Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Third Person

First off, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken time out for Ayla. I ditto what J4A said in her Good Samaritan post yesterday. I also wanted to personally thank J4A for starting this blog out of the goodness of her heart. She is one of many who have sacrificed their personal time and devoted it to keeping Ayla’s name and face in the public eye. So to J4A and every other person who has done something for Ayla, thank you!

There have been a lot of people who have wondered about Courtney Roberts and her history. There will be no big revelations in this post. I have put together what most people already know, so let’s dig in.

Courtney Lee Roberts was born in September or October of 1987, she is 24 years old. She was born to Gaenslie “Gessie” Lamour and Eugene Roberts. She has three sisters; Joanna Lamour Jordan 30, Natalie Roberts-Reisinger 25, and Brianna Roberts 23. I am not sure on this fact but I believe Joanna is only a half sister, having a different father and Courtney, Natalie and Brianna all share the same father, Eugene. Gessie and Eugene were not married until July 27, 1996, when Courtney was 9 years old and they divorced four years later on October 27, 2001, with Gessie getting custody of the minor children .

Courtney attended Deering High School in Portland, ME and graduated in 2006. From there she went to college at the University of Southern Maine from 2006-2007. She then transferred to Curry College in Milton, MA in 2007. I believe all of her school years she ran cross country. I know for a fact that she did at Curry College.

While attending Curry College, one of her friends posted on MySpace several times about smoking a blunt:

yooooo fagggg you missed outt that nite we smoked like 2 bluntsss:]
but yea i think were stoppin by satt justt uss soo stopp by tooo:]

4 years ago

yoo courtttannyy blunttt likee sooonnn:]
4 years ago
heyy courtttnnnayy whats uppp me & linda are meetin up sattt you should comeee:) blunttttt<3
4 years ago
ohhhh that hoee lmao yea thats my ride or die mannnn we chillied like last week
we somked a fat ass bluntt:)
you missed outt

4 years ago

While at Curry College her major was nursing. In 2009, Courtney found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend, he proposed. When she was 3 months pregnant she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and they broke up. Upon breaking up her boyfriend asked her to get an abortion which she refused since she had one before and she did not want to go through with that again. She also found out that her now ex-boyfriend got another girl pregnant. Courtney decided that she would finish out her semester and head back to Maine to be closer to family. She also decided to change her major so she could finish school sooner, I am unsure of what she changed her major to.

Courtney Roberts
Well I am but I'm not lol. I'm taking a couple classes to raise my gpa so I have a better chance of getting into a masters program. So I'm just gonna walk in may. Congrats girly
December 9, 2011 at 7:50am


Courtney developed some harsh feelings for men after her baby’s dad cheated on her. She stated that she felt deceived and felt like it was going to be hard for her to love and trust someone again. She even went so far as to post “I HATE MEN!” She also stated that she was sad that her baby would grow up without a father. Her whole pregnancy the baby’s dad never showed interest.

Her son, Ayden, was born in August of 2009. As of 4/16/2010, she was still unattached and wondered if she would ever find a guy that loves her. I couldn’t tell you exactly when Courtney met Justin. Justin moved to Portland in 2006 and Courtney did not leave for college in MA until 2007, so it is possible they met then as he lived across the street from her apartment on Pine St. in Portland, ME. While it has been stated that Courtney had an on/off relationship with Justin for 5 years, I find this unfounded. In my research I have only found that she had been dating him since as early as mid-2010.

It has been stated that the Lamour’s, Courtney’s mother’s family, owns real estate and owned the apartment Justin and his roommates lived in. The Lamour family is a big family. If I could piece together how everyone is related in that family I would but that would take too long. I will just state that there are quite a few Lamour‘s with criminal histories.

Courtney’s oldest sister Joanna is married to Casey Jordan. I am not sure if they are still married and could not find any information on him. She has two children.

