Friday, March 9, 2012

Accidental Death and a Coverup?

With the new information that has come to light, I have a nagging suspicion as to what happened to Ayla at 29 Violette Ave. There has been so many theories and possible scenarios floating around but there were always unanswered questions, pieces of the puzzle that didn't fit. I have been digging lately and purposely pushing buttons in hopes that someone will talk or a mistake will be made. People have started talking and members of the family have started commenting on blog sites and even released pictures in an attempt to show a normal, healthy, happy, well adjusted little girl that was content to be living with her daddy far away from her mommy, their attempt failed. It backfired on them. It is my belief that the pictures do show a story of how life was at the DiPietro's, just not the story they were trying to portray.

When this story first broke, I had suspected that an accident of some type had occurred. I didn't know if Justin had gotten upset and shook Ayla, or if she had gotten into something she shouldn't have but I couldn't understand not calling 911 if it was an accident and from the people who knew Justin personally, not one of them thought he would ever lose his temper with Ayla. Then Angela Harry released the timeline on TTLOM, and the information about the baby gate did not sit well with me. It still doesn't to this day. Then came the release of the blood being found in the basement, if Ayla had fallen down the stairs why not call 911? Yes, maybe there would be charges for negligence but if it was an accident, it would be better to be charged with negligence then murder, right? We were hit with the discovery of the life insurance policy on poor Ayla next and it was like a blow to the gut. It didn't make it seem like an accident anymore and we were all back to square one, pondering over what could have happened to Ayla. Then Aunt Selena releases the pictures of Ayla while she was living with Justin.

Looking at the state the house was in, it is no wonder Justin thought it prudent to purchase an insurance policy against Ayla's life. The house is a death trap, it was only a matter of time before an accident happened to Ayla. I would not be surprised if Elisha took a policy out on Gabby as well. Uncovered outlets, hardwood floors, clutter everywhere, exposed cords, plastic bags floating around in a room shared by not one but two toddlers, treacherous basement stairs, broken baby gates, do I need to go on, or do you get my point?

Even the picture in the car is telling, Gabby is protected from the sun with a bonnet and it appears a visor is on the window blocking the sun or the car is parked in the shade to protect only Gabby from a sunburn/sunstroke, Ayla's head is bare and she is in direct sunlight, she probably got sunburned seeing how fair her complexion is. She looks to be very uncomfortable and is probably dehydrated from the way she is downing the fluids.

On top of all of this, we have Elisha, a young single mother, trying to finish school with aspirations to make it onto the big screen and make something of herself, she is probably stressed out enough raising her own child and here comes big brother Justin, moving back home with his child, disrupting daily routines and leaving Ayla in her care while he is out all night in Portland, doing who knows what. I would be resentful too. Elisha being young could have very easily focused that resentment at Ayla instead of where it should have been directed. We know Justin was spotted in Portland at 2 am a day before Ayla went missing, where was Ayla? Most likely home with Elisha. It is evident that Ayla did not feel secure in the presence of her paternal family, she relied on getting comfort from a stuffed dog that she is clutching in the majority of pictures released, Gabby does not have anything to pacify her, she doesn't need it. She is doted on by her mother and family, has tons of toys and always seems to be the center of attention. Was Elisha busy with Gabby one night and Ayla went looking for Daddy for attention, daddy who was out visiting his girlfriend in Portland or elsewhere, and try yelling down the stairs for him, was the gate not on properly and did she fall down the stairs? Did she hit her head and cut it open, causing her blood to spill on the floor? Did Elisha, unsure of what to do call Justin or Phoebe and ask them to please help her? Who came up with the idea to make it look like Ayla was kidnapped? Is that why Elisha retained an attorney before anyone was charged with a crime? Who hires an attorney for the heck of it? She obviously had to have hired an attorney with the expectation that criminal charges were pending, otherwise what did she expect the lawyer to do? Innocent people do not hire attorneys, especially when there haven't been any charges filed against them nor would innocent people expect charges to be filed against them.

For the life of me and most of you reading this, no one could figure out why all the people involved would cover for the person responsible. Why would Elisha cover for Justin if it risked her ultimately losing Gabby, why would anyone cover for Courtney since she isn't family,(unless she was pregnant with Justin's baby), why would Courtney cover for Justin if it meant she was going to lose her son? That leaves Elisha. Phoebe would certainly have reason to cover for Elisha, she is her baby. Justin would want to protect his little sister as would Lance. Courtney may be compelled to protect her because she also is a mother and sympathizes with her. Poor Elisha, such a good girl, honor student on the Dean's list, single mom taking such good care of Gabby. They don't want her to ruin her life over one mistake. No one really bonded with Ayla anyway, she was disposable, there is nothing anyone can do to help her now, we have to help Elisha. It certainly makes more sense to me than any other scenario.

Most mothers would not allow their children to lie to the police about what happened, they would demand that they be held accountable for their actions and face the consequences and THEN the parent might hire an attorney to protect the child from the most severe punishment. Phoebe DiPietro is certainly not like most mothers. As one anonymous commentor posted on the HiJacked post:

I've never known Phoebe to be in a long term, loving, committed relationship with any one man, but a lot of short term relationships with many different "unavailable" types (married, users, etc.).

Around the time that picture was taken, she lived in the subsidized housing projects across from the Armory. Her kids were often neglected. If she wasn't at work at a part-time job or attending school, she was at the Bobin or partying with her partially grown-up friends. Her social life took priority over her children.

