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Can Ayla Be Found? {Part 1 of 2}

A couple of posts ago, J4A shared information from a source that was initially assumed to be more towards a psychic’s perspective. However, in reading this person’s thoughts, what I took away from this (as well as several readers pointed out in the comments of the article) was strictly psychological.

This post consists of two articles; the first, this one, is long and for that I somewhat apologize. My articles on this site tend to be detailed and the equivalent of a five-page long Word document; some of the Readers have complained about that, but it’s impossible to cut these types of posts in half when there is such important information to grasp and allow to fester within our minds.

This first post is our source’s sharing copied and pasted again, similar to J4A’s original post linked above, only this one includes my initial commentary in blue font as well as bolding/italicizing/underlining of pieces I find important; consider this a refresher of sorts to the original post by J4A a few days ago. The next post (Part 2) will be referencing the research articles I located online that support this theory (which, I might add, find absolutely plausible).

Please Note: As we have stated time and time again, these are just theories to think over and assess; these are not facts, so please do not assume them to be

The recovery of human remains is sometimes an extremely difficult or impossible puzzle to solve. I became aware of Ayla's existence by chance and developed respectful affection towards her and her loved ones. For three weeks I searched for a kidnapped little girl named Ayla. Many of the things I discovered did not make sense and seemed illogical but I persisted hoping I could gather information of value to the authorities and other searchers.

After too many irregularities I stopped searching and detached from the situation. Within forty-eight hours I came to peace with the situation and transitioned into a search for her remains.

The previous search while operating under false pretenses was partially successful in that a lot of valuable information was gathered that was not available publicly at the time. I felt reassured that with forethought, and planning, a second full scale search might determine if Ayla is recoverable. There is a required rest period between searches that allows the body and mind to recover its strength.

Having spent three weeks searching for Ayla the kidnapped little girl I can honestly say I served Justin DiPietro for three weeks of my life in the desperate search for his daughter. Having ascertained that Ayla was not abducted on December-17 from Waterville but was abducted from Portland around October-20, I gained my primary strategic insight about Justin.

In order to lie, Justin requires a parallel event to lie about. All statements regarding Ayla's abduction from Justin are descriptions of the Portland event:

"She has adjusted well."
"She probably thinks it's a game."

Once the strategy of "Parallel Lying" was notated all statements regarding her whereabouts became relevant to whatever parallel event he chose as a mirror. In the early stages of the pursuit of Ayla's kidnappers I consulted with a talented person who described Justin's parallel lying technique as a "Mirror Protocol", a way to tell the truth even when lying by displacing events onto an unrelated event. (Peter Hyatt at Statement Analysis has gone into detail about this type of lying in his articles, but I believe it was labeled differently.)

An example of parallel lying: "Ayla did not meet her demise down in my house." In this example his house is in Portland and the statement is therefore spoken as truth. It is the same technique used in the CNN interview of his mom but honed to perfection. (IMO, it is of no surprise that we see such direct lies coming from Justin; recall Phoebe’s direct lying on her now-infamous CNN interview. Is it safe to assume that this distinct form of lying “runs in the family”, and that Justin learned from the best, so to speak? You be the judge on that one.)

The absolute misery Justin has created for himself is a result of the reliance on two functions: The over reliance on parallel lying to manipulate and a deep rooted sense of loss because he has no father-son structures. (This is where this becomes a psychological theory, and no longer a psychic’s perspective; this is a good thought to consider in our list of theories, in that Ayla’s life at the time of the “TRUE” abduction of Ayla from her Aunt’s house was essentially relative to the deeper-seeded issues of Justin’s from childhood. Keep in mind the emphasis on how Justin relies on his parallel lying in order to manipulate; I think that is also a good thought to consider in that he seemingly manipulated the entire situation in order to manipulate Trista to agree on Ayla staying with Justin while she was away. Imagine how vulnerable Trista must have been given her circumstances and surroundings; what other choice did she have but to cave and allow Justin to remain with Ayla? After reading and re-reading the timeline of events, it doesn’t sit well with me even more-so than before.)

When I search the totality of Justin's life experiences for an understanding of the rationales that compose his pathology, always there is a return to issues of personal identity. In Justin's mind he perceives a lack of a father as the all inclusive cause and effect deficit that lies at the root of his inner conflicts. On that perceived injustice of destiny all of his narrative rationales are based.

In the current tragedy it became an emotional license to kill.

Similar to the idea of parallel lying, Justin needs two objects to measure in comparison to determine the true and false of any line of thought before engaging in deception.

Part of the difficult to understand projection and transference from Justin's internal world outward to his external world is the all important crux issue of Justin's Father-Son themed conflict.

In this emotional conflict, parallel lying is the twisting force necessary to translate (parallel lie) within his internal Parent-Child conflict, and then translate once again into the third step of the deadly conflict of Father-Daughter ending in his murder of Ayla.

Parallel Lying:

Father/Son - Conflict Origin (Began at childhood.)
Parent/Child - Conflict Base (Phoebe and Justin; life long battle between the two.)
Father/Daughter - Conflict Twist (The conflict between Justin and Ayla began when he learned she was his daughter. The power struggle began immediately.)

From within Justin's worldview it would be impossible to believe a child would reject a parent. The entire structure of the Father-Son based system of thoughts is based on idealistic dreams.

The parallel lie stated as a rational is, "I grew up without a father so..." Within that rationale is the idea that Ayla is better off dead than living without her father. When Justin murdered Ayla, he engaged in a surrogate transference of murdering Himself and his Mother-Fatherless Son relationship. (I suppose in other words and if this theory were proven valid, in Justin’s mind this could be deemed as the true “Justice For Ayla”.)

Though Trista Reynolds and Ayla Reynolds may have served as surrogates, the conflict between mother and son over a fatherless home remains. (It is true, that children and adults remain resentful of one parent over the other oftentimes for not involving the absent parent throughout their lives, regardless of the situation. In some cases, there is a struggle between the Parent and child over this one issue within the home which ends in an unresolved issue or an issue that is worked at over time between the family members. In this case, I have assumed throughout that the children held resentment towards their mother just by their actions and apparent life choices that are so in line with Phoebe’s, and the overall commentary (and lack thereof) delivered by said family members.)

