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More On The One-Sided Text Messages (by JMH)

Update: I apologize for the coding issue when we published this post previously; when it was pasted into the draft box, the code didn't take and re-worked itself. Thanks for your patience.

Well, we already have one response to the “bombshell” text messages from Trista to Justin, but I had to also share my perception since as we know, perception is different for every person. Now, this doesn’t mean that I am not in complete agreement with J4A; I am, but my response (aka, this post) will include my commentary and perception on what Trista was sending (at least, the only pieces we have of what she was sending…altered, unaltered—we don’t even know!), and why.

Again, as has previously been posted here by the Contributors: These are my thoughts and my own personal opinions; take them as you wish.

Please note: I have copied and pasted the text messages directly from our buddy, JSTL’s blog post…since you know, that’s the only place where this information has been divulged to the public. My commentary is in colored font below.

January 16

10:58 pm
U know just as well as i do if i was clean and not using I wouldn’t have had to go to rehab and ask u to take ayla.

Seemingly on the defense; responding to fingers being pointed and blame being shoved in her face for trusting the father of her daughter to care for her. *sigh*
11:49 pm
You being w courtney and having ayla being the family that i want us to give ayla weather it ment us just getting together to take ayla out or really being a family. Its all ive wanted since i was 15 to have children and start a family. Why do u think i rushed into w ray i thought ayla and I were missing [out]

Again, on the defensive. What was Justin attacking her for in so many text messages, just weeks after Ayla’s reported disappearance? It has to make ANYONE wonder.

January 17

2:54 pm
Are you going to the vigil. I want to go but I don’t got a ride. I’m so mad I want to be there for our daughter.

Nothing wrong with this; simple question…at this point, it appears she is trying to come together for their daughter.

6:13 pm
Seeing u cry just broke my heart. I know you love ayla and I can’t wait for her to be returned to us.
No explanation needed, in my opinion. At this point in time, I can’t imagine what she was going through. What other position could Trista be in at this point in time? Common sense and logic would bring me to feeling the same way she was, so early on in this “case”. (Again, we don’t have all of the text messages…from before her alleged “abduction” up until now.)

12:17 am
Someday when I see u face to face ill tell u but texting half a book about my life to explain would take hours. U may not believe but i am sorry for putt[ing] hatred toward u

Time stamp shows she is not sleeping, and neither is he (after midnight). This text message also obviously shows they are both regularly communicating with each other; what this also tells ME, personally, is that Justin is questioning her “attacks” on him…whatever those “attacks” may be. My memory tells me that as time continued on, Trista was receiving information from LE and responding to them as any mother would…confused, betrayed, lost, angered, etc.

January 18

5:15 pm
We both are dealing with this and sometimes I wish we could just cry together. No one understands how we are feeling or what we are dealing

This is directly related to the commentary she gave in a prior interview, wherein she detailed that “no one knows what we are feeling” etc.; just paraphrasing there, but for those that have followed this extensively, you know which interview I’m referring to. Again, NO big deal going on here.

5:15 pm
And justin when i say we i mean ayla u and me

Ah, yes: clarification for Justin; to me, it seems she is doing her very best to comfort the father of her daughter…someone wants some responses here, but at the same time, still maintaining HOPE in the matter. After all, this man IS the one that blessed her with her Angel, right?

5:57 pm
Im ready to go on a murdering spree

Time stamp; 42-minutes later: what else could she be doing, but going over every, single detail and messaging the one person who is involved, and assumingly responsible? Remember, this is just weeks after the incident was reported.

8:08 pm
I dont know I just told my step dad ayla was the only one in the room so i dont know. Justin i cant control what ppl write and he controls thd site im talking to him

Again, responding to Justin’s message to her. Justin must really be angry in his messages to her if she is going on the defense, but still trying to sooth him. They really were having a text war, too! Timestamp: Almost two hours later and they’re still at it.

January 19

5:28 pm
My step dad has a timeline of ayla he wants you to see and have a copy of it.

Maternal side involving Justin and his posse, respectfully. Also, what this shows me is that Trista and her family are continuously working on finding answers for Ayla, hence their newest website launch (

5:33 pm
He would love to. U got an email? If not he said he would make you one and put it on ay’s page.
[Justin did not accept this olive branch because he believed that they had Ayla in the first place] <-- Really? Then why was there a response just minutes after Trista’s text message to him regarding the timeline. Note Trista’s response to JUSTIN’s response: “He would love to.” This shows me that Justin was seemingly in agreement with this idea of the timeline and sending him a copy; what this also shows me is that Justin may have had his own commentary and events to include in said timeline…right?

5:48 pm
Jeff is nothing like my family hes a smart intellegent man

Shift in tone here; it appears that Justin may have changed his stance and/or opinions, and started to attack Trista’s side of things. I saw that Jeff commented on a prior post on this blog wherein it was obvious that Trista would say anything at that point to get her daughter back (e.g., this comment in this text message). What does this tell someone with a logical take on this situation? What this tells ME, is that Justin may have backed down from cooperating, even if only momentarily.

