroom window impossible
      2. exit from bedroom window didn't happen
      3. Some of Ayla's blood visible to naked eye and some with Luminol- ergo, blood was cleaned-up
      4. Ayla lived there 59 days, visited only a couple times before that-- not much time to have been bleeding in various places in the house in the substantial amount indicated by police
      5. The size of the drops indicate blunt force trauma and/or aspiration
      6. There's no indication anywhere of medical intervention/if there were, police would not be looking for a deceased baby and they are

      to be continued

    14. continued

      When you look at a crime, you look at means, motive and opportunity. Who had those in this case? The most obvious choice is Justin DiPietro. Is he the only choice? No, not necessarily. But look at the evidence - three people jump off the radar when it comes to opportunity- the three adults in the house where Ayla was on Dec. 16 and possibly also Derek Tudela who reported being in the house that day and Phoebe who lives there and may have been there at some point prior to the evening when her alibi kicked in.

      Justin was in the house with Ayla all day if we are to believe his version of events (save a trip to buy wine). Courtney arrived in the evening. Elisha probably arrived after a day at work. Who had the most opportunity? Who was in the best position, potentially, to hide Ayla's absence from the others without it raising an alarm if Ayla was fatally injured earlier than the evening? If Ayla was injured during the evening when all were present, who was best-equipped to hide it from the others- wouldn't that be the parent who can keep the others from checking her room?

      Who had the strongest potential motive? Justin took out a life insurance policy on Ayla's life; he had to pay child support to Ayla's mother; he previously injured Ayla seriously during the 59 days she lived with him; he had a current relationship with a woman who was not Ayla's mother.

      Courtney: dating a man who fathered Ayla with another woman and had ongoing communications with her regarding Ayla; possibly knew Justin was cheating on her with Trista

      Elisha: her brother brought his gorgeous baby girl to live in the house where she and her baby lived with their mother.

      When it comes to means, any adult with access could have lashed out and hurt her or failed to supervise her resulting in injury. Of the three, Courtney and Elisha both have children who appear, at least on the surface, to be well-cared for. Justin injured Ayla on a prior occasion and did not get medical assistance immediately. Justin's own mother said she worried about him kicking in doors when upset. Justin had 59 days experience being Ayla's caretaker, whereas Courtney and Elisha had cared for their babies of similar age for more like two years. Which one was most likely to inflict unintentional or intentional injury based on what we can see?

      Who had the best opportunity (if no conspiracy) to clean the evidence and hide the body? Justin was alone with her most of the day. The others were never alone with her from what we know and not alone in the house. Who had cars at the house that night? Who reportedly left the house that afternoon and that night?

      Conspiracy, Justin, or stranger?

    15. should say save a trip to buy wine and an afternoon Christmas shopping trip

    16. telling it like it isJuly 27, 2013 at 1:42 AM

      90% of your "it had to be Justin" comments is bullshit. There is mostly speculation in your words. You can't use made up shit from your buddies over at u4a to present your case. Get some facts and try again, bone head.

    17. Looking At The FactsJuly 27, 2013 at 8:48 AM

      I had posted a link of someone breaking into peoples houses in the middle of the night in Belfast. Here is one of the articles not sure if it was the original one I posted

    18. Thanks Looking. I think the link you gave is the case I was asking about, it sounds familiar. I remember though, a comment made (I said it was Massey but it could have been McFadden) that compared this burglar going through people's houses while they slept, to moving a child while they were sleeping and the child never woke up.

      Anyway, my point is, that someone can come into your house without you knowing it, this man did it in several houses, and the police compared it to being able to move a child while they are sleeping. For MSP to say it is not possible for it to happen, in the DiPietro home, is absurd to me. And just because they did not find evidence of an abduction, does not mean there wasn't one.


  3. Thank you Dana. Very heartfelt Post!

    I submitted something for posting. I hope it helps.
    I sent it to Katie. It is the least I can do for Ayla.

    1. Great thanks for the compliment and for submitting something to be posted for Ayla.

  4. Dana, Thank You for all you do, and have done for Ayla. You are a true voice and of true heart for this missing Angel. May she be found and brought home today!

