Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Abducted Children or Parents Who Kill Their Kids and Lie To Cover It Up?

On December 17th, 2011 Justin DiPietro called 911 to report that his 20 month old daughter, Ayla Reynolds had disappeared. Police along with the community organized searches on foot, by helicopter and by boat looking for Ayla but to no avail. There was no sign of her anywhere. No confirmed sightings, no evidence left behind by any abductor, and not one of the three adults or two other children there at the time heard or saw a thing. There was no sign of forced entry, no broken windows, no jimmied locks. Nothing. Ayla had just seemingly vanished.

As more evidence was reported on the case, it became clear to most that Ayla did not get up and walk away on her own especially with a broken arm and the frigid temperatures in Maine in the winter that would have hindered her journey. It was reported that her mother and father were not in a relationship and that Justin DiPietro had taken custody of Ayla while her mother, Trista Reynolds was in rehab for 10 days. It is reported that he was to return Ayla back to Trista upon completion of her rehab program and he did not. Trista had went to the court two days before Ayla was reported missing and filed for parental rights and responsibilities to regain physical custody of Ayla. By all appearances, it looked like the mother had feared she would not win the court hearing and decided to take Ayla herself by sneaking into the house and stealing away into the night with her young daughter. As more evidence came to light, that scenario didn't hold water either.

A Basement Similar to The House Layout
 at 29 Violette Ave
Police announced later that Ayla's blood was found in the basement bedroom of her father. The police also reported that they removed hundreds of pieces of evidence from the home and none of it supports the abduction story. Police announced foul play in the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds and turned the case from a missing persons investigation into a criminal investigation. We also found out that Justin DiPietro had purchased a life insurance policy payable upon the death of his toddler daughter. When questioned about the blood and the life insurance policy, Justin will not speak out himself, he has friends talk for him but no one will plead to the kidnapper and beg for Ayla to be returned home. No one will answer the questions that only he can answer. Ayla's maternal family have been vigilant in keeping Ayla's name and face out there, begging not for the kidnapper to return her but for her father to tell the truth as to what happened. They have set up websites and have even started posting documents that back up their claims and are open to answering questions that the public has.

Justin will not tell the truth about what happened on the night of December 16th going into the morning of December 17th and because of this the public has a very negative perception of him. The majority of the public believe he is guilty and fatally injured Ayla and instead of calling 911 to report the injury he concocted a fake kidnapping story. It isn't the first time that has happened but Justin claims that children go missing in the middle of the night by some unknown abductor and leave no evidence behind.

Justin is partially right, children do go missing and the stories of the parents are similar but the evidence and the facts don't back it up and the police don't always buy their stories either. Statistics show that the scenario Justin is claiming took place is EXTREMELY rare and highly unlikely. In fact The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, President Ernie Allen says that in his thirty years of working with the organization they have handled 278 infant/toddler abduction cases and only 13 of those cases involved a stranger coming into the home and taking a baby and all but 1 of those children were recovered unharmed.

What is more plausible is that Justin killed Ayla and is lying to cover it up. Statistics show this is a more likely scenario. In fact, 1500 parents kill their kids every year. Far more young children are killed by their own parents than a stranger and when a stranger kidnaps a baby, they rarely harm them. They usually do it because they want the child for their own and the recovery rate on those cases is very, very high.

Many people have questioned if the death of the child was an accident why don't the parents just call 911 and tell them the truth? Why do they go to such great lengths to lie and say someone abducted their child? David Finkelhor from the Crimes Against Children Research Center notes that parents often concoct stories about a kidnapping after accidentally killing their child instead of facing the tragedy. The death is usually accidental but involved a serious negligence and the parents are so ashamed of themselves or the other parent that they dispose of the body or help the other parent dispose of the body and report a missing child.

I did some research and looked for cases of missing children that happened in the last 5 years that involve a child under 5 years old to see how many of these cases are similar to Justin's claims of someone coming into the home and no one saw or heard anything. I did find some cases and with some striking similarities not only in the initial claims by the parents as to what happened but also some with similar behaviors of the parents and also some similarities in statements and actions of the police officers and detectives working on the cases.

