Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Insurance=Murder?

When news of Justin DiPietro taking out life insurance on Ayla, I wasn't sure if it was true or if it was just speculated since Justin's best friend Derek Tudela was reported as working for an insurance company. I still wasn't sold on it when Trista Reynolds released her press release through her website. I thought maybe she was hearing the same rumors and someone passed it off as absolute fact. When Heidi Tudela, one of Justin's biggest supporters and mother or Derek Tudela, reported it as fact I still questioned it. Was Justin just helping out a friend by buying a policy through him, do insurance salesman work for commision or have quotas to meet each month? Surely the Tudela's have bent over backwards for Justin, maybe he was repaying the favor? Maybe Justin was trying to be a responsible parent and thought that is what responsible parents do?

After more thinking on the matter, I find it hard to associate Justin DiPietro with a responsible father. He certainly isn't acting concerned for Ayla's well being. If you read the comments on my posts, you will see one of my blog readers, Nimbus, provided a link to a comment from someone who saw Justin pondering over what movie to rent at a RedBox in town. Rather than watching movies, I would think a responsible, caring father would be out searching high and low for his missing daughter, especially since he apparently has an idea as to who took her. Justin also was reported being in Portland at 2 am on the 15th buying cigarettes. What responsible father is out at 2 am and where was Ayla? If you are out that late, it is likely because you are on your way home from a bar or a club. What responsible single father is out partying on a weekday when he has a child to care for in the morning? Or did he? Was Ayla already gone and was he out celebrating?

I still had a problem trying to figure out how the insurance fit into all of this. You cannot collect on a life insurance policy unless there is a death certificate. No body means no death certificate and if Justin had a hand in Ayla's death I would think he would not want Ayla's body to be found because then it is more likely he will be caught. The best way to walk away from all this without being charged is to make sure her body is never found. At first I thought, 5-7 years is a long time to wait for Ayla to be declared legally dead and for a measly payout of $25,000, surely if he is selling drugs as speculated, he could amass that kind of money in less time. As I think about it more and more, $25k would be quite a bit of money for someone to fall into, especially someone his age and coming from the town we live in. $25,000 could be a down payment on a house or even fully pay for a foreclosed on property. It could buy a mobile home and a small plot of land. It would be a nice nest egg for someone to start a little family with. Courtney Roberts probably bought into this little fantasy. Kill 2 birds with one stone, get rid of Ayla and all ties to Trista and start a little family with Courtney and her son. Win/Win. 5-7 years isn't a long time to wait for a new life. A new start. Courtney may not be involved. Maybe she knows nothing. Maybe she is the key to everything. We haven't heard enough about her to know for certain and she certainly isn't talking to anyone. Could she be so enamored with Justin that she is willing to put her own child at risk to save him? Did she mastermind the whole plot and Justin is so in love with her, he was willing to do anything to keep her? Too many questions and not enough answers.

Courtney, if you are reading this, Is he worth it? Is he worth more than the child you brought into this world? The child you are sworn to honor and protect above all others? Is Justin the kind of man you are willing to go to jail for? If by some miracle, you both walk out of this unscathed and don't have to answer for what you did, do you feel safe allowing your son to be left alone with him? What happens when you come home from work and Aiden is gone. Justin claims it was an accident, he fell down the stairs and in order to protect himself and you, he took care of him for you. Are you 100% positive that won't happen? What happens when he meets someone new and no longer has a use for you? Will you be able to live with what you did? Won't it eat you up inside?

Make a deal with police now. Tell them what you know, do it before someone else does and it is too late. Justin doesn't love you. People like that only love themselves. From what little I read about you, you seem to be smart. In school, trying to better yourself. Don't let Justin bring you down. Be smart. Do the right thing, if not for yourself, do it for your child.


  1. this news video was filmed on the 2 month missing day. for some reason it takes a long time to load for me, but it is the most interesting report in a very long time imo.

    Justin's behavior has not been 'normal' since day one.
    i hope Courtney will speak out the truth.
    she is the only non family member, which means the one they will sell out.
    Courtney is at a crossroads, i hope she turns off Dipietro Street.
    otherwise, the rest of her life will be poisoned with this toxic secret.


    maybe i that will come up as a clicky now, otherwise, c and p it works.

    Trista says she texted Justin and he didn't answer.

