Friday, April 20, 2012

More From A Psychic's Perspective...

I wanted to apologize for my absence and the absence of Truth4Ayla lately. She is dealing with some things in her own family and will be back once that is squared away, she is sorely missed by me and I hope she is back soon. I also have taken a few days off to regroup in a sense and to gain perspective. In order to do that I had to step away.

Things have been a little heated here the past few days and although I have been around, I have not been able to devote much time to the blog. I appreciate having other contributors on the blog that bring a different perspective to things. I know that right now it is frustrating that things are stagnant right now. There is only so much evidence I can dissect and form possible theories and opinions on and although I am emailed daily and given new possible pieces of the puzzle, I must investigate the new information on my own and see if it is accurate before I can post it. I also rely a lot on T4A and her remarkable cybersleuthing skills and some posts are on the back burner until she returns.

I think Grace's idea to take this blog up out of the muck where that other blog lurks is a good idea. I think that I got confused somewhere along the line as to which fight I was fighting. I came here with the intent to fight the good fight for Ayla and got dragged into mudslinging to make my bruised ego feel better. I know many of you have expressed the desire to eradicate "She who shall not be named" from this blog and the discussions and I am sorry I did not listen then and I hope Dana P. and any others that posted similar suggestions were not offended by my response to them and also not offended now.

I do want to add that before anyone forms a search party to go out looking for Ayla that they contact LE and ask permission and if the area you are planning on searching is off limits. I think it is great that people want to go out and search by LE has also stated that they have plans to do documented searches in some areas and I would not want potential evidence trampled on or disturbed. I also hope that no one will take matters into their own hands in the form of vigilante justice.

With that off my chest, I received an email from my favorite psychic. This is his theory of what possibly happened and why. JMH is working on a follow up post to this and hopefully it will be posted sometime this weekend.

Can Ayla Be Found.

The recovery of human remains is sometimes an extremely difficult or impossible puzzle to solve. 
I became aware of Ayla's existence by chance and developed respectful affection towards her and her loved ones. 
For three weeks I searched for a kidnapped little girl named Ayla. Many of the things I discovered did not make sense 
and seemed illogical but I persisted hoping I could gather information of value to the authorities and other searchers. 
After too many irregularities I stopped searching and detached from the situation. 
Within forty-eight hours I came to peace with the situation and transitioned into a search for her remains. 
The previous search while operating under false pretenses was partially successful in that a lot of valuable information 
was gathered that was not available publicly at the time. I felt reassured that with forethought, and planning, a second full scale search 
might determine if Ayla is recoverable. There is a required rest period between searches that allows the body and mind to recover its strength.

Having spent three weeks searching for Ayla the kidnapped little girl I can honestly say I served Justin DiPietro for three weeks of my life in the desperate search for his daughter. Having ascertained that Ayla was not abducted on December-17 from Waterville but was abducted from Portland around October-20 

I gained my primary strategic insight about Justin. 
In order to lie Justin requires a parallel event to lie about. 
All statements regarding Ayla's abduction from Justin are descriptions of the Portland event.

"She has adjusted well."
"She probably thinks it's a game"

Once the strategy of "Parallel Lying" was notated all statements regarding her whereabouts became relevant to whatever parallel event he chose as a mirror. In the early stages of the pursuit of Ayla's kidnappers I consulted with a talented person who described Justin's parallel lying technique as a "Mirror Protocol" a way to tell the truth even when lying by displacing events onto an unrelated event.

An example of parallel lying. "Ayla did not meet her demise down in my house"
In this example his house is in Portland and the statement is therefore spoken as truth.
It is the same technique used in the CNN interview of his mom but honed to perfection.

The absolute misery Justin has created for himself is a result of the reliance on two functions.
The over reliance on parallel lying to manipulate and a deep rooted sense of loss because he has no father-son structures.

When I search the totality of Justin's life experiences for an understanding of the rationales that compose his pathology, always there is a return to issues of personal identity. In Justin's mind he perceives a lack of a father as the all inclusive cause and effect deficit that lies at the root of his inner conflicts. On that perceived injustice of destiny all of his narrative rationales are based. 

In the current tragedy it became an emotional license to kill. 
Similar to the idea of parallel lying Justin needs two objects to measure in comparison
to determine the true and false of any line of thought before engaging in deception. 

