Friday, March 30, 2012

OOOH! Bombshell One Sided Messages!

So Lies or Obscure or Seeking Truth or ~st, whoever it is, is stirring the pot some more. Some big revelation that was supposed to have been revealed has been missed by me, and most likely many of you. It is pretty difficult to form an opinion when you don't have the whole conversation to work with. What I did learn from the release of these one sided messages, providing they are even real, is that Justin can't talk about so many things because he is worried about screwing up the investigation but yet he can have his good buddy, Derek, send this to some anonymous blogger? Why didn't he provide his responses? He obviously knows what he wrote in response to her so why didn't he provide his side of the conversation as well? He didn't need to have it saved in his outbox or his sent folder. If he wrote the responding messages, he should know what he wrote without having to refer to the actual messages he sent.

I read the messages and did not see anywhere where Trista threatened she was going to take Ayla or anything of the sort. Why not release the messages prior to Ayla being taken as well? Those were the messages everyone was interested in. The ones were Justin claims he was threatened and didn't think the person would actually go through with it, You know the ones I mean right Heidi? I think these messages show a young mother who misses her daughter, who wanted to be a complete family with the father of her daughter and yearns for that. She was conflicted in knowing what to believe and has struggled with issues within her own family in the past and wants to trust him but is not sure. What would we see if we had Justin's responses? Was he manipulating her? Was he trying to stay one step ahead of the investigation? What if the messages went a little more like this?

January 16

Justin: Why did you ask me to take your daughter Trista, She never would have been hurt if you had just kept that damn baby yourself or...

Justin: Look what you got me into the middle of? You know I am no good at taking care of kids, I can barely take care of myself...

Trista: U know just as well as i do if i was clean and not using I wouldn’t have had to go to rehab and ask u to take ayla.

 Justin: I told ya I don't do family shit Trista. Just cause you dream of some f'n family time doesn't mean I care about it or...
Justin: I don't love Courtney, I just got with her to make you jealous. Trista, please tell me you believe I didn't hurt our daughter! I want her back so I can leave Courtney and we can be a family we just have to be patient

Trista: You being w courtney and having ayla being the family that i want us to give ayla weather it ment us just getting together to take ayla out or really being a family. Its all ive wanted since i was 15 to have children and start a family. Why do u think i rushed into w ray i thought ayla and I were missing
 Justin: I told ya, I'm from a broken home and all I care about is myself. Do your family shit with someone else. I just wanted a roll in the hay baby! that's all any girl is to me or...

Justin: I want that too, I have always cared about you Trista.

 January 17

Justin: You know they are having a f'n vigil? Why can't people just get over it already and stay out of my life or...

Justin: There is going to be a vigil, Are you going? I would like to see you but not sure if I am going to go. Everybody is being so mean to me.

Trista:Are you going to the vigil. I want to go but I don’t got a ride. I’m so mad I want to be there for our daughter.

Justin: I've got enough people telling me what to do Trista, so stop trying to guilt me into going to some damn vigil or...

Justin: Yes, babe. I am going to the vigil. I would give you a ride but I think Courtney is going to be here and you know how she gets...
Justin: I miss you and I miss Ayla. I love you both you know...

Trista:Seeing u cry just broke my heart. I know you love ayla and I can’t wait for her to be returned to us.

Justin: So why did you have to name me as the baby daddy? I was perfectly happy thinking I had no kid out there or...Justin: Trista why are you doing this to me? I am so hurt. I thought you believed me!!!!!

Trista:Someday when I see u face to face ill tell u but texting half a book about my life to explain would take hours. U may not believe but i am sorry for putt[ing] hatred toward u

January 18

Justin: Trista, please don't turn your back on me. I need you right now. The public hates me. Why can't they see me like you do? 

Trista:We both are dealing with this and sometimes I wish we could just cry together. No one understands how we are feeling or what we are dealing

Justin: Why have you turned your back on me? Why is it just you and Ayla?

Trista:And justin when i say we i mean ayla u and me

Justin: Courtney really hates that I have your baby here, she made an ultimatum that it was your baby or HER 

Trista: Im ready to go on a murdering spree 
 Justin: why are you telling people what I told you? I said not to say anything? Do you want me to go to jail or what? Now your stepdad is talking shit about me!

        Trista:I dont know I just told my step dad ayla was the only one in the room so i dont know. Justin i cant control what ppl write and he controls thd site im talking to him

January 19

Trista:My step dad has a timeline of ayla he wants you to see and have a copy of it.

Justin: Yeah, anything he can do to make the public stop making me out to be a monster. You know I am not a monster. I don't want to go to jail.

Trista:He would love to. U got an email? If not he said he would make you one and put it on ay’s page.

Justin: Can we trust him? Your family hates me.

Trista:Jeff is nothing like my family hes a smart intellegent man

January 20

Justin: I thought you loved me and wanted to be a family with me and Ayla? Why is your family posting those bad things about me? I was going to dump Courtney and make a life for us, but your family killed that idea.

Trista:Where u trying to make courtney ays mom? From what ive read she spent every weekend w u and ayla. Justin that girl saw ayla more then me and im her mother that hurts

 Justin: Please don't be mad. I was upset that you were with that Ray and he was raising our daughter. Do you know how much that killed me?