  3. I suppose everyone has read the extremely biased article in the Morning Sentinel (hometown newspaper of Ayla) concerning the life insurance, those interviewed were insurance SALES people, no less. If you read the article, I certainly hope you read all the comments below the article also. The comments give the views of the people not sales people.

    I sent what I typed below to the comment section of the Morning Sentinel, but they rejected it. Wonder why? I thought I would put it here. Feel free to copy and paste anywhere you think it might help Ayla. No copyright on this one.

    Is the Morning Sentinel biased toward the Dipietro family? I didn’t want to believe that, but I have done some research. In the past 14 days they have printed 13 articles that do contain Ayla’s name and that is as it should be. It is the content of those articles that is worrisome.

    7..... of those articles were about either the broken windows or the bat incidence. One of those articles done by Ben McCanna was just as laughable as this interview Ben McCanna did with the insurance sales people. You can read it here
    That article contained such jewels as "I don't get in fights," DiPietro said during a phone interview Tuesday. Justin DiPietro said he was unaware of the fight.
    "I didn't see anything that happened," he said. "We didn't discuss what had happened."

    1.... of those articles was an interview with the lawyer of Phoebe and Elisha, again written by Ben McCanna and it contained such words of wisdom as, He said he doesn’t know if his clients have taken polygraph exams.

    1.....of the articles was this article, again written by Ben McCanna, which appears to be a clear attempt to defend the actions of one Justin Dipietro.

    What I am not finding in this newspaper, and have to go elsewhere to find are articles with strong comments .......“We continue to encourage the immediate family to keep Ayla in the headlines and to talk about her,” McCausland said. “One side is doing that, and the other side is not.”

    I also could not find in this newspaper any article with suggestions that the DHHS might have make an error in this case. I did find it in other newspapers.

    There are several other items I could include in here but this is getting long. Please everyone start observing the actions of Ayla's hometown newspaper, and if you see what I am beginning to see bring it to their attention.

    The 13 articles I referenced above are listed below.

    Saturday, February 18, 2012
    Insurance on children isn't unusual, agents say

    Friday, February 17, 2012
    DiPietro family could be helping more, say police

    Thursday, February 16, 2012
    Grandfather, police challenge Ayla's dad

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012
    Clinton man, 19, charged in vandalism at DiPietro home

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012
    Teen charged with vandalizing Ayla's home
    y, February 5, 2012
    Ayla home struck by vandals

    Sunday, February 5, 2012
    Families still searching

    Saturday, February 4, 2012
    Windows broken at Ayla Reynolds' home

    1. I tend to agree with the insurance article. It is not particulaly damning that a parent purchases insurance on their child. Many many parents do so. What maes JD's purchase suspect is viewing it in the totallity of other facts in this case.

      The purchase was made weeks after he came to have physical custody of the child - fact

      The insured child disappeared within weeks of said purchase - fact

      In the brief time JD was a part of Ayla's life she suffered the folowing:
      Bruises from a fight in a nonexistent ballpit at chucky cheese
      Pulled leg muscle from roughhousing with daddy
      Broken arm from fall with daddy
      I am calling all thee injuries fact as the bruises etc are said to be documented to dhs in photos and on paper. Since dhs is never going to confirm or deny for those who wish to split haits, then feel free to consider only the broken arm a fact no skin off my teeth.

      Police have said in numerous ways for weeks now that there was no abduction and that the three adults in the home that night are lying - fact

      JD has done zip, zero, nada to search for his missing child or keep her name and face out there aside from a paltry few say nothing comments about leaving it up to police to investigate or not wanting to interfere with their investigation even as police practivcly beg the D family to cooperate tell the truth and keep Ayla out there in the public eye, none of which the D family has done -fact

      Ayla's blood was found and according to police no one in that household has explained adequately how it came to be there - fact

      When viewed in pieces I am sure simple, innocent possible explainations can be come up with. When viewing the facts as one whole animal they are pratty damning indeed

    2. I agree with you it is not particularly damning for an employed, responsible person to buy insurance. However, this article was not written on a debate about employed, responsible people, it was written because Justin Dipietro purchased a policy.

      Even if this case had never occured and this newspaper was writing an article about insurance, they should not have gone to insurance sales people for their advise. They should have gone to financial advisers or statistics. The stats say only 15% purchase life insurance on children. Their title of the article " it is not unusual is very misleading in my opinion.