January 20

12:39 pm
Where u trying to make courtney ays mom? From what ive read she spent every weekend w u and ayla. Justin that girl saw ayla more then me and im her mother that hurts

Poor girl is in AGONY over there. This text message screams just that; not to knock on Trista, but this text message to Justin is pitiful and desperate…but, what would one expect?! All she has during this difficult time is to more than likely re-read everything being thrown out there: All of the lies, the spin, the pro-Trista commentary, the pro-Justin commentary; the comments on TTLOM, the wallposts from Courtney preaching how she considered Ayla her own, etc. I repeat: WHAT WOULD ONE EXPECT?! Ayla is HER daughter, and she is also Justin’s daughter by DNA. This shows me that Trista is not only beating herself up over all of this, but this also shows that her depression is fully present…and we all know how depression works. At this point she is feeling jealousy over Courtney for being with her baby girl in her last known days “alive”. Absolutely horrifying.

12:46 pm
Im not mad just really hurt. But i guess i know what it must felt like for you when ray was always w her and not u. Im sorry u didnt get to meet her when she first came into the word im truly sorry justin

Timestamp: Seven minutes later, and this message is a direct response to Justin’s response to Trista. Duh. Now, seeing how we’re aware of their timeline in how long Justin cared for Ayla, we know that Trista obviously “saw” Ayla much, much more than any of the DiPietro’s (CR included)…this is obvious. But here, the latter of the message is Trista caving, and minimizing her hurt to comfort Justin. What her messages show me is that Justin is what she said he is: A Manipulator. This man truly did have a stronghold on her; maturity, age, etc. all play a part here. (I mean NO offense in this, either. Just my opinions.)

1:10 pm
Like no one can replace u. I do feel like I owe courtney a thank u for being there for our daughter. U tell me theres no reason to be jealous and there is alot to be jealous about.

Timestamp: Over 20-minutes later, so this tells us they’re still communicating, or, she is continuing on from her final word in her text message beforehand (stating that she is truly sorry), because he may have not responded at all yet, just leaving her hanging and left to think up the worst and/or the best towards him. Also, he apparently told her at some point that there’s no reason to be jealous—I actually tip my hat to him with whatever wording he used to say that to her; at least that shows A LITTLE BIT from Justin that comforts Trista. The tone here also continues to show Trista caving, but again…what would one expect?

9:41 pm
Im having a serious break down and u know whats funny my family tell me it not there problem. Nice huh? U r lucky to have a family that is there for u and supports u

This makes me feel so incredibly sad for Trista. I don’t know what her family dynamic is like, other than what I read online, so I don’t have any commentary for this…just that I wish I could give her a big bear hug. During this excruciating time, her family might be brushing this off and pushing her away; or, this could also just be Trista saying what she needs to say to get Justin to open a door for her…for answers. She is either very smart or very na├»ve. Also, timestamp here is of importance to note: There is nothing more important than this situation in her life; granted, I don’t mean to include her son—he is of course a priority, but you know what I mean by that.

10:17 pm
I don’t have a doctor so some therapist want u to be hospitalized befor they will treat and i dont want to go into a mental hospital the media would eat that shit up and i cant leave ray my lil man needs me. Its ok. I know I need to get bk on my meds but I don’t want to go inpatient I cant leave lilman I haven’t had any of them since October. Im hoping community counseling has openings they r a walk in clinic

It appears they are having an active conversation here, seemingly a casual one, at that. This also tells us that she presumably DOES have a mental illness, which oftentimes plays a part in substance abuse for so many people in this Universe; some people at times don’t fully understand their diseases, and choose their own ways to “self medicate” instead of properly medicate, under the supervision of professionals…but, this is just side commentary by me; I don’t know Trista, or her personal battles she suffers. I also will not even try to pretend as if I do, *cough cough*.

11:45 pm
I love how pple have nothing better to do w themselfs that they have to talk shit. Justin u believe me right?

Timestamp again; still communicating.

January 22
4:30 pm

Justin I didn’t right it I don’t want to fight I asked for some things to be changed why do I get the blame for my family and their actions

HA, on the defense. He’s pointing fingers again, placing blame…blah, blah, blah. From what we “know” (i.e., read online) of Justin, this is seemingly typical behavior.

5:52 pm
I didn’t take ayla justin and I don’t know who did I can’t believe you think I would do that to our daughter. I left her with u because you could provide for her give her a stable living environment i told you all this i wanted her with you.

Still communicating; this, I suppose, is where Justin was pointing his fingers at Trista, and accusing her of taking Ayla (wherein previously, it was stated that while Ayla was still with him, pre-“abduction”, he was text messaging HER stating he feels someone would take her). And yes, DiPietro lovers: Trista has confirmed that she made the choice to leave Ayla in Justin’s care; big deal. Wasn’t this stated publicly already? Continuing on…

6:00 pm
U take them as lies and I have told the media Justin and im not agaisnt u or ur family I will not speak for my family but ive neuer been agaisnt u guys.

Timestamp: They’re still communicating eight minutes later. Clearly, they’re bickering with each other, and it appears that Justin is on the defense this time. Dude’s getting angry, I’d say.

January 23
11:46 (not sure am/pm)
[Re: trista’s Brian bangor daily news interview…] I wanted to talk to u about my interview. I told bryan I painted the negative pic of you in the beginning . that u are a wonderful person a wonderful dad and I take full blame for you not knowing about ayla.