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis-18 Months Old      New Braunfels Texas  Disappeared 2/4/11

Joshua was last seen around 9pm while he was watching television in the living room of his home while his family entertained friends and family members. Police say there is no evidence to suspect an abduction and that he possibly wandered off on his own. The police ruled out foul play. The mother says there is no way he could have opened the door himself, however a friend of the family stated that Joshua followed him outside when he left, shortly before he was reported missing and he claims he brought Joshua back inside. He hired a lawyer but police say he is not a suspect. The case is still unsolved. 

This case is a little different because police have ruled out foul play whereas in Ayla's case police believe the opposite. Police do not think an abduction happened in this case either and unlike Ayla it is possible he walked off on his own although extensive searches have not uncovered anything. Another difference in this case is that CPS worked quickly and removed the other children out of the home and unfortunately they have not done that in this case and Gabby and Ayden are still at risk. The parents were reportedly involved in drugs and many think they are involved.

Lisa Irwin

Lisa Irwin-10 months old     Kansas City, MO   Disappeared 10/3/11

Many of you are familiar with the case of Lisa Irwin and the similarities of this case and the Ayla Reynolds case are disturbing. Deborah Bradley states she last checked on Lisa at 10:30pm and her husband came home at 4:00am and discovered her missing. There was a window open in Lisa's bedroom and the door to the home was unlocked.  The parents claims echo Justin's claims, someone came into the house unseen and unheard and took Lisa out of her crib and vanished into the night never to be seen again.

What happened during the investigation mirrors a lot of things as well, Deborah Bradley fails a polygraph test, the parents stopped cooperating with law enforcement, police also tell Bradley that they know she is not telling the whole truth about what happened to baby Lisa. Like the blood found in the basement bedroom of Justin DiPietro, cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a dead body by the mother's bed. Police have requested that they be allowed to interview the boys that also live in the home but Deborah denied access to them, in the request for a warrant, police claim inconsistencies from the people involved hampered the investigation from the beginning. Many believe that Lisa Irwin was harmed at the hands of her mother just like they believe Justin DiPietro is guilty of harming Ayla.

Aliayah Lunsford

Aliayah Lunsford-3 years old   Weston, WV
In the case of Aliayah Lunsford, she was supposedly in bed and disappeared. She was last seen by her mother at 6am and when she checked on her at 9am, she was gone. There were no signs of forced entry and the windows were secure. Although she did not disappear in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping what happens next is similar to the Ayla Reynolds case.

There was no Amber alert issued because it did not fit the criteria. The family got a lawyer. The father failed his polygraph, the mother still has not taken one. Police labeled the case a criminal investigation and do not believe she walked out of the house on her own. It was uncovered that there was drug abuse in the family and chronic neglect and abuse. The parents were also guilty of welfare fraud. CPS removed the other children from this home as well.

Jhessye Shockley
Jhessye Shockley-5 yrs old    Glendale, Arizona

Jhessye Shockley went missing from her home on Oct.11,  2011. Jhessye was home alone with her siblings aged 6,9, and 12. It was reported that she wandered away from her siblings and out the door. An Amber alert was issued because someone reported seeing her being placed in a car. The Amber alert was later cancelled. Jhessye's mother, Jerice refused a polygraph test and Jerice's aunt, Brenda Hunter began to suspect she knew more than she was telling police about her daughter's disappearance. Jerice urged whoever has her daughter to bring them some place safe. Police suspect Jerice is responsible for the death of Jhessye and based off evidence collected at the house, they believe Jerice killed Jhessye and dumped her body in a trash bin. She has still not been found.

Since the cases of Madeleine McCann and Caylee Anthony, it seems that as long as the parents hide the body well enough and it is not found or not found soon enough, no matter how many discrepancies in the stories of those suspected and no matter how much evidence points to the parents, there are no arrests without the body for fear of no convictions. Although the cases above are not exactly like Ayla's case, they all have one very important thing in common, in most cases the public does not buy the stories of the parents and neither does police. All of the children are still listed as missing and unless the children are found it is possible the parents, if guilty, will walk. There is hope of an arrest or arrests still, not all parents who have used the fake abduction story have gotten away with it.

