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Double Standards


A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or to different people in the same situation.[1] A double standard may take the form of an instance in which certain concepts (often, for example, a word, phrase, social norm, or rule) are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable—taboo—when applied by another group.

A double standard, thus, can be described as a sort of biased, morally unfair suspension (toward a certain group) of the principle that all are equal in their freedoms. Such double standards are seen as unjustified because they violate a basic maxim of modern legal jurisprudence: that all parties should stand equal before the law. Double standards also violate the principle of justice known as impartiality, which is based on the assumption that the same standards should be applied to all people, without regard to subjective bias or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other distinctions. A double standard violates this principle by holding different people accountable according to different standards. The phrase "life is not fair" may be invoked in order to mollify concerns over double standards.

There is a distinction to be made between double standards and hypocrisy, which implies the stated or presumed acceptance of a single standard a person claims to hold himself or herself accountable to, but which, in practice, may be disregarded. Being hypocritical to the double-standard is then a positive example of hypocrisy as well

I read different blogs and comments from the readers and really am amazed at some of the people who point the finger at Trista and what their reasons for suspecting her in Ayla's disappearance are. They tell us that we are demonizing Justin just to make it easier to pin the blame on him. There is no evidence to support he did anything and so on and so forth. We are evil, heartless and vile but yet they attack Trista and speculate and theorize with even less fact to back their accusations up. We are accused of basing assumptions on hearsay but what are they doing? It is a double standard. It is okay for people to bash Trista under the guise that they believe Ayla is alive but if we speculate that it does not appear that Ayla is still alive and logically come to the conclusion that Justin is responsible and voice that belief we are wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, there are many unanswered questions still but the answers to some of the questions are available. Trista and her stepfather, Jeff Hanson have opened themselves up to questions. They have provided answers to some of those questions that have been floating around out there and now people who refuse to believe Justin is guilty are not accepting the answers to those questions but instead try to discredit the messenger. However when people who choose not to believe some of Justin's answers based on the following:

1. He is not answering the questions himself, he is having others speak for him.
2. LE has stated on more than one occasion that Justin, Elisha, and Courtney are not telling the truth about what happened the night Ayla disappeared.
3. LE believe foul play is involved

We are told we are making things up to make our theories fit together and to make Justin out to be the bad guy. You can't have it both ways. It is not okay to hold one group to certain standards but not follow them yourself. I didn't expose TTLOM because they support Justin. Good for Justin that he has a small group of people that support him. I exposed them because they along with another blog, JSTL, do the same exact things that we are doing but they don't see that. They bring up things that are not relevant to Ayla's disappearance and claim they are doing it because EVERY one involved needs to be scrutinized, but when I post possible scenarios involving Elisha, Lance or Phoebe I am personally attacked and told I am talking about things that are irrelevant.

Praying for a Happy Summer for AylaMar 26, 2012 12:49 PM

Find Ayla, I do think that both parents had a motive to hide Ayla. It is just that Trista's motive to take Ayla was much stronger since she did not have the baby in her possession. And Trista is crazy enough to do something like have her child snatched back and not tell anyone and create all this drama. That is quintessential Trista.

As for the blood evidence, that is the wild card. No one knows at this point how much there was, how much of it was Ayla's, how reliable to testing was. But just because someone bleeds does not mean that they died. In most cases were blood is shed, the person does not die. Unless there is actual evidence that Ayla is dead, I will continue to believe that she is alive. Since all indications are that this was a custody kidnapping, that is what I will continue to believe

How do we know what is "quintessential Trista"? How do we know that Trista is crazy enough to do something like that? Has she done it before? Does she have a history of it? If Justin suspected Trista, why did he send her text messages saying he was afraid somebody going to take Ayla? Why would he need to send the person he feared was going to take Ayla a message stating that he was afraid someone was going to take her? If Trista had threatened to take Ayla and Justin was worried why not call DHS or go to the court house and file a protection order? Why not announce that in the beginning when he first addressed the public rather than saying that he did not know who took Ayla or what happened to her? Why stand next to her at vigils and why when Trista told him at the vigil in Waterville that she knew about the blood, why did he whisper to her not to worry about that? Wouldn't it be obvious if Trista had Ayla she would know not to worry about it? If she had Ayla wouldn't she be aware of whether or not she was injured?

We do know how much blood of Ayla's was in Justin's bedroom, we know that more than a cupful of blood was Ayla's. Jeff Hanson released that information and the police did not deny it. They praised the blog and said it was great for keeping Ayla's name out there. This is not the first time LE has praised the Hanson/Reynold's for their efforts in keeping Ayla's name out there. They have not praised Justin, in fact they did the opposite and stated Trista's side was doing a good job, Justin's side was not. Why would Jeff Hanson lie outwardly to the public knowing LE could very easily discredit them and if Jeff lied to the public, wouldn't LE find that very suspicious and start investigating why Jeff would lie? If Trista really had Ayla, why would they want more scrutiny from LE? Wouldn't it be safer for them, as far as not getting caught, to not draw any attention to themselves and to do little to no interviews in case they slip up and make a mistake. Wouldn't it be better to stay out of the public's eye as much as possible? Sort of like how Justin is doing?

Most of the people on the Internet attacking Justin DiPietro are complete, total strangers. Yet they demonize him, a man they only imagine they know.

Couldn't that be said for those attacking Trista as well?

I don't know Justin DiPietro personally. But what I hear from those who do know him paints a very different picture. Justin Dipietro is a very nice young man, who loves and treasures his baby girl Ayla Bell and is enormously proud of her. He was just learning how to be a daddy when Ayla was snatched from him.
If you don't know him personally, wouldn't anything you have heard about him be hearsay even though what you have heard is positive? How is it anymore valid than others that know him that tell me or someone else the opposite? Also, couldn't it also be said that Justin initially snatched Ayla away from her maternal family?

He was taking his own baby steps on the road of fatherhood, learning how to watch over his toddler, how to keep her from falling, learning when it was not okay to let go of her hand, learning that he really couldn't take his eyes off of her even in the house. These are things that a woman knows instinctively, but a man must learn these things.