Yet, when her boys got in trouble she was quick to blame someone else (the teacher, other student, police, etc.).
One time, one of the young boys walked up to Radio Shack in Elm Plaza, with a plan to steal something he wanted. He hid out back until the store was empty and closed for the night. However, he was unable to leave the store because of the door locks (keyed lock from outside). Employees found him inside the next morning when they opened. Phoebe quickly spun the tale that he didn't know they were closing, and she talked about suing because they failed to check the aisles before closing, blah, blah, blah...

IMO, they've been long groomed to lie and manipulate to get their needs and wants met, and for self preservation. It's been so deeply instilled in them all, that I don't see that changing any time soon. They are more likely to stay loyal and bonded to each other, than to break the cycle of abuse and come clean about what happened to Ayla

Phoebe likely has made excuses for her children their whole lives, they have never had to be accountable for their actions, they have free reign over everything and aren't made to do anything they don't want to do. There are two grown adults with children living in Phoebe's house, she works and they are home and not one of them thinks they should maybe clean the house so she doesn't have to? (not that it appears she does either) They have likely grown up thinking the rules and laws do not apply to them, for example: Lance thinking it was okay to attack Justin Linnell over things Justin Linnell said online. The thought of calling 911 or the police when Ayla got hurt probably never even entered their minds. They probably distrust the police and view them as the enemy. My Little Birdie made a comment to me the other night and said "No Body-No Crime" Is that the assumption that The DiPietros are banking on? That as long as Ayla is not found, no one will be held responsible for what happened to her? Maybe it isn't about the life insurance policy, maybe that is just a bonus and everyone will get a cut of it when Ayla is declared officially dead. $8000.00 divided 3 ways, that might be more incentive for Courtney Roberts to keep her mouth shut? Regardless, what kind of parent helps their child plot a fake kidnapping, of their own grandchild no less??
There are several reasons why some parents excuse their children so quickly and easily. Some parents who believe their children are unfairly accused may be overly protective, resulting in blind defensiveness. Other parents cannot accept that alleged misbehavior is really all that bad, failing to understand that perfect children are few and far between. Still other parents are simply unwilling or unable to face their child’s problems. Often they observe the same problems at home and feel helpless to deal with them. They find it easier to deny or excuse misbehavior than to address it head on. Parental excuses for misbehavior usually fall into three categories

Blame Circumstances
Blame Other People
Blame The Brain

Sound familiar? The only excuse we haven't heard yet is the last one but I am sure that will be the defense when they all are arrested for lying to police and covering up a murder. The hope that one of these people involved will come clean and tell the truth for Ayla is unlikely in my opinion. They have all made their beds, I just hope the time comes when they all have to lie in them.

***Let me STRESS, these are only my OPINIONS and speculations based on what I have read and heard about the case. This is only one scenario explored out of many possible scenarios, so please ANGRY TROLLS, even if you don't agree with my opinions, I am entitled to them and I am entitled to write about them on MY blog. If you disagree, maybe today you can back up the reasons I am wrong with facts or debate my theories based on holes in them or things I may have missed instead of personally attacking me. I would think that you would have already figured out that the more you attack my character, the worse yours looks. People here don't care how much trash you can sling at me. For once, let's have an INTELLIGENT debate and by the way Justin Supporters, read below....

If anyone has any information leading to the whereabouts of Ayla Reynolds, there is a $30,000 reward that is still unclaimed. Please call 207-680-4700 or 207-624-7076

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  1. First dibs

    I believe Elisha lawyered up because she feels vulnerable over the broken arm. The baby gate scam is a smoke screen for whacking Ayla with a rolled up Cosmo issue. Enough to break a bone.

    Then JD increases the insurance once you know the kids days are numbered and let Lance "Kiss The Baby"
    Lance finishes Ayla off in the basement with a wall.

    Justin just kicked back and let things unfold.
    Sort of Charles Manson style of getting revenge on everyone simultaneously through covert manipulation and a total "Who Me" strategy with the zombie cult.

    30,000$ buys a lot of info.

    If I was Justin I would go with the insanity defense and simply strip naked and run down the street screaming Sasquatch is chasing me.

    I want to join the cult and meet Sasquatch.

    @The gentle hearted, she is with God and very happy.

  2. Thanks for a great blog J4A. Those are all really plausible ideas.

  3. The condition of a house in no way determines how you are as a parent. THIS post is more ridiculous than all of your others. The picture in the car where Ayla is supposedly dehydrated? I'm sure they weren't sitting there for hours! Have you never taken pictures of your children in the car? That whole theory is beyond ridiculous. You also seem to have such a problem with Elisha. Why? Why are you convinced she was jealous of Ayla. Why would she think Ayla got all the attention? Are you jealous if your niece or nephew gets more attention that your children? If you are, shame on you. Kids are kids and all deserve attention. To be jealous of one receiving more than another is absurd. I'm sure Elisha is sorry for ever releasing these photos. Although, truth me told, she didn't release them for everyone to critique and judge. She released them to people who wanted to see more recent pics of Ayla. Ayla... the reason we should all be working together instead of slandering her family. What if no one in the DiPietro family did anything to her? IF she is truly missing, we will find her. When she's older and wants to read about what happened, how do you think she will feel seeing the way her family was talked about and treated through all of this. And just for a second, I wish you would consider what if you were in Justin's shoes. what if your child was missing. What if everyone was crucifying you and you had done NO WRONG??? You would hope that people would be willing to help you find your child and defend you and stand by you. Instead, there would be the majority of people slamming you for your every action just as you are doing to him and his family. I wish that no family ever had to go through this. Unfortunately it does happen, very often. Spend your time helping find Ayla instead of fueling the fire that you have put together from nothing.

