Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Psychic's Take Part 2

Those who are psychic are said to have a sixth sense. They are able to interpret energies and sounds, colors, objects that others may not see. I think everyone was born with this capability we just learn over time to block certain things out whether consciously or subconsciously. We are taught that if it isn't tangible or logical, it can't be so.  Our ears hear many more sounds than our brain interprets. Those sounds get lost, pushed into the backs of our minds somewhere.

At one time or another we will have an intuition, feel uneasy and not know why, see something out of the corner of our eye. Most people dismiss these, others who have been taught not to ignore these things have been able to fine tune them by the use of different tools and practices.

There are many different tools available for intuitive people to hone their skill, the days of the crystal ball, are all but gone. People still use tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, astrology, algorithms, Ouiija Boards, etc too help interpret the energies and signals they are receiving. Every person is different and to pick apart how the message is received is useless and it is irrelevant. The final message is what matters. Is it always correct? No, that depends on how the person receiving the message interprets what they are seeing, hearing, or feeling. Psychics can also be biased, they may try to be objectionable but they are also people and just like everyone else how they perceive things are based on their own morals, beliefs, life experiences.

I wanted to say this before I share the information received from the person who contacted me. I know that there are many "haters" of this page and also many cynics and skeptics. I ask you not to shoot the messenger here and attack someone who has not asked to be compensated for this information nor do they want to made famous. This person has come forward will only one purpose and that is to find Ayla Reynolds and to have Justice served on her behalf. Please direct your attacks at me and not the person who shared the information with me. Also, just because you may not understand something does not make it untrue or crazy and I ask you all to keep an open mind and be receptive to the information that is being shared even if you can't comprehend the way it came to be.

I also am not going to copy and paste the whole file here, I am being selective on what I release at this juncture and may release more information at a later date if I deem it is necessary. Law Enforcement has received the information in its entirety.


The crime dynamic.

One party inflicted the fatal blow and knows they did it.

A second party arrives on scene and the baby is unconscious.

The third, fourth and fifth parties are fooled by a comatose

living child who they don't usually pay attention to anyway

unless they are abusing it.

The family dynamic.

Competition is primary.

The key to understanding all other dynamics and vectors.

Justin reports a possible child may be born.

Elisha reports several months later a child shall be born.

Lance continues drinking and drugging believing his sister and

brother are a couple of reckless subordinates to his role as

leader of the family.

Elisha producing the first of the next generation gains

precedence in all matters concerning resources and family


Phoebe in order to restore the previous power structure’s order

of Lance Justin Elisha criminally abducts in conspiracy with

Karen Small young Ayla Reynolds from Trista Reynolds who is

considered the original attacker and violator of the families

dysfunction power structure.

The baby arrives and is murdered by the previous top slot

holder(Lance) in the teetering family power structure.


Ayla is dead. Ayla was used as an object (voodoo doll) to get

even with Trista Reynolds who was blamed for disruption of the

family power structure. Investigators struggle over strategy

because only Lance and Justin know who inflicted the fatal

injury. One did it the other heard it and arrived on scene and

they scuffled. Neither can clear or convict the other. A body

disposal and fake abduction scenario are elaborately staged.

Current Scenario

Its a "We hang together or we hang alone" situation. The baby

died on the day the mother last spoke to her 12/8. Elisha and

Phoebe abused her also. Ayla was brain damaged from internal

bleeding in the skull. Alive but barely alive. Then the plan to

dispose of her remains. The vulnerable point in the scenario is

whoever left her last actually killed her with premeditation (as

opposed to the near fatal injury-crime of passion) by exposing

her to the elements.

Hence the great dance to distance themselves from Ayla in the

days before the abduction is staged. It is a chess game between

Justin and Lance similar to the assault on Gabriella's father.

Justin believes he is smarter than Lance and shall win. Because

Justin is taking the fire from the public, Lance doesn't have to

bother with details or think of the crime too often unless

Justin forces him to using the new bonds formed by the crime.


A young man pushed a baby away from him with enough force to

crack her skull on a concrete wall and then suddenly realized

what he had done when confronted by his brother. They fight

immediately afterwards while arguing heatedly over what to do

next. Justin knew she needed help and was unconscious but unlike

Lance who actually pushed the baby he did not hear the thud and

crinkle of bone breaking which Lance heard. Justin helps with

transport but Lance alone disposes of the living brain damaged

body, with Justin hoping that leaves Lance culpable to a first

degree murder charge and life. Justin hopes his name is cleared

as a child murderer even if he faces a range of accessory before

and after the fact charges if not first degree manslaughter.

