Monday, March 11, 2013

What IF?

This is a guest submission I received anonymously. I know lately things have seemed to be more one sided on the blog without a post from Katie offering up a different perspective. I encourage anyone who has a theory, a question, a point they want to make, whatever to submit a post to me at for submission. It can be posted anonymously, under a username, or under your own name just let me know beforehand. Don't worry about formatting or spellchecking or proper grammar, I can take care of that without altering the message. this blog is chock full of intuitive and intelligent minds. All perspectives are welcomed here and even if I or others don't agree with the opinion, we all should respect each other for their opinion and if we can't, we shouldn't be on this particular blog. Debate and discussion is normal, healthy, expected, and encouraged but by no means do I want anyone's voice silenced. 

What if, let's play what if. (WARNING: This is all a story, it's not true.)

For the sake of this story, I am going to assume that Ayla died in the Violette Avenue home that night, with the three adults present.  This is a story, purely speculation and pretend.  But let's just say:

That the three adults in the home know what happened to Ayla.   That one of them caused the injuries that killed Ayla.  The other two were helpers in the cover up.  So together, they decide to stay silent to protect the one.  Of course, they also believe that they are protecting themselves as well. After all they did help cover up and nothing can be done for Ayla now, she's gone.
Subject 1 removes Ayla from the home and leaves to hide her body. Leaving Violette Avenue, subject one heads down Rangeway to Kennedy Memorial Drive and on to Washington Avenue. The other two, subject 2 and subject 3 are left at home to start the clean up process.   When subject 1 returns, they continue to clean up as they discuss what to do next.  This is not something they wanted to happen, but now that it has, they must come up with a story.   This is when they decide that the only story that makes sense is if Ayla was kidnapped.  There isn't much time.  They agree to the kidnapping story as they continue to clean.  They spend a good part of their night trying to rid the house of any evidence of Ayla's injuries and subsequent death. All the while, making sure they each have the same story to tell. They are counting on each other to stick to the same story. 
It's time. Subject 1 calls 9-1-1 tries to tell the story, but panics and hangs up.   The other two tell subject one to call again.  This has to be done, there is no other way.   Subject 1 tries again, but hangs up once more.   9-1-1 calls back, subject 1 tells them the story.   It won't be long now, the police will be at the door.   They discuss their story one more time, just to make sure they have it straight.  They walk the house and make sure they have not left any tell tale signs.
They think they are all set.   The investigators take control of the house.  Almost three weeks later, the investigators have gone over the home with a fine toothed comb.  There is nothing the investigators missed.   They turn over their findings to the labs.   Now, they just have to wait.
Six months have passed.   No arrests.  They are safe.
It's been more than a year.  The three subjects are pretty confident that they have done everything right.  They have convinced the other people around them, that a kidnapping happened and they are being persecuted in the media and by the bloggers.  They have friends putting up flyers and billboards, helping to build a pretty picture of how they miss Ayla.  Not all are so easily convinced.
There are many who do not believe in the subjects innocence.  Information regarding the results of some of the investigative finds are put out in the media.  Some from law enforcement, some from the family of Ayla herself.  Investigative findings are not matching a kidnapping scenario. The adult subjects are starting to become nervous, but they assure each other that they will each stick to the story.  They strongly feel if they all do that, none of them will be found out.  They remind each other of what needs to be done to maintain the farce. 
But, subject 2 and Subject 3 are reading what people are saying.  They are nervous, they are sure the police know more than they have told them.   When will law enforcement come for them? What if they are all arrested?  It feels like playing russian roulette, wondering when the police will be on the doorstep.  How can they know who will stick with the story.   Subject 1 and Subject 3 discuss whether or not they can trust Subject 2 to keep silent.  They are concerned that Subject 2 might cave in and say something.  They don't trust Subject 2.
Subject 1 and Subject 3 come up with another foolproof plan.   If law enforcement comes to the door, they will each turn in Subject 2, before Subject 2 has a chance to tell all.   Surely, if Subject 1 and Subject 3 stick together, they will get away with it. Everyone will believe it was Subject 2 that committed the crime and they, Subject 1 and Subject 3 were duped into helping with the cover up.  After all, they have friends and family that believe them.   They will believe them again and stand by them.  Surely it is better for one to take the fall and the others can walk?
If what we imagined here is what happened, it's only a matter of time before law enforcement is ready to make charges.  We all know, when it comes to people who lie to protect their own skin, they won't worry about their cohorts skin.  So, who will be the one to turn on the others?  That's a question each of the three subjects should be asking themselves.  After all, people can say what they will or won't do, but when their skin is on the line, who are they going to protect?
There is a saying, when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.   
Submitted by: Anonymous