  5. Answers for Ayla is all anyone wants. Ty Dana, I shared this on Ayla's Angel page

  6. Kind of off topic:

    My question is who's lying??? State police or Justin Dipietro???

    1. Justin has lied before...I don't know about the state police.

  7. Re: Yesterday's proceedings. The old adage "better late than never" comes to mind.

    According to today's Morning Sentinel, Justin claims to have arrived at court on time. How could that be in light of all the media buzz generated by his failure to appear?

    Wouldn't the presiding judge have demanded an explanation from Justin for his tardiness if he were late?

    Was a bench warrant ever executed?

    Conflicting reports for sure.

    1. McKee, Tori explained it to me that at the courthouse in Portland, the Judge called his name three times, he did not respond. A warrant was issued by the judge. However, the defendant has until the end of the day to still be seen if the judge has time. If the judge is busy then the defendant must ask in writing for an extension and reason why they missed the original date. If both fail to occur, then on Friday the warrant would have resulted in an arrest. The county clerk was reported to state that Justin arrive at 10 AM, asked to see the judge and the judge agreed. Therefore the arrest warrant was not executed. I believe that is how Tori explained it to me, if I missed or messed it up Tori will have to correct it for me.

      I have a question for you, or whoever can answer. I understand why you are questioning the discrepency though I will believe 8 media outlet reporters over one Justin comment to the newspaper. But I also do not know if you are commenting elsewhere where someone may be able to answer, but my question is why did he not show up 15 minutes early with a prepared comment to bring awareness to his missing, claimed to be abducted, daughter? Secondly, why did he not mention her name in either of the telephonic interviews he did last night? Three opportunities to bring awareness all missed by the father who claims his child was abducted. So arrogant and so sorry all at the same time IMO!

    2. In my opinion, I think Justin was at the courthouse when he was supposed to be but think his lawyer or a lawyer if he doesn't have one, advised him that the media was or would be there and not to go into the court room until the media left. I think Justin was alerted when the media left and then when in to plea. The judge likely was aware of this but had to go through the whole process of calling his name etc so media would think he was a no show and vacate the courtroom.

      Many will ask why would a judge do that? The judge probably did not want a three ring circus in his courtroom over what has been deemed an unrelated matter so was inclined to carry out this charade.

      And yes John you explained it correctly. If this wasn't a premeditated action on the part of the judge and a lawyer, then Justin would have had until the end of the business day to request to see the judge if late for court, the judge then would have made a decision to see him or not. Most judges will see them if they appear that day and have a good reason for being late. If the judge refused to see him, Justin would have been required to write the court a letter explaining his absence and request a continuance. He would have had until Friday to get this letter in because even though the judge issued a bench warrant, they are not distributed until Friday before the end of the business day. If Friday came and Justin had not requested a continuance or requested one and it was denied, a warrant would have been issued. An arrest would only happen if police were able to track down Justin after the warrant was issued.

      Likely if a warrant had been issued, he would have been arrested and posted the $300 bail and been released.

    3. I have the same thoughts Tori, regarding Justin's court appearance.
      I don't blame him for wanting to avoid the media, with regard to this issue.

      As far as answering any questions to a reporter about the incident between him & Courtney,...I wouldn't have answered any of those either. It's not the public's business.

    4. I can't say I blame him for avoiding the media on this issue either or refusing to answer any questions. He has a court case pending in this matter and anything said regarding this matter can and most likely will be used against him in court. Regardless of what anyone thinks of him, he has a right to a fair trial and to appropriately defend himself so not speaking on this issue is his best bet to ensure he does not say anything that can be used against him.

    5. Tori...thanks for the explanation. That certainly seems plausible.

  8. Given that they can wait all day to be called, maybe he was just in the bathroom.

  9. I do want to thank all that comment here, some I haven't seen for awhile. Glad to see you back and still being voice's for Ayla. We need her brought back home.

  10. John P.

    I listened to the Blog Talk radio program that you did concerning Ayla. I thought it was commendable, as Ayla can use all of the awareness possible.

