Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Submission: Megan

Ronald Clark OBryan killed his 8-year-old son, Timothy, in 1974 with Halloween candy treated with potassium cyanide in order to claim the benefits of a life insurance policy. He also gave the poisoned candy to other neighborhood children in the hope that with multiple deaths (which did not occur), the murder of his son would not be linked to him. His daughter was also given the candy, but she did not eat it.

Ronald Clark O'Bryan had debts in excess of $100,000. He purchased a LIP on his 2 children, worth $10,000 EACH. He then bought addition $20,000 policies on them, for a total of $30,000 on each child. $30,000 in 1974 is worth $140,011.16 in 2012. ( (Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Clark_O'Bryan)

In April 2010, a Washington state jury found 40 year old Joel Zellmer guilty of second-degree murder in the drowning of 3 year old Ashley McLellan, his step-daughter in 2003. Prosecutors have determined in April that it was in an effort to collect on a $200,000 policy, which was taken out three months prior to the murder. (Reference: http://insureme.us/life-insurance-related-murder/) Ashley's step-dad took out this life insurance policy 3 months before her death. He also has a history of dating single mothers, and leaving a trail of battered and abused children in his wake. This included burning the hands of one child and overheating the sippy cup of another, so that it left blisters on her lips. Another child suffered a broken leg, and yet another suffered a near drowning.

Susan Hendricks killed her family for the insurance money
. She killed her stepmother, Linda Burns, ex-husband, Mark Hendricks , and 2 sons, Matthew Hendricks and Marshall Hendricks. She then tried to blame the murders on her son, Matthew, saying he was suicidal. While police are not releasing the amount of money she stood to gain from the policies, police are calling it a "significant" amount.

Dina Abdelhaq suffocated her seven-week-old daughter
, Tara to collect $200,000 in life insurance money to feed her gambling addiction in 1995. Jobless and on welfare, the Illinois resident was deeply in debt from riverboat gambling. Tara died in her crib just two weeks after Abdelhaq took out a life insurance policy on the child. Abdelhaq received 21 years in prison for insurance fraud in 2000. (Reference: http://www.insurancefraud.org/fraud_backgrounder.htm)

State Farm Agents are very free; they can come into work and leave when they want. They do not have a boss that they clock in and clock out with. Darrell Tudela can spend as much or as little time at the office as he would like. He can take weeks of vacation, leave half day, arrive late, etc. That is normal behavior. State Farm encourages their Agents to be active and involved in the community. Agents are encouraged to join networking groups, meet clients, etc. As long as Darrell is selling policies, he can spend the entire day at the golf course if he chooses. How would Darrell sell policies if he was at the golf course? His employees would sell the policies.

Darrell is the boss in his agency. His employees report in to him. Most likely, they do have to clock in and clock out, or monitor their hours. As an employee, Derek Tudela works for his father; his father is his boss. Derek and the other employees report to Darrell. The only way to tell if Derek was working on the alleged playdate, Friday (12/16), would be to see if his computer was used using his specific user name and password. Otherwise, there is probably no way to be 100% certain that Derek was at work. To sell life insurance, Derek needed to take a special class and pass a life insurance exam, meaning that he is licensed to sell life insurance.

All Justin would have needed to buy a life insurance policy on Ayla would be for Ayla to be over 15 days old. Justin would have also needed to know her height, weight, date of birth and social security number. Justin would also have to answer some health questions about her. The total cost of this policy is less than 15 dollars per month.

Honestly, I do not believe that Justin took out a LIP to profit off of Ayla's death. I believe that he bought a LIP to help out Derek. I think that after awhile, Justin would have let the policy lapse. I believe that if Justin had wanted to profit off of Ayla's death, he would have chosen a much larger sum, like in the cases above. I am not sure what a big rig costs, but shouldn't it be a lot more than $25,000? Also, why wouldn't Justin get a larger policy so that he could continue not working? I also believe that he would have gone through a random insurance company, where he did not know anyone. After all, wouldn't Derek ask questions? Would Derek possibly "rat" him out if he bought a $500,000 policy? Wouldn't it be better to go through some random company where no one knows who you are? The police would then have a harder time finding the policy.

I believe that Justin, this half-way decent guy, purchased a LIP policy for Ayla because his best friend talked him into it. I honestly think that if half-way decent Justin wanted to profit off of Ayla, he would have made the policy worth much more. In all reality, how much will $25,000 really buy you? Justin is a guy who is still living with his mom, or with friends, or with roommates. While he went back to school to take a truck driving class, is that something that will thrill him and entice him to wake up in the morning? Why not take out a larger policy so that half-way decent Justin could move out, buy some new "toys", and then enjoy the easy life with no nagging mom and no nagging roommates?  


  1. Megan, at first when I read your submission I admit that I wasn't in total agreement with your thoughts. It definitely makes sense, I'm just not sure if I agree that Justin did this just to help Derek out. I think the minimal evidence we know of at this time tells a different story, but that is just my opinion (which I have stated changes regularly).

    THANK YOU for your submission! I appreciate the research you did for this post; it probably took a while. We appreciate all sides and opinions alike in this case. Please send more!

    1. This is more bullshit wrapped in silk from a clueless, illogical person or a diversionary tactic propogated by Camp Dip-dela trying to minimize the most damning evidence of motive in this case.

    2. OUCH! WIAJ: you might think of it like this (even if you are NOT a JD supporter-which I NEVER have been) Meagan may have a point, in that JD could have seen a win-win situation here. Help out a friend, and help out myself (which we know is top priority for him). Really, though Meagan, $25,000, to a deadbeat dad w/ a rumorred drug problem = 'mother- load'! JMO, supporting BOTH theories, but NOT the NAME CALLING!

    3. I think the same thing 25,000 for a dbd is alot. Besides a less expensive policy is probably all he could afford.

    4. @WIAJ:

      I gotta go with LLLadybug on this one...

      I love the passion you show in support of Ayla,
      BUT, angrily accusing EVERY commentator who says something you don't agree with, of being one of Camp DiP's Flying Monkeys, is a bit counter-productive to progressing the group conversation.

      We don't want people who come here WITHOUT an agenda, to become afraid of voicing their genuine opinions about Ayla's case, right?

      So, let's try to keep it civil---especially if there's ANY question as to whether their heart could be "in the right place".

    5. The difference between this and certain other less responsible blogs is this:

      This blog has expressly asked for all opinions, even those that may not be espoused by the majority of posters.

      WIAJ, you may not agree with Megan's thoughts, but to call her names and accuse her of being associated with another blog with some nefarious purpose such a attempting to derail this blog or make light of "evidence" is just plain wrong, mean spirited and quite frankly, seems more fitting to another style of blog than this one.