No amount of pleading draws a confession from the guilty.

No amount of pleading brings Ayla’s remains back for a burial.

Task Generated

Locate the largest portion of skeletal remains belonging to the

deceased twenty month old Ayla Reynolds.

*There were graphics and maps included in this part of the file, I have tried to copy the images from the PDF file and post them here. I am not extremely computer savvy so I assume I am doing something wrong.

The graphic I wanted to include was the layout of what looks to be a makeshift campsite. There is a firepit in the bottom lower area and what appears to be a lounge style lawn chair and two red milk crates.

I sent this file to a friend of mine who contacted me and was interested in discussing this case, she also had been investigating this case on her own and had done foot searches in the area for Ayla. She sent me a message immediately upon reviewing the file. I called her within two minutes and she was in her car and out the door. She recognized the place in that graphic. It was not identical but she recognized the two red milk crates as well as the lawn chair type thing, although in thte actual spot it is a rattan style loveseat. She had tried to search the area previously but because of the amount of snow, it was impossible to get into the area. She went to the site and took pictures. I then sent those pictures to my psychic friend and he felt confident that this is where Ayla was disposed of.

These are the pictures taken of the actual site.

The signal begins at the College Avenue underpass and clings to
the railroad tracks even though they are not traversable. The
signal is following the path of least resistance from the upper
Mayflower Avenue / County Road Trestle to an informal fire pit.
The pit is discovered periodically by individuals and used by
different groups of people interested in partying outdoors. It
is reused due to its combination of ease of access and inherent
privacy. The target matches the Prime Icon LHH & Road Print.
If the remains are discovered successfully it shall be within a
1/3 mile northeast of the Mayflower Trestle heading northeast
until the fire pit is located.
The Mayflower Trestle viewed heading southward is the exact
location observed in the sequence as step five just before the
final campsite disposal image sequence.


Fakes an event for cover-up.

Enlists Principal-B then Principal-A.

Steady Accessible Repeatable Imagery Sequences

Walkway Scene 1 - Principal-B boisterous exuberant

Walkway Scene 2 - Principal-A aware of profound problem

Picnic Table Water Scene = Assess injury - Principal-A can't


Walkway Scene -3 Principal-B moving body - simian stride/gait -

Total commitment.

Underpass Scene = Principal-B body transfer to Principal-C

contemplates stashing nearby.

Fire Pit Scene = Familiar Ground - Principal-C at a bonfire pit

location - Three routes access. Called “The Pit”

Data Discarded before Mirror Protocol Neutralized

Principal-B's Internal Content - Early - While still in the

"Mirror Protocol" of the Portland Vs. Waterville narrative.

Raw Data - Objective

Viewed early on and dismissed as peripheral data was Principal-

B's attention to a crime show. In the crime show a parent made

sure he was purposely observed in a mall and then took his

child to a previously prepared grave site and killed him

returning to the mall within ten minutes to report the child

lost. Authorities on finding the fresh grave site nearby knew

that no one but the father could have arranged such a swift

sequence of events.

Editorial - Subjective

As time has passed this data in Principal-B's mind seems a

deliberate counter measure by Principal-B or beings not of a

body in the info-real
m spirit world trying to trip him up and

belabor his progress deliberately. Its one or the other and most

likely both; a thought planted that stuck and obscured the

Principal's ability to comprehensively remove the threat of the

body being discoveredsome point.

The presence of the unopened trash bags at the site are an indicator that either the site has not been searched previously or the trash bags were dumped after the area was searched. The tarp most likely would have been removed and tested in a lab to determine if it was blood or not. It may very well be the blood of a deer or may not be blood at all and could be rust or some other substance.  A few people wanted to form a search party at this site after I received this information. Myself and the woman who took the pictures of the actual site advised against it or at least contacted LE to see if it was okay to search this site. They decided to contact LE and received a big fat NO! They did not want this site searched. Waterville PD had the site under surveillance it is cordoned off. Maine State Police are organizing a search of this area and hopefully it will be completed soon.

Part of me hopes that Ayla is not found and that she is alive and safe somewhere, the other part of me hopes that there will be closure and they will find Ayla's remains and bring her home for a proper burial and arrest those involved.

 If anyone has information pertaining to Ayla Reynolds please call 624-7076 or 680-4700. There is still a $30,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts.

