Friday, July 6, 2012

Lance's Day in Court and Stolen Shrines

So, Lance DiPietro finally went in front of a judge for the assault charge stemming from when he went after tiny Justin Linnell with a miniature wooden novelty baseball bat because Justin Linnell was talking shit about his family. Many were hoping that with Lance's extensive criminal history and based on the fact that Justin Linnell had text messages and phone calls saved on his cell from earlier in the day when Lance and Justin were trying to hunt Linnell down that Lance would get more than a slap on the wrist for this. I didn't hold out much hope that Lance was actually going to spend any time and jail and I unfortunately I was right.

I was afraid that the judge would be sympathetic to Lance because his niece was supposedly abducted and Lance would play into that by blaming his actions on duress. Whatever the case, Lance pleaded No Contest to the charge and the judge immediately entered a Guilty finding and fined him $300. Justin Linnell asked for jail time and for his medical bills to be paid, at least up to $700 of them and the judge denied the request. I am sure Lance walked out of the courthouse with a big grin on his face. It appears you can throw bucket loads of shit at the DiPietro family but I will be damned if any of it sticks.

The rest of the article from the Morning Sentinel on his final court appearance can be found HERE

In other news, although I know Megan already addressed it, there has been much discussion about the fact that the public woke to discover Ayla's vigil had been dismantled overnight with no advance warning. A lot of people who follow this case and have found solace in leaving stuffed animals and angels at the makeshift shrine for Ayla now feel displaced with nowhere to go to pay their respects to the little angel who won over the hearts of people all over the world.

I was not surprised to hear that the DiPietros removed the stuffed animals, I was actually surprised that they didn't do it sooner but I suppose they needed to keep appearances up until after the reward money expired. I do not blame them for removing the shrine. The animals did sit outside under no cover and the only maintenance done at the site was by those who went regularly to place items there. We have had rain, snow, sleet, hail, mud, and more rain in the six months since Ayla has been missing. Now we are the sweltering heat of summer and the stuffed animals are not meant to withstand all of that. With that being said, I am a little perturbed that in six months since people have started placing things on their lawn that the DiPietros didn't care enough about the items or didn't really ever think that Ayla would get those items since they know what REALLY happened to her that they couldn't have constructed some sort of covering over them? I also do not agree with how they went about dismantling the shrine. Why not make an announcement that on such and such a day they would be removing the items and give people a chance to come get them to have them cleaned and salvage the ones that could be saved before the DiPietros removed everything?

As if that was not enough drama for the past few days, I got online today to see that Laurie Bingham had erected a shrine on her property and allowed people to come and place items for Ayla there. I thought it was a very thoughtful thing for Laurie to do, apparently someone else did not. They took it upon themselves to go to Laurie's home in the middle of the night and remove the shrine from her yard. Many people think that the person responsible for doing such a hateful thing has to be someone who thinks that Justin is innocent or maybe even Justin himself but I know the truth and I know it was someone who claims to champion for Ayla and someone who supposedly supports Trista. If this person really cared about Trista and really cared about Ayla, they wouldn't give a shit who has a shrine for Ayla on their property as long as people still were thinking about Ayla and still placing items there for her. If people don't have something tangible to hold on to, they start to move it to the back of their minds. I don't want Ayla to be pushed to the back of anyone's mind.

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