      If we all were in perfect agreement then this blog would be sort of useless with all of us just sitting round patting ourselves on the back for our superior intellect and congratulating one another on how very smart we all are.

      I appreciate Megan's view and am myself unsure if I believe the LIP was anything other than Justin attempting to help out his good buddy Dereck.

      I have no wish to participate or waste my time reading a blog where everyone is involved in some sick game of mental masturbation and no one can be bothered to hear another view. There are plenty of THOSE blogs around if one is interested, they need not look far.

  2. ITA, Megan. Also, by taking out the LIP at the same time as his car insurance, he may have ended up paying less for both policies than for the car insurance alone. I know in my heart he or someone in that house did something to Ayla, but I just don't feel the LIP was a motive (unless it was actually purchased after Ayla was gone and backdated).

  3. ITA Megan and Maniac....I don't believe that the LIP was the motive. I believe something terrible happened to baby Ayla, but it was an accident, not planned. However, because of how they handled the situation, instead of calling 911, they acted criminally after the accident. My question is, who can live with themselves knowing what happened and not speak up.

    1. "My question is, who can live with themselves knowing what happened and not speak up."

      A short list of "WHO"...
      without naming names ;)

      3 Who's all cozy, in their now flood-lighted beds..
      2 Who's in Portland hiding their heads..
      And then there's the Whose Who's in their manse on the hill..
      And, lets not forget Aunt Who, alone, drinking her till..
      There's the Blog Who in Tx, still spreading her hate..
      And of course, there's also the Cultist Who Saint!

      All of these Who's are quite "In The Know",
      But keep it all silent:
      For Peachy and Co.!

      "Where's AYLA?", you ask...
      And, "Why don't you SPEAK?!"

      My friend, the answer is simple, to that which you seek...
      You see, VERMIN, don't answer---just squeak and retreat!!

    2. Wow! Dr. Seuss, that was good!

    3. Dr.Suess Style, LOVE this! Thanks for sharing.


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  4. TERRIFIC post Megan!!
    Thanks for doing all that background research on cases where parents have been convicted of murdering their own innocent babies for a prospective LIP payout.
    Sad, the number of heartless people in this world, who are so greedy as to value money (of any denomination) over the irreplaceable life of a human being...

    I disagree with your take on the relevance of the LIP in Ayla's case, though...
    The small benefit amount could have been for a few reasons:

    A. Justin simply couldn't swing the payments on a higher coverage policy.

    B. Justin chose NOT to take out a higher coverage policy, because he didn't want to arouse any suspicions in his (initially) unwitting accomplice/BFF Derek Tudela...

    C. DEREK TUDELA (aware of the plot from the get-go) advised His Boy Peach NOT to go for a high-dollar policy, as HE KNEW policies paying out over a certain dollar amount, taken out within a certain number of days of an "untimely death", would automatically FLAG as suspicious in the State Farm data-base, and would be unlikely to slip under the company's radar...

    Simply put:
    The relatively low dollar amount value of the policy against AYLA, in and of itself, is not ENOUGH to outweigh the overall hinkiness of it's existence in the first place, for me to label it a "red herring" or coincidence.

    I like how you outlined your opinion, and explained your reasoning though, even if I can't share in your belief.
    I hope you will submit more pieces on this forum, it's great to hear detailed explanations of WHY each of our opinions about this case differ!

    1. Great post Megan, some things to think about here. VTLady, I have had a thought on the amount of the policy as well. What if the policy was originally purchased as a way for a small time drug dealer/user to launder the money. Then if business picks up they can increase the coverage later. Justin then harms Ayla out of rage, voiding the policy! Ayla is then hiden not to be found. The policy is not a for profit but a drug laundering scheme and Ayla is harmed out of harm. I hate to say this but the known events do fit somewhat in this scenario.

    2. ITA John P! but I think we're in the minority here. mountain mama

    3. I guess it's possible JohnP...
      I certainly hope that we'll find out Ayla's death was NOT premeditated!

      I'm just kind of fuzzy on how the drug laundering thing would work. Would a small-time dealer even have a NEED for laundering? Maybe he is a "larger fish" than I'm assuming? How do you hide money in a policy that will tie up your capital indefinitely??

      But, the mechanics of HOW the laundering would work ASIDE...
      IF the policy purchased was only about hiding illicit drug profits and/or providing surety against product debt to a supplier...why not just take the LIP against his OWN life?

      It's not like the premiums for a man in ok health, in his early twenties, is exorbitant.

      Why go to the trouble of scamming Ayla's SS# out of Trista??
      And, what about his later telegraphing of his "fears" that someone might "try and take Ayla"?
      Didn't these "premonitions" of his occur WEEKS prior to his reporting Ayla abducted (maybe I'm remembering the timing of those texts wrong, though)??

    4. My thoughts on this have a few wholes but to answer some of your questions VTLady, some LIP's can be borrowed against or even withdrawn from. As a small time dealer sells, put the money into the policy then withdrawl only what is needed to purchase the next shipment. The policy then continues to grow and it is made easier when your BFF is the agent of the policy.

      He couldn't take the policy against himself because then the beneficiary would have to be his supplier. Ayla being the insured with JD the beneficiary ensure JD's supplier of being paid atleast the 25K!

      The earlier texts are where the wholes are in my thoughts. The best I can figure to fill the whole is that JD was already getting behind in payments, tried and failed to cash in the policy, then rage ruined all his plans to that point! IDK but most fits!

    5. VT Lady & John P, maybe JD really was scared Trista's family would try to sneak Ayla back.Isn't that what Trista thought he meant in the texts?I'm not ruling out premeditation, Just wondering. mountain mama

    6. Anon @11:25 Justin was texting Trista. If he was worried about Trista or her family taking Ayla it seems he would have stated this. His texts were that he was worried "someone" was going to take Ayla. This was in the week before reporting Ayla gone.

    7. Thanks for explaining how the laundering would work, JohnP...
      That does make sense!

      Mountain Mama,
      I see where you're going with the text message "premonitions", BUT...

      Why would JDiP be telegraphing those fears to TRISTA---of ALL people--- if he truly feared the Reynolds' were plotting to "take" Ayla???

      Had he texted those thoughts to almost anyone ELSE, I'd be tempted to consider it a possibility..
      But, TRISTA???

    8. I have a hard time believing that a man living in his mom's basement would have a need for laundering money. He doesn't seem to be swimming in cash.

    9. ITA, sounds like someone in need of some cash, eh?

  5. Great post Megan. I've had many questions about dereks work schedule/environment. You have answered most of those in this post! Thank you!

    I'm torn with this LIP. It is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle, in determining premeditation.

