Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Back to the Facts

We speculate about what happened to Ayla a lot. I think all the sepculation is a good thing but often times, what is really fact gets lost in all the speculation. So I thought we could go back to the beginning and refresh our memories with what information was released to the public and when. I will include links to articles or videos I found information from.

If I leave something out or get something wrong, please correct it in the comments and I will edit my post. It would be great if you can include a link to the article or video where you found the info too.

So here is the information released from the first three days into the investigation of the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds.
December 17, 2011:
Today it is reported that Ayla Bell Reynolds, a 20-month old toddler, disappeared and was possibly abducted from her home. Ayla was last seen sleeping in her bed at 10 pm the night of December 16 by a family member. She was reported missing by her father in a 911 call at 8:51 am on December 17.

She was last seen at the residence of 29 Violette Ave in Waterville, Maine. She is described as having blonde hair, blue eyes, 2-feet 9-inches tall, weighs approximately 30 pounds, and was last seen wearing one-piece, green with white polka dot pajamas with “Daddy’s Princess” on them and a soft splint on her left arm.

Police do not discount any possibility, from Ayla getting out on her own to someone kidnapping her.

Local police along with state police and the warden service conduct an extensive search of the neighborhood with the aide of tracking dogs and including a flyover. Forensic teams begin collecting any forensic evidence. Police state that the family is in full cooperation.

It is also stated that they conducted extensive interviews and Ayla’s arm was broken in an accidental fall a few weeks ago.

Ayla Reynolds Missing - Online Sentinel
Police Investigate Disappearance of Ayla Reynolds - Video

December 18, 2011

  • A press conference is scheduled in the afternoon.
  • The FBI has been called in to help aide in the search.
  • Another search is conducted for Ayla in the Violette Ave neighborhood.
  • Two search dogs have been used in and around the house of missing Ayla.
  • Game wardens searched the banks of the Messalonskee stream.
  • House to house searches are conducted in the Violette Ave. area.
  • Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mom, is reported to live in Portland with no permanent address.
  • Amber Alert was not utilized due to not meeting the criteria but did utilize an automated system that called people within one square mile to alert them of a missing child in the area.
  • Police refuse to discuss if a door was left open or if there were any uninvited entries into the house.
  • Police have interviewed everyone who was in the home that night, they say everyone has been forthcoming with information.
  • Police would not go into specifics of interviews with parents and would not confirm if Ayla was checked on at 10 pm and stated she was put to bed at 8 pm.
  • There were several adults in the home that night with at least one not a family member.
  • Police would not disclose any custody arrangements.
  • There was no baby monitor in the room with Ayla.
  • Police are unaware of when the Trista last saw Ayla.
  • All possibilities into how Ayla disappeared are still being considered.
  • As of nightfall, Ayla has still not been found.
Search Resumes for Missing Ayla Reynolds - Online Sentinel
December 19, 2011
  • Police started the day following leads from the public and urge the public to continue to send in leads.
  • Trista Reynolds speaks to the public on various news publications.                                      Trista Reynolds on Nancy Grace Interview with Trista Reynolds Another interview with TR
  • We learn that Trista has filed for parental rights and responsibilities the day before Ayla disappeared, December 15, 2011.
  • Trista reports that her and Justin have not been able to get along the past few weeks.
  • Trista calls Justin “vindictive” and “verbally abusive” and says Justin would not let her have Ayla for one day since he took custody of her in October.
  • Ayla lived with Trista and Trista’s mother in Portland until October 2011 when Trista went to rehab for alcohol.
  • Ron Reynolds, maternal grandfather of missing Ayla, speaks to the public.
  • Becca Hanson, Trista’s mother, gives a phone interview with the Morning Sentinel.
  • Justin DiPietro will not comment.
  • We learn that Justin has just moved back to his childhood home in Waterville from Portland, ME in October, when he took Ayla into his care.
  • Police hold another press conference. Press Conference Pt 2
  • Police state they are aware of the issues with custody and are not ruling out any scenario.
  • Police have expanded the search area for Ayla, on land, water (Messalonskee stream), and air.
  • Police are investigating a claim by a neighbor that a vehicle pulled up to DiPietro’s home Friday night for a brief time.
  • Police impound two vehicles from the home. The SUV belonging to Justin DiPietro and the car belonging to a Portland woman whose name is not being released.
  • Police reiterate the family has been cooperative and helpful.
  • Police will not discuss the specifics of the investigation in the house.
  • Police reiterate that they will not rule out any scenario so they do not turn themselves in one direction.
  • Police are still searching for a ‘missing’ person.
  • Family members have not been allowed in the Waterville home since the investigation started.
  • night time vigil is held by neighbors for Ayla across the street from the Violette Ave. home.
When I was reasearching information from the first days, it was like looking at it through a new pair of lenses, especially the press confrences. What do you guys think?


