Thursday, April 5, 2012

From the Mouth of Justin-A Compilation of His Most Idiotic Statements

I received a message on Facebook from a reader who suggested doing a post on Justin-isms. I asked on the new Justice For Ayla Facebook group for a list of their favorite quotes from Justin and there were almost 90 responses. Apparently Justin has said some pretty dumb and/or questionable things since this case broke and there are more than enough to fill a blog post. In some cases, he has even outright lied.

"I have no idea what happened to Ayla, or who is responsible," he said. "I will not make accusations or insinuations towards anyone until the police have been able to prove who's responsible for this.


 I am pleased with the amount of resources being expended from all departments of law enforcement. Until now, I have not participated in any interviews for I don’t want to in any way hinder the investigation

Another Lie

Please be grateful for what you have. I know what I don’t have.

The truth is the truth and when the case is solved, it will be out there

The truth is the truth, how many more times are we going to hear this? What is the truth Justin?

"What you're doing isn't right. You may think what you're doing is right for Ayla, but it's not. You have no right. You're not her parent. She belongs home with her family," DiPietro said

If you don't know who took Ayla, how do you know it wasn't her parent? If someone really came into your home and took Ayla wouldn't the likely suspect be the other parent? The one your friends in TTLOM are trying so hard to convince everyone is guilty?

" Ayla probably thinks this is some sort kind of a game. She adapts real well. I have to believe she is being cared for. And I'm sure she has adapted to this situation.

Oh yeah, the pictures of her in your care show she adapted real well (read with the sarcasm intended). What kind of game lasts 3 months long? Could you be more callous?

“It happened so fast, I don’t know exactly how I fell on her, but I fell on her,” he told the newspaper. “It’s burned into my brain.”

Burned into your brain but yet you told the ER Doctor, the Ortho Specialist, and the media all a different story? Hmmm...

“I will publicly invite Nancy Grace to come spend a day with me,” DiPietro said this afternoon during an exclusive interview with the Morning Sentinel. “Nancy Grace, please come see me. Do you want to spend a day with me? Do you want to see what I’m going through? Do you want to see the ins and outs of it? I invite you to.”

Uh huh....

DiPietro first told the Press-Herald it would have to ask police how he did on the polygraph because police never showed him the results. But McCausland told the newspaper the police told DiPietro the results. Then asked directly if police told him the results, DiPietro said, "They can tell me whatever they want. Again, I didn't physically see the results."

That's right, you smoked the test... I guess so if that is another way of saying you FAILED

"I'm not going to answer any questions about it, but I will say this: If there was something there, I don't think I'd be standing here with you right now."

A little cocky aren't we there, Justin?

Justin DiPietro said he was unaware of the the fight.
"I didn't see anything that happened," he said. "We didn't discuss what had happened.

The DiPietro mantra-We didn't hear anything or see anything...

"Obviously, the situation that I'm in, it's not going to help anything by him going out and doing that," he said

So sorry about YOUR situation Justin, what about Ayla's situation?

“When the time is right, everything is going to come out. And regardless of what law enforcement is saying or what (Ayla’s mother) Trista (Reynolds) is saying, this really isn’t the time to be saying anything. And law enforcement, they can say ‘We don’t believe they’re telling the truth,’ but there’s a big difference between fact and thinking something.

This really isn't the time to be saying anything? When is that time? Also LE just doesn't say they think something for the heck of it, they are very careful with their statements and would only say they think he is lying if they had something to back that up, facts to back that up.

DiPietro said he hopes that the person who took his daughter will send a signal out to the public that she’s alive. He also said he wishes the police could offer immunity to the kidnapper so Ayla can be returned.

Immunity? Really? You don't want the person who took Ayla to pay for what they did? Why?  As if he hadn't said enough idiotic things in that article already, he added this...

DiPietro said he was shown the blood evidence, but he’s not sure of the amount

Those damn ninjas again... They sneaked into the house, hurt Ayla, made her bleed, cleaned it up and no one in her family was the wiser or maybe Ayla cut herself, cleaned it up and doctored herself so no one knew...

"The only question I have is 'Where is my daughter?''

That is what we have been asking you Justin. 

"If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason," DiPietro said

Are you kidding me? These are the people who are investigating the "abduction" of your daughter. Why would you not be calling them daily, if not multiple times a day, for an update or to make sure they are still working the case as hard as possible?

"(Investigators) have my phone number, they know where I live. I've made myself available to them and accessible at any point in time they've asked me or called me. As far as 'no communication,' I do not understand where that's coming from."

