Monday, March 12, 2012

Indications of Neglect

I posted some pictures supplied to us by Selena Johnson a few days ago and expressed my belief that these pictures along with the other information that we know about Ayla while in her father's care show a child that was not thriving, was not comfortable even to the point where she appeared miserable and quite possibly was neglected and even abused. Looking at her surroundings in the pictures also show that the house cluttered, dirty, and not safe for toddlers. A few commentors were outraged that I had the gall to say that a child was neglected or even possibly resented by an assessment of a few pictures. I am most likely beating a dead horse with this post because some people still refuse to look at the evidence as a whole and only look at one piece of the puzzle at a time.

When solving a puzzle, you must look at how all the pieces fit together to make sense of the bigger picture. You must use logic, you must use common sense.

The Pieces of the Puzzle:

Trista, her sister Jessica, and her mother all reported that when Ayla went to visit Justin she came home with bruises, Justin does not deny this allegation, we know this because he claims that Ayla got into a fight with another child in a nonexistent ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. On another occasion Trista and her mother reported that Justin took Ayla and when she came back she was limping and they found out it was from a pulled leg muscle, Justin again does not deny this and his explanation was that they were "horsing around", many believe it was the result of a rough diaper change although there is no evidence to definitively prove that. Then Ayla goes to live with Justin and ends up with a broken arm. Ayla is not taken to the ER to have it checked for 24 hours.

In addition to the injuries that befell Ayla while in Justin's care, he also refused to allow her to have regular communication with her mother, the only person she had known since birth.

The night that Ayla went missing, it was reported that Justin, Courtney, and Courtney's son were all asleep in the basement bedroom while Ayla slept alone upstairs. Selena Johnson stated that she had slept downstairs in the basement before and you can't hear anything because of the noisy furnace, being winter and cold in Maine, it is reasonable to assume that the furnace kicked on quite a bit that night, there also was no baby monitor. Justin and Courtney could not hear Ayla. Ayla was not checked on for 12 hours. She was put down at 8pm and wasn't reported missing until almost 9am the next day.

We found out after Ayla was discovered missing that Justin's girlfriend, Courtney had a sister who was also her roommate in Portland. Brianna Roberts was arrested with quite an arsenal of prescription pain killers and cocaine when the apartment the two shared was busted by DEA agents. It is also safe to assume that Ayla, while in the care of Justin, had spent ample time at the Portland apartment while visiting his girlfriend, it is also safe to assume that there were drugs and/or drug use in the house at the same time Ayla was in the home.

When the pictures of Ayla were released by Ayla's maternal side of the family, we got the image of a vibrant, happy, beautiful little girl. She was smiling, uninterested in the camera and her eyes were bright taking in the world around her. There were no pacifying agents nearby. She looked confident and comfortable.

When the pictures of her in her father's care surfaced, that happy go lucky, vibrant little girl was no more. She appears wary of the camera, her eyes are not bright, she has her stuffed dog either clutched in her arms or nearby. She does not look comfortable nor does she look confident.

I know I am not the only person who has noticed the difference, nor am I the only one who reached the conclusion that Ayla was neglected and quite possibly abused by someone in her paternal family. Ayla's demeanor was not the only thing that was taken from the pictures that led me to that conclusion and it also was the pictures coupled with the evidence we already know that lead me to my final judgment. I have said that before but it apparently needs repeating. Just because a house is dirty, in disarray, not child proofed does not indicate neglect, but when someone from Child Protective Services goes into a home to make an assessment of neglect or abuse, they do look at those things.

When Child Protective Services CPS, are at a home during an assessment they will ask the parent certain questions, these questions are pretty standard and may vary slightly from state to state. At a Doctor's office, you fill out a questionnaire before your children's wellness visits, these questions and your responses are to give the medical practitioner insight into possible abuse and/or neglect.

There are four types of neglect, Physical, Educational, Emotional and Medical.

Physical neglect

Physical neglect accounts for the majority of cases of maltreatment. Physical neglect generally involves the parent or caregiver not providing the child with basic necessities (e.g., adequate food, clothing and shelter). Failure or refusal to provide these necessities endangers the child’s physical health, well-being, psychological growth and development. Physical neglect also includes child abandonment, inadequate supervision, rejection of a child leading to expulsion from the home and failure to adequately provide for the child’s safety and physical and emotional needs. Physical neglect can severely impact a child’s development by causing failure to thrive; malnutrition; serious illness; physical harm in the form of cuts, bruises, burns or other injuries due to the lack of supervision; and a lifetime of low self-esteem.