    During the program you said that you wanted to be honest, and I think you felt you were being. I guess you were telling things from your perspective.
    There were some things that were inaccurate, ..most notably to me;

    When did MSP ever say that there was a pool of blood by Justin's bed?
    When did MSP ever say that Ayla's blood was distributed throughout the house?

    How about when you were talking about the fight between Lance and Justin L. Was that an accurate and honest account?
    You implied that both Lance and Justin beat up on Justin L.
    "They kicked his butt all over Waterville"
    What an exaggeration!!

    1. telling it like it isJuly 27, 2013 at 1:08 AM

      Because j.p. makes up his own reality. It's bullshit land... he's king turd.

    2. Telling it first to you, you have cursed and called names throughout this post by Dana. You have yet to speak of Ayla. Grow up or go home please.

      Anon 1
      Fair questions both of them. I was simply speaking and have to admit that I was nervous wanting to speak for Ayla as accurately as possible. In regards to the pool of blood by the bed, it was not stated by MSP it was deied by McCausland, the pool was stated by the maternal family, that it was spread throughout the house was stated by the maternal family and evidence with the 30-40 pictures shown to Trista in January as "unequivocal evidence". On the show I also said that MSP speaks little, the paternal family does not, and the maternal family has been speaking Fror Ayla since day one. Did I speak from a peronal perspective, I imagine so, but it is what is available to the public.

      As for Lances beatdown of JL, I would call it exactly as you sa. I would say beating him to the side walk and kicking him in the face is a beatdown. I am sorry you implied something I did not state. I do recall stating specifically that they were driving together only. I stated specifically what Lance alone was charged with. If you imply from that I am sorry but I can not respond to what I did not say.

      Thanks though for being respectful in your questions unlike another.

    3. Thanks for responding John.
      I'm just going to leave it at that.

  11. "How about when you were talking about the fight between Lance and Justin L. Was that an accurate and honest account?
    You implied that both Lance and Justin beat up on Justin"

    I may be off base...but do we all agree that JD was the driver of Lance, who did the thugging?

    If a person drives a get away car in a liquor store holdup or waits in the driver's seat while his pals clean out a bank, in the eyes of the law, he is as guilty as the person committing the actual robbery.

    That JD says he didn't see anything is really laughable, but,hey,it's Justin. He has gotten away with this kind of alibi since his childhood. And he is a special and entitled case. Rules do not apply to him. Just ask him. He doesn't have to answer to anybody! His latest snarky answers to reporters about his late court appearance do nothing for his image. "I was just where I needed to be."

    Most of his actions since the disappearance of his child in his house under his care...and he heard and saw nothing. Par for the course.

    I can only imagine what he told LE about his child's disappearance. "I didn't hear nothing...and that's that." Justin likes to conclude the possibility that he will answer any more questions. He knows his image is in the toilet everytime he opens his mouth. And he is too far above it all to answer for himself.

    1. Anon 8:34...Did JL press charges against Justin?

      Take your issue up with WPD.

    2. Oh, please, Kitty, for heaven's sake, isn't it obvious that all legal entities in the state of Maine are wary of the DiPietros? Not, that I blame them.

  12. MM says:

    If I were in that situation, I would be saying, “Think what you want of me, but please help me find my daughter.”

    “You can hate me if you want, say what you want about me but please look for my daughter, my baby girl, you can hate me all you want later.”

    Did Trista ever say ANYTHING even resembling this?

    1. I'll answer that mckeekitty. NO, she didn't! She just kept bashing Justin. As a commenter once said (sorry I can't recall who it was), it always seemed to be a custody battle with Trista.


    2. mountain mama says: July 27, 2013 at 12:46

      Sorry if I confused you McKee, I was referring to Justin not mentioning Ayla when speaking to reporters about his court appearance for his domestic violence assault charge. As far as I know Trista has never been in that situation either.

      My bad, MM...I should have put it in context of the court appearance.

      My position remains the same. Did Trista ever state anything remotely resembling:

      “Think what you want of me, but please help me find my daughter.”