That's right, the police department is lying to make poor Justin look bad. It is a conspiracy between WPD, MSP, the FBI and the Reynolds family. They are trying to pin this on Justin. Poor, poor Justin.

"It is a fact that her blood was found in my house. Yes, it is a fact that she broke her arm in my house. But, it is not a fact that any of it was intentional.
"My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house. She never got anything but love from the people in this house," he said

It isn't a fact that it was intentional, was it an accident? How many accidents befell Ayla while in your care? And who says demise  and "down in my house"? What happened DOWN in the basement Justin? I do believe she never got anything from the people in the house but I doubt she ever got any love, if she had she would not have been the sullen girl we saw in the pictures of Ayla while with her daddy. In my opinion, this interview was just more lies and more of the Dipietro's crying poor me. 

Posted by Justin DiPietro 17 hours ago

Happy 2nd birthday baby, I wish I could be with you on this big day for you and I want you to know many people are working so hard to get you home and WE WILL. I am planting a tree for you today as a beacon of hope. I love you and can't wait to see you dance you dance again

Oddly enough, the tree planted as a "beacon of hope" for Ayla was a Peach Tree. I was not aware that a Peach Tree would thrive in Maine's cold climate. Sort of how Ayla didn't thrive while in the care of her father. Ironically, Peachy is Justin's nickname...

When asked if he had any more stupid or questionable things to add or even any more lies he wanted to get off his chest...

DiPietro couldn't be reached for comment

Surprise, Surprise.

*Thank you John P. for pointing out that I forgot the dumb things he said in his first television interview. When I compiled the list I went through newspaper articles and overlooked the news reports and televised interviews. 

Reporter: Justin, as you heard in the piece, police believe foul play is involved. what are investigators telling you about what happened, what they believe may have happened here?

Justin: as far as i know, from -- that's just been a change in terminology. as far as i know, we're at the same place that we were at on day one with this.

A change in terminology huh? Not a change in the direction of the investigation?

Reporter:  Can you tell us about the last time that you saw your little daughter?  I know it's now more than two weeks ago. she was wearing polka dot pajamas, the top said "daddy's little princess." tell us about that night.

Reporter: It was just a normal night, there was nothing -- i put her to bed and just been a normal night.

There was nothing? Nothing what? Why the hesitation?

Reporter: ...Tell us What makes your daughter so special? 

Justin: She's my daughter, she's my child, she's everything to me

I am glad you clarified that, Justin. I don't think we were able to correctly infer she was your child from the statement "She's my daughter" Why didn't you answer the question though? Why is she special? 

***The picture of the tree and the comment from Justin was found on the secret TTLOM page on facebook. It appears Justin also has a secret facebook account since Heidi copied and pasted his comment from some unknown page or profile on facebook. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Grace, it took quite some time going through all of the articles on this case but I had a lot of help from the new members of Justice For Ayla on Facebook. :)

    2. You're doing the same thing to Justin that you and your minions accuse JSTL of doing to Trista? How do you explain that?

    3. Dear Anon @10:25,

      LOL, very funny joke! :-) (You didn't really type and post that with a straight face???)

    4. NoMinionJustAnAdmirerApril 6, 2012 at 8:16 AM

      Anon 10:25 PM, I see nothing wrong with telling the TRUTH. Those quotes are Justins. If you find this blog so distasteful, why even read or reply here? Why not just go back to your own blog at JSTL, where your followers eat up your every word. Oh and thank you for your prayers for Ayla. I'm sure you must have clicked the prayers for Ayla button up top.


    6. Was the LIP bought just ONE WEEK prior to Ayla's disappearance??
      That would actually be a "good" thing, since it leaves room for Ayla's death to have been NON-premeditated if occurred around the 8th of December, and the LIP bought directly afterward as a scam to profit AFTER-THE-FACT.

      If the policy was purchased PRIOR to the last official sighting of a living Ayla, as was reported earlier, it means that her death was coldly planned-out in ADVANCE!

      This makes a HUGE difference in the amount of evil it took for the DiPs to "disappear" her, IMHO...

      Could you elaborate on where you came up with LIP being purchased just one week prior to Ayla's reported "abduction"??

    7. J4A, G4A, Jessica, MsP, VTLady, etal

      There is now a new number 1 for the list!

      "I am planting a tree for you today as a beacon of hope."

      Read the post by Not Justins Tree @ 5:50 and 5:53 and you will see Justins lying about the tree! He didn't even plant it!!!!

