Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Would Jeff Hanson Lie?

This week Jeff Hanson launched a new website in blog format that answers some of the questions that we all have about the blood evidence and DHS involvement. The website has Justin's supporters up in arms. They have previously reported that there were only 4 small drops of blood have now backtracked and stated their whole comment wasn't posted and when that didn't work, they started attacking Jeff's character and trying to discredit the messenger. We have seen these tactics since day one and it was no surprise that once they could not disprove the information being reported that they would personally attack the people in an attempt to silence them or to try to persuade people not to believe them, I also think it is an effort to cover their own asses because they need their loyal cult following and they need to keep them on their side and convince them that everyone else is wrong and untrustworthy. I have never seen a cult like following like there is in this case.

Heidi Tudela
And I doubt they were told that but maybe a cap full. It would be very hard to imagine an officer saying this seems to me it would be a breech of ethics. To tell one family this and not another. And to also say that an amount was measured in liquid form seems strange in general. That is not how it is collected. Makes not sense at all. Would seem odd for an officer to have said to him and just wrong. I do not think they did. And They def did not say it was Ayla's because the police would have confirmed that to Justin and to us at the same time because they certainly said the 4 spots were so why would they not have said the rest was?

Heidi Tudela First of all how many blog sites does Jeff need? Seems to me as usual that he is pulling out all the stops to turn public opinion. And no LE has not said that the rest of the blood was Ayla"s. And they have not said there was more than a cup that was Ayla's Not ever. The only one has ever implied that was Jeff. It came from his site. IF there is in fact a cup full which LE has not ever made a public statement about nor told Justin that. It has NEVER been said to have been Ayla's. ANd the age of it has never been confirmed. It could be all different ages and from all over the basement and it could be all different samples not even blood. So Again and again the only the blood confirmed to be Ayla's were the 4 drops shown to Justin. And the rest LE has only said to the public that there was more than a small cut. Jeff is the one who says it is a about a cup. His words. And that could be referring to all sample or just his words because LE has not told us that

How many "facts" can be totally wrong in just a few short sentances?
"A friend of DiPietro's, Heidi Tudela, said it was only a few drops. "The amount of blood was three very small dots about the size a pen spot would make. I saw them. They were circled. And Ayla had cut her foot about two weeks before and there was a tiny cut that required a small Band-Aid. So that ... very likely could have been source," Tudela posted on the Help Find Ayla Facebook page. That page, created by DiPietro friend Angela Harry, is now gone."

Heidi Tudela I actually wrote a second post after that saying that i did not see the spots that Justin was shown. I saw the spots circled on floor at his house. Guess he did not choose to copy that. Weird.
Heidi Tudela Obviously I can only be described the spots Justin was shown the police have them
 on Ayla home struck by vandals | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME last month
I did read this and I do believe you are wrong. I believe Ayla is alive. For the record foul play is a term also used for kidnapping. It was changed to "foul play" when the police determined that they did not believe Ayla walked out of the home on her own. So until someone tells us otherwise we will continue to look for Ayla everywhere we can. And you are wrong the Dipietro's have been to vigils. And LE did not dismiss abduction it just does not "pass their straight face test". They are very careful how they word things. If you read my other posts you will see why Justin keeps quiet. And that he believes Ayla is getting plenty of media exposure at this time. Do you not? And as for blood in the basement. Well come to my home put some luminol on my floors and it might scare you. Ayla cut her foot weeks before a small cut requiring a bandaid They are not saying that that was Ayla's. And as I have said over and over it is a very old basement with lots of use. So a lot more to this than what people understand. And too much to untangle with just a few comments. So can we just let the police do their job and figure it out. And let the truth tell itself. Because yes that is what Justin believes it will do. And again in case you do not read my other post he has told the police everything he knows. And made himself available to them and still does. They are confirming that. Just because he is not telling the public all does not mean he is not cooperating and being silent. You are entitled to your opinions as everyone is but we will continue to believe Ayla is safe. Justin believes that with all his heart. Everyday he believes she might be home that day. You do not have a window into my world. You do not know me. But I wish you did. If you saw what I saw maybe you would see a different picture. A picture of a young man who everyday struggles with getting through his day, can not sleep through the night, does not eat nearly enough, does not know what is the right thing to do because he is told from so many different people what he should be feeling, and doing or not doing. But through it all has never not once wavered on the fact that Ayla will come home. For him "that is not an option" . So for us I will follow his lead. And for the record I do not presume to know who is innocent or guilty I only know that until someone has proof that someone is guilty I will never believe a person is. That is what I have said all along. And up until now I see no proof of that towards my friend Justin that I will say.

Keeping track of what Heidi has said about the blood is exhausting. She has seen it, she hasn't, she said only 4 drops total and then says she didn't see it all but it couldn't have been much. Selena has also jumped on the bandwagon and is trying to minimize the blood information

AFA is a JOKEMar 18, 2012 08:03 PM (Selena-She posted almost verbatim at the JSTL blog)

LE has NOT released how much blood was found. They have also NOT released how OLD the blood was.

I do not believe "a cup" of blood was found. They released at the end of January that blood found was confirmed to be Ayla's. *IF* they have found "a cup" of blood as the Reynolds family is claiming, then they would have arrested someone, or at the very LEAST brought them in for "questioning". You know...*IF* they believed that Justin or someone else in the house were
involved/responsible.NO NORMAL parent will accept or try to convince others that their missing child is dead- unless they have a reason for wanting people to believe the child is dead. Something to think about.

