Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Laura Recovery Center and Lost N Missing

There has been one question floating around that many have asked and we have not gotten an answer to: "Is Justin still working with the Laura Recovery Center?" I saw an exchange on TTLOM where a member asked the same question of Heidi.
L C - Can anyone tell me if Justin is still working with Laura Recovery Center? Or are there any other groups involved... crimestoppers or anything? Thank you :)

D M Yes as far as I know Justin is still working with Laura Recovery center and Trista is working with lostnmissing....Isnt it sad that they cant even work with the same group to share the info.
L C thanks Dale. I need an official word from Justin though for something I'm working on.
Heidi Tudela Those two groups are actually working together. And Leisha message Angela she may be able to help you with your answer. :)
L C I tried, I just haven't heard back yet and I wanted to get further with this thing. Thanks :)
I found it odd that Justin is living in Heidi's home but she could not answer that question and referred it to Angela. It appeared to me that Heidi was skirting the question by responding that these two groups were working together but never says Justin is working with them.
Justin publicly stated he was working with The Laura Recovery Center in Texas, it was reported by WMTW that Justin sought out their help. They informed him to keep Ayla's name out there and to do interviews every chance he had. Here is the video:

Others have tried to find out directly if Justin was still working with the Laura Recovery Center and even placed a phone call to the organization to see if they would comment but they would not comment to anyone other than family. It did not appear that this was going to be a question we were going to get an answer to so I put it in the back of my mind. 

This morning I clicked on the Google +1 link next to Boo Kat's latest post and finally signed up for a Google Circles account. When I was on there I did a quick search for Ayla Reynolds and came across the personal blog from the founder of Lost N Missing, the group that is working with Trista. I read through her posts and saw that she too believes Justin responsible for harming Ayla however she is using every available resource to look for a living Ayla as well.

Ayla Reynolds, your mommy loves you tremendously. Her heart is breaking. All she wants is to hug you and bring you home. There are people standing in the way from telling the truth. Our prayers that if something happened to you, and you are in heaven's care, that SOMEONE will come forward and tell the truth. Your mom deserves to know. Your baby brother deserves to know along with the rest of your maternal family. I'm sorry I cannot, at this time, write that your paternal family needs to know because the odds are they already do. Will they come forward with the needed information? How can 3 adults, all who have children of their own, not be able to tell the truth? Do they know that the Maine State Police may grant immunity to the FIRST who steps up and tells what happened? Do they know if none of them do....they ALL will more than probably be charged? Do they know that a higher power exists that they have to answer to? If this was an accident, why haven't they come forward by now? This leads all to the unimaginable horror that it was not an accident. Is THAT what the DiPietro family wants the public to think? That this beautiful child's life was purposely taken? WHO IS GOING TO STEP UP AND TALK? Who?
Seeing her post made me wonder about whether or not Justin was working with the Laura Recovery Center so I emailed Jeff Hanson to see if he knew. He contacted Dawn and Cindy from LRC and Lost N Missing and the response was that Justin never worked with Lost N Missing and he stopped working with LRC after the vigil where it was confirmed blood of Ayla's was found in his basement bedroom.
Why is Justin no longer working with an agency who is volunteering their time and services to bring his supposedly kidnapped daughter home? Why is TTLOM stating on their website that Justin is working with these organizations if he is not? Why are they lying? Why would these organizations be working with Trista is Justin informed them of his belief that Trista took Ayla? Is everyone out to get Justin and is this a conspiracy on behalf of LE, Lost N Missing, and the Laura Recovery Center?
They keep claiming that Jeff Hanson and Trista are not credible and have reason not to tell the truth, I would think this would be a very easy way to back up their claims and to prove their allegations. Show us proof that Justin is in fact still cooperating with the Laura Recovery Center in order to find his missing daughter. The challenge is there, let's see if they respond with actual proof and not more lip service.


  1. OH J4A, didn't ya hear? They'll let us know when the "time is right". We'll all be shocked when the "truth comes out".

    The TTLOM site is nothing but a pack of lies. Her about page is about nothing more than her bullshit, non-existent copyright. With many, many warnings that the pictures on her site belong to the paternal family and no one else can use them.

    Then, she asks everyone to visit facebook and share Ayla's pictures with their facebook friends. So, which is it Angela? Or, are some pictures copyrighted while others are free to be used?