  1. It is also stated that they conducted extensive interviews and Ayla’s arm was broken in an accidental fall a few weeks ago.


    I didn't read the whole blog yet, but this was published on Dec. 17th? What extensive interviews were done that very day, I wonder?

  2. I wonder if LE had mixed feelings from the begining, because it SEEMS like they really thought she might have been kidnapped at first, how they right away said her arm was def an accident and wanted to keep saying everone in the house was cooperating and being forthcoming. I'm sure they were investigating other possibilities from the start, but it just kind of appeared that way to me - from the statements.

    Justin had no comment right from the begining.

    Also, I wondered how Justin got away with being beat-up looking (that would have looked real strange if he was like that when he called 911), but now we have the possibility that it didn't happen until the night of the 17th. LE must have seen him like that though after, I wonder what excuse he gave?

  3. Kit, can you explain what you mean - "but we now have the possibility that it didn't happen until the night of the 17th". Do you mean his beat up face might not have happened until then? Why is that? I am very curious about this, as one of his "friends" has claimed she saw him on the 19th and he absolutely did not have a beaten up face (even though we all saw the pictures).

  4. Never mind Kit! Just read your post under LBpart2 and it makes sense now! I wonder about the face beating too, and with the info from LB2, maybe Lance was pissed about the cover up and this obviously extended investigation it has brought into their lives. Maybe Tim Crews can clear this up, but it seemed from pics that maybe Lance was somewhat close to Ayla?

  5. Lori, I was trying to find the info for you.
    Where was it stated about his friend seeing him on the 19th, do you remember?
    Well as crazy as Lance has proven to be, at least maybe your right. I mean geez, hopefully SOMEONE cared about her. It's not helping her now though anyway. If he cared THAT much, he wouldn't help cover this up. He wants to be a big tough guy, he should be one for Ayla!

  6. IF he WAS close to her, maybe he's the weak link. If he has any little piece of love in his heart for her.

  7. For me, looking back is very interesting because I now can see all that I missed when these events were first unfolding.

    Back then, I bought into the performances of Trista and her family, hook, line and sinker. I never occurred to me back then that they were acting and that this was really a custody abduction that was being covered up. Back then I thought it was a real abduction or a homicide.

    When I look back I ask myself how I could have missed what now looks so obvious to me.

    This case is actually simple. The Reynolds believe that Justin DiPietro abducted their baby girl Ayla in October of 2011. Someone connected with the Reynolds family then took back their baby Ayla in December of 2011. The rest of the discussion is irrelevant.

    1. It's like you had a Zombie Virus and your arms and legs were always falling off and you had to get replacements from the fresh corpse store until one day you had a moment of clarity and accepted the virus was your new life. After that you could go through 2-3 sets of eyeballs a day and didn't worry about replacing your ears anymore.

    2. i tend to agree with you...looking at this case through a social workers eyes...this child probably fell down those stairs, hence the blood....but she is not deceased...they don't want to discuss all the accidents this child has had with anyone because she would be considered living in an endangered environment and removed....we see this everyday...its clear he wanted to keep her from the beginning....even if trista didn't have a home to offer her children, it is certain how much she loved this little girl...i think if they ever find her, she will be alive...i find all the insight here very interesting...and i'm trying very hard to remain a neutral party since i know none of the individuals involved.

  8. Kit, the comment was made on the Find Alya Reynolds page (by Tm Caya)on FaceBook, but I doubt you will find it anymore. That particular poster seems to boast a lot of "inside knowledge", and then often deletes her posts. If I can find it I will forward to you. There was a bit of discussion around it though because we all clearly saw the picture with what appeared to be broken if not badly damaged nose, and cut lip.

