Friday, March 2, 2012

Foul Play, Abduction, Criminal Investigation, and a Challenge to Those Who Profess His Innocence

There is still so much debate over what happened to Ayla Reynolds. There is talk now that Trista was seen with Ayla a day after she was reported missing, Justin supporters on pages like ThisLittleLightOfMaine on Facebook have "dropped" hints that Justin believes Trista took Ayla, friends and family of Justin DiPietro rally around him claiming his innocence trying to convince us that someone took Ayla, whether it was Trista or one of her family members or a drug dealer taking her in exchange for a debt owed. I discussed perception yesterday and how two people can look at the same thing and see it differently. I know there are some people out there that are not supporters of Justin but still do not see that the evidence is pointing clearly in his direction. I respect those people who wish to reserve judgment until an arrest is made, who are looking at this case from a fair and balanced perspective, in the beginning of this case, I was that person. I tried to come up with an explanation for every piece of evidence that came out and why it did not mean Justin was guilty. It wasn't until I started looking at the picture as a whole that my perception of Justin DiPietro changed.

I can understand debate over the life insurance policy, I can understand the debate over the blood even. Maybe the policy really was bought innocently enough and has nothing to do with Ayla being missing, maybe the blood in the basement wasn't as much more than a small cut would produce, maybe it was from a bloody nose or she stepped on a piece of glass. These two pieces of evidence separately don't point to murder, once you look at them together, it gets harder to explain them away.

There are a few things that, in my opinion, shouldn't be up for debate. These things were statements issued by the police department officially.

Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey said Dec. 30 that the case was being treated as a criminal investigation.
"At this point, we believe that foul play has occurred in connection with Ayla's disappearance," he said in a written release. "This case has evolved from the search for a missing child to a criminal investigation."

Let's break this down:
Unfair or treacherous action, especially when involving violence
He also stated that the case has evolved from a search for a missing child to a criminal investigation. In order for law enforcement to call something a missing child case it has to fall into certain guidelines. If Trista Reynolds would have taken Ayla from Justin, it would fall under the Missing Child Guidelines, Police would not have announced that it was now a criminal investigation. If Trista had someone in her family go and take Ayla at her request, this case would still be considered a Missing Child Case. In order for the police to announce to the public that this case is now a criminal investigation, means they have are positive in their belief that Trista did not take Ayla nor did she have another family member take Ayla.
1. the act of taking someone away by force or cunning; kidnapping
If police felt Ayla was still alive and unharmed but had been abducted by a stranger or non family member this case would still be considered a missing persons case. However, Police issued a statement saying that they did not believe Ayla was abducted.
Ayla's dad Justin DiPietro, his sister and his girlfriend were allegedly at home the night before Ayla was reported missing on Dec. 17. DiPietro has maintained since the disappearance that his daughter was abducted.
"We've followed every conceivable piece of evidence that would follow their version of events, and we have found not one piece of evidence that supports an abduction," Steve McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, told The Associated Press. "We think one or all of the three adults have info they haven't told us and we need that info in order to find Ayla."

Ayla no longer fits under the missing child guidelines, she was not abducted either by a family member nor was she abducted by a stranger, so that rules out any drug dealer took her to prove a point or to use her as leverage to get his money.

If a child is missing under SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, like for example, the police have enough proof to feel the parents of the child are lying to them or that the child may be injured or dead, they will change the status of the case from a missing persons case to a criminal investigation.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION-ensemble of methods by which crimes are studied and criminals apprehended. The criminal investigator seeks to ascertain the methods, motives, and identities of criminals and the identity of victims and may also search for and interrogate witnesses.

So from this information, I have gathered that Ayla was not abducted by anyone, she met with foul play, police believe her to be injured or deceased and this has turned into a criminal investigation because there are suspicious circumstances surrounding her "disappearance", police have gathered over 100 pieces of evidence and none of them coincide with the version of events the three people in the house have told police. Police believe the three people in the house, Justin DiPietro, Courtney Roberts, and Elisha DiPietro are not telling police the truth, in other words, they are lying.

Why lie if you are innocent? Why not tell the police the real version of events if you have nothing to hide? Add the above with the evidence of Ayla's blood, the broken arm, the life insurance policy, the failed polygraph test, the aversion to media, and not actually being out searching for your supposedly kidnapped daughter and if you are honest with yourself and actually look at the whole picture and can still say you think he is innocent then maybe I missing some key thing in all of this and I implore you to give me an alternative plausible version of events backed up with actual facts. If my perspective of this case is so off, I will remove every line in this blog that says anything about my belief that Justin is guilty. I have no doubts that I will not be taken up on this offer.