Trista:Im not mad just really hurt. But i guess i know what it must felt like for you when ray was always w her and not u. Im sorry u didnt get to meet her when she first came into the word im truly sorry justin

 Justin: No one can replace you Trista, not to Ayla not to me. Courtney was just someone to keep the other side of the bed warm and to help me take care of our daughter. I told you not to be jealous. You know I love you and only you

Trista:Like no one can replace u. I do feel like I owe courtney a thank u for being there for our daughter. U tell me theres no reason to be jealous and there is alot to be jealous about.

Justin: I wish I could see you. I would drive there now but your family hates me. Have you tried explaining to them I didn't hurt Ayla? They can't know the truth. My family is covering for me, now we need yours.

Trista:Im having a serious break down and u know whats funny my family tell me it not there problem. Nice huh? U r lucky to have a family that is there for u and supports u

 Justin:You need to talk to someone or go back on some meds. It will help (Me that is)You have a lot on your plate. I wish I could be there to help you but you know I can't be seen with you.

Trista:I don’t have a doctor so some therapist want u to be hospitalized befor they will treat and i dont want to go into a mental hospital the media would eat that shit up and i cant leave ray my lil man needs me. Its ok. I know I need to get bk on my meds but I don’t want to go inpatient I cant leave lilman I haven’t had any of them since October. Im hoping community counseling has openings they r a walk in clinic

  Justin: Courtney got mad when she saw some of the messages and said some shit online. She also said she saw some stuff online that you told a mutual friend or some shit that we were getting back together. I told you not to say anything

Trista:I love how pple have nothing better to do w themselfs that they have to talk shit. Justin u believe me right?   

January 22

Justin: I thought you loved me and wanted to be a family with me and Ayla? Why is your family posting those bad things about me? I was going to dump Courtney and make a life for us, but your family killed that idea

Trista:Justin I didn’t right it I don’t want to fight I asked for some things to be changed why do I get the blame for my family and their actions

  Justin: Did you take Ayla? Courtney said she doesn't know what happened to Ayla. She thinks you took her. I went to Portland to help move some stuff and come back and Ayla's gone. Why would Courtney lie to me?

Trista:I didn’t take ayla justin and I don’t know who did I can’t believe you think I would do that to our daughter. I left her with u because you could provide for her give her a stable living environment i told you all this i wanted her with you.

Justin: You said we don't talk, but we do all the time. I know you did that so Courtney wouldn't find out. Frankly, her druggie family scares me. I thought you like my family? You are hurting them with your lies.

Trista:U take them as lies and I have told the media Justin and im not agaisnt u or ur family I will not speak for my family but ive neuer been agaisnt u guys.

 January 23

Trista: I wanted to talk to u about my interview. I told bryan I painted the negative pic of you in the beginning . that u are a wonderful person a wonderful dad and I take full blame for you not knowing about ayla. 
Justin: I don't want to talk right now. I am angry and I don't want to say something I will regret later.

January 24

Trista:U r on nancy grace.
  Justin: How do I look? What are they talking about? Hurry tell me!

Trista: They r talking about our polygraphs  

  Justin: Oh, that shit again. I smoked that!

Trista: Im ready to kill
 Justin: Oh stop being so dramatic. I told you the truth. Someone took Ayla and she is safe. We will get her back as soon as I get my money. Then we can start a family like I promised.
 February 2

Justin: Trista, we talked about this, you need to stop talking to people and stop listening to what people say. I told you everything you need to know. I guess you don't want to be with me and have a family. Maybe you really want to be with Ray. Whatever...
Trista:Justin stop getting mad, I didn’t hear just from nancy grace. Msp has told me that themselfs what would u do if this was the other way around and you were on the outside like me I believe you justin I know you wouldn’t hurt ayla

February 3

Trista:Hey hunnie. I didn’t hang up on you. Ronnies phone ran out of talking minutes. Don’t know whats left for texting ill stay in contact as much as I can
Justin: Trista I was so worried. I thought you were mad. I love you I really do. Please don't stop talking to me. I did this all for you.

February 6

Justin: Trista please stop listening to police! They don't know what they are talking about. You believe me still dont you? I am a good dad, I loved our daughter
Trista:Yeah but why are they saying they know for sure it warmt an abduction and it came from inside your house? I’ll defend you all the way and I’ll keep doing. You are A good dad justin and I know you loved Ayla.

Trista:Oh and have you heard anymore from bob  
 Justin: Bob? Why? I don't talk to Bob, Lance dragged him into this. Stupid Lance... I didn't hurt Ayla. I don't care what anyone says.

Trista:I didnt think you did or would Justin and im sorry for asking dont even know why i did. And i truly dont believe you would ever do something to our daughter.
 Justin: Why does your family keep doing this? Why won't they let us be? They are always filing your head with shit. Once this is all over and I have the money, we are going far away from your family. They are not going to keep us apart. Just trust me a little longer babe.

         Trista:Justin I hear you hunnie. And you know when i noticed something i came to you but i dont want to think they would do something but maybe they would for us Because thats my family and they thought by telling you that you would stay away but you didnt

Trista:To fight beautse you know my family has always hated seeing us get along and being parent to Ayla together

Justin: I know but I wish they would just shut their mouths. What do you want me to say about Bob Vear and that vigil? I really don't want to go to a vigil in Waterville. Too many people know me there...

