Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Lies From Justin DiPietro?

A new article released today raises some important questions about Ayla's arm injury. Our own Emerald, who comments regularly asked these questions here last night and pointed out the discrepancies in Justin's story. It is unfortunate that Emerald did not receive credit from the journalist, especially since the same journalist commented here last week informing me of violating her copyright by copying and pasting her article here. Regardless, it is wonderful that this information is out there and I anxiously await a response from Justin's mouthpieces as to why he mixed up the dates, how we are wrong because the class schedule was incorrect, etc... You all know how it goes with them by now.

Will the weather be Justin DiPietro's undoing? Maine weather reports promise to play a key role in uncovering what happened to baby Ayla Reynolds and when. DiPietro said Ayla suffered a broken arm on a rainy night. That would mean the broken arm occurred earlier than previously reported, and very close to the time DiPietro took out insurance on Ayla's life.  Click here to read the full article
Emerald shared her findings on this information last night in the comment section under my post, Do We Have It All Wrong? She also brings up some compelling information about the photos taken of Ayla while in Justin's care. Others on the Statement Analysis blog have also looked at them and confirmed her suspicion of them being photoshopped to hide bruises on different parts of Ayla. Also leaving everyone to wonder, if Ayla did in fact break her arm, where is the cast in any of these pictures?
Another interesting tidbit of information from Statement Analysis:
Brianna Roberts was rearrested by Federal Agents on her drug charge that came as a result of a raid on her apartment January 6th. The apartment she shares with her sister, Courtney Roberts. This new arrest came two weeks after they initially arrested her. It is likely that Brianna was not talking as Portland PD had hoped and maybe now that she is facing not only more time in jail but also the possibility of being housed in a federal prison out of state away from friends and family she will break the vow of silence and turn canary on her sister and the others involved in Ayla's disappearance. Time will only tell.  
The same Cumberland Farms on Pine St in Portland that surveillance cameras show Justin buying a pack of cigarettes at 2 am on the 15th of December was also robbed at gunpoint in January. Some wonder if Justin or his brother Lance held up the store out of desperation to repay the drug debt that now became due immediately once Brianna Roberts lost the product to Police. The armed assailant is either left handed or ambidextrous, stands at about 6ft tall, and weighs approximately 225 lbs. Still images from the Robbery can be found here. If anyone has any information as to whether Lance or Justin are left-handed and if they could possibly be involved in this please post below. Thanks to VTLady for bringing this to our attention.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. anon 5:52
      You are one sad individual! Can you get any lower? We all have pasts, the big difference is, our kids aren't mysteriously gone! J4A and this blog are not judging Justin Dip. The facts speak for themselves. I'll bet Mike feels disgusted to have been friends for years with the DIP clan! How much you want to bet?
      You are not here to help find Ayla, that much is obvious. You are not one who needs to get a life.

    2. Thank you, I deleted the comment. Not because what was said about me but because I do not want people involved that do not want to be named. I am certainly no saint but my past happened over 12 years ago and I have grown up considerably in the past decade. This isn't about me however, my children are accounted for

    3. Oh, the blog owner will allow nothing negative to be said about the owner's own shady background, but thinks nothing of slandering other people with no proof whatsoever.

    4. We are interested in Ayla.

    5. Hello Anonymous 8:09 -- this blog is about Ayla and what happened to Ayla. The blog owner's alleged shady past has nothing to do with Ayla's disappearance. What you speak of is irrelevant. Nobody cares about that, it's history, long before Ayla was ever even born. The Dips recent and current shadiness has everything to do with her disappearance. That is why people are speaking of it. The police have said the Dips are not being truthful, ie, they lied. What is slander about that?

      You are not here to help find Ayla, Why are you here?

    6. JDip's minions are trying to shoot the messenger again. Your message must be making them squirm. Since they can't discredit what you write, they'll try to intimidate you into silence.

    7. The blog owner's shady past has everything to do with whether or not this blog is credible.

    8. Intimidate away, no one is listening. We appreciate this blog.

    9. Then don't read my blog. Everyone else can make up their own minds if my "shady" past affects my ability to copy and paste news articles properly and if my opinions warrant listening to.

    10. Hello 11:26PM anonymous, guess what, the blog owner's shady past has nothing to do with what law enforcement is telling us about baby Ayla. That is what is mostly being discussed here. Do you feel LE is not credible?

      Ayla is being discussed on numerous blogs and forums, saying the same exact things about the Dips that are being said here at this blog. Are all of these other blog and forum owners shady too?

      Why are the Dips so concerned with what people are saying about them? (especially when most of it is coming from the police) Shouldn't they be busy looking for Ayla?

      I mean really, why do they care if people think they robbed a store? If they know it's not true, and LE knows it's not true, then so what. If my baby was missing, nothing else in the world would matter.

      Get a clue already, we don't care about the blog owner's shady past from many years ago, we want Ayla. If you can offer some information about Ayla that's what we want.

    11. hmm a diversionary attack, to distract and attempt to discredit the blog owner. Sorry, this blog is about Ayla. I am an educated with a few degrees and I study human behavior. I had my own reservations about this blog, but I have to say the owner has been incredibly objective and I would also say fair to both sides. She has been reserved in her own opinions relying on the facts and attempting to find the source of any and all material when possible. If anything. Obviously this person feels threatened by the information and ideas shared on this page because you have not presented a single argument addressing the material but rather personally attacking the blog host.

      A bit school yard wouldn't you say...... These personal attacks ACTUALLY lend credibility to this site.... Because you felt the need to come here and try to discredit the site. If you truely felt the way you stated, you wouldn't waste your time, so obviously there is a value or benefit to you to do this......
      Moderator: Keep up the good work, you got to be doing something right and presenting good and thoughtful info that must be hitting close to home.

    12. Thank you everyone for coming to my defense. It does feel a bit schoolyard bullyish and the more they post the more I am convinced it is Lance. I do feel we are getting closer to the truth here and that is what has them on edge. Hopefully one of them will break soon and Ayla will have justice.

    13. @Annie,
      you are spot on!!!

      I think the new "stop the lies" blog is definitely Court R. Another diversionary attack, and a very, very poor one at that.

      Thx J4A 4 the blog!

    14. Anon 8:09 You dont think there's proof???? WOW! What do you call the information released by the MSP and the media? AND
      the burglary could have ALOT to do with Ayla if the Dips have anything to do with it and LE gets an excuse to haul their sorry backsides into the P Dept and start turnin up the heat n drilling them about their other various questionable activities of the past 2 months!> Smoke That>

    15. I also find it interesting that for the most part, those I have come across that initially come to this story with NO reservations and read the info and make no decisions. Then they encounter the Defenders and the cronies and the bullys and the (I hate to say, but) culty followers. And after their interactions with the best intentions and kind heart. End up usually feeling one way over the other about the case. And it seems to be the facts combined with their interactions with these folks. It never ceases to amaze me. Hey are their own worst enemy. The facts combined with their actions, definitely leaves a person with a bad feeling for this baby. It is insulting and sad because it comes across as a school yard game. Rereading the comments on this page from earlier, I was taken aback at how bizarre and childish those commentors were. These individuals live in their own world. So sad this baby was subjected to all this.

      What would her future have been. Her dreams. Those moments when she would need her mothers shoulder to cry on. Her smile walking through the door after school. A favorite ice cream. This breaks my heart.. This child was robbed of a life she could have crafted.

      Justice for Ayla. shame on all you who have the answers and are selfish. I hope you all end up in jail for the rest of your life, with no parole, no hope.