*I now have the picture sent to me by the psychic showing his depiction of what the site looked like:

I also am going to say this one more time, Please do not shoot the messenger, shoot down the message. If you don't feel this information is credible or feel the source is not genuine, I am sure you are able to voice that without unfairly attacking the person. This person stepped forward and provided information out of the goodness of his heart. If anything, it is clear by the photos this is a place that has not been searched and apparently should be based on its location and how discreet it is. If Ayla is not there, then at least because of this person coming forward, we will know that for certain and not have to wonder if searchers overlooked any potential sites. I also want to clarify that LE did not seek out this person, police only seek out psychics when they have exhausted all options, because police have followed up on this tip does not mean they have exhausted all other options. If they had sought out this person that would be a different story and cause for alarm. Because LE has taken this tip seriously, it justs reinforces that they are following up on every tip. I also wanted to say that even though this psychic isn't well known and does not want recognition, he has provided information in the report on other cases and his vision and the outcome, he also has admitted when he was wrong.


  1. Funny...I have been saying Lance and Justin fought since day one. Two truly evil, heartless scumbags. I WAS just about in tears reading this and felt it all made sense. I was also sick to my stomach. So sad for Trista and her little angel, how could anyone abuse that ANGEL! I hope they all burn in hell.

    Love, prayers, and hope Ayla and Trista

    1. Pretty pathetic that you would actually believe the ravings of a nutcase. Now, what does that make you?

    2. This kind of response of insulting anyone serves no purpose.

  2. That was very difficult to read. My heart skipped a couple beats. It is so hard to think of Ayla in this way. I kind of hope it's not true because it is almost too much to bear, but the truth needs to come out for Ayla. Whatever did happen to her, as hard as it is to listen to or read, it is doubly hard to have to imagine what she had to endure. Whoever is responsible needs to pay for what they've done to an innocent baby. How can any of these monsters live with themselves? They are truly heartless.
    I pray Ayla is now at peace and I pray for peace for Trista and her baby boy.

  3. Am I the only one confused? What is that crime show section all about?

    If police are watching this site, logically either 1. it's a druggie hangout or 2. they found a body there and are waiting to see who returns to the crime scene. I don't think they could justify not publicly saying Ayla's body was found, so that points towards #1.

    1. They may have searched it today or may be planning to search tomorrow. People called the PD yesterday asking permission. Hopefully we will hear something soon...

  4. There appears to be some sort of deckk or platform? Under there... :-(

    1. Closer look..it looks like a mattress? So hard to read this and my stomach is turning.

    2. I just noticed, in the last picture., is that a small building? I had pictured something wooden. In or under that.

  5. So sad. Peace and love to innocent baby Ayla. And to her Mommy.

  6. If the police were interested in this, wouldn't it have been done by now? I'm suspicious about the psychic. I remember in the beginning any new news was coming out of Massachusetts. I wondered why. The psychic is from Mass? I'm thinking it's someone who knows, or someone leaking private information, that is if it's true.

    1. Mass just has more weirdos, is all.

  7. Boston is the biggest city around with the more established investigative reporters. Might be reason news seemed to be coming from Mass.

  8. Lance is a piece of shit. THE PAIN TRAIN is warming up their engines for him. HE will be a very popularguy in jail. I hope he is passed around like the collection bowl at church.

    This makes loads of sense but who is to say this is the not someone giving details up to police who actually knows under the veil of a psychic?

  9. WOW! That is THE saddest thing I've read yet about this lil Angel. You got all that from a psychic?? I am still clinging to the slim chance she's alive and being hidden away. The thought of her dying in such a brutal way is heartbreaking for ME. I can't begin to imagine poor Trista.

    Lord, please wrap this lil Angel Ayla with your safe and loving arms whether she is here or already gone up into the heavens. Bless Trista and Ayla's lil brother. Let her know you are here and that you love her. Lord, please let the truth be brought out of the darkness and into the light, RIGHT NOW. We love you Lord, and we thank you for all you do for us on a daily basis. May we all stive to be more like you in all that we do and say.
    In Your Holy Name I pray, Amen

  10. Interesting. I'm not sure why she would be hidden in a place that people hangout at occasionally unless they were going back at some time to move her.

    1. People only frequent the area in late spring, summer, and early fall. Maybe they wanted the body found so they could collect the insurance money?

  11. I wanted to add.... the person who supplied this info included his DL #, credit card statements etc to police to verify his identity. The info was included on the report although blacked out on my copy. This is not a reporter nor someone involved. His motives are of true heart. Either his visions are correct or he misread a signal or sign somewhere along the line. The rest of the report detailed the info he received and how he came to his conclusion and his background information. Maine PD were not receptive until I submitted the info. MA PD and the FBI did respond to him

  12. Anon 8:48 maybe to make sure she'd be found eventually? Maybe people don't hang there in the winter cold so they figured there'd be enough decomp by spring?