  1. I do not know what to believe anymore. If it was an accident why didn't some one call 911.what did they have to hide?I have heard alot of rumors since I live near waterville and it sad to think that someone just dumped that beautiful baby who would of done this? No one in there right mind would do this but though the media we hear about this to often.what is this world coming to when children are injuried everyday by their caregiver.I believe it has alot to do with addiction and no parenting skills[THE DRUGS COME FIRST]It sad to read and hear these kind of incidents happen every ware in this country

  2. If it was an accident, why jeopardize their lives to hide Ayla's body then ? Jeff said he doesn't believe it has something to do with drugs, as apparently Justin didn't do drugs. If it was an accident, at worst they would have been accused of neglect. If Courtney studies criminology. She must know that charges are a lot more if you lie, hide a body....

    1. Big IF it was an accident. Is an anger outburst an accident? It's not premeditated, but is it an accident? How about a jealous outburst?

    2. "She must know that charges are a lot more if you lie, hide a body"

      But they aren't better than no charges at all if you don't get caught. Or better than being charged with manslaughter or murder. A calculated risk.

    3. Bonnie says: :If it was an accident, why jeopardize their lives to hide Ayla's body then ?"

      Well, first of all a mentally NORMAL person would not do such a thing. But, if a child was left unattended and found deceased due to an accident as a result of a lack of parental observation or neglect, then calling 911 after the fact could very well result in criminal charges. If a particular person wants to avoid any incarceration due to such negligence, he or she might take care of the "problem" on their own and claim that a kidnapping took place. If someone is convinced that they can get away with something, and they don't have much of a moral compass to begin with, they might be motivated to cover up an accidental death. There have also been cases where the partner or sibling of such a person would stand by that person no matter what the case may be out of a misguided sense of love or loyalty. Or, if more than one person has a fear of being found an accomplice in such neglect, they may fear losing their own children, and participate in a coverup situation. It happens.

  3. If this is what happened, I would be worried if I were one of the three. Who will be third man/woman out?

  4. Good imagination anoymous.

    I think if your subjects 2 & 3 are nervous by what they read on blogs, then they would not have made it through intense interrogations with WPD, MSP and the FBI.

    1. That's total garbage.

  5. The only way this will work, and they will get away with it is if subject 1 hid the body and told no one the location. The other two will have no worries as they only helped clean up. To keep quiet for a year you will not rattle them with a blog write up. LE isn't rattling them with different stories to the maternal side than the paternal. IMO if they were someone would have talked by now.

  6. "I think if your subjects 2 & 3 are nervous by what they read on blogs, then they would not have made it through intense interrogations with WPD, MSP and the FBI."

    Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin, Terri Horman, Billie Jean Dunn, Shawn Atkins, Terri Horman, Julia Biryukova, Lena Lunsford, Ralph Lunsford, Mark Redwine, and several others have certainly made it through intense interrogations with their respective local law enforcement, state law enforcement, and the FBI without revealing the lcations of their respective children. There are several websites and 'blogs' on the internet regarding these cases, yet not of these de facto persons of interest in these high-profile missing children cases have talked. Just sayin.....

    1. I know little about all these other cases, so can't comment on them.

      In the senario above subjects 2 and 3, which my comment was about, was not the one that caused the injury, but were helping to cover it up. (which is a crime)
      I don't see them (subjects 2 & 3) going through all these intense interrogations without revealing who did what.
      That's just my opinion though.

      My comment was about them being nervous because of things said on blogs. If they stood up under those interrogations, I doubt they are nervous about things said on blogs.
      In the cases you mentioned, are these parents nervous about what is said on websites and blogs, or are they confident?