      You simply do not go to a used car sales person and ask if you should buy a used car.

    3. Hard to argue with that point. Sort of like asking the fox to watch the chickens.

    4. anonymous, i have been reading the online morning sentinel looking for Ayla updates and i did read that ridiculous insurance article.
      i think the reporter might have been working another story and had to come up with something pronto to satisfy his boss? that's all i can think of because i agree with you, it is a joke piece!
      of course insurance salesmen will say it's a great idea! duh!
      i had to laugh when the 'balancing' quote from (i think it's a) lawyer is so blunt saying hell no, he doesn't have life insurance for his kids! or something to that effect.
      i didn't really notice the bias of the other articles until you mention it now because for sure the comment section cancels out any 'feel good' towards Justin Dipietro.
      all the news about Ayla has been so terrible, i guess i haven't noticed it being 'favorable' to anyone.
      i don't understand why Ayla is not on the front page everyday.
      i hope Nancy Grace will run back to Ayla now that Whitney's funeral took place. i know her coverage was irking people but hey, it's better than nothing and some of her interviews were pretty good i thought. (saw them on youtube, Sierra1947 is posting them).
      have you tried contacting Ben McKenna by email and asking him why he seems to be the ONLY idiot on the planet to write favorable stories about Justin? maybe it isn't intentional, maybe he is in over his head on this one.
      if Justin was going to be such an awesome provider for Ayla then why didn't he buy health insurance instead of life insurance! sad to say but with all her 'accidents' she needed health insurance the poor baby!
      i just get so furious to think of her suffering!

      i do have a question if anyone knows the answer.
      am i to infer that Trista never saw Ayla after she broke her arm?
      what are the dates of her rehab anyway. why did Trista wait so long to reclaim Ayla?
      i've read her rehab was 10 is it true she didn't see Ayla for months and months?
      i am guessing Trista might have trouble with transportation actually picking up her daughter?
      but could she really not have run to see her when she heard Ayla had broken her arm?
      i am not a mother but i can't imagine not rushing to see my child after such a serious injury.

    5. I looked all over for an email address of the Morning Sentinel or any of their reporters and I couldn't find one. Perhaps, I am over looking it.

      At first this Ben McCanna just wasn't asking any of the hard questions a journalist should ask. After LE started tightening the screws by releasing tidbits of info, it appears ben McCanna chose not to report about that. Instead he runs off to insurance sales people to validate Justin Dipietro buying insurance.

      When Phoebe's house was vandalized he was quick to report about how LE called it a cowardly act, and would not be tolerated....paraphrased. Yet, as I said earlier, no reports on the strong statement ” McCausland said. “One side is doing that, and the other side is not.”

      This is Ayla's hometown newspaper, and she deserves a lot more than an article that resembles an AD from a dang life insurance sales person.

    6. i went back to the first Nancy Grace show on youtube and found my answer about whether Trista has seen Ayla since she broke her arm.
      she says 'we' took her to the doctor in Portland. i then read that was on November 21st and was the last time Trista saw Ayla.
      does anyone know when Ayla was seen AFTER that by any non DiPietros?
      November 21st to December 17th, the morning Ayla was reported missing is three weeks five days.
      November 24th was thanksgiving, there is no mention of the holiday in any reports,
      (or for that matter of halloween when Trista was out of rehab)
      one would think Trista would have wanted to be with Ayla on both those dates?
      i'm sort of surprised we aren't seeing halloween costume pics or thanksgiving holiday pics of Ayla since they would be so recent?
      Trista also seems to say that she filed for full custody of Ayla because Justin said HE was going to file for full custody and she wanted to beat him to it. i don't remember hearing that anywhere. it is written everywhere that he wasn't making it easy for Trista to visit, but i don't recall anyone saying he wanted full custody?
      do the courts even give full custody if both parents want the child? why wouldn't they get 50/50?
      that doesn't sound right that it's whoever files first? i thought at the 'family meeting' it was decided that Trista had full custody. why didn't she insist upon reclaiming Ayla on the 22nd of October as was arranged?
      Ayla was reported missing on the 17th of December, 2 months to the day from when Justin took her.