    16. I am so curious to read the stop the lies blog, does anybody have the website info. I can only imagine what is written there.

    17. J4A has done everything she can to remain anonymous. she is the opposite of an attention whore looking for internet glory.
      she has also allowed commentary from all perspectives.
      her personal life is irrelevant. she has stated she has no personal vendetta or grudge, she is just trying to help find Ayla.
      attacking a commenter or blog owner is just a way of avoiding the issues or platform they offer.
      you can not refute or debate the information she allows posted here, so instead you attack her.
      very juvenile and transparent behavior. shoot the messenger.
      if you want to help 'your team' then refute the information you feel is unfair or incorrect, post the reasons for your loyalty to your 'friends' and any proof you can find they are innocent.
      that would stand a way better chance of changing opinions than slandering the blogmaster!
      attacking J4A and even threatening her with statements like, "you were here before this happened and you won't be here when its over" makes you appear unbalanced and even potentially dangerous.
      please be cautious J4A and take all 'threats' seriously. i am worried for your safety.

  2. You're welcome. I just can't stand people like that, this is a missing baby for God's sake, what do posts like that help with? It's obvious they weren't here to try to help find Ayla. Let's all pray for Ayla!

    *The last line in my previous post should have been, You are the one who needs to get a life.

  3. Are you afraid of a lawsuit if Justin is innocent and we find out who you are?

    1. Because that whole thing about the robbery at cumby's is not helping Ayla either. You are just slandering the DP's and makin more problems for them by statin these bogus facts.

    2. You are joking right? Good Luck with the lawsuit, I imagine there will be a lot of parties involved in that suit. And that is a pretty IF. As far as the information about Cumberland Farms, No one on here stated anything as fact. Someone brought up the robbery. If Justin or Lance had nothing to do with it, then I guess they would have nothing to worry about. I also think they have more important things to worry about right now, like where is Ayla, then what the world is writing about on their blog. Am I touching a nerve? Did they have something to do with the Cumberland Farms robbery?

    3. It is just plain sick for anyone to be entertaining their own malicious fantasies by trying to connect the Dipietros to a robbery at Cumberland Farms or anywhere else. Try dealing with reality and the facts for a change!

    4. How could anyone possibly think the Dips would hold up a Cumby's? It seems as though they're more into child abuse, beating people up and staging kidnappings. Robbery? That's just waaay out there.

    5. @anon8:13
      Yeah right, cuz its such a stretch to imagine that the dips could commit a robbery. I think the reality and the facts of the matter are being ignored by you, otherwise, you'd see that a lot of what is said is not fantasy and it is not malicious, only trying to find a missing baby girl.

    6. Wow, I didn't think much about the robberies, but I think you've definitely touched a nerve. Interesting.

    7. J4A, I think you are connecting some dots. Why would people get so mad. And BTW to the " you could be sued"????? You obviously know NOTHING about the law or the legal system. (maybe other than your own experiences and with the criminal system) The problems that the Dipietros are having, they brought on themnselves with the choices they have made and the choices they continue to make. Nobody is doing this to them, they did it to themselves and once they realize this their life will get alot better. I hate to say I have little confidence that these people will take responsibility for individual choices and take active role in their own life.

    8. This sounds like a Passive-agressive Threat. I think you should worry more about this. It is criminal to threaten people. You couldn't sue anyway. Justin is part of a criminal investigation from his own actions. People can talk about this legally. Justin has defamed himself, a judge would laugh at your fake lawsuit.

    9. Sounds like a bully cause he doesn't like what is being said on this blog,,,,,

      Wait, Lance, is this you????

    10. Someone on another blog brought up an interesting idea, did the massive amount of drugs that BR was caught with come from a robbery of a pharmacy? Lord knows there have been plenty robbed recently and would explain the large quantity of prescription drugs she had. Maybe the Cumberland Farms robbery wasn't one of them but we were getting too close to the truth so they tried to silence me? Just speculation

    11. Maybe it is more that your speculation is so far off that it is nothing more than defamation. This is what causes people to object to what you are saying.

  4. anonymous @6:16 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! Yeah, it's against the law to repeat what LE has stated and then speculate about it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Warning: Comedian on board !!

  5. JUSTIN IS NOT INNOCENT, wait and see folks....

    1. And how are you so sure about that? If you KNOW this, then maybe you should be talkin to LE.

    2. What makes you think they haven't? Don't you get it? LE reads EVERYTHING on these blogs, and believe me, people are definately keeping them, busy! Way to go folks!

  6. I think it's extremely convenient for you to delete the comments you don't like. Your blog is public and you set yourself up criticism. Get used to it if you want to keep posting things.

  7. First of all, this is MY blog therefore I set the rules and reserve the right to delete whatever I want. You are free to post whatever you like as long as you leave names of people out of this that have nothing to do with it.

  8. Because you know your brother in law isn't too happy about this?! Your right he doesn't want anything to do with this.

  9. And just remember I can post who you are anywhere I like and if you delete it here it will be somewhere else.

    1. And you would be dragging his name into the public just like he does not want. If you care so much about my brother in law, why not leave it alone?

    2. Go ahead and publish the blog owner's name! We are all ears!

    3. JUSTIN, you finally wrote in all by yourself with no women editing for you. You really are a bully aren't you.

    4. No that was me.

    5. I will gladly publish her name on my blog...come over to juststopthelies.blogspot and share what needs to be told!!! :)

    6. people who engage in blog wars while pretending to help find a little missing girl are pathetic.
      that goes for everyone, not just the Justin supporters.
      the sh#tfights on facebook and bangor daily news etc are the reason i came to this blog when it opened up. i wanted to comment but fighting with sockpuppets and crowing about idiotic victories 'outing people' etc. is beyond ridiculous.
      i didn't care for the whole 'blood money' saga, it was like a playground of bullies shouting he said she said..i win.
      i have a feeling some newspapers are not carrying Ayla news simply because of the controversy stirred up by slanderous sh#tfighting guerrilla commenters.
      the worst commenters had multi user sock puppet names and i believe most of them are from away.
      what they don't realize is the local people, mainers, are a reticent bunch. that is why LE is having a hard time 'drawing out' info because it is very yankee not to tell tales out of school. the mainers were totally turned off by the aggressive nature of many guerilla commenters and unfortunately that closed off many avenues of communication that might have helped find Ayla.
      i don't expect those type of trolls (yes i consider them trolls because they don't address the issues, they just attack the commenters), to change. they thrive on sh#tfights, that is why some of them have honed in on this case because it is full of popcorn.
      jmo. :(

  10. Why would he be happy about any of this? This is one of his good friends that is suspected of POSSIBLY murdering his own daughter. I am sorry if he is upset however I have a right to my opinion as does everyone else in the world. I'm sorry if my opinion isn't the same as his or his other friends. There are many blogs out there and facebook pages etc... with the same opinion as mine. I have stated numerous times I have no inside information so of people choose to read here because they like my take on things so be it. I only know what the public knows so why not be upset with all the other sites out there too

    1. Justice for Ayla, you are just a person with a sleazy past looking to point the fingers at others when you don't even have your facts straight-- so that you can feel better about YOURSELF!

    2. Thanks for the insight however I feel just fine about myself. I have been in a wonderful relationship for 13 years. I have 2 beautiful children. One who is a fighter and has been battling Cancer for 6 years. The other is our miracle child. I don't do drugs or drink. Any indiscretions happened over a decade ago except for a driving without a license charge and a shoplifting charge that happened 5 years ago. I have made stupid mistakes I am not proud of but they do not make what I have to say any less relevant.