Part of the difficult to understand projection and transference from Justin's 
internal world outward to his external world is the all important crux issue of Justin's Father-Son themed conflict. 
In this emotional conflict, parallel lying is the twisting force necessary to translate (parallel lie ) within his internal 
Parent-Child conflict and then translate once again into the third step of the deadly conflict of Father-Daughter ending in his murder of Ayla.

Parallel Lying

Father Son - Conflict Origin
Parent Child - Conflict Base
Father Daughter - Conflict Twist

From within Justin's worldview it would be impossible to believe a child would reject a parent.
The entire structure of the Father-Son based system of thoughts is based on idealistic dreams.

The parallel lie stated as a rational is "I grew up without a father so..."
Within that rationale is the idea that Ayla is better off dead than living without her father. 
When Justin murdered Ayla he engaged in a surrogate transference of murdering Himself and his Mother-Fatherless Son relationship.

Though Trista Reynolds and Ayla Reynolds may have served as surrogates, the conflict between mother and son over a fatherless 
home remains. Killing the Justin surrogate Ayla as a child version of himself does not end the internal conflict of Father-Son identity 
issues based on the Mother's life choices.

After the murder a period of extreme emotional affliction occurred due to the inability to properly sequence the parallel lie. 
The lies are an entire system and worldview similar to a symphony of thoughts in a "disharmonious transposition." 
The twist is not resolvable as; Father-Son / Parent Child / Father Daughter. There are thousands of logical arguments to the internal rational used for Ayla's murder and cover-up abduction. 
This argument addresses the key coping strategy "Parallel Lying" and the key application " Fatherless Son" that becomes Ayla’s murder.

The correct parallel lie to Fatherless Son is the relationship of Motherless Daughter. A child who has no same sex role model as a parent 
Justin created a Motherless Daughter by seizing control of Ayla.  That was the last securable island of delusional thinking, the last stable place before the twists and inaccuracies would cause a internal emotional collapse. Once he crossed the line and took possession of Ayla by subterfuge any threat of disruption to the Fatherless Son verses Motherless Daughter would be unresolvable.

Father Son - Fatherless Son
Parent Child - Parentless Child
Mother Daughter - Motherless Daughter
Justin's surrogate murder of his self using Ayla as an object created a Daughterless Mother not a Motherless Daughter 
The murder of the parallel mirror used fpr parallel lying dissolved the ability to parallel lie concerning the now Daughterless-Mother and  Daughterless Father created by Justin's murder of Ayla.

A whole new trauma dynamic far realer than conveniently blaming every personal flaw or defect on the Father-Son lying system. 

The system of Parallel Lying Justin applied to Father-Son conflict collapsed irrevocably leaving only Trista as a mother mirroring object to the shattered system. Hence the ongoing Trista ( Phoebe Surrogate) is to be hated and reviled for creating Motherless Daughters and Fatherless Sons. 

Hence the removal or inability to acquire a parallel object for a lie relationship has caused an inability to lie and the need for silence. 
The murder of Ayla as a surrogate for the "Father-Son" identity issues has only exacerbated his relationship to his Mother's
life choices. Now in a new setting he begins constructing the same situation from which he just tried to escape from. 
A constant belittling by Justin the original Fatherless-Son angry at The Mother's choices onto the "surrogate object" Trista Reynold's.
The real target and subject matter of the attacks is a parallel lie system detailing Phoebe’s addiction to methadone and lifetime reliance on
government assistance and government employment to survive in her role as a lifetime unmarried mother of three with an alternative lifestyle.

No parallel lie object still exists. 
The use of Trista to attack Pheobe seems shrill.
The system is broken and seems insane to outsiders.
A man murders a child and publicly taunts the mother of the child.
The Father-Son conflict verses The Mother rages internally, outsiders see only insanity.

Even were Justin to consider himself a female in a male body he is still not a Motherless Daughter, that was Ayla after Portland . By murdering and covering up the murder of his daughter he has murdered The Self & His Mother without His Father. His internal system of structured self deception has now collapsed as evidenced by commission of murder he awaits the inevitable arrival of a Justice Process & Possible Incarcerated Corrections.

An unverifiable story of Justin's youth told of an adventure in a Radio Shack.
Justin secreted himself away in the store for mischievous purposes but found he could not escape. He waited until he was discovered as the store personal arrived before opening to the public for the day. A simple event but possibly indicative of how Justin may approach the criminal justice process as a whole. If the future repeats the past, he remains silent pleads innocent and is tried by a jury determining his future.
I would wager that with the forces arrayed to prosecute and convict him that he shall die in prison of old age. His system of self deception now complete he never escapes this future version of the Radio Shack experience unto death.