    Thanks for all the research, as disturbing as it was to read... So many "parents", willing to murder their children for money... :(

  6. This is a very informative post! The one thing I have such a hard time wrapping my head around in this case is that if Justin is guilty (not saying that he is OR isn't, just trying to stay objective) I have a hard time believing that so many people would be involved in the cover up/know the truth. You would think that those with children of their own would stay clear of someone they knew harmed a baby, and definitely wouldn't cover for them. It makes sense that the tudela's are involved because of Derek & the lip.. But still. It's just confusing to me. No matter how close I am to a person, I would never let them get away with harming a baby (let alone help them cover it up). I truly do feel pain for trista not knowing. It drives me insane that I really have no idea, I can only imagine how Ayla's family feels.
    I do agree with the post though, I don't think that the LIP was motive for harming Ayla or that whatever happened to her was premeditated. Maybe it was an accident but NO ONE can help whoever knows if they don't help themselves & just say where Ayla is. Heartbreaking.
    Prayers for Ayla, Trista & the whole family.

    1. I think, in order to understand HOW (most) of these adults can stand to cover for a child-murderer, you need to look at the DiP family dynamics.

      This is a family of ABUSE:
      Abuse of children
      Abuse of substances
      Abuse of social services

      There is NO ethic of "personal accountability" with the DiPietro clan.
      As far a I can see, there is ALWAYS an excuse for everything!

      To THEM:

      *It wasn't JUSTIN'S "fault" he fathered unwanted children. He TOLD those girls to get an abortion! Why should HE be forced to pay child-support for the next 18 years??

      *It wasn't "child abuse", because Justin didn't MEAN to "hurt" Ayla when he lost his temper and broke her arm/threw her/bruised her/KILLED her etc.---it was "just an accident"!
      Why should HE go to jail for the rest of his life??

      *This is ALL Trista's fault anyway:
      Justin TOLD her he didn't want the baby! She "forced" him to have to TAKE Ayla, a child he never wanted, and had no idea HOW to care for, by pursuing a CS order against him!
      What did she THINK would happen??

      JMHO, but these people are SO used to shirking personal responsibility of ANY KIND, that they cannot even SEE how Justin created this entire situation, through his OWN selfishness, bad choices, and bad behavior...

      To THEM Ayla was a "situation" forced upon Justin "unfairly".

      They ALL viewed and treated Ayla as "HIS" daughter.
      A possession he had the "right" to take control of.
      In many ways, AYLA was viewed by the DiPs as a "toy";
      Justin's to break, rather than share!!


    2. I think it makes more sense that the Tudelas are involved because Derek helped with the cover-up/disposal than because of the LIP. I don't really have a hard time believing that when Justin went to his pal Derek for new car insurance just after moving to Waterville with AYla, that Derek suggested the LIP that he 'has on his own son' as an inexpensive add-on.

    3. Reynolds family: Triad of abuse
      Abuse of children
      Abuse of substances
      Abuse of the syetem.

      Yep Fits There Too

    4. City girl is another Dip Troll, sounds like Charla. All of her trolls use the "wrap my head around it" phrase. Sounds like something a blonde-airhead would say or Mmmmmmaybe, just maybe, a vicious, deceitful beast of a woman who WISHED she were blonde and beautifull. Maybe then white guys wouldn't leave her.

    5. @Charl-A-non:

      It doesn't "Fit There, Too".

      The REYNOLDS' aren't lying for one another..

      They're NOT excusing each other's incidents of "accidentally" Breaking The Baby..

      They're NOT involved in sham CNN interviews,
      and then trying to blame the interviewers/Network for their OWN LIES..

      They're NOT hiding from LE or the public..

      They haven't insinuated that there's an LE conspiracy against them, or that investigators are inept at/too lazy/too "full of themselves" to do their jobs..

      Sorry, there's no comparing these two families!!

    6. Oh grow the hell up.. I didn't say that I think that Justin or the Dipietro's are innocent, because I don't, AT ALL. I'm just saying that I can't believe that ANYONE would do such a thing, but obviously they can.. that was the point of this entire post. This is the only blog that I read and I don't appreciate being called a troll. I was simply saying that I myself couldn't imagine covering for anyone, for any crime they committed. And for the record, I'm not blonde and I live no where near Maine. Just because I asked a question doesn't make me a Dip supporter. I feel for Trista, my son is only 8 days younger than Ayla and I couldn't imagine going through what she has to go through every day.

      With that said, I'm going to ignore the inaccurate(and uncalled for) jabs at my appearance and continue supporting Ayla and trying to understand this case.

    7. And for the record, I completely agree VTlady.. Ayla suffered multiple bruises with the DIPIETRO's. Broke her arm with the DIPIETRO's. Went missing from the DIPIETRO's. Trista has been out there since day one trying to get Ayla home.. where are the Dipietro's? Where is AYLA?

    8. City girl, I think in the begining justin made up some bs lie about ayla having a fatal accident and being scared. Thus getting anyone else, who knows, eating out of the palm of his hand. Think about it. Mom/Elisha, Ayla "fell" down the stairs, she didnt make it. This is going to look bad, I just took a lip out on her. I need your help.... Who knows this could have been what happened, but for some reason he was scared. Maybe because he knew evidence of abuse could be found on her body.

    9. Ayla with Reynolds: happy, smiling, laughing, well nourished, no bruises or injuries
      Ayla with Dip's: sad, withdrawn, thinner, bruised, broken bone, missed Dr's appt and the ultimate ...missing :(
      breaks my heart!! no child deserves such abuse but I can't even imagine for a child like Ayla who knew love, comfort and happiness to have it taken away how scared this little angel must have been....that we live in a world where these things happen is just unbearable...
      my point was to anon above, no comparison!!

  7. Yes, Megan, I am with you on this one. LIP payout is no motive.

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  8. If he bought the policy just to help out a friend why didn't he buy one for the other child as well? Hogwash. They had a plan and they went through with it. Only they didn't count on people being able to see right through it.

    1. [*Ding!Ding!Ding!*]
      Folks, we have a winner!!!!

      EXACTLY, MickeyQ...
      Well said.

    2. See, that's where my thought is too, Mickey Q (and VTLady).

    3. Maybe he tried but was unable to secure the other child's social security number?

    4. Well, the existence of Justin's other baby, and baby Mama, has been established.
      Maybe someone could (discreetly!) inquire whether Justin hit her up for their son's SS#??

      Justin was apparently WELL aware of his other kid---*IF* he had wanted to know the child's SS#, I'm sure he'd have asked the mother.

      No one needs to make their ID's public (too many children's pics are already public knowledge due to this case, IMHO!!!)
      BUT... it would be interesting to know the answer to this question.