Ugh. Making Justin happy, it seems. Further affirming the stronghold he has over her. It makes me wonder how the dynamic is between Justin and Courtney…but that’s just my curiosity speaking. The other side is again, she could be doing this all for “show” to get more out of him; so hard to tell with just ONE-SIDED messages.

January 24
8:27 pm
U r on nancy grace.

Notifying him of media coverage. No big deal here.

8:43 pm
They r talking about our polygraphs


8:46 pm
Im ready to kill

Gosh, I wonder why?

February 2

8:36 pm
Justin stop getting mad, I didn’t hear just from nancy grace. Msp has told me that themselfs what would u do if this was the other way around and you were on the outside like me I believe you justin I know you wouldn’t hurt ayla

Please note that the text messages, general and overall tone coming from Trista has shifted, completely. We all know why.

February 3

6:08 pm [from Trista’s brother's phone]
Hey hunnie. I didn’t hang up on you. Ronnies phone ran out of talking minutes. Don’t know whats left for texting ill stay in contact as much as I can.

Hunnie; asserting a comfort zone, in my opinion; good tactics there. Whatever it takes to get some answers.

February 6

10:58 am
Yeah but why are they saying they know for sure it warmt an abduction and it came from inside your house? I’ll defend you all the way and I’ll keep doing. You are A good dad justin and I know you loved Ayla.

Three days have passed, and the first message clearly came from Justin. Note the first response from Trista; she is questioning the logic/common sense of the matter at this point in events. The latter portion of the text messages is continuing in the “comfort zone”, in my opinion…again, whatever it takes.

11:08 am
Oh and have you heard anymore from bob

She has a right to ask him anything she wants to; she IS the mother, after all.

11:13 am
I didnt think you did or would Justin and im sorry for asking dont even know why i did. And i truly dont believe you would ever do something to our daughter.

Defending herself after Justin’s response. She knows why she asked him. Continuing in the comfort zone…

11:19 am
Justin I hear you hunnie. And you know when i noticed something i came to you but i dont want to think they would do something but maybe they would for us Because thats my family and they thought by telling you that you would stay away but you didnt

Comfort zone, comfort zone, comfort zone. Whatever it takes!

11:20 am
To fight beautse [because] you know my family has always hated seeing us get along and being parent to Ayla together

11:46 am
Aylas bday is in 2 months and I dont want us missing that especially since u didnt get to be with us last year. So I give u permission to put up on aylas website that you or I do not agree with any events by bob for ayla. You know i wish i could turn to your family for support but i bet i wouldnt get it

4:04 pm
Why do you think i said i know they wouldnt. Justim i never ment for your family to hate me or not like me thats the last thing i wanted. As long as i know I got you i con turn to thats all that matters you got to admitt we have come along way with one another

Obvious: They’ve been messaging each other all day.

11:12 pm
Justin its crazy shit thats all. Lance alright? And weather you saw it or not i know lance wouldnt just fucking hit someone so he prob had a good reason

Comfort zones. It’s all about comfort zones.

February 10

3:01 pm


There is absolutely NO turning back now. Although I literally cannot stand the fact (nor do I agree with, or condone the language used) that her anger brought her to drop the n-word, I feel in my heart that this is all that was: ANGER. She just received an email alleging that Justin was abusing her daughter, which obviously cements her feelings following the broken arm, the bruises, her leg incident, ETC.…the list goes on at this point, right? What would one expect? For her to continue in her comfort zone, soothing Justin and trying to coax him into helping her find her little girl?! No! She is going to dig deep down, into the depths of her soul, using any choice of fighting words to throw at this man in order to get him to freaking TALK TO HER! Please note that in prior text messages, she even stated that she should thank this woman for the “help” and care she provided while Ayla was with them; so this truly shows me that she is really reaching here to throw out the insults. The general tone of this message is this, and this alone: WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!!!!

February 20

9:59 am
Justin the life insurance was not explained very well and you did say you were looking into terminating cs. Look heres the truth my family is saying we are releasing this weather i want it to be or not justin they put in my head you did this and hunnie you dont help with making yourself look like a monster when u aren’t out there begging and pleading and msp have a lot to do with it and i have told everyone u are not a monster

DATE stamp; it had been 10-days, which makes it obvious how the dynamic has shifted. Also, the comfort zone continues—she has her mind set on one thing and only one thing: Bring Ayla Home.

February 23

8:24 am

Can I have back all of aylas things that you may have especially her new clothes I had just bought for her I know msp took a lot for evident. do you think you could do that? I had a dream she came home and it seemed so real.

I saw commentators post their thoughts on how she did this because she needed to clothe her daughter, now that Ayla’s apparently with her…since you know, she took Ayla that night from their home and all. Seeing as how it was three days since their last back & forth (at least it appears that way; Justin’s text messages have not been publicized, of course), at this point I’m sure Trista literally wants to cut all the ties imaginable with Justin…clothing, toys, you-name-it are all inclusive. I ask again: What would one expect?

