Monday, March 19, 2012

Pulled Leg Muscle

On Answers for Ayla, Jeff attached a medical report from the doctor Ayla saw for her pulled leg muscle that occured during an overnight visit with Justin.

There are two pages in the document. The first page is the initial visit on 9/29/2011. Several things to take note of in the first report:
  1. Her right leg was the injured leg.
  2. She had a nickel-sized bruise on the left side of her back on the hip bone.
  3. X-rays were normal.
  4. She was referred to Maine Orthopedics.
  5. This incident was reported to DHS for safety concerns while in dad’s care.
While it was her right leg that was injured, she had a bruise on the opposite side on her back. It seems that Justin would have had an active case with DHS if this was reported. Does the doctors office have evidence of paperwork filed with DHS for this incident? Most importantly, if this was reported to DHS, why did they allow Ayla to be handed over to Justin when Trista went to rehab?

The second page is from the follow up visit on 10/05/2011. Things to note on this report:
  1. It is unclear what exactly caused Ayla’s injured leg.
  2. There is concern for a non-accidental cause due to the immediate onset of symptoms.
  3. While there was no visible fracture evident on the x-ray, it cannot be ruled out.
  4. Ayla was walking better at the follow up visit.
  5. Trista got both Ayla and Raymond flu shots.
The doctors are not able to rule out a fracture! So not only did Ayla have a fractured forearm,it is possible she had a fractured leg, both happening in Justin’s care. How does that happen when in Justin's care so little an amount of time? Trista got both Ayla and Raymond flu shots, children in that age range are given two doses one month apart, which means Ayla would have had to be taken back in a month to recieve the second round. Is the second round of flu shots one of the appointments Justin failed to take Ayla to?

I have only one question after reading this, WHAT HAPPENED TO AYLA?



  1. I also noticed it said something about anal exam? Maybe that code for something, but seems to me to be pretty clear.

  2. Well I'm not an expert, but it appeared the doctor reported to dhhs this matter? That's what it looked like to me. Assuming that happened, dhhs must have followed up with Justin, no? Are these types of things easily "let go" for the "first time"? Was there a case/file opened but closed very quickly? Regardless, once the broken arm came about, that should have started to show a pattern. Plus it is reported that Trista tried dealing with dhhs once JD refused to bring Ayla home, but was apparently "blown off". It might seem impossible to some, but I do not think it is. I hope she has proof of calling/dealing with them.

  3. @JL there was an exam of both her vagina and an anal exam, both came back normal. No sexual abuse or "lady" problems.

    @the blog author, the doctor was concerned about TODDLER'S FRACTURES. These are fractures that are not CAUSED by anyone, they just sort of "happen." You should research before you post things just to rile people up. The bruise is also not on her back, it's right where her pelvis would be.

    1. posterior illiac crest is on your backside, above your buttcheek and near your spine- many people call this the back or the back near your hip, or think it is part of teh lower back since they lack medical terminology take anatomy or use wikipedia please the bruise was on her back, where it meets her the illiac crest of her hip
      Toddler's fractures were a concern not because the DR. thought someone did not cause them, but because they were a concern due to the rotational findings in her gait when walking, seen during her assessment. Rotational means her leg was turning out(or in, but it states out) when she walked, so toddler's fracture was not ruled out.
      From Wikipedia:
      Toddler's fractures or childhood accidental spiral tibial (CAST) fractures are bone fractures of the distal (lower) part of the shin bone (tibia) in toddlers (aged 9 months-3 years) and other young children (less than 8 years).[1] The fracture involves the distal third to distal half of the tibia,[1] is undisplaced and has a spiral pattern. It occurs after low-energy trauma, sometimes with a rotational component.
      don't be so rude please we are here do discuss, and any mistakes should be pointed out in a mature manner. Everyone is already riled up on this case unless you missed it, as more than a cup of Ayla's blood was found...a fracture is then small potatoes to murder

    2. Fratures that , "Sort of just happen" ?? Wow TLLOM you continue to amaze me with your blinders. Must you explain EVERYTHING away in such a lame manner?

  4. Concerned for Ayla!March 19, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Rectal examination consists of visual inspection of the perianal skin, digital palpation of the rectum, and assessment of neuromuscular function of the perineum.

