Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Ayla

It is this photograph of your sweet face that pulled me in on your story. My baby girl is the spitting image of you, but with curly hair instead of straight, like yours. You two are one month apart in age, but I’m sure your spunk and zest for life are one in the same.

It has been over three months since you were with your family, and tomorrow, April 4th, marks your second dance around the Sun—a big day for you! Wherever you are, Ayla Bell, you have a team of Angels fighting for you everyday to keep your name known, to keep your beautiful smile present in the hearts and minds of everyone, and to bring you home. There may be some out there that choose to keep quiet, but not us, Ayla Bell—not any of us; we are here for you, and we are here with support for your Mommy and Family.

Everyday we share our own thoughts and ideas about your life, and what may have brought you to where you are today: Which is the unknown. Our one hope is that with each new day, it might be THE DAY that your Mommy receives the phone call she has been waiting for. Are you hurt? Are you safe? Where are you, Ayla?

On your Day of Birth tomorrow, we will light candles for you and come together as a group of One in your honor, both near and far. You are LOVED, Ayla; this is the truth in all of this mess: YOU ARE LOVED, and you are MISSED.

Thanks to your Grandpa Jeff, we have photographs to share on this Page for you today, in dedication to your life tomorrow, on your most special of days. Happy Birthday, Ayla! Our thoughts, prayers, energy, and focus are all with you, and your family.

Yours Truly,
- All Of Us

Please use the Comments section on this post to share your messages for Ayla, and for her family members who might read this post. Every little bit of encouragement helps everyone involved to fight another day. This post is for Ayla, for Trista, their family, and for her special day tomorrow, so let's try and keep this a positive one all around.

A reminder also, of the "Gift For Ayla" and "Gift For Ayla II" posts previously shared on the Answers For Ayla website; if you're in the area, please come together for her and her family. Here are her Gift posts: A Gift For Ayla and A Gift For Ayla II. Lastly, her Birthday Vigil is tomorrow, and the details of such can be found HERE. Thank you! -jmh

Ayla Bell Reynolds ~ Born April 4, 2010


  1. JMH, thank you. This is beautiful!

    1. Absolutely my pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to contribute!

    2. I second that thought J4A! The picture show is absolutely fantastic. I couldn't stop smiling and I know in my heart Ayla would approve very much. She would probably pose for another picture!!! Thank You JMH!

  2. What a beautiful post JMH!

    Everyday I wish, hope and pray for Ayla to be found, for her and for Trista and their family. I will continue, everyday until she is found. Ayla is a precious, beautiful gift, given from God, to her Mommy, Trista. I have faith that God will protect Ayla, until they are reunited.

    1. Thanks, Kit! Just writing this had me sobbing; I can't even begin to comprehend what Ayla's family must be going through. SO heartbreaking.

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday Ayla. You are thought of and loved by more people than you'll ever know. My wishes for peace and love are sent out to Ayla's loving maternal family. God Bless You and Keep You Strong.

  4. Happy birthday, baby girl!!! I have an 18 mo old daughter and i think of you every day as i kiss her and hug her, watch her play, eat, laugh, explore, sleep...

    Where are you, baby? Are you safe? Being loved? I pray and send love to you always...

  5. I think of you everyday, Ayla. I hope that you know how much you are loved and how many complete strangers love you too. My daughter Sophia is a month and 11 days younger than you're, Ayla. I sometimes wonder if you and Sophia knew each other, if you would have been best of friends. You both like a lot of the same things and she also loves to dance.
    Ayla, I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I pray that wherever you maybe, that you're alive and well. I wish the people who hold the key to finding you, would just say where you are. This whole situation isn't fair! It is a sick game of hide and seek. Ayla, I wish whoever holds the answers to bringing you home, would unseal their cake holes, and tell everyone what they want to know. I know if the shoe were on the other foot, they would feel the same way. Trista, I don't know what gets you out of bed in the morning or how you can go on with your day. Trista, you're one heck of a woman. It has to take great strength, to be able to wake up and remind yourself to breath in and out. If something ever happened to my Sophia, I would have to be commited. Trista, even though tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for you. I pray that God gives you great strength to make it through the day. Trista, just remember that God never puts more on your plate than you can handle. Sending you, Ayla and your family..love and prayers. Xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi Love for Ayla,
      Thank you for praying, supporting and thinking of Ayla especially tomorrow for her Birthday. Thank you for your kind words and you want to know how I pull myself out of bed in the morning and go on with my day...my son Raymond! If I am down and depressed I am no good to either of my children.