Educational neglect is not able to be acurately assessed in this case because Ayla was not of school age.

There also is no proof of emotional neglect although it is suspected. The only indication that we have proof of is that Justin isolated Ayla from her mother.

There is proof of medical neglect because Justin failed to bring Ayla to the ER after he had fallen on her. It was determined that Ayla suffered from a broken arm as a result of that incident.

If CPS were supposed to be involved in this case and Trista did report her concerns to DHS about possible abuse while in Justin's care, CPS and DHS should be held liable for Ayla's disappearance. There are too many indications of child abuse and/or neglect.

Why does a dirty or cluttered house matter?
A home that is dirty and cluttered can indicate behaviors of the parent, if a parent does not have the time to clean and provide a clutter-free home, does that parent have time for the child. Is the parent suffering from depression, are they abusing substances? Houses that are not clean can also be a source of mold and other harmful inhalants. We know that Justin's home was not dirt and clutter free from the pictures. We also know from the television interview that Justin did, there were cigarettes and an ashtray near him on the table, it appeared that they also allow smoking in a home with two toddlers.

Unintentional Injury is the leading cause of death in children under 14 years old with more than a third of those injuries happening in the home. 70% of children who die from household injuries are 3 and under. Ayla and Gabby are both under the age of three.

These accidents happen because baby gates are not installed properly or are not present, plastic bags are left out or large pillows, comforters, or clothes that can be a source for smothering. Small objects that a child can choke on, children are inquisitive. They will put almost anything in their mouth, pennies, batteries, marbles. The cords from blinds and electronic items can cause strangulation if a child is allowed to play near them unsupervised. Outlets with no covers are also extremely dangerous, children often mimic parents and try to plug in items or stick items into outlets. Death or injury by most househould accidents are silent. Parents will not hear the child struggling so having a baby monitor or checking on a child is crucial. It could mean the difference between life or death.

We do not know what happened to Ayla, was it an accident that went unreported and was covered up? After seeing the pictures released by the paternal family, I would say that is an extremely strong possibility. From judging by the facts that we already know coupled with the pictures and what they told us, am I comfortable saying that Ayla was neglected, absolutely. The people that do not see the evidence of this may just not be looking at how the pieces fit the puzzle as a whole, or you could argue that I am trying too hard to make the pieces fit. Like I said before, I fear I am beating a dead horse by posting this again.

Anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds is asked to call  207-680-4700 or 207-624-7076. There is a $30,000 reward that is still unclaimed.

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    Light a candle for Ayla.

  2. If CPS had gone into that home to investigate, there is no way they would have taken action based on the level of clutter, dust, or baby-proofing. The degree to which that home is less than an ideal environment is not enough to support a finding of neglect. The only reason people are making such an issue of it now is because Ayla is missing and because there is evidence of injuries that could possibly, depending on the circumstances, support an abuse finding.

    1. Maybe yes maybe noMarch 12, 2012 at 5:22 PM

      I agree anon 136......there is absolutely no way CS would have taken her away. As far as the photos of her at Justins house and her needing a "pacifying" agent. My daughter has one with her at all times and even around me and I in no way abuse her. Do I think the photos showed signs of abuse? No. Do I think Justin hurt Ayla or physically abused her? No. Do I think she is still alive? Yes.......did he take her? possibly, but there is a chance her mothers family did too......Im keeping an open mind until police release more details. Im not about to lynch a young father who may or may not have done the things social media is already proclaiming he is guilty of.

    2. It does not appear from photos that she needed her teddy bear at her side when she was with her mother but is very evident in the photos at her fathers. A child with a broken arm who is not checked on in at least 12 hours and no baby monitor and a basically sound proof basement..What excuse do you make for this? Three mothers and a father occupy that house and no one thinks a mbaby monitor would be a good idea in this case?

    3. Maybe yes Maybe noMarch 12, 2012 at 7:25 PM

      She was more comfortable at her mothers, there is no denying that, but it would make sense to me that she is more comfortable with her mother as that was her primary care giver. While a baby monitor would have been a good idea I can honestly say I have never used one nor have some friends that I questioned......a few did though. When I put my child to sleep I dont usually check on her until she awakens and finds me......and usually I am up before her as she tends to sleep very long hours and then not take naps. I understand alot of what the paternal side of the family is saying and their behavior most likely because my child/sleeping habbit is the same as theirs. I also believe it is plausible that someone could have snuck into the house and taken Ayla but i will not deny the fact that I am dissapointed someone with a child/ren in the house would leave a door unlocked, although Im not familiar with the town so maybe its small town mentality. I dont believe the fact that her arm is broken should be a signifigant item when stating he didnt check on her as a broken arm is in no way life threatening. I will say though that there is deffinatly something strange related to the fact that he just wont speak up or account for his actions/questions that people are raising. What DID actually happen with the blood they found in the basement? How much was it? Clarify the life insurence policy. Talk about Ayla in general. Im not saying his silence speaks to his guilt but it does raise a few red flags. As I said.......still on the fence on this one.