Courtney’s sister Natalie is married to a guy named Shane Reisinger, who is a rapper. They have a child. The thing I found interesting here is that Trista is MySpace friends with Natalie’s husband, on his personal MySpace account. Did Courtney and Trista run in the same circles? Is it possible while they did not know each other, they knew of each other even before Justin came into the picture? Could there have been jealousy of Trista once Courtney learned that Justin fathered her baby?

We all know Courtney’s youngest sister Brianna was arrested by MDEA for possesion of Oxy and cocaine on January 9, 2012. Then was rearrested by FDEA on the same charges two weeks later. Courtney was living in the apartment where the drugs were found and neighbors reported suspicious activity and lots of people coming and going. Was Courtney involved with the selling of the drugs? Were her and Justin in on it? Since Brianna has no husband or kids would she take sole responsibility of the drugs to save her sister from losing her son? It was said that Brianna was bailed out by friends that pooled their money together. Why her friends? Why not her family?

According to Angela Harry, Courtney was a hard-working, single mother who also went to college. She spent her spare time with her son and Justin. She does so much and never takes a break for herself. I couldn’t tell you if any of that is true nor could I speculate on her personality nor if she is a good mother or not.

Although we have not had a public statement from Courtney she does take the time to post on the private TTLOM Facebook page. I received an email with the following comments from her posted on that private page:

Courtney Roberts I will run to the moon for the people I love.

Courtney Roberts No words can express how I feel! Ayla ♥ ♥

Courtney Roberts Hi ayla. We miss you, I know we will see your face soon. Love you

Courtney Roberts At some point in life we sometimes lose our Faith but that's all we have to hold on to. Ayla♥

Courtney Roberts > This Little Light of Maine I just hope that you see her face everywhere and you know that we won't give up, there is no such thing in our mind when it comes to ayla. You can try to find a way out but I think we all know your only way out is to bring ayla to a safe place. I hope you see in those pretty blue eyes that she is longing for a familiar face, her family. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see her again, she deserves the best and most honest life possible. I will continue to pray for ayla and for whoever has her to do what's right and bring her back home. I have always and continued to see you as a daughter to me, and a brother to ay. Love you so

So there it is, all I could find on Courtney Roberts. In my opinion, I don’t think she would have readily involved herself in Ayla’s disappearance unless she knew or did something. We think there is something strange about Justin hardly ever talking for Ayla, what about Courtney, who we have not seen in the media at all? She did, after all, state she sees Ayla as a daughter.


  1. CR's comments look like she is trying to cover her tracks and look innocent. She knows all these comments will be blasted on the news eventually and she is trying to look oh so innocent.

    SA -- 1st sentence starts with "I" and ends with "we". 2nd sentence, same thing. 3rd sentence, no mention of Ayla's name. 4th sentence same as first. Last sentence, I have always (present tense) and (continued past tense) as A daughter. Not MY daughter.

    1. Right, "continued", past tense. How could she even see her as a daughter anyway? Justin saw Ayla how many times before he "grabbed" her? Then Ayla was only with Justin for 2 months, with Courtney visiting only on weekends because she was so busy, so how many days total has Courtney been in Ayla's presence? "like a daughter", sorry, the more I think about it, it is BS!

  2. Courtney is a vile, junkie, skank who needs to be investigated for raising her son in a DRUG-Pad. She knows where Ayla is and hated Ayla with a passion. Ayla's beauty far outshines her kid and Gabby as well, even when dressed in boys clothes and fresh bruises.

    Courtney and Elisha were jealous of Ayla. Ayla looks like an Angel, she soars above their children and it is not even close. They knew this and it was very obvious from pictures and hospital reports that Ayla was abused and nobody cared.

    1. Could you tell me how you know Courtney "knows where Ayla is and hated Ayla with a passion". Are you a friend of Courtneys and perhaps that is how you are privy to her thoughts and feelings as I have not seen a news article where she comes out and states these things that you are so obviously assured of. If you know this information as fact than perhaps instead of posting it on a blog you should contact LE since you obviously have Aylas best interest at heart. If your statements are simply rumors and hearsay than perhaps you could keep them to yourself as it doesnt help in the quest to bring this beautiful little girl home.......thanks in advance

  3. Not to mention Trista makes Courtney look like a gutter skeezer . Courtney is absolutely hideous. Trista is pretty. Ayla is angelic.. Was that worth hurting Ayla?