    1. rectal and vaginal exams are only performed when abuse is suspected, or if there has been trauma in the area,or the accidents could have caused a problem that showed up there(vaginal, anal or urinary bleeding can indicate sexual abuse, internal medical problems, and lack of muscle tone in the vaginal and anus can be caused by injury or swelling near the spine or nerves that come out of the spine. A bruise to the PIC could indicate a trauma to the spinal area, so they would likely check for sphincter muscle tone as a sign of neurological impingement and look for any signs of sexual and physical abuse, or neglect(hygiene) at the same time. Toddler's fractures do not just happen either unless you have a degenerative bone problem(brittle bone, etc..). There is always a trauma associated with it, and you can often see a toddler's fracture well on film. The report indicates that TR was concerned about abuse, so the Dr. had a mandatory obligation to report it to DHHS. If they did not, they stand to loose their license, or worse.

  5. @anon 11:40- The doctor's note also stated that there was concern for non-accidental trauma. In the first office visit, plan #2 on the list was to report to DHS maternal concerns regarding safety at Dad's house. The author of this blog isn't stirring up something that isn't clearly documented on the office visit notes.

  6. They did do the GU/anal exam which is a visual inspection of the urethra, vagina and rectum. They usually do not do a palpation of toddlers unless there is cause to. The doctor said it was normal.

    Anon-If the doctor is concerned it is a NON-accidental injury and then says they can't rule out a fracture, that would mean the fracture could be caused by a person. I also said POSSIBLE, I did not state it as fact, so maybe you should read again. The bruise is on her, back L post iliac crest= left posterior iliac crest. Posterior means back. Maybe you should research before you comment.

  7. I can answer this one. Only some fractures are seen by xray. Many, including stress fractures, can not be detected by Xray, CAT scan or MRI. To "see" such a break, you have to do a tri-phase (IV radioactive iodine or other tag is injected into your blood)bone scan, which shows where the blood is flowing to the injury, not the actual fracture itsself. I had broken feet for over a year, and every single specialist missed it, until they did a contrast bone scan.

  8. Leg injury occurring with bruise:

    She is grabbed by right leg and pulled off something/towards someone in a very abrupt and/or aggressive manner and hits a hard surface like a floor or bed frame and receives a bruise around pelvic area as her bottom or hip experiences impact first.

    A possible non accidental scenario?

    1. another...
      unsupervised toddler climbs up on something, gets leg twisted in it, falls, landing on her back, with her leg twisted up in the air... so many scenarios...only one truth...guess who has it? JD

    2. I think he said to trista that he was rough housing with her. That may not be accurate but he does admit in one way it was his fault. Wonder what really happened.

  9. Explain why Trista didn't see the bruise. Did she not bathe her in a week? (5 days, whatever)

    Or was the bruise NEW. It says mom reported no bruises swelling and sometin else

    1. Lies, Lies, Lies, if you would have left out, "Did she not bathe her in a week?", I wouldn't of known it was you! Go back to your blog and talk to yourself. The posters are here to help Ayla, not to play your sick games. Nobody here is interested in playing with you!

    2. Typically, when you go to the doctor for a specific injury the doctor asks you a series of questions about said injury. So in this case the doctor asked is there any swelling or bruising? No. There was in fact no swelling or bruising on the leg. Trista could have mentioned this other bruise after discussing the leg and the doctor did not record that in his note.

      The other "somethin else" the doctor asked was, did she have a fever? Fever is a symptom of septic joint/toxic synovitis, which Ayla did not have.

    3. The injury had to do with her hip/legs/ she's walkin funny. If Trista was concerned about ABUSE why not make the bruise known? She don't know how Ayla got hurt, so every detail would help. Trista left the bruise, or she would have report it.

    4. Bruises can take time to develop, and take a day or more to show up as blue, green, brown, purple, etc... A pediatrician, especially on that has seen the marks of abuse and neglect would be able to recoginse a bruise developing, whereas Trista, a new mom, and not even CPR certified prob., would not necessarily be able to see. Also, if she got Ayla back the day before, she may well have gone to bed tired, and without a bath, especially if she was clean, or JD said she had one at his tellin. Kids don't need a bath every night... If I suspected abuse from visitation, I would take my kid straight to the doc and do the exam with the doc there, Doc. makes the discovery, as he is the expert...I would not stop first to make a full clothes free exam of my kid

    5. Ummm WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Trista had Ayla back for FIVE DAYS at the time of the doc appt. So great, now Ayla was filthy on top of being hurt.

    6. Exactly. Thanks for just pointoing that out. I think I did say it often takes DAYS for a bruise to present itsself, especially a deep one, so it probably started presenting its self with darkish reabsorbing blood colors the night before, which is why it is very possible she did nto see it earlier. Logical sequence to bruising. I f you know anything about cells, tissues and capillaries, you would not have to post that retarded comment...apparently not as good as stuff YOU'RE smoking to not have caught that one :D just kidding


      A bruise should be healing in 5 days. Again, what are you smoking? If this bruise was just appearing, then it was NEW.