      What FACTS have I not gotten straight? Anything else is speculation and/or theories which are based around facts. Just because something is speculated on does not make it the truth and I am pretty sure the readers here are intelligent enough to discern that.

      Since you are so vocal on how much I haven't gotten wrong, why don't you enlighten us on what the truth really is. What really happened to Ayla? Or have you lost sight of the fact that Ayla is a very real little girl that is missing? Why isn't Justin out looking for her? Why didn't he pass his polygraph test? Why do Phoebe and Elisha feel the need for an attorney? What about the life insurance policy? How about her broken arm? Explain to me where Ayla was while Justin was in Portland at 2am on the 15th without her? Explain to me why there was blood in the basement? AYLA'S blood?

      You want to personally attack me for my opinions? If it brings Ayla home safe and sound, or the person who harmed her brought to justice, go ahead. Like I said I am not perfect but my children are accounted for. I don't have life insurance on them. They don't have broken bones nor do they spend the weekend at a convicted drug dealers house while I visit my boyfriend.

  11. This is my first post EVER on any blog, article having to do with Ayla. . I have been following this case since the first week from here in NC. The Justin supporters have been very loyal and vocal to him. Their hostility towards anyone who had questions about this case baffled me. Everyone is just trying to find Ayla. But I wanted to thank you anon @6:35- Your statement jolted me awake. You are not loyal, you are scared. So scared of what will come out that you are willing to publicly try to intimidate anyone who might jeapordize what you are hiding. But the problem is this isn't high school, this isn't a small town. You are dealing with people from all over the country, from walks of life that you would never understand. People who actually care more about a little girl then what people will say about them. People, that like this blogger, risked the harassment and abuse and became a voice for a child whose own father turned his back on. These people are loyal. These people are vocal. And personally, I don't care if this blogger went to rehab 20 times, was in prison, or sold drugs in his/her past. Right now, on this blog, he/she is doing something that takes courage and character. Standing up for a child. That is our job as adults, as human beings. If you, and justin, can't see how Ayla should come first then you are worth nothing.

    1. Excellent post Anonymous 7:08

    2. Your comment gave me chills. Amen to you.

  12. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Anon 7:08. I wish more people would take a page from you. This is about Ayla and this case really affected me as it did so many others. Unfortunately people think that supporting Justin means bashing those who think he is guilty and somewhere along the line forget that there is a very real little girl out there that was discarded like a piece of garbage. It makes me sad. I want those responsible to pay regardless of who it is.

  13. I like this blog, comments, some not so much, but the blog itself and the writer of the posts. This case is under my skin. I don't know why, except Ayla is a baby and she is missing.

  14. I second that. This blog is good and I believe JFA has the same point of views as majority of the world. Honestly, we have the extreme Trista side, the extreme Justin side and then you have the rest of us. The ones that do not care about Justin or Trista- we care about the one that matters, AYLA. JFA keep up the good work. Keep pushing the bottons of the quilty! By doing that you, JFA, could be the one that helps find Ayla the most! Keep asking the one important question that Justin and Trista has forgot, Where is AYLA? A question that they both, and all of their supporters should be out asking every day until we get an answer!!

  15. YOU, JUSTICE FOR AYLA, HAVE NO JUSTICE FOR AYLA....... bashing her family (dep) weather innocent or not will not be good for Ayla.Especially when she is old enough to read this s.... When she is found. Lying about robberies and other lies that are being tossed around. You have absolutely NO IDEA what happened on the night Ayla was kidnapped. Nor who was involved a long with the immature small minded people( that need to live their own lives ) that are posting their garbage. You should be ashamed of yourselves.go play with your own lives and hope karma does not come and bite you in the a..

    1. you are so wrong, we do have an idea of what happened that night. you saying the night "Ayla was kidnapped" is wrong. the police have told us that ayla was NOT kidnapped. So, at the least, we do know that ayla was not kidnapped, so we know something. we also know that the Dips aren't telling the truth, so we know two things about that night. A third thing we know is that some of ayla's blood was food in JDs bedroom. we know that the ones in the house were involved somehow, so that's four things we know. Another thing we know is JD has intimate involvement with parties that are heavily involved with drugs. drugs and thieves go together like peanut butter and jelly.... not much of a stretch to speculate that Dip brothers could be the perps in the robbery.

    2. Hi anon 8:11,

      besides the cumberland robbery, what "other lies" are being tossed around about the DiPietro's?

    3. Sounds like you know? You should be talking to LE. But then again they have stated none of you are.

    4. "Nor who was involved a long with the immature small minded people( that need to live their own lives ) that are posting their garbage. You should be ashamed of yourselves.go play with your own lives and hope karma.. " Do you even realize how much this statement does not make since? Not only that, but don't you think that "People" need to do the complete opposite? No one is going to find Ayla if everyone "live their own lives". Oh yeah, That IS just what the DIPS want everyone to do, mind their own business and forget about AYLA.

  16. No one is lying about robberies. A poster on another blog asked me to bring it to the attention of my readers. NO ONE said it was Lance or Justin. If there is no connection then why are you all in a tizzy over it? Makes it look like VTLady was on target with her suspicion.

    When Ayla is found and brought home, I will be certain to delete this blog so she doesn't read it when she is older.

    If you think posting my "shady" history will bring Ayla home and those responsible to justice, be my guest. I am sure my minor scrapes with the law years ago hold a lot of bearing on this case.

  17. Anonymous 8:11, You're rage is evident in your posts and it is very telling. It does not surprise me that you would want all of us to go on with our own lives and forget about this whole thing. Probably hitting too close to home isn't it? It's not going to happen. I grew up in Winslow and moved away years ago. I still have family in Waterville. People from around the country are captivated by this and will not let it go until it is put to rest. Please encourage your friends (or family) to come clean and do the right thing for this little girl.

  18. FUNNY THING I KNOW NONE OF YOU PEOPLE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I WROTE OR READ THIS CRAP.YES IT IS UP TO PUBLIC TO GET WORD OUT FOR A CHILD. AS FAR AS THE FAMILIES IT IS THEIR PERSONAL LIFE AND JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE GRIEVE PRIVATELY MEANS NOTHING. I CALLED THE VERDICT FOR OJ AND THE ANTHONY CASE. I only watched anthony case towards the end closing arguments NOT ENOUGH AIR TIGHT EVIDENCE BECAUSE OF GARBAGE SUCH AS THIS. SOMETIMES It IS SMARTER TO SHUT UP......and mind your own business. We may need a jury at some point here. Oh by the way what shady history do you have with the law? Should your children still be w you?? Oh my your not perfect? Writing a blog such as this shouldn't YOU have a squeaky clean record??? Anno 811 pm

    1. JUSTIN, you finally wrote in all by yourself with no women editing for you. You really are a bully aren't you

    2. rrreeeeeooooooo
      hands off the keyboard and assume the position J4A! you know the drill!
      i'm hauling you in on a 420 SCB.
      420 SCB? what's that? please don't tase me bro..
      don't move while i cuff you! you've violated the Waterville Squeaky Clean Blogger Ordinance!
      no more sleaze for you young lady!
      what with your habitual c and peeing copyrighted materials and attempts to credit the proper sources, we're throwing the book at you! the SCB Ordinance alone carries a mandatory sentence!
      oh no!
      eyup! mandatory 6 months cleaning the toilets and polishing the strip poles down at the Bobb IN and that's just the beginning!
      that will teach you not to try to help a missing toddler!