Trista:Aylas bday is in 2 months and I dont want us missing that especially since u didnt get to be with us last year. So I give u permission to put up on aylas website that you or I do not agree with any events by bob for ayla. You know i wish i could turn to your family for support but i bet i wouldnt get it

 Justin: My family doesn't want us together either. They are mad that you didn't get an abortion. They don't want to be supporting no more kids and Elisha is pissed I moved back home. You always have me though. I really do love you, when I am with Courtney all I can think about it you...

Trista:Why do you think i said i know they wouldnt. Justim i never ment for your family to hate me or not like me thats the last thing i wanted. As long as i know I got you i con turn to thats all that matters you got to admitt we have come along way with one another
 Justin: Great Lance started more crap. The Justin kid Elisha was with was running his mouth, police were bound to start asking questions. We had to shut him up but I told Lance not do it in broad daylight.
Trista:Justin its crazy shit thats all. Lance alright? And weather you saw it or not i know lance wouldnt just fucking hit someone so he prob had a good reason

 Justin: Lance is okay, he's tough but I think he needs to lay low. I didn't see or hear anything, that's my story and I am sticking to it. Love ya

February 10

 Justin: Trista, it is just someone Courtney knows, I told you she knew we were talking, she is just trying to get you riled up. Trust me please! I don't love her, only you. Ayla is fine and we will be a family again

February 20

Justin: Why aren't you responding to my calls or texts? Why are you talking to the media. You must want me to go to jail. Well screw you. I will stay with Courtney and have her raise Ayla as her own when we get her back. Stop running your mouth or I will make it look like you took Ayla.

Trista:Justin the life insurance was not explained very well and you did say you were looking into terminating cs. Look heres the truth my family is saying we are releasing this weather i want it to be or not justin they put in my head you did this and hunnie you dont help with making yourself look like a monster when u aren’t out there begging and pleading and msp have a lot to do with it and i have told everyone u are not a monster

Justin: I will just please don't release the life insurance info. That is the money we are going to start our family with. Why don't you trust me. I am not a monster. Everyone is filling your head with lies

February 23
Justin: I guess it is over then? You are believing your family over me? Whatever Trista, I thought I could trust you. Is there anything I can do to change your mind? I love you I always will. You are the mother of my child

Trista:Can I have back all of aylas things that you may have especially her new clothes I had just bought for her I know msp took a lot for evident. do you think you could do that? I had a dream she came home and it seemed so real.

Justin: I warned you. No you can't have her shit back. Screw you Trista. I will make everyone think you took her. You shouldn't have screwed me over like this.

 Funny how things can go a different way depending on how you look at it. Why didn't Justin release his side of things? Afraid the truth about how manipulating he really is will come out? Afraid his money hungry, greedy ways will come to light? Why should Trista or Jeff feel the need to respond to this? What do they owe anyone? They certainly don't owe the JSTL blogger a damn thing. Why didn't the blogger release the other messages? Oh that's right, Derek didn't give that part to her. I wonder why?


  1. These blogs are getting so ridiculous. This was one of the blog sites I actually liked reading. But why are you doing what you bash Lies for? Why do you have to stoop to their level? Can't any of you post real factual stuff any more? It's getting to be a contest to see which site has the better jokes and this is getting to be a joke. I don't see any justice for Ayla, you know - (the little girl who's missing) - in this what so ever.

  2. This is repulsive. You are making up "possible" text messages from Justin and have Trista's ACTUAL text messages so tiny that no one can even read them.

    I hope Justin sues you Tori. This is deplorable.

    1. I hope Trista sues Lies. It is repulsive that Lies would post the messages at all, but to only post one side. What dishonesty and insincerity!

    2. oh hello kettle. i smell rotten fish and sewar feces,... I knew it, LIES is back! Justin cannot sue anyone. He cannot even afford a decent lawyer for his upcoming murder trial. He will be tapped out after he is convicted and he will owe all of his 6 cents an hour pay from jailk to his lawyer. Who in the blue hell do you think will take his case to sue Tori after he has been convicted of murdering and disposing of his 20 month old baby girl?

      Get a fucking life you stinky, festering, postule.

    3. How could Justin sue me over "possible" text messages? What is deplorable is releasing a one sided conversation and trying to force Trista into releasing possible evidence. I will be waiting for my papers to be served from his attorneys.

    4. It's alright for that lonely pillow humper Lies to make up shit and a douchnozzle, but not for anyone else? Please, this is exactly what is so fucked up about the people involved in this case...Eat it. Justice has been put her heart into every word typed for AYLA, no one can say that about JSTL. She's done nothing but suck Justin's nonexistent nutsack.

  3. It's really obvious by Trista's texts that Justin is manipulating her. Wow, what an ass !!!!!

  4. Anon 7:09pm- The "texts from Justin" are MADE UP BY TORI. They are NOT the actual text messages sent to Trista.

    See what you have done, Tori? More ignorant LIES and RUMORS.

    1. Anon 7:12 PM,
      I know. I wasn't taking Tori's texts into consideration. Only the texts written by Trista (if they really are, because Lies is known as a Liar and she does stuff to stir up crap). Just based on the supposed texts of Trista, it is clear what a manipulator Justin is. You really don't need Justin's texts to see it. But since you mentioned it, why aren't the ACTUAL TEXT MESSAGES SENT TO TRISTA posted??

    2. AnonAnon/Lies: Kiss Tori's ass, you fucking moron. We know the text messages are made up, idiot. So...whats your fucking point. Are you upset that Jeff didn't take your bait?