Now, as we know:

1) This release of details is only one-sided, and what we know also is that there is no confirmation that these are ALL OF TRISTA’s MESSAGES. This was not an image scan, directly from the cell phone provider’s corporate offices, or directly from LE who more than likely has all of this documentation in their files…so the fact that anyone can sit there and eat up everything JSTL is posting is simply laughable; and
2) We don’t have Trista’s copies of ALL of the text messages (hers and Justin’s), and more than likely will not see said messages before, during, and after this text thread. Why, you ask? Well, if there is one thing that Trista’s side has truly shown me and have proved to me BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, it is that the Reynolds (and Hanson) camp are working with LE and some type of legal representation, who advises them otherwise.

Point in fact, here is a screenshot that JSTL posted on their site in an effort to show something negative about Team Trista:

Is this all you have to follow-up on your text message expose? What this shows me, is that you’re troupe is literally reaching for straws here. I commend Jeff Hanson for handling his responses in a mature and respectful manner. I applaud anyone that responds to such hateful commentary (and all commentary, in general) with the same tone and respect for anyone that posts on their site(s). In my eyes, that shows that they continue to stay on track, interact with the public as best they can, and are focusing on their mission…which is, to Bring. Ayla. HOME.

Again, these are just my thoughts and my opinions here. This is also my first official “post” on this blogsite—I’ve only been helping with re-working the layout and such up until now.

Bring on the commentary.


  1. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    It would be easier to read if you can please fix the colored font with your views. Thank you.

    1. I'm so sorry about that; when I pasted it over from a Word document, the code didn't take. Thanks for pointing that out. -jmh

    2. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 7:27 PM

      Thank you again JMH. Great job btw.


    This is the only thing anyone needs to read about the text messages.

    1. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 4:41 PM


  3. Very logical, and well done.

  4. Poor Trisha: My heart aches for her. I don't know how she is able to go on. I know its for her son and Ayla. She is a very strong young lady, who seem to have gotten the short end of the stick.

    to the demon (lies ) your day of reckoning is soon approaching!

  5. Lies is SO stupid! Why would she think these messages from Trista would help Justin or make Trista look bad? They do not! Even without Justin's texts it is clear. They clearly show what a manipulator Justin is. They clearly show how sincere Trista is. Lies is SO stupid. Once again, her brilliant plan backfires. Why would Jeff post Justin's messages? Because Lies called him out to do so. Who gives a shit what Lies wants? She's nothing but a sick pathetic lonely troublemaker who uses missing babies for fun and entertainment. LE has ALL of the texts between Trista and Justin. If LE advises the Reynolds to publish the texts, they will. LE and the Reynolds are working together to find Ayla. Once again, a pathetic attempt by Lies. I hope the Reynolds look into what can be done to stop Lies and her continual bullshit. Lies is an insult and a disgrace to sweet Ayla. Karma's going to be a bitch for Lies.

  6. You're absolutely right classy trash Misty!! If he was innocent he would NOT be criticizing investigators, he'd be commending and thanking them. And LE knows that. They've known this all from day 1. And they know more than they tell the public. Sucks sometimes, to be in the dark, but that's the way it has to be. I have this pervasive thought lately that I can't shake. This is all me speculating, and I apologize if it is inappropriate to do so, I just can't stop thinking about it. Justin took life insurance out on Ayla, $25,000 I believe, in the short time that he had her right? My thought is, why would he do that when she was supposed to be returned to her mother? Perhaps the reason is that he took it out to be able to claim it. You need a death and a body to claim a life insurance policy. What if he, or someone in that house, took her life, and then put her body somewhere fairly close where she could be found easily, and LE just hasn't looked in the right place yet? It makes sense. They plan this. Kill her. Stash her body somewhere it will be found eventually. Report her kidnapping. Then when LE happen across her body, they plan to not be obvious suspects, made sure there was no evidence, and then collect the life insurance, hoping their "kidnapping" story is believed, and they get off with the money. I get the feeling that if he did this to collect the money he wouldn't stash her somewhere they'd never find her. Cause then he can't collect. He texted Trista that he was afraid someone was going to take her. Again, part of his plan to stage a kidnapping. But let's keep in mind he obviously isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and his "plan" is bound to unfold and be known. AFA, they haven't searched Portland have they? Who's to say she's not (God forbid) placed somewhere in the woods or where she can be found?

    1. I think your on to something there!! When the kidnapping story went tits up for him, he accused Trista...he could have put ayla closer to tristas home in the hope of framing her??? Ive had a good look at the areas in between Waterville and Portland on google maps and it frightens me just how many places she could be...I think the dipshits reported Aylas "kidnapping" days later..It gave them time to clean up and move around without being watched...jmo

  7. It makes me sad for humanity that people actually exist who would see a missing child as a game, or a way to get the attention they so desperately crave.

    If "Selena Johnson" is really a member of Ayla's paternal family, I am further saddened to think that Ayla may have spent what were to be her final days in the arms of such a disturbed clan.

    If any of these messages are actually real, I think the Pack of Lies blogger was incredibly irresponsible in publishing them. If I were a member of LE, I'd currently be investigating HER for interference with a police investigation.

    1. excellent post StacieDee, I agree, I so hope that LE looks into this. It's despicable and wrong what Lies does. She has to be stopped.

    2. I do believe private text messages are protected conversations and have legal consequence for disclosure.In Trista's messages she seemed to be a mother of a missing child talking to a friend/former friend/ now suspect.

      I don't see that value for the JSTL blogger revealing them.
      I'm glad Jeff is geting legal advice and avoiding these traps.

    3. Stacie,

      I am sorry if I am misreading your post but Selena admitted she has never met Ayla. She is just as wierd as the rest of the family with one big difference, she needs to be in the spotlight while the rest of them hide!

    4. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 7:14 PM

      Interesting observation John P. Selena's behavior is a striking contrast to the rest of her family. I just can't wait for this nightmare to end for Trista and her family's sake. Poor Ayla deserves better than the continued violations against her from her paternal family.

    5. TBWBR

      Ayla deserves so much more and so does her True, Loving Family! The ones that raised her and cared for her and protected her from injury. Bring Ayla Home!

  8. Great first post JMH! I agree with your insights 100% and I also feel that Trista was doing all she could to get Justin to talk and quite possibly could have been coached by someone. I guarantee LE has all the messages from both sides. I also think that although these messages are probably authentic and are Trista's I think quite a few are missing. Why didn't Justin release all of the messages ? Full Disclosure my ass Obscure or Kylie, whoever she is.

    1. The other thing about these messages, to me, is that if LE has all of them from their cell phone providers (and I'm sure they do), if these were altered by JSTL (which I wouldn't put it passed common sense--because altering is not including all of them, verbatim), could this be deemed as tampering with evidence? My hope is that this would be a big, fat YES. JSTL, Selena, the whole troupe should just keep it up at this point; they're only making matters worse for the Paternal family (in my opinion).

      And yes, challenging any of them to post the messages at full disclosure is just ridiculous. Why do they have to answer to YOU in the first place?! *sigh*

  9. So are these the actual confirmed text messages of Trista Reynold's? That Just Can't Stop Lying blogger isn't exactly a source of unbiased or truthful information, so forgive me if I don't completely buy it. I don't give a flying fuck that Trista used the dreaded, but way-too-often used by blacks themselves N-word. When people are upset or angry, they can say the ugliest things because they want to hurt the person that hurt them and using a slur is a good way to hurt or piss someone off. It works just about every time it's used. I don't know what these texts are supposed to prove or what the point was, but Just Won't Stop Being a Douche is disgustingly obsessed with Trista and grossly hung up on Justin in a cock hungry way. She's on some kind of half-assed idiotic power trip on her Love Letter to Justin blog, ranting and raving that "ANON's WILL BE DELETED", but more often than not she just deleted those who don't buy into her bullshit. What a fucking clownshoe. And her response to every question is "Go ask Trista and JEff." Really, you Lying Sack of Shit? You inserted your portly ass into this case, put your biased 2 cents in the middle of it and want to stir the pot, but you don't have the fucking balls to just prove and back up the word vomit you spew? Because you fucking can't. Just like Dip and Co, you have nothing to back up your lies as the truth and you just want to stir up more shit, you decaying flesh bag. Go fucking join Jenny Craig and at least attempt to save your failing marriage and rotting family life and stop obsessing over who got Justin's dick first.

    1. Lies (Kylie) also does not post every comment. She is selective as to what she allows. When I post it states "it will show after approval". Some of mine have posted, others have not. She is selective as to what she allows. She might as well write the comments herself, or allow no comments. Allowing her reader to think that comments are allowed is a joke. At least here all sides are posted.

    2. Lies pretty much does write all the comments. Most of the pro-Dip anons on her blog are her. Most Jusin-loving anons on any blog that defend the Dips and Co are her actually. This psycho spends far too much time on the internet while her husband takes care of her kids that she's neglecting in favor of Justin Admiring Blog posts. She's a loser in dire need of attention so she inserts herself into any case she can to get it. I guess that's how she copes with her husband dicking other chicks 'cause he can't muster a hard on for her tubby ass anymore.

    3. JSTLisOnlyLIES : Lies, remember I told you I know who you are and what you're doing. Please, stop trying to convince me that Lies is Kylie Tudela. I KNOW YOU!

      " If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on when you stop your lying".

      three strikes and you're out! no more second chances.

    4. Anon 3:09, I have no idea who you think I am, but I am not lies. Just because I believe that Lies is Kylie T. you are free to think she is anyone you wish.

    5. I know who Lies is too. It's not Kylie T or anybody related to this case. She is just a sicko internet psycho who likes to insert herself in missing child cases. She slips up by telling the same story more than once or by talking about her kids. There's quite a lot out there about her. Her sicko friends play along too. Marybeth is posting as Selena Johnson. It's incredibly f'ing obvious!

    6. How would Justin get his texts to this internet psycho? Why would Justin trust this person enough to hand over something like that? And who is Marybeth? Just wondering, because it certainly seems that Lies has in interest in helping Justin. I'm only watching this case, so I don't know about people posting about other cases.

    7. Anon 3:09 and 5:33, I can agree with you both on Lies not being KT, and I agree with her being some internet kook who likes to insert herself in these cases. However, since I don't know who either of you would say she is, I don't know if one or both of you have it right.

      I can say this much, someone has posted comments before on both SA and JSTL about who to look at if you want to know who Lies is. I don't know if it's the same person who posted on both blogs, different people, or if they were made by either one of you, but they have it right.

      Lies has seen these posts too, because she's responded to them, and no surprise it was to deny it.

    8. One last thing I forgot to add, since there's probably been more than a few posts made on who Lies could be, the ones I'm referring to talk about someone who's a member on a well known site for discussions on murder and missing person cases.

    9. PS: BooKat, I adore your comments...expletives included. And also, I've been commenting randomly under a different username on JSTL with opposing views, and they definitely delete ALL OF THEM. So it's not just Anonymous commentators, it's everyone that doesn't bow down to her domain.

  10. Has anyone noticed that every time Lies posts something, it makes the Dips look worse? I'm so surprised that the Dips or at least their lawyers haven't told Lies to STFU, seriously!
    Just her evilness puts a bad attitude towards the Dips. The fact that Justin's aunt applauds Lies blog is sick and I think quite detrimental to the Dips. If the Dips were honest and decent people there is no way they would condone the ugliness of Lies blog since it is an obvious insult and abomination towards little Ayla. The Dips are obviously not too bright, their lawyers either.

  11. The text messages show how close to Justin these persons are. They are either members of his family or close personal friends. If Justin or anyone had any lead to Trista having Ayla they would be contacting the tip line.
    Another thing, the investigators do not share who or what they are looking at with anyone. So for Justin to think that they have not looked at all the possibilities is just plain stupid. More hurt and hate over what people think than the baby girl who is missing and is missed by those who love her.

    1. You are correct. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised when you see who the Lies blogger is and who she is directly speaking for. Though I cannot say who I will say this... She first peaked interest with her initial posts, She was told to take them down. Too late, they were copied and forwarded to LE by many bloggers. She was told to be more objective and use a passive agressive approach and to even state that she believed one of the three in the house hurt Ayla. I ask you this, when is the last time she has stated this?

      Her motives are clear. She also made off color, absolutely disgusting comments which she retrcted herself which pointed to her direct interaction with JD. Her comment(s) which prove who she is speaking for were copied and saved in a word doc.

      The final straw was an unusually heinous post where she captioned a picture of Ayla with "Mommy it is dark in here, please let me out"

      I believe she will be going to jail with her crew.

    2. Dear Anonymous 04:46 PM
      Thank you so very much for this information. I pray that what you say is true! Little Ayla deserves so much better! The lies blog is demeaning to baby Ayla! I will be so happy when justice comes!!

  12. Yes I agree ,it makes it look like he is hiding whenever someone speaks for him.He can do it himself.LE said he could talk .What is his problem? We waited for the time is right ,and then came out with I have No Idea,well then how come his friends have an idea? He could have said I know but I cant talk about it, NO IDEA after 4 months.Did his friends heard that.Then why do they keep saying it was Trista?

  13. JMH,

    Excellent post for your first time posting here. I really liked the way you emphasized the fact that Trista was ding ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN TO GET AYLA HOME! I couldn't agree more.

    Question for you. A thought in the back of my mind, what do you think about this being a preemptive strike by the defense team by shooting for a change of venue when Justin gets arrested? I am probably giving them too much credit.

    1. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 7:22 PM

      John I know your question is for JMH, but I wanted to respond too.

      I believe the defense has an obligation to request a change of venue. Ultimately it will come down to the judge's discretion. If there is no COV, the defense will file an appeal about the unfairness of staying local. However, the defense would automatically files appeals anyway. It is hard to project what the judge will rule, but my gut says that the defense will get the COV. With that said, we can be assured of no Dip Supporters on the jury. It seems everyone in Waterville knows each other and has opinions on the case. What are your thoughts on a COV John?


    2. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 7:23 PM

      John I meant to say:

      I believe the defense has an obligation to request a change of venue. Ultimately it will come down to the judge's discretion. If there is no COV AND JUSTIN IS FOUND GUILTY, the defense will file an appeal about the unfairness of staying local.

    3. First off, you posted your thoughts very well. And I do not think I had an understanding of what your cleared up for me. Honestly, A COV is going to be difficult regardless of where it ends up being tried. I am in VA, I have family in California and Maine. We all have heard all about this story. With that said, I think that Maine courts will not get a choice for a COV. I think the FBI will take the case when charges are filed and it will then be tried in federal courts. JMO

    4. I do think also that *if* Justin is arrested (there are entirely too many ifs being flown around in this case; very frustrating so far), I feel it will be tried in federal courts as well. I think in no way could this case, being so "viral" as it is to date, be handled locally. However, I agree in maybe the preemptive strike thought is giving their side much credit.

      As this progresses in the media (and online), it boggles my mind that the DiPietro side continue to make themselves appear absolutely guilty! How is that possible, with 2/3 of the DiPietro's working with legal representation? It makes no sense to me; their entire stance is just ridiculous.

  14. Anon 03:09: You're right about Lies not being Kylie, but since I'm not sure who you'd say she is I don't know if you'd be correct or not.

    I can tell you this -- there's been comments posted by someone on SA and JSTL about who Lies is, I don't know if it's the same person who posted it on both sites, or different people, it may have even been you -- and they have it right.

    1. Starting with a C. but not Courtney ?

    2. Anon 06:11: Sorry I didn't reply to you earlier, didn't see your comment, didn't see mine either. I must have scrolled by too fast and missed it. So, I thought it didn't post for some reason and reposted it :/. My other posts are up above somewhere, if you want to read them, I added a little more info.

    3. Magic8Ball : I think the above comment is asking if Lies name start with a C, but not Courtney. They are merely guessing and asking a question at the same time, get it? The correct answer to the question is NO the name does not start with a C. YOU know what your name start with, so chill out. ( no worries, i see progress)

    4. I was not guessing. The name does start with a C.

    5. Chicky, it does and no guessing here either. Even though "someone" wants us to believe we're wrong.

  15. Now how would this be possible if there were 4 drops of blood? And if they dont find Ayla ,There wouldnt be any evidence to prove that a murder happened.If there isnt enough blood evidence then how could he be railroaded for Murder? Selena said ,My family who is slowly being railroaded down a path that accuses them of murder.

    1. The Bride Wears BLOOD RedMarch 31, 2012 at 7:26 PM

      LOL @ Selena. It must be getting crowded under that rock the Dip Supporters are living under.

  16. Anon 06:11 : First, sorry I didn't reply to you earlier. I didn't see your comment, or mine. I must have been scrolling too fast and missed them, so I thought my previous comment didn't post the first time and I reposted :/. You can look up above some where if you want to read them, I added some more info.

    As for your question, just to be sure we're on the same page, the C. you mention isn't any of the Dips friends, as far as you know? The reason for asking is because I'm aware of atleast one other friend starting with a C., besides Courtney.

    1. Correct.. is not Dips family or friend as far as I have been able to figure out. My above post should not have been ANNON. Somehow messed that up.

    2. Great Job JMH


      Heart breaking, heart breaking, heart breaking!!!

      Trista has handled herself exceptionally well. As far as the n-word (if true) it was of course put out there to try and put a bad light on Trista. I do believe that most people can tell that Trista (if true text) was a horrified mother and being provocative within both her own horror and her anger at that moment. As far as I am concerned Justin is very lucky Trista restrained herself and did not actually come after him.

      I see Trista as a woman, who is consistently putting her daughter Ayla first. I would also add, I see a mother desperate for any news or tidbit of anything involving Ayla. And guess who holds all the cards concerning the last two months of Ayla's life before she vanished.

    3. Chicky -- adding another sorry, I didn't see where my comment had posted again, so the last one is another repost :/. Either scrolling too fast, or they were slow in showing up for some reason.

      From your last two replies, I think we are on the same page.

    4. Yeah we are. C.Y.A.P. I've known for quite some time now.

    5. We definitely are.

    6. To out or not to out..that is my question? I wonder if there is more benifit to NOT outing her?

  17. Great post JMH!

    "...mental illness, which oftentimes plays a part in substance abuse for so many people in this Universe; some people at times don’t fully understand their diseases, and choose their own ways to “self medicate”..."

    I specifically like how you pointed this out. Some people may not be aware of this fact. Some people may know this, but just choose to continue to be cruel. Mental illness AND addiction are both diseases. What you said is absolutely true. These diseases often go hand in hand. Especially when someone is not fully aware of their mental illness, a lot of people tend to self medicate, not on purpose or as a choice. Their body/mind just knows that it feels better and has relief from whatever was causing them "pain".

    There should be no shame in admitting to having either one or both diseases. It is cruel to look down upon someone for having these diseases, especially if they have been able to admit to it, then even harder, seek help. There are millions of people with these diseases. People you work with, people who sit next to you at church - these diseases can affect anyone. Most people keep their diseases private, which is their right. Trista has had to have her health information made public. If someone wants to look down on her, then shame on them!

    1. ms.peridot19
      I find your comments on this subject informative and helpful. Actually, I find all your comments worthwhile. :)

    2. Hello again Kit, I just want to make sure you know I was speaking to you! :) Geeze i need a nap already! ms.p

    3. Lol, thanks ms.p. I could go for a nap as well, don't feel bad ;)

      I just wish people would stop putting Trista down in her time of need. It is not fair. Although I don't suffer from such diseases, I of couse know people who do. Who doesn't?! If anyone wanted to bother to check the statistics of mental illness and addiction, maybe they wouldn't be so cold hearted. I have always had a big heart for people suffering with such illnesses. It is not their fault! Why anyone would want to belittle simeone for that, it is beyond me...?

  18. ms.peridot19

    Oh darn it, I wanted my post to be a stand alone! I am sorry if it is out of place as a reply!

  19. I struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life and used alcohol to self medicate. Antidepressants and anti anxiety meds did not help me. I started having seizures 4 years ago and was put on an anti seizure med which is one drug also used for Bi Polar disorder. I was a new person and the desire for alcohol simply vanished. I had struggled even as a child with depression and anxiety. Bi Polar is not allways recognized because not everyone exihibites in the same way. So people do self medicate especially when the real issue is not recognized or treated medically. I wish I had been able to get help a long time ago because given a choice of not being in control of my life or being happy and stable is a no brainer.

    1. ms.peridot19
      Happy, that is so wonderful, you are happy now! I really hope we are getting better at getting to the truth of what people are suffering and improving treatments.

      As far as Trista self medicating I would not be surprised at all. I have not looked it up, but, have wondered if pregnancies have an effect on women with Bi Polar? Also if women can continue with their same medications while pregnant? I Truly hope with all Trista is dealing with, she is getting whatever correct help or support she needs.

      Note: I have not personally read Trista talking about having whatever she is diagnosed with.

    2. Neither have I seen her discuss any health issues, I can only relay my experience. I will add also that it took a few tries on antiseizure medications to find one that did not have adverse side effects. The first 3 made me actually hyper and out to lunch so to speak. The last one was the perfect fit when they lowered the dose a bit. Very hard to get the right fit for each individual. It must be so incredibly difficult for Trista right now and I see her strenght shining through.

    3. ms.peridot19
      Mental Illness is a very important health issue as is getting proper treatment for it. I know it is hideous and horrible that so many people are suffering when, with proper help and treatment lives could be way better and even saved.

      I was surprised this last week to see a commercial on tv about getting help if you are suffering from having Bi-Polar disorder. I want to look it up if i can find it, to see who made the commercial. As far as I am concerned the more talk about it the better.

      I am sincerely touched by what you have shared with us here. It is wonderful to see that you can now call yourself Happy! And it really is amazing when you found the right medication and dosage that your need and craving for alcohol simply vanished. I just wonder how many others need to have the correct medication and dosage too?

      And I totally agree with you about Trista!
      my best wishes to you, sincerely, ms.p

    4. Well, thank you Ms.P !! It was discovered that the siezures and Bi Polar were actually caused by a physical abnormality in my brain. They believe that I had a congenital defect or some sort of brain infection as a child. I only wish for me as well as others that the right help was more redily available. I also think when we see anyone, and in particular single parents, that need a helping hand with ANYTHING, that we need to put ourselves out there for them. many people do not have family around as a support system or for financial help on occasion. A few bags of groceries can not only make a tummy feel better but a heart.

  20. February 23

    8:24 am

    "Can I have back all of aylas things that you may have especially her new clothes I had just bought for her ...."


    If those are real text messages, interesting comment about Ayla's clothes. It looks like Trista asked JDip for Ayla's new clothes back that Trista (herself) had bought Ayla. So either before or after Justin took Ayla, her mother was still clothing her. What happened to Grandma Truth Teller AKA Phoebe Phacts, had to buy Ayla all new clothes because Ayla had NO clothes that fit her???? And by the way I still say baby's grow and most grandmas help out by buying grandchildren clothes if they can.

    Also if Phoebe Phacts Dipietro, did buy the particular jamies Ayla supposedly went missing in, why did she not produce the receipt? If she really has a receipt and did produce that receipt, some of the Dip followers would believe it proves something and be high fiving each other. Of course it would not disprove Jessica also generously bought the same jamies for Justin. Personally, I think Phoebe is embarrassed that it is Jessica alone who really bought those jamies and Pheebs understands exactly why. I think Phoebe Phacts is also embarrassed publicly that under Aunt Jessica's care, baby Ayla was well taken care of and suffered no injuries or went missing. (Well Ayla was forcibly taken from Aunt Jessica! and by who?) But while living with Grandma Phoebe, Ayla was injured, missed how much medical care, was kept from her own mother and literally vanished. So i guess it shows why, the low lives (whoever they all are), are taking whatever potshots they think they can get away with by talking bad about a loving Aunt Jessica. Personally I am praying that God is noting all of it!

    my own thoughts and opinions, ms. p

    1. ITA! I also wonder if Justin even had the clothes to give back. Toddlers grow so quickly, I don't know how anyone could think Trista wanted them to clothe Ayla. I'm willing to bet she wanted the clothes for sentimental reasons. So, I wonder if they had the clothes to give back, or if they used them for Gabby, or just discarded them...

    2. I would want EVERYTHING that my daughter had touched or worn..especially the things she probably had touch most recently. i would want her cloths, her sippy cup, her favorite blankie, everything!

  21. ms.peridot19

    Absolutely, Trista would want it all back. It would mean everything to Trista to keep Alya's belongings. To have them to see, touch, smell, hold and hug. I am so disgusted that Trista even had to ask Justin. Someone should have gathered everything they could of Ayla's and just given them to her!!!!!! Every little thing that the Dipietro's have done including this screams that something is so wrong with them.

  22. you know what's really sad, sicko aunt selena tried to insinuate in a post that the reason Trista wanted the clothes back was so she could return them for cash. everything that lies and selena post make the dips look bad. I just don't get what they think their purpose it or what they are accomplishing? The only thing they have done is make the dips look like dips.

    1. ms.peridot19
      That is totally sad and sick. (shaking my head)

    2. I agree.

      It is truly disgusting, Selena's commentary throughout the internet sites she leaves word on. You claim you love Ayla (who you have never met), yet you're DOGGING her mother with horrid names and finger pointing? What I respect about Trista and her family is that they are not bad-mouthing and name-calling; they are stating facts, publicizing the evidence they've been given the OK to publish on their respective websites, and leaving it at that. I really don't know how they sleep at night. And seriously, I've just about had it with JSTL referring to Trista with her disrespectful nicknames, and also referring to Jeff as "Jeffrey"; GROW UP! And you say you have children?! Some role model you are.