    1. 1. The condition of the house has EVERY THING to do with determining how someone is a parent-If you cant take the time to make sure the house is SAFE for your child, what kind of parent are you?
      2. Ayla was sitting in direct sunlight unprotected unlike Gabby, Ayla looks uncomfortable, no I never parked my child in direct sunlight in order to take pictures. My car has sun visors on both windows.
      3. I have nothing against Elisha except that she has done NOTHING to find her "kidnapped" niece and by LE own accounts has not been HONEST with them.
      4. If Ayla is miraculously found alive and well,I will delete this blog so she doesn't have read about her POS paternal family not doing anything to find her.
      5. If my child were missing, I would not have their blood in my home, not have taken out a LIP on them, would pass a lie detector test, and would be working with LE and media doing EVERYTHING I could to bring my child home.

      Answer everything for you? By the way, if you don't like my THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS, why do you read and comment on the blog? Better yet, go to and start your own. Write about how innocent the DiPietros are, make sure you back it up with WHY they are innocent. Lets see how many people agree with you.

    2. 1) Every parent, guardian, whomever caring for children under the age of 5 (minimum) should take time out of their busy schedules to childproof their living quarters (WHEREVER it may be)! Childproofing wherever possible prevents S.I.D.S. and other major and/or minor injuries; even though it's not demanded in this Country, I think it should be. If your house is visibly disgusting, with one or more children occupying the residence: It shows everything on the adults' personalities, their mindsets, and lack of consideration for the "little" people in their care. Obviously, this is just my opinion.

      2) Re: Backseat photos of the girls; In this scenario, unfortunately I somewhat disagree. My only disagreement is that not every child will keep a hat or visor/cover on their heads; my daughter (who is a month younger than Ayla is, and is also blond hair, blue-eyed with fair skin) absolutely does not keep a hat on her head for more than a few minutes. If we're in the car, and I take steps to protect her from the sunlight, she will remove it all so that she's barefooted and "free" to roam as much as possible in the car seat...she's just independent like that. So in terms of this scenario I have to beg to differ there; every child is different. (Also, even though I smother my little one with sunscreen, and she always has water in her sippy cups wherever we go, she will appear to be dehydrated and red in the face (also will wind up with a rash from the sun because she has extremely sensitive skin; it'll take a few days of Eczema cream and Epsom salt baths to rid her of the irritation). What I do agree with is that, yes, this family has shown without a doubt that they slack in their all-around care for the little children in their lives.

      3) Selena actually thanked Courtney Roberts for the photos on her photo album on FB, I believe; so I would assume that Courtney posted those on her private FB account, and Selena got the OK from her to post them publicly on her own. Regardless, I agree that Elisha and co. have truly done nothing to remain publicly proactive; who cares what the world thinks? It's about what you are doing as Ayla's family to protect her, keep her name and spirit alive, and bring her home. Paternal family has done nothing to do so! (I have seen posts stating that some news interview is going to be released this weekend from JDiP--is that true? Amusing that they're "prepping" the public for this; truly pathetic.

      Agree on your numbers 4 & 5, 100%. Keep doing what you're doing, girlfriend. It only shows that you care. xoxo

    3. Vocabulary and Critical Thinking Lesson for the Day:

      Ridiculous (blog writer)
      jealous (blog writer)
      shame (blog writer)
      slandering (DiPietro family)
      crucifying (DiPietro family)
      NO WRONG (DiPietro family)
      slamming (DiPietro family)
      Spend (blog writer) time helping
      fueling the fire (blog writer)
      nothing (blog writer knows nothing)...

      The above words from anonymous @5:17am translate to: I have no real argument sufficient for rebuttal of the blog itself, so I will attempt to use guilt, shame and embarrassment to suppress and minimize the blogger.

      The anonymous author shows their own lack of facts and self-dignity and projects their own shame and lack of knowledge and dignity onto the blog writer.

      Lesson of The Day Conclusion: Don't be "that person" when responding to a blog. You only expose your own character flaws and lose credibility with your audience.

      The anon writer does not get bonus points for not identifying themselves, because we all know who they represent and who they are speaking on behalf of - the DiPshits Defense Team of Liars.

    4. I was disgusted on Reading on "this little light" when someone suggested that the reward money be increased!

  4. It makes little sense that the DiPietros would cover up for an accident with such an elaborate cover story as an abduction. The more plausible theory is that there really was an abduction by someone connected with the mother. I'm surprised that the mother waited as long as she did to have someone snatch her baby back.

  5. What is the simplest, most direct, least convoluted explanation for Ayla disappearing?

    1) mommy and daddy don't have a relationship and don't get along too well

    2) daddy took baby from mommy's family in October on a temporary basis, with much screaming, crying and drama, involving the police

    3) daddy then refuses to give baby back to mommy

    4) mommy and family make angry demands for the return of baby

    5) daddy persists in refusing to return baby and cuts off most contact with mommy and her family

    6) mommy stands little chance in the courts of getting baby back from daddy-- to live with mommy as a homeless person

    7) mommy explains her plight to one of her relatives or associates with a criminal background

    8) mommy's ally waits till daddy is asleep and goes into daddy's house and grabs baby back for mommy.

    Simple as that.

    1. What about "the boys" getting up all night long for snacks, drinks and bathroom trips, according to Aunt Selena? That didn't happen on that "normal" night?