If history repeats along those lines the outcome is thus:
He shall never admit guilt and plead out for a lesser sentence and recite the facts.
I conclude that he shall never return the remains of Ayla Reynolds under any conditions.
He shall die in prison proclaiming his innocence until he dies unable to dismantle the error in his primary parallel lie that lead to murder. 

Parallel Lying

Father Son - Conflict Origin
Parent Child - Conflict Base
Father Daughter - Conflict Twist

Parallel Truth

Father Son Conflict Origin
Parent Child - Conflict Base
Mother Daughter - Conflict Parallel

Justin's case is a very similar parallel to those rare abduction and murder by stranger cases, with Ayla used as a dehumanized object of his own delusional projection system. A system originally built to prevent injury and limit trauma from the loss of a father figure role model, a system left unchecked and unbalanced due to the introduction of parallel lying as a primary strategy that then causes the far greater loss of Ayla’s entire natural life and Justin’s natural freedom when Parallel Lying is applied to the Father-Son conflict using Ayla as the resolution object.

Ayla does not fit into Justin's internal father-son conflict system that is managed by parallel lying.

He truly did not know the person he came to control.
A maximum of five visits over an eighteen month period.
She suffered a series of injuries and disappeared mysteriously.
It had the same predictable outcome of the rare stranger abduction.
The victim fulfilled certain deep pathological needs and is then discarded.

A true and profound tragedy of the first magnitude.
Studying the ongoing attacks on Trista Reynolds helps to understand the Phoebe-Justin dynamic.
Having escaped the family home and Phoebe, Justin is free to attack the Phoebe surrogate object Trista.
Now in a new setting he begins constructing the same situation from which he just tried to escape from in an inescapable loop.
He is primary role is no longer as a Fatherless-Son. His primary role is an now as an attacker of objectified female surrogates.
Ayla Reynolds, Trista Reynolds, Heidi Tudela, Angela Harry, Courtney Roberts are stepping stones that lead to the revenge upon and destruction of Phoebe Dipietro.

The Son unable to acquire A Father destroys The Mother.
The crime and aftermath is satisfying to Justin as long as he remains silent. Periodically the silence becomes stifling and he speaks out in burst of incoherence. Justin has departed sanity.


  1. Good to have you back J4A! Wow, this is a lot to take in. I am going to read it a few times and see what I think. Generally, I do believe in psychic powers and that messages are received.

    1. Thank you ;) I am glad to be back, this blog is my baby and I have missed not participating in the discussion as much as I normally do.

      I, too, believe that there are bona fide psychics that have honed their skill, a skill I think we are all born with but are conditioned not to act on or believe because it is not tangible. I think intuition is a strong indicator of that.

    2. Me too, your posts are my favorite. :)

    3. Aww, thanks! Your comments are some of my favorites too ;)

    4. As the author of the article I chose to delete the words inserted here;

      "Having spent three weeks searching for Ayla the kidnapped little girl I can honestly say I (FAITHFULLY AND LOYALLY) served Justin DiPietro for three weeks of my life in the desperate search for his daughter. Having ascertained that Ayla was not abducted on December-17 from Waterville but was abducted from Portland around October-20 "

      Justin owns a share of those three weeks of my human narrative.
      I felt those words "faithfully and loyally) were overkill concerning the ease with which I can connect or sense him if required. My work is done. My accuracy can be examined at TKR "Ten Thousand Roads" under the ID (Alchemy) where I complete 100 targets of all types from crimes to historic places. A sub ID at TKR (Vorschai) is used for a single high priority target John Allen Muhammad. I can feel pressure waves incoming before dangerous events or being assigned risky targets.

      Participating in blogs has helped me to gain feedback on the search because the police do not speak ever of ongoing cases.

      In order to become clear minded for future work I concluded:

      Justin murdered Ayla
      A 3rd party completed a fire based disposal.

      The police never encouraged nor discouraged me.
      As professionals they must eliminate me as a suspect.
      In the report is the creation of proof of alibi and whereabouts along with a waver of rights to allow quick easy verification.

      Towards the end I asked Ayla to transmit summary images.
      She showed me the picture on the marble bench with inscription.
      Also a picture of her artistic rendering of uncle in red-orange.

      My task is to know a living or deceased Ayla shall never appear.