Another double standard, Women are born knowing how to raise a child? Do they have an instruction manual they are given when they hit puberty? New parents, whether the father or the mother, learn as they go or get instruction from other parents and medical professionals on what to expect.
Justin was working, going to school, had his own apartment, and doing what he could to establish a relationship with his new baby daughter. Of course he loved her. It would be impossible not to love Ayla, and for any father she would be the apple of his eye. It was no different with Justin. Justin moved from Portland to Waterville to make a permanent commitment to being Ayla's parent full time.

Justin did not have his own apartment and there is no proof that he was working while going to school. It has been reported by someone that knew him, he had a job working in the same restaurant in Portland as a few of his other roommates and that he just walked out of his job one day. That isn't something a responsible person does.

Justin apparently thought he would be the better parent, given Trista's substance abuse problems, bi-polar mental illness, behavioral problems and homelessness. Trista had such little support due to her behavioral problems that none of her relatives would take her into their own homes. She was not even allowed to enter inside some of their homes.
It has only been confirmed that Trista had a problem with alcohol and that she went to rehab to get help for it. She also was living with her sister up until she went to rehab and upon leaving rehab was living in a motel. She had a roof over her head and therefore was not technically homeless. It is only speculation and rumor that her relatives did not want her in their homes or that she was not allowed to enter their homes.

Of course Justin did not want Ayla living in a homeless shelter. No responsible father would want that for his daughter. And a homeless shelter/battered woman's shelter was the best that Trista could provide for Ayla at the time. The alternative was the street.

Where has it ever been stated that Trista was in a homeless or battered women's shelter?
So Justin did what any loving dad would do and stepped up to the plate to be Ayla's full time parent and moved permanently to Waterville. There Ayla was to have stable housing, a baby girl cousin to play with, and a loving grandmother and aunt to help take care of her as she grew. He gave up his own singles apartment and moved back in with his mother--something many young single guys would be very reluctant to do--out of love for Ayla.

Based on the evidence that Justin started classes for his CDL in Sept. well before Trista was ordered to rehab and only 11 days separated his first visit ever with Ayla and the start of his CDL class that was only 7 miles away from his mother's home in Waterville and 70 miles away from his apartment in Portland, it would appear that Justin had planned on moving back home, if not even already living back at his mother's well before there was ever a question of him taking physical custody of Ayla. It also is apparent that the pictures released from the paternal family were taken on one or more of the five reported visits he had with Ayla prior to taking custody of her and were all taken in Waterville at Phoebe's house and not at his apartment in Portland. It is doubtful that Justin moving out of his bachelor pad had anything to do with Ayla. The lease is also almost up at the Portland apartment and was not being renewed by the other occupants. Justin must have been aware of this and knew he was going to have to move out unless he wanted to take over paying all of the rent himself.

Folks demonize Justin because that makes it easier to then pin the blame for Ayla being missing on him. But if you take away all the malicious, false, concocted allegations, underneath it all is just a nice young kid who was trying to be a responsible new dad.

Folks demonize Trista in order to make Justin appear innocent but if you take away all of the malicious, false, concocted allegations, underneath she is just a young mother who has made mistakes that is trying to rectify them for the sake of her children whom she clearly loves by the smiles on their faces and their vibrant personalities. She is devastated over the loss of her daughter and is doing all she can to find her and keep her name out there.
Justin DiPietro has done nothing wrong, as far as I can figure. I highly suspect that Ayla was taken by the maternal family as part of the very heated, ongoing custody dispute. The blood in the basement is likely a red herring, in that it relates to a prior injury occurring while Ayla was running around the basement.

Trista has done nothing wrong except trying to provide a better life for her children and trusting that Ayla's father would love and cherish her as Trista did. I suspect Ayla was severly injured by a father who had no patience and was frustrated with an unhappy toddler who desperately missed her mother and was acting out. The blood is not a red herring and shows that Ayla sustained a serious injury while in the custody of her father and her father still tries to minimize the fact that her blood was spilled in his bedroom, by his bed on his watch. Just as a motel was not a proper environment for a toddler, a basement that so many people have reported hurting themselves to the point of drawing blood and breaking bones in, is definitely not a suitable environment for a toddler.
I look at the overall picture and what I see is a very troubled girl with mental and substance abuse problem, who runs with a crowd of criminals, and who was hell bent on getting her daughter back.

Another double standard, Justin also surrounds himself with criminals, one being his own brother and his mother also has an issue with substance abuse and his brother freely admits to using drugs for recreational purposes. Justin's girlfriend's apartment was raided and a massive amount of drugs were found in her home. She was there the night Ayla disappeared.

In my view, the answers to this mystery lie with the maternal side of the family and their friends. LE needs to start looking there.
I would think that LE has already looked into Trista and apparently does not feel she has Ayla or they would have said she was not being truthful with them and certainly would not have praised her efforts in a press release.

Why is it that when Trista announced that she was planning a birthday vigil in Portland for Ayla's birthday last month that she was called disgusting and vile for planning something a month in advance and that she obviously knew that Ayla would not be home for her birthday?

Why is not disgusting that on www.thislittlelightofmaine.ORG that they are planning the FIRST Ayla Bell Run for May 12th, over a month away? Why is it not vile that not only are they planning it over a month away but have insinuated there will be more Runs to follow by labelling it a "first" Ayla Bell Run and not The Ayla Bell Run?  Why is it not disgusting that they have set up a store to sell business cards, mini flyers and other Ayla merchandise to spread awareness? Where does the money go to? Why is a site backed by her father SELLING merchandise when complete strangers are giving away these same things for FREE to keep awareness up for Ayla. Why is it not vile that there is not one mention of Trista or her maternal family on that site and only mention of her poor father? I also caution anyone who is considering to purchase anything from www.thislittlelightofmaine.org to find out if they are an actual non-profit organization, anyone can buy a .org domain online. I would hate to see someone's hard earned money go to something or someone other than who you had intended it to go to.