    4. Chicky, there's no excuse for it, but it may or may not indicate abuse. The pacifying agent could have a lot to do with being uprooted and sent to live with virtual strangers- even though she'd spent some time with Justin, it apparently wasn't much and didn't involve long stretches. She was adjusting to all new people in her temporary new home. The other stuff does not reflect optimal judgment but that also doesn't mean it was typical. I thought the police said Ayla normally slept downstairs with Justin- if I am remembering correctly, that would be a reason for not normally needing a baby monitor. I'm not nominating them for family of the year or anything, just pointing out that had Ayla disappeared much of this stuff wouldn't cause much concern.

    5. should say had Ayla not disappeared

    6. As to the baby monitor. Circumstance may be differant in that house from yours. Justins room was in the basement where the furnace was running and one cannot hear what is happening upstairs. he having a broken arm is not life threatening but if she were uncomfortable and fussing from it she would need to be tended to. In the winter one oftens checkes on their children to be sure they are warm and covered. Anyway they did none of this from what they say. Just so much that is not right about this whole thing. I guess one thing about it that bothers me alot, among other things is that I do not see a pleading father to get his daughter back.

    7. Annon 4:30 so if she normally slept in the basement..hmm.. I read it was an unfinished basement and not sure if DHS would approve of that set up. Radon in basements is common in Maine and wonder if it was tested for that and if there were two escapes in case of fire. I would not want my childeren sleeping in the basement nor my grandchildren.

    8. In all honesty Chicky, him not pleading for her is what gets me too. If he was I would prob be on this blog defending him because the other stuff alone isnt much for me to go on.....only because alot of the stuff is in fact just rumors and half stories that the police are putting out. Its the not pleading for his child that has me stumped. I cant figure out why.....I mean I can formulate dozens of reasons.....guilty and not guilty as to why but it really has me perplexed for sure.

  3. I think the fact that Justin said the Babies "Ayla" and "Gabby" like to play on the unfinished basement stairs is VERY telling. That is admitting to neglect IMO.

    1. Prove it. How rude to use another poster's id!!!

    2. The blood was explained by Justin to be from a scraped ankle when Ayla slipped on the basement stairs. The police say the amount of blood was more than a small cut would produce so was this injury looked at by a doctor since is was bigger than a small cut? Those little girls should not have been playing there!

    3. I think HT and JD should take their Ventriloquist/Dummy act on the road and raise money for Ayla's reward! They were very convinving. I bet HT didn't even have to move her lips much. All she had to do was pull a string that makes JD's head move up and down and throw in an occasional "Yeah, what she said" through pursed lips.

    4. I can prove I am the original Seeking TRUTH. OK, close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Can you smell the mixture of sewar and rotten salmon? I bet! I just sat on my keyboard! See, silly rabbit, I told you it was me!

    5. The REAL SEEKING TRUTH is not posting comments anywhere, and I have changed my screen name. This seeking Truth thought that stealing my name would shut me up. How juvenile!

    6. Seeking Lies
      Shutting your pathetic mouth would be a great favor to all of humanity! Please do!

    7. Roses are red,
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      That is my favorite poem.. Ugggh! Why does Trista have to be so much prettier than me! Why is s Ayla getting so much attention! My bi-racial daughter Rhayne is so much prettier! WE shouild be the center of attention and I have no problem slandering Hotty Trista or her ADORABLE daughter Ayla in the process, Sure I think JD kllied Ayla and covered it up but that is not the point, the point is ME!

      Does anyone care that I still have not found a vinegar/water combo to conceal my stench?? Huh?? Didn't think so.

      ~Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids!;)

    8. Stay on your own site you dumb bitch. Nobody wants to hear your lies. You are a filthy piece of low-rent trash and should be on trial for the abuse you have shown against an innocent, grieving, mother. I am going to send a copy of the last pack of to my lawyer and am having him look for grounds for a libel suit. Free of charge for Trista. You really screwed yoursel here little girl.. You are goingo to have to explain some serious statements. You have stepped in something you cannot undo and I have every word you have ever printed.