    8. "If the injury happens to a tighter tissue area,e.g.,back,thighs and calves,the bruises will show up later."

      This is from the article you posted. The bruise will show up LATER. A doctor would be able to tell and if the doctor suspected it occurred at a different time or was suspicious about it he would have marked that in his note.

  10. Arrest The DiP ClanMarch 19, 2012 at 6:41 PM

    Supposedly Courtney Roberts is pregnant with Justin's kid.

    Another kid that will be left parentless once all the murderers of Ayla go to prison!

    How sick and twisted IS IT for a child murderess to keep bringing babies into the world?
    Surely CR has not one motherly bone in her entire body, that she could be involved in the systematic torture and murder of the baby of her romantic rival?

  11. Thank you for the informative post. And thank you Emerald for explaining some of the medical information.

    1. your welcome...I was premed with archaeology and pyschology minors before switching to life and physical sciences. Anytime I can be of service, just ask :)

  12. Arrest the dip Clan where did you hear that?

  13. I do not remember my kiddo having an anal or a GY exam at that age.
    So, even after the report from the doctor was going to go to DHS and went, I assume, Ayla STILL went to Justin's.
    And the police were present and Phoebe and Justine were present.
    Then we have the broken arm.
    Once again TY to Emerald for your smarts on this.
    I hope Jeff keeps this up, every document they can access and post.


    New article in the Kennebec Journal, written by Ben Softball

  15. Replies
    1. As opposed to HARDball, I'm assuming. "softball" questions, articles etc. regarding JD and the case.

  16. J4A can you confirm this comment from an Anymous comment at SA:

    "On Tim Crews closed facebook page he just posted that Justin DiPeitroo was arrested last night but he will f/u with more info as soon as he gets it."

    1. So far this is just a rumor. Ron Reynolds said they have not been notified of an arrest.

    2. I've seen a few explosive meltdowns on the websites I follow.
      Its always hard to tell if its a 1-2 0r 3 person ID sock puppet.

      So far I have seen two hard core undercover ID's of theirs blow apart. They are extremely active and I follow all boards with a substantial commenter base or summary timelines and active interest.

      Their heads are "popping" one by one due to an inevitable train wreck.

  17. I am extremely impressed with the level at which this medical chart was examined by the contributors and commentators of this blogsite!

    As a medical professional, with a background in the so-called "hard sciences" of chemistry and physics, I have come to expect such topics to be discussed on blogs with an aversion for scientific and medical terminology, or a regrettable misunderstanding of their meanings..

    You have done well with the terminology, their meanings, and with drawing logical conclusions and discussions based upon the information presented!

    Once again, the caliber of this blog has proved itself above and BEYOND my expectations.
    You guys should be really proud of your efforts!

    1. What VTLady said !!!!!!

    2. I keep wishing for a like button :D

  18. I think whoever made that medical record MESSED UP....if that is Ayla's NORMAL doctor then why does it say 18 month old MALE? either the doctor is incompetent not knowing the sex of a child OR someone faked this medical record and edited the way THEY WANTED.

    1. Yeah, because all doctors are infallible, and NEVER make typhos unless they are COMPLETELY incompetent, professionally, right???

      Be realistic, at the very LEAST, when declaring something to be evidence of malpractice or forgery, please.

      BTW...pick a screen name, "Anon"!

    2. I sent for a copy of my daughters birth certificate once and it came back saying she was male. I called the office and they had been working on several and screwed up. Hardly a reason to think anyone was up to anything.

  19. It never states it is her normal Dr. I assume she goes to a pediatric clinic, with more than one pediatrician. This is the way many Pediatricians work, in medical groups. This way, care is more complete(if normal doc is not available, you see one of the others), and this expands each Dr.'s client list. They cover each other's appts if they have something personal to do that comes up, etc... I have had singular Dr.'s as well, but most are in a clinic or group setting. It is possible it is a typo, as there are certainly mistakes in medical records recording and history taking. It is possible the doc saw an 18 YR old, as I think it states yr, not month, beforehand, and wrote this on accident, but forgot to one line through it and initial as protocol dictates, but I doubt anyone is dumb enough to edit a doc that is only a copy given to them, so is EASILY verifiable by LE, and the medical group its self to be original or altered. I am certain LE has all these docs already.

  20. Here is my opinion on what I personally think is going on--- a Double Play:

    1) Life in Trista's and Jessica's world is one of dysfunction, substance abuse, mental illness, criminal associates, illegitimate children, neglect and homelessness.

