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Determining The Age Of A Blood Stain

Before I go into the post, I wanted to thank JMH for the wonderful job she did revamping the blog. I have received many comments from readers who love the new design. I appreciate the work you are putting in behind the scenes, JMH, to help keep Ayla's name out there so thank you!

There has been much debate on whether or not it is possible to determine the age of the blood found at 29 Violette Ave. Many want to know when the large amount of blood that was determined to be Ayla's was found by Justin's bed. Justin and his supporters want us to believe that it is irrelevant, that it was only a few spots of blood and that it was from a cut on Ayla's foot that did not happen the night before she was reported missing. In my opinion, we don't really know when Ayla really went missing. Justin may claim that it was the night of December 16th but he has shown time and time again that his word has to be taken with a grain of salt, or should I say Heidi and Angela's words need to be taken with a grain of salt, since Justin apparently only speaks through them.

The blood may be older than the 16th but it still wouldn't mean that it wasn't related to Ayla's disappearance. That being said, if we could determine when the blood was really from we may be able to pinpoint when Ayla really did disappear. The amount of blood is significant. A small child does not lose that much blood and not require in the very least stitches. More than 8 oz of blood loss in a toddler that doesn't weigh more than 25 lbs is more than what a cut on her foot would produce. The attempts to minimize the blood evidence from Justin supporters is sickening.

I have done some research on the possibility of determing how old blood is through different scientific methods. I am not a scientist nor am I a forensic scientist but I am capable of reading and comprehending, or at least I like to think I am anyway. I apologize if my interpretation of the articles I read are not accurate and since I am sure there are many people out there that enjoy pointing out when I am wrong, I can only imagine if I am, they will flood the comment section with corrections.

Scientists have been researching how to do this for many years. The ability to determine how old blood is would help investigators tremendously. As of now, the only way to really determine how old blood is, is in a lab. There is no instrument that can be taken to the crime scene. There is also no way to pinpoint the blood to a specific date, in this case where it was known that Ayla was only at the Violette Ave. residence for a relatively short period of time, it may not be possible to pinpoint when in this two month span the blood really was from other than that it was within the last two months and not from two years ago for example.

 How The Age Of Blood Has Been Determined

Several approaches have been used in an attempt to determine the age of a bloodstain or other

biological material. The majority of methods rely on the transformation of hemoglobin into its

derivatives, and the changes in color and solubility which accompany them. Fiori (1962)

summarized a method that correlated the age of the bloodstain with the progressive diffusion of C1-

around the stain, which can be fixed as AgCl. Upon reduction, a black border will form around

stains which are more than two months old. The size of the border will increase in increments up to

nine months, indicating an approximate age of sample. Enzyme assays have also been used with

limited success. In general, they allow for a statement that the sample is either less than or more

than a certain age. Schwarz (1936) examined "peroxidase" in bloodstains as a method of

determining age. The peroxidase was shown to be a direct indication of the amount of hemoglobin

remaining in the stain. Guaiacum was used as a substrate for peroxidase, which produced a blue

color in the presence of hemoglobin. These studies suggested that the intensity of the blue color

varied with age. Another more recent approach (Rajamannarr, 1977) looked at the serum protein

profile by immunoelectrophoresis in stains as a function of their age from 15 days to one year. A

characteristic pattern of disappearance of various proteins at test points along the time line was

constructed. All of the proteins were undetectable at 365 days. In contradiction, Sensabaugh, 1971,

found albumin to be detectable by its immunological reaction in a dried blood sample eight years

old. This contradiction has been explained by a change in electrophoretic mobility of albumin in

aging bloodstains. The above approaches are incapable of discriminating blood samples from

different species, provide too narrow or unreliable a window of time to be of much use, are limited

to bloodstains and could have misleading results due to sample size.

 One major issue with using any of the above methods is that they need to be done in a lab and in order for that to happen, there needs to be enough bloodstain samples to determine first and foremost, whose blood it is and then if there are any samples left and enough of a sample they can start the process of determining how old the blood is. Because the blood was found in a basement bedroom, the bloodstain is likely on concrete and from statements made by people claiming to see the spots circled in the house after police left, it does not appear LE removed parts of the concrete floor and sent them to a lab to determine the age of the bloodstains. These methods are also time consuming and because of the inability to determine an exact time and where we know Ayla was only at the DiPietro's for a small window of time, it is unlikely to determine anything other than that the blood is from October 17th to December 17th. LE was probably made aware of this and it is unlikely that we will ever really know when Ayla's blood was spilled in the basement bedroom.

There are new methods of trying to pinpoint the age of blood that are in the works now and hopefully these methods will be readily available to forensic scientists soon. One organization is working on a handheld instrument that can be brought into the field and can measure the spectra reflected from a stain and use precalibrated data to determine the age. Another group is working on determining the age of blood using Carbon 14 dating and RNA cells and although they have made strides, neither is anywhere near being used at this time for criminal cases or in court.