Shelby Dasher beat her son to death because he would not go to sleep and she was tired, she then threw his body into the bushes at a nearby cemetery before going home and going to sleep. She called the police later and reported him missing using the exact story as Lisa Irwin's parents did.

Bianca Jones was murdered by her father, D'Andre Lane, he claims his car was carjacked with her in it. Although her body has not been found yet, police had more than enough evidence to charge him.

Aveion Lewis was reported kidnapped by his stepfather, Brandon Lockett. Lockett even tied up Aveion's sister and wrote a fake ransom note before admitting to police he staged the whole thing and Aveion was actually dead before he called 911. 

Lauryn Dickens mother said Lauryn was abducted by an unknown woman after the woman claimed to be close to the girl's father and Lauryn's mother handed her over to her. Police did not buy the story and she has been charged in the murder of her daughter although her body has still not been found.

DiPietro supporters who claim that children go missing under these mysterious circumstances happen all the time. They are wrong. These cases garner the most media attention because they are a parent's worst fear but they do not happen often. The fake abduction stories actually seem to be a fairly new trend of excuses being used by parents to cover up the death of their child ever since the cases of Madeleine McCann and Susan Smith were publicized. Statistics do not back up Justin's claim that this is a common occurrence.

Heidi Tudela commented that 2000 children go missing a day. Heidi is correct in that regard, however she failed to mention that includes children under the age of 18. The majority of children under the age of 18 that are missing each day are run aways. Let's break this down...

How many children are reported missing each year?

The U.S. Department of Justice reports

  • 797,500 children (younger than 18) were reported missing in a one-year period of time studied resulting in an average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day.
  • 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions. This does not apply because LE has not stated publicly that they believe Trista took Ayla. This statistic applies to cases that it is certain the child was taken by another family member
  • 58,200 children were the victims of non-family abductions. This also does not apply, because police have stated that this is not an abduction BUT lets pretend that LE never said that- this still only averages to about 159 children per day, not 2000.
  • 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. (These crimes involve someone the child does not know or someone of slight acquaintance, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.) 
If we were to believe Justin's story and entertained the idea that Ayla was kidnapped, she likely would have fallen under this category. 115 children per YEAR, So 0.31 children per day and if we add the above numbers just for good measure, we get 159.31 children per day, certainly not the 2000 children per day number that Heidi Tudela and Justin DiPietro are trying to make us believe go missing under these circumstances. 160 children per day is a high number of missing children in itself but the success rate of bringing home an abducted child is very high, it is when the parents kill the child or cover up an accident and have time to dispose of the body and evidence before they call the police is what makes the case harder to solve. The police are following leads and tips given by the parents and if the parents are sending them on wild goose chases, it makes solving the case quickly even more difficult.


  1. Actually that basement picture is from a home for sale near 29 violette. If you got it from websleuths the poster states that it is from an online listing of a neighboring home. It was posted to show how small the basement probably is in the dips home.

    1. I didn't get it from WS but a I will edit the post. It was emailed to me. Thank you for clarifying

  2. J4A, I have an article idea...
    Answers 4Ayla blog has a timeline. It's interesting, but it's tristas timeline. Can you do a Justin timeline and compare the two, or weave them together and see what comes up?

  3. Does Justin have a timeline?I havent seen one.Good idea.

  4. A "Justin Timeline"? LOL. i can provide it for you:

    I didn't see anything, ever.

    I didn't hear anything, ever.

    I don't know anything, ever.

    I can't comment on anything, ever.

    LE told me not to provide a timeline - oh, no they didn't? Um, I don't know. Maybe Heidi can...

    1. Yes, "you'll have to call my mother, she has it"...

      Seriously though, it would be a good comparison, to see his "timeline" (or lack there of), filled with abuse, neglect, LIP buying, etc., compared to Trista's.

  5. J4A do you have a site email? I wan't to share something with you without posting it here.

  6. Student in WatervilleMarch 21, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    I don't want to start rumors, so I will start this post by saying I do NOT know what they were searching for... But there were four or five police officers and a dog searching the woods behind Thomas College this morning. The nature trails that go along the river through Waterville go behind the school, so I am wondering if maybe the police think they walked these trails to find a spot to leave her body.