  4. I agree with you, Justice. 100%.

    I'd like to ask the above posters to try to view the home from this perspective:

    Would you let your toddler visit the DiPietro home on a play date or overnight, with any of the 3 adults in the home as caretakers?

    If the DiPietro home were a day care center, would you let your child enroll?

    (Before you start knee-jerk bashing, keep in mind that this home would not pass a licensing inspection for a day care center for the state of Maine.)

    If your home is not considered a safe environment for a stranger's child to spend the day, then how could it be thought of as a safe place for your own child (Ayla, in this case) to live?

    Let us hope that none of the anon posters above apply the same standards of acceptable risk to the day care business run from the Tudela's home.


    1. thinks guilty but.......March 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM

      Nan, do you know something about the DiPietros home other than what the pictures show? It certainly sounds like you must because as far as I can tell by looking at the pictures it looks like a normal house with a normal amount of everyday items around the house and based on the pictures Im quite sure you could not make the assumption "this home would not pass a licensing inspection for a day care center for the state of Maine"

    2. Daycare centers are not homes. There are regulations applicable to them that no one would follow at home. For example, do you routinely rinse your dishes in bleach solution? Daycares have to, at least where I live.

      Do you throw used disposable diapers in the regular trash? Daycares can't.

      A home is not a daycare.

      As to your other point, there are tons of things other parents do that we might not do ourselves and that doesn't make those other parents deficient.

    3. @thinks guilty but ...

      "I'm quite sure you could not make the assumption "this home would not pass a licensing inspection for a day care center for the state of Maine"

      Sorry I wasn't clearer, I was referring to specific items mentioned in J4A's post that show in the photos, (ex. the electrical outlets being uncovered, plastic bags lying around and the unsecured cords.)

      Based on those "everyday" items, the DiPietro home would NOT pass a safety inspection, for ex.:

      " Electrical outlets in areas used by infants, toddlers, and pre-school age children must be protected by safety caps, plugs, or other means."

      Why, do you think, uncovered outlets are prohibited? Because they are unsafe.

      @ anon 4.34, "A home is not a daycare."

      I agree, a home is not a daycare. I did'nt say it was. What I said was: "If your home is not considered a safe environment for a stranger's child to spend the day, then how could it be thought of as a safe place for your own child (Ayla, in this case) to live?"

      IMO, it's very sad that the standards of home safety are construed as being lower than those required to run a business that takes care of children.

      I know it's been said before, but it's a darn shame that a license is required to drive, but not to be a parent.


    4. Nan, Different isn't necessarily lower. There are diff. risks and issues in each situation. Germ spread, for example. In a family situation, it's a lot less of a problem than with dozens of unrelated little people. If you are watching several kids at once who are all the same age, you need diff. controls in place than if you are watching one baby, or just your own kids of whatever ages with whose habits you are intimately familiar.

    5. Good points, Anon 5:17. I agree. Thanks for your thoughtful response.

      What about the specific points I was referring to, though? Shouldn't there be some universal safety standards required in a home?

      If there were, I would think covering electrical outlets would be included on the list. To me, like car seats in a car, it's definitely a basic and only costs pennies.

      My DIL recently had a baby girl. The take home basket provided by the hospital to new parents included among other things ... a set of electrical outlet covers.

      Respectfully, Nan

    6. I agree, if nothing else at least covers on the outlets which from my experiance most mothers take this precaution because it is a real danger for little ones.

    7. Nan in theory yes, but I think the problem is people get so legalistic and judgmental toward others- the gotcha mentality. I like the idea of educating new parents about what it takes to keep kids safe but when it comes to saying a parent is a bad parent because s/he didn't use outlet covers or some other child proof item, it feels like it's going too far. Generations were raised safely without these items. That doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to improve- we should- but it also suggests the risk isn't monumental.

    8. thinks guilty but......March 13, 2012 at 12:08 AM

      I know Im going to get masacred for this but I have never covered the electrical outlets in my home.

  5. Emotional needs -- Not being allowed to see her mommy or talk to her on the phone..neglect.
    There seems to be a pattern of that family not letting the absent parent have any contact with the children. Phoebe with her own children-- gabby having no contact with her father or extended family, and Ayla not being allowed to see any of her mothers side of the family-- who is the leader in this trend I wonder?