  4. I don't personally believe she is being geniune. I think it's strange that she hardly ever capitalizes "ayla", yet capitalizes "Faith". I don't know if that is common for her, to not capitalize other peoples names. She never says *I* love you, just "love you", and sometimes just "Ayla" (capitalized) with a heart or 2. She also OFTEN switches between I and we, often within the same sentences.

    "I just hope that you see her face everywhere and you know that we won't give up..."

    I'm not sure what this means? If she is talking to the "kidnapper", wouldn't the kidnapper see Ayla? Because then she goes on to say (to the kidnapper?), to try to find a way out; bring Ayla to a safe place and also about when the kidnapper looks at Ayla's blue eyes.

    Maybe someone else has some better insight into her words.

    She def. never says *I* love you, which is strange (to me). This is not a casual, hanging up the phone, quick, "love you". I think her feeling should be a little deeper IF Ayla is "like a daughter" to her...

    1. not saying she is guilty or not guilty but I never say I either........when I post on fb or in texts or stuff I just type love you or sometimes love ya.......doesnt mean I dont care......just giving perspective

  5. Great job T4A, with such limited info available on Courtney!

    I'm not going to comment on the "blunt" stuff, because it doesn't technically prove that she did that. It says that she "missed" out on it, that she should come by etc., it doesn't show HER saying that she actually DID it (unless I missed that). Plus it was 4 years ago, before she was a mother.
    If this was Trista (not Courtney), and someone else was trying to say she MUST have been doing it, I would be right there defending her for the reasons I listed, so I can't, in good conscience, do just the opposite to Courtney...

    That being said, it does show want kind of people she associates with. It may connect to Briana. There is NO WAY Courtney was living WITH her son, in a known drug house, and did NOT KNOW what was going on, and possibly, maybe even probably involved in it.

    Also, with her hatred of men and what she went through with her sons father, what in Gods name was/is she doing with JUSTIN? He reportedly is just as bad as her sons father in regards to wanting the mother of their baby to have an abortion.
    Did she know this? Did she know really Justins character?
    Regardless, either she was there the night something happened to Ayla, then agreed to be there the day she was reported missing (going along with cover up)- or she WASN'T there, which would cause one to question her psyche for agreeing to be there (again, going along with cover up). Or, if Ayla really "disappeared" on the night in question, she is going along with the cover up. Why was her, Justin and HER son down in the basement, and poor Ayla, with a broken arm, isolated by herself upstairs? Why, Courtney? Is that how you treat your "daughter"?
    That's an insult to Trista, for this woman to say Ayla was/is "like a daughter"! I would be PO-ed! It's bad enough if she wasn't "missing", but that just adds insult to injury. IMO

  6. Kit, thank you! I didn't list her friend smoking a blunt as proof that she is a druggie, more so that she has possibly done drugs at one time in her life and/or has more friends in her life that are known to do drugs. I didn't say she was a druggie and I could not say that off that particular information either.

    1. No, I know (well I figured) that was why you mentioned the drugs, not to label her a druggie.
      I was just personally trying to be fair to her, as I absolutely would be and have been to Trista. Maybe I didn't word it correctly. I meant no "disrespect" to you - and I did understand your reasoning (and totaly agree with it actually). I think you did a great job. All you guys on this blog do a great job. Especially being fair, respectful and open minded! Most importantly, a great job seeking justice for Ayla!

    2. Maybe I should have been more clear too, I did not feel "disrespected" by your comment at all. I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I do not have proof and I do not think that Courtney is a druggie.

  7. Let's call a spade a spade folks. CR's friends use drugs, her sister gets busted for drugs and she hangs out with JDIP who uses drugs. It shows a lifestyle that CR lives/lived and more recently with her son. Home-girl was as drug free as Hitler was an anti-semite.