    8. Actually, VTLady- I read that the LIP was purchased just a few days after he got Ayla from Trista's sister's house. It was within the 10 days that he has her while Trista was in rehab.. no wonder he did not want to give her back when DHHS told him to.. the LIP gave him a great idea...IMO

  2. Laurie BoissonneaultApril 6, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    I agree! Great work! Very well said and done :)

  3. Someone said you were in jail J4A! Glad to see you're still in the free world!

    1. I would love to know who started that rumor but it doesn't matter. It is baseless. I am not in jail. There are pictures of me at the vigil last night and I have been posting off and on today.

    2. Oh Wow, hmmmm.... I wonder who would have started a rumor like that?

      Prayers for Sweet Baby Ayla!

    3. Yup, she was at the vigil. I spoke to her myself. A lovely lady she is, too. Nice meeting you, BTW.


    5. anon: 12:22 AM - Oh Wow, hmmmm... YOU DID!

    6. Yes JustSayin2, it was a pleasure meeting you as well :)

  4. I had to scroll ahead on this bit:

    "Those damn ninjas again... "

    Almost sure it was one of your posts.

    You funny T. Great article.

    Time has passed I'm sure there is a measure of remorse but certainly not the inner resolve to go to the police to straighten the matter out with finality. I prefer to see this whole situation as Sasquatch battles a small platoon of UFO's in the unseen world and Ayla sided with the Yeti defeating the UFO's.

    More on the vigil please!

  5. Even though I knew most of this already, it is stunning to see it all together in this format. Makes you really think - and shake your head in sadness!!! Thank you J4A and all those who helped you do this work, it was worth it!

    1. Ms P,
      ITA, the sadest thing of all, with all those quotes, Justin is quoted exactly 2 times using Aylas name.

      This was a great article. All documented comments that show the lack of concern for Ayla on the part of Justin.

      The second sadest thing is J4A didn't even use all the idiotic quotes. Over 90 of them were posted on FB including mine. Are you planning a part 2 with some more of the 90 quotes posted.

      Unfortunately mine was not one of the most idiotic so it didn't make it to the list. :-)

    2. John, I am sorry I forgot yours, It was the most idiotic! I forgot to go through the tv interviews. I will edit it and put it at the top! Thanks for reminding me. I had to do a lot of research with the quotes and going through all newspaper articles I completely forgot about the televised ones. My apologies

    3. No need to apologize. I was actually hoping there might be a part II since so many people posted on FB. Hopefully you didn't think I was disappointed, that was not my intent. I think your page is written perfectly!!

    4. I appreciate it. I had to add it, it was one of the best!

    5. It really is sad he couldn't come up with one thing he missed. With those eyes, that hair, the way she giggled, laughed, and danced. Anything would have been appropriate for a father that actually cared for Ayla.

  6. I agree ms.p, seeing all those statements, all together, is kind of shocking.

    Good job J4A. I'm sure that was time consuming.

    Why a peach tree? Because it's Justin's nickname? I don't understand planting a peach tree for Ayla (or anyone) in Maine, where the tree is not going to thrive in the New England climate/winter weather... "Beacon of hope", wonder where those words came from... It seems with Ayla's father, it's either "no comment", OR someone elses borrowed comments.

    1. I know plenty of people in Maine who have fruit trees, specifically peaches and/or pears and they do thrive as long as they are a type that is hardy in our climate and have lots of care! Given the history with care and this family, I do not have high hopes for this tree!

    2. I have had peach trees in Maine, so that one just does not make sense to bring up. They DO thrive, along with apples and pears and make wonderful fruit.

  7. Watch out people, TLLOM is making a list. See Jody's comment:

    "Jody V, I have a list started of all the people who have been nothing but mean. I add to it each day"

    I wonder what kind insanity that is? Does she also run around and make a list of all of us who pray for Ayla? SICK SICK! I figured since we were talking quotes here, I'd add this one.

    1. Gawd, I hope she does't give it to the Easter Bunny.

    2. Or Santa, right? :)

    3. Santa ? OMG, I better phone him on the kid's
      Barbie phone and 'splain myself. I'm in trubble. oooh nooo

    4. Jody V. "With what I have seen in the last few months with comments and blog entries themselves I now understand why this country has such a problem with kids bullying other kids. They are learning this from their parents and their parents should be ashamed."

      Jody, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Staying in your secret group and talking about others doesn't make you better than those who talk about others in the open. If you want bullying to stop, STOP bullying.

    5. Dear TLLOM Mole,

      If you are going to continue feeding Tori with quotes, the very least you can do is keep it in context. Why don't you copy and paste the ENTIRE conversation? Taking little pieces here and there and stringing them together is pathetic.