      You are a silly rabbit and an ugly one at that.

      btw: when was the last time you posted about Liysa Northon ( imprisoned for killing her husband )and her lawsuit with the crime writer, Ann Rule?
      bitch I told you, I know who you are! You are nothing but a groupie in high profile, murder cases. You pulled the same shit there. I have all of your posts, multi-screen names and answering your own dam questions. Your favorite screen on that blog: noexist88

      I am still compiling evidence for trisha to sue your ass for cyberbullying and libel.

      If you keep bashing trisha, I will tell all your secrets, STALKER!

      Now try to sue me, bitch! I dare you, no I double dare you.

    3. I would be interested in knowing what you know if you want to share. Feel free to email me

      Thanks for telling lies to kiss my ass, my sentiments to her exactly. :)

    4. Anon 7:09 She said Tristas texts not Justins.See what you just did.Lies and Rumors.We know they arent Justins texts,Because they didnt post his. The time isnt right.

    5. Wonder if annons info matches up with mine J4A ?

    6. Tori states PLAINLY in her post, that these are "POSSIBLE" text messages by DiPshit.

      This is a
      S A T I R I C A L
      piece, you dumb-ass!

      I can see why YOU are so UPSET with the blogger, though:
      Hypocrites always FEAR being mocked by the TRUTH.

      And, exaggerating upon grains of TRUTH, is EXACTLY what makes satirical humor so EFFECTIVE in the first place!

      The *genius* of employing this method was best summed up, centuries ago,
      by the droll observations,
      of a rather famous play-write:

      "In truth we jest"---
      (William Shakespeare)

      This tool is SO EFFECTIVE, that play-writes of his day faced execution as "heretics", or for "treason", if the object of satire was directed at authority figures and was performed publicly!

      Keep tellin' it like it is, Tori!
      Girl, you're making These Little Liars & baby-MURDER excuse-makers, squirm..and they DESERVE IT!!!

  5. At the end Trista was being polite.
    They want Trista to post Justin's replies because they want to see if she kept them and gave them to LE. They are scared shitless.

  6. Can't LE get all of the text messages from the phone company? I hope so cuz that would be some good evidence about dip's lying and conniving. Definitely looks by how the tones of the texts changed the he was sweet talking her, IMO

    1. I am positive LE has all of the text messages, both sides. I agree, it definitely sounds like he was encouraging the sweet talk and playing into her emotions probably to stay a step ahead.

  7. Great job Torri! Not what they wanted but great job all the same. The DIPLIES want T, to show everyone to KNOW if she has them. I think they believe Justin's statements will be VERY damaging to them and need to start preparing lies to combat the Undoubtedly Stupid shit Dum-Dum spilled to Trista.

    1. I could careless what the dip supporters think. I agree, Justin's texts are going to be damaging. They will show a manipulative asshole!

    2. Anon
      I don't think the DiPs even got what they wanted by posting the "selected" texts that they did post. The big so-called bombshell is that we now know there is a witness to yet another count of child abuse.

      Do you know if this witness is cooperating with LE? That would be a bite in the ass of LIES if she let that post get out accidently.

  8. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 30, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    Tori I think the constant texts from Trista are because LE told Trista to stay in contact with Justin and try to get him to talk. I think she kept considerable restraint considering she wants more answers from him. She is kissing his butt and placing blame on her family to encourage Justin to keep texting her. LE has every one of these texts and Trista should be applauded on a job well done. I'm sure LE helped her phrase some of the answers too. Girlfriend rocked it!

    1. TBWBR

      Trista did a better job than I would have in keeping it civil with JDiP. I definately am applauding her for what she has done to Bring Ayla Home!

  9. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 30, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    Oh jeez, I was just reading the posts. I see TLLOM is back here with AnonAnon posting about suing again. Angela, Melisa, Dale, Assley and the rest of you at This Little Scam of Mine, no one is afraid of the sue threats. Get over it. No one cares lol.

  10. Huh? I'm confused.

  11. Great job Tori, sounds exactly what Justiin would have said. Kissing up to her. I hope Courtney reads this. She knows Justin wanted Trista and not her ugly ass. That is why she abused Ayla.

    1. I think it may be pretty close in some regard. I do think he was sweet talking her and I doubt Courtney knew.

    2. Wonder how Courtney feels being duped by Justin. How many other ex girlfriends was he still communicating with? I heard that was more. He's a sneaky little fella!

    3. ohh yeah there's more chick, he a playa.

  12. You have a good immagination.

  13. Justin must be obsessed with Trista. WOW. He is supposed to call her and rip into her for the things her family is saying about him and he ends up trying to get her back even after he killed his own daughter? He is freaking insanely obsessed with Trista and was hitting on her in text messages! This will be of great use.

    1. The messages are ficticious. I put them up to show that without the other side of the conversation there is no way to pass judgement on them. hey very easily could have gone this way. If Justin releases them, we will know...

    2. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 30, 2012 at 11:27 PM

      J4a the Anons KNOW the posts are ficticious. They are just SPINNING from TLLOM and Lies. Anyone with HALF a brain can tell the difference. Don't let them scam you please.

    3. Everyone knows Justin sweated Trista, heavily. He wanted to be a couple and she didn't. He settled for CR because she could get drug discounts for them. You think he could go to dat after Trista and not be jaded? He was pissed and he could not take another guy being with Trista and living with his kid so he decided to hurt Trista by stealing Ayla and while he had her he took out all his anger at Trista on a sweet, innocent baby. All because Justin sucked in the sac? I am surprised the pig had the ability to get a girl pregnant. CR took out her anger on her as well, she was a constant reminderof Trista. Imagine what it was like when Ayla had to stay alone with that ugly beast CR! I bet she smacked her in the moith for nothing. I bet she made that little girls lip tremble like Phoebe said. These people are PIGS!