  8. I have no idea whether or not Courtney is a good person or not, or whether she is involved in a cover up of Ayla's disappearance. I don't think any of us have enough facts to make any kind of conclusion either way, but I will say this article really fuels my suspicion.

    What bothers me:

    1. She lived with a drug dealer and worse, kept her child in a home where drug activity was going on. Even if she was totally innocent of any drug using or dealing, she HAD to know what was going on. This means she put the welfare of her sister over the very real possibility of danger to her small child. Maybe she sees this love/loyalty, to me (at the very best) it's a sick co-dependency; and does not set a good precedent for the way she may act in other loving relationships. If she broke the law for her sister, what would she do for her lover?
    At the very least, definitely NOT the definition of a good parent in anyone's book.

    2. She was in the house that night, quite possibly in the same room with Ayla. Yet we have heard NOTHING from her. (Personally, I don't believe Ayla was upstairs where no one could hear her. I think she was downstairs in the basement with Justin and Courtney. Whenever what happened happened, they had to claim she was upstairs alone for the "We didn't hear nuthin" abduction theory to make sense.)

    Given these 2 items, her phrase "run to the moon and back for someone I love" makes me very uneasy. Nan

  9. I think Courtney is laying low because of her sister's drug involvement. There is no way two sisters living in the same place, one selling drugs, one not ? without Courtney not knowing.
    Courtney and Justin seem like a mismatch. Justin is the kind of boyfriend where a person would say, he's ok, but, but but.
    She seems to be trying to better herself via her education.
    Having said all that, she should,'casue I had to after I was divorced look at men who had children of their own and make a judement. Did they rant about the ex being a B ? Did these men complain about child support ? Did they pay it willingly or were their azzes dragged into court to make them pay ? Did they seem involved in their kiddo's lives ? If they did any of the things mentioned in the previous sentence and were not good fathers and role models to their own children, I lost interst in them relationship wise.
    Figured that if they were not good Dads to one of their own, my one was going to fare the same or worse. And I didn't need a project or one that needed alot of fixing up.
    am anon frieng

  10. Nan, I agree.

    When I first read her moon statement, Ayla did not even enter my mind! I totally thought she was thinking of Justin and protecting his "innocence". I didn't realize that she was SUPPOSED to be thinking of Ayla during that statement. I believe she did not have Ayla in mind regarding that statent, but Justin.

    THEN - No words can express how I feel!

    Really? None at all? Hmmm. I guess Justin will use that excuse soon too...

    1. "I'd run to the moon and back for someone I love" ... Shudder.

      Trying to get that phrase out of my mind or at least, put a positive spin and make it sound like a loving statement, but then -

      I thought of the blood in the basement ...
      the police's statement about no abduction and foul play suspected ...

      and Ayla's sweet face on the "Missing Child" posters ...

      and it sounded worse and worse and worse. Nan

    2. Good Post! I have to say right off, that I believe Brianna, the drug dealer sister of Courtney, does have a baby. I believe I heard this at the time when the bust happened, because I saw several posts asking if her child had been taken by the authorities. Maybe I'm mistaken about this?

      As far as the blunts, no big deal really. I don't think it's right to compare marijuana to cocaine or oxys. And I believe marijuana is somewhat legal in Maine. Just because someone smokes a blunt does not make them a drug dealer or addict. I personally know doctors, lawyers, cops, and many others who smoke marijuana. It's not that big of a deal these days.

      I have read a lot about the Lamours. As you stated, there are many of them with criminal records, and much of it is violent crimes. Is it possible one of these relatives helped Courtney and Justin dispose of Ayla?

      What struck me the most was when Courtney says about Ayla,

      "that she is longing for a familiar face, her family."

      So, clearly, Courtney doesn't think that Trista or her family took Ayla, because Ayla wouldn't be longing for a familiar face if she was with Trista and family.

