Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Jessica-Kidnapping Extraordinaire

I have read the posts and comments from people questioning if Jessica Reynolds is responsible for Ayla's disappearance from her father's home. I was not going to address this because I really think it is ridiculous but since it has spread like wildfire and it has been the topic of many comments on this blog I figured it was time to address my feelings on whether or not Jessica was capable of kidnapping Ayla and fooling the public along with LE.

As anyone who has followed this case knows, Jessica had Ayla in her physical custody while Trista went to rehab for 10 days. We don't know why Trista chose Jessica to care for Ayla and I haven't asked Trista that nor do I intend to. In my opinion, it doesn't matter. Many have wondered why and asked why Trista would allow Jessica, who reportedly has lost her own children to DHHS, to care for Ayla in Trista's absence, especially since it was the fight between Jessica and Trista that prompted DHHS to become involved in the first place and step in. 

In my opinion, I think that it is likely that Trista chose Jessica to care for Ayla because Trista lived with Jessica before she went to rehab so it makes sense that she wanted to Ayla to be as comfortable as possible in her absence. If Ayla was used to Jessica's home and had some sort of routine there, maybe Trista was hoping that if Jessica followed that routine with Ayla even though Trista was not there, Ayla would adjust a little better to her mother being gone. I have gleaned from media reports that Becca, Trista and Jessica's mother, was also reported as having Ayla left in her care so I am assuming that Becca was also asked to stay with Jessica for those ten days to care for Ayla and to make sure Jessica was taking proper care of Ayla. Maybe Trista requested this of Becca because she was unsure of her decision of leaving Ayla with Jessica alone. 

Trista Reynolds told The Associated Press that she and DiPietro never lived together as a couple and that he showed little interest in his daughter in the 18 months Ayla spent with her mother. But Reynolds said a drinking problem prompted her to enter rehabilitation in Lewiston for 10 days in October; she said that although her mother and older sister cared for Ayla during that time, child welfare agents intervened to place the girl with DiPietro.

As far as whether or not it was agreed upon prior to Trista going to rehab, that Justin was going to care for Ayla, I do not know. I do know that Justin did not take Ayla until Trista was only 3 days away from completing the rehab program and if this was something agreed upon by both parties, why didn't Trista hand Ayla over to Justin herself? Did Justin tell Trista he was going to take Ayla for her while she was gone and Trista initially agree it may be for the best but then change her mind and in order to not upset Justin, went to rehab and tried to complete it and get home to Ayla before Justin could take custody of Ayla?  Did Trista ask Justin to take Ayla after she second guessed her initial decision to leave Ayla with Jessica? If Justin and Trista did agree beforehand that Justin would take Ayla while she went to rehab, why did Justin not come get Ayla until 7 days later? Did Trista only agree to allow Justin to take Ayla because she was being told by DHHS that she had no choice in the matter? It has been unclear on DHHS involvement regarding the day Justin took physical custody of Ayla and the situation leading up to it. One thing I did uncover in the research for this blog post is that

Cornelio said police called Maine Department of Health and Human Services and confirmed that the state agency had authorized DiPietro to take custody of the daughter

As far as what is floating around the internet, that statement sounds much different than Lewiston PD only called DHHS to verify if Justin was legally able to take Ayla. It sounded like DHHS was giving Justin to permission to take Ayla from Trista. How can DHHS authorize the removal of one child and not the other? 

Getting back on the topic of Jessica kidnapping Ayla... In order for this to have happened, Jessica would have had to stay clean long enough to plan the kidnapping and to do the actual kidnapping. She would have had to sneak into the house in the middle of the night and not leave one piece of evidence, not one hair off of her head. She had to do it without anyone hearing her creak on the floor and without bumping into anything especially since it would be an unfamiliar house to Jessica. Unlikely right?

IF Jessica managed to all of this, what did she do with Ayla? It was reported that Jessica and Trista were living together in the Maine Motel in South Portland at the time of Ayla's disappearance. Apparently Jessica moved out of her Lewiston apartment BEFORE Ayla went missing. Since Jessica was also living in a motel, she apparently did not have anywhere else to go so where did she go with Ayla?  It seems that since Jessica is struggling with substance abuse herself, she is having a hard enough time being responsible for herself so how could she be expected to take care of herself as well as Ayla and while doing this, thwart LE for over 4 months? Jessica was also arrested on 2/19/12, if Jessica had Ayla, how come police did not find her then? Where was Ayla when Jessica was arrested? Who was caring for her then? Who else is aware of Jessica's superhero powers of kidnapping? How come no one has come forward and told LE the truth? How have these people managed to trick LE for this long and not drawn any suspicion on themselves? 

If for some reason Jessica was able to do all of this, what about the blood? What about the Life Insurance Policy? What about the lies told by Justin and his family? Why is Justin acting like he is guilty of something if in fact he is innocent and Jessica is to blame? 

The rumors started because Jessica has not made any media appearances recently nor did she attend Ayla's birthday vigil. I can only speculate that Jessica likely is upset that she allowed Justin to take Ayla on her watch and maybe the guilt she felt pushed her back into using. Jessica most likely is not appearing in interviews because she has gone back to abusing her substance of choice. It is doubtful she is hiding for the reasons that have been rumored but more likely that she has withdrawn from the public's eye in order to get high in private. This are only speculations and not meant to bash anyone or to hurt anyone's feelings.

I do not doubt for a second that Ayla's disappearance has taken a toll on Jessica. Trista and Ayla lived with Jessica so Jessica had to have bonded with Ayla to some degree. Ayla is her niece, her blood. Her younger sister's first born child... From interviews Jessica did do and statements Jessica made like the one below I think Jessica loves Trista and Ayla quite a bit and I think this whole situation has been extremely hard for all of them and I can understand why Jessica is using again, if that is the case. Siblings fight, it is a fact of nature and when people drink or use drugs and fight, the fights tend to be more explosive. Since Trista and Jessica were living together again after the fight, I would think that this was an instance of a fight getting out of control and ugly because of substance use and/or abuse. It appears to me that neither of them held any grudges about towards the other about the fight and what the result of having that fight entailed (ie: Trista going to rehab).
Trista Reynolds was with her other child, who was not feeling well, and did not want to talk to the media on Monday, her sister said. The entire family has been torn apart by Ayla's disappearance, said Jessica Reynolds, Trista's sister.
Jessica Reynolds says she understands that as more time passes, it is less likely that Ayla will be found unharmed, but she won't give up hope.
"I'm hoping my niece is not a statistic," she said. "I know that there's a 1 percent chance that she's alive. I just pray to God that's not the case here."

I realize that it is more pleasant to think that Ayla was kidnapped by someone who loves her and stashed away somewhere instead of thinking about the alternative. Law Enforcement have stated on more than one occasion that they do not believe an abduction or kidnapping took place. We cannot dismiss this statement, we also cannot dismiss the fact that more than 100 pieces of evidence were removed from the home and not one of those pieces of evidence support the story given by Justin, Elisha, and Courtney that Ayla was taken. While it is possible Ayla is still alive, unless we discount statements by LE, the perpetrator is likely Justin or someone close to Justin. I see no evidence that Trista or anyone close to Trista had anything to do with Ayla's disappearance.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Author referenced herein, and are not to be deemed as fact unless otherwise published. Assumptions made from the content published in the articles of this Blog are not reflective of the position of any U.S. Government agency (i.e., Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies, etc.)..


  1. Maybe Jessica has checked herself into a rehab center? Just a thought.

    1. That's what I was thinking.

  2. Thanks for clearing up the question of whether Jessica was at the B-Day party on the 4th. I thought sure you reported seeing her, but I could very well be thinking of a poster to your blog.

    1. I think that may have been a comment I left, actually. For a while, I was confused with Trista's sisters and hadn't realized she had two. My apologies for the confusion. :)

  3. I appreciate this article however I did not ever feel that Jessica had anything to do with Ayla's disappearance. Just because no one person knows where she is does not mean anything. We don't need to know, and it's none of our business. Why it is being made such a big deal of is beyond my comprehension. Where is Justin these days? Where is Courtney? Where is Elisha? and Pheobe? what about the Turdella's where are they? Just curious that if so many people are concerned with Jessica's whereabouts they ought to worry about the actual guilty parties too. JMO!

    1. Tammy, good question. We could ask where anyone related to this case is that we haven't "seen". Courtney could easily have been the one to take Ayla and hide her away. Where has she been? Has anyone seen her since that day Ayla was reported missing? She certainly had motive in her hatred and jealousy of Trista. It's obvious that the whole Dipietro clan hate Trista, they haven't exactly been warm and fuzzy with her throughout this case. Things to ponder!

    2. @JustSaying, Courtney was seen laughing at Trista on two seperate occassions. I don't know the dates but I do recall this. If all is going according to plan, I would ASSUME, Courtney is at the same place Justin is. If the plan is collapsing, I imagine JD has found a new enabler, err-ugghh I meant supporter, to provide ALL his needs. So which is it Courtney???

  4. Why would he, the father of a missing toddler act and speak this way as he does, if Ayla was removed from that house by anyone other than them? He wouldn't act this way if his claims were true.
    He speaks and acts like a person who knows what happened to Ayla, shows no worry, no concern for a missing little girl, for his daughter. - that alone might not be enough evidence in court, but it is MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence to common sense to know what direction to get the answers from.

  5. I thought Ayla was removed from Jessica's apartment not the a motel. Trista only had 3 days left in rehab & DHHS made a very poor decision in allowing Ayla to be removed. I also think you are being presumptuous in saying that "Jessica most likely is not appearing in interviews because she has gone back to abusing her substance of choice." Leave her alone. She was watching Ayla BEFORE Ayla went missing & Ayla was fine. Ayla went missing AFTER she was removed from Jessica. The DiPietros & Courtney are the ones hiding.

    1. Sometimes a lot of the older motels will rent by the week and become more like apartments than motels. Not the newer modern hotels, but the small roadside motels.

    2. @Anonymous 5:23: I don't think she meant to be fresh in her commentary about Jessica's potential whereabouts at the moment. She is fully aware of the facts regarding Jessica's care for Ayla, and has made it clear that she feels Justin is to blame; just my input there.

