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Renee Goode

Peter Hyatt had hinted on Statement Analysis months ago that this case was somehow tied to a similar case in Texas. He never elaborated on how and after exhaustive efforts from the contributors here and in a facebook group I participate in with some amazing internet detectives we thought the connection was through Barbara Yates Cummings who was active in Lisa Irwin's case and coincidentally is the aunt of Selena Johnson, Justin's aunt. We thought that because Lisa's case is very similar in some regard to Ayla's case that Justin may have used the actions or rather in action of Deborah Bradley as his guide on how to handle himself after reporting Ayla's disappearance.

After receiving an email from an amazingly intuitive reader who has sent me info before that I have used, I now wonder if the Barbara Yates Cummings' connection is not the only one. This reader who usually wishes to remain anonymous, although I did not ask them this time if they wanted credit (Sorry!) sent me some links on a case that took place in Texas back in 1994-95 and when reading through the case file my mouth literally dropped.

I have spent a lot of time researching cases similar to Ayla's case in one aspect or another for different posts I have done over the last few months but generally only went back a few years since sadly, there have been enough instances of missing children with one or both the parents as suspects, that I didn't need to really go back more than ten years which is why I was not familiar with the case of 2 year old Katherine Renee Goode.

Katherine Renee Goode
(Forgive the picture, it was all that was available online)

Katherine Renee Goode (who was called Renee) was a blonde haired, lively two year when she was murdered by her father, Shane Goode. Renee's parents, Shane and Annette Goode divorced before Renee was born. Shane did not want a baby and pressured Annette to abort the pregnancy. Annette refused and Shane had nothing to do with Renee after she was born. He made no effort to see her or the other child he had with another woman, another daughter, named Tiffany.

It wasn't until Shane was ordered by the courts to pay child support that he started asking for visitation. Renee was 18 months old when she first started going to visit with her father. Annette noticed that Renee was more subdued when she returned from visits with daddy. Annette hated when Renee went to visit her father but since the visits were ordered through the court she had no recourse.

A woman Shane was dating at the time of Renee's death testified that Shane wanted nothing to do with Renee and still denied being her father despite pretending to want visitation with her. This also did not stop him from taking out a life insurance policy on Renee's life, a $50,000 life insurance policy at that and not only did he take out one on Renee it was also discovered later that he also had taken one out on his other child Tiffany for the same amount. If he would have gotten away with Renee's murder, Tiffany probably wouldn't be alive today.

After he had the life insurance policy in place, Shane took Renee for the night and had a sleepover for her, her two half sisters and a female cousin. The girls had a great time that night but when they woke up, they discovered Renee's lifeless body with bloody froth coming from her mouth. After the initial autopsy, it was determined that Renee had died from pneumonia even though she hadn't shown any symptoms. The ME found congestion in her lungs which lead to that conclusion.

Thankfully Renee's maternal grandmother and a diligent officer assigned to the case were not satisfied with the findings and pressed for justice for Renee. Their efforts paid off and her little body was exhumed and another autopsy done. It was found this time that poor little Renee had been squeezed to death. 11 months after her death, her father was found guilty of murder. At his trial, the jury only needed to deliberate for 3 hours before coming back with a guilty verdict.

Shane Goode was in debt and was unhappy about paying child support to two women he was no longer with, for two children he never wanted in the first place and didn't want anything to do with. He hatched a plan to kill his child and possibly both of his children to first get out of paying child support and then to profit off of their death(s).

The similarities between the two cases are uncanny. For starters, the fact that Justin asked Trista to abort the pregnancy, that Justin and Shane both had more than one child with more than one woman and were both burdened with paying child support for kids they did not want or have anything to do with. Justin just like Shane only started playing an active role in their children's lives once they were ordered to pay child support. The purchase of life insurance policies on children they could careless about especially since both have little to no income. Not to mention the age of both children not only were they very close in age, both children were 18 months old when their fathers started playing an active role in their lives.

Another eerie similarity was in pictures taken of both children while at their mother's home or in their mother's care, both Ayla and Renee were happy, thriving, lively children. Pictures taken while with their father's show them to be sullen, unhappy, and withdrawn. The author of the book, the jacket of which I used for Renee's picture, stated that while looking for a picture of Renee to use for the book cover, he noticed a remarkable difference in Renee's demeanor in pictures of her with her father and pictures of her with her mother. He ended up choosing a picture of her while in her father's care. When the pictures of Ayla were released from her paternal family we all noticed the same thing. Ayla was vibrant and happy in pictures with Trista and the polar opposite in pictures with Justin.

I have no direct connection between the DiPietros and the Goodes. It is unlikely that they are related or know each other although I wouldn't rule anything out, the DiPietro family tree is filled with gnarled and twisted branches and since the identity of Justin's father is a mystery there is no way to check on his paternal side. I would be interested to know if Justin, Phoebe, Elisha, or Courtney were aware of Renee's case and used that as a backdrop while setting the stage for Ayla's disappearance. The similarities are just too uncanny to discount.

Ayla Bell Reynolds
We will not stop until you have justice.

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