Killing the Justin surrogate (Ayla) as a child version of himself (a/k/a “his twin”) does not end the internal conflict of Father-Son identity issues based on the Mother's life choices.

After the murder, a period of extreme emotional affliction occurred due to the inability to properly sequence the parallel lie. The lies are an entire system and worldview similar to a symphony of thoughts in a "disharmonious transposition."

The twist is not resolvable as Father-Son/Parent Child/Father Daughter. There are thousands of logical arguments to the internal rational used for Ayla's murder and cover-up abduction. This argument addresses the key coping strategy "Parallel Lying" and the key application "Fatherless Son" that becomes Ayla’s murder. (The psychology of a mad man?)

The correct parallel lie to Fatherless Son is the relationship of Motherless Daughter. A child who has no same sex role model as a parent, Justin created a Motherless Daughter by seizing control of Ayla. That was the last securable island of delusional thinking, the last stable place before the twists and inaccuracies would cause an internal emotional collapse. Once he crossed the line and took possession of Ayla by subterfuge, any threat of disruption to the Fatherless Son verses Motherless Daughter would be unresolvable.

Father Son - Fatherless Son
Parent Child - Parentless Child
Mother Daughter - Motherless Daughter

Justin's surrogate murder of his self using Ayla as an object created a Daughterless Mother, not a Motherless Daughter. ("Payback" to Trista for giving birth to Ayla, perhaps?)

The murder of the parallel mirror used for parallel lying dissolved the ability to parallel lie concerning the now Daughterless-Mother and Daughterless Father created by Justin's murder of Ayla.

A whole new trauma dynamic far realer than conveniently blaming every personal flaw or defect on the Father-Son lying system.

The system of Parallel Lying Justin applied to Father-Son conflict collapsed irrevocably leaving only Trista as a mother mirroring object to the shattered system. Hence the ongoing Trista (Phoebe Surrogate) is to be hated and reviled for creating Motherless Daughters and Fatherless Sons. (Hence both sides of the fence continuing to speak most of Phoebe and Trista, versus the man-in-question; has he manipulated the public? I have felt this way since the beginning.

Hence the removal or inability to acquire a parallel object for a lie relationship has caused an inability to lie and the need for silence. The murder of Ayla as a surrogate for the "Father-Son" identity issues has only exacerbated his relationship to his Mother's life choices. Now in a new setting (aka Heidi’s domain) he begins constructing the same situation from which he just tried to escape from.

A constant belittling by Justin, the original Fatherless-Son, angry at the Mother's choices onto the "surrogate object", Trista Reynolds. The real target and subject matter of the attacks is a parallel lie system detailing Phoebe’s addiction to methadone and lifetime reliance on government assistance and government employment to survive in her role as a lifetime unmarried mother of three with an alternative lifestyle. (Was he trying to get back at Phoebe throughout this whole tragedy? It’s plausible, at the very least.)

No parallel lie object still exists.

The use of Trista to attack Pheobe seems shrill. The system is broken and seems insane to outsiders. A man murders a child and publicly taunts the mother of the child. The Father-Son conflict verses The Mother rages internally, outsiders see only insanity.

Even were Justin to consider himself a female in a male body he is still not a Motherless Daughter, that was Ayla after Portland. By murdering and covering up the murder of his daughter he has murdered The Self & His Mother without His Father. His internal system of structured self deception has now collapsed as evidenced by commission of murder he awaits the inevitable arrival of a Justice Process & Possible Incarcerated Corrections.

An unverifiable story of Justin's youth told of an adventure in a Radio Shack. Justin secreted himself away in the store for mischievous purposes but found he could not escape. He waited until he was discovered as the store personnel arrived before opening to the public for the day. A simple event, but possibly indicative of how Justin may approach the criminal justice process as a whole. If the future repeats the past, he remains silent, pleads innocent and is tried by a jury determining his future. (How similar that sounds to brother Lance, in pleading his innocence for a crime he knowingly committed against Justin Linnell; very interesting to say the least, huh?)

I would wager that with the forces arrayed to prosecute and convict him that he shall die in prison of old age. His system of self deception now complete, he never escapes this future version of the Radio Shack experience unto death.

If history repeats along those lines the outcome is thus:

He shall never admit guilt and plead out for a lesser sentence and recite the facts. I conclude that he shall never return the remains of Ayla Reynolds under any conditions. He shall die in prison proclaiming his innocence until he dies unable to dismantle the error in his primary parallel lie that lead to murder.

Parallel Lying:

Father/Son - Conflict Origin
Parent/Child - Conflict Base
Father/Daughter - Conflict Twist

Parallel Truth:

Father/Son - Conflict Origin
Parent/Child - Conflict Base
Mother/Daughter - Conflict Parallel

Justin's case is a very similar parallel to those rare abduction and murder by stranger cases, with Ayla used as a dehumanized object of his own delusional projection system. A system originally built to prevent injury and limit trauma from the loss of a father figure role model, a system left unchecked and unbalanced due to the introduction of parallel lying as a primary strategy that then causes the far greater loss of Ayla’s entire natural life and Justin’s natural freedom when Parallel Lying is applied to the Father-Son conflict using Ayla as the resolution object.

Ayla does not fit into Justin's internal father-son conflict system that is managed by parallel lying. (Did Ayla ever stand a chance in his care? It is heartbreaking to assume that this answer would be NO.)

Here is the portion that made everything come clear to me; the psychological make-up of Justin’s perfect murder, if this plausible theory proves to be valid, that is:

He truly did not know the person he came to control; a maximum of five visits over an eighteen month period. She suffered a series of injuries and disappeared mysteriously. It had the same predictable outcome of the rare stranger abduction. The victim fulfilled certain deep pathological needs and is then discarded.