    1. Anon 8:54. Hadn't thought of that. I forgot they might want her found to claim the insurance.

  13. I hope that you placing this information here doesn't compromise the area should someone recognize it or be alerted. should Ayla happen to be there, someone could potentially try to remove her before police check it. I would have waited till police had checked the area - if there is a crime scene there, police wouldn't have wanted the pics published.

    1. If your read what she said, police have secured the area already.

    2. I waited until I was told that they area is under surveillance and MSP are organizing a search there if they have not done so already today. If anyone goes there police will know and they will get caught. I sat on this info for a few days almost a week waiting to be sure. I worried about the same thing.

    3. Glad to here they're surveilling the area - but now all the readers of your blog know this. I know that you're excited/apprehensive about Ayla possibly being found (i understand excited isn't quite the right word) i'm just seeing how this could be potentially informing the wrong people.

      @anon 8.57 - i have respect for Tori and wasn't trying to be rude to her.

    4. well if pd told J$A to go ahead and use this material, it sort of does away with the drug surveillance theory. Next? LH, apparently they aren't afraid to be informing the wrong people or of scaring off people who might otherwise show up. Very peculiar.

    5. I understand your point and can only hope that since Police knew the info was already floating out in the public they assigned someone to keep track of whomever they suspect is involved until they receive confirmation one way or another.

      Thanks for coming to my defense anon 8:57 but even though LucifersHand posts at JSTL they have always been a welcome addition to the discussion here and have never been rude to me. It is refreshing sometimes to have people with a different perspective comment on the case using facts and logic not personal attacks.:)

    6. Thank you JusticeforAyla :))

      At least we have the ability to respectfully agree to disagree. In the end we hope for the same outcome and that is that Ayla is found.

    7. someone is going to slip up soon...I think that is LE's hope as well...

  14. Quote :"They decided to contact LE and received a big fat NO! They did not want this site searched. Waterville PD had the site under surveillance it is cordoned off. Maine State Police are organizing a search of this area and hopefully it will be completed soon. "
    Q:They HAD the site under surveilllance B4 ?
    Q:How close were Lance & Justin B4 ?
    This guy is pretty good if he can describe a place that your friend recognized.
    It is a plausible scenario, I must admit. And it fits, doesn't it ?
    Please take care of yourself.
    am anon friend

    1. It certainly is a plausible scenario even though it kills me to think she may have possibly suffered. I do not think this area was under surveillance prior to my email because my friend was able to go in and take pictures.

      Both the psychic and my friend have impressed me greatly. The psychic gave a general area based on the train trestle near Mayflower Hill, she knew of a place not too far from there and to pick up on the red milk crates and the lawn chair type seat and retain that was nothing short of amazing.

  15. This made me creeped out and scared. Then out of the corner of my eye I could see my curtain moving. Everyone else is in bed. I looked over and it stopped moving. I turned back to the tv and could see the curtain wiggling again. I was going to have a heart attack and pee my pants. Finally I peeked over one more time and realized my laptop cord was wiggling the curtain where it was plugged in. Phew, I thought evil spirits, or a murdered were coming after me.

    1. How old are you...8?

    2. I certainly hope this person is 8..that would explain a lot!

  16. Well, since there won't be any conclusions on this case tonight, I guess it's bedtime.

  17. Wasn't there some comment about a river in limington? I assumed this land would be near a river.

  18. I down deep want this to be wrong. I hate to think anyone could be this cruel to an innocent child. I know it happens but this is the first time I have heard of a case like this, for the reasons stated here. If it is true the person who is guilty does not deserve the right to life in prison, they deserve the death penalty. Anyone who kills a child or continually abuses them deserves the d p. MOPO

    1. Wholeheartedly agree, Dana.

  19. That was heartbreaking to read.

  20. I think this psychic is probably crazy. Does this guy have any track record? Has he ever been right before? Has he ever found a body or crime scene before? If not, this is probably a waste of time.

    There have been psychics with actual track records. I would listen to one of them, but not some guy who has never been right before.

    I would rather see LE spending their time investigating all of the relatives and friends of the parents of Ayla. One of them probably is hiding her. But no one seems to be looking for a living Ayla anymore! Very frustrating and disappointing.