  7. Even if Ayla's "disappearance" was the result of an accident, or neglect, or a "discplining" event gone awry, the DiPietro history with this child is not a good one with all the accusations of abuse leveled at them, true or not.

    They could not take a chance on Ayla being discovered. If she was beyond any help when they found her, what would be the point in letting yourself in for all sorts of probably criminal inquiry? Nothing could bring Ayla back and lives would be ruined for "nothing". Besides, what happened to Ayla was not premeditated.

    These DiPietro people, including Courtney Roberts, are, first and foremost, about themselves. Protecting their future. Ayla's demise was sad, but not anybody's fault, really.

    Justin's mother has shown concern only for Justin. Ayla is an afterthought. PD has shown her worry about Justin in her statements to the press in contrast to an almost ho-hum attitude about a missing child. "Nothing happened to Ayla except she was taken." Well, how did she fare with her "taker", Phoebe? You've never showed concern about her well-being.

    Justin is always concerned only for himself and his feelings. He hides because people suspect him. He's expressed not one worry about Ayla's captivity with a kidnapper. In fact, he said, Ayla was probably "adjusting".

    Justin skulks around the women defending him like a little boy caught stealing from a cookie jar. In the next moment, he is so arrogant that he says he needs to explain "how I am handling this" to nobody.

    If Justin were innocent of anything and a kidnapper took his daughter, he wouldn't care what people were saying about him, and would be front and center every chance he got as are innocent parents for their missing child.

    Their are standards of behaviors for parents of missing children. Carefully conducted studies, including that by the FBI unit devoted to studying kidnapped and missing kids state how an innocent parent will react, and how a guilty one reacts.

    Even if some protest here that everybody is different and each missing child case is singular, most know that is simply not true. Marc Klass and Ed Smart are two examples of people who were initally suspected of being involved in their child's disappearance. Justin does not fall into this category at all. More to the point, he sounds like he belongs to those parents currently under a cloud of suspicion named above.

    Read up on the standard actions and words of innocent parents. They do not care about themselves or about what people think of them. They only care about finding their children or answers about their child's disappearance. Justin already knows the answers, so he clams up under the guise of "emotionally unable".

    1. AnonymousMarch 11, 2013 at 7:05 PM, what a well written comment! PLEASE do a guest submission on this blog.....seriously! Mine was the post with the parents' names above, (rereading it, I am embarrassed by my typos). You are spot on!

  8. Okay lets plat what if...but I'm using names.

    Here we go...justin or courtney killed ayla. (Foreget how or why atm) .
    Now I'm just gonna say it was justin. And he didn't even have to tell anyone to cover for him. He just had to get rid of ayla. The other two. Phoebe and her darlling daughter elisha didn't even have to cover. They just had to believe Justin. The clean up was bush league obviously. And the house was a shit hole as is, so duh.

    He did it and they juat believe him. So there s the reason they have a lawyer. They don't have real knowledge of the crime and could really cc areless about ayla because they only care about themselves or justin. Sure they could take care of ayla but not well. Neither could trista...but she didn't do anything to ayla to cause her "demise" ...unless you count being a dumb chick with an ignorant upbringing.

    Phoebe and elisha would never question justin hard about ayla because if they did they would be involved. They would have to be on tristas side. No way.

    If courtney did it. Justin covered cause he owed her or he knew that he'd get fucked...too much neglect has been recorded. It was easier ti make ayla go bye bye and let all the bullshit scramble up the investigation.

    Imo...msp sucks. The both of these sides should never breed and the baby is dead.

    1. Well, aren't you just a rainbow puking basket full of fuzzy wuzzy baby unicorns.

    2. Michelle = awesome

    3. This is a place for all opinions. You might not like a persons opinion, but they have the right to state it. Calling names or belittling a persons opinion, whatever you call that "fuzzy wuzzy baby unicorns" is ridiculous. Don't like the opinion, just say so.

    4. I was just throwing some humor in an attempt to lighten the dismal view that this person has. It really was quite depressing. No need to take it personally.

    5. I guess I could've just said "that's total garbage" like someone above said in reply to a post. Which I noticed you didn't scold that person for. Interesting, that.

    6. You know what?
      Its all garbage....

    7. According to you.