  14. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 30, 2012 at 11:52 PM

    Well Anon, at least the Dip Supporters get a taste of their own medicine.

  15. Hmmmm, Lies sounds an awful lot like Kylie Tudela. She had her own blog until JSTL launched and Kylie's blog, becomingearthymama became dormant. Her father is a computer teacher so certainly could help her with making her ip address untraceable. She is close to the investigation and Justin would trust his best friend's wife with his text messages, that she also seems to get quickly just like the information about Elisha being in court the next day. Derek posts on here and gives her words of encouragement. She seems to have a personal vendetta out on Trista and has info on her that is not public knowledge. Their writing styles are similar. She certainly is familiar with blogspot as her previous blog was also hosted by blogspot. She certainly does have a dog in this fight and this blog came out right after JusticeforAyla's blog was launched as if in response to Justice's attack on Justin.

    1. ding, ding, ding, ding... we have a winner folks!

    2. JSTL has been a one-sided attack against Trista, Jeff and their family since day one. It was obvious that it was someone close to Justin and his family.

      Obscure (Kylie) did not even try to hide their contempt of Trista and her love for Justin.

      I'm sure Kylie realizes that even re-routing an IP address can be traced by police. There is no where one can hide from the law. They are leaving an internet footprint that is wide and deep.

    3. ObscuresAFool/Lies: re-routing an IP address can be traced by POLICE (and OTHERS). And, leaving an internet footprint that is WIDE & DEEP. (AND KNEE DEEP IN A HIGH PROFILE CASE, TOO)

    4. I agree that its Kylie, by how she writes, stupid things she says and the colors she chose for Justins blog, Just start the lies, pink and black are big colors for young girls right now.

  16. Tori,

    I realize that as a criminal and a thief you have probably used your imagination to aid and abet you in many different activities. However, the real text messages tell a better story. Too bad you can't talk Jeffrey into releasing them. Oh, and why are you copying JSTL's blog? Want atttention? Pobrecita..

    1. Yes, I am looking for attention. I don't get any here. I would never try to talk Jeff into releasing the texts because I don't want Justin to know what they have or don't have. Calling him Jeffrey gives you away, Obscure or ~st, whatever you go by. How do you know if the real text messages tell a better story? I thought you didn't have them. More lies... No one cares really what Justin's texts say. Does he talk about the life insurance policy or the massive amount of Ayla's blood near his bed? No just more lies like he is working with the Laura Recovery Center... You are so far up his ass, I hope he doesn't forget to send you a wedding invitation to Courtney and his wedding or are you planning it?

    2. totally nailed her ass right there. Yeah how would she know if the other side of the texts were a better story if she hasn't seen them? Huh? So full of shit, just like the mangy mutts she defends.

    3. Anon His texts are part of a criminal investigation.Idiot,you know they cant be released.

    4. Yup, that is Lies alright. I think the defense team is getting desperate.

    5. How sick and pitiful the lives must be of someone who would attack Jeff, as his only intention is Ayla. Wow. Get some serious help.

    6. Hey Weirdo, the only way Jeff will post the messages is if law enforcement tells him to. He sure as hell isn't going to post them because Lies says so, get a grip. And if anyone is Pobrecita, it's YOU.

    7. Obviously if the texts written by Justin made him look good, they would have been posted by Lies. Posting just Trista's texts makes Justin look so bad. I just can't understand why Lies couldn't figure that out! Is she really that dumb???
      I'm so curious to know what ugliness was in Justin's texts that prevented Lies from posting them. I'm sure Justin's texts make him look like a real ASSHOLE.
      And Lies says she wasn't given Justin's texts, hmmmm Lies, I wonder why? Hello Lies, if the texts did anything to help Justin, they would have been given to you.

  17. My girls Shannie and Torie: Stay on that ass. Lies, why don't release them? lol

  18. Y'all know that if the texts turn out to be fake, Lies will just say that she was duped again, just like she did with J4A's emails.

    So lame.

  19. I notice they totally scrubbed Shannie from the entire sequence over there. You must have hit a shin bone nerve.

    It is fun reading but predictable, I guess what I get out of the ploy is that they "seem" confident the body shall or shall not turn up and the second act of three acts begins.

    If they are sure they got rid of the body properly than this internet gamesmanship could go on for quite a while. If they are sure the body will turn up than this is a last desperate play.
    One way or another something has changed " IN THE BUNKER "

    Meanwhile back to the mountain top lair where Frau Heidi has just dished out two fresh plates of noodles to our young antagonists.




  20. Insightful post Justice; I got to the part where Trista said I was a smart intelligent man, then I realized she would have said anything to get her daughter back..

    1. Jeff, lol.
      I am sure you are that and more.
      I am glad that Trista has you in her corner.

    2. I agree with Anon 7:42!

    3. Jeff, the fact that you, Trista and your family have to be subjected to the disgusting tactics of the dips, AND after THEY disposed of Ayla is revolting to most.
      You and Trista have a legion behind you, the dips have a handful of evil idiots.