I have no issues with people that want to believe Justin is innocent, I certainly have no issue with anyone who wishes to believe that Ayla is still alive and really was abducted by someone even people who believe Trista abducted Ayla. The greatest end to this saga would be that Ayla is alive and well and is returned home to her mommy and her brother. No one wishes for anything else but there are facts to contend with and many of us have prepared ourselves for the worst while still hoping for the best. I do have issue with people who hold others to a double standard and in doing so are being hypocritical. I also have an issue with people who refuse to accept the facts, the real cold, hard facts minus all of the rumors and speculation.


Fact: Justin purchased a life insurance policy on Ayla only weeks before she was reported missing.

Fact: Ayla's blood was spilled in Justin's bedroom, Justin has minimized the importance of the blood and told Trista "Not to worry about it"

Fact: Justin waited two weeks before issuing a statement to the media and in that first statement said he did not know what happened to Ayla, he also said he did not know who took her.

Fact: Justin has refused interviews and put a no trespassing sign on his home, he has been in seclusion in Winslow. The most recent interview he did, he made one or two statements. Heidi and Darrell Tudela carried the majority of the interview.

Fact: Police have stated on more than one occasion that the three people in the house that night are not telling the truth.

Fact: Phoebe and Elisha have retained their own attorney and that attorney is not representing Justin

Fact: Police have collected over one hundred pieces of evidence from the home and not one piece of evidence coincides with Justin, Elisha, and Courtney's versions of events.

Fact: Phoebe lied to reporters by leading them to believe she was home the night Ayla disappeared.

Fact: Justin claims he was worried someone was going to take Ayla but yet left her alone to sleep in a room by herself while he, Courtney, and Ayden slept in the basement bedroom, according to Selena Johnson she claims she has slept down there and it is impossible to hear anything because of the loud furnance, they did not own a baby monitor. It was highly unlikely Justin would be able to hear Ayla while he was in the basement.

Fact: Ayla was injured while in Justin's care on more than one occasion. Bruises, pulled leg muscle, broken arm, and whatever injury caused her blood to be spilled in his basement. Enough blood that it had to be cleaned up and was only detected with the use of Luminal.

Fact: Justin claimed to have smoked his polygraph test but was not made aware of the results although he reported to friends that he failed miserably, LE also stated that Justin did know the results of his polygraph test and they were not sure why he was claiming he did not know the results.

Fact: Ayla went missing while Justin was in physical custody of her and it was his sole responsibility to keep her safe, to care for her, and to protect her.


Fact: Trista was ordered to go to rehab or lose her kids to DHS involvement, Trista went to rehab. DHS did not take both children only Ayla. Ray remained in her care

Fact: Trista reported to a doctor her concerns that Ayla may possibly have been abused while in her father's care

Fact: Trista was supposed to retain physical custody of Ayla upon completion of a 10 day rehab, Justin reneged on his part of the agreement.

Fact: Trista filed for Parental Rights and Responsibilities two days before Ayla was reported missing

Fact: Trista received text messages from Justin claiming he was afraid someone would take Ayla

Fact: Trista was unable to take a polygraph test due to a medical condition, LE stated they were satisfied with her test and she did not have to retake it

Fact: Trista has done numerous interviews and has done all she can to keep Ayla's name out there knowing she would be put under attack for her own indiscretions. She faced the scrutiny head on for the sake of Ayla. LE has praised her efforts.

Fact: Trista has publicly begged Justin to work with her to find Ayla

Fact: Trista is accessible to LE and to the public and has answered any questions that she can to help find out the truth about what happened to her daughter.

People are going to continue to believe what they believe. I am smart enough to know that no matter how many times I say the same thing or others who feel the same way I do, say the same things over and over, people are still going to continue to hold fast to their own theories about what happened. I can respectfully agree to disagree and I know better than to join in any discussion on pages and blogs where my theories are not the accepted version of events although I would love for someone to be able to have an intelligent discussion/debate with someone that can back up their theories that this was a custody issue and Trista took her with facts that are relevant and not rumors or hearsay. I would love for Justin to come online and start a blog and answer some of the questions only he can answer and not rely on someone else to always speak for him. If Justin is telling the truth and decided to be forthcoming, maybe people wouldn't have such a negative opinion of him. I would love for someone to discuss the actual facts as a whole picture and not explain away each individual piece of evidence. I think for now we can all agree on one thing however and that is that Ayla Reynolds is missing and no one knows what really happened to her. I can maintain my belief that until the people that were in the house that night start telling the truth, we aren't going to get the full story and anyone who thinks otherwise can maintain theirs that until LE investigates Trista we will not get the full story. Unless LE is completely incompetent, I am pretty sure they have already investigated Trista though but of course this is all just my opinion.

Anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds is asked to call MSP at 624-7076. There is still a $30,000 reward that is unclaimed.

*I wanted to add a link to another article by Boo Kat on her blog she shares with Shannie. They touched on this issue as well and in a way only they can, they don't sugarcoat for the masses so if you are easily offended, you may want to skip it but I definitely think their site is worth a read.


  1. Lady, you must be psychic 'cause I've been mulling over the double standards in this case all day. Justin can do know wrong, but Trista can never do right, whether their circumstances in their lives are parallel or not. Guess what? The lying sack of Justin spunk on Just Stop The Lies wants to be Trista. She LOVES comparing herself to Trista and trying to one up her, while insisting her life is super awesome 'cause her neglected husband takes care of her neglected kids so she can obsess over Justin all day and write love letters masked as blog posts. That dig on her personal life seems to have really gotten to her since she felt the need to declare how super awesome her life is. But, anywho, you rock the fucking Casbah, Justice. Keep doin' what your doin'.

    1. Did you see the post by Lucifer after the post by IvyLynn? When I read those two posts together, I knew that the people on JSTL are the same as on TLLOM and that thier only concern now is raising a defense fund for all of them. I believe LE should charge them all! Start with defrauding the public with this store and Ayla Bell Run / fund raiser!!!

      BTW, More Curious I guess and Find Ayla had some interesting points as well in response to that post. I noticed that thier comments were not challenged either! Freakin' cowards at both those sites!