    5. An excellent question, but if he was laundering his drug money, would he really need a second policy with his small business!

    6. IDK if he would "need" another policy if the purpose of AYLA'S was to launder his drug money...
      BUT, at least if he didn't TRY to open one on his son, too, it would weaken (if not DISSPELL) any claims that the LIP purchase was "totally innocent" in nature, and ONLY taken out in an attempt at being a "responsible" father!!

      I'm SO sick of the "Gerber Life" explanation of the LIP purchase, that it triggers an automatic gag-reflex response, every time I hear it!
      I'd LOVE to see that particular argument put to rest permanently, if at all possible..

  9. Hi everyone! I'm a long-time reader/follower of this blog and this case.. first time commenter though.
    Anyway, I'm very torn in my thoughts on the relation of the LIP to the case.. My gut instinct from the beginning is that if Ayla is deceased (it's becoming harder and harder to hold out hope that she is still alive, but I still can't bring myself to fully make the assumption that she isn't), it was an accident brought on by the abuse of frustrated father with a hot temper (as Justin has been known to have).. I think I just have a very hard time imagining anyone plotting the murder of their own innocent little baby, even though as Megan pointed out, it does happen.

    However, the purchase of the LIP as well as the timing seem all too convenient for it to just be a coincidence. Plus, while I can't imagine someone plotting their own child's death, the impression I get of Justin and Ayla's relationship (mind you, this is just from what I've read.. I don't know these people at all and could be way off base) is that she was just kind of a pawn in his battles with Trista and their hot-and-cold relationship.. Ayla never looks happy or even comfortable in the pictures of her and Justin together, and Justin doesn't show any real-looking emotions toward her, she's just kind of there. I doubt very much that Justin really, truly thought of Ayla in the sense that most good fathers think of their little girls or had any kind of parental bond to her.. so I guess what I'm saying is that I could see the LIP payout as a motive in this case, and wouldn't be too surprised if that ends up being the verdict when all is said and done..
    but still, something tells me her (potential) death was the unintentional result of her hot-tempered father's abuse/neglect, which led to panicked attempts to cover the whole thing up.. however, I'm not sure how to explain the unbelievable coincidences that seem to point to premeditation.

    1. I find that if you consider the possibility that BOTH may be "true" at the same time, the whole thing begins to make more sense:

      Ayla's murder WAS premeditated, the LIP played a big PART in the overall-motive, but was NOT the only factor..

      Justin DOES have a hot temper, and has a history of violent behavior toward others..

      His rage toward Trista and resentment of AYLA's existence resulted in his lashing out against the toddler, leaving *obvious* signs on her body, such as a broken arm..

      Ayla's intended death, which was SUPPOSED to appear "accidental" DIDN'T because it was botched by Justin and/OR the accompanying marks of abuse on her body would look too suspicious, so they decided to report her "abducted" and hide her remains in such a way that they'd be found once sufficiently decomposed, OR if found too early, could be "blamed" on the actions of a fictitious, violent "kidnapper"----leaving Justin and CR still able to collect a payout.

      Trista filing paperwork forced them to enact their fake abduction plan before they were ready, as Ayla was ALREADY dead and could not be produced for a custody hearing.

      There rush to stage everything and cover-up Ayla's death, resulted in a huge botch-job and LE not believing a word of their story!!

      Luckily for THEM, LE has NOT turned up Ayla's remains, and this has saved them from being arrested in her "disappearance" thus far.

    2. Thanks for commenting! Welcome aboard. I agree with you in your thoughts here. I'm still a little mixed up in which theory I support the most as being most plausible (unintentional/accident vs. intentional/murder). I also still remain hopeful that Ayla is alive, however far-fetched that may be. I get knocked on that regularly but I can't help but remain hopeful.

    3. REALLY good thoughts, VTLady! We must have commented together simultaneously. ;)

    4. Thanks for the warm welcome! VTLADY-- you did an excellent job connecting the thoughts that I couldn't quite get in order! :) In my opinion, wherever Ayla is hidden away, I imagine it's very well hidden and with all the people who HAVE to have some knowledge of the truth, I think someone will crack before investigators find her on their own.. and I have a feeling it will be soon. Slowly but surely all the pieces seem to be coming together. My heart breaks for Trista and her family.. I cannot even begin to imagine going through something like this and having it drag out for so long. Simply tragic.

  10. Megan, I like reading how you came about your opinion. I'm rather of the same mind. The LIP bothers me, but it just seems such a trivial amount of money to risk your life behind bars over.

    Derek is an insurance salesman. His job is to sell insurance policies and I think that's all he did with the LIP.

    Derek is also a friend of course, and I think he very well may have been involved in the cover up of Ayla's death, which explains the odd Friday (workday) playdate and Mama Tudela's staunch defense of Justin.

    Also, while I don't think Justin purchased the policy with the intention of killing Ayla, I would not put it past him to think about how he could make what happened an opportunity to collect on it. I lean towards an accident that he didn't react properly to, or more likely (and sadly) a fit of rage and an escalation in abuse that led to her death.

    1. True, anon, but is $25,000 REALLY a trivial amount to an unemployed druggie dad, with a rack of child support charges piling up, living in his mamma's cellar, with no apparent training on "keeping it in his own pants" AND no real plan for a future? Seems to me $25grand would be a dream come true in JDs case! JMHO :)

    2. I cant express how much I agree with you LLLadybug! Parents have been known to dispose of their children simply because they did not want them, let alone being able to collect apon their deaths. Justin may have not been able to afford a larger policy or as I seen stated above he knew, or someone told him, it would look suspicious

  11. Nice post!

    I think the LIP was premediatated. I think it would have been too much trouble for him to purchase the policy out of the kindness of his heart to help out a friend. He had to call Trista for the SS number and make up a lie.... too much work for a deadbeat POS. Also, if his intentions were on the up and up, why wouldn't he just tell Trista what he was doing? Why the lie?

    1. Amen loulou! Justin is not the 'help out a friend' type, if the LIP was on the up and up he would not have had to lie to Trista to get the SS#, I'm sure the friend told him how high he could go without raising suspisions at state farm. Why is the new baby not also insured? Darn, he only made 2 monthly payments, at most, and had already told Trista the baby was going to disappear. $25,000 is a goldmine to a deadbeat, cellar-dwellar, who cant' keep his pants zipped.
      CR must be one stupid....

  12. Amen, VT Lady! Justin having no personal responsibility in the death, accidental or otherwise, of his daughter is the crowning summation of Phoebe's life's work.

    How many excuses for her children over the years has she made the "He's not responsible. The devil (or in this case Trista acting as Satan) made him do it!"