    3. @Nimbus- thanks again for a laugh it was definitely needed.

    4. Anon 8:54,

      I can not understand any parent that would be angry that people are talking about a child that is missing. I also find it odd that you would lead with it is the publics responsibilty to get the word out about a child. WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS? Isn't their responsibility? However, leading with this comment would indicate that you do not. If my child were missing. I wouldn't give ANY thought to what was being said about me, as long as my baby's name was in the news and being talked about. and I would do anything to facilitate that.

      Question??? GREIVE privately. Greiving what. The Dips and their cronies have stated Ayla is alive. The words you have chosen are VERY telling. Grieving occurs when someone has passed on. Freudian slip.

      And I am sorry, how the family acts is relevant and very telling. I have to say so far all the actions of this family have been SELFISH and self serving. ALL I have seen indicates they only care about themselves and not this child. I am sure you have heard ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Instead of jumping at the chance to talk about this child, there is anger for being inconvienced. The very fact that all of you feel the need to search out posts and blogs is a greater indication that the post are credible.

      I don't want to be insulting or make negative comments but as far as those cases you reference just illustrate that society has lost it's ability to use and see logic and use ethical and objective reasoning. But I imagine I am discussing concepts that are beyond your understanding.

  19. LOL... You called her Courtney REYNOLDS!! again... he he he

    1. I don't know why I keep doing that! I fixed it, Thank You!

    2. Maybe GOD AND HIS ANGELS Are trying to type for you as you type the name REYNOLDS OVER AND OVER. Maybe a sign.

    3. Good point Bob!


    1. It's not Justin, it's Lance. The rage statement should have been a dead giveaway. That is why he is so mad about us implicating him in the robbery. Tell us Lance, are you typing with your left hand or your right hand?

    2. You sound delusional!

    3. If it meant nothing, then there would be NO need to address it, especially since you are anon.


  22. Very important question here. Why wasn't this arrest by the feds reported in any newspapers, especially the Portland and Waterville papers. The sister who shared an apartment with Courtney Roberts is rearrested by the Feds, and there isn't even a blurb in the newspaper?

    1. Peter Hyatt listed a "source" , he did not specify who he source was. I provided a link to his article. I don't know why it has not been in the paper yet. I doubt Peter would post it if he didn't trust his source

    2. I didn't mean it imply it wasn't true. I just can't understand what is wrong with the newspapers. If Peter Hyatt's source can sniff out this, you would think that the newspapers could also. Sad that the public has to depend on Facebook or a blog for the news.

      For the first month, I thought the news did an adequate job of reporting on this. The past month has been pathetic, especially from the Waterville paper.

    3. Peter Hyatt lies. He is a fraud. So I would not trust anything he says.

    4. Sorry if I came across rude, it has been a trying day for sure with all of the personal attacks.
      The paper is doing an abysmal job keeping on top of this story. If my child were missing I would be furious.
      I have been very impressed with some of the public's sleuthing skills and hope that LE are taking a look into some of their findings

    5. I am beginning to wonder if the Dipietroes have relatives working at the Sentinel. There is a story crying to be be told, and the Sentinel has totally ignored it for the last week. When they do report a story it is slanted. WHY?

    6. I have wondered this very thing. Then about a month ago I read an article from a radio station in Boston (after the story first broke and all the interviews with all the players but before the balloon vigil in Watervill when the blood evidence was released) that was supposed to interview Trista. However the interview was canceled because LE asked Trista to not talk about certain aspects of the situation that were part of the investigation: These topics, Ayla's injuries: Bruises that were stated to be from a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese (BTW there is NO ball pit at chuck E Cheese and has not been for a long time), Ayla's broken arm, text messages, and some other topics.

      I wonder if the paper is not reporting or the angle they have chosen to take in covering the story is a result of LE asking them to hold some things back as part of the investigation.

    7. I think the Sentinels allegiance is to the PD station across the street. There seems to be a friendly agreement between LE and the paper. I believe I've witnessed it time and time again. JMO.

  23. whoa, the dip trolls are out tonight..... If only these trolls cared about sweet adorable innocent little Ayla.

    1. Hello pot, this is kettle.

    2. Hello kettle, that was funny. It's good to bring a little levity to this sad depressing situation.

      thanks for the smile

  24. J4A, i'm really sorry these trolls have latched onto you. you haven't done anything wrong by blogging, in fact you are helping immensely by providing a place for everyone concerned about Ayla to gather.

    i feel badly for the 'sleuther' who 'outed' you too, i don't think (she?) meant any harm nor wanted you to be targeted by these thugs. i did find the link to your 'outing' and i believe that commenter's apology was sincere, it was simply a case of overzealousness (is that a word?/it is now!). i hope you patch it up with everyone over there (if you haven't already), you are all on the same team and should be pals imo.

    i hope you will be careful, because these anons are evil and now they are scared and that makes them even more dangerous. we already suspect what horrors they have committed. please stay alert and cautious! i worry for you what with their baseball bat mentality!
    to the trolls trying to intimidate J4A, don't think that you are attacking only one blogger, you are taking on all of us who want Ayla found and justice served and we won't be silenced or deterred by your anonymous threats.
    hang in there J4A! xoxo
    *i'm not certain but i think you might be able to block ip addresses so you won't have to be bombarded by anon harrassers. maybe someone could tell you if that is possible on blogspot and if so, how to do it.

    1. If anyone knows how to block them the info would be much appreciated. I appreciate your concern. I will remain alert especially for my children's sake. We have patched things up over there, I think I had to prove myself first which I have. :-)

  25. about the weather in Maine..
    (that was a weird non sequitur of an opening sentence in the yahoo article/otherwise it was very well written)
    i am south a little ways from the Waterville area but today i noticed the ground is no longer frozen.
    the snow has also melted here.
    there was an article in the Sun Journal this week about dandelions growing in a lady's backyard.
    with the trees still bare, the forests are very exposed and line of sight is expanded.
    Mainers will be out hiking and strolling through our gorgeous countryside and bringing with them their dogs who are anxious to run and explore after being cooped up inside for winter.


    fair and balanced?

    1. Looks interesting. So Justin Linnell's brother is in prison/jail too? Uuugh. Doesn't he have a little baby girl too? The cast of characters in this case is really pathetic.

    2. This blog was started by Courtney Roberts to make Trista look bad. Very lame attempt actually, and very transparent.

      Courtney Roberts is insanely jealous and insecure of the relationship that Justin and Trista had, and the fact that they had a child together who looks like Justin, something that Courtney will never be able to do. It's partially a diversionary measure, but mostly, it's a personal attack on Trista.

      Instead of worrying about a job to support her kid, and finding a new place to live to get her kid out of that drug house, and instead of looking for Ayla, she spends her time trying to make Trista look bad. SAD isn't it?

      I think Courtney's jealousy and vindictiveness will be her undoing.

    3. I think Courtney was trying to make Trista look bad with that picture, but she failed. Trista looks beautiful, carefree and happy. So sad.

  27. I am probably going to be called cold and callous for posting this, but I think it needs to be said. Most people have faced reality with this, some have not. There is a small group of non Justin supporters that are still putting up posters, holding vigils, and looking for a live Ayla. Sad as facing reality is, those efforts need to be directed to finding justice for this little girl. Posters could still be put up, concentrated toward exposing the truth, justice, and trying to prevent this from happening to another child. A vigil could be helpful, but face reality and direct it toward her memory and saving another child.