      “You can hate me if you want, say what you want about me but please look for my daughter, my baby girl, you can hate me all you want later.”

      There. Hope we cleared up that cobweb, MM.

    3. OMG, Justin is supposed to use his court appearance for a domestic violence charge as a way to plead for his daughter's return!!! Your comment was very clear.

      I guess MM is taking over for John P.'s comment, or vice versa.

      They are out to get you mckeekitty, you renegade!!! :)

      These two are very odd in their reasoning, or are they lacking in reading comprehension? Maybe they are just spiteful people. I guess they just don't like anyone who doesn't agree with their thoughts. They are annoying to me!


    4. GRP, to each their own, and YES, if Justin cares for Ayla, he could easily have used the reporters at the courthouse to raise awareness for Ayla. Wanna see check this out.

      "Me talking as if I were in Justins shoes "Ladies and Gntleman of the media, I am here with a prepared satatement. First off I am not going to be commenting on my reason for being here today, but I would like to re-focus your attentions on Ayla Bell Reynolds. My daughter was abducted the night of 16 Dec 2011 and she is still missing. Ayla if you can hear me, I love you and miss and am fighting to get you back home with daddy" I could go on but you get my meaning. So GRP, HELL YES I expected him to USE THE MEDIA FOR AYLA!!!!!!

      McKee, you asked if Trista had said anything even resembling the comments. I say she opened her life to ridicule, hatred and scorn from day 1 stating exactly what she was in rehab for, her sexual indiscretions with JD etc. So yeah I think she has been saying things "resembling" Mama's comments since the beginning. If she had not, there wold not have been so much ammo to tear her apart with. JMO but that would be my answer to your question.

    5. John...I have never been critical of Trista for seeking help. On the contrary, I applaud her efforts to get sober for the sake of her children. Nor have I ever judged Trista's sex life. It isn't my business.

      What I AM critical of why is why Trista would arrange for Ayla to stay with Justin in the first place if Trista suspected Justin of abusing Ayla in the past.

      That just makes no sense to me.

      Trista also states that she didn't get Ayla from Justin earlier because she thought Ayla was safe and being well cared for.

      That just makes no sense to me.

      What about the bruising? Pulled leg muscle. Broken arm?

      And no, John. I never heard Trista plead to the public to help her find Ayla.

    6. McKee, I can't clear your confussion of why Trista did the things you ask, you would have to ask her. My understanding of the arrangements is clearly different than yours.

      But if you felt I was saying you did than I misspoke. You asked a question when Trista had said anything "resembling" Mama's quote. Trista opening her life and the posting on U4A of how Trista blamed herself very much resembled what Mama said IMO and that was all it was meant to show.

      You end by saying "And no, John. I never heard Trista plead to the public to help her find Ayla." To this I can only say I am sorry.

  13. What's the last time anybody checked on Ayla on the night of the 16th of Dec.? We've read reports of Justin putting her to bed at eight and "a family member checking on her at 10:00". We've heard no family member stating that Ayla was okay at ten "When I checked on her, she was sleeping like a lamb!" Somebody had to have done the checking. So why couldn't it have been Phoebe as John above asked? She's a "family member". Head of the household, in fact.

    Do we know when Phoebe left the house for her all-night date? No. Do we know when Phoebe arrived in Augusta for her mysterious rendevous? No.

    Do we know anything much about the goings on with the household members that night? No. Hush, hush. State secret.

    Maybe Phoebe came home from work, ate dinner, showered and then left a bit later to meet her friend.

    Ten sounds a bit late for such an enterprise, but maybe the bars or clubs don't really start jumping 'til much later in the evening. or perhaps Phoebe and her friend didn't have bars and clubs on their minds. Perhaps Phoebe's date had to come a fair mile and could not meet her until much later in the evening.

    It does seem likely, however, that Phoebe would have mentioned checking on Ayla around important happening for the timeline if she did do it. After she recanted her initial story with CNN about the unexciting Friday night of young adults, she never said anything about checking on Ayla in either of her two stories.