  7. thank you for the info,please keep us updated if you see anything else

  8. I've seen these statistics before. It is EXTREMELY RARE for a child to get kidnapped by a stranger..

    But you know J ZIP LIP DIP is blaming this on Trista and her family..cause they magically took Ayla and left her blood in the basement on the way out...

  9. I continue to believe that Ayla was taken by Trista and/or her associates as part of the ongoing custody dispute, and that Ayla is alive and well and being hidden by someone helping Trista. I am fully confident that this is what is going on.

    1. Then u r FOS.

    2. I hope you believe this in your heart so Ayla will be found alive! If you think with your mind and looking at facts, Ayla being safe somewhere is diminishing rapidly.

  10. Ayla is one of the 209,000 children kidnapped each year in the US in connection with a custody dispute.

    1. Keep trying...

    2. You are ignoring toooooo many facts to come to this conclusion!!!!!

    3. I mean she is not kidnapped JP.

  11. Thomas college site about the program “The Waterville Police Department partnered with Thomas College to establish an internship program designed to provide students with practical law enforcement experience by working under the guidance of experienced officers. Students are provided hands-on assignments encompassing all areas of operations within the department. This is an outstanding opportunity for students majoring in criminal justice to broaden their horizons and help to develop a foundation for a career in law enforcement.”
    Joe Massey, chief of police, Waterville, Maine

    1. Student in WatervilleMarch 21, 2012 at 1:06 PM

      So the police at Thomas today were just part of the internship? Just want to be clear about this.

    2. Yes, there is a link somewhere I think you will find it on the Thomas college site

    3. So do they have that program or does the link say that it was the program this morning and not a search? The student posted that there were 4 or 5 police and a dog and did not mention any students or other people.

    4. Student in WatervilleMarch 21, 2012 at 6:27 PM

      I didn't see any students, but they could have still been in the woods or not met up with the police yet I suppose... I hope I didn't spill the beans on a secret in the investigation though :(

  12. Yes, there was some blood of Ayla's in the basement, likely from a household injury. But there is no reliable information on how much blood. The inconsistent information given out by Jeff Hanson is hardly from a trustworthy, impartial source. He and Trista are trying to discredit Justin FOR A REASON. I think that reason is that they don't want the focus on Trista because this will uncover Ayla's hiding place/friend's home.

    1. Bahahahaha......

    2. I think Trista and her step father are focusing on Justin because either he or one of the other two there that night spilled an awful lot of her baby's blood - not to mention they're all lying about what happened to Ayla. Who else would anyone in their right mind focus on?

    3. Anon 8:56 As usual anon is shorthand for one more DiP Troll without a single functioning brain cell.

      I would say you are a fractional deposit of human excriment (POS) but that takes up toooo much energy wasted. Get your head out from Justins 4th point of contact, read the news (if you are literate enough), listen to the interviews, PROCESS THE INFORMATION YOURSELF (don't have anyone interpret it for you), and then apply LOGIC! Intelligence is a wonderful thing, when used!!!! Use it!

  13. Dont you think that would send up a HUGE red flag to LE if Trista and lied about the amount of blood? That looks more like drawing attention to herself. LE would then know she is a liar,and wouldnt LE wonder why she wanted to make her daughter look dead? Im pretty sure she doesnt want LE to see her coming out lying to the public.Doesnt make any sense to me.

  14. So according to that statement she would rather make her daughter look dead to the public,and lie about something LE said to her.I'd care more about what LE thought of me,than what the public thinks.

  15. You think that would take the focus off Trista,wouldnt that put the focus on her if LE saw that lie?

  16. No matter what anyone says the amount of blood there is will be released to the public at some point,Trista cant make it more or less than it how do you think she would be able to fool anyone?

  17. The unsolved numbers were shocking.

    Only fifteen babies kidnapped by strangers and fourteen returned safely
    No wonder they switched strategies if in 30 years only one stranger kidnapping was successful. I believe the odds are 500,000,000 to 1 that is what happened so I can't fault Heidi Angela and Selena for switching strategies. According to the Answers For Ayla site Justin has signed onto the new strategy and is cooperating in the standard obstruction of justice stuff and witness tampering
    style efforts.