So, as much as we would all like to know exactly when Ayla's blood was spilled while she was in her father's care, we are not going to be able to rely on forensics for this information. We also have little to no chance that any of  the DiPietro's are going to grow a conscience and tell the whole truth about what happened to Ayla while she was living there. We do know that Ayla sustained multiple injuries while in her father's care and as if a broken arm wasn't serious enough, we all are left wondering how could it be so much worse that she lost over 8 oz. of blood? We can only hope that if someone that knows the truth won't come forward and speak for Ayla that as the weather is warmer here in Maine and Spring has finally made it's appearance that Ayla will be found. Areas that were previously unaccessible due to snow are now cleared. The clock is ticking Elisha and Courtney. Make a deal before it is too late because we will find Ayla and once we do, you all will be going to jail and your children won't be your responsibility anymore. You will lose your right to make decisions for them, someone else will get to revel in their firsts, they will learn to call someone else Mommy, you will not be able to comfort them when they are sick or see them beam with happiness when they accomplish something. You will lose what you took away from Trista. You know what they say about Karma....


  1. I apologize for the formatting, I went in multiple times to try to adjust that paragraph and nothing seemed to work. I know it is difficult to read with all of the line breaks, I am sorry.

  2. We can be pretty sure it wasn't before Nov. 21 when drs. were involved and Trista saw her. She didn't mysteriously recover on her own from such a major blood-letting. So that puts the date between Nov. 21 and Dec. 16. Trista talked to her up to Dec. 8, making it highly unlikely it occurred before then. That leaves the Dec. 8 to Dec. 16 window as the only realistic timeframe. Logic tells us Justin cut off contact with Ayla after they talked on the 8th for a reason. This may be that reason.

    Which of those 9 days the bloodletting actually happened would matter the most in the early days of the investigation if you're looking for a baby who could still be alive and bleeding to death. But at this point, the consequences are what they are- I don't mean to sound cold, I am referring to what they said over on Answers that it would be 1/3 of her blood, a class III hemorrhage and require transfusion. By now the police have presumably checked all the medical facilities in the area and determined that she was not treated.

    What I think is the most relevant remaining issue relating to the when of the bloodletting is how much Ayla suffered and the charges that might lead to for the perpetrator(s). It may also help shed light on why the parties who participated in the fake kidnapping did so.

    One thing that always jumped out at me-the rain. Justin's story about the arm break doesn't match up with the weather report. It rained early in the day on Nov. 11 (arm break day) but not in the evening. Is the rain a total fabrication, or is it telling us something about when the arm break actually occurred, or is it telling us not about the arm break but the bloodletting?

    Between Dec. 8 and 16, the only rain was in the very early morning hours of Dec. 8; in the afternoon and briefly after sunset Dec. 15; early in the morning on the 16th. Justin was in Portland on the 15th. Which hours again?

    1. He was on video at about 2am.

      About the rain. I wonder if he originally told the dr's that, or if he just told LE that, thinking they wouldn't (be able to or bother to) check back. I think he was trying to make the story more believable to LE. It did not say anything about rain or stairs or groceries in the specialist notes. The ER visit should be more detailed and telling, hopefully.

    2. agree...9 day window, otherwise the docs would have seen it in their exam. Everything seems to be converging on the dates between the 8th after the call with trista, and the 15th when he was in portland without her.. I wonder when the missed immunizations and wic appts were schedluled? I get this weird creepy feeling about the 10-12th weekend...all the kidnap planning seems to start right after the 8th, a thurs. Then the weekend happens,perhaps a party with CR Present? my guess...blood loss event occurs anywhere from the 9th to the 11th...then he panics, frantic planning and coverup begin-texting kidnap fears starts, telling her he is filing for custody to push her so he can frame her for custody abduction happens now too...JD gets his crap from portland apt, seen at the gas station store on the way home. Wasn't he reportedly gone from the house 3 hrs on the 16th during the day...same day dr appt is cancelled(and maybe not rescheduled)and same day Derrik supposedly comes over with son for the playdate...unless verifyable, this is likely a red herring to throw off her actual removal date. Very curious to see if the appts were cancelled by JD or the office...

    3. If the doctor office cancelled the appointments, you just know JD, Heidi, Angela, and JSTL (ick) would be making a BIG deal about it!!!! It would be a victorious feather in their collective hat.

    4. I agree wholeheartedly with your observations, Rain.

      "More than a cup" is a life-threatening loss of blood that would require urgent and IMMEDIATE medical attention. Little Ayla likely went into shock, and I would think an ambulance would have been summoned.

      I want to know where Heidi and Justin get off with their "three or four drops" account? Why aren't they challenging Jeff Hanson and accusing him of falsifying and/or embellishing critical evidence? Why aren't they insisting that LE set the record straight?

      If I was shown evidence of "three or four drops" and someone blogged "more than a cupful" I would raise hell for disseminating false, sensitive, and critical information over the internet. I would raise hell for bias and inflammatory fabrication of the facts.

      But it seems Heidi has finally put a muzzle over her mouth on this matter.

    5. Put a muzzle on it! Lol! I like that.

      It's true though. Where's Justin? He just doesn't care about anything. He knows damn well if he opens his own mouth, he will incriminate himself. He knows if HT speaks it really doesn't affect him because he technically didn't say whatever shes saying. She's too blind to see that I guess. Or it's true what someone else said that she is just trying, at this point, to make her son look innocent and doesn't even care about Justin. Her interview kind of gave off that impression.