    1. Chicky, that seems to me to be a much bigger and more important concern than dust bunnies or baby monitors.

    2. Maybe Yes Maybe NoMarch 12, 2012 at 7:57 PM

      The thing that confuses me though is according to Trista she was to get Ayla back on (I believe) Oct 22nd after she finished rehab. My question is if DHHS was so quick to give Ayla to Justin and told him of the 22nd then why didnt Trista simply go to the police or DHHS and say "hey he was order to give her to me on the 22nd and he did not" What REALLY confuses me is by Tristas own account Justin had told her he was filing for custody of Ayla and she wanted to "beat him" to the punch. THAT is what makes me question Justins guilt, if he was this cold blooded psycho killer everyone says why didnt he just give Ayla back and why would he go to the trouble of filing for custody. It also tells me alot about Tristas charecter that she waited until he wanted to stop the support payments to file to get Ayla back......and why did she need to file in the first place if DHHS told her she could get her back

    3. there was no formal order in place- neither one had court-ordered custody so the agreement was unenforceable til one or the other went to court and got an order establishing primary custody.

      As to whether Justin would have followed through and filed for custody or whether that was just words, we'll never know. He does not respect authority as evidenced by his repeatedly expressed disdain for the police and the DHHS agreement so it may be that he got rid of Ayla because he knew there was no way a court would make Ayla live with a father who was a virtual stranger who'd just entered her life as opposed to a mother with whom she had a lifelong bond, as long as Trista was stabilized. This really strikes me as about control more than anything else.

    4. The condition of the house aside, removing a baby from it's parent (the ONLY one she knows), refusing to bring her back AS AGREED TO, and then refusing to allow her to communicate with her mother is to me a worse neglect than breaking her arm. And I am by no means minimizing the arm. IN my darkest day if my husband and I had a falling out, I would never use our son as a pawn. That is the only thing, to me, that explain these actions. And THAT is neglecting the emotional needs. It doesn't get him thrown in jail for murder, but who is going to stand up as his character witness at trial? And yes, there WILL be a trial.

    5. LoriBa agree about him not letting Ayla see her mom

    6. This is just all so sad for Ayla, just so sad, I feel so sad for her.

    7. Another thing that confuses me is when Trista went with them to her doc apt. for the arm why didnt she just take Ayla then?

  6. Thinks guilty but..... Said:
    " far as I can tell by looking at the pictures it looks like a normal house with a normal amount of everyday items around the house..."


    I'm not looking to argue with you and I value your opinion, but I have to disagree 100% here. It does not look normal at all to me, unless I don't know, or obviously have a different view of normal. The house looks quite dirty with dangerous items and conditions throughout, even in the girls bedroom. JMO
    Also, maybe dhhs would not have REMOVED the children immediately, but I think they would have told them certain things were not safe and needed to be made safe for toddlers/small children. If they WOULDN'T do that, I would be upset and have to wonder what their purpose would be, if not to help ensure the safety of children. MOST people, and all that I know, would not allow their home to look that way, especially with children living there. It doesn't cost a lot of money to clean and child proof a home, it has nothing to do with money. I also stated in the last thread regarding this issue, I am not looking to bad mouth anyone, but the pictures look to me to be dirty and unsafe for toddlers/small children.

    1. I just know from experience with DHHS their rules must not be very strict. I had a patient whose house we went to get reported for unsafe conditions. Wire sticking out of the wall......cupboards missing hinges......dirty dishes all the time.......laundry get the pic.......and DHHS just said, you need to pick up a little and never came back........and trust me when I say it was BAD. I honestly dont know why they interveened.

    2. ^^^^^^ didnt interveen I should have said

  7. Megan;
    What led you to believe that the story was about Ayla
    Reynolds? The story clearly stated that there are
    friends of Justin DiPietro who have a perspective that
    others do not. In matters of public interest, not only
    are differing perspectives important they are a
    fundamental to our democracy.

    If you have information about Ayla's whereabouts,
    please let me know and and how you know it.


    Jim Evans
    Managing Editor
    Morning Sentinel
    Waterville, Maine

    .com wrote:
    > Dear Sir,
    > One of the first articles I read at the Sentinel was about a woman who
    > robbed a gas station, clogged the toilet and got caught.
    > Today, I was outraged at the article regarding poor Ayla Reynolds. The
    > article was supposed to be about a missing 2 month old baby girl, but it
    > was 1700 words about the hard life of Justin Diepetro spoken through
    > Heidi Tudella. That article was an injustice to Ayla Reynolds and it
    > breaks my heart that a news source not only allowed such a fluffy piece
    > of junk, but had it on the front page.
    > It saddens me to think that more than one college education was wasted
    > on employees of the Waterville Sentinel. What a shame.
    > Sincerely,
    > Megan Lafko

    1. That was a very interesting reply Megan. A bit condescending, defensive and hostile. Makes me wonder how he fits into the coverup of what happened to Ayla.
      Thanks for posting it.