      I agree that saying Ayla was like a daughter is insulting to Trista and to little Ayla. She only saw Ayla infrequently at best previous to Justin taking her, and then only on weekends for a couple of months. How could Ayla possibly be like a daughter to her. I also noticed the "a", rather than saying "my" daughter. I don't think Courtney cared much for Ayla by her silence since she has been missing.

      I think Courtney knows something. I wish she could do right by little Ayla.

    3. @Justin 7:14

      " "that she is longing for a familiar face, her family."

      So, clearly, Courtney doesn't think that Trista or her family took Ayla, because Ayla wouldn't be longing for a familiar face if she was with Trista and family."

      FANTASTIC point!!! Nan

    4. yeah anon 7:20PM, that really stood out to me.
      I wish Courtney would tell what she knows!

  11. LIES IS CLAIMING YOU ARE FEEDING THAT BLOG INFO!!!! I really hope you're not???????

    1. I HOPE that's not true. I will wait to hear from J4A before I jump to conclusions...

    2. Hi, Lies is claiming who is feeding WHAT blog?

      I would really take anything Lies says with a semi-truck load of salt. She's a shit stirrer and a liar, besides being vile and evil.


    4. I don't know why you even had to ask that question when you yourself are refering to jstl blog as LIES...and I'm sure that J4A is NOT feeding LIES...She is more focused on feeding the TRUTH!

      (JUST SAYIN)

    5. j4???????????? Lies has your messages posted on the blog. Unless you dispute her claim, then WTH were you thinking???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I hope to see a post on this from you soon, before I block you and equate you to the same piss poor status as Lies blog.

    6. @ anon 730

      when she said "that blog", I wasn't sure. It's possible it could have been the Little Lies of Maine site. If she would have said, her blog, I would have known for sure it was Lies own blog. Sorry for the confusion.

      So that I'm clear, Lies is saying that Justice4Ayla is feeding her Just Keep the Lies blog. Thanks for the clarification.

    7. Yes to the Moon for Justin but not to the media for Ayla!

  12. Don't believe a thing Lies says. Unhinged would be a kind description but malicious is probably more apt.

  13. I have not ever given lies any information nor have I ever conversed with them through email, instant messenger, or telephone. I believe lies was talking about my response to Ashley regarding this blog on her blog and accused me of being a mole, which would imply I was feeding them info that I am not. The only people I have discussed this case with are people locally so if the lies blogger is one of my friends, which I doubt, they are in the very least lying about their location.

  14. J4A, you were warned previously that Lies could not be trusted. She has been bad mouthing up a storm about you. She is deceitful and untrustworthy.

    Unhinged and malicious fit Lies perfectly.

    1. remember when j4a and lies were friendly at one point? has all of this been a complete lie?

    2. I think Tori tried in good faith to put differences aside for Ayla's sake. As for Lies, she was never sincere, it was just part of her game. Lies has no loyalty to anything or anyone other than her own needs and her mean tendencies. It was a given that Lies would turn on JusticeforAyla blog.


    3. Like she USED Jeff Hanson and turned on him!! Sickening! J4A asked people to stop trying to "out" Lies, and this is how she is repaid? With fake emails?

    4. Yeah but think bout it, the emails from Jeff were REAL then she turned on him. Why would she have fake emails for J4A? Doesn't make sense, Jeff was way more important.

    5. How do you even know his were real? Why would she have fake ones? Well, #1, she's nuts. #2 someone could have made a fake email address. #3 she could have. #4 she could have saved any address as a contact name.

    6. I was upset when Tori didn't want a poster to post who Lies was! Why not? Lies deserves to be exposed for what she is! Lies has to be stopped! What she is doing is WRONG!

    7. J4A just didn't want random people named without proof.

    8. Hi anon 8:21 pm

      I realize that, but the poster claimed to know for sure who the Lies blogger is. Lies needs to be exposed for what she is. She deserves to be outed.

  15. Between the mole comments at Lies and your Psychic what can we expect next? Clancy becomes a mind reader and solves the case?