Jeff responded to this quite well:

Selena; I deleted you off "Your Page" because people started attacking you for your comments, but if you can be civil in the future I will answer your questions (one at at a time though please). We are not trying to convince you, We are telling you what we were told.. and there are reasons for concern.

But let me put it in way that you may understand: Do you see the photo of Ayla sitting in a basket with her "dada" on the first page of this blog?

That basket sits on the floor of our living room filled with only our hope that she will be returned to us... and we pass by it everyday. ...we're not giving up on nothing.

I have read the comments on the other blogs and on Jeff's blog as to the credibility of the information released on the Answers for Ayla site and I have one question. Why would Jeff lie? Wouldn't publicly releasing lies or mistruths on a website about Ayla in the midst of a police investigation be a HUGE red flag to investigators? Wouldn't they question why he was lying and therefore everything he has said to LE would be called into question? If the blood information is not accurate why would the police praise the site as helpful? Why wouldn't they deny the information being issued if it was untrue? Wouldn't they have an obligation to Justin and his family to put a stop to lies being made by the other family involved if they were not true? LE had no issues going on the defensive immediately when the news station in Boston issued a false report and attributed it to LE. What reason would Jeff Hanson have to lie? He has none so therefore the information he has released he has felt confident in his assertion that it is the truth and there will be no recourse, LE has already commented on the site positively.

Now it has been reported that the blood found in the basement was found next to Justin's bed. That is extremely disturbing. I can only hope that Ayla is still alive but it does not look good.

Also released was the information that Trista was asked for Ayla's social security number so that Phoebe could purchase a College fund for Ayla as she did for Gabby. It is unclear as to whether or not that fund was ever opened but Justin did use the social security number to purchase the life insurance policy on Ayla and also used it to claim Ayla on his taxes. Justin only had Ayla for less than 2 months out of the year for 2011. He was not entitled to claim her, Trista was. Ayla did not live with Justin for over six months in 2011 so by federal laws, he is guilty of frauduently filing and claiming Ayla for a tax credit. It just reaffirms my belief that Justin's only interest in Ayla was how much money he could make off of her and how much he could save from not paying child support to Trista.

Justin is a liar and a fraud and the people supporting him all have blinders on for whatever reason. Jeff has no reason to lie, Jeff and Trista have only one goal and that is to bring Ayla home and to get the truth out at all costs. Trista has been dragged through coals and back but she is still doing whatever she can to keep Ayla's name out there. Where is Justin's website? Where are Justin's television interviews or newspaper interviews that aren't dictated solely by the Tudelas? The only person who does not want Ayla discussed or looked for is Justin. That in itself is extremely telling.


  1. One argument I would love see put to rest?
    That investigators "have not yet released the AGE of the blood stain in question"


    They can tell subjectively if the DNA or other proteins are very degraded, for instance, that the blood may be "older", but efforts to CLEAN or DESTROY evidence can ALSO cause sample proteins to be damaged or appear "degraded".

    Investigators are never going to be able to say definitively, that "blood-spot X is 10 days old" as opposed to "blood-spot X is 5 months old" etc.

    SO..let's quit waiting for that information to be "revealed", shall we, because it ain't gonna happen!

    1. Thank you for your post I think the same way about the age of the blood evidence. I don't believe the age of the blood is nearly as significant as the amount and location. Yes it would be great to know for investigative purposes excatly when the blood spilling event occured but since that isn't going to happen , lets concentrate on what we do know . Aylas blood was spilled in Justins bedroom sometime between 10/20 and 12/17. No spin can change that.

    2. Exactly!
      The fact that Ayla's blood WAS spilled, AND in significant amount to alarm investigators, is the irrefutable fact that camp DiP wishes us to ignore.

      Heidi's claim that the "1 cup" found could represent many different incidents of bleeding from many different people, gathered by investigators from "all over" the DiP basement, is simply asenine.

      No, Heidi. You will NOT find blood "all over" the average person's basement, if you were to apply luminol.

      In fact, in MOST basements you would find NONE at all.. let ALONE many *separate* bloodstains representing a total of "1 cup" blood-volume!

    3. If it's Ayla's blood, the "age" is irrelevant anyway. Ayla was only in Justin's house between Sept. and Dec. so as long as we know it's hers, we know it was spilled between those dates. It is such a large quantity, that we can deduce it did not happen on the visits after Ayla was returned to Trista. That limits the window to Oct. 17 to Dec. 16. Since doctors saw Ayla Nov. 5, 7 and 21, it's a reasonably solid assumption the blood did not spill before Nov. 21. That leaves 9 days in November and 16 in Dec. for the blood to be spilled, a total of 25 days. Given that Trista talked to Ayla regularly through Dec. 8 and was suddenly cut off at that point, the period can be narrowed even more. With the window now Dec. 8 to Dec. 16, let's make an excellent guess and say it happened Dec. 8 and that's why Justin suddenly started denying Trista access to Ayla.

  2. There is a whole lot of crazy going on in the minds of Justin Dip groupies. It makes you think they're cut from the same cloth, no qualms about lying and muddying the waters, will say anything to cover and save their asses. Anyone who could defend Justin and his family likely has the same sociopathic tendencies...or is disgustingly lovestruck by Justin and his super manly pube face. I know JSTL is harboring a not so secret crush on him. Yack.

    1. Lol!
      Agreed, Bookat.
      I'm getting awfully sick of their circular reasoning, insisting that "custodial abduction" merits consideration, their lack of debate skills, too!