    2. Megan And thanks for taking the abuse for the rest of us who had those exact same thoughts!

    3. Seriously? This is the reply of a professional in the reporting field? As if Ayla should deserve a minute of his consideration? "What led you to believe that the story was about Ayla Reynolds? Oh you're right, this is, after all, about Justin as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN. We should have expected nothing less. Shame on you Jim Evans.

    4. Your exactly right anon 7:56. How could I have forgotten that this is all about Justin. I mean he was so distraught he couldn't speak for two weeks, he describes his daughter as, ....well, he just wants her back, we should all be proud of him because he smoked his test! His mom was so worried when he fell on top of his daughter because he could have hurt his wrist again, and according to all of his spokes people on blogs, comment sections, fb and now even the local newspaper Justin is a standup guy and we all should just shut up and wait for when he thinks the time is right.

    5. Darn it- you're. I think I might be losing brain cells trying to think at the same level as the people involved in this case.

  8. Sorry, but the pictures released from the paternal family do NOT indicate abuse and or neglect of any type to me.

    I love the picture of Justin & Ayla above.

    1. Which picture is that, the one where he Ayla is laying in him and looks like she is about to cry. Why does she never smile when he is in the picture ANON? Why did Phoebe point out how Ayla's lip trembles when she is scared? Phoebe probably saw that plenty when JD and Ayla were living in her home. Why is it Justin barely has any pictures of his own child? If I had just forcibly taken my daughter crying, kicking, and screaming from the only home she has ever known I must have REALLY wanted her to live with me huh? Is that why JD has Soooo many pictures with Ayla? There is one. I would have taken 100 the first day, I mean, he loved Ayla so much right? She was miserable there and your attempt to say she looks happy makes you as transparent as every single evil lie JD spews.

    2. Pretending to be ST-wow-that makes you truly sick. it shows that you have no care for Ayla, only your exploitation of her in trying show up ST. Disgusting.

    3. No one will ever "show up" Seeking Lies in the exploitation of Ayla. Seeking Lies is the truly sick one. She is disgusting and mentally ill. She likes to use missing babies as a fun entertaining game. She doesn't even try to pretend that Ayla is important. Seeking Lies has admitted that her blog is not about finding Ayla. Who are you Lucifer? Why is it that every time someone says something about Seeking Lies, that you are there to defend her? Why would someone want to defend someone who is exploiting an innocent baby for her own entertainment? That's sick!!!

    4. Im not wanting to strike up an argument anon 1040 but would you be so kind as to please point out to me exactly how Seeking is exploiting Ayla. I have read her blog and even though I may not agree with her (Im assuming girl, but I could be wrong) I dont believe she is "mentally ill" nor disgusting. She is doing the same thing the other blogs are trying to do, discern what happened to Ayla. The only difference between heand this blog is that here we all (mostly) believe her father had something to do with her dissaperence while Seeking and others like her believe it was her mother or her mothers family/friends. Ive never seen anywhere in her blog where she admitts that it is not about finding Ayla. If she in fact has stated this somewhere please post where so I can actually see it with my own eyes. I believe Justice has a talent for writing like others have said, but I will also say I think Seeking has quite a talent herself and she can be very convincing at times, I admitt I have questioned a few things myself after reading her blog, however I do believe her dad still has her. I DO NOT however believe Ayla is not alive, she will be found. And anon I do wish that people would stop making accusations about others that have a different view than us because all it does is make us look like the decievers the other groups (TLLOM and Seeking) make us out to be.

  9. I agree with you in this. Even if DHHS was ok with the clutter & the dirt, the injuries she sustained over the short period of time she was with Justin are huge red flags.
    BTW, I don't know what you do for a living or if are working outside of the home, but, you have terrific writing skills. I work and have to read the most ill written chit all day long that is written by professional persons with sometimes > one degree. And they have high salaries.
    When this is over, 'casue there is no cash for you doing this, you should really think about doing something with this wonderful skill and talent that you have. Maybe you already do, but I mean this as a sincere compliment.
    am anon friend

    1. Thank you both!I have always enjoyed writing and maybe that is something I will look into when this is all over and I will have this blog for my resume. :) Currently I am just a stay at home mom enjoying the time I have with my youngest before she goes off to preschool. I worked at TMobile for years before this as a Customer Service Rep. I prefer this over that any day.