    3. @Anon(5:23):

      I think the point J4A is trying to make, is that a MORE LOGICAL assumption about JR's notable absence from the public spotlight, would be a more mundane reason than her presumptive role as "familial abductor".

      Based upon Jessica's HISTORY of struggling with substances, AND the tremendous emotional distress associated with Ayla being abducted (basically right out of her arms!), it ISN'T far-fetched to believe her to be in danger of "relapse".

      In fact, I think J4A specifically stated she couldn't blame JR for succumbing to her substance abusing demons, *IF* this is what's going on.

      No one NEEDS to "cannonize" Trista or Jessica Reynolds, in order to believe in their INNOCENCE with regards to Ayla's "abduction".
      These are REAL women with REAL flaws, and it's OKAY to acknowledge this fact, while ALSO supporting them as additional victims of the DiPs crime.

    4. Ditto what VT Lady said.

  6. I have a question. I've seen this saying thrown out several times on different blogs, "If you did not see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears, don't create it with your small mind and share it with your loud mouth."

    Well, what I would like to know is, where are the people who "saw it with their own eyes", "heard it with their own ears"? No one talking on these blogs (apparently).

    So, to those of you who like to throw that out in response to anyone's comment, how about taking a look in the mirror, because surely you did not see it with your own eyes, hear it with your ears and you are only making it up with your small mind. So while it makes an interesting little saying to throw out there, it applies to everyone, yourself included.

    As for Jessica, we may not know where she is, but her family and LE may. I think it is good to look at all areas when trying to figure out a crime. You explore it and you can then include it as a possibility or exclude it.

    I still believe that the DHHS area should be investigated. What part did they really play in Ayla's disappearance?

    1. You're missing the distinction between stating "facts" that aren't facts and putting forth a theory. The blogger was careful to say she was doing the latter. The commenters who get criticized often are not.

    2. I didn't miss anything, but thank you. I was talkin about the commenters who often like to throw that in people's face. I definitely know the difference between fact and theory. It's the people who throw that "saying" out that have missed the fine details. :)

    3. and you are absolutely right JustSayin

  7. I love your blog Tori. Im so glad you stick to the facts and don't go back n forth like KJ. It's getting harder n harder to stay involved on fb pages like the open discussion. They have a select few on there that are Dip supporters. Yesterday, Katie was insinuating that a pic off Jeff's site was of a recent Ayla. Really Katie?? How about going over to TTLOM and telling Justin time to speak up!! It amazes me how much she questions Trista but is supportive of Justin n his dysfunctional family.

    1. Anon 5:43 AM - Each person definitely needs to find the place they fit the best. Not all pages or blogs will be to everyones liking.

      I will say this, if you mean me by "I'm so glad you stick to the facts and don't go back n forth like KJ", then I will just say I have never gone "back and forth".

      My beliefs about this case have not changed at all. What you may think is back and forth, is an adjustment of attitude over time. Seeing the internet harassment and bashings has had it's effects. It's made me realize that none of the trashing of people have accomplished anything except to piss people off and cause anger.

      So if you think that is going "back N forth" that is your right, but I know what I think and you do not. There are people who are viewing this case that have a hardline attitude about what happened and believe me, they have no more idea what really happened then I do. None of us do, except those who perpetrated this crime. We can all assume, but that doesn't make it so.

      At this point in time, I prefer to let the LE do their job and wait for the results. In the meantime, I see no harm in allowing all people with all opinions to come together in the hope of finding Ayla alive and well. If that makes me wishy washy or bad, so be it! All I pray for is Ayla. - KJ

    2. M I M,
      Very nice comment and I couldn't agree more.

    3. Well said KJ, I was going to comment but I cannot say it any better.

  8. Where are you getting that Trista only had 3 days left in rehab when Justin went to get Ayla? And that Justin waited 7 days?

    1. You are correct, Justin waited 5 days. I got my information from the dates he picked up Ayla, and the day she was supposed to be returned. I mixed up the date of the DHHS meeting and the day she was supposed to be returned. 10/20 was the DHHS Meeting, 10/22 was when Justin was supposed to return Ayla. Justin did not get Ayla until the night of the 17th.

    2. He had to wait unitl he new for sure of at least three things;

      1. Mommy was available to tell him what he was supposed to do (5 -7 visits in the first 18 months of Aylas life, he wanted nothing to do with Ayla)
      2. Karen Small would be on the DHHS hot-line or supervisor on call (any objective DHHS worker would have seen the doctors report of suspected abuse)
      3. Courtney could not be there because we now know she did not want Trista and Ayla back in the "picture" ( laughing at Trista, denying a poly and not saying a single word in the press for one she considered "her own" proves this)

      Just a quick opinion on my part. Anon, notice this is my opinion and I stated why I opine this theory!

  9. The DipTrash must be getting scared now. Justin, let's give him his fantasy and for arguments sake say Jessica has trained with the Navy Seals for the last 6 months preparing to go into Justin's house and steal Ayla.

    Why is there a such a TROUBLING amount of Ayla's blood feet away from where you ay your coke and oxy snorting head Justin???

    Crickets, Crickets, Crickets......until the day he goes to jail, forever.

    1. Nope. The Reynolds will not get away with framing anyone.

    2. Are you saying the blood evidence was planted!!! ?????

  10. I dont know what to think . But i think that ayla is with god. I realize everyone hopes her safe return but it does not look good . Im really sorry for saying what i said but that's what my heart fells.

    1. @Anonymous 7:50: Don't be sorry for sharing your opinion. Please feel free; this is an open forum for discussion. :)

  11. I find it highly suspicious that Jessica is now in hiding and no one appears to know where she is. Jessica is a reputed junkie. How does she buy her drugs and support herself with no job? If she has Ayla, I fear for Ayla's safety. If Jessica needs drugs and has no money, could she have sold Ayla for funds or drugs?

    Where is Jessica now? Where does she live? Has she moved out of state? It astounds me that LE has not gotten a polygraph of Jessica.

    1. Although I find the situation with Jessica a bit questionable, I don't necessarily find it suspicious. My reasoning for that is that LE may have already administered a polygraph test on Jessica; they may know where she is, and speak to her regularly (so might her family, and have chosen to keep her details private). I think at this point in time, one thing we can confirm is that LE has chosen to share certain pieces of information to the public, and they've chosen to keep remaining pieces to the puzzle private. LE has stated they retrieved 100+ pieces of evidence from the DiPietro's home after Ayla was reported missing, and only a few details of which were publicized by them.

      It is clear that we quite literally do not know everything that LE does. I guess in this situation, the saying is true: "Only time will tell."

    2. Who says LE HASN'T gotten a polygraph on JR??

      Who says JR is "in hiding and no one appears to know where she is"??

      Couldn't ALL of your above "suspicions" regarding Jessica Reynolds be EQUALLY applicable to Justin DiPietro, Phoebe DiPietro, Elisha DiPietro, Derek Tudella??
      What about COURTNEY ROBERTS? Where's SHE at?? Why won't SHE take a polygraph???

    3. Jeff Hanson said on his blog that Jessica Reynolds did not take a polygraph.

      If Jessica is not hiding then where is she? Is she now out of state? Some say she is gone out of state.

    4. VT Lady,
      Courteny has taken a poly, per MSP spokesman.
      All 3 in the home that night have taken polygraphs.

    5. Why does everyone think Jessica is in hiding? Because she hasn't been in the news? I guess that means everyone related to this case is in hiding cause I haven't seen any of them in the news other than Trista and her father. I have never seen Becca in the news so does that mean she's in hiding also? I just don't get some people. Why can't we just all stick to "Where's Ayla".


    7. No one CAN answer that question with certainty, other than JR, LE, and possibly members of the extended Reynolds family...

      BUT, the SAME EXACT can be said of JUSTIN, COURTNEY, Li and Pheebs.
      Last time any of THEM PUBLICLY CONFIRMED any of their actual whereabouts was...???
      In PARTICULAR...Courtney Roberts location has NEVER been disclosed!

      The *closest* we have to a confirmation that CR still lives in the Portland area is the report by Trista, saying she drove past CR on the way to the hospital, and that CR openly MOCKED her!

    8. Also...
      If CR (and Li, for that matter) HAVE taken poly's... (and I never read actual confirmation of CR's, so my bad if it was printed and I missed, BTW!)
      Then WHY haven't THEY disclosed the results?
      Pheebs wasn't [supposedly] one of the 3 there "that night", but, did SHE polygraph?
      What were HER results, if she did??

      The Reynolds' ALL disclosed their results to the public, even with less than "stellar" results!
      And... none of them tried to pass off that they "smoked it" and had to be outed as LIARS by LE, either.

    9. ANON10:06am

      PROOF, please! (Thats when you post a link to a legitimate news article) Can you prove Courtney took a poly? The last news I saw ( although its been so long, I dont remember where) LE said "if Courtney Roberts does not agree to a LDT then we will consider the adults in the Violette Ave home, to NOT be in communication with LE" and forthcoming with the truth...

    10. @Anon(5:16PM)

      OK, so I'm not the ONLY one who has been under the impression that CR spoke to LE, early in the investigation, but had "declined" to poly?

      I'm gonna see if I can't track down the answer to this question, for clarification purposes.

  12. Tori, can you back up your statement that Jessica moved out of her apartment on Sabbatus Street BEFORE Ayla went missing? Or did you just guess at this.

    1. There is a link to different articles throughout the blog. It was reported here

      That Trista and her sister were staying in the motel

    2. So you are taking the statement that Jessica was at the motel for some undisclosed period of time and twisting and reinterpreting that to mean that Jessica had given up her apartment?

      So when you stay at a hotel or motel, does that mean that you have given up or lost your home? Of course not.

      Wow. That is just so irresponsible of you to be giving out "facts" without any real information to back it up--mostly guess work, hunches, and lies.

      Unless you actually know something is a fact you should not be holding it out as real information. I would love to know the status of Jessica's apartment, when she lost or gave up the apartment, why LE did not search the apartment. If Jessica still had that apartment it should have been searched. What I heard was that she had it until some time after Ayla went missing, but I don't know what the facts are.