    I think it's been pretty apparent for a while that Laura Recovery was no longer communicating with Justin. He's not communicating with anyone (other than his harem, I guess). But, it is nice to have this confirmed.

    Thanks for all of your hard work J4A. You and your contributors are doing a great job!

    1. Did you catch that fucking slideshow? Fucking-A, I swear that thing was some inspirational Christian montage they already had on hand and they just added a couple pictures of Ayla to it. There's more photos of nature and shit than there are of Ayla. That blog, or whatever you'd call it, is a fucking joke and a scam. "Let's show we care by mooching money off a concerned public and make as little mention of Ayla as we can get away with while pretending this site is about her." These people are morally bankrupt. It's hilarious how much Hallelujah-ing is going on over there. Guess they haven't heard God thinks their pieces of shit too.

    2. I was a little disappointed that slide show didn't include a Tim Tebow touchdown. He's down with Jesus. Why leave him out?

    3. God doesn't think anyone is a piece of shit.
      He's not pleased when you or anyone uses His name in this kind of manner.

  2. The Dip Minions aren't showing proof of what they're saying because there isn't any. As usual, they're lying through their fingertips and shit disturbing. What is with the bringing up Trista every time these people get a hard question about what Justin is doing to find Ayla? It's that constant dredge up Trista and take the heat off Justin shit. LOOK WHAT TRISTA DID, nevermind what Justin's done or isn't doing. Nothing coming out of these people is worth a shit because they have nothing new to say. It's the same old Trista, Trista, Trista shit and constant regurgitation of mistruths. They're so insistent that Justin IS trying to "find" Ayla, but where is proof of that? Back it up with solid fucking proof, not just defensive words, if Justin is in fact doing ANYTHING for Ayla. They can't and they won't because you can't turn a lie into truth no matter how hard you try.

    1. Well BooKat, didn't Heidi tell us that Justin was "emotionally incapable" of doing anything right now? He must still be afflicted with that condition.

      Seems as though that's how they're handling it. I think I comprehend the plan completely now, see if you agree:

      1. Blame the public for being to hard on Justin and incapacitating him.
      2. Redirect by saying shitty stuff about Trista, even if it isn't true.
      3. Call everyone who disagrees with you loons.
      4. Create a closed group so only those who agree with you can join.
      5. Continue to post lies at every site you can find that directly conflict with information given by the police, until you tell it so many times you actually get some fools to believe you.
      6. Deflect blame at all costs.
      7. Protect Justin from the public trolls by speaking for him.
      8. Recruit Justin's crazy Aunt Selena to post nonsensical crap that has nothing to do with anything, but goes on for days.
      9. Copyright EVERYTHING.
      10. Raise money for Justin's weed fund.

    2. I wonder if he will be emotionally capable of getting married?

    3. I doubt it Chicky. Unless he wants Courtney to tell the cops everything she knows.

  3. Justin doesn't need the LRC, when he has TLLOM. What with her private groups and copyrighted pictures, that's the best way for him to try to keep Ayla's name out of the spotlight. That's what he really wants. If it's not, I haven't seen anything from him to prove otherwise.

    Oh yeah, TLLOM will get him some extra $$$ too. LRC can't do that for him.

  4. It wasnt just the TV station that stated Justin contacted them. It was a spokeoman for the Laura Recovery Center that stated that. Just clarifying.

    1. DipShit is going Down!March 27, 2012 at 10:08 PM

      Yes, but it was so very short lived. He put on a dog and pony show to try to deflect.

      Guess what? It didn't work!

  5. I hope LE is reading and the prosecutor too so he can make sure the TTLOM folks are added to the list of those to be charged.

    1. Thats just silly. Im confused why you think members of TLLOM could POSSIBLY be charged with anything. When Justin is found guilty HE will be charged and more than likely Courtney and Elisha but to think that members of a group would be charged with anything because they believe the little POS is innocent is assinine. Im sorry, but that shows stupidity on your part.

    2. Assuming they've actually collected any money, what I was thinking was them being charged some type for fraud for collecting funds under false pretenses. Assinine and stupid I am not. Please keep your insults to yourself.

  6. ....And it is all un-raveling.. The truth will continue to come out...