A true and profound tragedy of the first magnitude. Studying the ongoing attacks on Trista Reynolds helps to understand the Phoebe-Justin dynamic. Having escaped the family home and Phoebe, Justin is free to attack the Phoebe surrogate object Trista. (With the help of his new surrogate “mother figure”, Heidi, of course; and the support from Courtney…someone equally as far-off mentally as he is. Yet as of last week, Justin requested from ‘the public’ to now return the focus to Ayla, instead of Trista. It’s the things that make us go, HMMM, right?)

Now in a new setting (Tudela home; unending enabling support and public voice for Justin) he begins constructing the same situation from which he just tried to escape from in an inescapable loop.

His primary role is no longer as a Fatherless-Son. His primary role is now as an attacker of objectified female surrogates. Ayla Reynolds, Trista Reynolds, Heidi Tudela, Angela Harry, and Courtney Roberts are stepping stones that lead to the revenge upon and destruction of Phoebe DiPietro.

The Son unable to acquire A Father destroys The Mother. The crime and aftermath is satisfying to Justin as long as he remains silent. Periodically, the silence becomes stifling and he speaks out in burst of incoherence.

Justin has departed sanity.

Thoughts? Again, this is another theory being revisited and should not be assumed as facts.

Photo credit via Psychology Today - "The Media Psychology Effect"


  1. Well it may be worthwhile to explore the psychological train of thought behind Justin's actions and thinking.

    He took Ayla from Portland, therefore it may be plausible that he "returned" her there, that is in a different state, thus re-instating his innocence through hiding her remains there and creating another parallel lie to free himself from his crime.

    "I took her and then I brought her back",

    It would require more analysis to be done on his particular use of direct lying as a response.

    1. I like your post Tamta, bit I think the article was referring to when he took Ayla from Lewiston, not Portland. So he would have had to bring her back to Lewiston. I know out on Sabattus street where JR was living at the time, there is a large body of water called Bear Pond and several smaller which are right of the road-side.

      But I agree Tamta, it would take much more analysis, and I just don't know if there have been enough statements made publically to do that. I do think LE experts can with the taped interviews though.

    2. John, Grace and Tamta;

      Your analyses give a lot of food for thought. I think this type of theorizing is interesting, and as John has said in the past might even spark someone's thought process that would lead Justice for Ayla. But it also make me long to know more solid facts about Justin - and from those who know him personally.

      If only ... if only Justin would speak out more, using his own words, we wouldn't have to rely so heavily on hunches, educated guesses, and intuition in order to try to help Ayla.

      I'm guessing we'd all like to understand Justin and know more about who he is - but other than the Tudela clan and various "anon" posters, I haven't seen any actual non-family acquaintances or childhood friends of Justin come forward to comment publicly using their real names about what he was like and why they feel is responsible (or not) for his daughter's disappearance.

      Perhaps there are links out there that tell something concrete about who Justin is from non-family that I haven't seen. If so, would someone post them, please?

      PLEASE NOTE: I am specifically excluding comments from family members or the Tudela's. Since I believe the Tudela's are related to the DiPietro's through marriage, in my book that makes them family.) We all know how blind a family's love can be.

    3. Nan,

      Just my opinion but I don't think that the beat-down of Justin Linnel was just because of what he was saying. I believe there was a message delivered at the same time, saying be quiet or the same will happen to you. I am positive that LE has spoken with many childhood friends and we will hear about them at trial.

    4. OMIGOSH, John P.! I've wondered why I haven't seen any non-family defending Justin in the media or other blogs, but I never thought that perhaps people who know him are simply afraid to speak up!

      I surely hope you're wrong - but you could easily be so, so right.

    5. @ John P,

      THanks for correcting me, you are right.

      I agree.
      Justin has said very little, and what can be analyzed is limited unfortunately.

      @ Nan,
      I have said on another site the same thing regarding old friends perhaps being useful in terms of areas personal to justin where he thought he could hide Ayla effectively or just basic understanding of mind set of Justins.

    6. You are so right Tamta. I really believe even more that LE has to have talked to many childhood friends. At times I feel sorry though for people like Tori and Tim C who have publically spoken out and been attacked for it. Hopefully, LE has been able to get them to say more behind closed doors.

    7. That was a good read. But as far as where Ayla would be, I was thinking not back in Lewiston, with Trista being the surrogate for Phoebe. If Ayla is the surrogate for Justin in this parallel lie, than would Justin want to return her to someplace related (at least in his mind, whether real or not) to his father? Thereby returning himself to his father? Idk those answers, but I would like to know more about JD's father or whatever JD supposedly believes about him. Is it true that he was in the marines?

    8. I second this question. Serena claims he had a relationship with his father, but she didn't say has. And no one has come out on his behalf. One rumor says one of the Dips fathers is married. Is that Justin's dad?


  2. Somewhat interesting. However, common sense tells me that neither the "source", nor JMH knows JP, or even enough about him to make any type of Psycholigical evaluation.

    1. Evidently, neither does Anon 3:33 know JD if you still get his name wrong. JP does know the fathers name initials are JD! The knowledge base is far deeper than you would think. The source is clearly versed in psychological tendencies, and JMH obviously knows more about the case and what JD DOES NOT DO as a father, then a poster who doesn't know the initials of the father. With that, common sense tells me the THEORY presented is plausible, though I will grant you that it is not proven and therefore not admissible in a court of law. Read the story, twice it is stated the this is THEORETICAL. And this comment is MY OPINION.

    2. Thank you John for pointing out my mistake, I appreciate it. I understood that JMH's contributions were theoretical.
      Like you, my comment was my opinion.

    3. Anon,
      Sorry for my respnse then. Your original post lead me to think that you felt they were trying to do an actual Psychological Evaluation. I guess I could have just said, Psych Evals can also be based on the absense of words and/or actions as well.