    We can expect the Justin supporters to continue with their lies and attempts to find a living Ayla. It is time for all others to band together to get to the bottom of this. Reality is hard to face sometimes, but face reality and put your efforts to the cause of seeking justice for Ayla.


    1. No matter how trashy you are able to "prove" the Reynolds' family to be...

      The fact remains unchanged:
      The Reynolds' are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Ayla's "disappearance".

      It's just as simple as that!

      You are, of course, entitled to hold an opinion contrary to the laws of basic logic, and to the known FACTS of this case, if you wish.

      But, don't be surprised to find yourself UNABLE to persuade others, with what are easily identifiable as, IRRATIONAL ARGUMENTS.

      Sorry to disappoint you, BUT:
      The people here, & on the many OTHER sites you troll, are more than intelligent enough to step back and "see the forest for the trees".

  29. Ia there any way to send a message the moderator through the blog that is not posted on the board???

    1. I got your message Annie, Thank you. It means a lot.

      For anyone looking to email me directly, under each of my posts there is a strip of icons. The first one is an envelope and that should allow you to email me. The.last Icon is +1, if anyone knows what that is would you please enlighten me. I have no idea. :-)

  30. Please show me where one post on this page has helped anyone, most importantly, Ayla. This is making me sad. Focus on Ayla. Here is something helpful info I learned yesterday regarding passing out flyers! And if the grounds are clear, as Nimbus is at least, go walking, poke around, take flyers with you too.

    Thank you for distributing flyers for Ayla Reynolds. Ideas for posting

    * Remember to always ask permission to post. Some businesses are
    not allowed to post flyers. Be appreciative and ask where they
    could put the flyer for employees and customers to see.
    * Consider Chambers of Commerce and their members, local and
    regional law enforcement agencies, child related businesses,
    hospitals, doctor's offices, apartment complexes, airports and
    rental car agencies.
    * fast food restaurants
    * convenience stores
    * truck stops/rest stops
    * arcades, local hangouts
    * hotels/motels
    * shopping malls
    * bus stops
    * gas stations

    These are just general suggestions. I'm sure that you'll find many more
    to help distribute Ayla's picture. We are told that 1 in 6 children are
    found by someone who recognizes that child's photo from a flyer.

    Thanks you once again for your efforts!

    Dawn Davis
    Sr. Case Manager
    Laura Recovery Center for missing children

    On Wed, 2012-02-22 at 13:42 -0700, wrote:
    > Cristine sent a message using the contact form at
    > I have a question- what is the most efficient way to pass out flyers? Do we
    > stand outside a local store? Post them where allowed? What types of places
    > are best- general stores, Target, Walmart? Gas stations along the highway?
    > This is for Ayla Reynolds- I live in Ohio and they are sending us flyers-
    > just want to do the best and not sure how that is typically done. Thanks so
    > much for your time, Cristine

    1. Thank You Cristine! Hanging flyers is an excellent way to help and the info on how to best go about hanging them is very informative.
      Thank you for caring so much, Cristine.

  31. Justice for Ayla, I cited the sources I used in my article. If "Emerald" had a similar theory, so be it. I looked back at your other insurance post and didn't spot whatever post it is you are talking about by Emerald. Since I didn't use Emerald as a source, I did not give her credit, correct. You've probably noticed, there are theories all over the net criss-crossing (sometimes posted in multiple locations by the same people)so it's really no surprise that multiple people draw similar conclusions about something as obvious as the discrepancies in JD's statements. As you know, when I did use your blog as authority for a previous article, I linked to it.

    1. I certainly understand and had assumed you had gotten the information here since I had seen it here first, regardless we are all happy that the information is out there and made it to a wider audience. We all appreciate what you do and are all on the same team here, we all want the TRUTH as to what happened to Ayla. I did not mean any disrespect.

    2. Thanks. Yes, you are correct, we are all working to find the truth/report the truth. Ayla deserves no less.

  32. @J4A,

    I'm glad the DiP minions cannot silence your voice, with their transparent attempts to discredit your words, by "uncovering" your minor past scrapes with the law!
    You have been extremely candid about your past, and to me, this speaks VOLUMES about who you are NOW.

    As for whether it is "relevant" to Ayla's case, whether or not the DiP bros. can be traced to a recent robbery (committed @ gunpoint, no less!)..

    1.) It could bolster the theory that there IS in fact, a connection between JDiP, and Roberts' drug bust.
    He being involved with arme robbery days AFTER Roberts loses a high value narcotic stash is (potentially) IMPORTANT!

    2.) If the connection can be made that there is a JDiP/CR connection to BR's narcotic stash (estimate exceeding $30,000 in STREET VALUE), then the potential cash value of Ayla's LIP being $25,000 becomes extremely important.

    3.) It means that not just JDiP and CR were likely in on the conspiracy to committ the murder of an infant for the LIP payout.
    This will likely be the difference between 1st degree murder charges being leveled against those involved, who, may otherwise have been able to make the claim of only having had "knowledge after the fact" about Ayla's demise.

    4.) MANY MANY people (myself included) are EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the fact JDiP and friends remain free to roam the streets while Ayla's investigation continues.
    These are EVIL, VIOLENT, and DANGEROUS folks!
    If they could be brought up on charges of PAST serious crimes they are connected to, it may lead to them being placed behind bars, while this investigation drags on.

    Who wants to see any more children hurt by having contact with JDiP, CR, and friends?
    Currently, CR and EDiP have innocent toddlers under their supervision. Toddlers who will have exposure to Lance and Justin @ minimum!

    Lance had written on a certain social media site profile that "kick the baby" and "having as much sex as possible" were some of his favorite past times.
    We have already seen Lance put his kickin' feet to good use against Linnell's face.
    Lance is also known to be GOOD BUDDIES WITH A KNOWN and ADMITTED PEDOPHILE!
    Was their truth to the activities he listed jokingly as favorites of his??
    IDK.. but I'd certainly feel better if he was able to be placed safely behind bars while the cops sort it out!
    JMO/MHO/MOO etc.

    ("In truth, we jest"---William Shakespeare)

    1. Thanks VTL

      I think we certainly have hit a nerve here, notice how there is no mention of disputing the article questioning the timeline of Ayla's arm injury, only retaliation regarding the possible Robbery connection. If I thought there was no connection before, I certainly find it hard to dismiss now. I also question if maybe it was not just the Cumberland Farms robbery but also possibly a pharmacy that was robbed and we were getting too close to the truth, it would certainly explain the large amount of drugs found at CR and BR's apartment. Maybe the feds already know this and that is why BR is facing federal time.

      We are getting closer to the truth every day. Thank you for your logic, it is hard to dispute.

    2. why would anyone joke about kicking a baby? i always say that in every joke, there is a bit of truth!

    3. @J4A:

      Yeah, the fact that the direct Ayla link, of Justin's broken arm time-line, was passed over entirely, in favor of directing comments to what MAY be a tangentially linked armed robbery story is very telling, IMO, too.

      This would make sense if Lance is the commentator.
      His only DIRECT link to Ayla's murder thus far would be the armed robbery related to BR's raid, if it pans out...
      He'd DEFINITELY be interested in seeing that investigative avenue blocked!

      In regards to this pharmacy robbery, when did it occur, and also was there any witness' suspect descriptions or surveillance footage of the crime released?

  33. What's this about Ayla's baby brother's grandmother?

    1. That article is from three years ago! Ayla wasn't missing or even born yet! What does that have to do with Ayla being missing? These people have nothing to do with Ayla being missing! Why are you bring this up?

      Oh, I get it, another diversionary tactic. This blog is about finding Ayla, can you please remember that.