    7. anon, i found this:
      Ben McCanna -- 861-9239

      maine area code is (207) if you want to call and bitch at him in person! :D


  4. For those wondering about how the insurance policy could be a factor or motivator when you can't collect on an insurance policy without a body, if casey anthony trial taught us anything, all you have to do is hide the body long enough to make cod indeterminable. If ayla's dead, and I do believe she is, she need only be missing a few more months before that is likely. Then a tip may well lead police to her remains and poof, Justin has himself an insurance claim and quite possibly a not guilty verdict, if he is even tried in the first place.

  5. I actually sent the editor of the Sentinel an email about Ayla not being all over the paper and online about two weeks ago, and never received a reply from him. I suggested to Trista to contact herself and ask if they would keep her picture at the very least....not sure if she did. I also suggested to create a fund that people, such as myself could contribute to, and the day after I found the bank info onAyl's website, the website went down. Hope it is back up soon!

  6. nimbus

    you asked when was the last time trista saw Ayla.

    From Trista's Timeline
    November 21, 2011 2 pm- Trista went with Ayla and Justin to a doctor’s appointment with her bone specialist, that was the last time Trista, Ronnie, and Becca saw Ayla.
    Read more:

    You also wondered why Trista just didn't go get Ayla----Ayla was with Justin because the DHHS had placed her there. Trista said DHHS was stonewalling her. If Trista is being completely truthfull then she couldn't just go get her, when DHHS intervenes a parent and the child is at their mercy.

    1. thanks! i just found that same website and began sorting through all the dates, i left a comment above.
      this timeline is so messed up!
      i don't see how Trista couldn't take Ayla as she says it was decided at the family meeting that Justin would give Ayla back on October 22nd.
      this doesn't jive.
      does Trista have a car?
      what stopped her from at least visiting her daughter? it is a one hour drive from Lewiston (the rehab and the sister/grandmothers? to Waterville).
      just checked, there are 3 greyhound buses per day $15.75 one way online ticket price or $17.50 at the terminal.
      i truly don't understand why Trista did not go to Waterville between November 22nd and December 17th.. 25 days? that is ridiculous! what was Trista thinking? her daughter had never been so long apart from her mother before? i get that Justin was stalling her but come on! Ayla is just a little baby, not even 2 years old! she can't wait 25 days to see her mother! Trista didn't file the custody paper until the 15th, what took her so long?
      i feel terrible for Trista but this isn't adding up and it isn't right!

  7. First of all, this blog does not ADD any new information, it just regurgitates what's already in the media and puts a faux-insider twist on things.

    Secondly, Trista has blood on her hands.

    Why is the custody arrangement so hard to figure out? Because Trista doesn't want you to figure it out. She's releasing all of this info about Justin, petty shit about him not returning her texts, but she won't take a moment to clarify how and why her children were taken from their unfit mother.

    Why is it so important that Justin talk to Trista? When he is talking to her, then she's fine and ready to defend him. Saying "he's the only person who truly knows how she feels." When he stops talking to her, she flips the script. Hello, borderline personality disorder!

    Why are we taking the word of an ADDICT as fact? She's going to lie and cover her own ass. She's spinning everything to make her dysfunctional family look like victims. Once again, TRISTA HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS.

    The public does not have enough information to say who did this. Law enforcement has said NO ONE, including Trista, has been ruled out as a suspect. If they really wanted all of the attention on Justin, wouldn't they just say he is a person of interest or suspect and stop people from focusing on Trista and her fam? Think about it.

    If there was evidence to put Justin in jail, he'd be there. Wouldn't police do everything they could to lock up such an obvious threat to society?

    1. 1. There is zero EVIDENCE linking Trista to Ayla's disappearance and "hundreds of pieces" of EVIDENCE linking Ayla's disappearance to Justin's residence while she was in his care.

      2. What TR said before or after Ayla's reported disappearance has no bearing upon the conclusions drawn from this particular body of EVIDENCE.

      3. TR has disclosed the events leading up to and following the changes in Ayla's custody situation. They were clear, although the process by which it was altered remains unsubstantiated and a sore subject for DHHS.

      4. If you have EVIDENCE that indicates TR and her "fam" as responsible, please share, with or without your attitude.

    2. I never claimed to have insider knowledge and have stated that in almost every post. Of course I get my information online from news articles and media reports, I get my information the same way everyone else does. I never claimed to have top secret info. The only information I had that wasn't released to the public was regarding Justin's whereabouts on the 15th which has since been confirmed.
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions however the majority seems to disagree with you. I do think Trista is culpable to some degree in regards to Ayla's fate and certainly don't think she is being honest about DHS' involvement. I just finished writing a post about the whole DHS issue and planned on posting it tonight.