    2. yay! I second that BooKat! Nice job J4A! I always look forward to a thought provoking read,and love seeing your layout of facts...puts things is perspective :D

  2. What is it with these people....facts are Facts..so what if Trista was seeking shelter in a Motel...dear god does that make her a bad mummy by default? look at the EVIDENCE...Ayla was a happy toddler in the arms of Trista she was clean well nourished and had a healthy glow about her...I try really hard not to condemn the paternal family but its getting harder the more i read about the total lack of concern over Ayla the lot of them portray...and as for the Supposed Ayla group haha dont make me laugh..you lot are a group of twisted individuals who are sick in the head if you cant see what staring you in the face...may god have mercy on your souls as i fear you will be banished to the bowels of hell on judgement day

    1. Amen Leigh! Justin was basically homeless living in his mom's unfinished basement. I would think the motel was a better choice than a cement floor basement. Most likely with no windows, cold, damp, bugs n whatever else.

    2. As far as the motel goes, I disagree, it's pretty shitty to raise kids in a cheap hotel. This does not make Trista culpable to Ayla's disappearance though.

      Nice job laying out the facts in a clear, concise manner J4A. What do you want to bet it won't matter? Those defending Justin have blinders on. I thought the JSTL blog was interesting for awhile but now it appears (s)he is grasping at straws.

    3. Yukon,

      My mom still lives in Maine and affordable housing for low income families is very hard to get! When her husband of almost 20 years decided to kick her out on the street, she was placed on a housing list. But to move her up on the list, the social worker placed her in a state funded motel for a couple days. She was moved up on the list and recieved housing in just under 4 days! I believe you are right that a motel might be shitty to live in, but if Trista did that for a similar reason, while Raymond was safe with family, I would commend her for it!

    4. It sounds as though its pretty much the same in this country John! Only we call them bedsits or hostels and I know a few who have had no choice if they wanted to keep their family together...our councils tend not to rehome if other family take them in as they dont class this as an urgency. (bit of useless info re: the case but its annoying the life out of me why Trista is getting booted from every angle considering the grand scheme of things)

    5. I think the only people really booting Trista are the people that want to believe so badly that Justin is so great! granted Tirsta made a few mistakes, we all do! We learn from our mistakes hopefully, so we don't repeat them. I believe in my heart, her family won over her heart and she was trying to make things better for her family. If Justins supporters want to boot her for that, tell them to look at Justin first because he still hasn't learned from his mistakes. JMO

  3. Thanks JFA!!! My thoughts exactly. People are being played on tllom and they dont even seem to know it!! People need to start using their own God given brains.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this lady! I wish everyone had the same common sense!!At times I feel like im banging my head against a brick wall trying to explain the obvious and to get some people to think for themselves You go JFA!!! oxox LB

    1. I have had that same hitting my head against a brick wall feeling lol, no matter how many times you say it, it doesn't sink in. All we can do it keep putting it out there and maybe just maybe we will get through to one person... Keep fighting the good fight Laurie!

    2. I agree Laurie! Tori, Ive been around since the beginning of this never ending nightmare. I was there when you was outed.(I think it was on SA). I remember when you was neutral. Heck, we all were neutral at one point. Then we were suspicious of both trista n justin. We watched trista deal with the criticism head on. We watched justin go into hiding. Needless to say I'm glad you didn't give up Tori. You're doing a great job with this blog and you're doing it with class :) JUSTICE FOR AYLA

    3. Ive gone thru the same process, questioning Trista...that checked out, So theres Justin left and nothing is checking out. And he is being sugar coated and defended and I honestly dont know how people are buying it, if it doesnt make sense its usually not true. What about AYLA? Sometimes I take a deep breath and walk away from the computer before my head explodes!! Love this blog, its the first place I go in the morning. TY!!

  5. And there is something else that people don't mention that much. Mc Causland did release another statement 10 days ago saying that the crime lab gave them evidence on an almost daily basis. Evidence collected at the DiPietros' house. The police are not looking for Ayla, they are looking for her body. I stopped hoping when that statement was released.

  6. I dont understand how anyone can defend a man who doesnt even try to defend himself.If his daughter was kidnapped and LE was looking in the wrong place, after 3 months he would have gone to the media done an interview and complained.Why dont any of the supporters ever seem mad at LE ? They are really careful what they say about blaming LE, Why? There anger seems to be at the public only,Why? If he was innocent he would be furious with LE,why is he afraid to speak out against them? Why arent his supporters furious with LE? Why wouldnt they go to the media and complain about LE.That is what innocent people do they defend themselves.He lets all his friends and family do it for him.Why?

    1. ITA Anonymous!

      No one would allow LE to say such things if they weren't true! They would run to the media and deny and probably have some unkind words for LE. They would be demanding that LE stop speaking about them, and find their "kidnapped" daughter! Justin doesn't dare say such things publicly because for one thing, he'd be lying again and he needs to keep appearing (to himself and his few fire starters) like a nice, wonderful guy. No! He looks more guilty with his silence. He lets his fire starting, mouth pieces talk trash on the internet though.

    2. And Why would he ask for "immunity for the responsible person"? I'll answer that, he was asking for himself!!!!

  7. If his own Mom wont even speak up to defend him,then why would anyone else?

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, I figured as much-
      And to all of the 'faithful' clients-oops, I mean friends of the dipietro family: why do you think ANYONE with 1/2 a brain would consider it logical that Trista or her family kidnapped Ayla? That makes NO SENSE! Why would they ever jeopardize getting custody of Ayla back by 'kidnapping' her? Trista was her legal guardian to begin with and Justy and his mommy were the ones who kidnapped her to set off this whole fiasco!
      You REALLY need to come up with a much less hinky story because there is no evidence out there, to prove that somebody kidnapped this baby! LE would be showing suspicion of Trista and her family if there was a smidgeon of facts to show them to be 'hiding' Ayla or know where she is! Duh...

  9. "I dont understand how anyone can defend a man who doesnt even try to defend himself."

    Anon @ 5:10 AM - that pretty much says it all right there, doesn't it? They run all over the internet defending Justin's good name, but he can't be bothered to return the phone calls of the media. They're fighting a losing battle. Sooner or later, some of them will realize it.