    2. The article is about the father and grandmother of Ayla's baby brother and their alleged criminal conduct as arsonists. I say "alleged" because I don't know what became of the charges against the grandmother. The father was convicted of arson and given an 18 year sentence, with nine years suspended.

    3. Who cares? What do these people have to do with Ayla's disappearance?

  34. FYI: "kicking the baby" is a phrase from the adult cartoon, South Park.

  35. oh, and 27 years ago, when I was 20 years old I was charged with, convicted of, and paid a $300. fine for, "Hindering Apprehension". I also had 3 speeding tickets more than 20 years ago, but I've gone straight now.

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about my criminal history too : )

  36. Hi Girlie,
    I had a unlicensed dog ticket in 1981, and a speeding ticket in 1988, and I got a parking ticket in 2000.


    1. lol, see, we have all made mistakes in life, and our J4A blogger shouldn't feel alone : )

      You are doing a good job, J4A! Keep up the good work! It takes a lot of courage to step up and put yourself out there risking attacks and scrutiny.

      Don't get bogged down and preoccupied by the trolls. That is their mission, to distract us and try to get us to focus on something else as a way to project their friend Justin in a more positive light. When someone is of good character, it is unnecessary, it will show on it's own, no one has to "sell it" or "spin it", it just "is".

      I agree with the earlier comment, I too had little faith this blog would be worthy of my time, but you have done an excellent job thus far sourcing information and staying intellectually honest.

  37. I had a child out of wedlock as a teen. Guess that could be seen as shady by some, or at the least, label me a woman of loose moral values. Sorry, no arrest record though.

    On a more serious note, I just wanted to show my support for J4A. Looks like all hell broke loose in here today. The trolls have certainly found your blog en mass. Honestly I am surprised it took so long, lol.

    Hang in there J4A.

    A note to the regular commentors who are actually here without a dog in this fight and only want ayla found and justice dealt:


    If absolutely no on responded to their venom, they would soon leave.

    1. oh, ya, I guess I should admit to that too. I had children out of wedlock, and in my teens.

      I had premarital sex, a lot. And, I'd probably do that again, lol.

      But, my kids are healthy, happy, well adjusted, above average, grown, adults. My oldest does sell drugs, but, she's a Dr.(pharmacist), so it's all legal : )

    2. Lol, yup, premarital sex for me too, and I even lived with my hubby before we got married, but we never mysteriously lost one of our 4 babies.

      Hang in there Justice !!

      funny Girlie!!!!

    3. @Girlie
      Small world.. I'm a pharmacist, too!

    4. I would have never guessed that, VT. I would have guessed you were a detective or FBI profiler.

      Did you see the news story with the pharmacist who pepper sprayed a (potential) robber? That wasn't you was it VT? lol.

  38. girlie, you are obviously a very troubled, low person. Having illegitimate children as a teenager. Shame on you. But that explains why you insist in making unfounded allegations against others wherever you go.

    You pretend as "Vt Lady" that statement analysis is some sort of crystal ball, which is just silly. Then you just make stuff up about others out of whole cloth, like imagining or dreaming that folks were part of a robbery without a shred of evidence. You obsessively point fingers at others to make yourself feel better, because you feel so lousy about yourself. And you can't even grasp how ridiculous you are being. Get help,Vt Lady. Get help.

    1. Crystal ball??
      Just a valid way of using a person's OWN WORDS to catch them in their OWN LIES!

      Not a "shred of evidence", huh?
      I'd say that crystal-clear video surveillance footage counts as a "shred". At least.

      If you believe I have the power to simply wish, or dream, video footage into existence, surely it is YOU who is need of help!

    2. "Then you just make stuff up about others out of whole cloth,..."

      I find the use of this "whole cloth" phrase intriguing. The anon poster seems immature and lacking in any secondary education. The use of an old fashion term, "out of whole cloth" is not a common, everyday phrase, and it's use would be very telling in identifying the commenter. If I really cared, lol.

      This Anon commenter does not appear to have first hand knowledge and feels inferior and jealous of those who are close to the DiP's and who those who they perceive to have knowledge. They long to be respected by their peers, who are DiP supporters.

      There are pronouns that seem to be missing in her statements. Yes, I said "her". This is a female, IMO.

      Notice how she very immaturely projects her sense of low self-esteem on other people. That is a common, immature tactic of someone who is inept at making a cogent point, probably because of a lack of knowledge.

      She wants to defend Justin, and to be accepted by the DiP's, but she lack facts, so to gain at least some respect, she comes out to troll and call names and throw insults.

      Thanks for the material, anon.

    3. why are people analyzing commenters instead of simply addressing their comments?
      no one should be attacked or 'analyzed' for simply commenting here!
      how dare you say a commenter 'feels inferior and jealous..'
      i don't think you even realize how rude and unproductive your behavior is.
      the commenter is not open to scrutiny! his/her comments are!
      what is so hard to grasp about that? internet ettiquette 101.

    4. "Why....?" Well, for me, it's kind of a hobby, but, you are clearly not really desirous of an answer to that question. You just opened your comment with a (rhetorical) question because you consider that to be a more "productive" use of your energy, and as such, I surmise you place a high value on what you perceive to be "productive".

      Anyway, I digress, the true intent of your question was what followed it: a scolding rant expressing how you expect things to be run on the (free press)Internet, which is not very productive, therefore, you masked it and launched your attack, deceptively, behind the initial, rhetorical question. Being sarcastic like I sometimes am in conversation, I answered your question anyway, lol.

      Your "Internet Ettiquette 101 Classes" will be wasted on me. I have no interest in signing up. I follow my own "rules", dance to my own beat, that's just how I roll, baby. If you find it offensive, you are free to ignore me, or scold me, that's fine.

      It's a free country and, I do so cherish that ole Second Amendment! And, although it is serving you quite well today, you seem to prefer to take a leadership role in the Internet Nazi Revolution, squashing and suppressing freedom loving people from having a dialog and conversations that you personally do not approve of.

      "How dare I...?" Oh, I dare alright! I dare BIG TIME! I dare to analyse anything, at any time, I so wish. People fought and died and continue to do so to protect my right to speak. And speak I shall! Remember, the Second Amendment does not force people to listen, it only guarantees people a right to speak.

      "What is so hard to grasp...?" Really? "Wow" is right. What is so hard for you to grasp? You are not the boss of me. I can say whatever I want. I can analyse your comments too. Here, watch this:

      I think Nimbus is a self-righteous, dominating, prudish woman, who thinks very highly of herself. And she "doesn't even realize how rude and unproductive HER behavior is."

      You and your minions will not stop people from speaking out.

      Have a nice day.

    5. girlie, i am not trying to stop you from speaking out.
      i am asking you to stop analyzing commenters and analyze th eir comments instead!
      the commenters shouldn't be critiqued, but their comments are up for discussion.
      why can't you make that distinction?
      i didn't volunteer to undergo statement analysis by commenting here. i don't feel i should be personally attacked either!
      i do offer my ideas and anyone is free to agree or disagree with them.
      why do you feel you have the right to analyze commenters? i am not trying to boss you around, i am asking you for some common courtesy.
      minions? it's just me here girlie and i have never tried to control anyone's message.
      another commenter accused me of being insecure. now you accuse me of thinking highly of myself? ha ha! and i'm a prude? wow. that statement analysis stuff is super accurate, i take it all back! oh lordie, thanks for the laugh girlie and you have a good day too hon. no kidding or sarcasm.