    4. I agree totally! The legions of Ayla supporters will not let you and Trista be forgotten. But most of all, Ayla will not be forgotten even after the DiPs are arrested!

    5. AFA,
      ummm, are you saying that Trista may not have been entirely truthful in her text to Justin?

      I took every one of them as truth, because, remember, it is impossible for Trista to tell a lie.

    6. Anon,
      When it comes to getting Ayla back home, I would sncourage Trista to do exactly what she has been doing, which is ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN TO BRING AYLA HOME!!!

    7. Sorry, My attempt at badinage, as I do not concider myself to be a "smart intelligent man".. I just know people who are.

    8. And I agree with you 100% John P.

    9. Jeff,

      Your attempt was not missed by the people who support you and your effort to bring Ayla home. And being a Pepere myself, I have to say that you are not giving yourself enough credit. Keep fighting for answers!

  21. Tori, I agree the Lies blog is run by a tud. They all think they are actors.

    1. YouCanRunButYouCantHideForeverMarch 31, 2012 at 9:26 AM

      The JSTL's blog started when J4A was hitting hard on Justin and his lack of involvement in finding Ayla. I'm sure it's a Tudela that runs the JSTL blog. Even on the TLLOM site, they tried to make people think otherwise by making "I wonder who runs that blog" posts. Not very convincing. The blog is definitely run by someone very, very close to Justin and is being supplied info by Justin. That has been fairly obvious from the start.

    2. nanato3/spinspinspin/YouCanRunButYouCantHideForever : I am not Tori, and Lies is not a Tudela. You are wwwwaaayyy off base. EPIC FAIL !

      "People are secretive when they have secrets" Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

    3. YouCanRunButYouCantHideForeverMarch 31, 2012 at 10:39 AM

      Anonymous 7:32AM

      That's why Kylie has tried to keep her name on the JSTL blog secret. What secrets she is keeping is the question!

      The JSTL blog has done nothing to finding Ayla. It's sole purpose to defend Justin and trash Trista. It is obvious to everyone except the Justin fan club at TLLOM, but they know it's Kylie. Or at least the upper management knows. The little pawns are left out of the loop. HT, AH and the other cohorts most likely only talk the important stuff in their super secret private area.

    4. So....all those idiots who are followers of the TLLOM cult don't know they are being lied to by the people who started it?! LOL what friggin' morons, and I'd feel bad for those obviously brainwashed lambs if they weren't such heartless murderer defenders...

  22. If Justin thought that Trista could have taken Ayla,then why didnt he try to set up a meeting with her,plea to her? Why didnt he? Seems like that is the first thing a parent would do is talk to the other parent alone.Can someone tell me if he ever tried to do that?

  23. Why is Lies so desperate to see Justins text messages?

    1. Lies is just desperate. Period. I'm sure it must have been Justin who supplied Trista's texts, so all Lies has to do is ask her buddy Justin to hand over his side.

  24. as the saying in the infamous kids movie goes JUSTIN...."NOBODY LIKES A SUCK UPPPPPPP" and that is just what u did, u can get a read on what u must of been saying to trista...ur a waste and ur families a waste. anyone that backs u up is a fucking waste!! ur day will come if not by law then by peeps on the streets!!

  25. It was pretty ridiculous for LIES to put out just one side, and probably not even all of the text messages. From reading just one side, you can see that Trista wanted to work with Justin, she wanted to not believe that he could have possibly harmed Ayla. What parent would WANT to think that? I think all the TLCOM zombie members can give up on their nonsense stories of Trista blaming Justin right from the begining, and Trista not wanting to work together with Justin. That is obviously NOT true. I have no idea what LIES' intention was with posting these partial text messages, but it only proved how much Trista loves Ayla and was so willing to work with Justin and how her view changed over time. I think exactly what happened, and what she went through and her changing emotions is probably exactly thr same as most anyone would go through.

    I think that J4A's fictional Justin texts are probably pretty close to his actual texts. I bet he was sweet talking and manipulating Trista right up until he realized he couldn't any more, because she either opened her eyes to the truth or couldn't bring herself to "play" him any longer.

    Trista has no need to put Justins true texts out. This IS a criminal investigation. Whoever put Trista's partial texts out is playing some sick game. If Justin wants his out, then he can put them out himself, with proof of authenticity (from the phone company)! BUT, I highly doubt that will happen. He will continue to do nothing but TRY to take the focus off of him. To bad it hasn't worked for him yet...

    1. I meant to add, about the sick game Justin, LIES, TLCOM, and their crew/cult is trying to play: Trista and her family do not and shouldn't "play" along. It is hard not to fire back when emotions get high. Although Trista doesn't have to, it is great for J4A to be willing and able to fire back. It shows where her heart is. 2 wrongs don't always make a right, but why should they be able to do and say whatever they want? Release only 1/2 truths? TRY to take the focus off them? They have done it right along with Trista, now they are even trying to do it with LE. There should be NO games going on. There is a missing baby. Ayla Bell Reynolds. Instead of Justin actually doing anything productive, he wants to play games. He claims to not care what anyone thinks of him, but that is clearly not true. The only time he speaks is to defend HIMSELF and to try to find a way to be a victim and blame someone else for something, anything.

      So, yes although this is not a game, Justin is making it into one. Trista doesn't want to play. She wants her BABY home! She shouldn't play, but at least J4A has let it be known that 2 can play at their game.