    2. No really, you copied and pasted a majority of that. Be honest, and you're unemployed talking about Justin like that?!!!! wtf

  10. ms.peridot19
    much food for thought in this article! unfortunately i agree with almost all of it.

    as for the pictures released, i think ayla looks stunned in some of the them. and the only time i saw ayla look maybe comfortable with a adult in any picture (with the dips) is when ayla was with courtney. and that was when they all went somewhere and ayla looks overheated. ayla looked flushed and her hair was sticking to her head with sweat and i thought ayla looked like she was not feeling well. also besides drinking ayla was reaching for her doggy. so was ayla just zonked out in courtney's lap or was alya actually comfortable with courtney? i cannot tell from these limited pics if ayla trusted courtney at all or not. and on that same day the pictures of ayla and justin, ayla is not happy. ayla is even leaning away from justin's face in one picture as far away as she could.

    most alarming is the fact that in all of the pictures of justin and ayla together, ayla looks very miserable. in all of the pictures i have seen of ayla, she is the least comfortable or happy when justin is also in the picture with her? it just seems unlikely someone would only take pictures of them when ayla was unhappy if there was also a chance to take a picture(s) for justin of ayla happy when she is with him...

    ayla did look happy with gabby on holloween. i do hope she had fun that day!

    on top of everything else, it looked to me that ayla had gained an alarming amount of weight in the short time she was in justin's care.

    i do hope that elisha child proofs the outlets in the house. i saw one that was not childproofed and it brought back a memory of my son taking a house key and walking over to an outlet (in someone one else's house)and he started to stick the house key in it.

    j4a, i agree with others that you are a talented writer. and you have a ability, a gift, to organize and communicate a subject matter in a way that helps the reader think things through for themselves as well as considering your point of view. thank you for this article and the others as well. sincerely ms.p

    1. Thank you Ms. P, I always appreciate your kinds words and glad you are able to see the point I try to make and also try to leave things open for discussion although at times it seems we rarely are able to have an intelligent discussion here because of the people who come on and attack me personally.

    2. Ms.p, I agree with your comment as well. I DID notice Ayla's weight gain, but I thought maybe I was being too "picky" when looking at the pictures. Geez, people get attacked for pointing out the obvious. Plus I was reluctant to comment on a toddlers weight, as she is NOT FAT, by any means. I would never call a baby/child FAT, maybe only if thry were morbidly obese, I would try to comment appropriately. That is not what I noticed, but a weight gain is noticable.

      J4A, anyone attacking you is trying to take the focus off the TRUTH. What do the comments about YOU have anything to do with Ayla? Nothing! It is becoming pathetic. EVERYONE here knows what has already been posted over and over and over again, and NO ONE CARES! It is really a waste of their time to continue to post it, but I guess if that is more important to them than Ayla, then so be it.
      Keep your head up and be proud of yourself!

    3. Hi JusticeforAyla,

      It has bothered me today that you had to defended yourself (at Mar 12, 2012 10:47 PM) and explain that your point was the totality of everything not just the pictures. (yet again, sigh!) first it is ridiculous that anyone could misinterpret your overall point. so whatever you responded to was some sort of harassment or baloney type post. (i did not personally see the post you were responding to last night.)

      and secondly i was bothered because i wondered if the post you responded to had anything to do with me. i made a general comment that i agreed with just about your whole article. Then i proceeded to focus on the pictures. i did this as i have already made comments on all the other issues at some point or other and just wanted to share my thoughts on the pictures as i have not really commented on them.

      i did trust that people would understand my comments were all my own and not attributable to you in anyway! i hope i did not cause you a problem!

      another reason i wondered about if the post had to do with me is Kit's reference "Geez, people get attacked for pointing out the obvious." i was not sure if she meant this generally or specifically someone had responded to my comment about ayla's weight gain? sincerely, ms.p

    4. It wasn't about you or anything you had brought up, I think I just got frustrated after reading more comments where people were saying a dirty house doesn't equal neglect etc I exploded. No matter how many times I say it people just read what they want to read and pick apart what suits them. JSTL posted about it too and I cant understand why it isn't blatantly obvious, Ayla was neglected.

      I know you see the same things I see and I enjoy reading what you write, never worry about anything you saying coming back on me, I have thick skin :) Ayla is lucky to have you in her corner.

    5. Hello Kit!, Yes, i was commenting on Ayla's weight gain being noticeable for the amount of time she was living with Justin. I do not think Ayla's weight it's self was a serious health concern! Boy oh boy, "alarming" was a poor choice of words on my part! I am taking it back :-0!!! Basically i am just putting it in the category of another difference and maybe a symptom from before and after of living with Justin. ms.p

  11. The previous blog about photos, abuse/neglect wasn't totally wrong, maybe a bit exaggerated, emotional, or presumptuous? saying the other child was the focus of all photos, Ayla was unloved, etc. were your opinion. Not everyone can take nice photos. Not everyone has a clean house. I'm sure Ayla was an emotional mess just from being taken from anyone familiar. Some of your statements sound matter of fact and less opinion, maybe like you are trying to come off as professional. Honestly, Some blogs I've read here, I've wondered if you should take a break from the story. I feel you are too involved and not seeing things clearly. For your own emotional health, you need a break from this.