    I don't think it was Phoebe who checked on Ayla, but it reminds me of how difficult it is to find out the somebody who last saw Ayla.

    None of them in that house want to say too much. So the "family member" who checked on Ayla will likely remain a deep dark secret.

    Maybe nobody in the house bothered to check on Ayla at ten. perhaps there was no need.

  14. McKee Kitty and GetReal----would you show so much disrespect for a missing and big possibility murdered baby girl-IF THIS WAS YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER OR DAUGHTER?????

    1. I don't think either one are showing, or have shown, any disrespect for Ayla.
      They are trying to sort through some of this big giant mess. Yes mess. The disappearance of Ayla is riddled with nothing but rumors, gossip and innuendo.
      If it was my daughter or granddaughter I'd be thankful that they, and others, try to seek the truth.

    2. God, Anonymous1.

      Thank you. That was a very kind comment.

      I IS a mess.

    3. "We love you, tiger!"
      "You are the greatest, McKee."
      "What would we ever do without your voice, McKee?"
      "Keep telling it like it really is, McKee!"
      "You are a great voice for, Ayla, McKee!"
      "ITA, McKee!"
      "You are sensational, McKee!"
      "We are so lucky to have you speaking the truth, McKee. Keep it coming!"
      "Ayla is lucky to have you asking the "real" questions, McKee!"
      "Let's hear it for McKee!"
      "McKee, you really hit the nail on the head with that post!"
      "Everything you have ever said is the truth and more, McKee!"
      "McKee for president! Hooray!"

    4. Jealous much?

      Or more appropriately-juvenile and petty. People don't praise others on U4A?

      If you don't like who posts here, or the jist of what is said or not said, why bring your hate and vitriol here? Oh that's right, you just come here to cause hate and discontent...

    5. Thank you Anonymous1, :)


  15. These supporters of Justin just make me so sick! Put yourself in Trista's shoes(Yes, she's made mistakes As so many others have-)-If this was your child or grandchild? Wouldn't you really like to know :WHAT HAPPENED TO CAUSE BLOOD LOSS BY A LITTLE GIRL _IN THAT HOUSE?

    1. Mistakes have been made on both sides, everyone wants to know what happened, but they won't say how much blood loss. There has been statements that Ayla cut her foot. So for now we have to accept that explanation, until LE says more accurate of a quantity than a small cut would produce.

  16. Think this over carefully-take a few minutes of your time and truly THINK! How would you handle this, if it was YOUR CHILD?

    1. From either side I would say to LE. What are you saying here give me a better answer than a small cut would produce. If you want to accuse me of something come out and say it. If I was Trista I would say. If you are accusing Ayla's father of causing her harm give me an accurate amount. Not just more than a small cut would cause. Don't say through someone else more than a cup, and then through the media which you can be held accountable for, we only said more than a small cut would produce.

    2. I agree, Dana, that if Trista is off the suspect list, she should have been told more specifics.

      But then LE is notoriously reluctent to tell anybody anything in most investigations of this type. Just read other cases resembling this one. LE is always trying to protect everything they've discovered for a forthcoming court case and they don't want anything compromised.

      Trista used to be quite open to the media. She could have probably given a lot away that LE didn't want out there. She wasn't exactly easy to follow or circumspect in what she said when she was speaking out.

      I'm not condemming her because I think I'd be out of my mind and not making much sense if my child were missing. At least she spoke out and acted as if she cared deeply that her daughter was missing.

      Justin, on the other hand said in one of his interviews that it was not the time to speak out. I guess he thought he knew more than could be told. Someone in LE denied that Justin was instructed not to speak out about his daughter.

      There's another reason for silence in the matter of police investigations. Don't tell anybody anything because your investigation is flawed. IMO, that's why the Haleigh Cummings case in Florida has been permenantly declared an ongoing long as it is deemed so,it is not open to the Sunshine Laws.

    3. I think the thing for me is I don't really want to attack either one of them. I only want to continue keeping Aylas name out there. LE will do the proving of guilt. The feelings people have about who did what to who are just a part of the vessel we use to keep her name out there. Justin there really is no defending the silence. He is what he is and he will have to give an answer some day for that. All I can do is answer for how I have conducted myself. I need to keep this about Ayla.