      Better yet- if you find US so horrible....don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    6. @TheCat

      "Taking little pieces here and there and stringing them together is pathetic.

      That is exactly what your own Selena Johnson did to Jeff, Myself, Kit and a few other Ayla supporters.

      Ask Selena if she remembers this and then reconsider your post. We were totaly POed that someone from your site would go to Answers For Ayla and post a comment using A4AisaJOKE for thier alias. Your own Selena Johnson then went on to c&p bits and pieces of our comments and then proceeded to defend the poster using this alias, which was and is totally disrespectful to her niece, Ayla. Why is the J4A truthful page so terrible, if it is ALL documented which it is, considering what Selena Johnson did to Aylas FAMILY Site????

  8. Peach trees do grow in maine have some in my yard just so you know by no means am I condoling what justin is doing I believe you should be in jail to but just wanna let you know those trees to grow in maine

  9. Anyone else think ayla is buried under the peach tree?

    1. im heartborken....:( That was my first thought when I looked at the pic...where is it...if it is for Ayla why plant it away from home shouldve been on his front lawn thats what u call a "beacon of hope" not in the woods......

    2. When I read that in the blog I thought of the movie, "Secret Window". The one in which the writer goes crazy, kills everyone and hides them in the corn garden.

    3. that is a remake of Hitchcock's "Rear Window"...the neighbor kills his wife and buries her under the flower bed...and the other neighbor's dog clues the main character in...

    4. I thought the same thing. I wander if LE knows the location of this tree. The place has to be important to him for some reason and since the tree was in Ayla'a honor, perhaps he thinks of it as some type of grave marker or tombstone. Sick, I know, but possible.

  10. Not Justin's treeApril 6, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Since you are making a big deal out of the peach tree... that's not even what Justin planted. It was posted by another member who clearly stated that the tree was planted by her, in her own yard. It was never said what kind of tree Justin planted.

  11. Not Justin's treeApril 6, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    ACtually, I just reread what I wrote, it was her daughter's tree, not hers. But since I spoke wrong, I'll correct it :)

    1. ok so wheres the link i want to see where this tree is that justin planted it wasnt a marijuana tree he was planting then was it????

    2. Thanks for pointing out where Justin is lying directly to Ayla on her BIRTHDAY.

      "I am planting a tree for you today as a beacon of hope."

      This is a direct quote from Justins post to Ayla and you now say he didn't even plant it. So is he a liar in your eyes now??? I think you might be in trouble with your super secret, private, underground, TLLOM group of friends.

    3. Not Justin's treeApril 6, 2012 at 8:14 PM

      No, I didn't say he didn't plant a tree. You are deliberately misunderstanding what I said. What I said was that the picture posted on this site of a planted tree was not the one Justin planted, but a family member of a woman on the TLLOM site. There is no picture on TLLOM of a tree Justin planted. Funny how you an misinterpret something that made so much sense. I flat out said "It was never said what kind of tree Justin planted." Where do you get me saying he's a liar and that he didn't plant a tree from that????

    4. I will c&p what you posted. I don't think I am deliberately misunderstanding this

      It was posted by another member who clearly stated that the tree was planted by her, in her own yard.

    5. Let me explain it by the numbers so you can understand you own posts

      1. Justin said in hi birtday wish to Ayla "Happy 2nd birthday baby, I wish I could be with you on this big day for you and I want you to know many people are working so hard to get you home and WE WILL. I am planting a tree for you today as a beacon of hope."
      2. You then post "that's not even what Justin planted. It was posted by another member who clearly stated that the tree was planted by her, in her own yard."
      3. You then post "I just reread what I wrote, it was her daughter's tree, not hers." in your second comment.

      Ergo, either what you posted was misinformation, what Justin told Ayla was misinformation, but it was definately NOT deliberately misunderstood!!!!
      When you get your hunnie to post a picture of him planting the tree, then I will know, correction we will know, which of you are being truthful and which one is not. BTW, there was no mention of a picture in either of your first two posts so don't try spinning your original comments, we get enough of that from JD supporters!

  12. I've seen all of those before.
    He certainly is concerned for AYLA isn't he.
    I went back and reread the Media articles in order last week to clear my brain of what was fact and what was fiction.
    He hasn't said alot, but it is what he has said and the way that he has said it that is telling.
    At some point someone over at TTLOM and I didn't read it there, compared Justin to Ed Smart or the case to Elizabeth Smart. Either way Justin isn't Smart.
    Take care Ms. Tori.
    I worry that all this beating on over there is going to affect you. I think you know that you have
    our collective admiration and respect.