      Therefore I keep my opinions to myself when amongst those who sincerely hope for a better outcome. If I am wrong I shall make two 1000$ donations as amends on the Reynolds and MSP's behalf to LostNMissing and one of the youth based charities MSP support.

      Usually standard practice is I acquire information put it in a place the authorities watch continuously and then post the capture article acknowledging the transaction is concluded.
      It is very low key and as untraceable as each party desires.

      My primary interest is science as dual event horizon braidings.
      I assisted with counter-terrorism out of the general obligation.
      Meeting Ayla is something I barely speak of out of deep respect.

      Thanks for publishing that. :-)
      Lets him know the score about faking kidnappings as a form of infernal machinery (satanic device) to punish society at large.

    5. Thank you for sharing and guiding with your words. You are appreciated.

    6. Sigmund Frog- I have a great respect for what you do, but I hope and pray that you are wrong. No offence.

    7. ..(at the very least with her not being found.)

    8. It would be the best money I ever spent to be wrong. I love the kid.
      Somebody who can move between worlds had to bear witness for her so The Creator God & Almighty could try the case and take over the complete protection of her eternal spirit and immortal soul.

      I've learned a lot from this experience.
      I play "Tiny Dancer" my ID link when I need to be at peace with it.
      I listened to and watched "Moves Like Jagger" she likes music :-)

  2. Don't you think referring to a psychic destroys any credibility this blog has???

    1. Have you ever been to a psychic? I have. The psychic I saw absolutely told me things that would happen. Did I believe these things at the time? No. Did they happen, YES. Just because we don't always understand something, does not make it less valid or valuable. I think with any case, you look at every possibility available. Psychic messages and visions are just another possibility.

    2. I think that this blog is open to all possibilities and viewpoints even if we all do not agree with them and if I censored that then it would certainly affect the blog's credibility. I feel that I have backed my posts up with research and hard facts and have worked hard to gain my credibility. I don't think that offering up a different perspective changes my credibility. I also think this post is very interesting whether it is from a psychic or not and thought it would add to discussion.

    3. Actually, material from a psychic is the most credible and informative information on this blog.

    4. anon 06.50

      I find that statement to be a very sad statement.

      When did searching for a little girl get so diluted that people had to rely on psychics to solve a crime.

      There are NO HARD FACTS that support what the psychic says but there you go treating it like evidence.

    5. If someone with a greater ability to sense other dimensions tells us it is so, then it should be deemed a fact in this dimension. That is why I find the psychic information here to be the most worthwhile. The rest is just nastiness and jealous competition.

    6. @ anon 09.05

      The rest is nastiness and jealous competition? What! Between police and psychics? Or are we talking about personal opinions here? If psychics were good at their job at least 1/3 of the time (effectiveness here is based higher than the degree of effectiveness in medicine which is averaged at 11-12%) then I would be more inclined to take their word seriously. Considering Tori's track record with psychics (in which I would say only 0.1% of psychics get it close to right, and Tori hasn't met that person yet) I DO NOT believe Sigmund Frog to be even remotely close to correct.

  3. Interesting read.Some of it is too deep for me. I have heard of parallel lying.
    I don't think Justin is ever going to open up, ever. It's going to take someone else in that coven to talk. Or, someone who knows something to rat him out to save their own sorry azz on a serious drug charge, not the sister Briana, because if she knew anything it would have been done by now.
    I don't think any of the coven are hardened criminals.Three are guilty of lying, one is the killer. IMO.

  4. The person who sent that clearly also follows the case, he may or may not be psychic, but he does seem intuitive or sensitive. The parallel lying actually made a lot of sense. The fatherless son and mother issues, while seemingly convoluted and repetitive in the explanation, makes some sense at the core. I sense from what he said that he's looked deeply at this case, and specifically what makes Justin tick. He could be right about some of it.

  5. Sorry Tim, I couldn't reply to your post directly.
    "referring to a psychic destroys any credibility this blog has???"
    I don't think so.He is trying to explain Justin, just like a profiler would do. Granted he is not Brent Turvey or John Douglas. We know very little about Justin as a person and the "Psychic's Perspective" is just a valid as anyone else's.
    You are welcome to disagree with me,but I like to read and think things over alot. Not just in this case,but human nature in general. Casey Anthony,Josh Powell for example, something went wrong in their thought processes for along time befre they progressed to killing children and a spouse.

  6. Interesting... Confusing at times (I had to reread certain parts), but it does make sense. Especially the parallel lying.