      The one unifying quality they ALL seem to share?
      Complete disregard for what Ayla must be going through at the hands of her supposed "abductors".

      This tells me that even the DiP APOLOGISTS don't REALLY believe she was kidnapped, or that she's even ALIVE.

  3. The police are after me! It's a conspiracy!March 21, 2012 at 11:12 PM

    Sorry Heidi, you can't change your wording. You saw the spots, or you saw the circled spots. Nope. You Dip SUpporters don't like wording clarification, so your first post is the only one that counts. You lied and said you saw the spots. However, we all know you did not see the pictures with luminol. So STFU.

    Secondly, Foul Play does not also mean kidnap. Are you stupid? Do you research your comments before you make them? Google Foul Play and it shows that MURDER is another name for Foul Play and not kidnap.

    The writing is on the table, what is it that makes you stick like glue to the Dips. It surely means you too, are in way deep on this murder of an innocent baby Ayla. Enjoy your mansion and river view, eventually things will be very, very different. And everyone will know the truth about how you are involved. Get madder, get more defensive and keep hiding because the clock is ticking and the sands of time are not in your favor. You think you can out smart the world lol... Your arrogance is going to be FUN to watch once you idiots are arrested.

    1. Great post! I agree 100%. Heidi "thinks" she is a lawyer, forensic specialist, socialite and overall jill-of-all-trades. Her "arrogance" is exactly what will land her i jail. I can tell you this. She is not smarter than the FBI, MSP, or Waterville PD. She is also not smarter than the people blogging for Ayla who I have personally witnessed(and participated in) running her off every time she dares to post without the veil of an alias...which is not very often. I have been on to this little monster since day 1. I have caught her in numerous lies and also outed plenty of her aliases. She is probably wondering how I know. If an ordinary citizen like me knows exactly when she post on blogs what does she think LE knows about her little games?

  4. I wondered where that "capfull" statement came from. Figures it came from HT. I should have known! That doesn't even make sense. What kind of cap would she be talking about? There are endless types/sizes of caps...

    She changed her story about the blood and viewing it, how many times? LE didn't tell Justin how much blood they found? Well maybe they were going to, but he seems to have left the station very abruptly.

    "And up until now I see no proof of that towards my friend Justin that I will say."

    - No proof, that *she will SAY*. Interesting.

    "LE has not told us that"

    - LE is supposed to tell HER things?

    She saw the 4 (or 3, she can't keep track of how many) drops circled on the floor. So that is what she is STUCK on. She can't, or doesn't want to move on from that. There is more Heidi, you need luminol to see it! Didn't your friend Justin tell you that?

    Does LE leave the blood there? Don't they remove it somehow for testing? Assuming they do, how would she know what the circles were for? And, are there tours being conducted at 29 Violette Ave.? Some type of Ayla Crime Scene Museum? Are they charging, at the door, or is it free? Are LE's crime scene pictures included with the tour?

    1. ITA, Kit!

      I noticed that statement by Heidi that investigators haven't told "us" the amount, too.

      HT continually proves herself the consummate control-freak, huh??

      As if investigators owe HER an explanation?
      And, as for owing JDiP an explanation...
      Since WHEN are investigators required to tip their hand to their MAIN SUSPECT??
      Does Justin REALLY expect that to happen???

    2. Uh oh VTLady! Just because common sense tells anyone with 1/2 a brain who the main suspect is, you're going to get some def. flack for that! ITA though, BTW.

    3. Lol!
      Don't I know it.
      I'm sick of pretending there ISN'T any suspects in this case, just because LE hasn't "officially" named any.

      That assertion "doesn't pass the straight face test", and camp DiP knows it!

  5. I don't see that Jeff is lying. Why would he lie? Plus that would look extremely suspicious to LE. Almost as suspicious as JD not doing a thing for his "kidnapped" daughter, along with the numerous other things he's done and not done.

    I also think Selena is causing a lot of unnecesarry problems not only for JD, but herself, come court time.

  6. Leave It To BeaverMarch 21, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    In my opinion, Jeff does have a reason to lie if this nightmare is really a custodial kidnapping by Trista and her family, which I think it is.

    If Trista has Ayla hidden away then Jeff and the rest of the family need to keep the focus on Justin so that the focus stays off of Trista.

    As for the blood, of course that is concerning. But LE really has not yet said much about it, and I won't accept any information from someone like Jeff who may be just trying to help Trista with her parental abduction scheme. I'm willing to bet that any blood in the basement has nothing to do with Ayla's disappearance. My money is on Trista having Ayla hidden with a relative or friend.

    1. Hey Beave, look a little are wrong.

    2. I find it hard to believe, that even *June Cleaver* would be naiive ENOUGH to believe that this is a custodial abduction, and Ayla is safe somewhere, hidden away.

    3. The theory that it's a custodial kidnapping by Trista doesn't fit the evidence:

      * LE said no kidnapping
      * More than a cupful of Ayla's blood spilled next to Justin's bed
      * So far, the documents that have been released are backing up what Trista has said; that consistency is important. It shows she's not changing essential facts to conform to evidence released. For example, she talked about the pulled leg muscle a few months back and said she'd taken Ayla to the dr. Now we have the medical record to support that. She gave a date for the support order previously. Now we have a document that verifies the information she gave was correct. When questioned about subjects she did not know about, she said she didn't know. When she hadn't formed a clear opinion on a big issue, she described her uncertainty and where her thinking is at at the time.