  17. Hmm. Seems like more than a few here believe that Ayla is not dead, not in peril, but just living elsewhere and doing fine, fine, fine!

    I think even her father and grandmother and aunt believe this. Status quo is okay with them, thank you. Perhaps Ayla will grab a cab and come home on her own, someday. Maybe when she finishes high school, she'll want to touch base, revisit the scene of the crime, and give some special hugs to the relatives who wrote her off fairly quickly.

    I think it is very strange why no one in the Violette house that fateful night awoke and saw a bushy-haired stranger absconding with a screaming Ayla. Now, that would have cemented the kidnapping story a little bit better. But panic probably ruled events that day or night and time was short so imaginative stories about the kidnapping were left to romance novelist, Angela Harry.

    Lots of pie in the sky to go around over here, right?

    1. Some believe she could be alive. It is a possibility, but then so is the other a possibility.No pie in the sky just not ready to give up on her yet. I suppose if it were your child you would want everyone to give up now? How long do you hold out with hope? Me I hold out until they have definite proof. When they change it from we don't think to we know Ayla will not be found alive. If that's pie in the sky give me seconds.

    2. But Dana, Justin does not believe she is alive, right?
      He hasn't done a lick to find her. Forget actively searching for her, how about keeping her name out there by agreeing to interview? Nah, can't deal with that; people twist his words.

      Well, how about having Heidi write you a piece to read, Justin? Not bloody likely. He's done with the "case". (Justin calls his daughter's disappearance a "case".)

      Even when Angela Harry promised him a "fair" reporter for an interview, Justin refused to agree, even after AH boasted that she could get him to do one. Angela is often red-faced defending the events of the 16th, so it was not a new feeling for her.

      Either Justin cared nothing for Ayla, and didn't bond as a father, or he knows there's no sense in looking for Ayla, she doesn't need his help.

      Ah, well, I don't understand either parent. Children are replaceable. Where Ayla came from, many could follow! Just ask Justin and Trista.

      I doh't suspect Trista in her daughter's disappearance only because LE doesn't consider her a suspect. Ayla disappeared from Justin's house under his care with "no evidence of a kidnapping".

      All the inhabitants of that house are zipper-lipped. They show no efforts to find Ayla and no anxiety about her absence. I guess Ayla must be with a kind and caring kidnapper, after all. No wonder all the DiPietros can relax.

    3. Number one I never stated Justin should be named father of the year. I really don't think there was time to bond it doesn't happen over night.
      Number two No one has been ruled in or out according to LE Trista is someone so I take that to include her also.
      Number three I never stated Trista was up for mother of the year either. Although there was a bonding there, and I would strongly believe she loves her daughter Ayla very much.

    4. "Number two No one has been ruled in or out according to LE Trista is someone so I take that to include her also"

      Really, Dana? When has LE indicated that Trista or any of her relatives didn't pass "the straight-face test"?

      When did any investigator say that Trista and her relatives "were not forthcoming" about what happened to Ayla?

      When did any LE member say that Trista and her relatives "were not telling all they knew"?

      Was Trista or her relatives places of residence called a place where "foul play" occurred?

      Did LE say that Ayla's blood was found in a residence where Trista or any of her relatives lived?

      Was Trista admonished by LE for not keeping Ayla awareness in the media? On the contrary, LE commended the maternal family for doing just that.

      Does LE even regularly call anyone a susoect, or even a POI? As soon as they do, the lawyers come into defend the listed suspect and all talk goes by the by.

      Elisha, Phoebe, and Justin all have lawyers. Does Trista? I would hope she does, but for another reason, rather than defending her as a suspect in Ayla's disappearance.

    5. Well you know I could be wrong I am not perfect. Let me put it this way I didn't hear him say she was ruled out or in. I also didn't hear him say Justin was ruled out or in. No person of interest or suspect means all are suspect until LE says otherwise. I respect your interpretation to what LE means when he says no one has been ruled out and no one has been ruled in. I ask though you let me have mine.