    4. Criminal Profilers do not hang with their subjects!

    5. Thanks, all. As mentioned in the comments, this most definitely is not a psychological evaluation; just my perception of the information provided to us from Mr. A.M. (he also shared some words towards the bottom of this comment thread regarding his theory here). As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I really had to read this over a few times to grasp what I was reading, but once I broke apart the information (re-worked the paragraph structures and such so that it read properly), it took on a whole new meaning that I felt could use some further addressing. Some of the comments I read from commentators on the first post by J4A led me to assume that some of the Readers were just as stumped as I was when I first read it; so I only meant to clear up a bit from how I viewed it finally. Thanks to each of you for your thoughts! I enjoy reading all feedback on our posts.

  3. Replies
    1. I go by JP to my friends but I have been avoiding that name since it is close to JD.

    2. JP? Typo? Brain hiccup? John P? Unrelated poster... JD= Justin Dipietro, JR= Jessica Reynolds=Aunt of Ayla

    3. LOL I have been getting confused for weeks! Don't forget JL=Gabby's daddy and JH+Aylas Grandfather

  4. The first time I read this I thought it was right on target.

    1. I did to Main-iac. Now with the added information included, it kinda makes some areas a little easier to understand. ie, when I first read it and the source referred to the new setting, I thought the source was referring to a new single life without the burden of caring for Ayla. Now I see he was referring to the Tudela household.

  5. I was teasing him anonymously John P.
    Glad to see you. Probably JD himself checking his reviews.

    The theory is just a tool.
    The parallel lying bit is important though.
    It may help us to pinpoint(model) the moment of extreme injury (rain dates) key phrase "Burned into my brain"

    I've actually completed the second search and was shown many times already that her earthly remains are not recoverable.
    Helping Mr. Brandon in some small measure was a token of thanks from the universe for making a sincere effort to serve others.

    This is the logic tree that was scraped off the article.
    I use parsable questions to ask the universe questions.
    This is the intuitive arts part I removed.


    Formulating the search.

    For my previous 'recovery' search.

    I asked: Task Generated: Locate the largest portion of skeletal remains belonging to the deceased twenty month old Ayla Reynolds.

    The universe returned: Task Accomplished Located the largest portion of the skeletal remains belonging to the deceased ***(fifty three year old Stephen Brandon.)

    The question was parsed and returned affirmative results up to word
    "twenty" The images drawn on the map of the stream are Stephens runway or trajectory as his eternal spirit left the earthly temporal and accelerated back to the eternal. His body was in the center of the arc.

    It was the question I posed which was faulty/inefficient. I worked to formulate the most parsable question to ask the universe. I was taught by researchers to pursue that angle of (attack) search technology approach.

    I am finalizing a broader yet more specific question.
    Task generated: "In the subject index of Reynolds Ayla Bell AKA Buggy lead me to access the.... "

    I'll be pursuing this logic tree.

    The remains of Ayla Reynolds are recoverable.

    ( ...
    In the subject index of Reynolds Ayla Bell AKA Buggy lead me to the access point for the largest collection or cache of evidence concerning her disappearance; not yet discovered by the MSP FBI WPD or other
    properly constituted earthly law enforcement authorities.


    The remains of Ayla Reynolds are not recoverable.

    (In the subject index of Reynolds Ayla Bell AKA Buggy Determine if:

    A chemical disposal was completed
    A fire based disposal was completed
    The remains are disturbed by wildlife
    The suspect has hidden the remains in a non-retrievable location ...)

    Once I enter the final question I'll pursue the logic tree.
    After 54 days of rest from the previous search I'll have 21-35 days to pursue information. At 21-days a fuzziness sets in. At 28 days a muddiness occurs. From 35-54 days is a quicksand of decoherence.

    I hope the next information search is productive.

    The actual process I perform of posing questions to the universe using intuitive logic means sitting quietly with tools (blank sheets of paper - colored markers) waiting for the information. Sometimes a flood occurs sometimes a drought occurs. Hence the prolonged nature of the search
    from 21-35 days. Mostly information trickles in line by line or sketch by sketch at a rate of eight sentences per day or one completed sketch.

    ( A reputable internet source of information on remote viewing - Ten Thousand Roads)

    I'm still refining the theory of Justin's internal world.
    I'm confident the authorities are going to proceed against him.
    Murder is a terrible crime against an individual and their family.
    Fake Kidnappings are literally domestic terrorism and psychological warfare against the "People of The United States"

    Justin created a disturbance that won't go away.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Your comments break my heart, but if it helps to bring Ayla "home", to Trista, I guess that's the price to pay. I'm sure when the truth DOES come out, it will be heartbreaking. I wish for this to end, for Ayla and Trista. It has gone on long enough. I know some people do not believe at all in psychic's, but I personally don't care who finds Ayla, who finds the truth, who ends this nightmare, as long as Ayla IS found, the truth IS found, the nightmare ENDS and justice IS served.

    2. I agree Kit. And I am one of the people that looks sceptically on physics. I do believe people have the ability but the visions are still a matter of interpretation. I hope that the vision is wrong, but I too want Ayla found and reunited with her family. Anything that is moving towards Answers and Justice for Ayla is all I really care about.

  6. This post really made a whole lot of sense to me and I could definitely see where it could be plausible. I actually find it makes more sense for someone who doesn't know the individual personally to have a better sense of their psychological profile (or maybe I just watch too much Criminal Minds on t.v.). One question I have had is why he doesn't continue to stay at Violette Ave. It obviously isn't to hide from anything or anyone because people know where the Tudela's live. Some form of guilt (if a person like him can feel that emotion)?

    1. As someone who has had personal experience with being on the "other side" of "the light", then being brought back to this life: Justin most likely cannot stay in the house because he is "haunted" by his memories, or even true "visions" of his beautiful daughter and her "accident", "demise" or other UNFORTUNATE incident that occured next to his bed, in the basement of 29 Violette! Regardless of WHAT happened, conscience or not, he cannot live with the REALITIES, TRUTH, AND EVIDENCE in that house.
      >she will not pass over, JD- she will be watching and waiting for you to live up to the name: FATHER!!! Let her go, do what you know you have to AND THEN you will be FREE!!!