    6. And it could not have been DROPS in the first place. A child with a small cut on the foot would smear any blood on the floor. Even if it was rolling off the foot one side the blood would be smeared. No way could the foot cut have resulted on drops! JMHO

  3. It's too bad they can't determine the exact age of blood.

    Whenever that blood got on the floor, that is the true time Ayla "vanished". Had the blood been from a prior "accident", there is NO WAY, any parent, grandparent and/or aunt would not have sought medical treatment. If Justin can offer no excuse for having that much of Ayla's blood in his basement-bedroom, next to his bed, without having got medical care for Ayla, that proves he knows what the blood is from and did not get her treatment (for a reason). What reason could that be? He probably did something while in a rage, trying to sleep, then was afraid to get her help and maybe he/they even thought she was dead and help would do her no good. I think, at this point, thats what most likely happened. There is the possibility that she had a true accident and bled there while Justin was sleeping/passed out, but I'm leaning towards the other possibility for now.

  4. I am still in my heart trying to believe this was an accident. It gets harder and harder every day. Could it be possible that on one night between the 8th and 16th Ayla was sleeping with Justin, Courtney and Courtney's son and Ayla was pushed off the bed, hitting her head, causing all the blood loss? Maybe they had drugs in the house or were on drugs and were afraid to call 911? You see in the news about parents rolling over there kids, suffocating them. I feel they could be covering up an accident, but then when I think about the LIP maybe it wasn't an accident, altough I think the LIP was Phoebe's doing. Maybe they planned for it to look like an accident but something happened or something went wrong (i.e. drugs)?
    There is a reason Justin isn't talking, maybe he is a bad liar, maybe he will slip up again and tell the truth. If someone could just get him talking we may find our answers, I think he is the one we need to crack, he is the weak link in the cover up.

    Why aren't there any tough investigative reporters in ME. If that happened here in Mass, the reporters would be chasing Justin everytime they saw him, asking the tough questions. Are people that afraid of the Dips?

    1. Choose the Likely OptionsMarch 23, 2012 at 12:47 PM

      A serious injury from a fall from bed height even with a cement floor is highly unlikely. Could it happen? Yes. Probable? No.

  5. Heidi Tudela "The
    amount of blood was three very small dots about the size a pen spot
    would make. I saw them. They were circled. And Ayla had cut her foot
    about two weeks before and there was a tiny cut that required a small
    bandaid. So that very likely could have
    been source. Just thought everyone here deserves to know that . The
    police know this, And Justin can not yet speak to Press but no one has
    said that I can not, Also for the record he is cooperating in every way
    with them still. They did recently tell him though that if his
    girlfriend would not take polygraph they would release statement he was
    no longer cooperating. But his girlfriend is her own person not a part
    of his family and she has her reasons and concerns about polygraphs. And
    Justin and & his family have been very willing to do everything
    they have been asked. That is all."

    Like Reply

    1. So Courtney wouldn't take a poly? What about Elisha, anyone know if she's taken one?

    2. Yes Debbie. LE stated EVERYONE in the home that night took one, and they know the results.

      Phoebe and Elisha's lawyer then made a fool of himself and said he didn't know if they took one.

  6. First: You are so welcome! I'm happy that everyone is pleased with the progress thus far. I'm happy to play around some more with the layout as soon as I get some spare time in the coming week or so.

    Another "theory" that came to mind when reading blog posts this week is this: Could she have possibly overdosed on whatever drug(s) were present in the room she was sleeping in at some point? We know that overdosing does lead to blood loss in some situations. Justin (through Heidi's commentary) said something about how 'the truth is the truth' and that it will be aired eventually; that isn't verbatim, but I was paraphrasing from my memory. If this the case, maybe she accidentally overdosed and they panicked and worked to hide this. Then BR was arrested for her drug bust, which was totally related and they panicked even harder, remaining in silence so as to not be "caught" at all angles of this case, which is why the silence possibly remains even harder, with the help of Tudela's.

    Although it's probably unlikely, because if LE could put the pieces together in this theory, I'd assume arrests would have been made already...or not, since they're still unable to locate a body to back that conclusion up. Ugh, I don't know. I'm so choked up over this; and reading through theories this week has put my heart up in arms, completely.

    I added Trista on Facebook this week and looked through her "friends only" album of Ayla's photos from the day she was born until she had her last, and those photos brought tears to my eyes. You can see that the living quarters were the same throughout her life; that it was clean, tidy enough and safe; surrounded with items to care for the children in the house; her refrigerator didn't even have an OUNCE of alcohol in there--just leftovers and juices, sodas, snacks, etc. She was safe and secure, and absolutely adored by everyone in her life on her mother's side...including the main "father figure" she had from when she was born, which is Ray (Trista's fiance) who clearly showed his love for Ayla, regardless of his brush with the law right now. It further laments my feelings that the Paternal family has everything to do with her disappearance. When will the answers come? :'(

    1. This is a viable theory JMH. Please read my post below for J4A and maybe you can give your insight into a possible date for your theory!

    2. Actually, the list of contributers for this site is very impressive with thier thoughts and logic. I would welcome information about the pedo, sorry, information about BV's gifts and thoughts about the possible date of the blood being spilled!

  7. J4A
    Not to bring up another bad memory, but when is it that BV got his "gifts"? Just a thought that you may be able to expand upon, but if they were clearing out the drug paraphenalia it had to be for a reason. What reason would be more compelling then cleaning up the spilled blood of an innocent at the same time? I think if the date of the gift to BV is known, the date of aylas "cut foot" is also known?