    3. I never gave anything out as fact, it was stated many times in the post that this was only my opinion. I have no idea if Jessica gave up her apartment or lost it but usually people who are unemployed and have a problem with substance abuse cannot afford to maintain an apartment and utilities for a place they are not living. Why would she be living in a motel with Trista, I can understand being there for support AFTER Ayla was reported missing but this is before she was reported missing. I don't think my assumptions are far off the mark and I stated they were only my assumptions.

  13. So let me get this straight-

    Jessica Reynolds was in a dispute with Justin over the custody of Ayla;

    Jessica refused to hand Ayla over to him and retained an attorney for herself over the custody dispute;

    Jessica had already lost her own kids to DHHS;

    Jessica is a person with a very aggressive, determined personality;

    Jessica is said to be into heavy drugs with a big drug problem;

    Jessica has a criminal record;

    Jessica has a love/hate relationship with Trista and her family;

    Jessica dropped out of sight after Ayla disappeared;

    No one knows where Jessica is;

    Jessica may be homeless, on the run;

    Jessica may be living the life of a junkie;

    Jessica did not take a polygraph. Jeff Hanson said that this was because LE did not ask her to take one although he claims that Jessica offered to take one.

    It seems to me that LE has messed up. LE should have looked into Jessica when they had the chance. They need to get on her NOW!

    1. The FBI has experts in kidnapping.

      The FBI and MSP determined there was NO EVIDENCE Ayla was kidnapped.

      The pertinent police agencies say Ayla met with "foul play" in Justin's home.

      They also say Ayla's blood was on Justin's floor.

    2. Anon 8:23 Deflecting away from someone else I think. jessica did not want to release Ayla to Justin because she had been left to protect Ayla wheather or not anyone thinks it ws a good move. She was not in a custody dispute with Justin..she had no legal reason for this. Saying jessica was in a custody dispute just makes you look like you are grasping at straws and consider people here to be stupid and won't notice that statement to be false.

    3. I understand that police said there was no evidence to indicate Ayla was kidnapped, but at least 2 people (one being J4A's step-mother-in-law, and one being a neighbor) each reported a strange vehicle in the area. Is that not "some" evidence she could have been taken? If they have as much company as some commenters have indicated, who have been in the house and know they don't lock the door and that they are likely "deep sleepers", would it really be that difficult for someone they know to go in and take her? If the Dips know they are innocent hopefully they've given a list to LE of everyone that's ever been in that house, and in particular the ones they haven't heard from since.

      My head thinks one thing is most likely, my heart wants to believe differently.

    4. Anon 8:55--the FBI has NEVER said that they have ruled out a kidnapping. Since you claim that they have why don't you post a link where the FBI said this? If not, then you are just spouting another lie.

      The FBI has never said ANY of the things you claim. The FBI has never said a word to the media about this case, so no one knows their views on this case. And YOU don't speak for the FBI.

    5. or could someone have come to visit, knocked on the door, found it unlocked, went in and found a distraught Ayla in her bed with no adult tending to her and reacted by taking her?

      For the record, I've thought Justin was guilty from the beginning when I heard about the "daddy's princess" pajamas... it sounded awfully contrived to me. I just have a hard time fathoming how so many people could have knowledge of it and none have had the conscience to come forward thus far with the truth. I believe it is more than likely Justin knows what happened, but there is a possibility that he doesn't.

    6. If law enforcement is saying there was no abuction or kidnapping do you think they are simply ignoring an opposite finding from the FBI?

    7. The Maine State Police have never said that they have "ruled out" an abduction. They have never said that an abduction could not have happened. They have said that they think it is unlikely that there was an abduction and that they have found nothing to support the abduction scenario thus far.

      The Maine State Police clearly do not believe in an abduction scenario at this time. This unfortunately means that the MSP are not following up on viable leads or conducting investigations of people who might possibly have taken Ayla.

      However, the Waterville Police did believe in the abduction scenario. And they continued to hold that view even after the blood was found in the house and they had determined that it was Ayla's blood, because the amount of blood found was small.

      So there was a difference of opinion between the Waterville PD and the State Police. The FBI was silent on its position, at least in the media.

      As for their use of the term' foul play', I agree with that. There clearly has been foul play in the disappearance of Ayla, in the sense that a crime was committed when she was removed from the house. I think that the perpetrator is connected with the maternal family, and that person entered the house in the night without permission, which is like a breaking and entering and trespass. I don't think her removal was necessarily a crime, in that the mother had a right to the child equal to that of the father. But the mother's side had no right to enter the house, and that was a crime.

    8. Anon 12:47:

      McCausland said Monday that investigators stand by their original assessment.

      “We looked at that scenario, and it doesn’t hold water,” he said of the potential for a kidnapping. “That some intruder came in — in silence — and no one heard a thing. It didn’t happen.” McCausland, Online Sentinel, Mar. 11.

      "We've followed every conceivable piece of evidence that would follow their version of events, and we have found not one piece of evidence that supports an abduction," McCausland, AP, Jan. 30.

    9. When law enforcement does a joint investigation, the official spokesperson who in the case is Steve McCausland speaks for the team and the team's findings.

    10. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I have two thousand words for that are yelling no kidnapping occured! The first thousand was the picture of the license plate as the FBI Kidnapping Reaction Team was driving away. The second thousand words are the picture of Aylas blood enhanced by luminol beside Justins bed. It is impossible for a kidnapper to walk into the room with two adults and a child, spill mAylas blood, clean-up and not wake up anybody. Those two thousnads words are your proof unless you absolutely have NO Reasonable Thought Process left in your entire body! Those are my FACTS!

    11. John, I've seen many posts by you and you are usually not so insulting to others who have a different opinion unless they were insulting to you first. I don't see that in this thread. I hope you're feeling ok. I believe it is most likely someone in the house hurt Ayla; however, I don't find it upsetting to consider other possibilities. LE is doing their job, and the truth is the truth, whatever any of us think or feel. There are more than 2 pieces of evidence in this case, obviously, but I didn't see the second photo you described.

      Please take good care of yourself.

    12. Anon 4:16
      Noone has been insulting to me and I don't believe my comment is insulting to anyone either. The pictures I describe have not been seen by anyone., because they are MY FACTS. It was and is a way of saying that in my mind, I see those pictures as described by the news articles, I have come to my opinion of the facts based on what I see in my mind. And because of this, and in correlation with this thread, I am stating my opinion that there was no kidnapping. That is not insulting.

    13. Perhaps "insulting" was too strong a word, especially given how others talk.

      "Those two thousnads words are your proof unless you absolutely have NO Reasonable Thought Process left in your entire body!"

      This just seemed like strong language coming from you, and seemed to be directed at those commenting above you, who I thought were being civil. Perhaps I misinterpreted. I know you invest a lot of yourself to Ayla and I was concerned that your tone seemed different.

    14. Sorry The Reasonable Thought Process I referred to was how I formed the images in my mind and formed my opinions. I could have put the first line about my reason why it was not a kidnapping with this line, it might have been clearer I guess. I hope you did not take it as I was trying to insult anyone.

      I have read many what ifs in this thread. I have yet to see a reasonable explanation for the blood or the FBI child-abduction team departing so quickly. Maybe it is my frustration for all the excuses in the world but not a single explanation for the blood or FBI response.

    15. Add the responses of this thread to the A4A 911 page and know I have so many more questions that either can't or wont be answered. This is very frustrating.

    16. I do not know if the original post here by anon 8:23 AM is you or not. It deffinately does not appear to writen with the calmness and objectiveity you use in your posts. But I can see 5 statements that are presented as fact that are not even close to factual.

      There are so many things that could be cleared up simply by one of 5 people, all on the paternal side of Aylas family, speaking with LE. As we have seen for far too long, none of them consider Ayla a concern. Nothing can be more callous or frustrating than that.

    17. How could Justin honestly believe that he had no reason to tell Trista what happened the 16th of Dec. Why did Phoebe intentionally mislead the country about her presence. Who, how, and when about the blood beside the bed. Why no medical treatment for so much blood.

      I am rambling so much J4A is going to have put a daily charater limit on my posts. I am frustrated for Ayla! I am frustrated for the Reynolds/Hansons! I am frustrated for Raymond. And the bad part is I don't matter. Ayla, Trista, and Raymond are what matter. If I am this frustrated, I can only imagine.

    18. I understand you're frustrated, many of us are. I mostly believe, well, "the worst" befell precious Ayla. I can't understand how no one has had a conscience to come forward. What I "think" happened hasn't changed since almost the beginning; however, I recognize that I could be wrong... and in fact, HOPE I am. I want to believe she is ok, that is why other theories don't upset me. Frankly, I was making myself sick day after day only believing one thing, the worst, and not being anything anyone could do about it. I can't imagine what those that know and love her are going through. I don't know the answers to your 2 questions. I tell myself that if the evidence presented was as damning as it seems to be there would have been an arrest by now. I know the Laura Recovery Center posted on A4A to not give up hope and to not stop searching for a live Ayla. That is the hope I'm holding onto unless it's taken away.

      Warm regards to you.

    19. And now there is another thought with NO Reasonable Thought Process much further down this page saying that the MSP and Forensics are wrong, that the clean-up was "most likely a cup of Aylas urine with trace amounts of blood". Do they honestly believe forensics of today cannot tell the difference.

      Okay, sorry for ranting J4A, I will shut up (sit on my hands).

    20. John P, it appears we posted at the same time. Thank you - No, I am not the person who started this thread.

      Keeping in mind that I believe someone on the paternal side is responsible for Ayla's disappearance - I can believe the explanation I've read for Phoebe's lie on tv. That was in the first days, when LE was refusing to say who was and wasn't in the house. I'd have to go back and watch it to be sure, but I think she tried to skirt the questions without directly lying. I read that after the taping she asked to redo the interview and they declined and she recanted the next day. LE already heard she wasn't there.