    Also, @Kit if you should stop by here today, I answered your question from last night about Angela's bullshit Copyright on TTLOM on the "Surprise, Surprise" thread. Note: I'm not a lawyer, but as a marketing consultant, I've been through the copyright & trademark process several times for clients. So, while I'm not an expert on the process, I know enough to know that Angela Harry is full of shit.

  10. Thanks StacieDee, I highly doubt is is really copyrighted also.

    I'm left speechless after Angela Harry's newest stunt, regarding the "Ayla Bell Run". It is complete BS. It is nothing more than, yet another, slap in Trista's face. I wonder who's brilliant idea a "run" was? Laughing Hyena Courtney, I'm sure!

    Speaking of double standards... No one is supposed to talk ill of abusive, neglectful, manipulative, vindictive Justin, yet Angela Harry continues to allow others to speak ill of Ayla's MOTHER, on her public TLLOM fb page:

    Linda Squire
    I just read about the searches today I think it's horrible! I wish that this little girl would be found along with the other missing babies around the U.S. Shes probably in another state alive I read up some on the ayla case and I feel badly for Dad he is Getting all the blame. it looks like the mom trisha or whatever her name is is high on the morning show I wish her all the luck in the world to be alive!
    Saturday at 7:26pm · Like

    Bring Ayla Home
    true that!
    Saturday at 10:12pm · Like · 1


    1. Kit,

      I notice as well that they do not even use her full name most of the time, and on that page , none at all. In case someone forgot its "Ayla Bell REYNOLDS" Since none of the links on the page are working , it's pretty difficult to find out any information about the "event" including how the "TLLOM missing child fund" is distributed.

    2. Oh yes Jim. I fully noticed that! The baby who is "missing", her name is Ayla Bell REYNOLDS!!!!!

      I previously thought this didn't sit well with Justin and his family of demons. Now I'm sure of it!

  11. I am so sick of Angela Harry using The Lords Name for her evil, sick ways. She is the furthest thing from Christian/Catholic, or ANY other religion. She is going straight to HELL. Satan is reserving a special spot for her. Enjoy your pathetic life on Earth Angie, because your eternity is going to be worse than anything you could ever imagine. You will be punished FOREVER, for everything you've done and are doing.
    May God NOT have mercy on your soul...

    1. Kit, you need help.

    2. I really wish people wouldn't use God's name to speak ill of someone else. Please don't put His name in the mix.

    3. Your comment goes to the heart of the matter.

      Who is Angela to label Ayla a "Little Light" !!!!!!!!arghhhh!

      Did she do what only God-Almighty can do and gaze through the walls that form an Immortal Soul and measure the light produced by her Eternal Spirit.

      The Devil Satan and Lucifer are creations of God that serve sets of specific offices and legal functions and administrated and deployed by The Holy Ghost.

      This whole event has been a huge lesson to me to remember all the miracles it took for me to survive this long and relearn gratitude where ever appropriate. This run could be the bait to check mate these wankers right off the board.

      I liked somebodies comments that it should be a rabbit run and Justin gets to be the rabbit and we all chase him from Winslow to the Waterville Police Headquarters.


      Angela is the "Little Light"

  12. Does anyone know if her new site is legaly a non profit organization? If so, organizations like this can prove to be alot of work and someone ends up being on a payroll and it can be family members. Ii know one where both the mother and father quit their jobs and re vamped their house. Ticks me off. I have no problem with anybody doing anything to get the word out to help find Ayla but when they purposly do not mention Ayla has a mother and portray , and making it seem, like this site is to support one side..Justins, I find terribly disgusting and immoral. I could not find specifics on what the procedes will go to other than a general statement and I do believe that that when a non profit is asked specifics by the public they are obligated to release this info but I am not positve about that. if in fact they are registered as non profit the info of board members would be available to the public. IMO since have not looked it up yet.

  13. J4A,

    I had that entire thread screen captured to send to you. I guess I dont need to do that now! BooKat said it right, you are doing great work in your efforts to Bring Ayla Home!

    I have to admit I was a bit curious about the information they were spewing, but the one thing I found most disturbing was the comment about Aylas blood being a Red Herring! This person is absolutely insane to believe that a childs spilled blood is anything but a red flag, not herring! This person along with AH and HT should all drink plenty of water now because it gets mighty hot in the fires of hell!

    And TLLOM is not getting a single penny out of me for this DiPietro Defense Fund Run or the on-line store! If the missing children groups supporting Aylas loving family were to organize a fund raiser to feed or lodge searchers, to pay for a television commercial, etc. I am there already to support that. Just let Jeff & Trista know that I, along with thousands of other, will do anything we can to help get Ayla home!

  14. Kit : I wish there was a "like" button on here. I feel ya! May God NOT have mercy on your... He won't. First, you have to have a soul and it is apparent that none of these demons do. They are merely demons, masquerating as human beings. May they burn in hell for all of eternity.

  15. Baby Ayla's blood a Red Herring??

    Do these people have no shame?

    Please let justice for Ayla come swiftly. This sham has gone on long enough!

    Now Angela Harry is turning it into a SCAM as well! In the name of Ayla, a missing baby. Who "vanished" from her Daddy's home...

    1. Kit,

      To put the cherry on top of this farce, both Selena and Obscure (who I still believe is Angela or Heidi) had praises for this post. I was one the page when it was posted and could not believe how much joy those two vindictive POSs' took in someone saying Aylas blood was a "red herring"!

    2. Yes John, I saw that too. Selena, Ayla's "GREAT Aunt" is one of the biggest POS there! Lies is clearly the biggest one, but assuming "it" is really not related, in any way, then Selena takes the cake.

    3. I agree 1000% if that is possible!

    4. I just visited there. Yuck! Nothing I wanted to say anything about. Selena did threaten to report someone to LE if they did not, "Mind their manners" lol

  16. Lord Have Mercy. Is this person, Angela Harry for real, or is she just plain stupid? I threw up a little when I went to her site. My question is: Can Trista stop this sham of bs. Trista, if you are reading this, please, please consult an attorney immediately. Go to legal aide, they are free and will provide you with a list of attorneys that will likey offer their services, pro-bono, (free of charge) once you explain the situation. I believe these people are going to use the money raised for Justin's defense fund. If someone on here know Trista, please help her and give her this message. Thanks

    Please, lord help me to hope my tongue in my cheek. These vile, evil demons have done too far and it has to stop now!