    PS I never got the site where BV announced his "gifts" so I actually don't know the date he recieved the plants! I wanted to post this question on A4A but I did not want to bring BV back up out of respect for Jeff and Trista.

    If you do read this, I apologize if it brings up sad emotions and worse feelings then what you must already be going through!

    1. Bookmarked early on

    2. Thanks Morning! Idk if someone could figure out if LD or anyone else involved had an account there.

  8. BV said he got his gifts on Dec. 17th. I think someone was cleaning out their house, someone who was afraid for LE to find the "gifts", while searching for Ayla or evidence. It could have been JD or LD, or anyone who thought LE was going to search their place. BV, apparently can have that stuff legally...

    1. If he got the gifts on the 17th, then that kills my theory for trying to isolate the date further from the 8th to the 16th.

  9. Lady Liberty and Lady Justice by , 12-20-2011 at 05:10 AM (86 Views) I was blessed to have (2) NYC Sour Diesel's gifted to me by a very dear friend, (along with some vital parts for my grow), on Saturday, December 17th.maineyankee

    1. I thought I read on one of his comments that someone from that site gave him that. Did you see it in any of his comments ,I couldnt find it again,so Im not sure.Was Lance a member on that site? If you find it can you post it? I'll go back and look.

    2. I spent an embarrassing amount of time researching BV at that site. I didn't see that, but if you find it, please post it. I think he has gotten stuff from other people at different times. This time he referred to just his "friend".

    3. Thanks Kit.I think it came from that house,that night too.If I see it again I will post it.

    4. I hope police confiscated those NYC Sour Diesels and fingerprinted the containers and looked for any other possible DNA evidence of the donor.

    5. Lance will roll on his brother once he sees him arrested and LE let them know exactly what they have. There is no way he is going to jail for murdering Ayla when he seems to be the only one who was remotely upset at what happened to her. He is hoping this will all go away but I think he kind of knows where it is headed and for some strange reason I think he will be the one to speak up for Ayla and cop an after the fat deal.

    6. I believe JD has convinced everyone he will not be arrested as long as they refuse to talk. In order to make an arrest without a body you must have mountains of undeniable circumstantial evidence. LE has been brilliant in only revealing bits and pieces so the killer and his conspirers really are left to bel;ittle and question Trista and Jeff and other bloggers in an attempt to gauge the evidence level and how they can LIE to refute it and just WHO "else" the evidence may be able to finger. When he is arrested and the the "involved" are made aware of it, I wouldn't be surprised to see the smart ones step up and start saving themselves before the puppet master starts pointing fingers at them from behind bars. I would be shocked if ED and PD have not already given their lawyers confidential, sealed statements to be opened if and when their borther/son is arrested.

  10. I saw what appeared to be a diaper genie in the pictures from Violette Ave. If Ayla truly went missing/kidnapped/vanished or whatever in the night of the 16-17, one of those diapers at the top would be hers, from being changed before bed. Is it possible to 100% match dna from feces/urine?? Would Gabby match to Ayla also, or can it be more accurate?

    1. Good point, Kit! I know that stool DNA samples are used when screening for colon cancers, with very specific machinery; how interesting if it could be possible to screen for investigative purposes. I have no clue, however. Great thoughts on this thread today.

    2. good call! IF she was gone before the 15th, there would be no diapers in there of hers, no DNA, but I have a feeling they took the trash out...on the pics of the garage on the 17th, there are two trash bags sitting there against the garage...
      I at first thought that this could be personal items, but then it said somewhere (AH statement maybe?)they were allowed to take nothing with them but what they were wearing...and I saw a pic of the bags still at the garage there alone later on presumably as the crime tape was till they not have a outside trashcan? I live by water and woods, we have coons and possums, stray dogs too that rip your trash up.all over the ground... maybe it is thrift store stuff :)

    3. feces yes, urine no I think unless there is cells with DNA present, or hair, etc...

    4. LE didn't go through their trash? Oh boy, I hope they DID... I didn't notice the trash bags in the pics, I will go back and look and try to compare dates. Trash would be one of the first things I would look at, as gross as it seems. There could be tons of evidence in trash.

      The diaper genie lasted me for about a week (for JUST poopy diapers) before having to empty it. So with 2 toddles and assuming they used it for pee and poop, probably only a couple days, but some should have def been Ayla's.

  11. They keep the tiny program NOTEPAD on Windows as a code stripper. If you copy and paste into Notepad and then copy and paste into the next target app Notepad will strip all embedded or invisible codes. The above looks like a paragraph spacing = double that stayed hidden.

  12. A quick thought on a forensic subject.

    How does an arm extension injury occur to a toddler being carried in the usual stomach to stomach carry position.

    The toddler doesn't see the fall coming and can not get into the fall bracing position required for the fracture.

    Not sure on this but the Heidi Tudela Investigation Firm is reviewing the matter. If they try to prove premeditated murder and an earlier botched attempt the type of break and positions from which it could occur would become important at trial.