    21. Anon, my heart is in the same place you are. I will listen to a reasonable explanation some comes up with. I believe in my heart Ayla will somehow be found safe and healthy. The facts released tell my brain that "the worst" has happened and I dont want to allow myself to believe that. I too will hold onto the hope of my heart. i need someone to logically tell my brain.

      Warm regards to you as well. Bring Ayla Home!

    22. Well answer me this then. Where was " kidnapped" Ayla being held while Jessica was staying with Trista in the motel room at the beginning. Also, I believe I may have heard Jessica was in jail for some of the time Ayla has been missing. If (& only IF as I am insure of this fact) she was in jail, where was Ayla then. The JR kidnapping theory is just more "smoke and mirrors" dreamt up by the guilty parties, and we all know who they are even the supposed team Justin people. It's obvious

    23. Libby,

      The bad thing is all the people that have been enrolled to blame everyone except for the people that enrolled them First it was an unknown, the Justin Linnell, then Trista, now Jessica. Next in line for the enrolled has to be Becca. Haven't these families been through enough. How can these people not see they are being played. Now there is a person up top of this page saying the Reynolds have framed JD. Not the evidence or the forensics but the reynolds are framing him. How can they not see passed the keys on thier keyboard?

    24. HaHa John, no character counts here. Rant away! :)

    25. Thank You J4A, I think I will! I saw a post further down by Selena! I have yet another question. How can where a picture of a child you have never met be of concern to you how it is use to Bring Ayla Home. It is your niece, she has a name, she is missing, you should be thanking each and every person who uses her picture to spread the word and her face as far as possible.

    26. And if Justin and his family feel so strongly of a kidnapping, how is it possible that it was reported on A4A and through Yahoo News that

      A He has no reason to explain to Trista or the public or MSP what happened the night of the 16th
      B He did not notify the maternal family of Ayla being "missing"
      C There were 2 hang ups/ lost calls to 911
      D There was no mention of kidnapping with any of the original 911 calls
      E and lastly, the one person that deserves to be spoken for, Ayla, can not be mentioned in any interviews or even a plea for her safe return but yet you will ask for immunity for whoever has her.

    27. And to the anon that posted this, "Oh, and I see where the nutty Vt Lady says that she can *PRESUME* that because the FBI left Maine that the FBI ruled out a kidnapping! No crazy VT Lady, this may come as a surprise to you but YOU Vt Lady cannot read people's minds. You don't know how the FBI felt about anything or what they ruled in or out unless they say so themselves."

      I see the statement as a reasonable thought process by a person who is fully capable of that. What surprises me is how you are unable to arrive at a similar conclusion.

      VYLady, ITA with your comment above. Keep fighting for Justice and Answers For Ayla!

    28. *VTLady* Sorry for the typo. I must be getting too worked up.

    29. Thank you, JohnP! :)

      It doesn't hurt my feelings to be called "nutty" or "crazy" by the Anon army based out of camp-DiP, though...
      I usually find such insults to be a USEFUL gauge of topic sensitivity, and/or how CLOSE I may be getting to the mark.

      And, at the very least, they succeed in giving me a chuckle :D

      (Good luck and well-wishes for your Autism walk tomorrow!!)

  14. LeeAnn:
    Jessica is not in hiding, where do you get your information ?
    Maybe she is just not up for a public beating / trashing like the rest of Trista's family.
    BTW, where is Courtney and her sister ? Where are the persons in the house that was determined to be a crime scene ? They are walking around and not missing,but do not speak to the FBI, MSP or to Lost & Missing or the resources who could help find AYLA. I found an article and and I going to search for it where it mentions " visitors" to the DiPetro house on the 16th.
    Courtney might have been considered a visitor as she had a different residence, but it was plural. So, who else was visitng the house on that day and why haven't we heard from this person? In an interview ? With a name and a face.
    I wish America's Most Wanted would feature this case and focus on the faces of these persons who last saw AYLA.

    1. Don't forget Courtney had her son with her.

    2. Don't you just LOVE how these folks find it COMPLETELY acceptable that the DiPs/CR are "in hiding", because they reason that "LE knows how to get a hold of them if they need to", and that the DiPs/CR DO NOT OWE the public any explanations about ANYTHING...
      They refuse to see the hipocrisy of holding Jessica Reynolds to DIFFERENT standards, for the EXACT SAME BEHAVIOR, when LE has already CONFIRMED that "no abduction took place"???

    3. The Dipietro clan is not in hiding. Everyone knows where they lay their heads at night and where they can be reached via a knock on the door. No one knows that about Jessica Reynolds. Or those that do know are keeping it a secret.

      Where does Jessica Reynolds live? Answer me that!

    4. There are a lot of "rural Mainers" in my family. They are very private people, they don't have friends really, but family and the family is close. They mind their business about other people and expect the same. My family LOVES children and are very careful in raising them. My aunt is the prime example. Last night I asked her what she thought happened to Ayla. She believes the worst. I asked her if she would have given media interviews if one of her children disappeared when they were little, she said absolutely not, she would have left it to police and searched on her own. I believe this because when her son was a teenager he ran away, she called the police and we were all up 48 hours while she knocked on strangers doors and made phone calls until she found him. The DiPietros seem like rural Mainers. If any of them are innocent, I wonder if they are doing anything, out of the spotlight, to find Ayla.

    5. Justin being the father here is more reason for him to be speaking out and involved..hence, hiding.

    6. Chicky, I'm not talking about hiding from the media. The Dipietros may indeed be hiding from the media, like lots of people do when they have been trashed in the media and death threats have been posted against them on the Internet.

      With Jessica, no one cares that she may be hiding from the media. What people care about is that she appears to be literally hiding...hiding her whereabouts so that no one knows her location or residence.

      Someone questioned a member of the Reynolds family about this and they said that they no longer have contact with Jessica.

      This is serious stuff. A baby is missing and the aunt who was part of the custody dispute is now unaccounted for.

      The fact that the posters on here want to excuse and justify that tells me that folks on here are more interested in pushing their hate agenda against the father than really looking for the truth. It is imperative that Jessica be accounted for-- and that truth should be beyond debate.

    7. Tell me how you know she is missing ?
      "Someone" and "said" isn't good enough.
      Please, then call the MSP and report
      Jessica missing, ok ?
      Does Jessica have to answer to obscure and seeking persons ?

    8. If people feel that the DiPietros need to answer to the public then why shouldn't Jessica?

    9. Maybe because Ayla is his child,And we expected him to do what a responsible parent would do , And listen to the Laura Recovery Center,keep Ayla in the media do interviews.Jessica is not her parent,and LE said No kidnapping so she doesnt have to answer to anything.

    10. I thought the last thing I read from LE said they had not ruled out anyone, or anything?

    11. Anon 1:00 I agree we all want ALL of the answers but rest assured LE knows where all persons are. Where's Courtney? Where was Phoebe that night, really? What injury caused Aylas blood to be in the basement? There is more than one way to hide and the father of Ayla is hiding. His contact and involvement are nothing more than a mear drool regardless of wheather or not he is guilty of hiding or harming little Ayla.

    12. I don't think that the DiPietros need to answer
      to the public. MSP ? FBI , yes.
      As far as their supporters over at the other place
      ,most of them are just like me, not from Maine
      and don't know any of the involved persons.
      Except for Derek and Kylie and Heidi. Who are
      part time drivers of the Someone Else Did It bus over there. They try way too hard to defend Justin. And too hard to toss anyone else under the bus.
      Too many little nasty details about the Reynolds
      family and the one sided texts from Justin's phone
      have convinced me that the DiPietros are at the
      bottom of AYLA being gone.

  15. Although I enjoy reading everyone's post I have to say out of all the possibilities that have been presented of what has happened to Ayla, I believe the one of Jessica taking Ayla is least possible. But everytime I hear the name Courtney I get the chills and the hair on my neck stands up. I think this lady should be investigated alot further, even if she had no hand in physically harming Ayla, which gut instict tells me she did, Justin would still need help to clean up the mess cause from what we are learning I don't think he is smart enough to do it on his own. Now if Courtney did this, u can guarantee Justin would cover for her, seems like this woman could snap him in half if she really wanted to. And if she had nothing to do with Ayla disappearing then why not come out of hiding and speak up???

    1. Why is Jessica the least possible in your view? You give no reasons for this. I think she is the ringer.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What I want to know (amongst MANY other things!):

      A.) Since WHEN has it been assumed that the DiPs' front door was UNLOCKED that night??

      IIRC, were the DiPs just RECENTLY insinuating that JLinnell *MIGHT* still be in the possession of a KEY to their front door, and have used it to GAIN ENTRY that night, and accidentally "steal the wrong kid"???
      Now the door was unlocked; NO KEY REQUIRED for an abduction to take place w/o signs of a B&E having taken place?!?!

      B.) If "LE" mistakenly settled onto JDiP as a suspect the minute luminol reacted in that basement, prior to confirming it was even "truly blood" rather than detergent, vomit, urine, semen or whatever else....

      This DOES NOT take into consideration the fact that this case has changed LE agency hands *THREE TIMES* since the first days of the investigation.
      The FIRST LE agency to (presumably) declare the situation a NON-ABDUCTION was the FBI, since they packed up and left within a few days.

      MSP was then the agency to take over, and THEY were the ones who stated it was AYLA'S BLOOD found "some visible, some found by luminol". This was stated by McCausland WEEKS after the the crime scene techs LEFT the DiP residence. It does NOT take "WEEKS" to confirm a saple is "human blood" or not.
      Techs can do this ON SCENE!
      It's DNA results to pinpoint "which human" donated the sample that can take weeks to get results on!
      So, at this point McCausland would have LONG KNOWN whether the luminol was reacting to human blood, and as he stated "some" of the samples tested are attributable to Ayla specifically. Maybe ALL DNA test results hadn't come back as of the time he made the statement.

      So...he outright LIED? He chose to tell the world blood was found, knowing FULL WELL it was urine/detergent/semen etc???
      If MSP is protecting a "premature and erroneous assertion" that a kidnapping DIDN'T take place, they would be going OUT OF THEIR WAY to cover up for the mistake of the FBI, at the EXPENSE of Ayla's safe return, AND by falsely accusing the DiPs??
      It wouldn't even be THEIR reputation they'd be protecting, but an outside FED AGENCY!