  17. J4A and A4A: you all should really really really go to all of the Maine newspapers AND Maine news stations - either thru email or better yet by phone and explain to EVERYONE how TLLOM etal will benefit financially from Aylas disappearance - providing you can prove that this is what they plan to do

    ALL ARE CRIMINALS THERE IMO! Please let your voices be heard audibly if you want to stop this!

    1. Is there some kind of a petition or something that could stop this BS? (IF Trista want's to that is). How can this BS be going on without her knowledge or okay or blessing?

      I hope Trista sue's the sh!t out of all involved, starting with Angela Harry AKA "This Little Light of Maine (missing children fund)", and continues on right through dhhs and/or Karen Smalls.

    2. If they aren't an official not for profit, how can they accept money for any kind of "fund"? What kind of fool would give any person money just because they "say" it will go somewhere?

    3. I would think it would be "fraud" and another chargable offense they would have to answer for?
      Does anyone know if it is defrauding the public?

      I know I will not support them in this endeavor by TLLOM or Angela Harry. All this to build a defense fund for Justin and any supporter that WILL get charged with him (Angela and Hidi, that means you two for sure! Can you say obstruction and hindering and abetting?)

    4. IF monies from this, "Fund" or, "Non-profit" was clearly stated as to it's intended use, then a good idea if done legally and moraly.

      IF AH had approached both families wih the idea before going ahead wih it, then a good idea if done legally and morally.

      IF she did not flagrantly leave out the maternal family and purposely leave out that Ayla has a Mother then a good idea..etc.

      IF she used Aylas full name instead of showing her disrespect and spitfullness than it would have been a good idea.

      IF she did not use this as another avenue to build her ego and defend Justin then it would have been a good idea.

      Clearly tho SHE sees this as a way to help find Ayla it is just the same old same old only on a scarier level.

      Me me me..Jusin..me me me..justin..it's all about ayla...me me me me me me Justin me me me justin me me me me justin me justin. of course it's all about Ayla me me me me me public..me Jusin justin me me me me me ayla me me mejustin me me me me me

      I gave up reading.

  18. I know I shouldn't go on lies blog, but sometimes I can't help myself and I always get so pissed off at the BS that they are saying. They keep talking about Trista's substance abuse problems and I was like, hold on....Justin has substance abuse problems as well....give me a break! But that's okay. How about Pheobe....doesn't she have substance abuse problems too? I mean seriously...what is wrong with these people. Also, what about Selena saying, the truth is the truth and when it will come out, everyone will be shocked....well Selena...if you know the truth, why don't you state it to LE and stop this nonsense already! But you know what, that is all smoke screen 'cause she doesn't know shit!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. I'm sure no Thanks is needed for I doubt ANNON found it to be a pleasure

  19. In one part they state that if people see ayla they call LE and send TLLOM a message so that TLLOM can notify Aylas family!!! What!?? So Justin can run and hide. (more) VERY irrisponsible to put that in there. I wonder if this is some sort of obstruction of Justice? Just wondering..no proof..jmo

    1. "Aylas family" can't be reached through TLLOM, the biological father maybe, but no-one else over there gives a hoot about Ayla as long as thier names are publicly thrown around! Egos are a fragile thing and when these egos get popped, I hope no-one at the pen treats them as fragile!

    2. Chicky, are you saying that if someone sees Ayla alive somewhere that the father should not know? Why shouldn't he know?

    3. I think that any sightings OR tips ahould be relays to LE only. They are the ones to check these things not anyone else. If there is info to or good news to give to BOTH sides of the family then they should be the ones to do it. There is an INVESTIGATION going on and AYLA is missing. This is a VERY serious matter and not something for others to play around with. One may want to feel important but like John says let the egos go and take the right steps so someone does not frig up a potential tip thereby possibly losing that one chance to find Ayla. This is not fun and games.

    4. Chicky, but the mother's website has a feature for providing tips as well. You don't object to that. Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

      Yet there is nothing on that website that says that the father will also be provided with the tip information.

      So if someone sees Ayla with Trista or her friends or family or someone else and wants to notify the relatives, and the only tip feature is on the mother's website where does that get anyone? The father needs to know as well.

      So I think that it is a good idea to have a way to give information to both sides because at this point no one can be absolutely sure what is going on and who really has Ayla and who are the ones who took her.

      If Ayla is seen alive the father has a right to know. But some people object to that and I think it is because they want Trista to be able to hide and keep Ayla. So if you block the father from getting the information about any sightings, I guess that is a way to help keep Ayla hidden.

    5. What, is someone suppose to run on home to their computer or use there phone to get online..no..call LE ! The post was refering morso to a sighting. Now would we want to call LE before they get away or get in touch with Anglela so she gets the message when she is online? Give me a break. Critical sightings are not for tip spots on any page or blog. Critical sightings are to be reported to LE.

    6. Pebbles,

      You're trying to say this is a possible double standard? Is that right? Well let's see, Trista has tried repeatedly to talk with Justin, NO LUCK! LE has tried repeatedly to talk with Justin, NO LUCK! The media has tried repeatedly, NO LUCK, so what was previously posted by everyone BUT YOU, call LE and let them notify the families if the tip proves fruitful. I don't call that a double standard, I call it a logical action by a logical person for anyone with a sighting to call LE with the tip. Then you can go to either site and notify whichever side you want, but call LE first so they can get Ayla Home!

  20. I am reposting this in order to highlight the drastic lengths some will go to spin irrefutable F A C T into convenient & SELF-SERVING
    F I C T I O N!

    This is an argument regarding "whether or NOT Phoebe LIED", during the CNN interview
    [Taken from JSTL blog post's "Why Mislead People" comment section]:

    Mar 25, 2012 07:41 PM

    Phoebe had already told LE where she was and primarily they are the only people of importance who need to know.

    Media corrupted the publics' opinion by betraying a woman who was decent enough to make a correction that she didn't need to make and therefore the media swayed the non-thinking sheep into following their own agenda.