      How do you think Trista and/or her crazy, drunk, drugged self or friends quietly snuck in, not tripping over all the junk, and quietly, without leaving ONE piece of evidence took Ayla? If shes HOMELESS, were did she take Ayla? LE ruled out kidnapping. The kidapping "team" (dont know the tech. name) left 29 Violette Ave. There was no plea to a kidnapper from LE, no warning to the public. Nothing happened that would normally happen in a REAL kidnapping situation. There was no amber alert saying Trista kidnapped her child.

      If you have some answers to back up your theory, maybe people will give it a tiny little thought.

    2. Pheobe was asked was it a normal night,answer pretty much.what does that mean? When she was asked who may have taken her she talked mostly about the possibly that it was a stranger,wouldnt Justin have told her right off if he thought it was Trista?

    3. @ Anonymous Mar 9, 2012 06:03 AM

      The only thing I can think of that is more evil than covering-up the death of a mother's helpless, innocent, little baby, is to then try to blame the heartbroken mother for the crime. They'll no doubt be a warm miserable place reserved for you in Hell for that.

      Trista did not stage an abduction of her child. She has no means and no motive. REPEAT: SHE HAS NO MEANS AND NO MOTIVE. IT DID NOT HAPPEN! She is suffering enough not knowing where her baby is right now, you hateful rodent!

      I am grateful however, that you are exposing yourself to LE and God for the evil person you are, even if you are too cowardly to expose yourself to to us, the general public.

    4. you know what ever happened was wrong and if she is gone at least the way of life she was forced to live is over.and if its proven they did do this awfull thing i hope they are tortured forever in their minds and never know a minutes peace.

  6. I wonder why people get so defensive when Elisha's name is brought up. She looks just as guilty as JD, PD, and CR. Even IF she's not directly involved (which is becoming harder to believe), she STILL has yet to speak out for Ayla. This is Ayla's AUNT, who Ayla was staying at her home, which Ayla was "kidnapped" from, which Elisha was HOME when it happened. Is she not afraid for her own child? BTW, why/how would someone sneak around furniture, junk and a CRIB, to get to one child and not the other, in the crib. PD, stated maybe someone took her who wanted a little girl. Um, hello! Girl in crib, much easier access...

  7. So, Trista brought Ayla down to the basement, made her bleed, cleaned it up then proceeded to leave the house with no one hearing a thing and Ayla not making a sound? What about the LIP? Why hasn't Justin pleaded with the kidnapper to bring Ayla home? Where is Trista hiding Ayla? Under the bed? Give it up already. LE STATED THERE WAS NO ABDUCTION! AYLA MET WITH FOUL PLAY AT 29 Violette Ave. THE DIPIETROS have not been HONEST with LE.

    1. 1) the blood is a red herring. It is a small amount, likely from a minor accident.

      2) lots of times houses are entered in the night by robbers and no one hears a thing. That is not at all unusual

      3) the insurance policy was purchased for the same reason that countless Americans purchase the Gerber plan

      4) No need for the father to plead with some unknown kidnapper 'out there' if Ayla was taken in connection with a custody dispute

      5) There are lots of places to hide a child, just as thousands of Americans find every year in connection with parental abductions

      6) LE could be wrong. That happens a lot too, all over the country. LE still has time to get it right.

    2. 1) How are you sure the blood amount is small? As I recall, police said it was more than a miinor cut would produce and it was troubling. A small amount of blood from a minor cut is not troubling.

      2)Robbers would rather enter a house where no one is home, less chance of getting caught.

      3) I need to know more about the LIP before I decide but it does strike me as odd.

      4) He should be pleading to some 'unknown kidnapper' especially if he thinks its because of a custody dispute. It would put pressure on Trista and her family.

      5) I don't believe Trista could keep Ayla hidden. She would want to see her and be with her.

      6) You could be wrong too. It happens to everyone.

    3. Except a Gerber plan is 2.00 a month for a 5k policy.

      Trista, the one accused of being a druggy and has mental health issues has managed to allude the FBI and WPD? Simultaneously, the innocent Dips are being framed by LE? You say LE could be wrong. So was the FBI was wrong also? To suggest that WPD is headed up by a bunch of Barney Fifes is as logical as calling the Dips innocent.

    4. The thing about the blood is, how do we know when exactly it's from? The blood could potentially be from an old injury. Don't get me wrong, I am not on Justin's side, or on Trista. I think there are sketchy things about both of them. Everyone is saying Justin is guilty because he purchased insurance for $25,000. Well, Trista wants to sue DHHS. She would get way more than $25,000. If she is such a loving, innocent mother, why is she trying to cash in on this? Both parents seem like total scumbags to me and I wouldn't rule out any possibility.

    5. There would be a need for Justin to make a plea to the kidnapper, because he would want tips,if someone else was hiding her for Trista.He could reach so many more people doing interviews,he doesnt want new tips.

    6. I don't believe Trista is trying to "cash in" with a suit against DHHS. Money is nice, but it is a secondary purpose, and the only means worldly available to exposing and stopping abuse of power and corruption at DHHS. If it does exist in DHHS's system, then DHHS is broken on the inside, and, a lawsuit is the only method of fixing it. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

      Trista is doing what I would do in the same situation. And that is an altruistic goal--she can't save herself and Ayla now by exposing fraud at DHHS, but she may save countless other innocent mothers and children from a similar experience in the future. This gives her purpose in life. It's something good and righteous for her to focus her energy on right now. That is something quite common for innocent victims of crimes to do to make things better or right. So Ayla did not suffer in vain.

      I support Trista, and anyone else who has been wronged for that matter 100%. In exposing DHHS, holding them accountable for their internal decisions making, and assuring this never happens again to another innocent, helpless child, it turns anger into hope, sadness into purpose, the victim is empowered.