    1. when you fall carrying your baby, they instinctively cling to you instantly, like a monkey...not stretch out their arms to brace a coming fall for dad and herself... If carrying in a frontal position by the belly, she would have likely hit face first under his weight, and perhaps would have had more angulation to her fracture because of the added weight of JD upon impact, and force and angle of fall...2+2does not=5

    2. That's exactly how I feel up some stairs carrying my daughter and a bag. I had no free hands.. I slipped forward, and without thinking, rotated to fall on my right shoulder, padding my daughter with my body. She thought it was funny and she was unharmed.

      Her reflex to clasp onto me (Moro reflex?) also must have saved her.

  13. Fantastic article, thanks for doing all that research and sharing it with us. It will tell more about what happened to Ayla when LE releases if its blood pooling or spattering. The bathsalts I have researched and it causes paranoia... I saw it on Intervention and the guy was making sharp weapons to defend himself against imaginary things.I didnt read what would happen if a child took them but I doubt it would cause that large amount of blood. Ive been praying and holding out hope for Ayla and this new info about the blood makes me sick

  14. @J4A

    Another method currently being researched for potential (future) forensic applications in determining the age of a blood-stain is tryptophan fluoroscopy.

    Tryptophan has a fairly predictable rate of decomposition and measurable spectroscopic wavelength.

    This method has proven very accurate in sterile lab conditions, however it has the same unfortunate draw-backs for use in the real-world, as other methods:

    Out in the field your sample is subjected to variations in temperature, light, bacterial and fungal contaminants, household chemicals (particularly when efforts have been made to "clean-up" evidence) et cetera--ALL of which MIGHT have effects on the degradation of the blood sample.

    Thanks for addressing this argument head-on!
    It needed to be addressed, as camp DiP has been using the "LE hasn't even released how OLD the blood stain is YET!" excuse ~AD NAUSEUM~ for months now!

    The "age" is irrelevant, considering the possible time frame the blood could have been contributed by Ayla in the first place, AND isn't even POSSIBLE to accurately pinpoint the age of the stain, using currently available forensic methods ANYWAY!
    Heidi Tudela is talking out of her ass.
    As usual.

    1. Based on the facts of this case made public by the FBI and MSP as well as through various media outlets I believe these following statements to be true given my interpretation of the events that have transpired.

      * Ayla was killed by her father wether in accidental rage or on purpose.

      *Father's girlfriend was involved with other person believed to be in the house in cleanup of Ayla's blood.

      *Ayla was removed from house soon after blood pooled on basement floor and was carried to shed so blood would not be inthe house. I believe traces of Ayla's blood were found throughout house(drips) and on the grounds leading to shed unless she were wrapped very tightly in a non-porous material. (possibly a bin clothes are stored in).

      *I believe she was placed in a shed temporarily until a site and plan of disposal had been devised"

      I believe a friend was called in to help wth the removal as the suspects did not want to put Ayla in their car for fear of leaving blood. The helper would have more time to get it thoroughly cleaned and would probably never be questioned.

      The friend arriove as well as the killers brother and the brother fought with the killer when he learned why he had been summoned for. Soon he was convinced it was an accident and with all the "other" accidents that had happened, nobody would believe them and they would all go to jail. Brother knowing brother has dirt on him decides to protect his family though he is not happy about it...not happy about it at all.

      Police strategically release info and friend's mommy starts championing JD's cause because she knows her son is directly involved. She is made aware of the Cool St. allegations where a witness gave her son's car description and plate to them. She gets most of the story from them and agrees to help and advises JD to live with them so she can keep an eye on him and keep him away from reporters as he has shown a propensity for shoving his entire leg down his own throat in interviews and shows no remorse or feeling for his daughter because
      he has none, she doesn't want anymore cameras seeing this which is also why she conducts the interview for the Sentinel with no pictures or video. She knows how guilty he looks.

      Her interview is purposeful with it's intent to show the stark contrast between her son and how his family lives and her spacious estate with sweeping views of the Kennebec. She is not trying to portray JD as innocent but rather portray her and her son as above anything JD may have done. The disconnect is evident when she says "I knew who he was and never judged him" and "even if he is guilty, I would still do the same thing".

      I think she knows JD, if arrested, will not go down alone. He will bring everyone involved down with him as a man who may have murdered his own daughter cannot be counted on for loyalty to anyone but himself and the devil. I also believe he has and will let it be known that if he is arrested and not given full support, he will squeal on everyone and probably blame someone else alltogether.

      I find this quite ironic s I believe the woman who has allegedly threatened to Blackmail bloggers could quite possibly be being blackmailed herself. It would serve her right.

      Police are probably seeking her cooperation and may even offer her son immunity, who knows? Were I MSP, I would be offering them excellent deals to put the murderer behind bars.

      I believe an arrest is imminent.

    2. Off the meds again, eh Collin?

    3. gee wonder where you all get your info from, who does your research for you

    4. Collin does his research as he swings in and out of psychosis, oh so high, oh so low. Is his own blog still up? I know he comes over here because no one will bother to click on his delusional blog.

    5. Why would anyone care who is commenting here? If it is that person, what does it matter?

    6. Is that person being rude to you in some way? I hadn't noticed...

    7. That person is a figment of Lies imagination. I saw her accusing someone of being a Connie or Collin of something to that effect on her blog. Of course, what she fails to realize is I have made it my job to watch her blog and record all the lies she posts in order to connect her to people who may actually be involved in the case. What she fails to realize is she chases ghosts we float out there to see what other people do. She is of no consequence and never has been. Other than popping out my 2nd son, nothing compares to the pain I get in my temple when I have to sift through more than 2 posts of hers. She really is a twisted and sick individual.