      The crux of this new "alternate theory" is illogical and bogus, IMHO.

    2. Sorry...

      My cut and paste job of what my reply post is referencing was screwed up, so I deleted it.
      Reposted here:

      (This is a newly tauted "alternate theory" being bantered about elsewhere):

      "You dont think that they could open an unlocked door? You dont think they could open another door walk up the a step that many inches in height? you will have to ask Jessica.Tip toe to the baby gate...step over it...walk down the hall...take a baby that would recognize you so it wouldnt cry or maybe even wake up because the arms are familiar.Walk back down the hall.Step over the baby gate...go back out two doors and get into a waiting vehicle....Damn...that is one hard mission!!! Jess and Trista could do that on a drunk night for petes sake!! wth?
      Shit..they may have left a night light on for them because it would help Courtney navigate if she had to go pee. What the hell is so hard about that??? Give me a break"

      "How bout looking at this scenario:
      1.)AYLA WAS taken from the house.
      2.)Justin is innocent of any wrong doing.
      3.)The decision that Justin is guilty by LE, happened when they took the luminol test and a swab test of what looks like dried blood. The swab turns colors positive for blood. (Lots of glow and smear from cleaning)....."

    3. Jessica had only met Justin twice,When he picked up Ayla for a visit,and when he came to take her.She had never been to his house ,didnt know where Ayla slept.People living there are in and out Friday nights,she didnt know their plans,what times they would come home. The neighbor saw a car at 3am.If it was hers we would know by now.And she doesnt have Ayla,that is a Fact.No Kidnapping.Not going to work Dipietros!

    4. Blood was tested to be be positive for Aylas blood.

    5. Yes there was a car there that night. What color and type of car does Jessica drive or is THAT a secret too??

    6. Vt Lady, I find your posts generally incoherent. In your post above you claim that THE DIPIETROS accused Justin Linnell of entering their house with a key. I think you are making this up. Where did the DiPietros ever say such a thing? Please provide a link or stop with your endless lies.

      Or are you so delusional that you take anonymous comments from all over the Internet and in your twisted mind you convince yourself that you *KNOW* it must be Phoebe herself or Justin or another family member, utterly without any evidence whatsoever?

      Yeah, that's probably your sad state of affairs mentally.

    7. Oh, and I see where the nutty Vt Lady says that she can *PRESUME* that because the FBI left Maine that the FBI ruled out a kidnapping! No crazy VT Lady, this may come as a surprise to you but YOU Vt Lady cannot read people's minds. You don't know how the FBI felt about anything or what they ruled in or out unless they say so themselves. Sorry, but you are way too much of a crackpot to rely on for my *presumption.* I prefer to get my presumptions from someone with some intelligence and some sanity.

    8. I guess in the end, a night light wasn't needed, since it seems not one of the 3 adults, or 2 other children had to use the bathroom in those what..10-12 hrs? or needed a drink, wanted a snack. If they did, they couldn't have checked in on little Ayla? who was in a room by herself, and wearing a soft cast.

    9. To the Anon(s) accusing VTLady of being a crackpot and making things up:

      You can find the accusation of JL entering the home, with a key on JSTL blog, posted by none other that Selena (I believe it was her, 99.9% sure). But it is def there. You can go dig it up yourself, I'm sure, no need for others to do all the research work for you. I personally read it, VTLady obviously did, and I'm sure others have also. Just because YOU haven't read something, can't remember what you read, misinterpreted what you read, ignored what you read, or pretend to have no knowledge of it, does absolutely NOT mean it is made up and someone is lying. Please do your own research and stop calling people liars so you don't have to do it yourself, or because you don't know how to. Also, please stop insulting other peoples intelligence, because you are unable to comprehend whatever they have coherently posted. Remember, you get what you give. If you weren't so rude and insulting, people wouldn't mind conversing with you, copying links for you and explaining things more simply for you.

    10. Ummm. When the FBI's special child-abduction unit *clears out*, and unceromoniously hands the reigns over to MSP... it becomes pretty darn *CLEAR* what this means.
      (Even when LE does NOT spell it out)


      And, not for nothing, but had there been evidence of "abduction"---ANY KIND AT ALL--- the FBI task force would have been involved A LOT LONGER than a *few days* before being able to ascertain it was a local custodial-type situation and NOT a "stranger abduction".

      The FBI left as quick as they did because there was NO EVIDENCE to support what the DiPs/CR were asserting had occurred.

    11. Agreed VT Lady. The FBI child abduction task force determined without a doubt the was NO ABDUCTION therefore MSP took over in what had become A CRIMINAL investigation. I am certain ive read that in the news it has been reported. Where is Ayla Justin.

  17. I'd love to hear a well thought out theory, without insults, as to how Jessica kidnapped Ayla, which would also explain the troubling amout of blood, more blood than a small cut would produce, next to Justin's bed. When that blood causing accident happened, who cleaned it and when Ayla was brought to a dr for said accident. Also said theory, would be able to provide reason(s) why Justin and family hasn't announced such knowledge/suspicion of Ayla being kidnapped by Jessica. I guess if they TRULY think this, they must at least think Ayla is safe and well taken care of, adjusting well; thinking it's a game. Why they failed poly's. Why they have stopped communicating with LE. If you had such strong beliefs that a certain, exact person kidnapped your baby, from her bed, would you not be on the phone to LE multiple times, daily? Why are they withholding information from LE, and not being completely truthful. Where is Justin, Phoebe, Elisha and especially courtney. I can't recall courtney ever speaking out at all. Why is she "hiding"?

    My questions are not meant to cause an uproar, simply to hear a logical theory, which addresses all the facts.

    1. "Team DiP" has been attempting to do so, of late, but not really succeeding.
      I reposted the best "alternate theory" I coud find on any blog, in regards to HOW the "familial abduction" may STILL be viable, and WHY they are adamnant that Justin might "TRULY be innocent".

      It was too long to post the second comment in it's entirety, so I redacted.
      The commentator DID attempt to hit on all the other hinky circumstantial evidence in points #4 thru #16, but my comment focused on their first few points only, so those were the ones I reposted.

      (I will post the rest under a new comment below for you to look at)

  18. Come on...everyone knows that Jessica jumped into a teleport machine with the Men in Black fellows. Jessica grabbed Ayla...while the two men in black erased the Dipshits memories and all four of them teleported to timbucktu. @@

    Dipshits had their memories erased and that's why they can barely remember anything and aren't talking @@

    1. Thanks J4A for the new avatar material!
      That pic you posted on this latest post had me rolling!
      E P I C!!

    2. I had to search for hours trying to find the perfect picture. I thought that one fit my image of Super Jessica-Kidnapping Extraordinaire to a tee lol. I will laugh now everytime I see your avatar.

  19. (whole LONG comment, in it's entirety)

    "How bout looking at this scenario:
    1.)AYLA WAS taken from the house.
    2.)Justin is innocent of any wrong doing.
    3.)The decision that Justin is guilty by LE, happened when they took the luminol test and a swab test of what looks like dried blood. The swab turns colors positive for blood. (Lots of glow and smear from cleaning)
    * AYLA could very possibly cut herself from a box of moving crap. AYLA was 20 months old then, she would be into everything.*
    4.)If she got into things and cut herself while helping Daddy, perhaps Daddy would leave her with a sitter when he went to Portland to get the rest of his stuff. Hang out with his roomies and buds.
    5.)luminol glows from lots of things: detergent, bleach, cleaners,metals,poop,pee and so on and so on.
    6.) When was the decision that AYLA wasn’t taken and it was a criminal investigation? ((Timing is very important in all of this!!!)) Was it before they got their tests back?? Did LE think the smearing of detergents was more blood than it really was?
    7.) They wouldn’t be lying if they said they found blood and it was AYLA’S and in the basement? How much blood? Not having all the tests back how the hell would they know?
    8.)Straight face crap in media... feelings here if you are innocent?
    9.) Having the public screaming for you to talk and calling you guilty cause you are not saying anything because LE doesn’t want you to.
    10).LE telling Phoebe not to tell the public who was in the house that night because it could mess up the investigation.
    11.) Phoebe, not knowing what to say when asked that question stumbles through it by lying. Phoebe after the interview tells them that it was a lie and why. The media deciding that it makes for a better story and posts the lie first instead of editing . LE didn’t back Phoebe up with a statement but let her swing.(Feelings about media and LE at this point??? )
    12.) Next headline for media…GRANNY LIES!! BUT RECANTS HER STATEMENT!! (think ratings and viewers)( Feelings about media at this point??? ) Think.
    13.) The basement looked clean and washed. Courtney is company. The basement would have been cleaned for her. If I were moving into the basement, I would clean before I got my stuff there.
    14.) LE made the decision that it is a criminal investigation. LE pushes the investigation in the direction that someone in the house did something and are not telling them everything.(foul play) The decision that was based on swabs and photographs of anything that reacts with luminol, before tests came back…All this pushes the public ‘s opinion. The public now stops looking for AYLA alive.
    15.)LE’s statement that AYLA’S blood in the basement turns into…”Splatters” of AYLA’S blood by media…NOT LE. Media used that word first . (wow…who trusts media and LE after these things just keep snowballing??)
    16.) While all this is going on…Jessica announces bruises and abuse. The snowball effect happens in this direction as well. WTH??
    Maybe what is so messed up is…Justin, Courtney and Elisha were telling the truth. They don’t have any more to give LE because that is EXACTLY what happened. There was no abuse . AYLA’S arm was broken on a rainy night when Justin slipped while carrying her in with groceries. LE has checked out the broken arm!! They have said it WAS an accident. Doc didn’t see it unreasonable that the arm didn’t look broken to begin with .Discoloring and swelling until the next day was reasonable to the doctor. He NEVER filled out paperwork saying that he thought it was abuse….

    They woke up and AYLA was gone. Period

    Im tired of tapping keys.What do you think? Possible?


    NOTE: commentator FAILS to even attempt to address the hinky LIP policy. This is a pretty *glaring* omission, IMHO!