One last thing: Some of you may have noticed that there is now another blogger listed associated with this blog, Truth4Ayla. I have enlisted some help from one of the followers of this blog. She is working on a family tree and also a timeline that will be able to be referenced on one post as well as some other things. This blog has ended up being a lot of work and I am grateful for the help and know the majority of you will welcome her with open arms.

Let us all hope and continue to pray that a resolution to this case comes quickly and Ayla is found. I hope many of you will be able to make it to the Teddy Bear Vigil for her on Saturday.


  1. Let me start by saying I am about 95% convinced that someone in that house knows what happened to Ayla. It's the other 5% of my brain that is asking the following questions. What if, big *if* Ayla really was abducted and the person who took her left no trace behind? I know we're all used to shows like CSI where a perp always leaves a trace, but that's not real life. We're talking about what, 30 seconds inside the house? Someone could be in and out, silent as a mouse, and no one would be the wiser. Also, if the people in the house are lying, why didn't they try to plant some evidence of an abduction? (broken window, pry marks on a door, etc) Maybe they did and the police saw right through it? I don't know. I wish we had more to go on.

    1. ms.peridot19
      but according to phoebe the person(s) did not just come in and get ayla. after ayla was gone phoebe noticed "some oddities" around the house. so whoever 'took' ayla, also touched or moved things around the house??? i am not buying it! around the 2:30 point

    2. ms.peridot19
      in that same video on cnn they show a picture of ayla in a halloween costume. ayla is smiling. it is the only picture (i believe that i have seen) that belongs to the dipietro's where ayla is smiling. i have surmised that is because ayla is new to justin's care. i would love to see all dipietro pictures of ayla and see what her mood looks like as the dates progress? just wondering?

    3. ms.peridot19

      i should have said i am also surmising that the halloween picture does indeed belong to one of the dipietro's or their friends or family.

  2. A well written argument for the most logical conclusion. Thanks.

  3. Besides the police saying it's not credible...It would take more than 30 seconds to quietly enter a (locked?), dark home and move through it to the bedroom without alerting anyone, then carefully lift a sleeping baby and go back through the house to the door and quietly exit, closing the door to leave everything looking just as it had before. The scenario you're suggesting isn't realistic at all.

  4. Also, Ayla's old enough to recognize if a person is someone she knows or not... So is it plausable that someone she didn't know was able kidnap her without her waking up and crying out? Not likely.

    BTW J4A:
    Great blog! I enjoy reading it and agree with your above conclusion. All the facts standing alone (concerning JDiP) don't mean much but when looked as a whole are pretty damning.

  5. anon 11:12 you are correct, it is not plausible BUT IF someone who knows the layout of the home, knows the child well enough, they could easily do this in 1 min or less. I believe (correct me if wrong) that it was said the door wasnt locked, or may not have been locked....anyway its looked at, someone knows the truth about this entire incident and they are hiding it. I pray they are caught, found or whatever you call it. and if they have hurt Ayla, they get the same treatment she did! NO child deserves to be hurt. Also I pray that if she found alive, that she is given to well deserved people who are not associated with anyone who may have had the slightest idea, opportunity, or otherwise knowledge of any of this, because it seems to me neither family is truly capable of raising a beautiful child. Justin has many problems in his own life and so does trista.

  6. Another great post; thank you for sharing, as always. Today I shed tears for Ayla. I just wish SOMEONE would speak for her already. She needs to be brought home, physically or in spirit. My daughter is a month younger than Ayla is, and she truly could be her twin. When I look into my daughter's big, blue eyes (just as Ayla's are), I can't help but think of this case. My heart breaks for the only person in her life that bonded with her before the day she was born...I can't even imagine the pain. :(

    1. I also have a child close to Ayla's age, she doesn't look like Ayla but has a similar name and for the life of me I cannot imagine any scenario where I would be upset enough to cause her any harm. I cannot fathom how someone could hurt Ayla but the logical conclusion is she was hurt by someone she loved and trusted and it is beyond heartbreaking. It also boggles my mind that anyone, friend or family, would protect someone capable of hurting an innocent child.

  7. I tend to agree about the unlikelihood that an abductor, even one knowinig the layout of the home, could slip in and out with Ayla undetected by the other occupants AND leaving no evidence of their presence behind.

    I had a room in a partially finished basement growing up. I know what it sounds like to have someone walking around above your head, even someone trying to be quiet about it. The fact that Justin, Court and her little one were all sleeping in that basement and never heard a sound is simply not something I can buy.

    Apparently police aren't able to buy either.

  8. We just don't have enough information to assess this situation. LE has more, but they aren't sharing, which is the professional way to proceed. More information may be released in the fullness of time, which could end up surprising us all. I intend to reserve judgment until all the facts are out.