    8. I dunno, but the got the "the helper" label off my post...te only original and interesting part is the cools st part...hmmm...

  15. Unless there is a much bigger money laundering or drug trafficking case in the works.

    Tim Crews seems pretty responsible to me and he is saying Lance was working a night shift the 16th, was really broken up to hear about the "kidnapping" and then on the 17th was a different man, not emotional but closed off. And Lance subsequently told Crews not to search, Crews says. This suggests to me that Lance was not involved in the murder or disposal.

    It's possible they trusted a friend or they could have paid a drug connection, someone with too much to lose to rat them out. Once the police pounce on Briana's alleged drug connections, the balance could tip.

    I think what Heidi is protecting Derek from has to do with insurance and/or drugs, not disposal of the body. I think they had a week to plan for the disposal and came up with a way that didn't leave a paper trail back to them and didn't involve using a best friend's car (too obvious). And the problem isn't just blood, it's cadaverine.

    I think Cool St. is probably a red herring. Why would they walk around carrying a body instead of say, putting it in a plastic bin and carrying the bin out? Justin was getting his CDL- could he have gotten someone who was already driving rigs out of state to take the body somewhere in exchange from a large supply of oxys?

    If the rumor is true that the methadone clinic community learned of the "kidnapping" before it was reported, that would support the idea that the helper (if there was one) was drug-connected.

    Just thinking out loud...

    1. On this issue of Lance's demeanor changing not longer after the kidnapping...

      Here is what I think happened:

      Initially Lance was distraught as anyone would be upon learning that his niece was missing from the house. He showed panic, fear, anguish, just like any relative would feel not knowing if the boogeyman had their baby girl.

      But "friends" say his demeanor changed after he went to see his family at his mom's house. Well, that could be because once there he learned that there were indications that Ayla had been taken by the maternal family. So while upsetting, there was no reason for Lance to be freaking out any longer. His panic was replaced by a cool anger.

      As for looking for little Ayla in the rivers, woods, forests, and the other places the good people of Waterville were searching, well Lance knew there was no purpose to it. By then Lance had a pretty good idea that Ayla was safe and warm and tucked away with someone helping the maternal family. But maybe he couldn't say that, because Justin told him not to tell. Not yet anyways...

    2. Didn't LE take the house over right away? I think LD must have had to visit with JD and family somewhere else. Maybe at HT's "Sprawling Acres Estate"?

    3. That is the biggest load of shit I have ever read in my entire life. Not one word of it was true. The Lies blogger and her aliases are back with HT and AH and the entire murderous crew. What will you do when your hero goes to jail soon? For his sake, I hope he has a better lawyer than that stupid twat Heidi and her flunkie Angela Harry. Has Angela been taking her medication? Has she been neglecting her children again to carry on aq crusade for a baby killer? You skumbags are all going to hell, all of you.

    4. That doesn't fit what we know about Lance's personality and remember, 1. Lance knows Trista, and 2. Tim Crews knows Lance. There would be no imaginable reason to "keep it secret" if they thought Trista had taken Ayla (pretty impossible without a break-in or kidnapping, anyway. And Lance most likely would have responded to that by confronting Trista as would Justin. Remember J's own mother said when asked about her feelings on finding out Ayla was missing that she thought that she didn't want her son to go get his friends and go kicking in doors looking for her. If Lance were a little smarter, he would pack up and take Elisha and Gabby with him to another state (making sure to tell LE so as not to create suspicion) and let Justin, Phoebe, and Courtney deal with the mess they appear to have made.

    5. Anon, what are you referring to? I think maybe you misunderstood, either that or I totally did.

    6. Tori, can you please just get rid of them. Seriously, aren't you sick and tired of hearing and seeing their crap? LE knows who the people are posting at these sites already. They are seriously making me want to vomit with their blatant disrespect for Ayla and Trista.

    7. Evangaline - interesting theory, the only problem is if the reason Lance instructed Tim not to search was because he thought Trista's family had her, a more reasonable course of action would have been to actually say that to Tim. Not to become angry with him for searching and dissolve a friendship over it. That just makes no sense. If he was truly trying to just save his friend the effort, would have really become that enraged and throw away the friendship over him deciding to search anyway?

    8. I don't have the time to go in and delete them all and the responses. I hope if we ignore them they will go away but that hasn't seemed to work. If I delete their "point of views" they seem to just flood the comments out of rage anyway. My sincere apologies and my advice just scroll past their comments, they aren't worth a response.

    9. Evangeline,if that happened then they forgot to tell Aunt Selena to because in Jan.she was just praying Ayla was alive,and when the blood was released to the media she said ,I just really just want to talk to my family,They didnt blame Trista until they had no other choice.Phoebe talked about a stranger kidnapping the most in her interview.And Justin came right out and said Dont talk about Trista and I it isnt about the parents ,Its about Ayla.Then when LE said no stranger kidnapping was ruled out they blamed her.Justin said from the first day dont look at the parents.then it changed as evidence was found that pointed to him.I dont think he ever intended to blame Trista but as LE put pressure on him it was his only way out.