      Once again, if DHHS is completely innocent of the allegations, they don't need to fear a transparent and independent investigation.

  8. Another reason some parents excuse their children's bad behavior is from guilt. Guilt that the parent somehow believes they are the cause of their children being bad.

    1. Yup! And this is the indirect definition of an, "ENABLER"--Phoebe DiPietro appears to be a classic person of this character FLAW, after reading more and more on her in recent days.

  9. i would take those pictures down you don't have permission to use any of them from Elisha do you? We can do it the easy way or the hard way you choose.

    1. Actually, now that those images are Publicly posted on Facebook, their detailed Terms and Conditions policies state that Facebook owns, if Facebook owns them, and they're of public domain, anyone can do as they please with them. I doubt they copyrighted their images with the Library of Congress that quickly.

    2. Ummm, I'll choose the hard way. Ill take them down when I'm served paperwork from your attorney.

    3. J4A: I just sent you an email regarding this post above. Maybe a blog post is in order after you read it? Laughable that these idiots think they could come after you with legal action regarding any content pulled from Facebook. *teehee*

    4. Keep pushing back J4A and T4A! You are on the right side- Team Ayla! It obviously infuriates the guilty person(s) and their "family".

      I'm no lawyer, but I think their attorney will advise them against filing a suit, as it would open them up to questioning, under oath, in front of a jury and/or judge. This exposes them to having to publicly answer any (relevant) questions in deposition and then, in examination, including questions about drug use, abuse and neglect, what happened to Ayla, etc... Their lawyer is no doubt, not ready for that. Also, it's very expensive and they WILL lose the case in the end. IMO.

      Attention DiPshits: We just want justice for Ayla. We just want the guilty to own it and to make things as right as they possibly can now. As soon as we get that, this will all go away. You don't like the drama, you don't like the facts coming out, the accusations, the scrutiny, the hatred and scorn on your family - it's all on you. You can make it go away with 1 phone call to LE. Here is the number: 624-7076

      Call today and we'll go away!

    5. Sorry, but in a case about copyright and permission to post photos, do you really think a judge would allow depositions about whether the alleged copyright owner used drugs or murdered babies? With a sensitive unsolved crime out there, the judge would be likely to give less leeway rather than more to lawyers trying to use depositions to probe matters that are both irrelevant and potentially damaging to an ongoing criminal investigation.

      If it is actually Elisha asking to have the photos removed, you may want to consider doing it even if you believe you have a right to post them. How would you feel if someone posted photos of your baby and the kind of comments that showed up here followed? Didn't you say if Ayla were found safe you'd take down the website? Gabby is going to grow up one day, too. And whether her relatives did or didn't do anything to Ayla, imagine her school friends reading this and mocking her one day. She doesn't deserve that.

    6. I'm sure Gabby's new adoptive family will take precautions to assure (not "insure") she is not exposed to her bio-mother's family murder secrets until she is older enough to understand. I'm sure they will love her and protect her from the photos, the alcohol and drugs and the child abuse that she would have been exposed to growing up in her bio-grandmother's liar of horror. She's young enough that she probably won't even remember her bio-mother's family.

  10. With regards to the photo in the car...did anyone else notice that Gabby is in the middle seat and Ayla is on the passenger side? The middle seat is always the safest seat for a carseat to be installed in. Personally, if I had two car seats in my car I would put one on each side, kids at that age are always grabbing at eachother, pulling hair, taking eachothers things, to prevent distractions while driving I would put one on each side. Notice that Gabby is in the middle in the safest spot in the car.

    I will note that Ayla does have a safe carseat.

    1. I wonder if it is Ayla's seat, or Ayden's seat. Other pics of Ayla are in the seat GAbby is in(pink, yellow). WHere is CR's son's seat? Did Ayla have a seat of her own,or did JD use CR's son's seat to get Ayla from Trista's family?

    2. That is a good point. I had wondered if it was even her seat. Poor baby girl she is so beautiful. some of those pictures just break me heart

    3. I would guess a carseat was in the middle, so an adult could sit in the back seat. I think there is too much being made of the photos by non professionals. Also, a lot of people with young kids have trashed houses. I'm not taking sides, just pointing out life details.

  11. Omg, Crazy Aunt Sally went around to all blogs leaving a link to them!!!
    The groupies are really losing control of themselves...

    1. And she stated they could be used by the public but maybe she copyrighted them while we weren't looking! :)

    2. Well either she's regretting it, the DiP's are, or their groupies are just grasping at straws.

      This was already discussed regarding people posting on facebook or any public social network. If you don't want your words or pics used (against you), don't make them public. People should be careful what they post.

  12. Everyone knows that publishing someone else's photograph without permission is stealing.

  13. THEY WERE POSTED FOR PEOPLE TO USE, They were publicly posted with intentions of people using them. She said ANYONE could use them! That is NOT stealing.

    What is the big deal? If the pictures are to show how happy and well cared for, while in their care, then why would they/you now NOT be happy with the pictures being released. Do they not show that?

  14. Thank you for the interesting read. I disagree with one of the points you made. Innocent people DO hire attorneys. It's actually a very intelligent thing to do. I have never been questioned by police in connection to a major crime, but if it were to ever happen, you can bet I'd have an attorney present.

  15. Aside from you spiraling out of control from the attention you are possibly receiving this is a good read.

    As far as the car picture, Gabby may be protected from the sun, but she is not protected in her carseat. Look at the straps. THE BUCKLE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEVEL WITH THE CHILD'S ARMPITS. Ayla's is done correctly, so your theory about someone caring about Gabby more is stupid.