    2. I can only imagine how tough that must be, we all think you are incredibly strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    3. We're all behind you, Trista. You are a pillar of strength, for Raymond and for Ayla, and for your family...but most of all, FOR YOU. Stay strong; you are surrounded by support.

    4. Trista,
      I can't, but so wish I could just reach out and hug you. Pray with you, and give you any comfort that I could.
      Ayla is such a beautiful baby, so is Raymond. I'm so thankful that you have him.
      I have such hope that Ayla will come home. You and her will spend many, many a happy day.
      Prayers & best wishes now and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.......

  6. I don't live anywhere even close to Maine, but I will be thinking of Ayla, and family, wishing all the best, with lots of love, and prayers! Happy Birthday little Beauty!

  7. Oh, Ayla...Happy 2nd Birtday to you! I will be thinking of you tomorrow on your special day and sending up special prayers for you, your mommy and family. There's something extra that I will do....my birtday is on the 5th, the day after yours and a friend of mine always tells me to send up special prayers to my family in heaven for any special gifts that they would bestow on to me...well, I'm going to give up my special gifts this year and give them to you. I will pray to my family that is in heaven to help LE and whomever knows where you are to find you and bring you home safe and sound to your mommy, where you belong.

    The light of God surrounds Ayla;
    The love of God enfolds Ayla;
    The power of God protects Ayla;
    The prescense of God watches over Ayla;
    Wherever Ayla is, God is!

    May God Bless you and may he keep you;
    May love never be too far;
    and as you grow, I hope you know, how wonderful you are!

    Happy Birthday Ayla! You are truly loved!

  8. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedApril 3, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    My heart breaks for you Trista, Jeff, Ayla and maternal family. My prayers are with you. Thank you for hosting a birthday for Ayla. I will be lighting a candle from out of state. Please know I am one of thousands who is always searching.

    Happiest of birthday wishes on your 2nd birthday sweet, precious, baby girl!!!!! x0x0x0x0x0x

  9. Our prayers and thoughts will be of Ayla tomorrow, on her 2nd birthday! Hoping that Ayla is found safe and soon. She needs to be with her loving family.

  10. Dear Ayla Bell,

    You're in my prayers every day.

    The best birthday present for you would be coming home to momma and your baby brother!

    That would be the best present for a lot of us since we all want you home!

    You're so sweet and special Ayla!

    I hope you know, wherever you are, how much you are loved and how special you are!

    I'm praying for your family, Ayla.

    Love to you, sweet baby girl!

  11. Please Mommy don't you cry
    I am waiting for you to hug me again
    I love the secrets you tell me at night
    I hear yor prayers and see your dreams
    I watch over you every day
    I wish I could take your pain away
    It makes me sad to see you cry
    I am with the angels up in the sky
    God told me, I will be with you forever
    It is just hard to wait because there is so much to tell you
    You are the one who loved me so much
    I miss your hair and your gentle touch
    Please don't think what happened is your fault
    I am happy now and feel loved all day long
    There is only one thing wrong
    Half of my heart is there with you
    When we meet again, my dream will come true,

    I love you so much Mommy, thank you for everything you gave me, thank you for loving me, and thank you for being my mommy, I miss you and am counting the days till I get to jump in your arms again!

    (Happy Birthday Sweet Ayla, we all love you and are praying you are reunited with your Mommy very soon..HanginthereKid--Peace, love, and prayers as always).