    Timothy gibsin, I don't think it destroys the credibility. If you had a missing baby, would you not make EVERY attempt to find him/her, even if it could be a "long shot"? Even something you may not necessarily believe in? What harm can it cause, besides giving another perspective and possible means to find your missing baby? Would you not take advantage of every single possible means at an attempt to find your baby?

    Plus, unless I really misunderstood, this was his theory, which was very detailed and well thought out and explained. I didn't really notice psychic revelations (maybe when talking about searching for Ayla). I got more of a psychological feel from this, rather than actually psychic. Regardless, either way, for me, his theory seems to make sense. Not saying that is 100% what happened for sure, just that it makes sense, to me. It *could* very well be possible.

    1. If law enforcement has to follow leads that come from a"psychic" that takes time and resources away from following real leads....this will be my last post, as this blog is clearly not a legitimate or useful endeavor in any way

  7. Replies
    1. I wouldn't mind reading it, but there are so many "extra" words that you just have to say:


    2. The Bride, I do think it could be condensed. :) It's hard though when it is someone else's thoughts. I had to read it several times. It was the end that I found most interesting and enlightening in a pyschological way.

    3. Exactly; I pulled away the psychology of Justin more than a psychic's feel, although I understand the psychic perspective. The psychology portion is something I am hoping to touch on in my follow-up post whenever it is ready.

  8. This made me cry. I believe this is spot on. Thank you Tori for sharing it with us.

  9. I guess Tim didn't notice the previous posts regarding this and how well they were received?

  10. The Son unable to acquire A Father destroys The Mother.
    The crime and aftermath is satisfying to Justin as long as he remains silent. Periodically the silence becomes stifling and he speaks out in burst of incoherence. Justin has departed sanity.

    :''''( This is very intuitive and I'm with made me cry.

  11. Tim, if you are looking for intelligent, reality based articles and discussions, this site is not for you.

    1. I think the above remark is really unnnecessary & I for one, have truly come to appreciate the amount of research that goes into Tori's blogs. Sometimes you don't realize it, because you don't appreciate it until it's not there.

      Some folks don't believe in psychic phenomenon -- no one is saying they have to, but it's just another window wiht which to viewthe case. And I actually feel the analysis was more of a strict analysis than a psychic one. There was a fair amount of repetition, but perhaps that is simply how the writer chooses to record all his impressions.

      Can't help but wonder if we've got a visitor from "another site" stopping by.

    2. Now that is funny right there! And I'm wondering what that says about you reading here. ;)

    3. My note was for Anon 6:54 PM

    4. Anon 7:09 PM "Can't help but wonder if we've got a visitor from "another site" stopping by"

      I thought the very same thing!

    5. They just can't seem to stay away :)

      I think A.M. the person who wrote this, stripped away all of the psychic connotations and left his hard theory. I find what he has to say well thought out and interesting.

    6. Psychics are NOT going to find Ayla. Get your head out of the clouds girl. If you've got awesome cybersleuths (haha lol) then get your A into G and bloody get out there. You wont find her though coz you're all looking for a dead Ayla. Sad, how you gonna explain that to her when she's older. Give her some real confidence and faith. Sorry, can't teach what YOU don't have.

    7. I think it is best to just ignore her. It's funny how someone can complain about this blog but not be able to walk away and read somewhere else. lol.

    8. Well thought? It's psychology that he does/ or does not understand. I think he digging too deep, which in my thoughts confuse the facts. I'm sorry, I don't believe in psychics anyway. I just feel this specific blog Entry is confusing and lacks actual truths. And no, I am not a troll just because I disagree at this time.

  12. "Justin has departed sanity"
    This explains the smirk at the vigil. I was trying to make sense of it by telling myself that Justin is "proud" of himself and thinks that we should be thanking him for the "work" he has done on thislittlelightofmaine. Add Insanity to that and I think that sums it all up.

    1. Purple Butterflies *has departed sanity*

      You believe in ridiculous things.

  13. Thinking about this post brought up the following theory.

    Trista pushes Justin (in his mind) into fatherhood by having Ayla instead of obeying Justin and aborting her. She pushes further when she asks for child support (however it happened).

    Justin punishes Mama by making her pay the support. (If this rumor/theory is true)

    Mama retaliates by forcing Justin into the custody grab.

    Now, Justin is saddled with a kid whom he has only seen 5 times, two of those times resulting in abuse because poor baby could sense his anger and hate and rejected him, and is now traumatized by the grab.

