Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Contact Information & Guest Submissions

Earlier today, we published our first reader submission by Mr. John P; thank you, John! Seeing the positive feedback from this article brought us to circle back to J4A's thoughts on having a weekly Guest Post thread. After mentioning this previously on Facebook and in our comments recently, we felt that this would be another good way to engage each of you that we have come to respect and appreciate so greatly. The opinions and theories that you all share throughout the comment threads on our articles really are thought provoking and deserve their own article; anything to keep Ayla's name present and in the focus is our goal. So, if this sounds like something you are interested in, we'd love to hear from you!

We have created a separate email account for guest submissions and our thought is that we will post a reader submission once a week to start off with; the day of the week is to be determined at this point, as we need to see the kind of feedback we receive first. This is open for ALL sides of the fence in this case for Ayla; whomever you support, if you have a theory that has yet to be addressed, please email us. The guest submission chosen for said week will receive an email outlining the date their post will be published and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the same.

We've created a separate Page on this blogsite which contains the updated contact information, which is located HERE.

For reference, here are the email accounts, respectfully:

Main blogsite email:
Guest Post Submissions email account:

We hope to hear from you! We're really excited about this idea and hope that it is a positive experience for all of us. It has been a pleasure to interact with everyone of you that visits this site; everyday is another day that we all work together to assist in the mission of bringing Ayla home.

- The Team at Justice For Ayla


  1. I think it's a good idea, to keep everyone discussing Ayla. Everyone has at least one theory. They are just that, theories. I think it would be GREAT if no one is "bashed" for expressing their personal theory - even if it is against the majority/popular beliefs. I don't think people are "stupid" or "crazy" for simply having a different theory than I might. As long as the theory is not blatantly rude and actually bashing and name-calling, I think we can all agree, disagree and brain storm politely, together. I think it will be good to hear and discuss others theories. Let's all continue to seek justice for Ayla, together.

    1. Thanks, Kit! We will definitely not be publishing anything that bashes anyone in the guest submissions; we'll be filtering through all of the submissions we receive in the email account we created for it. Now that the idea has been published here, our next steps are to put together some guidelines for guest submissions to include somewhere on the blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts on here--I hope that you consider contributing to a post of your own!

  2. It also constantly refreshes in peoples mind the key points necessary to try to understand what might have happened and how all the 6-9 people involved may see the situation differently or been mislead by others.

  3. Terrific idea, guys!
    One of the things I love BEST about the direction J4A took with this blog, is that she has adopted many contributors.

    I believe this is the single greatest factor owing to the richness of discussion we find @J4A blogsite...

    When a blog centers around discussion of a single event or subject, there runs a large risk the topic becoming stale.
    This has NOT happened at J4A.
    Because, each new blog contributor is approaching the same event with eyes looking at the subject from a slightly different angle.

    Keep the blogsite as varied as possible, and you WILL keep intelligent minds interested in reading and commenting here...and *AYLA NEEDS* all the thoughtful readers you can draw in!

    1. I agree, VTLady! We hope to hear from you at the email account provided in this post!

    2. The Team at Justice For Ayla, Wonderful Idea!

      And both Kit and VTLady make excellent points.

      I really like the idea of adding a more encompassing format to 'talk' and think our ideas through. And for those with less accepted or popular theories, this just may be the way to get to express exactly what you are thinking without having people jumping on you or your ideas right away! Who knows maybe even some of the silent bloggers may be inclined to put forth their two cents. I hope so anyway. :)

    3. ITA with VTLady, that this blog is greatly varied, in a good way!

  4. I agree JMH! Kit, VTLady, MsP. have all provided grat insight and thought to thier own statements. It would be great to see all of the ladies contribute to the Guest Post. If I could do it, I know these Ladies can do it. :D

    1. I don't really have one theory. I have LOT's of different ideas. I can't fully pick just one person from the house who did "something" to Ayla. I lean more towards Justin, but I'm just not sure. Plus I can't fully figure out what that "something" is. I can think of quite a few different scenarios.

    2. @Kit, I also have at least five different theories, but they are added onto everyday that passes. Anything to keep sweet Ayla's name present!