    1. dat-choo???lol

  16. The emails are not from me. She probably listed the contact as justiceforayla and it is why it is showing up as such. I never talked to anyone about the closed group that is the open discussion page. People have sent me comments from TTLOM but I not sent any info to anyone except for the psychic file

  17. J4A if it comes to your credibility v. "lies" one need look no further than the name to know which one is credible. None of us have to agree on everything, but there's a certain level of civility here that doesn't exist over there and there seems to be a purpose for this blog. The Lies blog came off as untrustworthy and erratic even before this odd interlude.

  18. I trust J4A implicitly. There is no doubt in my mind that J4A had no contact with the Lies blogger. Lies is stooping to new lows.

  19. J4A,

    No one who has been following YOUR blog is going to believe the claims of sT.
    Don't even worry about it!
    You have proven who you are, and what you're has that two-bit attention whore running her propaganda machine!!

    On one of her threads from yesterday a commentator pointed out to LIES that, rather than come up with ORIGINAL material for HER blog she relies on posts that pick apart the newest posts on sites such as yours, Peter Hyatt's and others..

    When she cannot argue with the facts, sT simply relies on her old stand-by moves, of insulting, slandering or attempting to DISCREDIT her perceived "rivals".

    She is pathetic, and unlike YOU, she cares NOTHING for Ayla!

  20. @ VTlady, yes, I saw that, and then she called the woman's name ghetto! When she can't back up her lies, she turns to name calling and rudeness. Really sick!

    Lies has ZERO credibility! She has posted that her blog isn't about Ayla. There is no doubt that she doesn't care a bit about Ayla or anyone else. It's all a fun game to her. Some people like to go to the movies, some people play tennis, some people read, well, Lies posts on sites and starts blogs for fun. She thrives on the anger and hatred, it makes her feel good. She is extremely mentally unstable and vicious, she's a scary person, and undoubtedly very lonely and confused about what life is supposed to be. I hate her, but I pity her even more!!

    Note to J4A--Don't trust Lies, period!

  21. Dear Courtney---You say that you hate Men, well you chose Justin for a good reason, because He isn't a man! He hides behind skirts,lol, or under them like a little boy. So he's to your liking! Get a grip on reality! Do you really think he wouldn't harm your son??? Did you hate Ayla so bad that you won't even speak up for her??? Haven't you ever heard the saying "What comes around goes around"? WOW-If you can't see what He is, pretty quick, Aiden will in most probabilty come up amongst the missing in future days. IF you didnt have anything to do with Ayla's disappearance, then SPEAK up! Be Ayla's Voice! Little boys like Justin are not long time boyfriends or FATHERS!!! Speak up for AYLA-Be her Voice! Someday soon, you might find yourself in the same position, LOOKING for Aiden. Your going down too--I hope Aiden goes into a nice loving home!

  22. One other post from Courtney came within hours of the Bob Vear organized vigil in late January, after we all learned Ayla's blood was found. All she said was, "staying strong for you and your family".

    "Staying strong"...staying quiet is more like it.

    1. I might be mistaken, but I thought that was geared toward AH and I THOUGHT she said "Stay strong...", not "Staying strong..."?

  23. I did read JSTL. Knew better than to ever post over there or email her.
    I belong to a ctime blog. I joined during the Holloway case.
    It is a good one and it is monitored by the great admins. It isn't WS.
    Then I joined another blog that seemed ok. The admins had my real name, my real email addy. Had my IP addy also, athough sometimes it is re routed thru the provider,cause when I would sleuth the site meter on the world map ones option I had different ones. I had been looking for IP addys from the Netherlands. This was a few years ago and it had to to with Joran Van Der Sloot.
    Then, my Pay Pal account got phished from NL and I began to get porn in my real email account at home. The Pay Pal one was fixed and it went further as many customers of Pay Pal were involved. It was a large scam out of NL. My service provider changed my email addy. That blog is now gone.
    Lesson : Be careful out there. I didn't want JSTL to even have my IP addy. Some peeps have fake FB accounts with g-mail so that it separate from your real one. I can't be bothered as I am someone's Mumma & a GM not a CIA spy in my spare time. But I did learn a lesson. Also, because of where I work, I don't post from my work and anything that I write has to be ok even if my work could read it. Or come in here and take my hard drive. I am not LE or anything associated with LE, but my work had some really strict laws about how I conduct myself at work and in my private life. And carp, I need that pension some day.