    1. I would say actually Anon@9:45, that it indicates they do care more about Gabby, in their eyes at least. Theyt are parked, Ayla is clearly in the sun, no protection. I would not do this to my kid, regardless. GAbby's belt is probably down because toddlers often hate the chest buckle, and so pushing it down while parked indicates they wanted to keep Gabby in her seat, but get her to not fuss by moving the chest strap until they start driving again. I think also that may not be Gabby's seat, or they share, as there is a pic of a Younger Ayla in in.

  16. The carseat Ayla is riding in cost 100+ dollars.

    1. And?
      What *exactly* is your point, "Anon"?
      Ayla WASN'T murdered because the DiPs put her in a carseat that wasn't a "junker"?
      Goodluck with that line of thinking.

      Anyway, how much do you want to bet that "Ayla's carseat", in the above photo, ACTUALLY belonged to Aiden.. OR that it was Gabby's "other" carseat (the one that Li USUALLY kept in Pheebs vehicle)??

    2. geesh, those DiPshit liars are all about the lies, excuses, drugs, and money.

  17. My only problem with Ayla falling victim to an abuse/neglect related "accident", is this:

    (NOTE: the term "accident" being a misnomer, since her death would be more correctly termed as "manslaughter", or non-PREMEDITATED murder)

    ~ The timing of LIP purchase relative to her "disappearance". ~

    IF there were evidence/rumor that the LIP had been purchased CLOSER to the time Ayla was REPORTED "missing":

    I MIGHT buy into the idea that she had died unintentionally, the DiPs panicked, disposed of her remains, with the LIP purchased shortly thereafter as a way to "potentially" cash-in after Ayla was ALREADY dead.
    It does NOT appear there is any way the LIP was purchased after the fact, though.

    By all accounts the LIP was purchased within a few DAYS of the LE/DHHS custody grab of Ayla by the DiPs, when Trista was in rehab.

    In order to STILL believe in non-premeditation, and account for the purchase date, we are left with:

    1.) Having to dismiss the LIP as purchased innocuously, with NO intent of "cashing in"


    2.)Having to believe the LIP was purchased with intent BUT that Ayla *coincidentally* died of a TRUE accident AFTER the LIP was purchased, and rather than report the accident and collect on LIP, her would-be murderers abandoned their plot and tried to cover up her death instead.

    Intuitively, we KNOW that the odds must be *astronomically* against either of the "LIP coincidence" scenarios having taken place in Ayla's situation.
    Simply, put:
    What are the chances???

    Unfortunately, all the circumstances point toward premeditation the moment the LIP and it's date of purchase, comes in to play.
    As much as none of us want to think any human being could be so evil, this is what we are forced to contemplate.

    (IMHO, it is probable that the only ones who *actively* plotted Ayla's murder were likely JD and CR, though..)

    I think JD/CR fudged the staging of Ayla's "accidental" death, and were hoping that LE would buy their "abduction scenario" and find Ayla's body shortly after, allowing them to still collect the LIP.
    They needed help completing the cover-up and some "alibi witnesses" to lend credibility to their claim of "abduction"..

    Pheebs, Li (& probably Lance, too) were roped into the cover-up when Justin ran to them with a story about how Ayla was dead, and it was truly an "accident"--and how one NO ONE would believe him, considering her recently broken arm..

    Once the others had lied, they had the choice of coming clean, and selling JD/CR down the river, probably facing jail-time themselves, OR continuing to LIE and possibly getting ALL involved off the hook.

    Once the abduction scenario unraveled and the LIP was uncovered, JD/CR are NO LONGER hoping Ayla's remains are found, I am sure.

    In their hearts the others MUST now KNOW that Ayla's death was not an accident, as much as they probably WANT to believe Justin incapable of such an atrocity.
    Is this why Pheebs and Li lawyered-up WITHOUT Justin??

    For the DiPs, it's now a waiting game.
    They are ALL hoping (regardless of level of personal involvement) that their botched attempt at making Ayla's remains "findable" is the ONE detail they messed up to their own *advantage*, and that her tiny body will never be found, IMO!!

    RIP, Ayla.. you deserved so much better than you were given in this life.

  18. That is why I put accident in quotes :C "accident" meaning probably not an accident, especially considering the LIP, but also considering the lifestyle of JD, and the fact that negligence IS purposeful...neglectful caretakers (unless severely mentally ill) know they are doing it,they know it is wrong, and dangerous!!
    "accident" in this case, to me, is not an accident...accidents that are truly not intentional do not include neglect, whether the LIPs turns out to be weirdly coincidental, or part of a premeditated plan-1sr degree, not manslaughter in that case...bad all the way around in my humble opinion I had a lot of "accidents" as a kid, including many burn scars from cigarettes, and much worse. Neglect is never an accident, as the offender does choose to drink, ingest drugs, leave the kids alone or in dangerous situations, etc... Poor little Ayla

    1. @Emerald:

      My clarification of the term "accident" wasn't directed at you.. sorry if it came off that way!

      (It was clarifying my own statement within my own post.)

      I find it difficult to get around terming of a non-premeditated death WITHOUT referring to it as "accidental", even thought it grates my nerves to do so, as it minimizes what the victim was actually put through and what those responsible for the death are actually GUILTY of.

      I'm sorry to hear of your own experiences with abuse-injuries as a child..