    I'd say blaming others for her kids' offenses is a well-worn path in the DiPietro household from early on. We've heard accounts that Justin was a bully in school and we know Lance is one.

    It's very likely that Phoebe through the years has made excuses for her children's... and her.... "poor choices"... along with accusations that somebody else is totally responsible for any DiPietro predicament.

    Then, I think we also have to add in the mix that Ayla was totally dispensable to this family and they simply cannot manufacture the right public attitude toward this adorable baby. Cannot fake grief or concern to save their sorry necks!


    1. Pennyante, I love this!:

      "Justin having no personal responsibility in the death, accidental or otherwise, of his daughter is the crowning summation of Phoebe's life's work."

      I think the best anecdote to illustrate your (very APT) observation regarding Phoebe DiPietro, is her reaction to Justin's FAILED RadioShack burglary, years ago...

      Didn't she threaten to SUE RadioShack because the "negligence" of their employees resulted in her precious son being "accidentally" locked-in overnight??
      COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that her little hoodlum had actively hidden-out at closing time, in order to rob the place blind, after the employees had gone home for the night.

      Poor hapless Justin; innocent victim of circumstances beyond his control.
      Wrongly maligned and "misunderstood" by the world.
      Yet again.

    2. He must have lost his KEY to get out.

    3. And as of yet, there has been no verification that Phoebe ever reported Justin missing that night he spent roaming around in Radio Shack! Just wondering what was more important at the time, finding your son or sueing Radio Shack??

    4. Totally agree with the above. Great thoughts, Penny/VTLady/Chicky/John.

    5. She was out that night in some undisclosed location. It was a normal night.

    6. Chicky, wheres the like button when you need one? You crack me up!

  13. The lIP policy being bought..and the text messages to Trista with Justin feeling like someone was going to take Ayla..its just too hinky for me.
    Would the policy pay double for accidental death, i wonder?
    And for a small time drug dealer, drawing unemployment..looking for the easy way out to earn a living..and with atleast 2 children to pay for...I lean towards the fact that $25,000 looked good to him.
    I actually wonder sometimes if when he "slipped" and fell on her..if it wasnt intentional..and she broke only her arm. Its sad to think that way, but she had alot happen to her in such a short amount of time. IMO

    1. "Its sad to think that way, but she had alot happen to her in such a short amount of time."


    2. I also have had the same thoughts...heartbreaking. :(

    3. I have to believe that JD even botched the laundering ploy with his anger at having to act like a father. He didn't want that before Ayla was born and he didn't want it after mommy made him grab Ayla from Lewiston.

  14. Hi Megan,

    Thank you for your submission. It helps to keep Ayla's name in the press. You highlighted cases of insurance well.

    I disagree with your assessment, however, of Justin DiPietro. $25,000 may not seem like a lot of money, but in Maine, it is.

    The amount of money that Roberts' would have likely owed on the drug raid would have been between $15,000 and $25,000. To bury a child in Maine would likely cost no more than $500, but more likely, it would be paid for by the State in full.

    A much larger policy would have meant a much larger layout, which he may not have been able to afford it; even the initial up front payment, or a few monthly payments would have been more than he could afford. He could not hold a job because of his temper.

    As to a half-nice guy: he is a violent bully. He has a reputation as being small, nasty and willing to bully those smaller than him. He had this throughout high school.

    More than anything else, however, is this simple fact:

    Ayla was reported kidnapped by him a mere 6 weeks after buying the policy. There is no insurance investigator in the world who would let this go; not for a $500 policy, nor a $25,000 policy, nor a $1,000,000 policy.

    Criminology has 3 basic motives: greed, power, or sex. (the love of money can be seen in all three).

    1. He was involved in the drug world.
    2. His girlfriend's sister got her drugs taken away....big money for Maine 15K to 25K.
    3. He bought a policy near the amount of the above, against his daughter.
    4. He then text'd Trista that he feared she would be taken.
    5. He then reported her taken.

    It is not a coincidence that she went missing 6 weeks after the policy was purchased. It is not a coincidence that he telegraphed his plans by feigning "fear" she would be kidnapped.

    The motive remains the same in all the cases: Greed.

    Had he had a job and could have bought a larger amount, he likely would have. But knowing he could be on the hook even for a few months payments after the initial payment, likely hindered him.

    A single, unemployed father bought a life insurance policy on his baby only to report the baby missing 6 weeks later.

    It really is this simple.

    Peter Hyatt

    1. Agreed...it is absolutely, unequivocally THAT simple.

    2. Peter,
      You're right.
      SADLY, it *is* just this simple.

      Thankfully, human life means more to the world than Justin DiPietro, or any of his ilk, could possibly fathom.

      THEY might be able to easily "forget" about the child they disposed of...but, the angry PUBLIC awaiting justice be served in their murdered child's name, will NOT!!

    3. Is there a cap on the amount of a LIP for children?

    4. Thank you for commenting, Peter; your input is valued here. I agree with your comment as well.

    5. Bravo, Peter! My thoughts, exactly!

    6. Another question is: is he still making payments? Will he make payments for 7 years if this becomes a cold case?

    7. ITA! It IS that simple.

  15. Very well written and informative post, Megan. I've never been able to wrap my head around the LIP as motive theory simply because if true, it would have to have been one of the most ill conceived and executed plots ever hatched. On the other hand, most criminals are not the masterminds we see on tv shows and people have killed for much less.

    I agree with those who say that taking custody of Ayla was most likely an effort to avoid monthly support payments and the result of on going head games. Perhaps Justin thought his mother and sister would be the primary caregivers and was ill equipped to handle the day to day demands of parenting.

    If Justin is responsible for whatever happened to Ayla, I also agree that it was most likely the case of an inexperienced father with poor impulse control who didn't understand that toddlers don't "listen". I've never thought the intention was to kill even if a death occurred due to abuse.

    I don't have any trouble believing that a group of family and friends would cover up a crime. I realize it seems contrary to every decent and human impulse a person should have, but it happens all the time. I suppose the thinking is that something terrible has "happened" (no real blame assigned), something that can't be remedied and that only leaves the damage control of keeping a loved one out of jail.

    1. Sounds like a great defense strategy Heid...err...Eve. He killed her and it as not an accident and you know it. Just because some would think it is "unthinkable" does not mean it is not exactly what happened. Do you even understand what a narcissistic sociopath is? They are not like you or I. They have faulty wiring in their souls and it is impossible for them to feel remorse for anyone other than themselves. Not even a gorgeous baby girl like Ayla Bell Reynolds can melt a soul-less, glacial, git like Justin Dipietro.