    4. Leave It to BeaverMarch 22, 2012 at 10:15 AM

      LE has said they do not think this was a stranger abduction. A stranger abduction is a rare occurrence when it involves entering a home to take a baby.

      LE has never said that this could not be a parental/family abduction. Parental/family abductions are very common. Over 200,000 occur each year in the US. LE has said that no one, including Trista and her family, have been ruled out as suspects.

      We don't know for a fact that there was a cup of Ayla's blood in the basement. We have only Jeff Hanson's claim that he was told this by LE. I do not believe that he is credible. He is certainly not impartial. If this information is true then why did Jeff post contradictory information on his original website stating that LE said it was "more than a small cut would produce."

      He just realizes or remembers NOW that LE said it was "more than a cupful"? He didn't realize before how significant the difference in language was? I don't buy it.

      As far as the documents released, none of them prove that Justin killed Ayla or that Ayla is not still alive.

      One of my questions is this: Most innocent parents will still believe that their missing child is dead years, even decades, after their child disappeared. Why did Trista start making suggesting that Ayla was dead at Justin's hands only weeks after Ayla went missing? Why now are Trista and Jeff trying to convince people that Ayla is dead? Could this be because Trista wants people to stop looking for Ayla? Could Trista be anxious to move on with her life and pursue her plans to move out of state? Could Trista be planning to start a new life with Ayla and baby Raymond after she moves away?

    5. Leave It to BeaverMarch 22, 2012 at 10:25 AM

      Corrections to my post above:

      1) I meant to say that most innocent parents will still believe their missing child is still alive years after the child went missing (typed "dead" by mistake)

      2) I meant to type: Why did Trista start making suggestions (not the word "suggesting")

      Sorry for the typos. I need more coffee.

    6. [Leave It To Beaver]:

      "LE has never said that this could not be a parental/family abduction."

      Investigators have *continually* PRAISED Trista's level of cooperation with LE, AND her and her family's efforts on Ayla's behalf, throughout the last 3 months.

      On the OTHER hand, investigators have flat-out called the DiPs liars, berrated them publicly for NOT cooperating with LE, and for withholding information that could lead to Ayla's recovery.

      What does THAT tell you??

      [Leave It To Beaver]:

      "Parental/family abductions are very common. Over 200,000 occur each year in the US."

      Actually, the "200,000" figure does not apply specifically to custodial kidnappings.

      That aside,
      How many "custodial abductions" do you think occur where the parent perpetrating the abduction DOES NOT abscond WITH the child they have taken???
      This situation would be *incredibly* rare, I imagine.

      Since LE and the public BOTH know where Trista Reynolds is currently, AND have from day ONE..
      Ayla's case would fall under the "incredibly rare" category.

      With WHAT financial resources would Trista be able to pull off such a complicated charade for 3 months??

      This is an unemployed mother, on public assistance, living in a welfare-motel, battling a substance abuse disorder, and caring for another 10 month old baby by herself.

      It is simply NOT PLAUSIBLE that this is what happened to Ayla.
      PLUS it ignores the blood evidence collected from the DiP basement, and the incredibly suspicious LIP taken by Justin against Ayla's life.

      This theory reads like the script of a *REALLY BADLY* written "B" movie.
      The kind SO CAMPY that it skips theaters and heads straight to the Red Box.

      [Leave It To Beaver]:

      "LE has said that no one, including Trista and her family, have been ruled out as suspects."

      Ummm. No.
      LE has stated publicly the following exact quote:

      "NO ONE has been ruled IN OR OUT as suspects in this case"

      They DID NOT say:
      No one including, TRISTA AND HER FAMILY, has been ruled out as a suspect.

      There IS a difference. A very BIG difference.

      YOUR wording implies something that the direct quote attributed to LE DOES NOT.
      What YOUR wording implies is that TR and her family, ARE actively "on LE radar" as viable suspects in Ayla's disappearance.

      The direct quote implies ONLY that LE is open to any DIRECTION the evidence will lead them, and have NOT singled out one theory to the EXCLUSION of all others!

    7. beaver,
      Your argument on Trista being the abductor/mastermind of Ayla's disappearance makes no sense. LE has stated the three in the house are lying. Who are they lying for? Trista? Or is Trista such a mastermind she has fooled the FBI and Maine Police and WPD? Why would Justin run from the police station if he was only confronted with 3 or 4 drops of his daughters blood? Wouldn't he calmly tell the "story" of the bandaid placed on Ayla's foot? Why is Justin afraid of answering questions if he's telling the truth? HINT he wouldn't if he was truthful. LE has shown us they aren't afraid to call out unconfirmed leaks. Instead of discrediting JH's statement on the cupful of blood - they praised his website. Nowhere on their blog have I seen Trista nor Jeff try and convince anyone Ayla is dead. Where specifically have you seen this? Justin's hags need to come up with a more plausible story - this one will never work.

    8. LE didn't say it wasn't Sasquatch defending Ayla from a fleet of menacing UFO's preparing to attack on Violete Avenue. Until they do I have full confidence Ayla and Sasquatch are doing fine wandering the woods of Maine dodging UFO's and enjoying the sweeping views of the Kennebec River Valley from their mountain top encampment.

      Has Jeff produced even a single picture of the UFO attack?
      Of course not because LE KNOWS he is a suspect with his own UFO.
      Has LE named Sasquatch as a Yeti Of Interest,HELL NO! No PROOF.