    2) DHHS took Jessica's children away because of the presence of these factors.

    3) DHHS also played a role in Ayla being turned over to Justin, with Trista and her family blaming DHHS for their difficulties in getting Ayla back.

    4) By abducting Ayla back in the night, Trista and her family could accomplish a double play. They could get Ayla back without the risk of an adverse court decision on the custody, and also make DHHS look incompetent and irresponsible. That way the Reynolds family gets its revenge on DHHS for ripping Jessica's children away from Jessica and the Reynolds family.

    5)To protect their interests, Trista and crew now have to make Justin and DHHS look as guilty as possible. That way, no one goes looking for Ayla, who is being hidden by Trista and/or family. Also, that way DHHS will be more likely to settle with the Reynolds family for a sum of money. The Reynolds family will then feel vindicated after the loss of Jessica's children.


    1. Wake up Whammy, the 70's were over a long time ago. You left out so much to spin this the way you want. What about
      1. the blood
      2. the fracture
      3. DHHS screwed the pooch anyway you spin it,
      4. the Reynolds DO NOT have a Chief of Detectives working for the MSP and FBI, how could they make Justin and DHHS look guilty
      5. it is the DIPs that have ties to DHHS

      I guess the moral of the story is "You can't fix stupid!"

    2. How about 3 more quick ones off the top of my head,

      1. the MS interview of Hiedi, sorry Justin???
      2. when will any of the W3 speak on behalf of Ayla rather than spinning the facts?
      3. the L.I.P.

      This is just tooo easy! You really are a fractional deposit of human excriment (POS for mentally challenged) if you really believe any of what you posted.

  21. You forgot one thing.. Baby Ayla, she is not something to throw away. How does all the blood come into play?

  22. Dear Double Whammy :
    Trista is not making Justin and DHHS look guilty.
    What makes Justin look guilty is :
    AYLA IS MISSSING and went missing while in the care of JUSTIN.
    Please read what the poilce have said. All of it. Carefully, even of it involves moving your lips while you read.
    Did they take over Trista's residence for two weeks and drag out bags of evidence ?
    Did they find Ayla's blood at Trista's ?
    Did the police not say that the adults in the house that night are not telling the truth ?
    I could go on and on. And sometimes do.
    Your perfect double play is nonsense.
    Have you ever heard of DHHS paying out a settlement ?
    They don't where I live. But unless there are court proceedings or an inquest, all the paperwork stays hidden. They operate / hide under privacy legislation. The only way to get this out in the open as far as DHHS is concerned is to sue them or get the DA to investigate just how a person like Justin was able to have unsupervised visits, never mind full time access.
    Ayla was injured in Justin's care, more than once.
    No one followed up from that office.
    I am really offended at your post.
    Your perfect double play works if :
    Trista and her family are part of the CIA and did a covert op or whatever they call it in the USA. And they have night vision goggles. And can enter premises without breaking the door down or using keys. And they had Justin's house wired for sound and were sitting outside in an unmarked van with headphones on and knew when everyone was sleeping very soundly. And they have plenty of money to do this covert op. Plus they have hidden Ayla away and are paying persons to keep her. Never to see her again.
    Yep, like that is even plausible.
    And don't forget the acting lessons they must have all taken
    while Trista was in Rehab / Acting School.

  23. They are not making him look quilty though,He is doing that himself. what about the blood? There is a reason LE said no kidnapping, because they have evidence that he is lying.

  24. Justin doesn't know how much evidence the police have on him.
    The others do not know what all the evidence is.
    I don't know what all the evidence is. How I wish I did !
    They have the 911 call which they will not release as it is part of the ACTIVE investigation.
    All the various statements from the persons in the house, and persons not in the house.
    The physical evidence removed from the house.
    The forensics.
    If any of them speak, they are married to that story which most likely is very different from what the police have collected and what is becoming known bit by bit.
    So, they stay silent or let some posters on sites make excuses for them .......... because they cannot speak. The truth won't set them free, it will have them ARRESTED.

    1. Do you know what they are waiting for? Blood results, etc?

  25. Hi, maybe I'm confused, but I don't see anywhere on the Answers for Ayla blog where the medical report was mentioned or about the income taxes that Justin tried to file. Can someone please direct to where on the Answers for Ayla blog is this new information being added. TIA

    1. On that page, go to "Your Page" and at the top is the Trista interview with Yahoo! That is where she mentions the taxes. The medical report is on the "Timeline" page, just click where it says "pulled leg muscle".

    2. Thank you very much John P!