    2. "Not even a gorgeous baby girl like Ayla Bell Reynolds can melt a soul-less, glacial, git like Justin Dipietro."

      OR, Phoebe DiPietro, for that matter!
      But, I guess when you have a man-slut of a son like Justin..."grandchildren" come cheap.
      He likely has new babies incubating all over WV and Portland at this very moment.

    3. Eve:
      Are you kidding? No offense, but what happened to holding people responsible for what they do - family or not? Are you saying that no matter what someone in your family does, you will cover for them to keep them out of jail? No wonder we live in such a crazy world now. If someone that does wrong has everyone covering up for them and hiding what they did, what will they do next? If they know you won't tell on them and that you will, in fact, help them to hide what they did, whose to say who is the next one on their list of people to get rid of? Do you not understand the meaning of narcissistic sociopath?
      "I don't have any trouble believing that a group of family and friends would cover up a crime. I realize it seems contrary to every decent and human impulse a person should have, but it happens all the time. I suppose the thinking is that something terrible has "happened" (no real blame assigned), something that can't be remedied and that only leaves the damage control of keeping a loved one out of jail."

    4. If justin is use to scrambling out of trouble when he has done something intentional I would think that his first impulse when he did something UNintentional would probably be the same.

    5. Actually, @inHISimage, as a side note in response to your comment (and Eve's); regarding the Etan Patz case--it was stated and confirmed that the man that murdered Etan apparently confessed to his family members that he "did a bad thing" and admitted to killing a child, yet they didn't say anything and wrote it off as him "having mental problems"; total cop out! It wasn't until last week, 30-years later that the brother-in-law of the man came clean and said something.

      It happens more often than we think: families covering for their loved ones when they do the unimaginable. It is horrible, but it happens.

    6. I guess you are right about families covering for their loved ones, it's just really hard for me to imagine. The families and friends who cover for murderers give no value to the life that was taken, just like the murderer. They are also basically saying it's okay to murder someone. I couldn't live with myself if I knew someone in my family was responsible for the death of a child,whether it was intentional or an accident. It is horribly cruel to keep the parents wondering what happened. I would also think, if I was the family of the murderer in the Etan Patz case, that the man with "mental problems" might possibly need to get some help.
      Like I said before, I meant no offense, but I don't understand the justification of families and friends that cover for murderers.

    7. I don't say these here on the blogs for sympathy or shock value. Because of what I went through, I can't pretend on a blog about a missing baby who was abused before she went missing, that these things don't happen.

      From first hand experience, families help cover up the most atrocious things.

      Anyone remember Baby Sunshine? Tell me that whole family didn't know. Go ahead, I dare you.

      Baby Sunshine and Ayla may never be able to speak out, but I can.

      Don't kid yourself, these things happen.

      Have a great night!

    8. Wiaj, I find it wonderfull you brought up "sociopath". My 7yr old step son has odd which we have been told is what they diagnose child sociopaths as when they are children. If his symptoms do not go away before he is a young adult (around 13) he will be diagnosed as a full blown sociopath. My step son cares only for himself and what he wants. About 1 month ago he repeatedly threw his sisters kitten and admited to trying to kill her! We have to watch him 24/7! He has also done more than that but I wont get into it. My point is sociopaths are killers! They dont like rules and will try to break and get away with as many as possible. They also have no true emotion, the act and pretend to have emotions by studying everthing and one around them. For my stepson he learns his behaviors from cartoons so he is only allowed to watch nice ones. Anyways feeling a bit long winded but if you think about it justin really has not displayed any emotion.

    9. It obviously happens because the Dipietros are an example of a family covering for a murderer. I am only saying there is no way I could help hide a murder, even if it was one of my sons that killed someone. It's really hard to understand how whole families think it is acceptable to sweep a murder, whether intentional or not, under the rug. And I do believe that Justin bought the LIP with every intention of collecting on it when he killed Ayla. I don't believe Justin purchased the LIP to help out his friend like someone previously said. People like Justin think only of themselves and what they want.

      Stormy, I am very sorry about the symptoms your stepson has. I pray that he changes before he is 13. You all must really worry about him. I agree that Justin has not shown any emotion.

    10. We absolutly worry, but not just about him, sad as it is to say. We worry about ourselves and our other children. We have disscussed it at lanks and have come to the conclusion that should his symptoms persist and progress we will have to place him in a home. Its very sad but we have gone through countless counciling, therapy ect and now they just want to put him on meds that have very serious side affects. We have to think about our other children and make sure no harm comes to them. If justin is indeed a sociopath I wonder if he had ever been diagnosed? Alot of creeps are free in this world because parents refused to see anything wrong with their children but stopping it before it starts, wether through treatment or a live in facility could be best for everyone.

  16. I think that until JUSTIN COMES FORWARD and shares with everyone what happened to Ayla and why she can not be found, that all circumstantial evidence needs to be considered for the purpose of getting him to talk. If he thinks because we don't know that we cannot prosecute, then he is not going to speak. If he thinks that we are going to hold him accountable for EVERYTHING even circumstantial up to this point, he will not be able to bite his tongue. IF we are accusing him of MORE than what he actually did, he (or someone close to him) will eventually speak up to clear his name. There's no way anyone is going to stand by and watch themselves be accused of more than they are guilty of. Make sense??? If he is guilty, and people are giving him the benefit of the doubt, then he will only see that as a sign to keep quiet.

    1. Like Scott Peterson, he will never admit. Ted Bundy never admitted even to his own mother until the end when he thought it would save his life.

      We will only find out the truth from the evidence and the witnesses. Fortunately for us, Justin had lots of help.

  17. If he murdered her then I would have no problem sending a family member to jail,If the family was protecting him from an an accidental death then the best thing for Ayla and Justin would be to turn him in,covering it up would only hurt that the loved one more.I dont know why the family doesnt see that.I guess they want to take that chance,maybe because it would be hard to prove that it was an accident? Maybe he didnt think LE would believe him after abuse claims?

  18. Great post Meagan! I loved that the small amount of the LIP would obviously not tempt you! If that was the only fact in this case I would agree, unfortunately it is not.

    No Child Support payments for the next eighteen years AND $25K. Oh yes, I can totally see him doing it. Plus, the added bonus of some sick twisted game Justin and Courtney are playing against poor Trista. Sort of reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde.

    1. Tink! YES! Earlier on I mentioned in passing this reminds of a Bonnie & Clyde scenario and that thought passed by without much further mentioning. I agree!

    2. Sorry I missed it, JMH! I totally see the two of them feeding off of each other.

    3. Didn't someone on this site find out that JD could get a second-hand rig with 25K or at least the down payment for one? I read the research a poster submitted, somewhere.