  13. Great job j4a keep up the good work you are truly a soldier for Ayla
    Please God bring Ayla home
    Her father certainly doesn't seem to want to see her come home I wonder why?????

  14. Thanks for lining up all of JDips words. Seeing them all in one place paints quite an image.

    Of the polygraph, Justin said, and it deserves to be scrutinized again:

    "I'm not going to answer any questions about it, but I will say this:

    IF there was something THERE, I don't think I'd be standing here with you right now."

    Does this sound like

    A. an innocent father who is desperately searching for his missing daughter?

    B. a smug sociopath who thinks he's smarter than the police and the public?

    1. Tori, I have been trying to get in touch with you, but can't find your email address or contact info.

    2. Thanks Tori, everything is going to be alright. Keep truthing in yourself :)

    3. Excellent job once again, J4A! I am in near disbelief at his shallow attempts to honor his missing transparent, spitting in the face of LE and anyone with functioning common sense and decency...I will do a dance of righteous and bittersweet joy when he and his cohorts are brought to full accountability for their crimes against poor Ayla...just so damn wrong!!!!

  15. Speaking of "if there was something THERE, I don't think I'd be STANDING here with you right now", here's another quiz question for your readers.

    When law enforcement found "something there" and presented Justin with the luminol images of Ayla's blood, did Justin

    A. Stand there with the police right then? Or,

    B. Jump up and run away from the police?

    1. oh, oh, I know! I Know!!! The answer is BBBBBBBBB!!!!

  16. Sound like someone who is becoming emboldened over the passage of time. ( no arrest )
    And he has a fan club who are enabling him.
    I have been following a trial here in Canada, not too closely as some parts of it are way too sickening and the behviour of the person on trial after the murder is part of the evidence being used against the perp. LE had their sights on him after his gf confessed and it is amazing how and what they collected on him after they had his name. He was walking around free for a while. They didn't arrest him right away, they collected alot of information first. I can only hope that Maine LE is doing the same thing here.
    When this person was arrested,it was a total surprise to HIM and the public as Canadian investigators kept it top secret. I think that's usually how it works.
    The investigators don't go around blabbing to anyone what they are up to.

  17. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedApril 6, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    Her name is AYLA Justin. SAY IT ONCE IN A WHILE.

  18. Add another lie Tori.

    If Justin said "It is true that Aya broke her arm IN my house" he is lying, AGAIN. He said he fell on steps outside the house while it was raining when it had not rained for over a week.

    ALL of Ayla's numerous beatings and abuse happened behind closed doors in that house of horrors. Otherwise, DHHS and police would have been informed in time to save little Ayla.

    Courtney, Justin, PD, ED, and Lance should all be in jail right now. That they aren't is a travesty. The laws in this country need to be changed. I would not blame LE as they have to follow a certain protocol. The protocol needs to be able to adapt to the times, the times now are people who don't want the responsibility of a child kill their children if the mother decides to go through with the pregnancy.

    The liberal pukes who legalized abortion and infanticide are to blame for the rash of babies and young toddlers being killed. When you give people an inch, they will take a mile.

    This is why God will be coming to judge humanity sooner than you may think.

    This is much bigger than Justin Dipietro, he is just one of many monsters who will be burning in hell.

    1. You may want to read the article again.... he did not lie when he said IN my house. The stairs that he slipped on were INSIDE the house, not the outside steps.

      "DiPietro said he walked in the side door at 29 Violette Ave. and up a short set of stairs leading into the kitchen."

    2. BWAHAHA.....angry much? My god! Not veryone believes in you're naive shallow way of thinking anon. Your religion and politics are all fear based. What modern, civilized human being believes god is coming? Have you seen him or anything similar, yet? Not to bust your balls, but iff you have seen anything, you might want to get a psychiatrist. Do u seriously think god, would Judge people? I guess if you live in a life of fear and black and white thinking. I choose to not live in fear and think free, and I'm sure you will say I'm a sinner, going to hell, and gods gonna get me. Well here I am! Feeling safe, secure and comfortable. BTW, Florida called, they want you back.

    3. Funny huh Lies/Courtney/Justin ? It is funny. You can believe liek all the other lemmings that we magically appeared here and that the God and Jesus are nothing more than myth. I am glad you believe this because the faithless will be cast into the pit for eternal torment. Do you believe in physics? Well there is a universal rule that energy does not simply disappear. YTour inherent spirit does not cease to exist because your body stops functioning? Do you think because JD killed his daughter that Ayla is not still living in some realm? Her spirit is alive and well and she is not scared or hurting anymore.