      I think Ayla is a strong girl and has adjusted to her new life of fighting Maine's menacing UFO's fleets as a Yeti Princess.

      LITB: "Sorry for the typos. I need more coffee."

      Would you like a cheesy raspberry brain transplant with that.
      Hopefully you keep your bedroom door locked and have firearms.

      There is a killer in your house.

    9. from online sentinel mar 11
      "McCausland said Monday that investigators stand by their original assessment.

      “We looked at that scenario, and it doesn’t hold water,” he said of the potential for a kidnapping. “That some intruder came in — in silence — and no one heard a thing. It didn’t happen.”"

      No intruder came in the house. No kidnapping happened. There's no wiggle room for ANYONE, Trista, her family or the bogeyman, to have gone into the DiPietro house and taken Ayla.

  7. I think LE removes blood samples by swabbing, so depending on the size of the blood spot, there may or may not be any left. The circles could have been swabbed after photographing, and the stain and remnants are what she saw, or the pictures of the drops before they were swabbed.

    Either way, she is full of $hit, and she contradicts her self constantly...she makes no sense. Of course they won't tell the DiP side about amount or location of the largest amount of blood, nor that it was Ayla's... Discovery during the trial...hello... They were shaking the tree, and JD didn't even fall out..he jumped and HT got squished tryin' to break his fall...that is why she is so damn brain damaged that she can't recognize nor gauge her own foolishness hahaha :D

    1. Emerald, I agree 100% and would add that a little cut on the foot DOES NOT produce drops of blood, the blood would be smeared by the weight of Aylas foot, even if the blood was to roll off the side of her foot it would still be smeared NOT DROPS!

  8. I hope so Leave it to beaver. I hope so. I pray she is somewhere safe. But it doesnt look good. LIP, Blood,and all of the accidents before hand?????

  9. Wow - they're really grasping! The police never denied that they told Reynolds it was a cup of blood, however they DID state that it was NOT a kidnapping - it was "foul play". I'm betting Jeff struck a few nerves with his blog and the Dips and supporters are going nuts.

  10. With all the ridiculous "why didn't LE tell the Dips about the blood quantity" bullshit being tossed about by the Dick Starved Groupies, I'm kinda surprised they don't get the obvious answer as to why. LE obviously considers that family persons of interest, that's why they're not sharing information, meaning it's only a matter of time before they're named out and out suspects. Fucking amateurs, man...

  11. This Tudela woman needs a hobby. To suggest that this information is false is nothing short of ridiculous. Openly twisting the facts via the internet would only prompt LE to look their way. The Dips should know this. They are the ones who kicked off this investigation with lies and so far have provided not one bit of proof or any facts to support their theory. Trista's family has provided medical records as well as court documents to back up what they have said. It is quite obvious who has something to hide here and a fan club of pathetic, middle aged women will not change my mind. The Dips better hope that their defense team is a little more intelligent than their "supporters".

    1. Bingo, Disgusted! I fear Heidi will soon learn that she bit off more than she could chew. At first blush, I was certain that Angela Harry was trying to make a name for herself by getting involved. But I'm now convinced that HT was the mastermind of TTLOM, and AH merely HT's sock puppet. Angela doesn't haven't the connection to Justin...Heidi does. Heidi and Angela are cousins, and Heidi enlisted AH to defend all costs.

      This case proves that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

  12. To dare claim they are for Ayla is a friggen joke. It couldn't be more clear that their main concern is for Justin, a group of what appears to be mostly women, and mothers themselves, going around being a mouth-piece for a grown ass guy, is PATHETIC.

    For the life of me I can't understand it... yeah ok, I get giving someone the benefit of the doubt, I get showing support for a friend or relative being accused of some crime, but when things are starting to stack up and point in their much so, a person would have to be completely void of any common sense to not see that it is, and especially when a child is involved, it really starts to make you wonder what kind of people these are.

    I love my family and friends, I'd go to bat for them too, but there's limitations to that loyalty, and any type of crime involving an innocent baby is right there at the top.

  13. Keep Digging, You'll Get ThereMarch 22, 2012 at 10:27 AM

    Debbie, there could be so much more going on. First the women could be guilty themselves or could be guilty of something else that initially caused them to join a coverup. If that's the case, they're probably in over their heads.

    There's also the shame factor. Having a close relative or boyfriend go to jail for murder doesn't make you look good. The stigma will carry over to their own children. Don't doubt they know that given public reaction so far. As far as the family dynamic, look no further than how Lance reacted to what he perceived as an insult to his family by Justin Linnell. That perception of family honor would be shattered by an admission that one of them murdered a baby if that's what happened.

  14. I find the complaint about LE not telling the Dipietro's about the blood so laughable for a couple reasons.

    1---they not only told them, they showed them
    2---it wasn't even necessary for them to tell the Dipietroes about the blood, because it was their house, they already knew. There is no way for Ayla to loose blood in that house and the Dipietroe's not know it, so why tell them the obvious. Although LE did tell them and also showed them.

    As far as LE telling Trista, absolutely as the child's Mother she should have been told. It was not her house, and she didn't know.

    The arguments that Heidi and a few others come up with, are an insult to the intelligence of anyone over the age of 5.

    1. LOL, perfect put.

    2. I agree, it is an insult, and each time they run to defend the only thing they're succeeding at is making themselves look even more pathetic.

    3. Heidi is yapping herself right into a jail cell, IMO.

  15. Sincerely Wondering?March 22, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    I posted this yesturday and did not get a response. Maybe I will today

    QUESTION to those that believe Trista is hiding Ayla? I am being sincere with my question as to if this is your beliefe PLEASE explain to me why. What I don't understand about those that insist that Trista has Ayla hiding is this.