    2. Yes, Justin, AYLA IS watching you and you can feel it, I know you can.

    3. Because I do not feel Justin really has a huge conscience to speak of, I was thinking it was a combination of a little bit of guilt and a huge conflict of interests with the legal defense. What are your opinions as to PD and ED having thier own lawyer and living in the same house with JD having a different lawyer and living with the Tudelas?

    4. I have thoughts as to why JD moved out of his Phoebes basement, but I'd love to know the real reason. I can think of a few different reasons, one of which involves why those 2 have a lawyer (the same lawyer). Either they wanted him out of the house, in hopes to protect themselves (from legal issues), and in hopes to protect Gabby from dhhs (living with Justin) - Or he decided to try to protect them from these things, so moved out. Maybe they are more involved then assumed (at least with the cover up) and are really in need of legal protection. Maybe legal services was offered (paid by PD), but Justin thinks that will REALLY make him look guilty.

      I also think, either in conjunction with another reason, or reason alone, he was not able to rest his head in that house, knowing what happened to Ayla, especially with her blood loss right next to where his head would be resting.

      IF guilty, I hope that images of Ayla and whatever happened to her haunt his mind, day and night. I hope whoever did something to her and helped cover it up, never ever have a moments peace. Harsh, maybe. Whatever happened to Ayla is more harsh.

    5. I think ED and PD's lawyer advised them to get JD out so the state couldn't take Gabby.

    6. I agree with all of the above reasons.

      Also if there really had been a real kidnapping Dec 16-17, instinctively Justin or Lance would have stayed at 29 Violette Ave longer to help keep Gabby, Elisha, and Phoebe safe. NONE of the Dipietro's felt the need to have a man continue to stay there just to feel safer? Hmmmm? (I guess Pheebs was not to creeped out?)

      John I do feel there has to be resentment for Justin putting them all in the position they all now find themselves in? And yes there is also the legal conflict of interests going on as well, so... he is with H.T.

      I do believe that there was physical abuse by Justin before the original and real kidnapping of Ayla Bell from her mother Trista in Oct. And I would imagine if that is true, the physical abuse by JDip continued and escalated when he had physical custody. So most likely it is Justin they are all covering for but, also now resenting! The others may have contributed with some form of abuse, but it is most likely Justin with the biggest hate and resentment of Ayla and Trista.

      I had a feeling right from the first that something was planned to happen to Ayla all along by Justin. Whether or not that is true, Justin's abuse of Ayla escalated. And then Ayla had injuries or obvious abuse he had to hide from the doctors and Trista. I am guessing control issues are a part of all of this. So much of all of this feels like it was about control, money and punishment of Trista and Ayla.

      I wonder if just like when a adult tries to leave a physically dangerous relationship then their lives become even more endangered, if that is the very same thing that happened to Ayla. Justin was feeling threatened about losing control of Ayla. Either through the courts or because he had to hide evidence of abuse from doctors and Trista. Justin could not put a doctor's appointment off for much longer or keep Trista away. And Ayla payed the ultimate price from his escalating anger? And if others were there they could not figure out how to take Ayla to doctor without legal consequences. And if it happened when they all were 'partying' Elisha and Courtney did not want to risk losing custody of their own children by getting help for Ayla?

      some of moo and things i wonderabout, sincerely ms.p

  7. Betty from BangorApril 23, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    I just wish in Justin's twisted brain that he could have had a reverse effect-always being there for his little girl, always believing that he would do and be the best father to Ayla. He wouldn't have to be a companion of Trista. In this day in age, he could still be there for this beautiful little girl. He should of been telling himself that he was going to be the best daddy for Ayla. To always be there no matter what! To help her through the different stages of her life. To be proud of her and love her with all his heart! I know in my heart that this is not the case! If only it was!

    1. Me too Betty.I didnt have my Dad around,but always needed him.Always loved him.

    2. Betty and anon 9:03

      I thankfully grew up without a father. (Mine moved to CA just to avoid paying child support for his kids) But as Betty said, I was able to learn so much about what not to do when raising my children. I do think Phoebe may have excluded the father(s) intentionally to make herself the sole power figure in the household when they were growing up.

  8. Betty from BangorApril 23, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    I would think that being brought up by a single mom, that would be even more of a reason for Justin to want to be a huge part of Ayla's life!!! Every little girl needs her Daddy!

    1. Unfortunately Betty, I think it is possible, JD was immasculated being raised by a domineering single mother and then being outshined in virtually every aspect by his little sister. Because of that immasculation and now Ayla dominating his time, relationships, and finances, well I think we all know the results.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. She needs him now and where is he? Hiding and Lying.

    4. I think what got in the way of Justin being a good Father is Phoebe's influence, child support he did not want to be paying, and a bad temper. IMO

    5. Honestly Chicky, I don't think without Phoebes influence JD would even be a position to be a father. I think she drove him to grab Ayla in October because she was tired of paying the child support for him. JMO though.

    6. John P.,

      I totally agree.

    7. John P... I was meanin that I think she created an irresponsible, angry son. But yes, I do agree that she pushed him to take Ayla and for the resaon you stated.

    8. So true Chicky, all of this ties together. She pushed for the grab, he resented her for taking his single life away, projected the resentment on the one non-power figure in the household which was Ayla. Poor sweet Ayla deserved none of this!

    9. Personally I can't see Elisha outshining anyone but I concede in that family she was probably "IT". I suspect that Justin was bullied by Lance. If Justin's father was the married man, that might even further his resentment, especially if there were other children who got his time and attention, and justin didn't. I'm no psychologist, but coming from a background very similar this sounds right to me.