    He tries to push her off on Courtney. He gets madder and madder. Ayla suffers a broken arm. Blood is spilled in the DiPietro house. Courtney pushes him, get rid of the kid. He needs money right and left, diapers, baby food, doctor bills, medicine. His pride will not let him defy his mother nor admit to Trista he was wrong in taking her.

    He comes up with an idea to fix it. All of it.

    He, Courtney and Derek come up with a plan.

    He fixes his mother symbolically. See what you made me do? Now fix it. She now has to lie for him.

    He fixes Trista for disobeying him. See what happens when you cross me?

    He fixes Ayla for rejecting him. Can't you see how wonderful I am?

    He fixes his finances by throwing in the life insurance policy.

    Yep, I think this makes a lot of sense, psychologically. But what do I know, Im just a bean counter!

    1. You are a horrible person. How many people do you need to cover a crime before someone caves? Grow a brain.

    2. I am sorry that you feel that way.

      Grace Wilson

  14. WOW! The following is all theory: Your post addresses two very important points, one I raised months ago in a private email to someone. That is the dark rainy night he described when Ayla supposedly broke her arm. I always wondered if that was really a description of the night she was killed and now I am convinced my instinct was correct. The second point is Ayla rejecting him. This may have sent him into a rage in which he killed her. He took Ayla determined to control and never return her, but when she rejected him as her father and wouldn't be comforted by him due to the instability in the household and their treatment of her, his situation became impossible- he could not have the relationship he sought and pride kept him from returning her. He could blame her for this outcome because he determined what her feelings should be and she did not display those feelings. JMHO.

    1. We posted the same theory at the same time! Tell me there is no such thing as psychics or esp!

    2. I'm a believer in ESP.

      (anon 7:35)

    3. Awesome work j4a & g4a! (+anon7:35) makes complete sense to me! Brush off the mosquitos trespassing here today- you're on a roll!

    4. That might be a very astute connection.
      Somewhere between 12-8 & 12-16 a real storm.
      Enough so he comes in drenched and he loses it.
      The murder the event parallel for the broken arm.
      He release the tension of the murder by describing the arm event.
      When he speaks of the arm he is using it as a mirror to conceal the murder as "Burned into my brain"

    5. Send in the ClownsApril 21, 2012 at 12:09 AM

      This website is hilarious. I can hardly believe that people can be this stupid.

      I have a used crystal ball that I would like to donate to this group. I'm sure you would all love it.

    6. I am glad you leave the blog with a smile on your face.

      Have a great weekend!

  15. How convenient to have a new post ready just in time to bury a post that didn't go over so well. And of such an entirely different and totally ridiculous nature to change the tone of the whole conversation.

    1. Anon 7:35 PM - Apparently, you've never run a successful blog. It's a good thing to have different subject matter and different viewpoints. The varied postings give the reader base something to ponder. Nothing wrong with the time of the post or the content!

    2. Which post didn't go over well? Do you think they thought a post about psychics would "go over" "better", knowing there is such a wide range of feelings/opinions regarding psychics? I don't know which post you are referring to as not going over well. It seems your presuming there was a post expected to not go over well, therefore followed up, purposely, with a post about psychics? Which could possibly, in all actuality, not go over so well. That doesn't really make sense.

    3. My post did exactly what it was intended to do. In that sense it was very sucessful. I wanted to know what our readers thought of my idea and they told me.

      The rest of your comment I will not address. I am taking a higher road.

      I post with my real name. I fight for Trista's angel.

      Thanks for your opinion.

      Grace Wilson

    4. If you dont like it go Home.

  16. Anon 735, I find that always happens. When anyone posts, but the blog owner, she then comes in and almost posts immediately.I know this is going to be a very unpopular comment, but I've seen it happen often.

  17. Im fully aware I can be too blunt, although its my intention to be helpful. It just reminds me of Oprah. Shell have on a guest, as soon as the guest has an interesting story,Oprah talks over the top of them. Just an observation.

    1. Really? Hmmmm, in what other instances has this happened? Please elaborate, dates and times are posted near the byline on the bottom of each post...

      By the way, I have to ability to delete all other contributors and admins so if I wanted to talk over them or steal their sunshine, I would just delete them. Why do you read here anyway since you have such a low opinion of me?

    2. Thank you sir, may I have another?

      I would respond in detail, but nah. I do like ur blog, btw, I just enjoy what others have to say also.