    If I was Justin I would to I would swear it was Trista with my dying breath.
    Otherwise he might only last a few years in prison where as if he keeps this up there shall always be a morsel of doubt. Plus he'll probably be in a cell with similar heinous crime individuals so for safety sake I would sing the Trista did it song over and over and over and just never stop taunting the mother and family and public because it may be the difference between two or three years alive in prison and actually dying in prison of old age related disease.

    The cops have behaved and strategized with skill and aplomb for such a tough case as this. Usually the family cooperates with law enforcement to show disapproval of the crime similar to the Porter family and way back similar to the unibomber's family. This case is different in its cult like status with blood dripping from the fingers and mouths of the hags who serve as Justin's witches.

    This is Manson quality drama with Justin as the new Anti-Hero Killer Superstar.

    "LE will have Justin's recent irrational text messages to Trista stating that his family "knows for a fact that Trista has Ayla" and that "she cannot hold out forever"." AnswersForAyla

    Its a good strategy.
    Heidi are Derek and Justin "special" close friends?

    1. "This case is different in its cult like status with blood dripping from the fingers and mouths of the hags who serve as Justin's witches." Flagrante Delicto, Thank you for enunciating so perfectly the picture I have in my mind of these people.

    2. Well said! The numbers are astounding. It is highly unlikely this is an abduction, then add in the blood, the lip, the injuries and it makes it even more unlikely.

      I have said many times that Justin is like Manson with his cult followers that have been brainwashed by HT and AH.

  18. Sincerely Wondering?March 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    QUESTION to those that believe Trista is hiding Ayla? I am being sincere with my question as to if this is your beliefe PLEASE explain to me why. What I don't understand about those that insist that Trista has Ayla hiding is this.

    With advancements in science and technology a good reason to believe she would have been found. I am a student with a science emphasis and a psychology major. There is alot of reasearch that has been done about the information that is revealed by modern scientific investigative techniques. I am not talking about a "lack of evidence to convict Justin" I am talking about scientific evidence that points in the direction of Trista? What evidence do you find that supports this.

    Also with advanced in technology, we are trackable, the money we spend, the places we go (cameras) the phones calls we make, our internet traffice and searches, even GPS on a cell phone, You can even be tracked down to a precise location by pictures that are posted online from a cell phone. With all this technology don't you think Ayla would have been found by the investigation. The evidence does point in a direction and the police have indicated that the people in the home on Violet are not being truthful about all they know. It has been confirmed by JD supporters that his polygraph was failed.

    Trista is not a person of financial means. She doesn't not have the resources to pull off an elaborate scene that would effectively hide a baby. Psychologically this scene would be VERY hard to keep up.

    I am not tryping to bash any opinions, I am just looking for a logical explaination to the initial question. I understand everyone is proven innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz. I am just wondering what evidence do you have for the opposite argument. Thanks

    1. Sincerely WonderingMarch 21, 2012 at 1:02 PM

      sorry for the typos: I was typing too fast.

    2. I agree with you. The Justin supporters seem random to me. They appear out of nowhere like they haven't heard of the case before, but want to assume he's innocent. You can't tell me someone has read the entire case, details, etc., and don't suspect Justin/family or friends.

    3. Sincerely WonderingMarch 21, 2012 at 1:37 PM

      A Non E Mouse:

      I have followed the case from day one as well. I have watched every press conference and read everything I could as well as looking into scientfic aspects of the case for a greater understanding. I am educated with 2 degrees plus graduate work. I am informed and educated and I am not stating to Brag oh i am so smart. I am simply coming from a knowledgable place and am looking for a knowledgable and logical argument. Everyone is entitled to their own opionion. I am simply looking for a counter argument.

    4. I fully understand that, as I am waiting also......

      .........I don't think it's coming anytime soon.

  19. I must be misunderstanding these statistics.
    If 58,200 are non-family abdustions and only 115 are "stereotypical kidnappings, then what are the other 58,100??

    Also 58,200 actually sounds like a very high number to me.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    1. 58,000 are acquaintance abductions. The kidnapper knows the family but is not a member of the family.

  20. I just did some more research. Maybe the difference is all of the children that are really just "lost" for a period of time?