  26. This article is totally ridiculous. Who cares what Tori IMAGINES Justin's texts to look like? This article was so pathetic I didn't even get past the first couple of paragraphs. Tori needs to get some help for her obsessive compulsive behavior.

    1. You need to stop straying from your cult. Angela is going to be upset with you. You need to get some help for defending a baby murderer.

      Anyone with 1/2 a brain can figure out what Justin's texts were about. If you don't like the made up ones, tell your crush to release his real ones. All of them. On the cell phone company paper/letter head.

    2. You "attacked" me yesterday, then retreated. Are you planning on responding? I'm still waiting for answers...

    3. dipsarebabykillersMarch 31, 2012 at 1:55 PM

      crickets Kit, dr phil ran home to tell heidi and angela about the fires it started, wants it's cookie now.

  27. J4A,

    I'm confused.

    Which messages are real?

    Where did they come from?

    Have they been verified?

    1. The messages in RED are fake. Done to show how Trista's texts make no sense unless you see all the messages. Who knows what Justin really text! Well, the police and Justin know.

      Kylie (Obscure) posted Trista's texts on the JSTL blog, but not Justin's. Kylie is trying to get Jeff to post the other side. Kylie states that they aren't being posted because they would show Trista in a bad light and Justin in a good light.

      I say if those texts of Justin's would show him in a good light, Kylie would have posted them on JSTL already!

      I think they are just trying to find out what the police know. JMO

  28. I did read over at Lies, couldn't help myself.
    I read the texts. If they are real, was there anything there to suggest that Trista :
    a.) took Ayla
    b.) is behind a smear campaign towards the DiPs
    c.) isn't a victim
    Sounded like she was hoping that Justin didn't hurt Ayla.
    Having said that,why are these persons so hell bent on destroying Trista ? Is it because they think she is an easy target ? And she doesn't live in a
    spacious Neo Victorian house overlooking the Kennebec River ?
    Darrel Tudela is a State Farm Agent, not the President of the USA. He could be married to a vindictive witch.
    Plus, his agengy relies on customer goodwill and I can see that going down the toilet because of these activities on Heidi, Derek and Kylie's part. The person they have been letting stay at their residence has some close drug ties. Let's make a big deal about that !

    1. I agree. They are hell bent on destroying Trista, for the simple reason of taking the focus off themselves. It's not working and never going to.

      Where's Ayla Bell Reynolds?

      Also, besides the insurance business going down the toilet, the "daycare" business must be one flush away too.

    2. "Having said that,why are these persons so hell bent on destroying Trista ?"

      Because it is personal for Kylie (Obscure) and the other Justin defenders!

    3. A He-Said-She-Said is crazy making.

      It's a diversionary tactic used by deceivers and manipulators.

  29. I think they are trying to get Justins text messages because LE did take his phone,and he cant remember everything he said.Trying to cover his ass before trial.Im sure his lawyer wants to see them real bad.

    1. Well then, how did they get some of Trista's ?
      This entire thing of his texts being not available is bs.
      I know there is a way for an account holder to get on line and see the activity. MSP could get into all of their accounts and I would like to see, but won't the ones before Ayla went missing. I might get to read them if they are preented as evidence at a trial, however.

  30. The ALL CAPS text was a strange one. Probably they got hung up on the N word, decided it was a good way to use a race card against Trista, but didn't read the rest. About the THROWING AYLA.
    Here I am commenting on a text when I don't even know if it is real.
    Selena Johnson says her family was attacked, but it is mostly what the MSP have said that we pay attention to. Why don't they start a blog where the focus is on the MSP ? This is the Selena who was a bystander in the Dip family. Never met Ayla. Doesn't have the same last name, no obvious connection to be made by the public.
    So, NOW she steps up to defend the family honor ? As if they had any in the past present or future. Some of the things they spew about Trista can be said of lying on CNN Phoebe and has been.
    Phoebe corrected herself after the interview was over. Maybe the equipment was gone in the truck and it was a wrap by the time she had second thoughts. Then, Start a CNN Hate Blog. How biased they are. They didn't pull the interview, they let Phoebe show what she was, a liar and then had Susan Candiotti make the correction after it aired. Then we made up our minds as to how far and wide Phoebe would go and did to make Situation A be Situation B.

  31. I couple things stick out to me in Trista's text messages.

    I've thought right along that Angela Harry feeling the need to voice the "fact" that Trista and Justin never had a serious relationship was strange. It was an attempt to put Trista down (why it would be ok for Justin though, I don't know), but I don't even think it is fully true. I think he used, manipulated her and lied to her right from the begining. It's no secret that Trista has always wanted a family, she's said so more than once. Did Justin not know this? I think not.

    He then (probably) went on to try to manipulate her further, in these texts. She answers to something he said when she says once again, I've always wanted a family. She is answering to something when explaining how she wanted to do things with Ayla, together with him.

    He uses this to manipulate and emotionally abuse and confuse her by bringing up never getting to meet Ayla. She (the abused) falls for it and apologizes that he didn't get to meet Ayla sooner. !He wanted her to get an abortion! He's an abusive manipulater, and hes good at it.

    She then answers to something he must have said about Ray, raising Ayla. Trista (being manipulated and emotinally abused and confused), again falls for it/him.

    JUSTIN is the one who was/is jealous of RAY! It is obvious. Either that or it was part of his manipulation, to "show" Trista how it "felt". He probably doesn't even care at all who was raising Ayla, but wanted to "show" Trista how it felt, by using Courtney. This worked on Trista, because she really DOES CARE about Ayla.