      No one is saying Justin should talk to Trista except maybe Trista but there are certainly a few things Justin could clear up to the public if he wanted to maintain his claim he is innocent and Ayla really was abducted.

      Regardless though of Trista and her claims and her addiction issues and her dysfunctional family, Ayla was not in her care when she went missing, Trista did not buy life insurance for Ayla to have her mysteriously disappear a few weeks later, Trista did not have Ayla's blood in her basement.

      Police may not have enough evidence yet to arrest Justin yet but they wont stop until someone is arrested and there is Justice for Ayla. All signs are pointing to someone in that house, Justin, Courtney, Elisha, Phoebe, Lance? If we find out it was someone else all together, I will be the first to issue an apology to Justin but I am not worried about that happening.

    3. @Tamta-I have a sneaking suspicion that anonymous poster is either Courtney Roberts or a close friend or family member. Maybe my open letter to her in this post made it's way to her? I wonder if those over at Statement Analysis will think the same? Definitely gives the impression of someone from an urban environment from the language and someone close to Justin and Trista by the first name basis. Also seems to be very angry at Trista, possibly jealousy. I will post over there and see what they think....

    4. This blog has never claimed it would ADD new information. The blogger has stated from the get that this blog was created to give the blogger and others following Ayla's case a place to respectfully exchange thoughts, ideas and theories about it.

      Whether you believe what Trista is ADDING in regards to this case or not, the fact remains she is talking about her missing child.

      The only people who can ADD anything helpful are the three adults in the house that night and so far, according to police they REFUSE TO DO SO.

      Obviously some folks feel Trista is a horrible person and Justin superdad. Most will disagree.

      All I can do at the moment with the limitted info I have from the police, from Trista and from watching Justin dodge the press and stonewall police is draw my own conclusions. Its all anyone can do.

      If Justin, Courtney or Elisha were to ADD any information for the public, or even police to consider, I for one would be happy to do so.

    5. Wow, all of this anger, and back and forth finger pointing at each other. Can't you just stop for half a second and think about how this is helping find Ayla? I feel like I'm in the middle of an eighth grade playground fight. There is a beautiful child missing. Ayla is out there!! No matter what, she needs her Mommy and Daddy. Trista and Justin need to come together for the sake of this child they created and have told the world they love, and figure out what is best for HER, not what is best for them. They promised to love her and take care of her. They made that promise to Ayla. Ayla trusted them to protect her, and she is gone! The public saw her picture and in one quick second they decided they would do anything for that little face! Here we are two months later. Everyone needs to put aside their pride, feelings, reputation, whatever it is that is making you NOT get out there and bring this beautiful girl home. This is not about who is a better parent, or who has blood on their hands, who is jealous or who has a personality disorder. This is about precious Ayla who needs her parents and when you take the focus off that by speaking badly about one another, you hurt Ayla. Nobody here is parent of the year, ok, we all get it, you're not the first to find it hard to be a parent,to make mistakes big and small, but here is your second chance! Do it for nobody else but Ayla. Don't worry what everyone else thinks- if that is hindering you- worry about what Ayla would think. Worry about making all this right, for her. Admit your wrongdoings and move forward, fast. Ayla needed you both, months ago!! Please believe in yourself as a human being that you can do this. If Ayla could speak right now she would say, "I love you mommy & daddy, both, and I need you so bad!" just focus on this! That alone should motivate your soul.
      As far as the blogs and time lines, it's all the public has
      to go on. Trying to hear the facts to put the puzzle together to find Ayla, a little girl we've never met but would all do anything for. And if this is how we feel, I cannot imagine how her parents feel! Problem is, we don't have much to go on from the last person to see her... so how would you expect thousands of people to help find your little girl? Why leave everyone guessing? That will not lead anyone to Ayla, unless that's what you want, and I don't think so. Don't forget the intention of the public is to help bring Ayla home. Or to bring her justice should someone have harmed her. We are all so worried about her. We are just trying to make sense of it all because we care about your little girl. We love her too! :)
      Nobody should be defending Justin or Trista, but themselves. Justin has made choices that lead people in one direction. There is nothing more everyone, most importantly LE would like, but to think otherwise about the DiPietro family, but actions speak louder than words right now. And unfortunately, it's delaying finding your beautiful baby girl. Everyone please stay true to your original intentions, which is to help find Ayla Bell, not to hurt anyone.