  9. I can't get a sense of Justin:
    These are some questions I would like to know the answer to :
    a.) Where is Justin's father ? Did Justin's father abandon him ? Did Phoebe never tell the father ?
    b.) Did Justin resent Phoebe for what he didn't have, a father and a mother with a job ?
    c.) Did he feel that he was disadvantaged when he looked around and saw what his friends' families had ?
    d.)Who pushed him into trying to keep Ayla ? Was it Phoebe ?
    Not everyone who grows up in a single Mom home turns out screwed up, if there are other members of the family around to help out and give the kiddo a sense of self worth. Or if the Mum is around and is loving. ie, there for the kid emotionally.
    Seems like the attacks on Trista are the same things that could be said of Phoebe.
    Elisha is a smart girl, we hear, yet she seems to be following a pattern.Early pregnancy, no marriage and now no Dad for Gabby for now.
    Then, he has a GF whose Dad rejected Aiden and Aiden has no present Dad.
    Pattern ? Or just what he assumes is normal from the way he was raised.
    I am in no way being critical of single Moms, Moms who need help from social services. I am wondering how Justin
    felt about the up bringing he had or felt he should have had vs the reality of what the situation was in the house.
    I am reading The Anatomy of Motive by John Douglas, the almost founder of FBI profiling and he almost always goes back into the childhood. Not to give the person a pass gor what they did, but to understand WHY.

  10. I think the parallel lying is at least in part an internal mechanism for redefining a lie as true.

    The part of this about his father deprivation playing such a dominant role, I am somewhat skeptical of, but I do think the theory as a whole and its application to JD is on target to the point of chilling.

    1. Well..
      I can see it from the stand-point of subconcious motivation.

      What was his childhood like?
      A single Mom, perpetually reliant on state assistance. Habitual substance abuser. Negligent of her parental responsibilities to her 3 children (all rumored to have different absentee "fathers").
      BOTH of her sons had behavioral problems, and were characterized by those who knew the family, as "bullies"--- BEFORE hitting adolescence.

      What was Phoebe's likely response to issues cropping up regarding her sons' delinquent behavior??
      Both for why their behavior wasn't their OWN fault, AND why it wasn't HER fault that she "could not" control them:
      "It's not Justin's fault, he can't help it! He acts out a lot because...his father abandoned him/ he has attention problems/ everyone always blames him"... and on, and on, and on.

      JUSTIN likely grew up with myriad excuses for his bad choices, supplied by Phoebe.
      One of the BIGGEST was likely his "absentee father", in some form or another.

      Justin probably DID suffer from the loss of a father figure, and BELIEVED this excuse was valid as applied to nearly his EVERY character defecit!

      The fact that PHOEBE was instrumental in DENYING him a relationship WITH his father, was probably not lost on Justin EITHER...
      Therefore, creating some very deep-seated feelings of resentment toward his mother, and the life choices SHE embraced!

      I could DEFINITELY see Justin extending/projecting his resentment of Phoebe onto TRISTA---either consciously OR subconciously.
      Especially if he percieved Trista---an unmarried woman with substance abuse issues, on public assistance, like HIS mom was---as bringing HIS child into the world against his wishes, and then (passively) "denying him access" to that child by "not actively seeking to include him in the baby's life" immediately upon her birth.
      Sound familiar???

      Add to this "injury" the "insult" of THEN having the state demand HE pay child-support.
      This would be considered the ultimate injustice in Justin's world-view, which centers upon his complete and utter lack of personal responsibility for any "misfortune" that "befalls him". Whether self-created or NOT!

      Couple his resentment of the situation surrounding his "fatherhood" with his prediliction for "solving" interpersonal problems with VIOLENCE, and his general lack of empathy for others, and Ayla really didn't stand much of a chance in Justin's care.

    2. Very thought out and well explained. I just wish he had learned from his childhood upbringing and grown to be a responsible person, rather than projecting discontent and violence onto the females in his adult life. He is still projecting the discontent for females by letting all the women around him state the lies he himself is telling them. He can't be held accountable, in his eyes, for whatever misinformation these ladies make public.

    3. I wonder if Phoebe recieved actual child support from her kids father(s)? Or if she viewed Justin being FORCED to support Ayla ridiculous. I think she's probably the Queen of double standards regarding the child support/assistance situation. It was/is ok for HER to get support/assistance, but not these "other mothers". Not Trista. How dare someone expect her baby boy be forced to support/care for that baby. For that girl's (Trista's) baby.

    4. IIRC, Tori spoke of some documentation that someone had showing how well Phoebe can work the system. The double standard you speak of has to have relevance here. It seems that the fewer single parents there are, the more Queen Phoebe can work the system to her advantage.

    5. I guess as a subconscious motivation that makes a lot of sense.

  11. Me again Anon at 5:46, did some courses when I was thinking about changing careers. Intervention was what I thought I would do. Not for me.
    Anyway, we did alot of John Bradshaw and family systems and how these family patterns of behaviour are repeated. Dad a drinker, daughter will find a drinker to hook up with. Because that is her normal. etc. Takes alot to break out of these patterns.

  12. I don't know if this is the right forum to bring this up, but I really want to know if any one else has thought of this. The other day I posted wanting to know if LE had searched the dumps. My thinking is that if Ayla actually did go missing prior to the 17th, could she have been put in a trash bag, put in a dumpster. There could have been trash pickup before anyone ever started looking for her. Could that be the real reason Justin was in Portland in Dec? Any thoughts on this?

    1. I think she was gone before the 17th. He has never answered and won't as to where Ayla was that day / evening and those other liars in the house vouched
      that she was there that night. I don't believe it.

    2. That is a good question Maine-iac- I've wondered that myself. They did search the garbage around Waterville, so I am thinking that they would call the dumps and garbage burning facilities- but I've been watching the news since day one and I do not remember them releasing the information publically. (I do remember something about them asking people to check their dumpsters)

    3. I think the body was gone before the 16th but doubt they risked putting her in trash when they hadn't yet reported her missing. They had to have put her somewhere they knew she could not possibly be found.

    4. Maine-iac
      I hate talking about it, but, I always thought conceal and bury the body in among garbage in Portland or other community (on the way) would be so easy. I wonder if the 15th they would be willing to risk. Since Ayla supposedly went missing on the 16th. It really was probably a 24ish hour risk? But if she was found too fast, the coroner would be able to approximate the time of death as well as other things. So... (from Apr 24, 2012 02:30 PM's point)

      However, I really think that originally 'they' did want to have her to turn up somewhere eventually for the LIP. So I do hope if Ayla is deceased she can still be found.