  21. Well, let's see how many sensible responses you get.

  22. Wow! Look at all the well thought out, fact filled, polite responses. Ooops, there are NONE.

    There is probably only really a handful, if that, of people trying to defend Justin & Co. When asked true questions, it seems to become almost impossible for them to give honest, factual, polite answers/reasons/debate.

    1. Right Kit,

      I am waiting to see if somebody responds to the post "Sincerely Wondering" above. We will see.

    2. It didn't happen on purpose but the Good Cop Bad Cop barrier is in play above by random synchronization.

      See it from their angle; they are in deep deep denial.
      They can't believe their nephew murdered their grand niece. In their families there has been many traumas but this is the lowest valley touching the highest mountain top. This is the unbelievable unprocessable one.

      This is the collosal trauma birthed by many other unhealed family trauma as evident by their sociological based attacks on Trista's imperfections and inability to match some idealistic unreachable ideals of perfection.

      Why the hags do it.

      This would be like if we were roommates watching TV and I turned off the TV and sat down.

      Then you ask; "Why did you turn the TV off?"

      And I say; "I didn't turn the TV off."

      Then it goes on and on every time you turn the TV back on.
      That is how out of synch they are with the dark mood of the public waiting for answers and justice for a;


      The sooner the body is found and the criminal prosecution begins the better it is for the sake of their long term mental health and long term physical survival from stress related diseases. That is the weird part, their willingness to suffer lies confusion and chaos for Justin.
      From the outside looking in we don't see their injuries.

      Eventually when they snap out of the trance it won't be pretty from a mental health standpoint.

      Justin killed Ayla.
      The people want to bury her body properly.

      Are you Americans
      Are you Christians
      Is Justin more important than Jesus and Gods Laws.

      Justin slayed his own flesh and blood.
      God slayed his own flesh and blood and resurrected him.

      Is God's way your way?
      Is Justin's way your way?

      That body is decomposing as you try to ignore this post.

      Click on through the profile link for a beautiful story.
      A parallel plot line of Jesus's desire to find Rachael.
      If you three confronted Justin you could end this today.

  23. A quick note, on the Answers page, Jeff just confirmed that the "cupfull" of blood "WAS" found in the basement "besides Justins bed". What unbelievable monsters Justin and Courtney have to be to have slept beside the spot were so much innocent blood was spilled.

    1. When I hear these things my heart just drops lower. If she is not alive I thought maybe there was an accident where she fell down the stairs and that a father did not harm his child. The location of the blood is even more disturbing.

  24. I'd be interested in finding further statistics: out of the 115 average how many were kidnapped from inside a home? How many from the yard? How many while not at home? And a breakdown of the average ages of those 115: is more likely to be babies, teens, young teens? And last, how many occurred from families where there was known familiarity with drug traffickers/users?

  25. Ikoyoda, Justice Dept says most kids are snatched outside the home in the neighborhood. (general kids not babies) Other than newborns snatched from hospitals, baby kidnapping is incredibly rare.

    Even more relevant question: in how many cases when a baby disappears is there a large quantity of the baby's blood found in the house that turns out to be innocent?

    1. The baby's blood was found in the Madeline McCann case but the parents were eventually cleared as suspects by the local police. The blood was even in the father's car. It was deemed unrelated to the kidnapping/disappearance.

    2. Anon 3:58 you're correct. It was specks of blood in the McCann case though not more than a cupful.

  26. Justin's Timeline:

    "When the time is right".

    1. Ha! If he was smart, he'd get out of town. Permanently. Although, I guess the is the possibility he gets away with it.

  27. Sorry if I missed this, but is it possible that Ayla died while in JPs care, and THEN he purchased life insurance?

    1. Or:

      I created my timeline, it is irrelevant and I smoked it.

  28. Oh you do such a great job here with Ayla. I follow this from Kansas. I pray for Ayla every day. Thank you for including Baby Lisa in this blog. Sad to say, you have done more for her, by putting her name out, than her parents have.
    More sad is that Justin could have taken notes from Lisa's parents, who took notes from someone else.
    Wish we had people like you blogging and investigating here for Lisa, like you all do for Ayla.
    Pray these little girls do get justice.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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