Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nichole Cable, RIP.

Just last night, at 9:30 PM, Maine State Warden Service and Maine State Police located a female body in an area with low running water in Old Town, Maine. It was presumed the body was that of Nichole Cable, a seemingly bright, loving, adorable 15 year old from Glenburn, Maine, who went missing on Sunday, May 12 - Mother's Day. Since the day of her reported disappearance, Nichole's Mother, Step-Father and Father have all been painfully attempting to aid police in the search and, hopefully thought at that time, rescue of their daughter they believed to be abducted. As the week went on, Nichole's family spoke words of heartache, worry, and anger. Why was their beautiful daughter taken from them? Where was she? Was she safe, warm, being taken care of? Was she hurt? Her family was living every parents nightmare, a missing child. Maine State Police, Game Wardens and other services conducted ground, air and water searches for Nichole over the span of a week. When they finally asked for public help, items started turning up that seemed to be related to her mysterious absence. Meanwhile, unknown to the public, 20 year old Kyle Dube from Orono, Maine, was sitting in Penobscot County Jail, having turned himself in on unrelated motor vehicle offenses. As police dug deeper, they found connections between Kyle and Nichole. Kyle's mother had called MSP and informed them that Nichole had in fact been to their house in the weeks previous to her disappearance. Kyle, no doubt feeling the pressure and probably realizing he could and would never outsmart MSP, reportedly confessed to her murder. As of this morning, Kyle Dube has been charged with First Degree Murder of Nichole Cable. The Ford Black Ranger previously assumed to be connected to Nichole's vanishing was, in fact, Kyle's father's truck. According to his facebook postings, Kyle has a temper, and a "crazy" rage when he is angry.

The next few days should promise to be very interesting. When Kyle is arraigned in court tomorrow morning, and all paperwork becomes public knowledge, hopefully we should have more insight into just what happened to this little girl who had a vast majority of her life left to live. Until then, I am pleased to see the quick, hard work that all Law Enforcement agencies put into Nichole's disappearance.

Many people have begun saying they wished the same had happened for Ayla. May I ask, however, if they were able to locate Nichole through the vast ground, land and water searches, that maybe there are alternative reasons to not finding Ayla yet? Maybe, just maybe, Ayla is alive, and I am one of the biggest wishers of this hope. Maybe Ayla is alive, and the reason for no scent trail is simply that of removal by vehicle. I wish, hope and dream that you all keep those positive thoughts in mind. And during those thoughts, please pray and hope for Nichole's family. They lost Nichole far too early in her precious life, and at the hands of a very sick, twisted individual. My heart goes out to her entire family, friends, and the community.


  1. Katie...I had great hopes that Nichole was a runaway and would eventually return home when ready. Alas, not the case.

    Facebook can be very dangerous terrain, especially for teens. Nichole's story should be a cautionary one about the dark side of social media.

    Sending thoughts of strength to her family and friends.

  2. I had very bad feelings that this was not going to end well for Nicole and her family. I am so disheartened to find my feelings were correct. (in this case) I so wanted to be wrong.

    Along with McKee, and I'm sure everyone, I send thoughts of strength to Nicole's family, as well as Kyle's.

    My hope that Ayla is alive, and will be found, has never faded.

  3. There are adults who know exactly what happened to Ayla and where she is located. It's sickening how they can keep their mouths shut while others support their bad behavior. Sickening.

    They know and people know they know. Ayla will be able to rest when one of those that know grows a conscience.

  4. I have seen nowhere in a reputable news source that he has confessed to the murder? Can you please sight your source? The link you have dose not say he confessed.