Sunday, July 8, 2012

For Your Consideration

I posted on the Justice For Ayla Facebook page earlier but I wanted to also post here as well because I felt it bears repeating.

There are a few things that really, for lacked of a better word, pissed me off about the whole stolen shrine situation. The thing that was right up at the top of that list was the fact that whether it was fair or not, when we all picked the blog or facebook page that we felt most comfortable commenting about this case on, we were lumped into one of two groups. We were either Justin supporters or sympathizers if we decided we fit in better at TTLOM or JSTL. If we liked the atmosphere of Justice For Ayla or Answers For Ayla or others like these pages, we were Trista supporters. In reality, we are all Ayla supporters because regardless of whose version of events we believe we are all following this case because we were touched by Ayla's story and above all else wanted her to come home safe and sound, no worse for wear and if she had the vocabulary to back it up, quite a story to tell her family and loved ones.

Those who have been most active in the fight for justice for Ayla and those who have been most vocal have become spokesmen for the groups that they most actively participate in whether they are commenters, like many of you here, or bloggers or facebook page admins. Sadly, those who have participated regularly in discussions and voiced their opinions have been attacked by other commenters and bloggers because of things they have said. We have pounced on supporters of Justin when they say things that we feel are totally asinine or out of line. When someone says or does something that is just ridiculous, whether it is because it is dangerous, hateful, or just plain stupid and they have been vocal in support for one group or another, the whole group of people look bad and in turn so does the person they are supporting, whether it be Justin or Trista. When the shrine for Ayla was stolen from Laurie's yard and it found to be a person who is an active Trista supporter, it not only made all of us look bad to the rest of the public who do not follow this case as actively as we do but it also reflected on Trista and the type of people who support her.

Before someone claims that is ridiculous and say they have never met Trista or spoken to Trista so how can their words and actions reflect poorly on her? It is the same way that we judge Justin and gauge his guilt or innocence based on things Heidi, Angela, Lance, Derek, and Selena say and do. If Selena and Derek don't think that their comments on JSTL reflect badly on the public's perception of Justin, they are sadly mistaken. Even them choosing to support the JSTL blog has had a negative impact on the public's feelings of Justin and what kind of people he surrounds himself with. It works both ways. If you have checked out JSTL, you will see that they have already commented in great length about this situation and I can't say I blame them, if the tables had been turned, we would be doing the same.

So I ask all of you before you do anything that could have a negative effect on Trista or the rest of us, please think it through first and ask yourself if what you are going to say or do is worth any negative ramifications it may cause to Trista who is already dealing with enough already.

I apologize to those of you who have already heard this speech once and I appreciate you suffering through it a second time.

I also did hear back from Jeremy Hanson as far as what he is possibly looking at for a sentence from breaking the windows at the DiPietro home. We all know Lance, received a measly $300 fine and a slap on the wrist and another charge to add to his growing list of criminal charges. Jeremy Hanson is looking at 30 days in jail, a $300 fine, and also $300 of restitution. I don't know what Jeremy's criminal record looks like but I think it would be safe to say that because he is much younger than Lance it probably is not nearly as extensive.

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