    With advancements in science and technology a good reason to believe she would have been found. I am a student with a science emphasis and a psychology major. There is alot of reasearch that has been done about the information that is revealed by modern scientific investigative techniques. I am not talking about a "lack of evidence to convict Justin" I am talking about scientific evidence that points in the direction of Trista? What evidence do you find that supports this.

    Also with advanced in technology, we are trackable, the money we spend, the places we go (cameras) the phones calls we make, our internet traffice and searches, even GPS on a cell phone, You can even be tracked down to a precise location by pictures that are posted online from a cell phone. With all this technology don't you think Ayla would have been found by the investigation. The evidence does point in a direction and the police have indicated that the people in the home on Violet are not being truthful about all they know. It has been confirmed by JD supporters that his polygraph was failed.

    Trista is not a person of financial means. She doesn't not have the resources to pull off an elaborate scam that would effectively hide a baby. Psychologically this scene would be VERY hard to keep up.

    I am not tryping to bash any opinions, I am just looking for a logical explaination to the initial question. I understand everyone is proven innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz. I am just wondering what evidence do you have for the opposite argument. Thanks

  16. Cult like behavior:

    Tori, there have been a few case studies that resmeble the behavior that is being displayed in this case. At least I have found similarities.

    One was done I believe in the 60's 70's (sorry I can't remeber off the top of my head the name- but a famous book was written about the experience) There were Grad students that were sent in to join a cult to examine and study the group behavior by the cult. In this cult there was a "predicted" end of the world date. And when that date came and went, the students posing as cult members thought the group would lose followers as the failed prediction would obviously show the cult leader to be a "fake" and in fact the OPPOSITE effect was recorded. The followers changes their ideas and belief about the prediction and justified and excused the mistake as a "test" and actually became even more convicted in the belief of their leader than before. The theory had something to do with the fact that accepting they individually had been wrong about the leader all along was TOO threating, tramatic, to believe and instead adjusted their attitudes to justify the mistake.

    There have been other cults were this behavior has been displayed (one in New Mexico or AZ currently)

    The members of the support Justin group display alot of the group behaviors that are seen in other cult-like groups. (shunning people that done't share ideals or beliefs,being exclusive, etc. the list goes on)

    1. Agree. Also, I recall members of the Reynolds family stating that Justin is a manipulator, and we all know how "powerful" a manipulator can be. Dude's got all of his Team licking the blood from his hands as quickly as water falls from a faucet. Casey Anthony, much? So many cases that resemble this entire timeline of events where the Paternal Family (and their team) is involved. It's absolutely horrifying.

  17. There is no evidence that points to the mother having anything to do with Ayla being missing....none....there is, however, evidence pointing to SOMETHING happening to Ayla while in the fathers care. There is also PROOF of Ayla being injured MORE THAN ONCE while in the fathers care. Also, there were lies told to the mother regarding how Ayla became injured. Common sense tells me something happened to that baby while in Justin's care, and he is not being totally truthful and candid in what he has told Law Enforcement. Hopefully, as terrible as it is to even have to say this, her little body will be found sooner rather than later, so there will be more evidence of what happened to her.

  18. Ummmmm the post that you posted saying it was mine....wasnt mine.Who are you tryin to aint trickin nobody.
    That was a post I copied and pasted and then asked Jeff why he would delete it...because it opposed his point of view? He asked several people if he should delete it...the post I copied and pasted. Get your facts straight.Smear smear smear...blah blah blah...If yer gonna write something back your butt up with facts.Thats all I have asked any place I have written anything.

    1. I am sorry the number you have reached is not in service.

    2. Agreed VTLady and LDO. :/

    3. Good grief, no shame at all.

    4. Hey. Selena come to papa...

    5. "If yer going to write something back your butt up with facts."

      Fair enough, Selena.

      Law Enforcement has dismissed the abduction theory.

      LE says the three adults in the home aren't telling all they know.

      Hanson states that MSP told him that the blood found exceeded a cup, and LE won't discredit or deny the statement.

      Justin abruptly left the police station upon being confronted with the blood findings.

      Your sister erected "No Trespassing" signs, but not a single "PLEASE HELP FIND AYLA" sign on her property.

      Your nephew, Justin, saw fit to pull a relatively large life insurance policy on his daughter prior to securing employment and housing. The life insurance policy was obviously more of a priority than seeing to it that Ayla kept her doctor appointments for her broken arm.

      You have posted several times that this matter is in the hands of LE and not the theater of public opinion. And yet LE again and again throws your family under the bus, and THAT catches the attention of the public. Why would LE do such a callous thing, Selena? Why would LE have it out for your family? Why doesn't LE believe the DiPietros? Why can't LE see that they have it dead wrong...Ayla WAS kidnapped.

      And don't forget that the FBI spent a day in Waterville, reviewed the classified 911 tape, and was privy to confiscated cell phones and computers. The FBI made their assessment in rather short order, turned the case over to MSP (the branch of LE that investigates homicides), and took their leave. And ever since, your family has been under the microscope.

      Weird, huh?

    6. Excellent post, Mckeekitty.

    7. SA-LEEN-ER, you ain't what?

      Seems like your logic is like Justin's. Won't come up with useful info, just a comment of, "prove it", which is what guilty people say when they know there is not enough proof.

