Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Support for Trista and her Family

I don't know if Trista reads here, I have been critical of her choices and have expressed my opinions but NEVER have I even entertained the thought that Trista is responsible for taking Ayla. I read on other blogs and facebook pages and the things said about her, even on this blog are hurtful. Trista did another interview to keep Ayla's name out there, sadly her father does not feel it is important to do that. Click Here to read the interview.

Ayla was happy and healthy and thriving with Trista, that is a FACT. The pictures are evidence of this. Ayla appears withdrawn and downright miserable in the MAJORITY of pictures released by her father's side of the family. Ayla needed her mother. Trista went to rehab to put her children first and foremost. She was concerned for their welfare. She may not have had a permanent address but she did have a roof over her head, even if it was a motel room. She was capable of providing the basics a child needs, food, shelter, clothing, love.

I cannot imagine what it must be like for Trista right now. Any mother's worst nightmare has become reality for her. She has to get up and put a smile on her face for her young son. Ayla was her first born, it has to be tremendously hard to look at baby Ray and not remember Ayla at that age.

After seeing the pictures yesterday, my heart absolutely broke for Trista. Ayla needs her mommy, that much is evident and Trista needs Ayla. I want Trista to know that despite the criticism I have given her, I do support her. We all make mistakes, she is young but she has taken great strides in doing what is best for her children. This page is for well wishes and support for Trista, ONLY. Any negative posts will be deleted immediately.


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    1. Justice for AylaMarch 6, 2012 at 5:03 PM

      This is a page for support for Trista only. Please repost comment on any other thread, just not this one.

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    3. Trista. Ayla was happy you were her mommy. It is easily proven by the pics. However, these feelings of happiness quickly fade dark when I think about how Justin stole her away for his own greed. And guess what scumbag(justin), THe pics show that too! We're waiting for you Ayla and STAY STRONG Trista. Your son needs you more than ever. And I believe your son is happy, Just like Ayla's picture show when she was with the family that TRUELY cared.

  2. I pray everday that Ayla is brought home safe to her Mommy. Whatever Trista's past was, it is in the past. Child services departments will always say a child is better off with their mother as long as there is no abuse or neglect. From the pics, it does not look like her mother abused or neglected her at all and she was well loved. A child always belongs with their mother! Again, I repeat, as long as that child is not abused or neglected and is well loved!

  3. i want to add a prayer I say everyday to my son;

    May God bless you;
    May he keep you;
    May love never be too far;
    and as you grow, I hope you know how wonderful you are!

    May God Bless Ayla Bell Reynolds and bring her home safe to her family!

  4. ANON 256 you are a filthy disgrace to humanity. Ayla was always smiling with Trista and always looking sad with her unemployed, loser father and his skumbag family. In her father's care she broke her arm, pulled a muscle in her leg, and was bruised from head to toe. Trista chose to do something about her problem while it is reported Justin still was a user, dealer, and drunk who left Ayla with his family to go dealing, using, and getting shitfaced. He was seen by a friend buying beer and brandy at a Liquor store and partying it up at a local bar in the last week while his daughter remains missing. Trista's choice of men is bad, she slept with someone who is responsible for her daughter quite possibly being dead.

    Everyone knows Justin is responsioble for Ayla's disappearance. Everything this lying piece of shit has done since day 1 of Ayla beinbg missing has pointed to HIS guilt. Phoeb once said "Ayla 's lip trembles when she is scared" I BELIEVE Phoebe for the first time and it breaks my heart that Phoebe probably witnessed this on many occasions while she stayed with her soul-less father.

  5. Trista & Justin,
    Ayla is a beautiful baby. My best wishes, hopes and prayers are that Ayla will soon be home with you.
    May God grant you the strenght to cope each day until she is home.

  6. To Trista and The Reynolds Family,

    Know that my wishes and prayers that you will soon be reunited with Ayla are unending. My family and I hope you can stay strong through these trying times with your love for Ayla and your drive to find her.