  9. I guess I am better than I thought... found it in less than 5. Here is the post - I don't do names: "I saw Justin on 12/19. I can tell you for a fact that his face was not beaten up. I doubt you will believe me, but there you have it.
    February 25 at 12:04am · Like"

    1. that picture of Justin is probably an old mug shot...

  10. I hear that Trista has been away a lot. Where does she go and who is she seeing there?

    1. Really? You heard that? Away a lot? Where did you "hear" this? Or did you just make this up?

  11. Kit, surprisingly it was stated on the first day. The more I watch the press conferences, I get the feeling that the police thought something stunk from the very beginning. Every time someone asked if she was kidnapped or might be deceased Chief Massey said she is MISSING and he wouldn't speculate on anything else. I would think if they did extensive interviews about the broken arm the first day they had a reason to.

    If you get the chance, I strongly urge you to listen to the press conferences.

  12. Lori, thanks for the info.

    T4A, I see what your saying, about him just saying she was missing.

    As far as her arm, I'm just wondering what they meant by extensive interviews. With just the DiP's (and took their word(s) for it, or did they check with the doctors, I wonder? Because yes your right, for them to do extensive interviews on the very first day regarding her arm, they must have had good reason to do so.

  13. Kit, I wish I knew what 'extensive interviews' they did. That comment is in the first link I posted under December 17.

    Rumsey said police conducted extensive interviews and believe there is nothing suspicious about the broken arm, which he said was suffered in an accident several weeks ago.

    That is from the article. It's not a direct quote so I wonder if it is paraphrased.

    Another thing that caught my attention is this exchange during Q&A from the first press conference:
    Harlow: Initially you said the child was last seen at 10 pm Friday night now you’re saying 8 pm. Was the change there?

    Massey: I’m not going to go into the specifics of any of the interviews or what that information was. Again, she was last seen at 8 pm in the evening and they reported her missing at approximately 8:50 the next morning.

    Reporter: There was a photo given with the press release. Were there any other photos given? (inaudible)?

    Massey: No, no.

    Reporter: Do you know if Ayla was sleeping when they last saw her at 8 o’clock?

    Massey: Whether she was sleeping or not?

    Reporter: Uh-hum.

    Massey: Um, I’m not sure exactly what time she fell asleep. According to the dad, she was put to bed for the night at 8 pm.

    Reporter: And how do they not account for not seeing her for 12 hours?

    Massey: I, I don’t understand your question.

    Reporter: How do they account for not seeing her for 12 hours and reporting her at 8 in the morning?

    Massey: She was in her own bedroom and everyone went to bed.

    Harlow: Does the father have legal custody or is it shared custody of the child with the mother?

    Massey: I don’t want to comment on the custody cause I am not one hundred percent sure.

    Harlow: Ok but she was living with her father and not living with her mother?

    Massey: She had been staying with her father, yes.

    Harlow: Staying with her father?

    Massey: Yes.

    Reporter: Was there any sort of baby monitor device? I know that’s pretty common, especially a young toddler having one in their bedroom and one in the parents bedroom.

    Massey: No.

    First, Massey wouldn't confirm the last time someone actually saw her. Was there inconsistencies with everyone's stories?

    Second, when Massey was commenting on why they did not check on Ayla for 12 hours, he puts his hands palms up and shrugs his shoulders. It's as if he knows its a weak answer but that's all he has, he's unsure.

  14. Good points T4A! Also he would not say Ayla was "living" there, just "staying" there and would not comment on custody. "Staying", it was verified by Harlow, more than once. I'm getting the impression LE knew it was only supposed to be temporary.

  15. Maybe Lance doesn't want to be a tough guy but to protect the family he has left. A lot of cultural and religious beliefs come into play here. If you think funerals and final resting places are important, then it seems really disrespectful to Ayla to leave her out there somewhere, assuming she's deceased. But what if they buried her and said goodbye? What if they aren't religious and don't have particular beliefs about handling remains once a person dies? I think people are letting their own feelings cloud their perception of others; if they don't share common beliefs, they're somehow bad people. And that sort of reasoning makes it harder to figure out the events that happened.

  16. Kit, the very good reason is you have a toddler missing, a story that doesn't make sense, and a recent serious injury - of course police are going to look at the abuse angle. Their looking at it doesn't mean they thought there was abuse, just that it was something they had a duty to explore.