    8. nice english! I have to read your post a few times before I can understand what the hell yer talking 'bout.

    9. You know what, I promised not to post on JSTL ever again, but I also said I would post here.

      Your page says "AFA is a JOKEMar 18, 2012 08:03 PM (Selena-She posted almost verbatim at the JSTL blog). The only thing I would change is that her quote on JSTL was verbatim from the A4A blog. Leave your quote as, you are correct. She also left out several comments from A4A by people who were "pissed off" that someone would use an alias of "A4A is a JOKE"!! I was one of them. She then posted Jeffs reply asking myself and several other posters if we wanted him to delete the post for using that disrespectful and offensive alias. I challenged her on JSTL for bashing and disrespecting Jeff and the people who felt the alias was disrespectful to Ayla and everyone started attacking me, but not one individual said anything about the alias, they simply attacked. I reread the posts earlier today so they were still posted! On A4a it is on the Small-cut page and on JSTL it is on the Does Not Compute page.

      The only reason I post this is because that post is still on A4A, Jeff is a man of his word. He said he would not delete if you use an alias for identification. He has stood by his word. The post he apologized to Selena for was a different offensive post that many took offense to but it was on the Your Page page. It was two different postings!

    10. whiskey bottle -
      thanks for the gut rolling laugh...hee haa haaahaahaa
      just have this mental image....70's ...chicka bow wow hahahhhahaaa

  19. Seeing all of the discrepancies in HT's comments regarding blood discovery clearly represents deception on her part and now convinces me that she knows of information relating to Ayla's demise and is covering it up.

    If she had been told a story that she honestly believed, she would repeating that language given to hert by the person who told her such and she would use it consistently.

    She is not only lacking in credibility now but seems to be withholding important information pertaining to this investigation.

  20. Justice for Ayla. We at Ayla's Angels love your blog. Keep up the good work, Ayla is worth all of our efforts.

  21. I'm beginning to wonder if HT is trying to discredit herself, in preparation for trial...

  22. LOL Kit, maybe she's working up an insanity defense.

  23. throwing out some a mom and a grandma, there are some things about Trista that really bother me....not saying she's guilty of anything, just a few things I can't shake off....the form Trista filed is actually a 'complaint for determination of parental rights', in my state, that simply clarifies the visitation arrangement and documents it for court purposes....again, in my state, you have a separate form to file if you are seeking 'sole physical/legal custody of your child'....why didn't she file to get ALYA back into her care??? and why didn't she take AYLA back when she last saw her with Justin on November 21st...If he refused to give the baby to her, she could have contacted the police, who could have then confirmed that Justin was to have returned the baby after she had completed her rehab obligations...she supposedly was very concerned about the injuries on this baby, with good reason!!! does that bother anyone else or is it just me???

    1. In my opinion and from what I've read, Trista understood the documents she filed would determine who would have physical custody of Ayla. Trista was in contact with DHHS, who she says were "blowing her off". She also states she documented with DHHS and a physician, her suspicions of abuse. Trista is young and probably didn't know the legalities of it all. Of course in hindsight, I'm sure she wishes she would have known to have done more.
      My ex husband once took our son and refused to give him back. I had sole physical custody on paper. I was young, inexperienced and didn't have much money. When I called LE they refused to help telling me it was a civil matter not criminal and they wouldn't get involved. They said to hire an attorney. It took me quite awhile to figure it all out - it was not as easy as it seems like it might be. Trista obviously loves Ayla.

    2. What people don't understand is that it happens all the happened to my sister and he took my niece across country and there was nothing my sister could have done but hire an attorny that she couldn't afford. Unfortunately, the law is not always on your side.

  24. my apologies for the name being spelled incorrectly, eyesight is not what it use to be...

  25. Selena ,When there was no blood evidence released yet why would you say this,then when blood is found and its Aylas ,Justin didnt do it.I bet you needed to talk to your family after hearing about the blood.And why would your sister tell you not to read the news,thats where the facts from LE are released.“This is my prayer – that she’s found alive,” said Selena Johnson of Augusta, sister of Justin DiPietro’s mother, Phoebe DiPietro.

    Johnson learned about the blood in the basement at the vigil.

    “I don’t know how to feel, other than that I really want to talk to my family,” she said tearfully. She and her sister were later seen hugging.

    She added that her sister’s advice to her was not to read the news reports about Ayla’s disappearance.

    “She said she’s going to give her faith to God and the FBI,” Johnson said.

    1. After finishing the interview, Selena turned and polished off her bottle of Jack then let out a loud resounding burrrpp.

  26. Why are you so confident now that she was kidnapped and werent sure then if she was even alive,why did you have to talk to your family about the blood,didnt they tell you it was there before that day at the vigil? They knew there was blood there,what caused you to be so upset when you found out it was Aylas.

  27. I have never had a child "missing" but I have had a child I felt was on a self destructive road..I believed that either they would get the help they needed or would die..I "denied" the latter for a long time..until my life slowly un raveled and I saw all the destruction and collatoral damage this one persons choices was creating. I then actually planned for their death "in my thoughts" at first and then verbalized it with dear friends...I finally wrote a letter of encouragement and support and also of "hard truthful facts" that I had to plan for thier death as that was an option..I can certainly understand and see where Trista is coming from.. and it does NOT mean she does not have HOPE and WANT her daughter back in her arms..God Bless you Trista..She is only emotionally working through the what ifs...BUT HOPING and PRAYING for Aylas return..BTW things turned out well for my family..even though I was prepared, as one can be, to bury my it was MY REALITY..and no one has the right to Judge you for that..

