Sunday, February 24, 2013

Musical Blogs

I know it seems as though I have been playing musical blogs as of late and I apologize for the inconvenience and the confusion. When I knew I wanted to start blogging again I wasn't sure what path I wanted to take and I had a lot of ideas but no solid path. After being out of the loop in Ayla's case for over six months, I really didn't know where I fit in anymore and some events leading up to my departure six months ago made me unsure of my desire to put my heart and soul into Ayla's case and risk hurting my loved ones or even putting them in danger.

After blogging about other missing children's cases and children who need justice and a voice, I knew that I wanted to blog about more than just Ayla and because things were so quiet with Ayla's case only just a few weeks ago, I didn't really think there was much more to add to her case to help her at that time but much has changed in only a few weeks and I keep getting pulled back to Ayla's case so after talking to a few people I used to ask questions to and throw ideas around with, I thought it would be interesting to have a blog that embraced both those who believe Ayla was abducted and those who believe Justin or someone in the home that night harmed Ayla. If I was going to run such a blog, I would need to have someone who has always represented the side that believes Ayla was abducted and the first person who came to mind was Katie. Katie and I have agreed to disagree on many things but have always been friendly in the midst of even our most heated debates and I am hoping that Katie will continue that here with me.

Initially, I had opened and was going to have only that blog, this blog was going to be retired but with the posts still up for reference, eventually those posts will be moved here and any new posts on Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway or Trenton Duckett and many of the other children I want to cover will be covered here and the Tori Tries Again blog will be closed. I then opened the new Justice for Ayla Reynolds blog with Katie which can be found at and was going to start blogging about Ayla's case there but things changed almost as soon as I wrote my first post there.

Jeff, who also had stepped back from blogging, had talked to John at and really rallied to get me to resume my administrative role on that blog. After much discussion with John and with Jeff, we all came to the decision that I was not a good fit for that blog anymore. It wasn't because my ideas or theories about the case had changed or that I now thought Trista kidnapped Ayla but more on the realization that I didn't know everything about the case no matter what I thought I knew or what inside information I had gotten and how with everything I had written and how persuasive I thought my posts were, those who initially thought Ayla was abducted still think that a year later. It made me wonder what they were seeing that I wasn't seeing and that maybe I had misinterpreted something or made information released fit into my version of what I thought happened. I don't know where this new approach will take us and after months of blogging, I could end right back up at square one believing what I did six months ago.

After talking with Jeff numerous times, he suggested that I reopen this blog and do one blog instead of two. The main reason I decided to do things this way was because if you type in a search for Ayla, or Trista, for Justin, for a CDL License, For Justice, etc... this blog appears somewhere in the search results. Many people already follow this blog, they get email updates when new posts go live and people pay quite a bit of money for those things that I accomplished here for free and for the sake of the other missing kids out there and those children that need justice, it is only fair that they get the wide audience that Ayla got and is still getting. It also is much easier to manage one blog instead of two or three and this blog also has an ip tracker and blocker for the troublesome commenters.

So, Jeff spent the last week adding gadgets and changing the background theme and doing things like writing code and adding code all the stuff Jylie did for me back when this blog was active, I also added him as an admin on the other two blogs, which I know some were questioning why I would do that but eventually the posts will need to be moved over and the inactive blogs closed and he is willing and able to do that work for me and I am gladly accepting it.

Jeff approves of the new blog idea and concept and felt somewhat responsible for my departure from U4A and me not going back there although he holds absolutely no blame in it at all and to show support for me and for unity of all blogs dedicated to Ayla, he will be posting here from time to time and will remain behind the scenes doing what he really enjoys about the whole blogging thing, web design. I respect Jeff immensely and what he has to say and I realize that he is human and makes mistakes as we all are and do. He is getting his information that he is sharing from others who are in contact with MSP and sometimes the messages get lost in translation. With what he chooses to share and with what I write or Katie writes you all get to choose what information that you believe or agree with. It is likely that we are all going to agree and disagree with much if not all that is posted here and if LE has not confirmed it or denied directly, it is all technically opinion or speculation. In order for this blog to work, we all need to be tolerant and most importantly RESPECTFUL of each other's opinions. Everyone is welcomed here but from here on out neither Katie nor I will accept personal attacks on others just because you don't agree with their opinion.

As of now, comments are moderated here and if it hinders discussion because Katie, Jeff, or I are too busy in our personal lives to get to comments in a timely fashion, we may consider making this blog accessible to registered users only. We will post instructions on how to register if it comes to that and set up possibly a three strikes program where you will be removed from the blog if you engage in inappropriate behavior after being warned twice. That is something we can worry about later. Also in the near future, once I have a little bit more free time, I will be deleting posts that attack people who are not directly involved in this case. I am sorry I have not had the time to clean the blog up before this "official" reopening but my daughter has been sick and then she so generously passed her cold along to me and I have been sick for the past week. All of the original posts here were moved to U4A when we merged months ago so will still be available there if anything is needed for reference.

I apologize for the length of this post but think I covered all the bases. I hope to see many of you here commenting and adding your insight, there are people who comment on ALL blogs related to Ayla who are very insightful and I look forward to hearing their perspectives on this case. I also hope many who have moved on from the blogs and commenting find their way back and will join us in the discussion here.


  1. Welcome back Tori. I hope you and Katie are able to bring the comments and commenters that you are looking for. Every voice for Ayla is a voice for Justice. I pray that we are able to Justice for Ayla.

  2. Very nice Tori and thank you for so many kind words, but the truth is we would not be here today without you. Your humility forgets the sacrifices you have made for Ayla, but I never will..

    With you and Katie at the helm, I see a bright future for Justice for Ayla (and don't worry, it's not from any astrological chart :).

    I am excited to see where it will lead and proud to have played a small part in it. ..take care my friend.