    3. Let me try again.....I'm a wise ass. I think I'm funny, if I hurt you, I'm very sorry. Sometimes blogging, chatting, etc., brings out the worst in me. I admire you. I could care less about your past and admire what you are doing here. My frustration is just that, my own frustration. I come here and sometimes there is a while between posts. It's frustrating when hoping for good news. Then I wait and return and like 3 posts have been added. I like, WTH? So I have to catch up. And you are correct, maybe I'm wrong. I'm assuming yours is the most recent. I can't take back my words, but I seriously didn't want to upset you. Please accept my apology.

    4. I do accept your apology, thank you. Unfortunately we all have different schedules throughout the week and can't always finish a post right away so on weekends, when we all have more time you may see an influx of posts. We try to schedule them to post at certain times, usually if we have more than one ready to go, one will post automatically at 9am and the other will post at 5 or 6pm. I was going to hold off on my post until the am since Grace had already posted today however, Grace's post was not garnering good discussion and things were getting heated, I decided to post my story then so people who did not want to participate in the heated discussion could come to a different post to comment. I did not do that when JMH's post got out of control and I was criticized for it. I try to make sure that each post gets its time on the front page because I also like reading their posts which is why they are contributors here. I hope that clarifies why you may come on and there are no new posts and other times there are several.

    5. Seriously, please don't explain yourself. My foul attitude has nothing to do with you. I seriously, hope this doesn't ruin your evening. You've always behaved professionally, and I know you are doing an exceptional job with your support of Ayla and the Reynolds. Again, please accept my apology and let this blow off your back. I don't want the negativity to touch you. Only goodness to you. I'll keep my bitterness to myself, and hopefully one day be able to let it go.

  18. Btw, Ayla was on tv tonight, some cable channel that has a reality show about Maine game wardens. They show the life of a warden and on this particular day they were searching the river for baby a.

  19. EXACTLY anon8:51! Animal Planet's Northwoods Law (* and fyi they ALWAYS have reruns on throughout the week, as it is a relatively new show)

    PS: this episode is a must-see for everyone! It is a wonderful exhibit of the level of commitment by local and state LE , in this case! The wardens and msp dive teams RISKED HYPOTHERMIA/ THEIR Own LIVES to search for this precious child while JD relaxes w/ his harem in their vista overlooking the Kennebec! That icy water is the polar opposite of the BURNING environment awaiting those responsible for the attack on Ayla're gonna need more than a baseball bat, Justin! Quit while your still standing outside the FIRE~

  20. Oh jeesh, I just noticed another blunt comment. Sorry, I guess I'm angry at psychics. I saw one in Vermont one time, and I think she was totally taking advantage of vulnerable people who lost their loved ones. She started the show by saying she was a failed actress. I think it's time to get a name to curb some inappropriate attitudes. Please forgive my lack of social development.

    1. If it is any consolation, I have the same tendancy as you, blunt with a little sprinkle of sarcasm for good measure. I've had to rein it in alot here. Since we are already on a psychic thread, I will just admit I think it is because of the negativity thrown at us recently. They are attacking because we are fighting.

      My new motto. Kill em with kindness. If we don't react, they get no payoff.

      Thank you so much for your integrity. It is not easy to admit. I think we need to take some of the anonymity out of the internet. I have seen things written in the comments of these blogs that are just shocking. I wondered, why are they leaving those awful insults up? Now I realize. It taints the energy of those even scrolling past. You feel negative, then when you get to a legit post you feel angry and you lash out, because hey, your anonymous too. Would we say these things to our kids? Do we laugh and humiliate them when they make a mistake? Do we ridicule their beliefs in fairies and Santa Claus? Would we want our boss to see how we treat others online?

      Things to think about.

      Thank you again. Have a great weekend!

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  22. I've know a couple of people who seemed to have psychic powers. One was my MIL, who all her life tried to supress the tendency or talent, or whatever you might call it, because of the unceasing pain it caused her.

    The other was a visiting seer from England to our town in Alabama, who, in an audience of hundreds of people, sought me out to tell me things about my life, she couldn't possibly have known. Astonishing.

    When I later saw her for "money", she completely "bombed" out on everything! Object lesson, maybe?

    I am more interested in the above treatise as an extrapolation from keen observation and mental acuity. I agree that it sounds like good psychological profiling and it's very likely that Justin is thoroughly messed up from having no fathering. Fathers are very important to children of both genders, in spite of what some hard-core feminists try to purvey.

    No rants at this time, though!