    1. This presumes law enforcement is both ignorant and malicious. Don't you think they're aware of the limitations of luminol evidence? They are going to have to prove their case in court.

      LE has been careful not to say much in this case. That goes against the theory that they are determined to pin this on the DiPietros, evidence be damned.

      Justin did not slip on a rainy night, the night before he took Ayla to the ER because weather reports inform us it was not raining that night. So we know he lied about this critical evidence. The nature of the injury suggests abuse. Lies plus suspicious injuries = typically, not innocence.

      Unless Phoebe is mentally deficient, the defense of why she allegedly lied is hogwash. She didn't have to talk to the press at all if she thought LE didn't want her to and if she did talk to them she could have simply said "I can't answer that question" instead of lying/misleading, however you want to characterize her answering questions about events in a manner that implied her presence.

      And as VT Lady points out, there's that little matter of the LIP.

      Oh, and why did he not tell the baby's mother the baby was missing or call her just to confirm she had not come and taken the baby? The obvious answer is he knew she did not have Ayla because he was well aware of what happened to Ayla. Trying to find an obscure and unlikely explanation for events is an exercise often engage in by liars that doesn't lead to truth. Truth is usually far simpler to ascertain.

    2. So now Vt Lady is stealing posts from JSTL? This post was posted there for purposes of discussion on THAT site. The poster obviously did not choose this site and you are being quite rude and ignorant to be pilfering posts from another blog like that.

    3. I can plainly see who the commentator is, even without the name provided. I'm sorry, but it sounds like a bunch of hooey, that is basically blaming media AND LE for Justin and family appearing guilty, and only scratches the surface of all the topics and questions at hand. Number one is def correct. Ayla possibly cutting herself on a box of moving crap? What, like a box cutter? It's kind of a jumbled mess, talking about the basement being cleaned before moving in (which was when exactly? Oct 17th?), and also it being cleaned to impress visting courtney. I thought Phoebe did not correct her lies, with the interviewer until the next day? Why would this be the first time someone would claim it was the same exact day?
      I am just not seeing this theory as being well thought out and adressing all the issues.

    4. In a pressure situation she chose to lie, versus just saying she could not answer the question. When answering the following questions she mearly said , "No" annd, "No"..each and every time she eys looked downward. I did not feel she was being honest.

    5. CG: you are wrong. Trista give out to the public the wrong date for the fall. The weather archives for the correct date showed rain on that date, corroborating Justin's account.

      Trista/Jeff also misled people about Justin failing to contact Trista to give notice that Ayla was missing. Trista did not own her own cell phone nor did she have a land line. She usually used the cell phone of whatever friend or relative she was with at any given time. It is not as if Justin could have just picked up the phone and called Trista on a cell or land line, since she has neither.

      I note that Justin did have a cell phone and Trista knew Justin's cell phone number and yet SHE did not call him to ask where Ayla was after she found out that the baby was missing. Now that I find very suspicious.

      Trista conveniently left these crucial bits of information out of the story she gave to the reporter.

    6. @Anon 10:39:
      Are you kidding me? Your favorite blogger JSTL has copied and pasted how many of my blog posts to use on her blog? She violated my copyright on her last 2 blog posts. I don't see a comment over there telling her that my blog posts were meant for discussion over here and if I wanted them there I would post them there. I also do not see any mention on how taking copyrighted work and using it unethical. Double Standards huh?

    7. VTLady, stop stealing! You are a thief! Hmmm, I wonder if you are a kidnapper too. After all the Reynolds' theories have been exhausted, you might be next. Don't forget that store you allegedly held up! ;)

    8. You caught me, "Anon":
      I'm just a plaigerizing, copyright infringing, alternate-theory bashing fool©!
      I'm sure AH's fictitious army of copyright experts and attorneys will be contacting me, forthwith...(*sighs!*)

      I only left the commentator's name OFF the referenced posts b/c I'm NOT certain if they can be rightfully attributed to Selena Johnson or not.
      (Personally, I believe they ARE posts made by SJ)

      BUT, since the identity of this commentator HAS been brought up and questioned recently, I figured it would be better to leave her name off the reposts.

      And, J4A is SOOOO right regarding "pilfering of blog material"!
      Forget about *commentator* posts @JSTL... the blogger HERSELF steals quotes from J4A (and whomever ELSE she pleases) for the basis of her blogsite postings themselves!!
      Lol...Hypocrites, much???

    9. I asked someone to go look at the dates of JSTL's posts and compare them to the dates of my posts, 85% of the time if not more, she posts AFTER I do on a subject so how am I pilfering her blog material? I have not gotten a response, I wonder why?

      I read Selena's comment and copied and pasted it into a draft post because I was going to blog about it, how's that for pilfering?? lol. I find it amusing that Justin cleaned the basement for company (Courtney) but the rest of the house was left in the state it was in? I would be more concerned that the living room, kitchen, bathroom was cleaned and at least clean sheets were on the bed they would be sleeping in. I find it very peculiar that only the basement was cleaned

    10. No Michele, there was no precipitation on the corrected date after 1:35 pm.

      Justin says he went grocery shopping the night before the ER trip (which would be Friday Nov. 11) in the rain and dark. Twilight was 4:15 pm. From 4:45 to 7:15 the weather was "clear." For the rest of the night it was intermittently clear and cloudy.

      The shopping trip was supposed to be about dinner time. They got up from the alleged fall and ate lasagna for dinner.

    11. Justin said that he slipped. He indicated that the area was wet from rain. The fact that the rain had already ended for the day does not mean that the area would have been dry at the time that he fell. Areas usually stay wet for hours after it rains out. If there are puddles, the area can stay wet for a day or more after a rain storm. If there are large puddles, the area can stay wet for several days after a rain storm. Since it did rain out day, I find his claim that the area was wet credible.

    12. @Michele

      Except for the fact that the slip JD talked about happened indoors! Your arguement would be viable if it was outdoors only.

    13. Justin also indicated to the orthopedic specialist treating Ayla's arm that he "tripped carrying Ayla in the dark" and that his mother subsequently found them both "on the FLOOR".

      NO mention of "stairs", if IIRC..

      and "FLOORS" are found INDOORS where it categorically DOES NOT RAIN..

      So, the two stories regarding the "broken arm" are in direct conflict with one another, AND since BOTH cannot be simultaneously "true", it stands to reason that (at LEAST) one of the versions given by Justin is a LIE.

    14. I've slipped indoors when the bottom of my shoes were wet from outside and the floor wasn't carpeted. Admittedly, I'm clumsy though.

    15. What kind of shoes was he wearing?

    16. Also, does anyone know off the top of their head, I thought he said it was a "rainy" night or "raining"?? Not that his shoes got wet in a puddle from rain from earlier in the morning/afternoon??

    17. Maybe it was another one of those pesky puddles of urine...

    18. Michele, you are incorrect about what he said. Here is a direct quote where he describes what allegedly happened.

      "Usually I let her walk, but it was raining out that night and it was dark." (KJ Jan. 7) RAINING OUT THAT NIGHT.

      The reporter then described the scene of the event. Essentially, Justin went in the side door and up interior steps to the kitchen. That's where he claims to have slipped and fallen, not in a puddle outdoors.

    19. Thanks CG, thats exactly what I thought. Thanks for posting his quote.

    20. There are no dates listed on JSTL's posts, so someone is lying. All you can go by is the date/time of the first comment---even that's not reliable cuz she deletes or/doesn't approve shit. So this is a lie? A mistake?

    21. "Kit:
      Maybe it was another one of those pesky puddles of urine..."


  20. I think the LIP was addressed before. If I remember correctly, Justin's best friend had recently started selling insurance and got Justin to combine a LIP for Ayla with the insurance he already had. Term LI on a baby would be very inexpensive. I don't think premeditated for LI makes sense here. I realize Justin isn't a genius, but I doubt he's THAT stupid. Would a LIP pay out 25 grand if only 1 or 2 payments had been made on it? It's hard for me to imagine someone could premeditate for weeks to harm their child, though I suppose it happens. (Like with Josh Powell, however he knew he wouldn't be around for the guilt and grieving.) Aren't most children harmed in a "passionate moment" or by accident?

    1. YEAH.
      The LIP purchase was just SOOO responsible, and caring, of Justin.

      I mean, he had NO JOB, and was couch-surfing in Mama D's basement, but he said to himself:

      "First things first. What I need to secure for AYLA---above ALL ELSE I'm currently NOT providing her---is DEFINITELY Life Insurance!"

      And, I'M the one whose sanity is being questioned??

    2. The facts of what it would pay when are nowhere near as important as what he believed it would pay when.

    3. VTLady, could you not respond civilly to a civil response to your question? I understand you follow SA and a lot of "cases" - maybe you need to take a little break - perhaps some fresh air or a Hallmark movie would help you to refrain from being so caustic.

    4. @VTL , they are working so hard to get a rise here.

    5. Anon 10:39,

      It is said that JD "combined a LIP and Auto policy. I have 3 autos insured under a policy and 2 LIP on another. I am not aware of insurance companies offering dual policies of this type. I think the combined policy they were talking about would have made Ayla a rider on his policy but that is not the type of LIP he purchased. At least from what was reported.

    6. @ anon 5:05 no one has to "work hard to get a rise here"... there is always "a rise here" - the real "work" is in asking others to speak like intelligent, rational adults - futile, I know

    7. Oh. Was I being "caustic"?? My bad!
      Apologies, "Anon", for my lack of civility..

      Here's an ALPHABETIZED list of the insults hurled @ me by "Anon"---on this thread, ALONE!

      Making "stuff" up

      *** DISCLAIMER:
      VTLady is NOT liable for damages due to misattributation of one "Anon's" comments to another so-called "Anon".

      Identity distinction is the SOLE responsibility of each individual blog commentator, and if at ANY time any particular individual FAILS to differentiate themselves from "Anon", they assume full responsibility of any consequences therein resulting from this failure.

      VTLady is under NO obligation to consider "ANONYMOUS" to be "multiple individuals" rather than ONE single commentator, and is NOT required to put forth ANY EFFORT to determine the writing style, "voice", or OTHER identifying trait of ANY commentator using the default identifier: "ANONYMOUS".

