Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Police Our Own

Jeff is going to archive this post on Answers for Ayla but we thought it would be nice to have here for a reminder of sorts and reference.

Unfortunately, I need to address Just Stop the Lies (JSTL). It has, to this point, been my policy to simply cast a disapproving eye on that blog, but my tolerance for that malignant bile is at an end. 
The Snake Pit - 1948
Most of you know that JSTL's primary motivation has been malicious and speculative attacks against Trista. JSTL trolls through the quote worthy blogs like a bottom feeder, sucking up the leavings of other writers far more suited to their craft. Taking minor details or irrelevant histories and twisting them into the vilest form of misinformation in a reprehensible effort to achieve the attention JSTL craves. This unwholesome desire to vilify Trista and her family has everything to do with JSTL’s morbid fascination with the suffering caused and has nothing to do with Ayla.

In addition to the abusive harassment of Trista and her family JSTL recently posted half of a transcript of personal text messages between Trista and Justin in what can only be described as a colossal lack of judgment. Justin’s transcripts of those conversations were not released, but they were solicited from me mercilessly in an ongoing crusade to bend me to JSTL’s will. The motivation for releasing them escapes rational thought, but the consequences could include tainting the jury pool, if not the exact transcript-tampering with evidence, and finally violation of Google Blogger’s terms of service, which has been reported just above the title of JSTL's blog.

The heartless post JSTL put up on 4/4 with the deceptive title “Birthday Wishes for Ayla” might be the cruelest thing I have read; for a moment I thought perhaps JSTL had set aside malice and crawled out of the filth for this one day to say something nice for Ayla, only to be injured by the ugliness of it. I will not make the mistake again. JSTL has caused enough pain. Despite my impulse to set JSTL straight, I know that it will only feed the voracious appetite for destructive controversy and attention JSTL seeks with every waking moment.

My goal has only been to help Ayla by raising awareness and divining the truth through intelligent and civil discussion. I have more to ground to cover, but for now, I am done giving JSTL motivation to continue feeding off the suffering of the Reynolds family. I appreciate the posters that visit there to refocus the topic to helping Ayla and defending us, but we need to remove this cancerous tumor before it becomes malignant.
Enough is enough, it is time to police our own before we can move on with the Answers For Ayla.
I will start by deleting any posts that reference the tripe spilling onto the screen there. There are legitimate outlets for an opposing opinion, but JSTL is a snake pit of malice that does not deserve our comments or our time. Eventually, JSTL will masquerade their comments as posts from other bloggers, but will quickly become discouraged when they ascertain that we cannot be baited and will fade into oblivion


  1. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedApril 10, 2012 at 4:06 PM

    Thank you for re-posting. Jeff and Trista have been attacked for too long for supporting and insisting on keeping Ayla's name out there. Let's hope this nightmare ends for them SOON.

  2. Jeff is a saint and has shown so much integrity throughout. He appears to be a rock for the family.

  3. Opinions are like "ASSHOLES" everyone has them!
    Some choose to shit on others to get their opinion across while others carefully word things to avoid backstabbing & false accusations... I Say~
    Ignore the ignorant & THE Haters~
    Keep up the GOOD fight Tori! STay strong in your mission of Seeking the truth , bringing Miss AYLA home & finding JUSTICE for sweet AYLA !THat is the intention of THIS BLOG & Answersforayla blogs after all!
    You ALL have many supporters with NOTHING but LOve in our hearts for precious Lil AYla .Many thoughts & prayers are being said every minute of everyday w/ the hope answers will soon be told!
    MOst important question being..... WHERE IS AYLA??

  4. J4A,

    I think it is good for Jeff Trista and thier family to be able to refocus. By archiving this story, hopefully they can do that. The repost here reminds us all to make sure that site remains irrelevant. I don't think You Jeff or Trista need a reminder of what they did but this tells me you three are dedicated to seeing it through and making sure this is not done again to another family.