  16. Wondering Some MoreMarch 23, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    BTW Lance is also the one DiPietro family member other than Justin who actually knew Trista (Phoebe and Elisha met her a couple times). Hypothetically, I think it would've been a lot harder for him to "justify" hiding Ayla's body than it would for Courtney, Elisha, Phoebe or any of the Heidela group because Trista was a person to him, not a symbol. Given Ayla's size, it would really take only one person for the disposal- the question is what kind of vehicle or other means did they use to move the body and who supplied it.

    1. uggh, more DipTrash. Lance is the only one I believe even cared for Ayla at all. Hopefully he lets the goodness deep down inside him come to the surface and speak for Ayla. Don't ask me why, because I will never be able to explain it but I truly believe, if anyone will help Ayla from that family, it will be Lance.

  17. The least you could do is show your gratefulness when someone else does your research for you let alone give you your ideas for your next post.

    LucifersHandMar 21, 2012 05:32 PM
    @ vtlady

    I'm not coming at you because we've sparred previously, but your comment of not being to age blood is completely incorrect.

    Tryptophan is found in blood proteins and has a fluorescence lifetime. If you have a laser with a wavelength of 295nm it excites the tryptophan. As it decays it loses its fluorescence which indicates its lifespan.

    Perhaps you should read my arguments with flygurl under tax returns if you want to understand the "cupful" theory

    LucifersHandMar 21, 2012 09:50 PM
    I believe the above option may be relatively new but holds promise for yielding results in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately VTL, all blood evidence has to be sent to the lab for analysis. IMO it will be years before a portable testing kit will be available. Otherwise bloodstain aging has been a concept since at least the 1930's and has been done scientifically for the last decade. The main issue is that there is no fast method. Most are time consuming.

    Your opinion on spectroscopy

    "The most widely used analytical method is high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), which focuses on the relative height of a peak due to a degradation product (3–5). Degradation of RNA has been used successfully to estimate age on the order of years (6); however, this is a time-consuming effort and not adaptable to field applications. Other laboratory instruments such as atomic force microscopy (AFM) (7), oxygen electrodes for measuring hemoglobin (8), and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) (9) have been used successfully in the laboratory. However, a portable, field-adaptable instrument for the rapid determination of the age of bloodstains does not exist"

    or microspectrophotometer (ironically known as MSP) as a non-destrucive method

    For a more in depth look at research (boring) at determining the age of blood then see Clifton Bishop's paper (2006)

    1. Hey Lucifer, err Connie, err Heidela, err SeekingaLifeofsomeoneotherthanacrackwhore.

      I have ascertained some interesting info. I will give you one chance to give the correct answer. How many independent posters who support JDipietro, post at your site on a regular basis? Be careful with your answer, if you lie, I will show everyone something I have been saving. You stupid little slut. You thought you could trick me into allowing you to gain my IP? Guess you figured out what I already knew. You cannot get an IP unless they have a real name which is why you wanted everyoe posting with a name. You are one dumb fat whore and unlike you, besides being physically fit and an attractive woman, I actually can verify your IP and the IP's of your fictitious screen names and acouple of other people I am sure do not eant to be outed.

    2. I was not aware of any postings from you and VtLady about this issue. VT Lady asked one of us to do a post on it and since the other girls were working on things I took it. I did my own research my typing into google "determining how old a blood stain is" and I am sure that if any one wants to try it they will see the articles that I credited in the post pop up for the first 3 entries. Sorry if you think I stole your research but I assure you I did not. I did my own research and searched for links myself. I also don't go to JSTL so if the above was posted there I wouldn't have seen it. I was told by someone else that selena posted on A4A and JSTL and was sent an email of both posts.

    3. Searched the links myself** Let me also add, I have not gone to JSTL since the day after the whole orchestrated email debacle where lies claimed I emailed them and when she didn't have my signature she emailed me using the.justiceforayla gmail address trying to get me to respond when I didn't she immediately posted the retraction.

    4. Thanks justice....I appreciate it coming from you.

      VTL was doing her best to degrade what I was trying to show her but because she views it in justins defence, the info was null. VTL tries to turn the most basic knowledge in blood evidence (as well as anything that relates to this crime) into something more or less fantastic to suit her argument (i have knowledge of microbiology and histology as a research assistant in my younger days). I also spent years listening to my ex-husband dissect crime scenes.

      I don't pretend to be all-knowledgeable like VTL, but I wont back down when its something I have SOME knowledge on. I understand that people want to see justin as guilty and i can comprehend that, but unless evidence (not opinion) backs it up 100% then i wont consider it.

    5. No problem, I am glad you addressed it and I promise if I would have seen the info before you posted it here I would most likely have copy and pasted your comments in the post as well and given you credit but I really didn't see it. VT asked on the Jeff Hanson thread I believe.

      I find any discussion of science/biology/chemistry very dull. It is fascinating to many I just have little interest in it. I found the 2 posts mentioned above very quickly and thankfully easy to understand and translate into layman's terms, I thought for sure I would be torn apart for misinterpreting it.

  18. Yeah Tori, the least you could do is show obsculucipher your "Gratefullness". Wow, the combined IQ for the entire lies Blog(one hand) is below freezing.