      *** It is therefore, recommendation of VTLady that you adopt and *CONSISTENTLY USE* a single, unique, identifier, commonly referred to as PICKING A "SCREEN NAME".

      VTLady© 2012, All Rights Reserved

  21. "luminol glows from lots of things: detergent, bleach, cleaners,metals,poop,pee and so on and so on"

    This is not correct and is misleading as to the nature of the blood evidence in the case of missing baby Ayla Reynolds. Luminol glows from things other than blood, including certain household substances, yes. But the luminosity is different for most of them and there would be no problem distinguishing them.

    Importantly even for the relatively few substances that could legitimately be confused for blood, none are of human origin except blood. (Poop and pee aren't on the list:

    Once investigators have evidence of possible blood staining, they take samples and test for DNA. You don't get a person's DNA out of horseradish or bleach. Ayla's DNA was identified. It was her blood on Justin's floor. Here's some interesting reading on luminol for unbiased readers:

    1. You are absolutely correct.

      I'm thinking Aunt Selena mistakenly listed bodily fluids (and other substances) known to fluoresce under UV ray, along with substances that are known to react with luminol.

      UV ray detection is completely unrelated to luminol testing, despite both producing a bright blue "glow" from reactive specimens analyzed.

    2. Selina is correct. Luminol can glow due to traces of iron in pee and poop. If a baby peed in an area, the iron in the pee can make the Luminol glow. If the baby played in that area, her DNA would also be there, without any blood having been there at all.


      "Urine may routinely contain traces of blood as well, thus a luminol test of a urine contaminated area could lead to inaccurate results."

    4. Did Baby Ayla ever accidentally pee in the basement? Did Baby Ayla's soiled diaper ever leak in the basement? Did Baby Ayla ever have her diaper changed in the basement? If so, the area could have been contaminated resulting in an inaccurate Luminol test result. The large area that supposedly had been covered with a cupful of blood was more likely covered by a cupful of pee.

    5. Annon. So every criminal just mixes the blood with pee and there ya go ~ innocent!!

    6. Traces of blood present in urine IS NOT a "normal occurence". In a healthy toddler w/o renal impairment or injury, it should NOT be there.

      And, it doesn't even matter...
      Samples can be tested IN THE FIELD to determine whether or not a substance is of HUMAN BLOOD origin.

      LE did NOT have to wait for lab DNA test results to be available, in order to determine whether the luminol was reacting to the presence of human blood, or if it was a "false positive".

      You can pontificate all you want, LE knew that the trace substance found is HUMAN blood, and they knew this LONG BEFORE McCausland announced the finding!

    7. Why would Ayla be urinating on the basement/bedroom floor anyway? That doesn't make sense to begin with. I can say with absolute certainty, that I personally don't have puddles of urine in my home/basement/bedroom. I'm being silly and assuming Ayla was wearing diapers still, so "peeing her pants" wouldn't matter, unless of course she was never changed for an extremely long period of time, so long to actally cause a cup of urine puddle (not sure, but also assuming 20 month olds dont produce a cup of urine all at once). Also, I've changed many diapers in my time, and have never had a cupful of urine puddle left on the floor. These are just obvious, common sense opinions/observations, but the fact of the matter is, LE stated the blood was/is troubling and more than a small cut would produce. I'm pretty sure they can determine the difference from blood to urine, to other bodily fluids. I hope this is not the new claim going to be going around, that it was urine found and not blood! It does not make sense. Please come up with something more believable...

    8. Vt Lady, you just make this stuff up. I challenge you to back up your statements. Try it for a change. You couldn't possibly expect people to believe what someone like you would say without some sort of citation/link.

    9. Does every single comment made need to have a link? Can you seriously not look up anything, at all, for yourself?

    10. VTLady,

      You have no reason to answer anon 6:22. There is no reference needed for yours, chickys, or Kits previous comments. It is simple good parenting that us you all are correct.

    11. It's wasn't a cupful of urine. If you want to push that fantasy, go ahead but bottom line, your statements are irrelevant. You may fool a few ignorant blog readers but when it comes to a trial, experts will testify and it's what they say that the jury will hear and decide upon. And there's no expert going to stake his professional reputation on nonsense like the blood evidence in this case was really a cupful of pee. If you want to entertain that fantasy, enjoy.

    12. Thank You anon 6:45. It is nice to see so many rational thoughts by so many rational people.

    13. Lance didnt ask Bob how to clean up pee,he asked him how to clean up blood.

    14. I believe Lance pissed in the basement when he was drunk,before I'd believe Ayla peed there.

    15. Anon 6:22. Blood in the urine isn't "normal" (or if you want the medical term, it's hematuria--gross or microscopic), the VTLady is correct.. You can look this up yourself or medscape which may be easier to understand.

    16. No one here is talking about hematuria.

      Urine contains discarded red blood cells. A normal human excretes about 2.5 million red blood cells a day. Those red blood cells can carry iron. Iron causes Luminol to glow.

      Another substance which can set off a glow is bleach. Bleach is often used in connection with cleaning and cleaning products. Just because an area glows from Luminol does not always mean that blood is present or that only blood is present. There can be a glow from a small amount of blood from a cut, which combines with an area that had been washed in bleach, and/or which had a urine spill, to create the erroneous impression of a large blood deposit.

      These are possibilities which need to be explored before I would ever believe Jeff Hanson's claim of an alleged cupful of blood.

    17. Luminol is only a presumptive test for blood. It cannot confirm that an area has blood on it. If an area glows when Luminol is applied then additional testing must be done to confirm that the area is glowing from blood and not some other substance.

      However, if a purported blood stain is so diluted that it can ONLY be seen with Luminol, then no further testing can be done to determine just what the substance is.

      LE said on Nancy Grace that there were some spots of blood that could be seen with the naked eye, and the rest was invisible to the naked eye, but were seen with Luminol. But no one can say for sure that those areas really were blood, since such diluted areas cannot be further tested. There just does not yet exist a test sensitive enough to analyze an invisible stain.

      So what we likely have here is a case where LE is concluding that a large area is glowing from invisible blood, when there is no scientific basis for making such a conclusion about the nature of the invisible stain.

      I think this is why LE was working on the purported blood stains for weeks and weeks. They were trying to find a way to analyze the invisible stains and couldn't do it.

      So what we have here is a stain amounting to a cupful of something, but no valid means of determining just what that something is.

      The blood evidence is a red herring in this case. Ayla is alive and never suffered any massive blood loss in the basement.

      Now, let us move on and bring this little baby back to her families.

    18. Another point. The invisible stains could even have Ayla's DNA on them. Her DNA could be present alone or mixed with the DNA of others. But since she lived there her DNA could be expected to be there anyways, even with no blood present. Having Ayla's DNA on, or in, or near the invisible stains would not confirm that the stains were blood. One might guess that the invisible stains were her blood, but guessing is a long way from reasonable scientific certainty. My guess would be that the invisible stains are not Ayla's blood at all.

      It is too bad that LE is so focused on the invisible stains that Ayla remains invisible too, when she should have been found and returned home safe by now.

  22. I've seen it before, the absent parent wants full custody to avoid child support payments and they are under the wrong assumption that if in fact they gain full custody they no longer have to pay BACK child support. If trista was on state aid or Maine care at the time that money would be owed to DHS not to Trista and it would still be owed.
    It appears that Justin did not have alot of interest in Ayla prior to Trista going to rehab and I wonder if this was one of those, "the time is right" moments.
    The problem with taking custody or gaining custody in order to end child support payments and RECIEVING them instead is that one has a CHILD TO CARE FOR.

    This I believe was a huge distruption in not only Justins single guy life, but also to Courtney, elisha and Phoebe.
    Tension may have run high given that the home was not big enough for all of them otherwise they wuld not have had to make a makeshift bedroom in the basement.
    Who was the primary care giver? If Justin was working (?) and going to driver school?
    If Elisha is working (?)
    If Phoebe is working (?)
    Does Phoebe get burdened after having raised her own children and now has a second grandchild (who she had only seen once) AND two of her children living at home? Are her patience wearing thin?
    Is elisha upset with the attention having to be spread thin?
    Does Justin throw Ayla up in the air in play when he has been drinking and fails to catch her.
    Someone is covering something.
    What are we missing?
    Now..quickly..blood of Aylas in the basement. it has been said there were drops the size of the tip of a pen. When a cut produces drops..when they hit the floor they are going to be larger that the tip of a pen. period! A slatter or spray could produce these tiny specks. The blood was more than a small cut would produce so picture a larger cut bleeding and producing drops and those drps hit the floor... they would be larger that pen points.

    1. I agree Chicky. I especially like how you pointed out that the "drops" would probably not be the size of a tiny pen point, from an actual dripping cut/wound. That makes sense. Also, on top of that I've said, John P has said, and probably others as well - if Ayla cut her foot, there would not be actual drops of blood, it would be smears, from walking on it, or even if she stood still and didn't walk, it would still not be drops. Drops would come from something dripping from a higher elevation, or something worse such as, the dreaded word, splatter.

      Also, I agree with what you said, up a little bit, about how Phoebe CHOSE to lie, while under pressure. Is that her normal reaction, while under pressure? Lie? The lawyers will eat that up, while at trial.

    2. @Kit & Chicky

      You two are absolutely correct. The blood evidence and FBI denial to investigate as a kidnapping is, and always will be, going to be the downfall of the misguided Dipietro fleeting cast of believers. Notice even Hiede is now silent in the news. Nothing to say on behalf of her long lost son. How does that make you feel Phoebe, another woman being trusted by your own son to defend him. Guess who gets thrown under the bus, eveeryone except Justin himself and he don't trust you anymore. Uh-Oh, one of you needs to speak up before it is too late.

  23. The first official floating of the Jessica theory was here.

    Almost to the bottom character ID Ezah.
    Eventually they got bounced after 18 posts.

    The very first viewer on 12-17-2011 was a lady named Micah

    She took a look before anyone could add diversions and counter measures.