  19. Help me out here. I need help understanding the premeditation around the LIP. I don't buy the tie with the LIP and Brianna Roberts bust. Supposedly the policy was bought in October, and Brianna was busted in February - after Ayla was gone. Have I missed something? Also, Peter keeps making reference to $25000 being alot of money to people in Maine. I disagree. Although, it's a nice piece of change, it's not going to get you far in Maine or anywhere. I lived in Madison, ME (about 25 miles north of Waterville) back in the 70's. My husband was making about $20k a year and we had to budget every penny back then. The other thing I keep going back to is why wouldn't he leave the body somewhere to be found if his intention was to collect on the policy. This may have been premeditated, but the LIP was just a added incentive if he got away with it. Also, didn't Trista say that he used her SSN to try to claim Ayla on his taxes as well?

    I think Justin is a short tempered bully who killed Ayla on impulse. Then he called his BFF to come and help him clean up his mess. He's a lying, cheating, murdering SOS, but I don't think he's smart enough to plan anything like this. The deed was done and he's just covering his tracks. which is what he's done all his life.

    Anyway, maybe my timeline for the drug bust and LIP are off. Please let me know. Thanks for letting me share. All of this is JMO.

    1. I think JD likely killed Ayla in a rage as well, I don't think her death was accidental. I think if her death was accidental, he or someone else would have called 911.

    2. I would ask Peter what he means Maine-iac. It doesn't make sense to me either.

    3. Maine-iac, oh he was smart enough to plan it, he just wasn't smart enough to plan it well, or pull it off. Justin DumbPietro.

    4. It's not just the $25,000 to me. It's also whatever he saves in child support. Let's say he had to pay $200/month for the next 18years. That's another $43,200 in support alone, never mind birthday and Christmas gifts, etc. Compound that monthly and it's similar to those numbers we see above.

      I believe this was premeditated, not just because of the LIP, but also because of the custody grab. Justin didn't even want Ayla to be born, so what would compel him to go get her from Jessica? He really only had a short time to do that. Something spurred him to action. People spend more time debating whether or not they should get a pet than he did to take on a child. And I don't believe it was Phoebe encouraging him. She raised three kids as a single mother. She would know more than anybody that this wasn't going to be saving them any money. Children can be expensive and the financial burden for most rests more heavily on the custodial parent. Trista is not in a position where he was going to be getting a big support payment from her. His future plans of driving truck don't sound like they would accommodate life with a small child either. And what of his apparent psychic abilities in telling Trista he thought someone was going to take Ayla?

      No, there are just too many of these coincidences for me to believe this wasn't all planned from the time it first occurred to him to go take Ayla from Lewiston.

      I don't think any of this would have had to have been a big conspiracy. The only person that would have had to of known was Justin. I don't know if that's true, but it's not impossible. I do think there was help in the cover-up, but who knows what and how much, idk.

    5. Anonymous (7:24AM): I agree with you there. This is why I continue to lean towards the "Bonnie & Clyde" scenario; I think Courtney is much more involved than others tend to admit.

    6. If you are going to buy $25000 in drugs wholesale, what would they retail for?
      People don't get into drug dealing because the profits are low. I'm sure Courtneys sis told him, I can hook you up, but you'll have to have the money, up front, the first few times, to prove yourself.
      Sounds like the start of a new business to me, who wants to be a truck driver anyway?

  20. Sorry, not buying it.

  21. Maybe Justin wanted to start a home based business like Brianna. With the LIP.

    1. Bingo, and we have a winner! Who was the newbie in the business? I saw Crazy Aunt Who on the other blog blather on about how Justin didn't sell drugs.

      Ok, maybe because he was too lazy to work and needed some money to buy from Briana's dealer? Someone pointed out to me earlier that drug dealer's usually don't front, especially in these times.

      Briana obviously had enough money for the drugs she was busted with. And she had apparently been doing it for long enough to attract the attention of the neighbors.

      Why isn't Briana ratting out Justin to get out of jail? Who is she protecting?

    2. That's a possibility I hadn't thought of.

    3. Grace- just like the Dips, BR is probably protecting family: COURTNEY!

  22. I too believe the LIP was bought with the full knowledge that he could claim it after they killed Ayla.
    I also believe that it was purchased to pay for the drugs that Courtney's sister was fronted.
    They thought they knew what they were doing.
    I think they didn't realize the amount of coverage Ayla's "missing" would generate.
    I also believe Derek is involved, no woman in her right mind would put everything on the line to protect their sons friend.
    They did it, and they did it on purpose.
    Justin, Courtney, Elisha, phoebe, Heidi, Derek
    They know the truth

  23. http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120529/METRO/205290397#ixzz1wHr6fnt3

    Well, we'll see how this Bianca Jones murder trial goes, for this "missing toddler"...

    I think you'll see some major resemblances to Ayla's case here.

  24. "I watched John Walsh on Dr. Drew early this am, a rerun.
    Part of what he said was prosecutors want the " video ". Of the crime that is. John Walsh is a hero to me, I admire what he has done.
    All it is going to take is for ONE of those bastards to try to cut a deal if they get caught in a drug raid.
    ONE PERSON is all it take sometimes.
    I am in Canada and in my neck of the woods, two children were recovered in Mexico last Friday because of just one person. An observant neighbour.
    I am not suggesting Ayla is in Mexico. Or taken by a kidnapper. Or Trista or anyone else.
    You can Google the MARYK children. Four years ago abducted by their POS Dad.I went back and read the early comments from 2008. Some clownhats suggested that the Mama wasn't a good Mama and that is why Kevin Maryk took the children. As if the Dad was trying to protect his kids. Well the kids were found in a filthy fortress, barbed wire, guard dogs, guns, child porn, drugs etc etc. People talk out of their clownhats.
    Pay no attention to them. Trista can look in her heart and see the love she has for Ayla and the love we strangers have for Trista and Ayla and can feel the hurt she and your family has endured.
    Sorry for such a long post, but children from my neck of the woods and John Walsh this am got to me."
    I posted this on Answers for Ayla's blog.
    Two points :
    People said some ugly thing about the MARYK's children's Mama. She kept working with the agencies for four years.
    John Walsh said that prosecutors want the video of the crime.

  25. People apparently misunderstood my earlier post. I certainly don't believe if a child is killed due to abuse that it is in any way a lesser crime than intentional murder. I'm also not excusing anyone for covering up a serious crime. I was discussing the mindset of those who do. I thought that was pretty clear, but I guess not.

  26. I'm glad I was able to clear up some questions! I see that some people are also asking about how long Justin would have to pay: I believe that Justin would have to continue making life insurance payments in order to be able to eventually collect.