    1. JumpSuitForJustin; Is this your poem? It's beautiful.. and tearful.

      Do you mind if I put it on the Open Forum's page of AFA

    2. Absolutely Jeff, it is mine--I have spoken to Trista on FB before.. You guys are in our prayers everyday.

  12. I am going to try to make it to Portland tomorrow. I have to work, but I am going to try to make it. If I do not, I am going to say a special prayer at 7pm tomorrow night. I invite anyone that is religious or spirtual, no matter which faith, God or energy to join me if you too cannot go.

    1. I will join you all the way from CA at 4pm my time....as they say, when two or more are gathered.....may God hear our prayer!

    2. Too far away to be there but I wll be joining you all in prayer for the little Angel, Ayla Bell.

    3. Corbinsmommy- that was my thought too.. prayer in numbers- even if I can make it, I will step aside and pray for Ayla at 7pm my time! I'm going to post this over at "answersforayla" and I'm sure there will be lots of praying, but maybe they would be willing to do a moment of silence at this time too? So that anyone that wants to pray can.

    4. TY PB, I love the idea, I will join you in prayer at 6pm cst.

      <3<3<3Happy Birthday Miss Ayla Bell Reynolds<3<3<3
      You are a beautiful and wonderful little girl!

    5. Happy Birthday, Ayla Bell! I know you're smiling that beautiful smile and dancing.

      I will also join you in prayer from cst at 6:00 pm.

  13. What a beautiful birthday tribute for Ayla and her family! <3
    I think of you every day sweet baby girl. I think back to when my beautiful 23 year old daughter was your age and I cannot fathom what I would have ever done. Your mommy is very special as you already know and I pray for strength and love to surround her every day. I keep you in my prayers and close to my heart. I wonder every day if today will be the day you are found? Happy birthday little princess. God smiled on you angel the day you were born.
    Love to you, xoxo <3

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    1. This is not the place for these comments , this is a birthday tribute for Ayla, ANON 3:27 and you making this comment shows you are a dip troll and not here for Ayla. Please remove this Tori.

  15. When I look at the pictures of Ayla, I am overwhelmed by the happiness in her precious face. The pictures from when she is in her mommy's care speaks volumes. Bless you trista and maternal family.... I pray every single day that she will be found. Happy birthday, little one.

  16. Oh, and happy birthday ayla

  17. Sweet and beautiful Ayla Bell, Miss Buggie, you have a warm and special place in my heart.
    In many, many, thoudsands of hearts you shine. The love and concern for you is far and wide.
    I pray for you and your family daily, for your safe return.
    I pray that God grant your parents and family, the strength to endure each heart breaking day without you.
    You are so special.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. seriously Crsytal? I wish the same and worse for him but is there really a need to voice this in an Ayla Birthday thread? Sheez.

    2. Sorry anonymous, I didn't mean to upset anyone, just would be the greatest gift of all

  19. Happy Birthday precious little angel Ayla. I think of you often no matter where I am. I pray all the time for you. I have faith that the Maine State Police feel even stronger than all of us here for you You will come home to your beautiful strong mommy of that I have no doubt. Stay strong Krista you have more people that stand with you than you know.
    Happy Birthday beautiful Ayla

  20. The Lies blogger and her friends are trying to sabotage even sweet Ayla's birthday thread. There is no end to their dispicible ways. Their reverse pshchology is blatantly obvious.

  21. Happy Birthday Ayla BellApril 3, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Precious Ayla...your sweet little face has captured so many hearts including mine. My Birthday wish for you is that you'll be found safe and very soon, and you'll be reunited with your Mommy and baby brother. There's lots of people praying for this to happen, people from all over.

    Wherever you are Ayla, I hope you're feeling all of these prayers, wishes and all the love for you.

  22. I think somoene may have just tipped off LE to Ayla's location.

    1. I don't understand?

  23. Dear Sweet Ayla,

    Your smile brings joy to lonely eyes.
    Your giggle brings warmth to a shivering soul.
    Your "Dance Like Jagger" brings laughter to a lonely being.
    And the love of your family brings the world together as one.

    Ayla, we pray for you to be home soon, helping mommy to take care of Raymond and warming the hearts of all you touch. Come Home Soon!

