Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wanted- Semi Truck for Newly Acquired CDL License- Can Pay $25,000

I received an email from a supporter of this blog all the way in Georgia. It is heartwarming to know that Ayla has won the hearts of people all over the country. She wrote to give me some information on something I had overlooked before. It may not be relevant but it is very coincidental.

We know that Justin was taking classes to obtain his CDL. A person who pays for classes to obtain a CDL license obviously has an interest in Truck Driving. It can be a lucrative business but can also force a person to be away from home for days even weeks at a time. It is not an ideal job for a new father who is raising a child alone. Justin enrolled in classes before Ayla came to live with him and if Ayla were to remain in Trista's physical custody, it would a good job for Justin to have. He would be able to travel the United States while making money and be able to support his daughter. Many fathers do just that.

Why would Justin refuse to give Ayla back to Trista when she completed rehab only to have her "disappear" a few weeks later after procuring a life insurance policy on her? Many people who believe Justin is innocent claim that he got the policy because he was being a responsible father and that he didn't give Ayla back to Trista because he loved her so much he couldn't bear the thought of being without her. Where was Ayla going to be when Justin was dropping off and picking up loads across the country? Was she going to be burdened upon Elisha who already has a child of her own to care for by herself? Did he expect Phoebe, after raising three kids of her own and working a full time job was going to want to step in to parent Ayla? Why not just give her back to Trista? A responsible father would know that being on the road, sleeping in motels or truck stops is not an ideal life for a toddler.

I do not believe that the Life Insurance Policy has no bearing on this case, it fits into this puzzle somehow although we have yet to learn how exactly. Parents do not go out and get a sole policy for Life Insurance on a toddler without it being an add on to other policies. If Justin was concerned about Ayla, most parents would buy a policy for themselves and list their child as the beneficiary so that if something were to happen to Justin she would be provided for. The timing of the policy is also very suspect. You just take physical custody of a toddler, your first concerns should be furnishing a room for her, buying her items she is going to need, getting her on a schedule, getting her set up with a doctor and a dentist in your area, and most of all bonding with the child and making sure she is happy and secure in her new environment, if you don't intend on bringing the child back to her mother as agreed upon you may think about hiring an attorney, filing papers through the court for custody...

You may also be so excited to have your child that you love so much living with you and want to visit with friends and family members so they can meet your little bundle of joy, you may think about calling to see if there are any play groups in the area that your child can join so they can meet other children and socialize, you may think about enrolling them into a daycare program. You do not think about buying a life insurance policy on them. Unless, instead of worrying about getting your child situated in a new place and making sure she is cared for and adjusted, you are thinking about how this little bundle of joy can turn into a bundle of money. We know that Justin made sure to cease his child support payments to Trista right away and if Justin still owed back support to Trista that she was entitled to then we know that money was an important issue to Justin. How important? That is the million dollar question.

In order to become a Truck Driver, you need a truck. It is possible to get a job with a trucking company but with no experience and the increased demand for jobs right now, it makes it a lot harder. Many truck drivers have years of experience and many have also acquired special licenses for things such as hazardous waste to make them more desirable to companies. Those licenses require more classes and more money.

Interestingly enough, Because the trucks can cost upwards of $50,000, a suitable down payment would be around $25,000, coincidentally the Life Insurance Policy pays out around $25,000 in the event of Ayla's death. Did Justin start taking classes and realize that without a truck or more money he was probably not going to succeed in this venture? Did Justin get Ayla and see dollar signs and not only get the money he needed to buy a truck and start a business but also get rid of Trista and his tie to her and any future worry of paying out more child support?

It is a possible scenario and not one to be dismissed or scoffed at. Is it the answer to the question about  Life Insurance? Did Phoebe unknowingly hint at it when she mentioned Justin taking CDL classes? Is it a possible motive for murder? People have killed for lesser reasons.

*Disclaimer-Since I am 99.9% positive that the angry anon comments are on their way, I want to remind you all that these are all just questions and speculation based on information gleaned from statements from the police and others involved in this case. This is only one possible scenario being questioned out of many. Before you start personally attacking me, I beg of you to first try to attack the information. If I am way off base, tell me why and state reasons, not the reason being because I am stupid or because I am a criminal or I am a bad mother. If you want to be taken seriously, then try to have an intelligent debate. I am in no way stating that the above scenario is fact nor am I starting rumors. I am looking at all angles and possibilities and in doing so providing a forum for people to gather and discuss the case.

Anyone with any information leading to the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds is asked to please call 624-7076 or 680-4700. There is a $30,000 reward that is still unclaimed.


  1. I do not support either side3 but on a personal note. My husband has a CDL you need a CDL to drive many different trucks not just 18 wheelers. You need them for construction trucks like dump trucks, garbage trucks, plow trucks if you worked for a town or the state. There are many other vehicles that require a CDL. Bus drivers have a CDL. I just wanted to clarify that just because you have a CDL it does not mean you plan on being an over the road truck driver. I do not know Justin's plans and since this is just speculation I think it is something everyone should think about also.