    In order for Justin to collect, State Farm would need a death certificate, either baby Ayla's body would need to be found, or Justin would have to have her declared dead by a judge.

  27. From Where is Ayla Justin:
    "Sounds like a great defense strategy Heid...err...Eve. He killed her and it as not an accident and you know it. Just because some would think it is "unthinkable" does not mean it is not exactly what happened. Do you even understand what a narcissistic sociopath is? They are not like you or I. They have faulty wiring in their souls and it is impossible for them to feel remorse for anyone other than themselves. Not even a gorgeous baby girl like Ayla Bell Reynolds can melt a soul-less, glacial, git like Justin Dipietro.

    I don't appreciate being called Heidi and no where did I mention accident. No, I don't know what happened although I have theories like everyone else. If it happened as I outlined, it would be murder, that is a death resulting from a felony, in this case, felony child abuse.

  28. The LIP was a secondary motive.
    Premeditation is the Portland event.
    The power balance is the prime motive.
    He would kill rather than let her go back.
    The LIP supports the primary motive to control.
    If he has to kill her he wants an upside in his mind - the money. A force to keep him on track and not wander off into letting Phoebe and Elisha take control which is one step away from letting her go back to her mother.

    Justin is so far gone he is best viewed as several versions of himself in one body vying for control depending on his current brain state and external stimulus. An authentic psychopath. The unscheduled stimulus of thoughts about Ayla as a complication from previous reckless behavior was the irritation that had to be dealt with, the painful itch that must be scratched. Ayla was irrelevant to his total self, ending the nagging "unscheduled" annoyance was primary. Murder was the silly word people would call it because "THEY Don't Understand."

    Fear anger violence pleasure and disassociation are his brain pattern.
    The LIP was the fuel to propel him to complete the original task of destroying the memory stimulus of earlier reckless behavior so he could complete the cycle and arrive at disassociation/nirvana - blank mind.

    The LIP was a supporting tool of his primary task - erase the stimulus.

    Several portraits of socipathy.

    "Even lovers get taken for a ride by psychopaths. For a psychopath, a romantic relationship is just another opportunity to find a trusting partner who will buy into the lies. It's primarily why a psychopath rarely stays in a relationship for the long term, and often is involved with three or four partners at once, says Willson. To a psychopath, everything about a relationship is a game. Willson refers to the movie 'Sliding Doors' to illustrate her point. In the film, the main character comes home early after just having been fired from her job. Only moments ago, her boyfriend has let another woman out the front door. But in a matter of minutes he is the attentive and concerned boyfriend, taking her out to dinner and devoting the entire night to comforting her. All the while he's planning to leave the next day on a trip with the other woman."

    1. Thanks for your input, Shadow Hunter. That makes sense to me; the psychology of Justin and this whole case has intrigued me throughout. Thanks for commenting.

    2. I am afraid he might indeed be the real deal. Or maybe just a giant glob of callous hate who is willing to take it out on the most vulnerable. I am also afraid this was all about control and lack of control. I do believe owning that damn LIP was a 'thrilling and pleasurable control' for him and did play a significant part in what has happened to Ayla and Trista and maybe even as you suggested Elisha and Phoebe.

      I really wish people who actually spend or have spent time with Justin would share more information about him. I really wish we had a better understanding of Elisha too. I really hope the police understand and know all about everyone.

  29. Heidi and Angela are "A Part Of The Game" conquered willing victims.
    The old joke: "Whip me kick me beat me baby... make me right bad checks."

    Until he is indicted & ARRESTED...

  30. Begs the question of where does Darrell Tudela fit in.
    In this battle of the psychopaths who wins Heidi or Justin.

    1. They both lose, I've done their charts. Justin goes to jail and Heidi loses everything including her reputation. Darrell escapes through the skin of his teeth.

  31. This is a bit long but is interesting reading on the study of Psychopathy and does seem to fit 2 members of the DiP clan. My question here is if Justin was the mastermind behind the disappearance, why did PD go with him to pick up Ayla. Is it possible that PD is the actual mastermind behind the disappearance and is pulling the others strings, using them as pawns in some twisted scheme of her own? I don't really believe this but thought I'd throw it out there for discussion. If you're interested in more infor in Psychopathy, here is a link defining it in more detail. It is interesting reading.


    Psychopaths can be pathological liars. Their relationships with other people are practically defined by manipulation and exploitation. The psychopath sees no reason why he should be honest or caring towards other people. They typically become very good at lying, sometimes fooling experienced interrogators. Because they are incapable of shame or fear, their body language and tone of voice never display the typical signs that often betray liars. They are completely unafraid of being caught in a lie. When they are confronted, they will, without pause, simply rework their story to fit the facts and appear consistent. This utterly confident presentation is what often sways people's doubts. Another reason they are great manipulators is because they practice harder. They are aggressive and domineering, often relishing the game of control for its own sake if not the rewards they can finagle. They have fewer social inhibitions, and are usually more confident. They are not afraid of causing offense, being rejected, or being put down. When these things do happen, they tend to dismiss them and are not discouraged from trying again.

    Although psychopaths are mentally very different from normal people, through their skill at deception they often succeed in convincing others that they are normal, caring, and law-abiding. A psychopath will readily lie about his past to cover up past errors and exaggerate his skills and virtues, all to create the impression that he is in fact the most wonderful kind of person imaginable. Although the psychopath possesses shallow emotions, he will often claim to possess the normal range of human emotions. They tend to make good first impressions and can appear quite likable. There is thus no easy way to detect psychopaths.

    Psychopaths are not perfect liars. The speech of psychopaths is often riddled with wild inconsistencies and contradictions. While this is often due to their usually improvisational method and poor emotional understanding, there is also a cognitive deficit at play. Robert Hare argues that psychopaths have difficulty integrating the components of their thought processes and thus fail to notice the absurdities in their speech. They simply toss ideas at their listener without putting much thought into coherence. Cleckley called this phenomenon "semantic aphasia". For instance, one psychopath told Hare: "I had to steal sometimes to get out of town, yeah, but I'm not a fucking criminal." Another psychopath was once asked if she ever committed a violent crime, and responded: "No, but once I had to kill someone."

  32. Megan thank you for this article. It is thought provoking. I think you make a good point about the size of the policy. I believe that 25,000 is very significant to Justin. He has nothing to start with, so it could be a step up to a whole new world if he thinks he knows what to do with it. Also, he may believe that it is a reasonable amount for the State Farm people to look into but not go all out. His best chance of collecting on.

    1. News conference today regarding Ayla at 1:30 WGME!!! Tick Tock Justin and clan!!!! Prays for you Trista!