Thursday, May 10, 2012

Information Regarding Donations

We have been asked several times from the Readers of the blog (and also on the J4A Facebook group) about donations. We have seen posts on other Facebook pages where ideas have been passed around to donate specific dollar amounts deposited directly to the family account established in Ayla's name as well. We apologize for the delay in getting this post together for all inquiring minds, but it has taken some time to get the specific and accurate information together for you all.

After a few discussions with both Jeff (Hanson) and LostNMissing, Inc., it has been decided that Ayla's maternal family would prefer that any and all donations be made directly to LostNMissing; however, you all need to know that all donations made at the link provided below will be deposited for all missing children families and not just Ayla Bell's.

If you would like to donate to this organization, please follow this link accordingly: As you will see, there are several options for those interested in donating to their Organization.

If of course you would prefer to make a specific donation directly to Ayla's account, you may do so at the following account and banking institution:

Bring Ayla Home #39091
Cumberland County FCU
101 Gray Rd
Falmouth ME 04105
Phone: 207.878.3441

Again, I want to reiterate that Ayla's maternal family has expressed that donations be made directly to LostNMissing, Inc., however, I felt that it should be noted that there is in fact an account available for direct donations specifically for Ayla. Any and all funds donated to this organization will be put towards their efforts in locating and raising awareness for all missing children registered in their database, which includes Miss Ayla Bell Reynolds (and the events, fundraisers, etc. created in her name).

On behalf of the Reynolds' family and Jeff Hanson, it is with great sincerity that I express thanks for all that you do in the efforts to bring Ayla home. It is not unnoticed, and every little bit helps.

- The Team at Justice for Ayla


  1. Thanks for the updated info, JMH!!

  2. Fantastic! A lot of people have been wanting to help even just the slightest bit. This helps us all know what Ayla's family wants.

    Thank you for the info!!!

  3. Thanks JMH. Thanks for clarifying where the actual donations go.

  4. I just wanted to thank all of you have donated to Lost N Missing previously. You are all generous and caring individuals and making a world of difference in bringing Ayla home

  5. Thank you JMH! The information regarding the wishes of Aylas family is nice to know. I have heard that T-Shirts were also available with Aylas pictures and the number to the tip line. Is it possible to purchase these Ts through one of these organizations?

  6. Wow what a truly loving and giving family!
    All that they are going through, and yet they take the time to think of others who are suffering as they are.
    God Bless the Reynolds family
    As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you
    We are praying for you Ayla

  7. Stop it with the blog wars, you don't have to respond. Here you are posting to "clarify" about donations the day after your blog-competitor posted, questioning both solicitations for donations to Ayla's family (Trista) and Tori herself "jokingly" posting about her own cash problems, going so far as to post her home address.

    I'm on ya'lls side but gosh, you make it hard sometimes.

    What's the deal with switching mid-paragraph from talking about donations directly to Ayla's "fund" then going into how donations to Lost N Missing will be used? Why don't you tell us about how donations to "Ayla's fund" will be used?

    You guys are getting too big with too much of a following to be this sloppy, in my humble opinion. Things like this push new readers away rather than pull them in. For Ayla's sake, focus on pulling them in.

    1. I agree anon 11:20, after last week I question the mental stability of all the blogs claiming to be here for Ayla. I haven't been impressed with any of them, except Answersforayla - the only level headed blog available for accurate updates, and facts. This blog and others seem to have their own agenda, for whatever reasons.

    2. Just for the record, no one is responding to any blog. People have asked where and how to donate to Ayla's fund. We did a blog posting awhile back but people asked us to repost it. This particular posting was actually suggested to us a few weeks ago and we had not gotten around to posting it until now.

      I am sorry that you do not feel that this is not an important thing to post about, I wonder where all the money comes from that goes towards billboards, posters, events, etc for missing children not just Ayla.

      This blog has never been solely about updates, it has been about getting justice for ayla, asking questions of those involved speculating and theorizing.

      Not one contributor has an agenda here other than to see Ayla brought home and justice served period. We put an enormous amount of time and energy into this blog and in researching and responding to comments and emails. We don't do this for recognition, not one of us has been on television or in the newspaper, we don't do this for money. This blog was started before any other blog was started with the exception of S.A. so it wasn't about competition nor is it now.

      If I jokingly try to lighten the mood after discussing Cancer and why I will be away for awhile and that bothers some, maybe they shouldn't read here because I may joke again in the future and I wouldn't want any one to be offended. The regulars here have become friends and there has been mention of me going in for surgery so I made the choice to discuss it on the end of a post.

    3. J4A,

      You will be hard pressed to find a family that has not been affected by Cancer. I am glad that you are expressing your own situation with humor; it shows that you are a strong person that will fight to the end and do it with a smile on your face. Kudos to you, I know you will pull through!

    4. Thanks Wordman, the way I see it, what I am enduring is nothing compared to what Trista is going through. I will continue to keep a positive attitude because to do otherwise is not going to help me nor is it going to help my kids who are scared to death right now.

      Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

    5. Hey, Anonymous #1 and #2: I have no hidden agenda in my posts; I have been contributing to this blog because my heart reached out for Ayla last December and I will continue to contribute until justice has prevailed. This specific post has been in the works for over a month now, and it is only now that I obtained all information from respective persons in order to do so. I also wanted to receive "approval" from Trista and her family before doing so, and as we can imagine, their daily tasks take precedence over this blog. Whatever content is published at the other blog is NONE of my concern as I do not visit there any longer and won't ever again. Lastly, I could care less if you have issues with my use of sentence structure and jumping from one point to the next in the same paragraph; criticize away--it only shows your true colors in my honest and humble opinion. Have a good day! I hope your attitude improves. Being so negative naturally must weigh down your mind. :)

    6. walkamileinhershoesMay 11, 2012 at 9:43 AM

      No blog wars happening here! As for my walk on the wild side, there is no reasoning with unreasonable people. There are people whose whole purpose in life is to cause pain for those already in pain.

      As GMahaney so rightfully stated, "I'm completely tormented by the abuse Trista is enduring from the DiPetro family and supporters. They know she wasn't involved in this and they continue publicly mistreat her. It’s shameful. My opinion (and that’s all it is) is that anyone who accuses her of being involved, is only covering for someone who actually was. It’s really disgusting."

      I'll add that it truly shows the perverse nature of the Dipietro family that they, not only stay silent(they "Selena" participate in) and allow the torture of Trista at the hands of their cohorts. There is a special Karma headed their way, I'm sure.

  8. Thank you J4A,

    It is difficult for the family of Ayla Reynolds to express how they feel about donations. They face public scorn for asking, and then get criticized for not asking, as if they really cared one iota for money. Every cent donated to Ayla's fund gets put in to buying t-shirts and other items directly related to raising awareness for Ayla. Anyone that feels that those funds would be better spent in a more general way for all missing children is encouraged to donate directly to or the many other worthy organizations dedicated to finding lost children; any donation you may choose make is a testament to your commitment to see justice prevail for those that can not speak for themselves, and I thank you.
    I have a personal interest in seeing Ayla brought home to her loving mother. I know that there are many people out there that feel strongly towards one theory that the DiPietros or the Reynolds may have had something to do with Ayla’s disappearance. I don’t really care about theories, though I indulge in them myself, all I want is the truth. I want to see as much publicity for Ayla as possible, and I want those responsible for whatever has befallen Ayla to pay the price for their crime. I know these words will be twisted around to serve whatever malicious and hateful agenda some others may have, but I want to thank J4A for giving Ayla, once again, another outlet for discussion and debate.

  9. Suz or whatever you want to call meMay 11, 2012 at 12:43 AM

    Hey Anon #1 and Anon #2 no one cares about other blogs that are malicious, creepy insulting and Nasty. Your quote blog competitor was so nasty couldn't even repeat what she said. You changed it and toned it down. It was so nasty and creepy you can't even repeat it. I was going to respond and tell her she is one sick fuck, but I decided to not give her the pleasure. I may still tell her, but she may read it here.

    At least this blog is all about Ayla, Justice for Ayla. When I post over there the blog owner and others attack me, bully me, my mom, my intelligence, my relevance . I told her I may be irrelevant, my moms dead, but my question is relevant and will be asked over and over until I and others get the truth. Who was watching Ayla at 2 am on the 15th of December 2011? All I care about is Ayla, so whatever abuse they throw at me, I will still go there to see if someone let's out a bit of truth for Ayla, albeit by accident, as water rises to it's own level. That is why you see so many relatives, girl friends and close friends of the DiPietros hanging out and posting on that blog. All I care about is Ayla being returned to Trista, I would love to trade places with Ayla right now. God Bless Ayla

  10. I wonder what it's like to be so friggen bitter that when you first roll out of bed you can't think of anything else to do but jump on someone's back about a blog post - or do these people even sleep - afraid they are going to miss something.

    The Reynolds family preferring donations go to LostNMissing just speaks loudly about what kind-hearted people they are. I can't even fathom what Trista and her family is going through and for them to even give one thought to other missing children, speaks volumes about them, as people. Though, not all would be able to understand, because they prefer to have that dollar in their pocket – yes… yes its true…. People do want to benefit off this.

    I absolutely love what LostNMissing does and when Ayla comes home, I am sure I will donate to that cause. For now, I’m just going to continue what I’m doing to raise awareness for Ayla. The donations I currently make is to a specific group – my goal for Ayla Awareness is to ensure we can all keep her name, specifically, out there - to help everyone know about her so we can help bring that baby home. It's just a personal choice.

    I don't know either family – but I’ve followed this case from day 1 and I'm completely tormented by the abuse Trista is enduring from the DiPetro family and supporters. They know she wasn't involved in this and they continue publicly mistreat her. It’s shameful. My opinion (and that’s all it is) is that anyone who accuses her of being involved, is only covering for someone who actually was. It’s really disgusting. I almost puke in my mouth each time I read something in support of Justin. Nice huh? I’m really that grossed out by him and his family.

    Mother's day is coming right up - I can only imagine what a crappy day that's going to be for her. I hope she has family around her that day. God Bless Ayla and bring her home.

    1. G, I'm with you.

    2. G, ITA 100%! I wish I didn't have to agree but unfortunately, you are corrct and there are those who thrive others misfortunes. It is truly a shame.

  11. I agree. I will and have donated for my own personal reasons..and for the good of Ayla..and i will continue to give where I wish to. I will not be intimidated by suggesting other motives other than for the good of Ayla.

  12. GMahaney- I totally agree with everything that you said

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