Thursday, July 12, 2012

Text Messages Round 2

When I first read about the case of Juliette Guerts and more specifically about how her father who was divorced from Juliette's mother at the time of Juliette's death had reconciled with her after Juliette's murder and as a result of that tryst, a third child was conceived. I couldn't understand how a father could consort with the person who is most likely responsible for his child's death let alone have sex with them. The more I pondered over it the more I realized that Juliette's father was desperate for answers and reaching out to the one person who had those answers. His need for the truth and answers overshadowed all else. It made me realize just how badly a parent of a missing or murdered child needs that closure and the lengths they will go to just to get those answers. Even sharing their bed with someone who is capable of something so horrific. I began to understand the emotional rollercoaster that a parent who is in that situation must be going through.

When I was forwarded the text messages today between Trista and Justin recently, I could see that Trista is also desperate for answers and willing to talk to Justin and even be polite to him in an attempt to get him to tell her something, anything that will help her find her daughter.

Trista has been called a liar by the bloggers who sympathize with Justin. The reasons for their claim are as ridiculous as the claim itself. Trista was called a liar for not revealing to the media that she had a boyfriend who was serving time for a serious crime. As far as I could see, Trista was never asked about her love life. Should she have offered it up? Why? Did Justin offer up the info that he had another child? Did he offer up the fact that he procured a life insurance policy shortly after Ayla came to live with him that paid out to him in the event of her death? Did he offer up that Ayla's blood would be found in the basement?

Trista was also called a liar because she never told the media that she was in Waterville the day Ayla was reported missing. I think this is the most ridiculous thing of all. I have lived in Maine for most of my life and I know that the route to Machias does not pass through Waterville that the turn off from 1-95 to Route 3 is in Augusta which is 20 miles south of Waterville. Trista was never in Waterville the day Ayla was reported missing until she went to the Waterville Police Station to be interviewed.

Justin on the other hand never revealed to the media that he was not even home the night Ayla disappeared. He never told the public that he was in Portland. In fact, he and his mother both LIED to the media and claimed it was a normal night. That they had dinner, watched movies, and went to bed.

By Justin's own admission in the text messages he sent to Trista, he claims he left for Portland to go and get his bed from the apartment AFTER Ayla was put to bed for the night. In other reports, he claimed Ayla was put to bed around 7pm that night so Justin did not leave for Portland until after 7pm. Courtney was reported to have arrived at the house AFTER Ayla was put to bed and got there about 8:30pm and never saw Ayla that night. It is impossible for Justin to leave Waterville at 7pm drive an hour and a half to Portland, dismantle and load a bed into his vehicle and then turn around and head back to Waterville and arrive there any sooner than 10:30pm. Justin also would have had to unload the bed, set it up and make it before anyone would be able to go to sleep that night. How was Justin able to tell the media they checked on Ayla before they went to bed that night around 10pm? Why was Courtney at the house without Justin? How is that a normal night? Justin also claims in the text message that someone else also saw Ayla on Friday so who else was in that house that night? Was it Derek? Why would Derek be in Waterville at Phoebe's while Justin was in Portland? What the hell really happened at 29 Violette Ave the night Ayla disappeared and who was really there?

Justin: Ur questions are redundant and retorical o wait let me break it down in your terms ur questions are fuckin retarded and ive answered evrything i know

Justin: She was at my house and i went there after she went to bed to get my bed you idiot people saw her friday so good try

*The above messages are only a few of the ones I received today. I will do a follow up post with some more of them that will be ready Saturday.

**Thank You Megan for all of your help with this post. I appreciate all of the work you do behind the scenes and helping the blog to run smoothly and making sure we have all the info we need before we write any posts.

***I also wanted to add that I received confirmation from someone who is friends with Justin and Courtney both and she said that Justin and Courtney are still together and the break up rumor is false. I wanted to set the record straight that I was misinformed and my post about them no longer being together is not accurate.

Ayla Bell-We Will Not Stop Fighting Until Justice is Served!

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