    6. Let's think about exactly what MSP has said about Trista. First of all, regarding keeping Ayla in the public eye, Steve McCausland said "One side" which would indicate that Trista/Jeff are on one side, with the DiPietro's being on the "other" side, but no where did he say Trista was on their side.

      About the "unequivocal evidence"? Steve said, "what a mother" should know, not what "the" mother (of Ayla Reynolds) should know indicating they are keeping information away from "the" mother and only telling her what "a" mother should know, which usually is next to nothing. Trista has repeatedly told us LE tells her nothing, only to leak more information. Where is she getting her info?

      Finally, Trista tells us that MSP flat out told her they would not back up anything she said, and they haven't, well, except for one tiny thing, the life insurance policy. They admitted there was one and that's the last they've spoken of it.

      To me, this could indicate that they have not ruled Trista out as a suspect. They are obviously treating her as a liability.

  18. I say you are welcome to it, Dana.

  19. For Dana.

    MSP has never confirmed the amount of blood found that was attributed to Ayla. NOT even the "more than a small cut would produce".

    From the Morning Sentinel, Jan. 30, 2012 (Police found Ayla's blood)
    ...."The testing has not been completed and more work remains, but we have found samples of Ayla's blood," he said.

    The site also says that police told the family the amount of blood is "more than a small cut would produce."

    McCausland wouldn't say how much blood had been discovered at the home.

    From the Kennebec Journal, Feb 1 2012
    .... Family members later posted similar information on a website,, saying police told them there was "more blood than a small cut would produce," a detail that McCausland still won't confirm.

    1. He also said "the discovery of the blood was troubling". Well, if you found say, 3 or 4 drops of blood, and then did a luminol test, which revealed evidence of even more cleaned up blood, wouldn't you consider that troubling? Especially when the child is reported missing a few day's earlier?

      I sure would.

    2. The site also says that police told the family the amount of blood is "more than a small cut would produce."

      McCausland wouldn't say how much blood had been discovered at the home.

      It was reported Saturday that police found blood in the house at 29 Violette Ave. when they searched it in December.

      The family contended on the website that state police shared the discovery with them, but planned to withhold the information from the media.

      McCausland said Sunday police had initially decided to withhold information that the blood belongs to Ayla because police need to perform tests on other samples.

      "I prefer not to give out partial results, but (the Reynolds) family has released that tonight, and that information is correct," he said.

      Anon 1, In this Morning Sentinel report from Jan 29, 2012 by Ben McCanna (dated Jan 30 and Jan 29 on google search engines so not sure if you are refering to this link), when you read 3-4 more lines down from where it says "McCausland wouldn't say how much blood had been discovered at the home." notice McCausland then says specifically "I prefer not to give out partial results, but (the Reynolds) family has released that tonight, and that information is correct," he said.

      IMO, when placed in context of the entire article, McCausland most definately confirms that it was "more than a small cut would produce.", and there are other articles from other sources than the Morning Sentinel & Kennebec Journal referenced above which I wont bother listing.

    3. John,
      I think there are many who interpret the same article differently.
      I don't think it is that big of a deal though.

    4. Anonymous 2:18

      Yes I would

    5. What if the police were referring to the amount of Trista's blood being more than a small cut would produce?

      It could happen, right?

      We know they found Ayla's blood and others. Trista admits her blood was found on sheets. How much of this "more than a small cut" to "a cupful" of this blood was Ayla's, how much was Trista's, and how much was the cleaned up blood?

      The cleaned up blood, especially if they used luminol on it, will never be able to be accurately tested, so they will never know whose it is. Leaking that information is tantamount to watching a dog chasing it's tail. They think they have something, but it goes no where.

    6. I thought that was the purpose of luminol. To check for cleaned blood if they got a hit on it they could determine who's blood it was. I was also under the impression they could determine if it was menstrual blood, so they would know it wasn't Ayla's

  20. IIRC, the first post regarding the blood on did not specify an amount. This later changed to more than a small cut would produce which morphed into more than a cupful.