  9. Just want to welcome truth4Ayla as a co admin on the blog. Keep up the good work ladies.

    1. Thanks! She will be contributing shortly, she is finishing up some things and has not been able to get online due to severe weather where she is located.

  10. I have been reading your blog for weeks but have never commented. I did comment on JSTL blog to clear up misinformation about how DHHS works so, FYI it was not the blog owner at that site that did that. I really wish the public was privy to whatever info LE has because I truly believe we could come up with some theories or places to look. The notion of Trista having Ayla all this time is an unlikely, but none the less, welcome conclusion. (Ayla safe, alive and happy) Unfortunately there is nothing to back it up. If I were going to take my own child I certainly would not file for custody first and show my hand. If Justin knew she was asking for custody and spirited Ayla off to....say, Texas or some other place where she is less likely to be detected, then I would be just as relieved. That scenario is also unlikely but then there is the white van with the 3 men (same
    number that JP went to Portland with) and the lady with the furry boots.

    Some poster commented on a news story in the paper ( can't remember which) that Ayla was put in the Saco River in Limington on Rte 25. It could be the post of a nut job that knows nothing but it's worth looking at. It's an area of fast running rapids right next to the road.

    I don't have anything new to add but I do want to say that I appreciate your well reasoned approach. None of
    us know what happened to this sweet girl and I think shutting people out of commenting by taking sides only
    keeps us from realizing our goal, which is to get answers to the question we all ask daily....where is Ayla? ZEN

  11. This is the kind of "reporting" we SHOULD be seeing in the media. Analytic and logical without emotion. Well done.

  12. ms.peridot19
    impressive article! thank you justice for ayla! ms.p

    1. Thank you Ms. P and Lori, maybe the paper will take my lead?

  13. There is a bit of a power struggle that is hiding behind the scenes.
    The up till recently District Attorney was offered a judgeship and accepted naming his second in command as his preferred replacement.

    The Governor must appoint someone from the same party as the person vacating the position. Kelly is the second in command recommended by the departing DA Fowle. He (Kelly) only switched to the democrats in 2001 and the local county committee chose a different person. This other person has good credentials but limited trial experience and was a state representative. Now there is a struggle.

    So as of now the Governor has not acted and Kelly is serving as interim DA until the elections of next fall.

    From outside it seemed a very legal political understanding was reached and agreed to and then the committee reneged nominating a new DA instead of the up and running second in command who is up to date on the office workings.

    The appointment is a power struggle affecting the strategic tools required to successfully prosecute certain cases. I won't condemn Fowle for taking the judgeship and pension benefits and giving up the position he was elected to fill, but I wouldn't have made that move at this time considering he might be walking over a child's bones.

    Also a background why the various papers refuse to cover the case.

    1. Interesting, thanks. I will see what I can dig up on that..

  14. Foul Play: UNFAIR or treacherous ACTION; especially when violence is involved. See what happens when you highlight a different word? There is more than one way to skin a cat.
    Further, it is also a criminal investigation b/c it just so happens that it is a crime to take a child away from their parents without permission. The reason it is not officially a kidnapping or abduction (by force or fraud) is simply b/c there is no evidence of it. There is also no evidence that Justin killed her, but you seem to believe that pretty easily. Interesting.

  15. Cristine,
    I do believe someone in that house killed her, whether by accident or in cold blooded murder. I too had initially tried to explain away individual evidence as possibly unrelated but when I looked at the big picture, I found it harder to explain away.

    I know from your previous posts that you want to believe people are inherently good but in reality we aren't. We are flawed, all of us. I have always been respectful to you posting here and if you don't agree with my OPINIONS, there are other blogs and webpages that are on a more positive not and is a site that looks at things in another view or TTLOM on facebook. If what you read here upsets you, why read it?


  16. It upsetting me isn't really the point. The point is that it's so one sided- it is not fair. The BIG picture you keep talking about isn't really BIG J4A- we don't know the truth- and until we do, then I don't think it's fair to Ayla to pretend that you do. How are you so certain and yet the police aren't? HOw is this case so wide open, but you have it closed? How do you know Justin did it? Tell me, please. Maybe if you write it all out- you will see how unfair it is for you to judge the way you do. I think that is depressing that you believe people aren't good. I feel bad for you, and I don't mean that disrespectfully at all. I do respect you, your opinions, like anyone else, but I also believe they are one sided. These blogs affect other people too- we are all reading from many other sources as well, but I thought you were trying to create a place to find justice for ayla whether it be opinions or theories, but not what is on here now. I am just wondering what your new purpose is. Whether directly or indirectly....

  17. very interesting...nicely done!!