  39. Give it up Court! Someone that would keep their child at a drug house is troubled and low, and you had a kid out of wedlock too for that matter. Get some help for your son, he needs it!

    1. commenters continue to attack Courtney for raising her child in a 'drug house', yet she retains custody of her child and appears to be the only one of of the parents who is actually employed.
      Trista has been the only parent to lose custody of her child due to 'substance abuse'.
      Trista also was raising her children surrounded by drugs, alcohol and criminals, in 'fact' her fiance and father of her second child is incarcerated.
      Trista wants to sue CPS because they did not do a criminal check on the Dipietro household when it seems doubtful her own household would have passed a criminal check.
      Trista tried to make the public believe she decided to 'clean up' and 'get help' on her own. In 'fact', she was compelled by the State to enter rehab for 'substance abuse' after a police responded to a fight Trista was having with her sister. there are no details released as to what took place during this incident.
      Trista has told many interviewers that every time Ayla visited the Dipietros she was injured.
      She chronicles an escalating pattern of child abuse culminating with Ayla's broken arm.
      yet when Trista completed a 10 day rehab and was awarded custody of Ayla by CPS, Trista did not reclaim Ayla, she left her with Justin Dipeitro.
      Trista has offered no reason why she abandoned her child at that time while claiming Ayla was in a dangerous environment. it appears 'illogical' that Trista would leave Ayla to be further abused. Trista's statements that she 'could not care for Ayla right then' also appear 'illogical' since she was caring for her other child singlehandedly during that time period.
      Trista did not go check on her child even when she had not seen nor spoken to her on the phone for 25 days and her daughter had a broken arm she claims she suspects was caused from abuse.
      CPS says they must receive a report of abuse in order to act preventatively, they claim they received no such report from Trista during this time. Trista claims she told CPS she was concerned that Ayla was being abused, yet she took no further action. as mentioned, she did not check on her child for more than 25 days.
      Ayla was in custody with Justin Dipietro for exactly two months when he reported her missing. in an interview just days following Ayla's disappearance, Trista states that Justin was 'the last man to see Ayla alive'.
      Trista was in rehab for only 10 days during which time her other child was cared for by her sister, (the same one she fought with).
      it is implied that Trista only lapsed in custody of her other child for that ten day period. there is no 'logical' reason why Trista did not reclaim Ayla, though there does seem to be some question of Trista not receiving her customary financial support for Ayla during that time.
      Trista is receiving State paid housing and food stamps for herself and other child. she has applied for welfare, we don't know whether she was approved.
      we do not know what happened during Trista's fight with her sister but we do know it resulted in CPS removing Trista's children and compelling her to enter rehab to regain custody.
      CPS determined that Trista was not providing a safe environment for her children and they were considered to be at risk.
      this article is the most detailed i could find explaining the custody of Ayla.
      this statement appears to contradict Trista's stated version of events:
      According to police, Ayla's parents agreed that father Justin DiPietro would take custody of the toddler if mother Trista Reynolds entered rehabilitation for substance abuse.

      i am not defending Courtney Roberts nor am i attacking Trista in this comment. i have tried to edit any bias from this comment and simply state 'facts'. if i have made any errors, i apologize and would welcome correction.

    2. sry, i seem to have combined two different quotes by Trista.
      i got the one quoted above wrong.
      dated december 31st, it should read:

      She {Trista} said she believes he {Justin} was "the last person to see her alive."

      (the word 'person' not 'man' as i wrote above. the 'man' quote is as follows)
      in a previous december 19th article she said:

      "All I know is he's the last man to see my daughter, and all I want to know is where she is," she said.

  40. It's amazing how baby Ayla is at the forefront of so many people's thoughts and how they invest their time, energy, and love in a little person they didn't know. This much is heartening, for the one or few that caused her disappearance, there are literally thousands of people who CARE. I feel that is a profound statement for the world as a whole.

    I don't know any of the people involved in this case, and not much about statement analysis, but I know a little bit about basic human nature. It is not conceivable to me that such a large group of people would lie to cover up a crime (kidnapping or murder) of a toddler. I don't think Heidi/the Tudelas or Angela know any more than what they are told. I don't think Bob Vear knows anything, but rather made an assumption after hearing about the blood evidence.

    Initially, I thought that a fatal accident happened to Ayla in the home... one from which she passed instantly... and that because of some sort of intoxication among the adults, they panicked, worried about losing the other 2 children to the state. In that, they all decided to cover up for the sake of the other 2. That is the only motivation I can think of where an entire family would be in on such a lie. I can't see any one of them lying if they knew that someone intentionally killed little Ayla. I thought perhaps it happened maybe a week or so before it was reported, for the sake of sobering up, laying her to rest, cleaning up, and getting their stories straight. I read someone's comment on statement analysis yesterday... something like when Justin mentioned Ayla being in a better place, and if that was Heaven. I thought of him saying something like "someone came and took her, and I have ideas about who." (God? One of God's Angels?) It isn't hard for me to believe he's suffering and in anguish... for the guilt? or for the loss? I thought about him saying he doesn't know what happened to Ayla. There were bathsalt rumors, if Ayla was hurt when people were on those, that statement could be true. I noticed there was also a 2nd arrest on February 4th of a man in Fairfield who sold bathsalts. There was easy access to the substance in that area.

    (continued below)

    1. But then today, I'm seeing more and more comments about Courtney. Statements that suggest that she had/has a lot of animosity towards Trista. Someone suggested a scenario about getting rid of Ayla to get rid of Trista. I thought I had read somewhere early on that Courtney and Justin had been dating for (4 or 5?) years, but that he didn't father her child, but fathered one with Trista. With Ayla being with Justin (perhaps mainly to stem the support payments) and Trista calling/texting him regularly, I could see the potential for Courtney's insecurities/jealousy/anger to come out. Angela's blog, seen as defending the Depietros, actually read more like a resume for Courtney... with little singing the praises of the Depietros. Who did she get her info from... Justin or Courtney? Then that new blog that started today, with all the pictures. The blogger stated she got all the pics from google images, I believe that to a point because I'd seen some of them, but the one of Courtney I'd never seen before. The only ones anyone had come up with before that I'd seen were from a pregnancy photo session. Long story short, today I wondered if Justin and his family are all telling the truth. Courtney's car was parked behind Justin's in the pics online. Maybe she walked out of the house with Ayla, and came back without her, and no one heard a thing. Maybe she was becoming increasingly bothered by Trista's calls and Justin talking with her. (My sense is she could try ones patience in a situation like that.) As for that theory though, I don't know why ANY man would be worth all that.

      I'm just so so sad about Ayla, and like everyone else, want her to come home. I dreamed about her last night. I hope that whoever knows where she is finds it within themselves to do the right thing for Ayla and the thousands of people who daily invest themselves in her.

    2. that's an interesting observation.
      i am pretty sure that Justin has said they went out looking for Ayla before he called 911.
      i don't remember if by foot only or by car as well.
      wouldn't they have been out driving around the neighborhood before any reporters would have taken photos to post online?