  23. November 21, 2011 2 pm- Trista went with Ayla and Justin to a Doctor’s Appointment with her bone specialist, that was the last time Trista, Ronnie, and Becca saw Ayla.

  24. Some persons are intuitive. Some persons ( LE investigators who interview ) fine tune this.
    It's listening and observation skill.
    Justin and his family were interviewed and then they took polys. So after the interviews and the polys they know where the areas of deceptions are for all of them.
    They might have different areas of deception.
    Some invetigators are better than others.
    I have watched the tapes from 2 investigations here in Canada and we have a good one here, Jim Smyth, he broke two cases here, the Russell Williams and the Tori Stafford case using his skills.
    As far as I am concerned, the FBI and MSP know who. Now it's just a matter of WHAT ?
    WHAT comes next ? A GJ ? Charges against some of them for lying to LE ? The FBI ? Three of them :
    Phoebe,she has a job, would she like to not have a job ?
    Elisha, she is young and wants to have some kind of life with a job someday, how is that going to happen under the present circumstances ? Having the last name she has is not exactly a door opener in Maine.
    Courtney is going to school for something, she wants to have that something, what if that something is denied to her because of this ?
    Saturday @ 7:59 IMO, subject to revision at any time.

  25. I found the insight with lack of father figure in Justins life very informative. I believe in order to understand what actually happened in that would first have to understand Justins life as a child..his upbringing..This would clear up for me..why when he knew Ayla was born..and he did nothing to take the steps to see her at first..he is doing what he father figure in his life skills to pursue being a father for Ayla. I wonder how his interaction with Gabby and Courneys little boy are??? Is everyone so closed minded on what happened to Ayla, that they cannot entertain the possiblity of factors in the upbringing of Justin? I think this clears a path for me in his motives..

    1. I read once that Justin did have a father in his life. Obviously, we don't know what kind, if any relationship he did have with a father, or father-figure. It "appears" there wasn't a male role model. If there wasn't, and IF Phoebe had a hand in encouraging him to be a father to his child, but hadn't encouraged a man to be a father to him - I could see how he wouldn't know how to be a dad, and I could understand a possibility for resentment. I don't think I could say "motive" though.

  26. In a GJ, it is not open to the public.
    Individuals are questioned one by one.
    LE can make their case to the GJ.
    You cannot go in WITH YOUR LAWYER.
    Or your supporters or your Mommy.

  27. I believe some of this, of not all of it, may be true. Having said that, I fear for this case. Let's assume Ayla died sometime prior to Dec. 17. That would have given them AMPLE time to dispose of her in a way in which she may never be recoverable. :( if it is true that her remains were burned, although some small trace evidence might remain, it would be hard to find or detect. In that case, IMO, the only way to move forward with this would be for all of them (The Waterville 3) to be charged with murder and offer plea to one of them for the remaining evidence so desperately needed to insure a conviction.

  28. Libbylou, I think the problem is they have to have sufficient grounds to bring murder charges against 3 people and they might be hard pressed at this point to support charges against all 3 I'm guessing. They could probably make a reasonable case to bring murder charges against Justin and lesser charges against the other two, but unless police know more about when and how she died, it would be hard to prove one of the other two did it.

  29. That is what I fear. I fear we may never get justice for poor Ayla.

  30. This psychic's words were truly deep. Thank you 4 sharing it J4A. I appreciate your insight and hope that soon this will all end. Thinking of Justin Dipietro and his followers. It comes to my mind the trifurcate phrase "Lord, Liar, or Lunatic" (LLL) that can very well be collaborated into the arguement against Justice and all his lies. Selena Dipietro has stated arguments defending every single lie that has come out of his mouth. Yet,sadly the truth will stay locked up with Justin Dipietro when he is put in prison. I wonder if
    Derek and all those Tudela's will go visit him. The person I really want is the man best known for raping to share a cell with him. Justin must be snorting those percocets left and right knowing time is closing in on him. There is very little doubt he will go free. No Body will not hinder what is already found in Circumstantial Evidence. Bring Ayla HOME. Back to her mother Trista Reynolds. Justin, Elisha, the lying Phoebe Dipietro and Courtney Roberts all will be held accomplises. There will be Justice4Ayla!

  31. In my heart I still believe that Ayla is alive and Trista knows where she is. Why would Trista ask Justin for all of Aylas stuff and want to move out of state. Everyone think about that one. When your child is missing the last thing you would want to do is to move out of state unless you know where she is. Trista knows where she is.