    1. Do you even know who this is? No, you don't. So how do you know if he or she has been correct before? How do you know LE is not investigating the relatives, friends and parents of Ayla? You don't.

  21. As a general rule, when LE starts relying on psychics, this is an indication that they are totally stumped. Oftentimes that is because their investigation is way off track to begin with.

    1. Well there is nothing here to indicate that LE is RELYING on psychics. The Psychic is assisting, and LE is listening. McCausland was very clear in that farce of an "interview" in the MS that they are uncovering information from forensics almost daily, so I would not say they are stumped so much as they are building a case. As it should be. By the way... the only "forensics" they have that we know of was gathered form Violette Ave. So if they are uncovering new information from that daily... I'd sat there are some people who should be feeling pretty uncomfortable right about now.

  22. is it me or are there too many leaves on everything around the bed and the bed. but the couch and items are not covered that thickly?

    1. I noticed that also, that the couch and the red milk crate are basically bare and everything else is very leaf covered.

    2. I bet people haul their unwanted garbage out there, if they think it will come in handy for 'parties'! This would also explain the varied levels of decomposed leaves on the items- they may have been added to the pile at different dates...

  23. Where in Massachusetts is this guy from? I have never heard of any psychics in Mass. I don't think that the police in Mass use psychics at all.

  24. I don't believe in psychics but I must admit this scenario & analysis does seem plausible. I worry about Ayla & her Mom and if the worst has happened, somehow Trista will find the strength to carry on... but that other family - how they can ever live with themselves is beyond me.

  25. WOW! I truly had to force myself to read this entire post. I feel so sick to my stomach at this potential reality. I will be channeling every piece of energy of my being to this case today, with hope and faith that Ayla will come forward somehow. Unbelievable. Goosebumps, nausea, tears, every emotion possible reading this! Just, wow.

  26. well we obviously havent heard any news on this post so it wasnt a good read! i don't know if i believe in this mumbo jumbo, but i do pray they find her body and a lynch mob is formed and the dips get whats coming to them!!

  27. Anonymous 6:13 No, the post wasn't a "good" read. Not because of the way it was written but because of the awful content.

    I think there will be answers, eventually.

    I have one question.
    Where is Ayla.

  28. I have had experiences with psychics before....several years ago, in fact it was a few years before I met my husband...I was in a long term relationship that wasn't good and ended badly...needless to say, I wasn't in a good place emotionally...I went to see a psychic and she gave me a reading and said I will meet a doctor and marry him...I was like, what! Didn't believe her because I just didn't think that would be my type.....anyway....a few years later, on a Halloween night, I met my husband at a dance club and guess what his costume was, a doctor. So, I agree that everything is based on how it is interpreted.
    Back to Ayla...this just makes me sooo said and since the beginning of this case, everytime I have seen Ayla's picture, I am overcome with grief and heartache and can not stop crying for her, her mommy and her brother. It may be my intuition that something terrible happened to her and I just can't imagine someone hurting their child like that and eventually killing them. How could one live with themselves.

  29. Do we have any confirmation that a search of this area has been completed?

    1. Nothing yet, if they have searched nothing was found but I haven't gotten confirmation one way or another.

  30. it's very quiet...almost like "the calm before the storm"....as if to say that everyone is just "waiting".......also, I've noticed not so many "haters" this time around...I wonder why....

  31. I'm sorry to hear that nothing was found at the site. I hope in a way that that means she's still alive and out there somewhere.

    1. did they already search? I just thought she said she hasn't heard anything yet......

  32. i live local im going to serch now.. that poor baby gurl.. my son is 2.5 if that was my baby i would exhost any option.. god bless you Baby Ayle we will find you and bring you home. love jane an pikkle

    1. god bless you and be safe!

  33. UPDATE us on siteMarch 16, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Any info on the site being searched yet??? Update please before all of us go search and not care if we get arrested! If AYLA is there she should not have to be there one more second! Update or let's all go search NOW

    1. she may not be able to yet...if they did find something....she may not be able to say anything until the family is notified and/or proper arrests are made. we all just need to be patient for a little while longer.

  34. I have not heard anything yet on if the site was searched. I check my email religiously and have not received anything from anyone regarding the site. As soon as I do, I promise to update you all immediately.

    There were reports yesterday that state police officers were seen searching near Colby. I have not been able to confirm nor deny these reports.

  35. Now that the snow is nearly gone in most area, is there anything we can do to move this along?

  36. have you heard any more on this?

  37. Well.. it's 2016 She still has not been found .. Does anyone know if this site was searched?