      From the 8th on, I hope police have the phone pings of everyone that could be involved. Also debit/credit charges for everyone to help show where everyone spent time. I just don't know if the latter is legal? Would a judge approve that? I highly doubt it.

  13. I am the know it all anon .... my family had /still has plenty of dysfunction. My Irish GF left my GM with 5 children to raise on her own in the 40's. My Mum suffered her entire life because of some stigma she felt from being raised on SA and with no Dad. I apologize in advance if anyone took any sort of offense. When I took these couses, it gave me some insight / understanding into my own, where it came from and what we could do about it now. We try real hard is all I can say.

  14. This article reads like jibberish pop psychology done by an amateur. Makes no sense at all.

    1. Then contribute something that makes sense to you.

    2. I suppose you could categorize me as an "amateur" seeing as how I am in now way schooled in the field of psychology. The commentary in blue font are my perceptions of some of the information we received from the gentleman that commented at the end of this thread, and shouldn't be taken otherwise. Thanks for sharing, nonetheless!

    3. And yes, Anonymous: I don't know if you're on the J4A FB page, but a week or so ago it was discussed that Guest Posts would be considered. If you have a theory of your own that you'd like to address, feel free to email with your thoughts to be considered. We've made it obvious that we respect and appreciate all opinions on this site, so feel free to share if you're up for it.

    4. JMH,

      I do not go on FB to often so was unaware of this Guest Post you make reference to. Can you provide a little more information here for those of us not regulars on FB?

    5. John: As soon as I log back in, I'll go through the wall posts and find the one that Tori shared recently; I can't recall what it said verbatim, and don't want to miss-quote anything. I'll get back on there within the next hour or so and will circle back here with the accurate quote!

  15. A GREAT article!!

  16. I posted this, but it "disappeared". It's a great article!

    1. Very nice article...thanks

    2. This is exactly what I meant every time I said I feel with my heart, think with my mind. Maybe the people that think we are looking only fo a deceased Ayla, will read this excerpt and realize we are JUST LOOKING FOR AYLA!!!

      I want to think of her as well (alive) until she appears, because that’s what families (and friends) hope for throughout the wait. It is not about lying to oneself; we know how awful reality can be, but we don’t want to embrace that thought completely, that Jason (the Authors missing family member) was, or Ayla is, gone (deceased).

      It’s a piece of grace, a measure of hope we give ourselves while we wait; to think of them as well and safe. Families of the missing allow ourselves that one glimmer on the horizon, but we do not wear blinders to the selfishness of others who choose to harm the helpless. We are constantly beating back the “we know better” reality with hope, while we wait.

      Keep Hope Alive for Ayla!

  17. The Parallel Lie

    1. Thanks, Tamta! This article you shared is actually one of the links I will be including in my next article (Part 2).

  18. Where is Ayla?
    There could be posts about possible locations she might be hidden. Analysing the probable, possible areas in each post. (with maps, etc.)

  19. I wrote the article as insights for Jeff on Justin.

    On Jeff's site I had written a response to all the blog wars including the reality that Justin might never return Ayla and might never admit guilt or recite the facts in court for a slightly lesser sentence. He asked me to write up my reasoning. I have a very "dark" opinion of psychics too similar to Kit and Jazzie. I don't believe in predictions only projections. In the long sessions (L-HH) was the (ICON) quantum key and the final location was called (The Pit). All the work was finished before T. started the blog. I didn't know L. Dipietro existed and The Pit was a match for Rome Maine. Even though I do terrorism, serial killers and mass murderers I know that to under estimate your opponent is deadly, that includes Justin. In earlier posts on this blog I have given him links to verify work I have done that sent people away for life or to the death chamber.

    My hope is the prosecution proceeds with full confidence their case will not be interrupted or thrown off track by Ayla suddenly surfacing. Its about Justice For Ayla. I gave T. a series of links related to warnings giving full logistics 6-48 hours before an attack with launch location and target locations. I don't make money doing this I do it for society.
    Gratitude towards God, life and my fellow citizens.

    It is partially involuntary but I can shut the tap off to a tiny drip and ignore the drips and go about a normal day. If I was or had ever been a government employee some of the science stuff I know would be restricted but I am not so I pass through society as just another harmless eccentric but deep in the secret basements I am considered a "deep well" and I have never missed a serious target given serious effort. I did 500 hours work and 500 hours forced rest to generate the data for Ayla's case. Much different then a 1-800 250$ per hour cold reader.

    I hope I am wrong this time, but like everyone else I see the facts are staggering. I did start out serving Justin's interest only to find he and Phoebe were presented as the kidnappers. About ten pages of sensitive material didn't make it into the report because I never pasted the letters to MSP into the master file. Ayla's case broke my heart a bit.

    If the report is proven false I have specified the amends I shall make to both MSP and the Reynolds family. Ayla is alive again with GOD.
    I am grateful for the tolerance and the feedback I got from publicized information about searches so I can proceed back to my science work.

    I don't hate Justin.
    He passed his breaking point.
    I took on the challenge because Ayla & God trusted me to speak the truth.
    To fail either of them would be an act of cowardly dishonor unto my soul.

    Deepest Respects A.M.

    1. I appreciate all that you have done in this search for Justice for Ayla. I am grateful for all of the time and the energy you put into this and I am most honored that you chose me and felt comfortable sharing with me and I will never forget that. Thank You A.M.

    2. I wish there were more people like you A.M. Peace to you.

    3. Many thanks, A.M. Much respect to you and your efforts.

    4. Thank you AM, your efforts for Ayla are exceptional.

    5. AM, as a fatherless daughter, I would say you are spot on. I have a question though I don't want to post it. Keep up the good work!

    6. I agree AM has put forth great, exceptional efforts.

      The only "dark" opinion I have of "psychics", are of those people who falsely pretend to be "psychic", in order to make some quick cash. I think there are people with a true gift(s). Due to the high volume of fakers, it causes a lot of people to be skeptical. Maybe that, along with the unknown. People are skeptical of the unknown, what they are not familiar with. I try to be open minded. Whatever helps to bring Ayla home to Trista and serve justice.