  7. Stay Strong Trista,praying you get answers soon.We can see your love for your daughter.Praying for your family.

  8. Dear Trista,
    my heart aches with you, I pray for you everyday.

  9. I wish every day for justice to be served in Ayla's name. She is a precious, beautiful angelic, baby girl. She deserved so much better. I wish for peace for Ayla, peace for Trista, peace for Ayla's baby brother. Ayla does not deserve whatever happened to her, she did not deserve to be torn away from her loving Mother. Trista does not deserve any of this horrible nightmare she is going through either. I pray for this to come to an end. I would also like Trista to know that she may have made mistakes in the past, but she has done the right thing for her babies, when entering rehab, to better their lives. It will be a life long battle, as will coping with whatever may have happened to Ayla, but you are a strong person, you've proven that. Stay strong, for Ayla and her baby brother, they both need you strong. Your love for Ayla is plainly obvious. My heart breaks more with each passing day. No one deserves this. May this come to an end for you and your family. Continue to be Ayla's voice, as you have been. I wish you peace, happiness and justice.

  10. Trista - I believe in the power of a mother's love. It is an unstoppable force.

    What has happened to you, Ayla, your son and the rest of your family is horrendous. But please, please, don't give up. Stay strong! You have uncountable other mothers and grandmothers here in the US who are 100% behind you.

    I wish I was closer and could help in some way. If there is anything any of us can do for you, please ask. Nan

  11. I am the anon with a past. I quit drinking in 1986. I went to a treatment centre for three weeks. Up north far away from anyone I knew. Also a 300 mile walk home. I spoke to my immediate family once they trusted me with a phone. No visitors were allowed. I scubbed toilets, cooked, ate like a pig, went to therapy, meetings. I was a nice woman. ( well, for the most part ) People that had been in jail were there. Alcohol is a great leveler.
    My point is, something happened to me in there, Grace of God or maybe I just hit bottom.
    I feel somehow connected to Trista because of my struggles before I finally did it and kept it.
    I want her to find that. If not this week, then next week. Or the week after. Keep trying Trista and if someone tries to kick you back to feeling bad about yourself, that's on them. Talk to someone who loves you. If there is no one present at the moment think of the people like me who never met you and care and pray that you will find a way.
    I had my parents look after my girl, no worries there.
    You are so so young and you have a hard road ahead.
    I pray you will find the strength to carry on well, no matter what the outcome is in this awful case.
    .. am anon friend

  12. I'm sorry, trista. Your babies are beautiful.

    I wonder how sobriety works in a situation like this? I won't judge. For the grace of god....

    When I had kids I swore I'd never judge another mother. It's hard work. We all do our best. We all struggle... alcohol, drugs, food, anxiety, depression, etc. We all have issues to manage. I wish trista the best, in recovery, in life, as a mom to her son. I wish I could help her find the little girl. My heart aches for the family.

  13. I don't know if you read this blog or not Trista, but I think you are amazingly strong and obviously a fighter. I am so upset for you over Ayla missing, it must be one of the worst things a mother can endure. I wish I could find her for you:) Keep the faith~you have many people praying for you and Ayla.

  14. Just wanted.to put it out there. That justin hasnt been seen at bars it was lance

  15. Whe I watched the vidio the other day that begins with Trista Mom and Ayla I cryed my heart out. Such beautifull happy smiles on Aylas face. The photos that were posted by Aylas fathers family did not look happy at all and that too broke my heart.
    Trista..I am so sorry that this has all happened and pray so hard that Ayla comes into your arms very soon. Ask for help when you need it.. and... when you are ready to get into an apartment or whatever..ask and many will help with donations of furniture, and other household needs to get you started. Many hugs to you!

  16. Trista, Ayla is a beautiful little girl. She is obviously loved and thrived in your care. Your pictures of her captivate everyone who sees them because she radiates joy and the love she is given. Continue to stay brave and strong for both Ayla and Raymond. Continue to fight for your little girl and never give up.