    Check out her hit count. She must be jealous with all the traffic Trista is getting.

    1. Clever one anon. Tristas site gets a hit everytime you change between folders. Not a true count.

  19. You know what is clever? Clever is saying there was no blood then police saying yes there was.
    Clever is saying it was 4 drops and I saw it...then not really seeing it and police say it was a significant amount, an amount so significant that the FBI left quickly and gave the MSP 100% confirmation that Daddy and his hideous girlfriend and sister were lying.

    Clever is saying "I smoked the Poly" then saying I don't know how I did, you'll hve to ask them.,..then police say "he knows"..

    Clever is thinking your minions cleaned up the blood nicey-nicey then police show him the luminol.

    Clever is saying "i don't know how much blood there was" and the police saying "we told him..he knows"

    Clever is bolting from Police station after luminol evidence and poly results were shown to him..

    Clever is saying "I didn't see what happened" after he drove his brother to beat up Linnel and sat there watching him beat him down ronly a few feet away from where it was taking place.

    Clever is taking out a 25 K LIP out on a 20 month old and then having her go missing..

    Clever is telling your baby's mother you were petrified of someone stealing Ayla then leaving her alone to sleep upstairs while you slept on the basement with your hideous gf' and her kid.

    Clever is telling her you thought Ayla would be kidknapped then actually making it happen..

    Clever is Refusing to speak, grieve, or look for your missing 20month old.

    BOY, JD sure is clever.

    Clever ishiding behind women and shutting his ignorant soup-cooler.. Wait, now THAT was actually genius! I gotta hand it to him, first smart thing he did. I mean, it is rendered useless now that he lied so much, shutting down only looks like he is lying by avoidance.

    JD is the DUMBEST criminal to ever tangle with the FBI. He has no chance of not going to jail, none.

    1. Yes, you manage to show everyone just how intelligent you are. Does it make you happy that you can flap you *pretend* superior mouth.

      Clever would be acting like you don't really know anything unless MSP have personally informed you of the ACTUAL details. Your ASSumptions show your level of intellect.

      Again, another defensive person with NO resolve in the case pretending to know something.

      Try telling us something we haven't heard. Maybe then you might win extra support for your lynch mob. So far from what I've seen is you all have an agenda and that is to big-note yourself and assault those who don't take your side. Stuff I saw in my debate club in jr high. Sad, I thought I was amongst adults who had intellect, not attitude.

      IMO, the only person who TRULY cares to settle things amicably would be Justice4Ayla. The rest are more concerned with being right.

  20. I was thinking about the cleanup.
    I drop things in my kitchen. A cup of liquid makes a mess. I use paper towels, but when I don't have enough, I have used a real towel, an old clean up towel. Then I toss the old towel in the laundry.
    Think about trying to clean up a cup of blood from the floor and not getting it elsewhere. Then,you find it elsewhere and clean it more. But you miss a few drops that splattered into the dining room.
    You can dispose of the paper towels or the real towels, but if you've used a mop and maybe a bucket, the blood proteins would show on luminol.
    I can't do an experiment with blood, I need it.
    Just thinking about the comment about Phoebe cutting her foot while doing laundry down in the basement. It was information that was given that sounds like TMI. And, when I do laundry, my feet are not involved.
    If MSP would just give us the photos and the videos they took of that basement! There was no search warrant was there, so we can't even have that with the returns from the warrant. Two weeks they spent in that house. Think about what they were doing in there. I do. They were collecting anything that luminoled up ! Plus more.
    I wonder if those azzhats in the house think about the evidence that was down in the basement and why were they there for two weeks ?

  21. Dear Lucifers Hand:
    I don't pretend to be all-knowledgeable like VTL, but I wont back down when its something I have SOME knowledge on. I understand that people want to see justin as guilty and i can comprehend that, but unless evidence (not opinion) backs it up 100% then i wont consider it.
    But you sure have an OPINION about Trista with no EVIDENCE that you spew over at the other place don't you ? Consider it.

    1. Of course I have an opinion, just as you do. My opinion of trista is based in what is known about addicts and their behavior and their inability to care for their children in an appropriate manner. An addicts ability to remember things adequately and to not fabricate events or non-events has proven to be chore. Responsibility is non-existant and an addict will continuously create excuses to continue with their behavior. They usually have a network around them that hates their behavior but accommodate it at the same time.

      So yes, I have an opinion....but mine is still based in fact.

    2. To bad everything in life is not as clearcut as you state because then your post would be more believable. Trista cared for little Ayla very well. Ayla was happy and healthy. It was when she sought help and needed help with the children for a very short time that someone acted in a tragic way.

  22. LH : No matter what your OPINION of Trista is, Ayla was not in the care and control of Trista when AYLA ( remember her ? ) when she went missing. I don't know Trista.
    Don't know what she was into or how often.
    And it doesn't matter to me.
    I am not going to take shots at a Mother whose daughter is missing and beat on her endlessly because she went to rehab.
    Your OPINION of Trista is based on your past dealings in your own life with real persons you have known, not Trista.
    And FYI I probably know more about addicts and addictions than you do 'cause I have a Certificate in Intervention.
    Alcohol is a great leveler. Doctors,lawyers,accountants, truck drivers, politicians etc. They are not all one person and they are not the junkies you know or hang around with.