Hi sorry all your personal buzz was put out there. I completely set Lies up. She THOUGHT she was getting info from you but it was me. That's why she won't post screenshots, because she realized after her accusation that she was played all along! I also sent her the Jeff emails using remailer! If you want proof for your next post, I'm the go to girl! Maybe this will shut her down though FOR GOOD. That's not the real her posting on your blog though. I have her phone # and everything! Lmk

This is the email I received, Funny thing is I know the person who sent this email is lying. The emails from Jeff on JSTL are real, I have talked to Jeff about them so the person who sent this email had to know they did not send fake emails from Jeff using remailer. But Lies did not know that I talked to Jeff so she sent this in hopes that I would respond in an attempt to expose her and in the process look like an ass because the emails from Jeff are real and my signature would be visible. When that didn't work she claimed she was duped. This email was sent AFTER lies had already typed remailer into Google. She used remailer to send me this email and how would this person know that the real lies wasn't posting on my blog?  Probably because the person sending me this email is the "real her". 

I also know who her aliases are on TTLOM but I will delve into that later.