    2. haha nope! I do not get offended easily, and try and keep emotion out of the logical analysis process, so that being said, I didn't feel it was directed at me, but thanks anyhow. You are a nice person :) I think I was also clarifying that I don't think anything was actually accidental, unless it was a million to one neglectful accident that happened in spite of LIP laid plans,and which f-ed them up considerably... "Accidental" is similar to "kidnapping" in that it is a constructed label designed to deffer responsibility by calling it something else- a distractive label... A rose is still a rose though, and Foul play is still foul play...

    3. Thanks btw, If someone, anyone, would have gave a crap, it would have never happened, and for so long. As it was, family ,friends and the neighbors knew what was happening, most turned a blind eye. Some tried to help. Funny part was, the tweaker family and their kids that lived up the mountain were cooking tons of drugs, and had the shadiest individuals lurking around, but they were always nice to us and helped us out, gave a warm place to stay, food, a coat, or a ride in the snow when my parents "forgot" about us, etc...but at the same time exposing us to the hard drug trade, guns and criminals. My point is that even people like them are human and have some morals, and kindness deep within them, but also evil potentially as well.
      I think the DiPs and CR are the same as the tweaker family...not monsters, just severely f-ed up and dysfunctional, ignorant, hubristic, and caught in a cultural and socio-economic cycle of dependance and abuse from which they have never likely see from the outside point of view... How do you know you live on a speck, or on a colossal mass, if you can't see off it? How do discover you are in a tunnel, and get out of it, if you can't see the light at the end? Likely no one ever taught them integrity, or personal accountability, or pride in being selfless.
      It is tragic for Ayla and Trista and her family, and for everyone involved, right down to the CR's and ED's kids, and what a their parents have drug them into. It is precisely being human that causes out greatest evil acts, as well as our kindest. So many lives ruined... Whatever the motivations of the DIPs were/are, they lay within the spectrum of human responses and behavior, and understanding their personal baseline can help decode the why of actions and responses, and help predict what other actions may have followed. This is why criminal profilers exist, and I am sure one has been deployed to the task :D.

  19. Your theories are worth considering but you're going overboard on the house. It's far from a death trap. Yeah it could have been baby proofed a little better, so what? Most of us grew up before the days of baby-proofing and we're still here.

    As far as an accidental death goes, a couple things keep jumping out. If it were a true accident, standing alone, there's be no reason not to get help. What would stop them from calling 911 for an ambulance? Some possibilities:

    * didn't discover body immediately; knew it was too late to save her, afraid of consequences particularly in light of broken arm delay earlier?
    * the broken arm was not an accident, it already aroused suspicion, this time were they afraid they wouldn't be believed no matter what they said even if they were telling the truth?
    * the injury wasn't intentional but negligent?
    * the injury was inflicted on Ayla impulsively?

    If Ayla died of an injury that was truly accidental, the circumstances in which it happened could have great bearing on their willingness to report it.

    Re: what VT Lady says about the LIP, I struggle with that as well. For that policy to be irrelevant requires unbelievable coincidences. Also Justin's apparent lies about the circumstances of the broken arm lead back to 3 dates and that's one of them. But they did not buy the policy after she died. They bought in Oct 20 if we believe the Reynolds' and Trista says she saw Ayla on Nov. 12 and talked to her on the phone up until Dec. 8.

  20. Re: the photos, if they belong to Elisha and it was Aunt Selena who posted them on Facebook, there's an issue whether S had E's permission. If not, it doesn't matter what FB policies are, FB itself would be required to take them down if E demanded it.

    But I am really confused. Isn't she talking about the photos S posted on some photo site, not on FB?

  21. LE has concluded Foul Play.

    I think we can be assured that the evidence collected and examined does not point to an accidental death.

    I'm also sure that they, LE, we're perhaps anticipating a switch by the DPs from abduction to accidental death once defense attorneys became involved. I'm sure there is more than one line of evidence supporting the Foul Play conclusion.

    1. And initially I suspected the stairs too when the story broke but after hearing other evidence and the conclusion of LE I have since put it out of my mind.

      I wish almost that that was how Ayla met her demise but I don't believe that it's probable in light of the other variables.

    2. Excellent points tamta. Something to consider for sure.

  22. I believe that A.Harry went on about how Justin broke the baby gate the Dec 17 am. If anyone can get into TTLOM, find out the date. It was mentioned and I didn't know WHY. A. Harry put Courtney up as as a hard working, going to school Mom. ... who had some serious academic / career aspirations. She also said that Justin would spend the week in Waterville and Courtney would drive there for the weekend. There was TMI in her post about it and it was being revised several times.
    I can figure out when the blood in the basement was revealed to the public and it was after the stuff about the babygate was talked about in the TMI crapola she wrote.
    What if these careless persons broke the babygate before the 16 and didn't give a crap ? Got Oxy'd up and I don't mean the detergent

    Oh and the site that Elisha's picture came from TALENT.COM, I believe you pay them to host your stuff. Lots of complaints about that business.
    The 911 call made is not being released due to it being evidence.
    Guess they plan to use that in the future. There is something on there,maybe the time stamp or the prevous calls made prior to 911.
    I have been reading Statement Anaylis about 911 calls from Tracey Harpster and Susan Adams. The title of the paper is : When the 911 Caller is the Killer. Harpster trained at Quantico. He can be Googled if anyone is so inclined.
    OMG, I worked all day and must have been saving it up all day.
    I have to go and watch a program about OXY and Methadone.
    am anon friend.
    TTL Take care my Ayla friends.

    1. I remember the talk of the gate as well and the possibility that the gate got broken from Ayla falling down the cellar stairs sticks in my mind.

  23. I am sure the 911 call directly contradicts the story they gave to LE, and it is possible there is something in the background that is incriminating as well. there is def. a reason they have not released it're gonna git in trubble....