      Call everyone you want a loon who believes there is no way God would allow a baby to be murdered if he did not have something much better for her. You, like the devil have been afforded a short time to run your evil gamut, but it will come to an end and when it does, only then will you see the magnitude of what you have done.

      Keep living in the now. Keep up the deception. I truly hope you do not admit what you have done and ask for forgiveness. See, some people believe they can do wrong their entire lives then at the last second say, "IM sorry" and all will be forgiven" That is only part of salvation. God knows you're heart and if you are just planning on a last second reprieve you will be sadly mistaken. You can lie and spin yourself into believing all will be ok but it won't and you WILL pay for what you have done to Ayla.

    4. @Anon:

      "You may want to read the article again.... he did not lie when he said IN my house. The stairs that he slipped on were INSIDE the house, not the outside steps"

      So, if THAT'S true...
      Then WHY did he and Phoebe previously state that "rain" contributed to the fall that resulted in Ayla's broken arm??
      Surely it does not RAIN on the DiPs inside stairwell??

      Face it, Anon:
      The two versions of the "arm break" story contain *blatantly* contradictory elements.

      JDiP told the world that this incident was permanently "burned into his mind".
      So, HOW then are we to excuse these discrepancies as Justin "remembering wrong" or "mispeaking himself" etc.???

    5. ANON 8:26, I feel sorry for you. Again, black and white thinking. I don't think ANYTHING like you, and I probably have a cleaner past than most people. Not bragging, I'm just not that exciting of a person. If someone isn't godlike, it doesn't make them Satan. Thats what you believe? Anyway I know I'm wasting my time here. I've sadly dealt with your kind before and it's a one sided, boring, narrow minded conversation. You religious attitude/blogging is inspiring me to want to run out and learn to live just like you. The love radiates!

      Unfortunately I have married onto a family who thinks like you, and they are the most mean, vengeful, narcissistic, unhappy people I have ever met. There are many other religions I admire, not yours, and not the in-laws. If you think you are going to heaven with that attitude, I'd much rather be in hell. Toddles.

    6. Face it, VTLady:
      You do not know-all and see-all.... Possibly his shoes were wet from the rain. You have never slipped INSIDE after being out in the rain? Why can't you people ever see another side. You are all so hell-bent on finding him guilty that you can't even entertain other possibilities. Thankfully, I prefer to wait until someone is proven guilty in a court of law and not find them guilty based on public opinion. I am not a JD supporter nor a TR supporter. I am waiting for the actual FACTS from LE.

    7. Ummm...
      LE wasn't there for the arm-break either, and there isn't CURRENTLY a broken bone for LE to re-examine because someone "disappeared" AYLA.

      THEREFORE, the "FACTS" you are waiting on LE to provide regarding Ayla's broken arm, and how it occurred, will likely be their educated OPINION based on accounts given and Ayla's medical chart.

      I'm not asking you to AGREE with my opinion, and DON'T care who you "support".

      My opinion that there is DECEPTION surrounding Ayla's fractured arm, IS BASED upon Justin & Phoebe DiPs OWN WORDS of HOW it occurred, AND the information contained in Ayla's medical chart, none of which line up.

      Their stories DO NOT agree with each other OR with the medical chart. This is an observation of fact.

      Regardless of what YOUR opinion happens to be, I trust that you are ABLE to SEE discrepancies, and acknowledge their existence, WITHOUT being told by LE, yes??

      (If NOT, I suggest you avoid any task requiring critical thinking skills of any kind!)

  19. The planting of the tree just reminded me of something. When my daughter was in grammar school, one of her classmates was riding his bike to the corner store and was hit and killed by a drunk driver. In his memory, the school planted a tree in his memory.
    Just saying....

    1. Read the post Not Justins Tree 5:50 and 5:53 and you will see Justins lying about the tree!

    2. Not Justin's treeApril 6, 2012 at 8:15 PM

      No, John, you read the posts so you understand what was said.

    3. I did reread it 3 times becuase I couldn't believe you actually post the comment. I explain what you said for you above. Your spin @ 5:14 does not change what you posted originally.

  20. You know...
    It FIGURES that Justin's "gesture toward Ayla" in planting that tree would REALLY turn out to be all about HIM!

    A peach tree.
    Planted in honor of Derrek's Boy Peach©.
    (Ayla? Ayla...WHO??)