    1. ms.peridot19
      FWIW, all I get from CR little statements is, that Courtney would like to appear she cares about Ayla. Also that CR cares about people thinking that she-CR cared (not cares) that Ayla 'disappeared'. What exactly does CR really feel, is she sad or glad??? Because what do these few pitiful (maybe even begrudging) statements prove?

      Also, it DOES feel to me, that CR statements could be of a 'preemptive' nature. You know, so when/if the shyt hits the proverbial fan, she can say, see here, i did make caring statements so that proves i care about Ayla and what happened to her.

      If i could talk to CR, i would ask CR, really Courtney, this is the best you could do????????? Is this how much effort you put forth toward Ayla when she was around you? Because your FEW attempts at putting statements out there, seem to really be all about you. And they do not show fear for Ayla's well being. They do not show your heart has even been nicked let alone heart broken at Ayla's being missing.

      Courtney,did you say these words: "I have always and continued to see you as a daughter to me, and a brother to ay."? Courtney if Ayla was really your daughter, or even someone that 'you see as a daughter', what would you be doing right now? And what else would you have done so far to find 'your daughter' or someone you 'care about as a daughter'? What if this had been your son in that bedroom and he was the one missing? What would you be doing for him right now? Do you think Justin has done what he can to help find Ayla (who was dependent on her father to keep her safe)? Courtney were you comfortable with Ayla being upstairs alone while you (CR) and Justin (who took Ayla away from her mother and 'dangerous care' maternal family) being in a basement with the heat running all night and no baby monitor to even listen if everything was okay for Ayla? Did you really think that was okay? Did you really believe if Ayla was really your child or someone you even cared about (for example: if it had been Ayden left upstairs instead) would it still be okay not to check on him/her for 12 hours when you could not possibly hear anything in the basement with the furnace running in December? Did you tell Justin that if Ayla were your daughter it would or would not be okay to leave her alone that far away and for 12 hours???? I really do not understand your choices. Actually i don't believe that is what happened at all!

      I really don't understand why any of the adult women helping to take care of Ayla when she was with them and went 'missing' are doing nothing publicly to ask for Ayla back. And Courtney, Elisha, and Phoebe (the grandmother who went and took Ayla from her mother and maternal family,) are not trying to find her. Why the Hell not?

      ms.p all moo

  24. ms.peridot19

    AnonymousMar 15, 2012 07:54 AM
    I am sorry i posted my post as a reply to your post (shaking my head).
    It was meant to be a stand alone post. sincerely, ms.p

  25. I have been keeping up with this case, something about that little Ayla has captured me. She is an old soul that talks with her eyes, so precious!
    Anyways, when I saw the pictures that were published with Ayla at the Diepietro's house she did look hurt - not really physically, but emotionally. This was a child that missed her mamma so much. However, I remember the few pictures of Ayla with Courtney holding her, playing with Ayden (sp?) and just in the general vicinity of Courtney, and suffice it to say she did look happier in those specific pictures then she did in the photos with Pheobe, Lance and Justin -
    These cases are always hard, who is responsible? I am sure the father is... but why would his girlfriend cover when she knew the child was not kidnapped that night?
    Here is a thought - what if Courtney arrived after Justin "put Ayla to bed" so she technically never saw Ayla that night, but the next morning just found out she was gone. Maybe, being a mother herself knows deep down something happened, but needs a man's love so much she is afraid of making her dark thought a reality and loosing her main man. Or maybe she knows exactly what happened, and is a drug dealer or whatever and is afraid of going to prison for such crimes - because the Dipietros obviously know and would be able to nark for that and leniency...
    Thought - Oh and please don't rip me a new one... (: