Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lip Service

Truth4Ayla did a post on the Lance planning a Vigil for Ayla's Birthday at the New Directions Church in Waterville, I had also heard rumblings about another vigil being held in Waterville and wondered how many people would even want to attend, I imagine only Justin supporters since it would be too difficult for many of us to even be in the same room with them, being in the same church with any of them almost seems sacrilegious to me.

I read through the comments on the post when I finally got home this evening and then started thinking about the whole thing. Lance last mentioned this vigil on March 14th, a date wasn't even set in stone nor was a time. There has been no public announcement of it on the news or in the newspaper. The 4th is only a few days away and I am fairly confident we have nothing to worry about as far as two vigils being held on the same day. It appears to me to be another half-assed attempt by the DiPietros to show the public they give a crap about Ayla and then like Justin working with the Laura Recovery Center, they don't follow through with it.

It was ridiculous anyway that Lance was the one planning a vigil for his niece while Justin and Courtney hang out in the Tudela's mansion drinking Magic Hat and Allen's Coffee Brandy keeping up with the new dvd releases via RedBox and planning their wedding. Justin wasn't around for Ayla's birth or her first birthday so why bother being apart of her second birthday either?

We hear nothing from the DiPietro camp except for the lip service we get from their mouthpieces at TTLOM. I am fed up, we all are fed up.

I exposed TTLOM, actually Angela Harry, for claiming she was a non profit and questioned her "missing child fund". I have received plenty of comments in the comment section from TTLOM members coming to the defense of their great leader but no one addressed the claims and instead only defended the money they put in to buy these items to spread awareness of Ayla's plight. No one mentioned the "First Ayla Bell Run" and the underlined print that says no refunds, if they aren't collecting money, what are they not refunding? Brain Cells? No one mentioned the store or this disclaimer on their store:


These products have been designed by the owner of This Little Light of Maine. They are for the purpose of spreading awareness of Ayla Bell Reynolds, who is a missing 22 month old toddler. She has been missing since 12-16-11 from her home in Maine. Anyone who wishes to help spread her story and wishes to use these products is welcome to do so. Our 501c3 status is pending, and the revenue for these products is set as low as was possible- 10%. Any royalties received will be deposited into a non-profit fund for use towards further awareness campaigns to bring Ayla home.

Maybe their status is pending, but I doubt it. It is extremely hard to be approved as a nonprofit and can take a year to get approved. Do they still think Ayla will missing in a year and where is the money going until it is approved? The Run is scheduled for next month...

The other thing no one has mentioned is whether or not Justin is working with the Laura Recovery Center still. I would think that would be the easiest to prove. A simple email from Dawn in reply to an email from Justin asking her to address his cooperation, a screenshot of that email would prove I am wrong, instead they ignore the challenge when commenting on my blog and Heidi and Angela have ignored mention of it on the secret TTLOM group. Why would a father who is devastated that his daughter was "abducted" not do anything and everything to try to find her? Why would he stop working with an organization that has so many resources available at his disposal? An organization that has experience with missing child cases? The obvious answer is that he doesn't want Ayla found because he is the one who hid her where she is. He is threatened by them, they have the capability to unearth his secret and put him where he belongs, behind bars.

From ThisLittleScamLightofMaine

A.C. So I strayed away from the page and was quickly reminded why I do not like doing that....I did come across some things that literally made me LOL and some where I wanted to reach thru my phone and slap the person on the other end and scream mosqito. Haha. I also came across a few posts that stated that justin and courtney are planning a wedding and that courtney is/could be pregnant. Some comments that are being made are justin and courtney are getting married so they can have spousal immunity since LE did not bite when justin asked for immunity for the "kidnapper" they have to go about it some other way. I also came across a post about what phoebe does for work and how well she could "hid" a body and it never be found and how it is possible phoebe threw ayla in the incenertor at work so n...ow they will never have a body or proof and that elisha, justin, and courtney believed it was the best way to dispose of her. What kind of sick person would be able to do something like this and not feel guilty! You would think if this was the case one of them would have cracked by now! It was also stated that they are no longer working with the laura recovery group(hope I got the group name right) and now that makes them look even more guilty.(according to the site, they haven't been working with them since justin was shown the pictues of the blood, but heidi had stated not that long ago he was still working with them...)

Again these are things that I came across that really caught my attention and had to share.
 L.C.  Ahhh. One example of what happens when I work on things. The mole posts my questions about laura recovery on the blog then questions people as to whether justin is working with them or not. Then it ends up everywhere.
T. I felt sick to my stomach reading some of the comments and asked myself the same thing about how they question how we sleep at night. Both times I stepped away from this page was because something caught my eye in my news feed. 

, they are just going after whatever information they can to twist things to their liking, doesn't matter if it has any truth to it or not.
Leisha you are doing a great job! They are just grabbing at straws here, keep up the great work! The same goes for everybody in this group!(mole included because even tho you're helping to twist things around at least you are helping to keep aylas name out there! That is the only thing I have decent to say about you! How can you sleep at night knowing that your ruining or trying to ruin a family and discredit a group of people who have 1 main goal and that is finding Ayla and the truth will be sure to follow!)
I am thankful each and everyday to be a part of this group

M.W. I have an answer for them. Justin is working with This Little Light of Maine. An incredible group of talented and brilliant people who work tirelessly to bring his daughter home. MOLE- copy and paste :)

Here Ms. Firestarter, I will post this for you, Are you sure Justin is really working with TTLOM? I have never seen him post here or mention any of you in the interviews he does? Whoops, my bad! Justin doesn't do interviews...

Heidi T.
I haven't been invited to the wedding. Not getting how Phoebe's job has any relevance to their "story". I am thinking they do not actually know where she works. This is so silly. Just another example of how something gets written down and ...starts being circulated and then bits and pieces of it will start to become facts. For example many people still think Phoebe works for DHHS or knows or is related to someone in DHHS. Not true. None of the above. But because it has been written so many times it has become fact to many people. For me you do have to question the motives of a person or group of people who so badly need to paint a picture of something to change it that they are literally willing to make things up...

No Heidi, Phoebe doesn't work for DHHS, you are correct- I posted her payroll info below and maybe Justin isn't aware that Courtney set up a wedding folder on Pinterest, maybe it was only daydreaming of the day she would become Mrs. Filicide DiPietro or maybe she was planning a friend's wedding, regardless it shows that life has gone on for all of them less than 3 months after Ayla disappeared, it shows where their priorities lie when they stop working with LRC but start actively using Pinterest and not even for the sake of sharing Ayla's picture. They may have forgotten about her but we will not. Why haven't you addressed Justin working with LRC? Why didn't you address your 501c3 status or the Ayla Bell Run? Why don't you answer the hard questions? We are tired of the lip service, I am surprised your loyal followers have not started to question the lies you tell, it is still a lie even if it is lying by omission.

From 2011 payroll
Job Class or Working TitleMANAGEMENT ANALYST I
Sum of Regular Wages41371.52
Sum of Stipends0
Sum of Overtime1726
Cost of Retirement1974


  1. LE will find Ayla.

    LE will make the arrests you would expect as well as some others that will shock them, but not the people following the case closely.

    LE has much more physical evidence than they are showing.

    LE will not give criminals the chance to concoct BS stories, they will get smacked with the big bombs when they are under oath and after they have told more lies, under oath, which will be directly refuted by the evidence. If they knew what LE had they would be begging for a deal.


    1. Justin says, "She did not come to her demise"? No one mentioned she was dead, just missing!

      They are all a bunch of liars. I believe McCausland over them.

      I would empty my bank account to Justin, if they find Ayla alive, and he had nothing to do with it.

    2. your bank account is safe.

    3. Where have you been Anonymous 9:28?? About 75% of the internet posters assume she is dead. Fortunately, I am in the rare 25%. You, yourself, just said "if they find her alive", which shows that you also believe she is dead.

    4. dumb, dumb and dumber : " if they find her alive " doesn 't mean a person believe she is dead. " If" means: in case. So the persons statement is saying, " in case they find her alive. She didn't say, "in case they find her dead, which shows that you are an idiot.

      btw: Justin said her "demise" which means death. Ask Justin to explain the death of his daughter.

    5. His mother added, "I think Mr. McCausland is very full of himself, and he should check his facts before he goes out and makes statements.:

      OMG! This from the woman that went on national TV and implied to the world that she was there the night Ayla supposedly went missing.

      FFS!!! SMH!

  3. Anon 8:55, I like ur post, and hope u know what ur talking about.

    Justice, great job! Keep it up!

    I'm going to be so frustrated if they don't find the guilty party, like so many other missing children.

  4. People are afraid to "stray" from This Little Cult, I mean Scam, I mean Lie, I mean Light of Maine? That's scary in itself.

  5. I am positive he is working with TLLOM. Why would he mention any of us in his interviews? If he did, you would just say he is not talking about Ayla and it doesn't matter who he is working with as long as he is working. You don't have to believe it and it doesn't matter if you do. No one owes any explanation to you for what they are doing. All that matters is that it is getting done. He doesn't have to post on the page to be working with anyone. You don't have to see it to make it true. Thank you for providing a venue for more truths to be spread.

    ps- firestarting is a metaphor for stating facts or an opposite opinion that usually causes an uproar of negative comments on blogs such as yours. Members of our page are well aware of what that means :) Keep blogging, it keeps Ayla's face out there and that's all that matters even if I don't agree with your views, I agree the truth needs to come out and her name needs to be read and heard by as many people as possible!

    1. MsFirestarter: Justin has revealed that Ayla has met her demise. Now tell him to reveal where he or Phoebe dumped her remains.

      Lies: You are a smart cookie and know demise means death don't ya? Can't wait to see how you are going to spin this new revelation. Now, I understand why mama Heidi did not let him speak.

      According to webster's dictionary, a firestarter is someone who starts fires! Metaphor my ass. It depends on the context in which your intend to utilize it. Your intend is : to start shit! which by the way isn't working.

      btw: tell justin to keep talking, he just might experience another freudian slip and reveal where ayla's remains are.

  6. How long has TLCOM been a missing childrens organization? I'm pretty sure I would choose LRC over some fly by night, fraudulent, religious cult to work with, to help find my "kidnapped" daughter.

    I don't think Angela Harry has a true, genuine bone in her body. Anyone with even a little bit of religious upbringing and/or knowledge knows that you can not use religion only when it suits you. You can't use religion to pretent you are just person. You need to practice what you preach, in order to be truly genuine in your religious beliefs. She is a fraud and so is her "missing child fund". IMO

    1. You're right, one must practice religious standards & principles to be a just person.
      That doesn't mean that they can not & do not make mistakes.

      One thing I've learned from my religious upbringing is NOT to judge others. Another is to be respectful of others.

    2. You are correct. One thing though, mistakes don't happen over and over again, intentionally.

      Thats very nice, I'm glad you learned not to judge others. So, don't judge me, for judging someone else. Jesus wouldn't aprove of that.