  24. Imaginary 911 transcript:

    Operator: "911, What is your emergency?"
    caller: Huh?
    Operator: What is your emergency?
    caller: What is my emergency? I don't have an emergency. It's the baby who has one. Someone took her.

    (after reading this:
    Operator: Someone took the baby? Do you know who took her?
    caller: well someone must have because she's not in her bed
    Operator: how old is the baby?
    caller: like a year and a half, two years
    Operator: are there any other adults in the house?
    caller: my mother isn't here, only my girlfriend and my sister
    Operator: did you ask them if they know where the baby is?
    caller: they were sleeping. we got up and the baby was gone.
    Operator: did you search the house?
    caller: Huh? There's a baby gate so she can't fall down the stairs. we were in the basement so we didn't hear them take her.

  25. Operator: "911, What is your emergency?"
    Caller : Yawn. My leg hurts, I just broke the baby gate when I ran up the stairs panicking because someone told me that my daughter was missing.
    Operator: Do you have a description of your daughter ?
    Caller : Well, she has a broken arm, but that was healing and she wasn't wearing her cast. And it is wrong to even think I had something to do with it because she was wearing her sleeper that says " Daddy's Litttle Princess ". So there,that proves I love her.
    Caller : Courtney, can finish this call, I need a beer.

  26. In regards to the Dips growing up..i know from the past 90s that those kids were deff not watched after or cared for well by pheobe. Its true she was always gone drinking. Those little kids were always alone. Justin was not a mean child but a rebellious boy. He once was playing with moms lighter and light a bedroom window screen on fire and the fire dep showed up. He also would cross drummond ave on his bike by himself under the age of 6 or 7 because pheobe never cared. He took his bike down the steep hill behind the armory once and fell so bad he cut the whole side of his head open and needed many staples/stitches. Im only saying this because those 3 kids had to fend for themselves at a young age and maybe so did ayla. He probably didnt know how to father a child because none of the 3 Dips didnt have a dad. I am absolutly NOT sticking up for them. Just stating facts.

    1. Thats sad and it does actually make me feel bad, but ONLY for his/their childhood. Usually when someone becomes a parent (even IF he didn't know at first, which I DO NOT believe) they have parental instincts, instant love, protective instincts etc. There are plenty of people from "broken homes", broken in many different ways, and they are able to overcome that, due to parental instincts and make a better life for THEIR children. Not even better in a material way, but LOVE. I do feel bad, but there is NO excuse.
      This info adds to my suspicion of his mommy covering for him or even pressuring him into "getting rid" of Ayla. :(

    2. I posted something last night with the same sentiment-the family "bond" is PD's mental/emotional control over them which has probably dominated their family dynamics since the beginning.
      All her adult children seem to share similar coping mechanisms and manipulative techniques PD and her friends/family must taught them by modeling, and actively teaching them as well over the years. This is how they view life, and how they conduct themselves, according what their MOM showed them about the world, and through what she allowed them to be exposed to. This must effect JD and ED's parenting skills to some degree, as they have not moved on from an unhealthy family dynamic to a healthy environment, and be able to reflect on what was wrong about it all.
      What the rest of society considers "normal" family dynamics is likely seen by The DiP household as overprotective and excessive, superficial or even boring/uncool/priggish to conform to society's view of "normal"...they do what they want, when they kicking Linell's face in broad daylight.
      JD seemed to have wanted to be seen as still cool,and in the party scene, as he hit the bars still, and played video games all night with the boys(thanks Selena, for that tidbit-so mature you "boys"), though he made a legal move removing a child he barely knew from the only home she ever knew(so selfish) and made a legal and moral commitment to taking care of his tiny child, which he clearly did not take seriously. I think he even states this in his speech to the press"don't take thinks for granted. know what you have, I know what I don't have..." or something.
      I don't think he ever intended to take care of her full time, as where would she go while he was hauling loads as a truck driver? My thought on Lance not seeing Ayla in the days before reported missing-JD only had to say CR/ED/PD etc...was watching her, unless LD actually checked up with that person, he might not ever catch it untilo the day she was reported missing. That was casey anthony's tactic, remember? Me thinks JD may be more of an APT PUPIL that we formerly thought...

  27. Usually whatever way you were brought up, you bring up your children the same way because that is your NORMAL.
    But that doesn't explain Justin. The LIP or the text messages sent to Trista that he feared someone was going to take Ayla away from him and then Ayla goes missing.
    Toss in an Oxycontin arrest of Courtney's sister and anything is possible. Oxycontin addicts need money for Oxycontin because Oxycontin = Life. Withdrawal from Oxycontin = Death. ( Or it just feels like it to an addict )
    We don't know if anyone in the household was a user but the drugs were around and the connection is close to where Justin used to live on Pine St.
    ps. Justin was in Portland on the Thursday, late at night. Did he go home in the am, or did he stay until Courtney was doing the drive. Where was Ayla all day Friday ? With the ever so helpful Elisha who liked to have an extra kid dumped on her ?
    am anon friend

    Tomorrow, this newpaper is publishing an interview with Justin.
    Peter Hyatt will be busy. I will read it first and then make up my own mind and see if Peter and I are on the same page. I also plan on getting an LE person who had training in statement analysis to do the same thing, but they on on shift work ( nights ) this weekend, so it won't be tomorrow.
    am anon friend

  29. Where is Aylas little doggy that gave her comfort?

  30. You cannot have that many people at a "monster" house party and expect them ALL to keep their mouths shut guys. We're getting closer LANCE and Justin...