    Now its all the sheep who come here to bully those who have the capacity to think for themselves, and like the media, try to sway the free-thinkers into being sheep just like them.

    Mar 25, 2012 10:57 PM

    "Media corrupted the publics' opinion by betraying a woman who was decent enough to make a correction that she didn't need to make..."

    Are you KIDDING with that comment?

    No one TWISTED Phoebe DiPietro's arm.
    SHE went on national television and INTENTIONALLY MISCONSTRUED where she was on the night of the "abduction"!

    Her purpose was to ALIBI HER KIDS' assertions of WHAT went on in that house, the night AYLA disappeared, to protect THEIR public images.

    A NORMAL Grandmother's first priority would be concern for her missing granddaughter.. NOT the public image of her ADULT
    children---both safe & sound---living in her household!!

    There is NO WAY to spin this into anyone else's fault EXCEPT Phoebe DiPietro.
    She is a L I A R!
    End of story.

    Mar 25, 2012 11:41 AM

    Idiot she did not. She told the reporter directly after that she was there. And the reporter chose not to clarify that until the next day. Which they did do the next day. They just ran the story as is first. Made for a better story I suspect. However LE have known from day one where Phoebe was and can confirm it. SO no reason for her to lie. You are in denial.

    Mar 25, 2012 06:24 PM

    Pheebs knew JUST what she was implying when phrasing her answers to the reporter, whether or NOT she stated it directly:

    "I WAS HOME THAT NIGHT"...was clearly the message she INTENDED to convey.

    Even my FOUR year old understands, that "lying by omission", is LYING none-the-less.



    1. I taught my kids that you lye in the bed you make for yourself. ALL OF THE DIPIETROS NEED TO LEARN THIS! Mike, don't make excuses for them, let any one of them come out of hiding and answer for themselves! Nevermind, I forgot, they cant do that because it might incriminate them in the eyes of the public. SO WHAT, AYLA IS MISSING!!!!

  21. I agree with SaucieSally. Well said, Sally.

    1. Oh, I got that wrong. When I was reading it I thought the Anonymous comments were made by SaucieSally. What I meant to say was that I agree with the Anonymous poster that Phoebe was treated unfairly over her interview.

  22. Angela and Heidi will pay dearly for attempting to profit on Ayla's fate. They are "banking" that Ayla's case will not be solved before May 12, the date of the scheduled run. Hell, we don't even know WHERE this run is going to take place! The only details we have is that there will be a run on May 12 rain or shine and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

    Hmmm, no refunds, Angela? What if Ayla's remains are found prior to this fundraising event? What if Justin is in the pokey charged with Ayla's murder prior to this event? I think the least you could do is return the registration fees in either scenario.

    But I worry not. This run will NEVER take place. The outrage towards TTLOM is palpable and growing exponentially each day. The public will not tolerate such a farce.

    Angela, why do you and your flock keep trying to make a buck on Ayla's disappearence? Why don't you and your cult members all contribute $5.00 apiece and cut a check out to Maine Search and Rescue for some coffee and donuts. You know...the men and women who continue to volunteer their time, talents, and resources to search for Ayla and ask for nothing in return. The men and women who don't publically evoke God All Mighty, Jesus, Heavenly Father, or their Sweet Savior when going about the grisly task of searching for the body of a missing toddler.

    My husband and I did. It was a measly $10.00, but it felt like the right thing to do. Of course, we'll burn in hell for being atheists. But it still felt like the right thing to do.

    1. Great comment Mckeekitty!

      I don't this this SCAM is ever going to happen either. Just like her last Ayla Scam fell through as well.

      Who would even go? Who would run? I will go if I'm guaranteed to see Elisha, Phoebe and Justin run. Wait, Justin can't go anyway. He'll be too afraid. Teddy Bears scare him, I can imagine how he would feel about a "run"...

    2. Maybe they got the idea from the Sound of Music and they are going to run straight out of town and keep running and hope the cops don't notice. :)

    3. mckeekitty,
      Don't worry you won't burn in hell because you're an atheist, there is no Hell.

      Very nice that you donated to Maine Search & Rescue. I'm sure they appreciated it.

    4. I am going to shock a few people with this comment but read it through before you respond!

      Angela and Hiedi, This is the first and only time you will ever see me say"Thank You"! If you go through with this farce of a fund raiser, you know you are setting a date for LE to act. My prediction is Mar 11 Justin, Phoebe, Heidi, Angela, and Courtney are going to feel the cuffs closing on thier wrists!!! I really would like to know when the next grand jury is scheduled?

    5. psss, Mar 11 has past.

  23. angela harry is the devilMarch 27, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    From This Little Scam of Mine Angela Scary: All proceeds will go to This Little Light of Maine's missing children fund. For details on the mission of This Little Light of Maine and an overview of how funds are used, please read this document.
    I want to know where the money from This Little Scam of Mine is really going? There is no "document" Angela, did you think no one would notice? Or is that suddenly going to be "secret" information just like your secret blog. Angela Harry is stealing money from people with her new scam to raise money for HER fund called Missing Children. Not "Ayla" but "missing children." This woman is the biggest scam artist on the web. I hope she gets busted for stealing funds on top of assisting in a murder by lying, spinning and holding back on information.

    1. Oh, really?? Well I hope she sues YOU and the owner of this blog for defamation.

    2. I thought the "document" was what I was reading. It said - read THIS document. I didn't see a link to another document.

      Well I read what appears to be the document and it does not state how funds will be used.

    3. @Beagle:

      How is it "defamation" to demand proof that an organization soliciting monetary donations while CLAIMING to be charitable/non-profit, be forced to DISCLOSE the financial structure of their program, and any official documentation of 501C3 status??

      If they cannot prove their claims, then they and their efforts ARE rightly termed as:
      S C A M!

      TLLOM.org =
      Thieving Liars Leeching Off Murder©®™
      (2012, All Rights Reserved!)

      Go hawk your copyrighted & trademarked Original "Artwork"(*cough!cough!*)
      on Zazzle.com..