    1. Read the post Not Justins Tree 5:50 and 5:53 and you will see Justins lying about the tree!

  21. "Bawahhhhaaahh, angry Much". This is a typical response from LIES Blogger. I know who she/they are. This is STILL just a game to them. This is a big joke. They are playing Texas Hold Em', hoping LE and the public will buy their bluff. The problem here is LE is holding a straight flush while they are holding rags.

    Their defense is based on what if's? Their defense is based on conjecture and mythical, silent, figures who sweep in undetected, leaving no footprints or even a slight trae they ever entered the home.

    Justin was so scared or his daughter's saftey that he texted Ayla's mother with his deep concerns for her. He even throws in a little more for effect like "I sholdn't have to be scared someone will take my daughter(right, you shouldn't and you weren't). He sounds like a 14 year old kid constructing his 1st lie for his parents. I cannot believe Trista fell for this crap.

    He was SOOOOO scared that he made sure Ayla and her broken arm were sleeping between him and Courtney or beside his own bed in a crib right? Oh, no, that's right, he had her ALONE, UPSTAIRS in a room by hereself with a window, while CR and her bastard child were snug as bugs in rugs under his protection. I guess Ayla was 20 months, old enough to fend for herself right, scumbag?

    Justin, you are a fucking coward. Where is Ayla? Unilke eeveryone else, I will not beg you for her whereabouts as I know you to be a soul-less, sociopath. Your lack of empathy and ability to turn your emotions on and off will serve you will in prison as you are passed around the cells like a dimestore trick,

    "When the truth comes out it will shock everyone?" No it won't u POS. we all know you got rid of Ayla. We all know who abused her with you. We all know who helped you remove her and who helped construct the phony story and aided you in the cover-uP.

    A little birdie told me none of you have jobs. That same little birdie told me one of you who had a business has NO clients. The helper will LOSE everything. The helper and her FAKE Christianity will be shown to be a FRAUD and will lose all of her $$ and worldly posessions in lawsuits and lack of income which is why the SCAM website was constrcuted. I heard the IRS has been notified.

    1. Well you are wrong. I can laugh at someone saying, " God is coming, blah, blah, blah".....and still believe Justin is the suspect. I'm not who you think I am, sorry. Your psychic abilities are evading you at the moment. I have a job, a home, children, a dog, a car, I just dont believe gods gonna get me. If god was like that, there are plenty of people standing in line way before me.

  22. No kiddos for the daycare ? How did that happen ?

    1. I guess no one liked the game......drop your kid off and spend all day wondering if they are going to be there at the end of the day. Too stressful for that kind of money.

    2. Well if you are running a home daycare out of your
      house, you can write off expenses on your taxes
      for your house in direct proportion to the square
      feet used for the daycare, etc etc. Heat, lights, gas, repairs, upkeep etc etc
      But then if you have zero income from the daycare business, there goes that tax deduction out
      the spacious window overlooking the Kennebec
      River. ... hmmm

  23. "If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason," DiPietro said
    He isn't calling them because he already knows where Ayla is and what happened to her! If he does call them he might slip up and tell the truth. He is keeping quiet becuase he is a bad liar. You can see right through him! We need to get him to start blabbing. I believe that Phoebe, Elisha, Courtney and Justin all know what happened to Ayla and where she is, eveyone is able to keep quiet, even under pressure, btu I think Justin is the weak link. Courtney and Elisha have children to protect, they won't risk their lives in jail by talking, Phoebe is a born liar, always defending her kids, and Justin just needs to be cracked. He has people talk for him because he will slip up. Eventually he will.

  24. SO HE WANTS THE MEDIA THERE,THEN WHY THE NO TRESPASSING SIGN? "The media isn't outside today," he said, gesturing to the window. "As much as people thought (the press) might have bugged me, it bugs me a lot more that they're not here."

    1. I'd love to see the press surround his house, oh poo. He's not even living there is he?

  25. Do you Know why the media doesnt BUG you Justin? Because they have asked many times for interviews and you always say NO COMMENT.But it bugs you when they dont sit outside your house? What the hell is wrong with you?

  26. I thought this situation would be solved by now. Its sad. When I look at baby Lisa, and a couple other missing kids where parents are suspects and they continue to be unsolved. It starts to make the situation feel hopeless.

  27. This is from the article where he challenges Nancy Grace to come see him. Kennebec Journal, Jan 6, 2012.

    DiPietro declined to be photographed Thursday.

    "I never liked my picture to be taken to begin with," he said. "If there's a picture (in the newspaper), I want it to be Ayla's. Her picture needs to be out there. That's essential."