    3. Can you source that, Nimbus?

    4. not right this second girlie. i'd have to hunt for it among the many articles and videos i have watched in the last week, it could be anywhere in there.
      i wish i could remember more specifically where i heard that!
      i feel like Justin said they looked around outside and they went to a park and to the river? does that ring any bells?
      but please don't hold me to that.
      i do think the comments were made very early in the case (to narrow it down) because i was trying to focus on the first statements and watch the early interviews before the 'players' evolved and got more media-sophisticated, polished their lies and gauged their audience, tailoring their scripts for sympathy.
      in the beginning they were more genuine, amateur and possibly in shock.
      i know for sure those comments are not in the 'reunion' vigil videos or in the media blitz time period immediately following. i purposely avoided that 'amazing' section of the timeline since i believe the parents at that point are pure theater and game playing and nothing can be learned then except what crafty manipulators they both are. horrible.
      i don't think i saw a real tear from either parent in hours of youtubes and news vids.
      no blubbering, no quivering lips, no begging..just finger pointing, threats of litigation, outraged righteousness and damage control really.
      i will look for you if i can on my next dumpster data dive..right now i'm overloaded with info. can't take any more.

    5. Perhaps in the beginning they were both in shock... like, it didn't seem real. It seems (though I could be wrong) that Trista, by nature, likes attention and Justin, by nature, does not. Possibly they each (or one or the other) thought the other was messing with them at the beginning and then it became excruciatingly real.

      I don't remember hearing they went out and searched before calling 911. I think it was TLLOM that said Justin crashed through the babygate and then immediately called 911. I could be wrong about that, but I seem to remember a commentator saying they would have been outside screaming for the child. Then again, even if I did read it there, doesn't mean that searching first part wasn't left out.

      A few minutes ago my boyfriend, sitting across from me, said "you're thinking again"... I said "I always think :)"... he said "I know what you're thinking about"... I asked what... he said "the little girl"... and I wonder in how many houses something similar to that is said, every day. So many people that didn't know her before, but feel as they do now. Sweet baby Ayla, so many people love you.

  41. I am a grandmother. I know no one who is perfect. We have all made errors in judgement, choices, friends and all the rest of it.
    I have a shady past that involves drinking ( pre 1986 ). Does that mean that because of that I am a lesser human being and have no right to an opinion TODAY ? People grow up, learn life's lessons, change, become loving parents, care for their ill children, care about others, try to make a difference, have empathy for those who struggle.
    Keep this blog up and thank you. We don't care whatever you think you did sweetie, it's who you are right now that we care about.

  42. I too tend to sit and brainstorm about all the different things that could have happened under that roof that resulted in Ayla being gone. I have thought of (atleast) one reason why each of the people there may have been the hand that caused it. The problem is that there are too many what if's... everyday I hear someone else come up with their own. Everyone one of them are possible. The only thing that I feel strongly about, is that each of them, Justin, Elisha, Courtney and Pheobe and most likely, Lance too.. is that they each had to have their part in it. If not, I think that one of them, wanting to clear their name, would be breaking and would spill the truth. The one that is taking the most blame is Justin, and I believe that if he did not have something to hide, that he would have cracked by now. I think that is why the drugs and robery thing makes sense.. if Courtney's sister is facing federal prison, maybe she is the one that finally broke and told LE to look into it.. but again all the stories make sense in one way or another. I do believe that this is the reason that LE has not made an arrest too. As long as there are too many what if's.. there is also going to be too many situations that will cause reasonable doubt.. again this is all me brainstorming .. I just hope that one of these what if's does allow the chance that Ayla is still out there, waiting for someone to come find her and bring her home, safe!

    1. i agree a plea deal will solve this case.
      none of the adults responsible for Ayla have told the truth and despite proclamations to the contrary, it's already documented that both of her parents have lied about the events leading up to Ayla's disappearance
      i hope they can recover Ayla too.
      J4A, would you know if the emery hill cemetery has been searched?

  43. To: person(s) who knows where Ayla is,

    I have no intention of becoming a side-show, and distraction in YOUR criminal activity. I have little trust in your "the man behind the curtain" act, as in "pay no attention to the...", but, all innocent children, and other silent victims, should have people willing to speak the truth for them.

    I admit, I hold no truth of any importance in finding Ayla. I'm just an observer with an opinion. I enjoy reading from free media forums, and I fell in love with a little, innocent, missing girl from Waterville, Maine, along with the rest of the world.

    I just want everyone to speak their own truth. Own your own shit, brothers and sisters. Accept the truth, and speak the truth. End this mystery of the missing child, Ayla Bell Reynolds.

    Where is Ayla?
    Someone knows. Probably, several people know. LE took hundreds of pieces of evidence from one house. Nearly a thousand tips were called in, the first 2 months. Everyone is talking about it, around the world. Probably tens of thousands of people right now, could make a list of 10 people and the name of the person(s) who know what happened to Ayla could be on that list.

    Someone is going to tell on you, or, you can be a good human and tell on yourself. One is less cowardly looking, Bro/sis. But, hey, it's always been your choice; be brave, or go whimpering like a sissy, crying and lying the whole way, and, suffer yourself and all the innocent people who love you, throughout your life.

    Someone knows something. Someone close to her when she was last seen. Someone, or someone close to someone, who posts here and other public forums, trying to defend them(selves) while they are hiding, unwilling to speak the truth here.

    Every decision we make in life is a choice. We can choose to do, and be, what we want, we are free. We can, and do, make mistakes, pay for them, ask for forgiveness, see it through. It's hard, I've had to own more mistakes then I ever wanted to, or I'd wish on anyone else. But, you do it anyway because, it's the right thing to do.

    And, if you're truly sorry for what you did, you say so. If you're not sorry, you keep lying, hiding, keep making shitty choices, hurt people who love you and send them to troll, trying to "make" you look good. lol, newsflash, it don't work that way. You either are good, or you ain't. There is no having to fake it. lol.

    Go tell. From my experience, your mother will still love you, no matter what you did. Go tell some understanding investigator, or send an anonymous note. Tell the truth. End this now.

  44. I really want to believe that Ayla is out there safe somewhere. With that said not that I would wish any child sick, at some point she may need a doctor. I just hope she will and he/ she will recognize her.

    As far as I know,they haven't released the 911 call. Why?
    Don't even know who made the call. The above link is from a credible professional source. He trains LE. I plan on using the information in there when it does come out.
    Also, there is a book used for LE training purposes called "Behavior, Truth and Deception" by Michael R. Napier. Also a good one.
    I am the anon with the pre 1986 bad acting degree who just posted about my prior bad acts.
    LE knows that the adults in the house weren't truthful. They have all the interviews on tape. They are not saying much right now, but they are gathering their stuff up and will I hope make a move and put pressure on the least guilty to give it up and make a deal for immunity.
    I want Justice for Ayla, that is all.

    1. Don't even know who made the call.
      Ayla Reynolds was reported missing at 8:51 a.m., Dec. 17, via a call through the 911 system, according to police records. During a press conference on Dec. 18, Chief Joseph Massey said Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, placed the call.

  46. Does any one know if Justin or Lance fit the physical description of the person on the Store pic. I went back to the article after Lance and Justin was in the fight with Justin Linnell. Lance does look like a big boy.. but I have never seen either of them in person. The store clerk stated that the guy was 6 ft 225lbs Justin looks smaller, but if you look at the pic at the store, the shoulders and arms of the guy look bigger because he has atleast two layers of clothes. You can tell by how puffy the sweater is. Also he does a really good job covering his jacket or what ever he has under it. It looks like he actually pulled the sleeves of the sweater way down for some reason. I would not be surprised if he has a tattoo on his wrist/back of hand. I checked the same pic of Lance to see if it shows his hand, but it seems his Jacket covers the same part of his hand. Something I did notice, and I do not know if it means anything. I am left handed, and I tend to carry everything in my left hand. In the pic, Lance has his books in his left hand.
    But I am no dective nor a professional in any way.. I may be looking at it completely backwards.. what does everyone else think? What hand do you carry things in?