    7. A.M. Thank you ! I believe in being intuitive sensitive. I have flashes like a movie clip in the back of my head, as if there are eyes there. I really became aware in my mid twenties and pushed it away because some were scary and I knew not how to interpret most.
      The morning my Father passed I had a brightly colored number flash,a time stamp if you will and I KNEW it was the time that he would pass. I wrote it on a paper and put it in my pocket. He took his last breath exactly at that time.
      It is hard at times to interpret what I see and I wish that I knew how to enhance or heighten or clarify more often.
      Some may think I'm a little off but it is what it is and this came to me not me seeking it.

    8. Who knows what it is, intuition, or whatever you want to call it, but some people have it. To me, also it is not hard to judge his character, based on his actions, from the beginning. Yes, the reason Phoebe and daughter have their own atty. is not hard to figure out. They may only know Justin KNOWS what happened, has not told them much, and they are afraid to ask. Afraid to know everything, and afraid of Justin. So they don't ask. Better for them if they don't know all. I think Lance knows. If there was a "father figure", it was him. Phoebe supported them all, but I bet they resented the hell out of her. Not everybody who grows up in a single parent family has a twisted mind. But I think Justin does. Don't expect a confession-even if Ayla is found. I hope to God she is alive and well.

    9. I agree with a lot of the conclusions here but not that Justin has departed sanity. People have a great ability to rationalize and compartmentalize. From what I see, I suspect Justin blames Ayla and Trista and anyone but Justin for what happened to Ayla. By doing that, he never faces his own culpability and avoids the horror of recognizing himself for what he is, assuming he actually did do something heinous to Ayla.

    10. Thank you for an interesting article. Good reading is usually found here-bunch of good authors. I guess I have a problem with the term "psychic", as I don't think of it that way-rather it is a "vision", or a projection, as you say. "Psychic" conjures up images of some people I would choose to forget, loudly proclaiming they know what happened, usually in a way I cannot relate to(mentally).

  20. You ladies always give us something to think about. Thank you for all your awesome research and articles and for truly being Ayla's Angels. When can we expect part 2? :)

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! I hope to have Part 2 ready before this week's end.

  21. JMH-Thank you for an interesting piece of reading. I believe one of the reasons JD does not talk is because he fears people will learn of his (fatherless) past, resentment of his mother's rearing, and his thoughts of justification on what has happened to Ayla. I had him pegged, all along, as the spoiled male sibling in a family with only mom raising the kids, and him growing up to believe the women in the family were the brains, breadwinners, and mouths. A lot of my friends grew up this way, most of them are fine. In his mind, he has justified whatever has happened, as best for Ayla(he tells himself), and is trying to get away from thoughts that he is responsible. That is why he WON'T talk to the media, and will never confess. Like most everything else he has done(growing up), which, if you notice, is not public knowledge, he has justified, in his mind, is not wrong, or immoral. I don't think he will ever confess, and I suspect out of fear of him, the rest of the crew, won't talk either.

    1. So Tx, is it him they are afraid of or Phoebe and Lance? I suspect Phoebe is the decisionmaker and Lance the enforcer in that family when it comes to the big stuff.

    2. Great thoughts, So. Tx and thanks for sharing. I don't think he will ever confess either but I feel as though one of the adults in that circle might...I remain hopeful. Through all of this, my instincts tell me that Lance might be the one emotionally conscious for the "breakdown" that would occur if and when a confession would be given, but I'm torn in all of it.

    3. ANON@6:57- Who knows! They have all mixed stuff up so bad, some of them so silent. I know someone knows the truth, either did it or knows who did it. And I wasn't saying a single parent raising is the issue here. I think the way JD acts shows that he has gotten his way most of his life, and his sole provider and protector was his mom. Maybe she is having nothing to do with him now, so he is using Heidi. He can't seem to function on his own. He hasn't had to up to now, so why should he? He is in it knee-deep, and has been for some time. Why would he, or any of the rest, start talking now?

  22. I see the point here, but it kind of comes off to me as an excuse for Justin. Not having a dad doesn't contsitute murdering an innocent baby. My husband didn't have a relationship with his dad growing up, but when he found out we were expecting our first child, he vowed he would be a better father than his was. And he has kept that promise. He is wonderful with our girls. He even worked on forming a relationship with his own father for our kid's sake. Sadly his dad passed away a little over a year ago, but our kids knew him. Justin is a low-life murderer and I don't feel the least bit of sympathy for him not having a daddy.

    1. I totally agree, ANON 7:36. I have very little interest in Justin's psychological profile or his damaged childhood. Sadly, there is no shortage of people who had a lousy shake in excuse for infanticide.

  23. I would be interested in knowing how so many can remain silent for so very long. Justin, Lance, Phoebe, Courtney, Heidi and Derek Tudela, and no doubt those very close to these folks hold the key to Ayla's fate and whereabouts.

    Eventually, someone is going to break. Nightmares, paranoia, anxiety, sleeplessness, and guilt have karmic value.

    1. That is the hope at this point; someone has to break...I just hope it is soon.

  24. Thank You for all the work and I am looking forward to part 2! ms.p

  25. A quick funny bit for others who have intuitive flashes.

    In September I get a flash and nervous wave my car is going to get hit if left parked in my usual spot. Then the dilemma kicks in. What if I move to a new spot and "then" the car gets hit and it is because I created the loop by misinterpreting my own fear. Long story short I left the car where it was and a street sweeper mangled my two driver side doors three weeks later. I got a quick payout for the damage. At least I know the simple outcome but shall never know what would have happened if I moved it. Intuition is a limited tool.


    1. OH NO!!! LOL at least you have a sense of humor about it!

      AM do you have a link or can tell me where to look to understand projections better? Something you respect. (if not, TY anyway :))

      Thank you for sharing all of this with us, a very giving thing to do. sincerely ms.p.

    2. At least it was your car and not a person.