    He is a very good abusive, manipulative, vindictive liar. That is what these texts prove to me! IMO

    1. That's what these texts proved to me too, Kit.

    2. If you don't mind Kit, I would add to your statement that I believe he is also Jealous of Ayla. Recall that he was NOT the one who sat with Trista to find "Ayla = Forever Flowers". That was another man. Big blow to his ego evidenced by the fact he can't use her name either in print or verbally in an interview. Courtney was not the only one jealous of this little missing angel called AYLA.

    3. I agree John. I never mind you adding. I enjoy your comments as well.

      I think it also hit him hard to find out Ayla's last name to be Reynolds. Hence the "Ayla Bell Run"...

    4. Are you serious? I had to step away for a few days and had not heard the name of the run. Did they get the 501c3 to be a legit non-profit (BS) organization? How would that be possible, the issuing agency has to know if they can't use her full gven name, then the TLLOM request is purely bogus?

  32. This is the thing, for anyone who can't keep track or lacks common sense...You have a baby being reported as "kidnapped" by the father in the home of his family, the baby is also injured, the mother is trying to get the baby back from the paternal family, she receives messages that the baby is in danger of being taken from the father prior to the baby being "taken", failed poly from the father, mother making truly heartfelt-doesn't care what people think-pleas to find her daughter, father keeps lying and his family keeps lying, paternal grandma lies to national media, fathers family makes excuses about baby fights and imaginary ball pits at chucky cheese to explain bruises, public is throwing rocks into the homes of the liars, blood of the "missing" baby is found down in the basement of the father, life insurance is found to be purchased by the father for the baby, father makes statement about baby meeting her "demise", Cops and the authorities state the father and his family are NOT being truthful, lame one-sided texts come out on lamer blog written by mentally handicapped shut-ins....

    If anyone doesn't see the common sense in this case and still think that Ayla is kidnapped, or Ayla was taken by her mother, I really hope you get help for that brain issue, maybe you need to get the metal plate changed or new meds are in order.

    1. Great summation Shannie, I think one or more of the Tudela's have some involvement in the crime, they can't be THAT stupid. Although, I do think AH IS just that stupid.

    2. I second Kit's "Amen Shannie!". Furthermore, I wholeheartedly agree with Shannie's post in its entirety. And, I believe kimc has hit the nail on the head - AH really IS that stupid.

    3. All of you are totally correct! Look out the trolls will probably have something to say but if they read Shannies post first they will just go away.

  33. Trista needs a good Civil Lawyer.

  34. 1. I have no reason to believe that the texts posted on the Lies blog are in fact Trista's complete, and unaltered words.
    2. I think it's bullshit that whoever shared the texts with the Lies blog does not also have Justin's responses.
    3. I have seen so many inaccuracies and lies on that blog that I have no reason to visit it. Nor do I find anything posted there remotely credible.
    4. I believe, much like the POLICE, that Justin, Elisha & Courtney are lying. So, they have no credibility with me.
    5. We all watched Phoebe lie on national TV, so her credibility was shot as well.
    6. Angela Harry came to the public eye with a website filled with so many "mistakes" and "clarifications" that I have no reason to trust her statements ever. At all.
    7. Heidi T has made a cottage industry out of lying all over the internet about what she has and hasn't seen and how much blood they were or were not shown. So, again, I have a hard time accepting anything she says at face value.
    8. TLLOM has more concern about copyrights than they do about Ayla, so no reason to visit there! Their alleged "run" for Ayla has no confirmed date, no further information, and the only thing they are sure about is that there are NO REFUNDS.

    Basically, I have a really hard time understanding how anyone follows the Lies blog or TLLOM and actually believes a word they read there.

    1. StacieDee,

      I agree totally. I usually read Staphen King when I want sci-fi but occassionally I will read JSTL just to get a brief sci-fi fix.

  35. I personally know Justin, and he DOES NOT talk like this. Whoever did this is a flat out psycho for even making these up. You people will believe anything you read. And not to mention the reason he said she didn't end up in her demise in my house is because ALL OF YOU are claiming he killed her so he felt the need to defend people are worthless.

    1. The blogger who posted these flat out stated they were a hypothetical situation. That being said, I am sorry for your personal ties to Justin, it must be difficult to keep brain cells in his presence, Kylie.

    2. Hey Anon @ 11:18, maybe you can do us all a favor and help us out a little. Would you ask Justin why he felt the need to release Trista's texts (if these are in fact Trista's texts), but not his own responses?

      And, while you're at it, can you ask him why he chose to release them to a person as heinous as the one who runs that disgusting blog?

      If he answers those questions, why don't you throw in one more: WHERE IS AYLA?

    3. anon, you obviously lack any reading comprehension. And if you know Justin and know how he talks, that explains why you can't understand the point of this blog. If he had to defend himself all alone with out the fat bitches who speak for him he would have done it from the beginning. So fuck off, dummy.

    4. Hey Anon,

      Since you know him personally, can you tell us if he usually uses the word "demise" in his normal vocabulary? Sorry, the way he speaks?

  36. Maybe soon he will, "feel the need" to cooperate and tell the truth like everyone wants him to. he speaks volumns while barely saying a word, other that the truth.

  37. Disappointing that you tried to fill in the gaps with your "LIES" scenario. Perhaps the nickname isn't just for obscure anymore.