  28. There have been folks putting out misinformation. On Thursday, November 10, 2011 and Friday, November 11, 2011 there was precipitation in Waterville, Maine, per records of the Wunderground online.

    Justin said that it was raining the night he fell, but was not sure of the date. Trista is now changing her story to say the incident was not on November 4 or 5 as she earlier claimed, but the next week.

    Well now things back up Justin's story. Whether he fell on November 10 or 11, then took Ayla to the ER, both days had rain.

    That leaves mud on some faces. There are folks so busy pointing fingers, they don't stop to consider that they might be wrong.

    1. perhaps she was waiting to get a copy of the paperwork to verify the date...I am horrid with remembering dates...must write everything down :D

    2. Eddie or Beaver or whatever,

      The mud on faces is still on Justins' face, you do realize that right? The fact that the Reynolds immediately corrected the date when they got the Drs report shows that they are hiding nothing. Hell, I had a heart attack Jan 19th of this year! I coded three times where I has to be defiberlated. I say this because I can tell you everything about that day, and I can tell you everything that has happened since then. The only date I remember though is the date of the MI's themselves. Anything else I have to refer to the Dr reports. With that. I would be willing to bet MY LIFE the Reynolds will never forget the 17th of Dec, though the other dates surrounding it will be hard to remeber! At least they are showing truthfulness by correcting the date and not hiding behind family friends to protect thier good names.

  29. Heidi's response to this post, she changed the story again. I am getting dizzy. Can someone interpret this for me? Did she see the blood or not? She claims she did then she says she didn't then she did now she didn't......Keep talking Heidi, you keep digging Justin's hole for him.

    Heidi Tudela

    Angela it is okay. I like that they are copy and pasting. Past away. I will keep saying it. I am okay with what I say. Because it is the truth. And I did just hop over there and read a little. I did not keep going but read the first few para graphs. And it is fine. They can try and twist things. I saw said what I said. And it is true. I know the 4 drops Justin was shown are confirmed to be Ayla's he told me that. The police have that. I did not see that. I worded it wrong the first time I wrote. Oh well I write so much. I saw the other samples circled on the floor that were little circles. So no worries just do not have time to worry over their silliness. You should not either

    1. other samples? more samples than the 4 justin "told" her about...? SO she did take a "look at the blood" tour of the basement...really mouth insert foot

  30. sounds like she saw a "splatter" pattern. Only Justin has seen the luminol pic that is evidently a puddle.

  31. I saw her post a few times places that she saw 4 tiny pen size dots circled.

  32. What blog is Heidi Ho posting on?

  33. Heidi, read this. You and the people on your page, or "Justin's supporters"- if you will- are the ONLY people who get pissed off when others don't agree with you. Why so much on the defense? And why is it that you and all your buddies are here for Ayla, but 95% of the time you're talking, it's about Justin? Quite frapnklt, the well-being of Trista & Justin is no concern of mine, especially when he hide behind you. I'm more fpcused on finding Ayla, bringing her home, and serving justice to the bastard that did this. You spend an entire Interview speaking of yourself and how wonderdul you are for doing the "right" thing and helping out a friend in need. Newsflash: NO ONE CARES HOW GENEROUS YOU ARE. NO ONE CARE ABOUT YOUR PERCEPTION OF JUSTINS FEELINGS. Your friend is innocent on ALL accounts, correct? By that I mean, he doesn't know what happened, he didn't do it, and there was nothing leading up to the nigt Ayla went missing that would potentially lead investigators to her now. If that is so, you want to rule him out as a suspect-- even though he's not labeled as one by LE (but lets face it, there's no way he can't be since he was one of the last people to see her alive). Why not let him tell the truth, since you're not that credible, since his 'story' is being told to you before you tell others. That's like 'he-said she-said'. Are you scared that his truth wont be the same as yours? Afterall its much easier for you to tell a story you were never present for to begin with. You can't lie, if your being lied to. Why do you get so mad when people don't believe you? Shouldn't you not care since what everyone else thinks and says wont have any effect on the investigation or its results? The EVIDENCE will tell the truth. All in due time. Oh, and to help you out, you wouldn't look so awfully guilty of also knowing what happened, if you didn't repeat yourself 4,000 times. The only reason for repition of things, is to drill it into minds. To make people listen, so much they think its the truth. Good tactic, but very old. The only person(s) you're convincing, are yourself and the others 'involved'. I don't think I've heard Trista or her family speak of their innocence.. not even a quarter of a quater of how much all of you do for Justin. The truth always comes out. Imesure once all of the evidence is processed, we'll all have closure. And Justice will be served to those responsible. Heidi, I said justICE, not justIN. Just wanted to make sure you red that correctly, as I didn't want you excited thinking more people would serve or cater a man who can't even stand up and be a, well, man.

    1. Last person to see her alive or at all**
      Sorry for spelling errors, I've been up all night reviewing articles on this precious baby. Aaand touch screens suck.

    2. YAY nicely put :D I don't get mad if people don't agree with me...everyone is entitled to their own opinion(make sure it is yours, and not someone else's (ie. HT and AH)...This country is founded on it...I choose to look at the evidence and the behavior of the parties involved, and weigh my decision on this, not in someone's storyline version of events they censor. TR puts documents up(via Jeff, thanks), objective evidence, we look at them...JD...what u got dude? Post it..let us all look-peer review kinda...can u handle it?