      Go ahead, Angie!
      Line your pockets with dollar bills soaked in baby Ayla's blood..
      I'll make it MY personal project to uncover your fraud and see you prosecuted for imbezzelment.
      Count on it.

      Happy Profiteering!©®™

    4. TTLOM.org = Thieving Liars Leeching Off Murder

      Excellent, VTLady. Excellent!

    5. I think some of you members of The Haters Group should invest in an organizational psychologist. Group therapy is obviously needed. You are angry people with empty lives, just looking for a target for all that hate and anger stewing inside of you. Pathetic.

    6. I hope TTLOM gets this message quickly. I fully agree!

    7. FYI: The Haters Group is on here, not TTLOM. I see no hate over there at all.

      As for this website, in addition to hate and anger, add denial to the list of issues for Dr. Phil, as well as lack of self awareness.

      The Haters on this website as well as on SA are the most vile I have seen anywhere on the Web.

  24. So now they are starting to blame the media for their own lies, that flow so freely out of their mouths? Phoebe didn't know the media would publish her "clarification", or she didn't want them to?

    She lied. She's a liar. Nothing else that comes out of her mouth can be believed to be true.

    Where WERE you that night Phoebe? The night Ayla, your GRANDDAUGHTER was "kidnapped" by a creepy stranger, umm no Justin Linnel, ummm no Jessica, ummm no Trista.

    Is it a secret? Who were you with? Is that person embarrassed to have to be your alibi for the night Ayla "vanished", or just embarrassed to be associated with you at all?

    1. Kit, you should step back and read your post, and contemplate how nasty of a person you have become.

    2. Thanks for the advice fire starter, blog stalker. Are you going to follow me around and reply to all my comments?

      Who was Phoebe with that night?

    3. Phoebe DiPietro is a
      L I A R.
      She proved it herself, with her OWN WORDS and BEHAVIOR, during that sham CNN interview.

      Accusing Kit of being "nasty", for RIGHTLY calling that woman what she IS,
      will NOT change the truth!

      Go buy some of Angela Harry's original "Ayla Bell" ©/®™ artwork...
      You can consider it your 100% tax-deductible donation, to Mama DiP's Criminal Defense Fund!!

    4. Kit & Mirror...Kit nasty? Why? Because a baby killer sits around watching "Wife Swap" while a community searches for his own flesh-and-blood (literally AND figuratively) and Kit finds that rather offensive?

      Go back into your TTLOM and JSTL cage, Kit & Mirror. You're rabid, and a clear and present danger to society.

    5. Jeeezh. Off the meds again McKee?

  25. angela is satin and a money grubberMarch 27, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    HA, HA HA HA HA HA, let Angela Scary of This Little Scam of Mine sue me. You freaks and your stupid pretend copyrights and silly threats of lawsuits make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!! Beagle, how much money have you spent on Angela's scam? Do you know where your money is going to, or do you blindly trust and follow your cult leader? I'll say it again and I'll say it all day, Angela Scary is the biggest scam artist on the web.

    Kit great comment and so true!!!! A bunch of liars and thieves. We thought it was only Justin trying to make money off of Ayla, but it's all the Dip Supporters and their family.

  26. A liar and a thief go hand in hand...

    1. Right. Tori should know all about that.

  27. Excellent article J4A; It is apparent that IvyLynn knows Justin, if not intimately.. but here's some things she missed:

    "Responsible dad"?
    Justin did not step up to the plate until his mother dusted it off for him.

    "Folks demonize Justin"? Justin has sent text messages to Trista saying that we are making him look like a monster.. Trista's response was, "you don't need our help".

    ..and the statement that IvyLynn made saying that none of Trista's relatives would take her into their own homes is (and was) false; Trista and Raymond have been living with me since January 7th.

    Justin, start speaking for yourself so we can bring Ayla home.. Stop filtering your guilt through your strained imaginations.

    1. Jeff,

      I love the post, especially Tristas response to Justin! and I don't see it being the people, it is the evidence presented that is demonizing Justin! But most of all Justin, step up to the plate and speak for yourself instead of hiding behind your new mommies skirt!

  28. "Trista and Raymond have been living with me since January 7th."

    That's great, as Trista needs the help & support of family & friends now more than ever.

  29. When I was homeless I told HUD I was sleeping in my car. I got put at the top of the list though there was no vouchers available at that time. The next time they were available I got one. I live in a small city where 2000 vouchers are available and also 2000 units of public housing for a total of 4000 families receiving some sort of subsidy. Heidi and Angela may be riding high today but one never knows when tragedy can strike and a person must start over from scratch.

    The DiPietros contempt for people who struggle honestly through life is unseemly and unbecoming of a ladies making pretense to being gentlewomen.

  30. Are most of you bloggers here from maine? Seems.like.you guys know.each other personally. I.however am not and donnot know.either side. I can say from a biased point of view i think justin and his supporters are not well in the head. There is clearly some damage that has been done from the drugs and booze..its so simple answer the questions morons. Why wont you tell what you know to find this lil girl...sick....uneducated ignorant junkies who are only out for.their personal gain the grandmother father aunt girfriend and all thier spokes persons....there is no copyright u cant sue u dont have the money fight the world of their opinions of you that u gave them by ur stupity. Just smarten up grow up put ur big boy n.big girl underpants on and man up and speak the truth... cowards...

  31. IvyLynn is the infamous blogger LIES! Go to her blog, she is so transparent, you can see right through her.

    Jeff & Trisha: You don't have to explain anything to these clowns. They are scared and desperate. But, we won't rest until justice is served. ( and Justin is served with an arrest warrant)

    Lies/& the rest of your personalities: You are done, toast, finished, and a waste of air time. Your baseless threats, bullying and bullshit don't fly here. Go back to the hell hole, Bagoflies and come up with something else. Your days of bashing and shit talking are numbered. Try to enjoy your freedom for now, because YOU will likely be charged with obstruction of justice (for starters). YOU know what happened with Ayla, and I'm sure LE is montoring your stupid ass blog.

  32. John P : Cowards don't step up to the plate! This pos played his own self. He thought no one would question his version of the events and now he is looking a fool with his pants on the ground.