    1. Anon 12th 8:33 p.m.
      Oh for heavens sake! What a waste of a post. you could have made a sincere post and given others something to think about or just shared your own thoughts and feelings. Instead you made a cheesy personal attack on this blog owner and her articles.

      Why would you be so bothered by j4a having different opinions from your own? It is not like you don't have an opportunity to express your own opinions here. do you feel personally threatened by the opinions that j4a and others are allowed to express here? Or maybe it is really that you are just jealous of j4a's people and communicative abilities? Maybe your are just plain jealous of j4a's accomplishment in creating a excellent blog for people to come and discuss ayla and her being missing? Or Maybe you are just a nasty anon, period? Maybe you just feel powerful when you anonymously go on the internet and make derisive comments about other peoples constructive efforts???

      again, maybe, you could have simply stated your own thoughts and left it at that. or you even could have agreed or disagreed, and then we all could have considered what you said! Maybe the truth is that you need to look at your own emotional health? Maybe give yourself and all the rest of us a break from your NASTY, DUMB, *POINTLESS* COMMENTS!!! sincerely ms.p all moo


    1. After looking you up on, should I assume your child(ren) are neglected as well? You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about too.

    2. My criminal history of shoplifting and driving without a license have already been discussed here and it isn't news to anyone here. As far as copying and pasting the article, would you care to elaborate on that and provide a link to where I plagarized the info from? I provided links to where I looked up certain information but certainly am capable of reading information and forming my own sentences. Plagarism is a serious offense, can you back up your claim?

    3. ms.peridot19

      j4a, you wrote an excellent all encompassing, thought provoking piece about Ayla's care while she was in Justin's "sole custody". Using all the publicly known facts we have so far and yes, including the pictures, you made a case - a point by point case - that is very disturbing to see all laid out. And the added researched information you included to make your arguments, will also help the rest of us draw our own opinions and conclusions.

      In the end we all can judge each point for ourselves as well as see the totality of facts to be considered. That is what really has some upset with the article. You accomplished much with this article and i have no doubt it has upset some and even threatened others. But, IT all IS whatever IT really IS! May the whole truth come out!
      sincerely, my own opinion, ms. p

  13. Getting caught shoplifting is an incident not a criminal history.

    My opinion is a lot of the banter is fallout from the interview.
    From a strategic perspective the reporter identified the key players and their relationship to each other. Also the many possible implications that life insurance policies and drug trafficking have on Ayla's disappearance as an unwanted financial inconvenience.

    Maybe Justin is the Tudela's main go between and facilitator to the criminal element.
    I'm sure every pay out and patterns of pay outs is being scrutinized for kick back schemes and scenarios.

    Or maybe it is much simpler. Justin was Heidi and Angela's supplier and with cessation of supply came the agony of protracted withdrawal syndrome and morbid behavior as their brain chemistry and cell structure recovers.

    Look it up ladies.

    Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome

    Certainly accounts for the raging morbidity and denial of reality.

    A child was abused murdered and disposed of.
    Now we attack a mother with a single incident of misdemeanor theft.

    The inability to separate a small misdemeanor from CAPITAL MURDER.
    That is what protracted withdrawal syndrome does to the human cognitive faculties. The person becomes a caricature of a human conscience obsessing on everyone and everything rather than the 800lb gorilla destroying them.

    "Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye. "

    I have fallen much farther than J4A.
    I confessed was punished and live in continuing repentance.
    How about you Heidi
    How about you Angela
    How about you Selena


    1Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    4Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.


    They were asked to serve you and they served you.
    They just want the body back for a proper burial.

    Now you mock them.

  14. Great Post Justice...I'm just posting down here, but in reply to the jerks who want to counter every single reason the Dips were shitty parents...please go get your brain checked out, cause you may possible have some retardation hanging out in it. If you can't see the Dips were shitty to Ayla from all the pics, and the facts then it makes it easy for me to understand why you think it's okay for them to treat the kid like shit even after she's gone...WHat did they do for that baby while she was alive besides give her injuries? What have done for that baby since she's been gone? Besides lie and disrespect her? Assholes.