    When a boy named Micah disappeared and then reappeared safely six weeks later in Maine someone in The Bunker commented on SA to the effect that;

    "I suppose the DiPietro's are responsible for that too."

    The Micah reading was still very prominent in their worldview-thoughts.
    It lead me to speculate that someone in The Bunker has just enough occult knowledge to get themselves in some serious narrative trouble.

    That leaves Heidi, Justin, or unknown side player as The Occultist.

    Possibly Frau Tudela speculates she is a prisoner of someone's narrative.
    Angela has to much internal religious content to play with such things and Courtney is to absorbed in modern culture.

    Justin does have some unnatural deep rooted fears of Jessica.
    Maybe a vision or dream that she ultimately shall decide his fate.

    Ahhh... what a tangled web.

    1. Sorry, but you sound like you have a tangled brain. And just where is this place 'the Bunker'?

    2. A "Siege Mentality" is a psychological condition of extreme anxiety caused by losing all forms control over the outcome of ones life or destiny, sometimes poetically referred to as "The Bunker."

      I'm currently not wondering if a Grand Jury is going to be called to examine my narrative, hence I can wax lightheartedly about the house on the hill becoming a modern day bunker of destiny.

      If someone enjoys watching other people suffer than it would be quite amusing to watch them survive-encounter a siege mentality.

      Ayla unfortunately did not survive.
      So watching her tormentors descend into madness is neither amusing to me or repulsive it is simply nature doing what nature does, a human form of rabies in the aggressive stage.

      I to shall be snuffed out in the typical ashes to ashes dust to dust way of things. Hopefully my creator finds something inside of me that cause me to be worthy of being created a second time.

      Your assertions of others instability of inner state is a trademark of sorts associated with your conclusions and essays.

      Nice to see a cake (Post) got baked in your oven (Blog) Texas.

    3. Not all is what it seemsApril 14, 2012 at 5:58 PM

      Consider Angela again, then add to the probability factor if the posts went on and on like the wind.

    4. I enjoy his comments and find them thought provoking! :) Thanks A.M. ;)

    5. It is NOT nature, when a human takes the life of another. Especially their own flesh and blood CHILD! That is why God gave us "consceince" and "compassion" and the ability to choose or paths.

      Ps: WHO has evidence that Courtney took a polygraph? Please- DO TELL!
      I asked this question 3+ hours ago - but my comment must have met its mysterious "demise"...

    6. Sociopaths are said not to have a conscience. If any of the DiPietros are sociopaths, they do not suffer the pangs of a conscience as :normal" folks do.

      See "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, PHD -- page 49.

  24. I believe Lance knows what happened. Bob Vear's friend.

  25. I have been going to school for fine arts. I am an artist. This piece was done for my personal gratification.I am asking you once ,nicely, to take down MY piece,please.You have compromised the integrity of my work.If you chose not to, I WILL have a lawyer speak to you in the future.Thank you.

    Selena L. Johnson
    Piffle Designs

    1. Are you speaking of the photo of Justin and Ayla on this page? Did you snap this photo?

    2. I saw that photo on Selena's facebook when looking at her album of Ayla that most people are aware of. It's the image that appears at the top of her facebook (minus the words in red).

    3. But did she actually take the photo?

    4. "Piffle Designs"? Really? Hopefully there is another meaning of piffle that I'm not aware of. Is that what you think of your "art work" that you've "created" regarding Ayla?

    5. Piffle ~ Foolish, feeble or futile talk or ideas, nonsense. From what I heard Selena has NEVER met Ayla so I am a bit confused as to how this is her photo.

    6. I had to go back to where I saw it initially. Selena stated that Elisha snapped the photos and allowed Selena to post them after the camera was returned by LE. She used that photo to make the "piece" she is referring to.

    7. I don't know the answer but she may have taken a photo and altered it for design purposes. When you do that, as long as you had the right to use the original photo, you create a new copyrighted work, I believe.

    8. These are the most currant photos of Ayla Bell Reynolds. Aunt Elisha and Courtney released these today so that people can share and make posters or flyers with. Thank you!! (That was posted on Selena's facebook page, permission to use the photos)

      Also on TTLOM in regards to the design on the above picture-Regarding the photo with Justin and Ayla........ :)

      Mickey Sullivan Whose picture is this? Can it be borrowed?

      Selena Johnson yes it can be used borrowed what ever.

      Sorry Selena, you gave everyone permission to use that photo to use it, borrow it, whatever. So someone from TTLOM gave it to someone who used it for this purpose and that person sent it to me. Thanks for the picture and the permission to use it.

    9. Piffle Designs to be represented by Attorney Piffle.

    10. Hey Selena, why has LE said the 3 who were in the house that night are the ones not telling everything they know? They've never said this about Trista, Jessica or any of Trista's family. Why did they change this from a missing person investigation to a criminal investigation?

    11. J4A I sort of thought it was a little bit more of the dribble.

    12. I find it humorous that JSTL has pilfered my original work that does have a copyright and everyone over there seems to think that is fine and she can do no wrong. :) Selena gave permission for that photo to be shared and "whatever" is awful broad. I would think what was done to this photo would be included in that.

    13. I thought ferret face's aunt selena was referring to the wonder woman picture, since she said that she is an "Artist". She is an "Artist" alright...a CON ARTIST. BOOM!

    14. What has happened to common respect for other people?
      If someone ask me to please not use an image that they made, in a way that they didn't like, I would respect their wish.

      Ferret Face...Would you like someone to say that to you? How about your neohew?
      Oh sorry, you probably don't have a nephew, as this is something a young person in Middle School would say, who's parent has not taught them better.

    15. Sorry...How about your Nephew?
      Whose parent

  26. I have a theory as viable as Jssica-did-it.
    Justin is prone to long silences and even an ocassional coma. Why? Because he knows a dear friend of his from the old days kidnapped Ayla to help JD out of a sticky situation. Peachy can't speak, now, but it will all come out in the wash. We have to hang cool and vegetate over it. Smoke some weed and chill out. All will be revealed. At the proper time. (Now, is not the time.)

    And what's the harm in waiting? Ayla is doing just fine, adapts well, and thinks it's a game. Maybe she's even preferring her abductor's care to that of the DiPietros.

    Why else would JD hope for immunity for the kidnapper? Ordinarily, one would want the abductor of his child punished severly. Maybe put away for life. Justin does not want this for a misguided friend who meant the best for Justin and Ayla.

    Justin knows Trista didn't take Ayla, he's said the opposite of that when he addressed the abductor and stated, "You are not her parent. She need to be with her family, etc."

    Trista IS a parent, ergo, not the kidnapper, as many have pointed out.

    And let's talk about the "usual suspect" at this moment...Jessica. And just why would Justin protect Jessica? Any love lost, there?

    What about Justin Linnell, late of a kick in the head? Definitely not a person Justin would protect.

    And how about any and all of Trista's relatives who may have issues with Justin? Not likely Peachfuzz would stand by them and seek to protect them from the wrath of law and the public.

    Yet, Justin wants immunity for the kidnapper enabling the abductor to bring back Ayla, ASAP. That means only one thing to me:
    Justin is protecting his closest pal. One who has deep- seated loyalties toward Peachy since their paper-boy days, and who misguidedly took Ayla to help out Justin in his situation...whatever that situation was.

    Would we want Justin to turn rat fink on this benign abductor who thought he was doing a good deed for his ol' school buddy,JD? I think not! Come on!

    Some will probably assert that Justin should choose his daughter's welfare over his friend's identity. But I say, hey! Justin knew his friend long before he met his daughter. Be reasonable!

    1. Nail Hammer BANG. Finished.

    2. Let us hope whoever you are referring to is a medical professional, equipped to handle the blood that was spilled. I can only hope you are right and Ayla is returned home safely.

    3. John P...I'm afraid I was being sarcastic in my post above. But I am serious that Justin is protecting someone very close to him. And I am as certain as I can be, observing the Tudelas in frantic mode to save Justin, just who that person is.

      In my theory, I left out all talk of blood, a broken arm, Justin's predictions that Ayla would be taken, and the LIP because the Jessica-did-it faction don't mention those little items.

      Unfortunately, I do not believe Justin's friend's involvement was concerned with a kidnapping, but with a removal/disposal of a dead or dying child.

  27. Well I have grankids.
    I would know if I was there or not. Thats not something that I would be confused about Really now. Robyn

  28. Selena had been out of contact with all of them for quite a long time. She is just thinking out loud over there most of the time. Trying to protect the family honor or something. Because they need their honor protected.

    1. She recently stated something to the effect of, Phoebe not knowing who she was, when she called Phoebe, when Phoebe was at the police station. Phoebe had to keep repeating "who? Who is this?". Plus something about the 3 sisters (Phoebe, Selena and their older sister) having been in a "squabble". Selena had to swallow her pride just to call Phoebe that day and she has only spoken to Phoebe(s family) twice on the phone since Ayla was "kidnapped". Besides that, she doesn't talk to them about Ayla's case. I wonder what that squabble was/is about. That's horrible, sisters fighting; we know that's a big no no, just like Trista is not supposed to squable with Jessica (sarcasm). It's ok for certain sisters to squabble but not others apparently.

    2. And the sisters are twice Jessica and Tristas age,you you think they would know better.How to be adults and work things out.My guess the argument was over money and the house they share.

  29. The State of Maine failed Ayla

    1. Sadly Ayla is only one child in a list of many that they have failed in my opinion


  31. Sorry, I have to make one more comment and then get some rest before a benefit walk for Autism in Children in the morning.
    The comment is that The Hansons/Reynolds have answered every question posed except for "where is Jessica". That answer is known by the people that need to know. The DiPietro family have not answered a single question. The one question that needs an answer is Where is Ayla. Please, one of the people in the house the evening of the 16th, answer the question. Don't send out the deflectors, the spinners, or the fire starters on your behalf. Bring Ayla Home!

  32. To; VT Lady & Annon April 14 5:16 pm .
    this is for you. ...From Annon. April 14 10:06 am.

    Re; Courteney did take a poly graph test.
    see the 8th paragraph.