  3. I'm not defending Justin in any way. I always appreciate your blog and the same applies for this article as well. I'm sure he WAS planning in being a "truck driver", but I would like to point out, hopefully before it is rudely done so, there are other jobs which require a CDL, plus some truck driving jobs can be local to a certain area; it could be local work with a local company.
    Also, the price of an 18 wheeler, just like any vehicle can vary GREATLY, depending on the year, the shape of the vehicle etc.
    I wanted to politely point these things out, so maybe anons-anonymous won't need to go on the attack.

  4. I had actually researched the cost of a truck after the life insurance policy came to light. It may or may not be Justin's actual motive, but it's certainly a possible one in the theoretical realm. Justin himself may have pointed us in this direction when he said Ayla's arm broke the night before his last truck driving class, something that now appears unlikely; that he left class early to take her to the ER, which also appears unlikely; and that he paid good money for that course. That latter statement always stuck with me. As a mom, I can't imagine letting the cost of a course have anything to do with the decision whether my kid needed to go to the emergency room or not. The latter decision has to be made on its own merit and if the answer is yes you need to go to the ER, missing the course is a so-what.

    1. I agree with your opinion on Justin's statement. That was a very un-fatherly thing to say, just like everything else he does and says (or neglects to say for that matter). Who cares if he paid good money for the course? A parent would not care if they paid $1 Million dollars, their childs safety and well being and health comes FIRST. It was a verry odd statement that once again shows his lack of concern for Ayla. I can't point out in any of his (couple) statements where he has shown any type of true emotion, care or love for Ayla. It's bad enough the he, her father, can't muster up some emotion, but neither can Phoebe, Elisha, Courtney, OR any of JD's mouth pieces.

  5. I've always thought an 18 wheeler cost much more than that. Maybe that's just the price of a used trailer?

    Pat Brown, speaking on Levi Page's show recently, dismissed the theory that Ayla fell down the stairs and died. While she didn't come out and specifically say Ayla was murdered, that's the impression I got of her opinion.

    If someone were to murder a child for insurance money, they could use some ways that don't involve a lot of bleeding. Even in death from physical abuse, which was also my impression of what Pat Brown thought, would there be a lot of blood? What kind of physical abuse of a child leads to blood loss?

    Pat Brown also doesn't find odd the silence of multiple people witness to Ayla's death. Brown claims that it's easy for several people to keep such a secret.

    I do not agree with Pat Brown at all. While I respect her credentials, she comes across to me a just a bag of hot air, much the same as Peter Hyatt. Neither provide any additional insight than what others on the blogs have. This blog provides better information and food for thought than either of them. That's a compliment.

  6. Justin being a "New" father may have not thought of all the things you mention, ie, playgroups etc. The child support, if he was behind of payments but Trista was on state aid, then that money would still be owed to the state not to trista. If she was not on State aid then yes the money would be owed to trista still. I had thought the same thing about him driving truck all over the country and thought that would not fit into him being a, "single" Dad. For the record, Justin and that family know what happened and the scenarios are overwhelming. What a wonderfull day if she was located alive and well. Tho I do not think this is going to happen I can't help wishfull thinking.

  7. What Chicky said. As for playgroup, he had a built-in one anyway with Gabby in the house and Ayden visiting on weekends.

  8. A new car would cost more than the insurance money. A tractor trailer rig would be over 50 or 60 thousand for a used one. Twenty Five thousand would only be a down payment. He would be better off buying twenty five thousand dollars worth of drugs and reselling them to get a rig.

  9. I was on facebook and read this from a lady named linda metcalf...any one heard anything like this?

    Has anyone read this anywhere? Sources say: Elisha Dipietro, police believe, is conspiring with Courtney Roberts and Justin Dipietro to cover what they may claim to be an "accident" and knows where Roberts, and Justin hid the body.

  10. Another gut-wrenching photo of Ayla looking miserable..
    I cannot imagine *what* the last few weeks of this baby's life were like.

    How *anyone* could dismiss the sadness, and fear, written all over Ayla's face, and demeanor, in the DiP pics--I will *never* understand!
    That she suffered at their hands, is crystal clear.

    As for the CDL link to a need for the potential LIP payout?
    Plausible, IMHO..
    Another thought-provoking piece, J4A!

  11. Emerald, I don't know for sure but my guess is her sources are facebook posts and/or town gossip. I keep up with the news (as do many of us) and haven't seen that reported anywhere.

  12. The facebook page is citing this SA piece as the source:

    1. The above piece was written back at the beginning of Feburary. I'm sure police have looked into it by now.

  13. Did the LE search today?