  24. Happy Birthday precious Ayla.
    Love and Light to you, your mommy and family.

  25. Baby Ayla I hope you are home safe soon. It your Birthday tomorrow and you are so beautiful. Your Mommy loves you so much and wishes she could be with you right now. Your adorable picture drew my attention and since then I cannot stop checking to see if you have been found. I have been waiting and praying for the day you are brought back to your Mommy's arms. Sweetie dont be afraid. We will find you soon. We all love you. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!!!

  26. <3 Happy Birthday, Precious Baby Ayla <3

    Always in my thoughts and prayers. Praying everyday for Ayla and Trista to be reunited. Praying for peace and strength for Trista.

  27. Ayla Bell

    The moment you first saw the light of day,
    you sent Moms heart ringing in a never ending way....

    Lighting up her life, the sun's brightest ray,
    like a child such as you could do in a very special way...

    Her arms wrapped you up with happiness and love,
    a precious gift was given from the Lord up above...

    You are her life her shining light,
    her heart is holding you so tight...

    Hold out you hands and hold out your hearts, reach for one another,
    Mother to Baby ~ Baby to Mother

    Ayla and Trista ~~~ I will be thinking of you both on your Birth Day. You are in my heart from the break of dawn to the dust of night each and every day. Love Shari

  28. I have three beautiful grandaughters. One is the same age as Alya.
    I can see how happy and joful Ayla is even in her pictures.
    Precious girl, many people have been touched by you.

  29. Happy early Birthday Ayla from The Sweet Family down in Florida. I check on you and your family morning, noon and night. You all are in my prayers. Mrs Sweet

  30. A huge happy 2nd birthday wish to you, Ayla. Although I am too far from Maine to join your family and friends tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you all day. I will be sure to listen to Moves Like Jagger in honor of you. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you are back with your mommy soon.

  31. Happy Birthday Ayla,You are loved by so many.God Bless the heros looking for you.Praying for your Mom everyday she is being strong for you,You are a very special little girl.We will find the answers and we will bring you Home.

  32. Dear Ayla, Everyone who has opened their spirit to your presence has been gently stunned by the buoyancy and vivaciousness of your spirit. You are a unique being one of those who has the level of wisdom and love to walk side by side with God. This was a tough mission even for a spirit so noble and ancient as yourself. I know the love between you and Trista is eternal. I have learned many things from your willingness to enter this world. You are a great warrior of golden light thank you for allowing me to serve you.
    Oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Darling Ayla, a very happy 2nd birthday to you!!

    Thoughts and prayers from England are with Trista and her family, especially today... I hope with every ounce of me that you will again get to laugh and marvel at her dance moves, her infectious smile, her cuddles and kisses, her laugh, her cute mispronounciation of new words that you just want to bottle and keep forever, but most of all just to have your Ayla back in your arms....

    I'll light a candle for Ayla today and hope it shines across the pond as my thoughts and prayers certainly will be. I'll have a boogie to 'Moves Like Jagger' too! Concerned UK XXX

  34. Happy Birthday Baby Ayla. I couldn't help but tear up reading this thread. I am so thankful that WE are all trying to keep her name out there as "Ayla's Angels" Ayla-my wish for you sweet baby is that the person responsible for you not being with your family today has the heart to tell someone where you are. That in itself sweet baby, would be the best birthday gift of all. In NY I am watching for you, looking at every baby I see. Trista, Jeff, Becca and all, my heart is with you all today. I hope Ayla is brought home for her Birthday.

  35. Happy Birthday Ayla! I am praying for you and for your Mommy and sweet baby brother. Ayla, I just want you to know that even though there are alot of bad things that happen in this world, there is a God in Heaven who sees everything and who loves you and your Mommy very, very much. I happen to know this God very well and let me tell you... He is really smart, and really big, and you can trust Him, He will look out for you and He will make everything beautiful in His time. You see, a long time ago, He sent His Son here to this world that we live in and some bad people did some bad things to His Son and you know what? God knows just what your Mommy is going through right now. He knows just what it is like to see bad things happen to Someone He loves. So, I know He knows just what kind of help you need sweet Ayla... and I promise you, He is going to help you. I know He is. Happy Birthday Precious!!