    DiPietro's mother also declined to be photographed
    They will do anything, eh ? It has always bugged me why they want to be invisible. My conclusion is that they don't / didn't want anyone who saw THEM in the days before coming forward. But the article did publish a pix of him anyway. But he was clean shaven in that pix.
    I have never seen a pix of him & Courtney together ,same concern / with being invisible.

    1. Though they are all guilty as sin, I think the fact that Courtney, Justin, and Phoebe are just hopelessly unattractive has more to do with them not wanting to be photographed than there obvious guilt. I mean look at them? PD looks like Sloth from the movie Goonies while Courtney is so vile I doubt she even has a reflection in any mirror. Justin looks like someone pinned him on the ground and lit up the tires of a big block GTO on his face.

      Were any of them even average looking they would be plastering their faces all over TV with their vicious lies about Trista spewing from their mouths. Instead, they are stuck throwing their insults and fantastical theories(LIES) from behind the safety of their keyboard with no fear of someone seeing their repulsive grills.

  28. I just wonder what some people would have to say if it had been Trista who planted a Peach tree for Ayla's birthday.
    Personaly, I thought it was a wonderful way to honor Ayla.

    1. I think that's a rhetorical question. If it was Trista, everyone here would be commending her on such a thoughtful way to honor Ayla. She apparently does no wrong...

      I, too, thought it was a wonderful way to honor her. I hope that she has a chance to see it soon.

    2. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedApril 6, 2012 at 6:00 PM

      The difference is that Trista didn't murder Ayla. Justin did.

      I'm sorry you have to leave your blog because you get no traffic other than your own multiple screen names. It is obvious you are jealous of J4... and Trista. Is it all woman? Let me guess. You will write back to say how I got it wrong and didn't guess right. Isn't that your motto? KInd of like Justin's motto "now is not the time to talk."

    3. So Ayla is Dead? Murdered by Justin?

      You seem so positive, perhaps you should contact MSP. You may have evidence that can help them.

    4. Read the post Not Justins Tree 5:50 and 5:53 and you will see Justins lying about the tree! What kind of great tribute is it when he lies to Ayla on her birthday???????? How can you defend and support this Heartless Asshole??????

      Trista is doing exactly what she says, fighting to Bring Ayla Home!!!!

    5. Not Justin's treeApril 6, 2012 at 8:16 PM

      Again, READ! I said no such thing about him not planting a tree. I said that the Mole didn't take enough time to clarify themself when taking information off TLLOM. Justin DID plant a tree. The picture is of a tree another members family planted. Can't say it any differently.

    6. Okay, so what kind of tree did he plant and where?
      Why was his nick name "Peachy" because he is fuzzy? I am refering to mentally fuzzy.

    7. Not Justins Tree

      That is what your 5:14 PM spin says. Your original posts this AM say exactly what I read. It was PLANTED by another member. You never said anything about the picture above until you were called on your original comment. Why don't you go back to your original comment and you can see why I am logically saying what I said. I explained the reasoning for you where you originally posted.

    8. Chicky

      I think this commenter will not answer your question. He/she wont even try to defend his/her original comments.

      Typical T***M and J***L blog member behaviors. Run or spin when faced with logic.

    9. John P.
      I'm the anonymous at 12:40.

      Here's the thing John, unlike you, it would not have mattered to me whether it was Trista or Justin, who planted the tree. My feeling would be the same either way.
      I think it was a great way to honor Ayla.

    10. In my experiance people plant trees to honor those who have passed away.

    11. John P. I agree with you.

    12. Anon 8:26

      No offense towards your belief. I would not try to change your beliefs. I agree with Chicky though, I too feel it is a great way to honor a person who has passed. I did so for my Mother-in-Law who recently passed. The type of tree also is a personnal choice and not my issue with the other anons post. The fact they state Justin did not actually plant the tree is 1 issue and the fact that a sapling takes so many years to mature. In my opinion, Justin or the poster lied and the tree is Justins way of saying we will not be seeing Ayla for a very long time. Those are my 2 big issues, not the jester itself.

  29. I just havw to say this...that pic above just shocked me again with how much ayla looks like Justin. Gow could he have ever hurt his precious baby girl who was/is the spitting image of him?!

  30. LE said in referance to blood and other evidence, " The process is slow and deliberate" DELIBERATE

  31. My favorite stupid Justin comment to date has to be during the interview done at the Tudela home (the one that read more like a fluff piece for house beautiful) where he state something to the effect that he was just hoping that the abductor would send some sort of signal that they had Ayla.

    Like what sort of signal Justin? A bat signal in the sky?