    6. MISSING PERSONS: Ayla Bell Reynolds

      "Mission Statement: The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER exists to prevent abductions and runaways and to recover missing children by fostering a Triangle of Trust among law enforcement, community and a missing child's family. "

      enough said


    7. beautiful comment Cristine @ 7:53!

      i feel there are people out there who are reading who are afraid to step forward. please! do the right thing!
      you won't be condemned for coming clean.

    8. wow, what an insensitive comment, Trista has blood on her hands?? what???? it's quite obvious that trista had nothing to do with ayla's blood in jd's bedroom, and in ayla's disappearance. trista is not in any way culpable in this situation. blaming trista's drinking problem is ridiculous, this could have been a regular visit with "daddy". wow, how rude and insensitive to ayla's family who love and miss her. Are you CR??

  8. as every morning, i just checked for updates on the local news channels online..
    i followed the story from one site about Occupy Maine and how they made some tv shows for public access tv.
    in the intro of their shows is a baby that looks like Ayla?
    here's two screen shots:
    here is the link to one of the videos, it is the intro:
    what do you think guys?
    this intro was filmed months ago, so it doesn't help for NOW, but there were some 'seedy' types hanging around the fringes of the Occupy movement?
    J4A feel free to delete this comment if you want to, (or any of my comments for that matter). if you think it's a different little girl would you delete this?
    i am one of those people that have a terrible time with facial recognition..

    1. here's a side by side, screenshot from Occupy Maine Tv intro vs home photo of Ayla:

    2. J4A seems to have deleted my comment with more links, (i told her that's totally cool)..i'll wait to see what she says.
      i had put up two screen shots and link to video.
      (just so everybody is on the same page here)..

    3. For some reason your post went to spam, I went in and clicked it is not spam so it should show up. I accused Statement Analysis of deleting my comments because I will post on there and it will show up but two seconds later it disappears. I think it must be an issue with the site because others on here have said that I have deleted comments and I have not deleted any comments except for one.

      I looked at the links and I am not sure. The resemblanrce is uncanny but I think their mouths are too different. It is hard to tell though as Ayla is smiling and the other little girl has pursed lips????

    4. Nimbus I was able to view your pics side by side at a forum you frequent and I lurk on (small internet). For what its worth I think there is a notable resemblence in the two toddler photos but feel the ows pic is not Ayla.

      Her browline and the shape of her eyebrows are different than the child pictured at ows event.
      Also it seems as if the two todlers' ear structurees and whirls are different. To compare he ears I had to view several of Ayla's photos and no just the side by side one you choose in order to get a better view of Ayla's ear to compare to the ows child.

      I can sure see the resemblance that caught your eye though.

    5. thanks ticox!
      yup..heh heh..thank goodness the internet really is smaller than everybody thinks! it makes it way easier to spot those zombie baddies that keep popping up again and again! LOL
      no secret, i posted the pics at thehinkymeter which is keeping up with Ayla's crisis; i hope everybody is reading there as well as all the 'true crime' sites.
      i feel like there really are a bunch of scattered clues just waiting to be exposed and help Ayla.
      i am looking at the Occupy Maine videos and photos because an enormous circus tent of people came into Maine with them. they began protesting in early october and were camped out in Maine for months. (only 25 people were allowed by the cops to sleep in lincoln park so there must have been many sleeping elsewhere).
      it was a huge influx of 'transient' people for this area. (people from away as they are called here).
      if you live in Maine, but didn't go to the rallies, (i didn't), you might not have any idea just how many people came into our State with Occupy Maine Code Pink.
      they came from Boston, (i don't know where before that), and moved north up to Augusta and then ??
      *BTW, i'm not being 'politically judgemental' i happen to be an ultra liberal (i think), so no agenda here.
      the 'occupiers' were camping in lincoln park in Portland, some until just a week or two ago.
      it seems like it was quite the party spot so i will really only be surprised if Ayla's parents were NOT there at some point, it seems like everyone else their age, was!

      watching these videos it is easy to see how many 'questionable types' are hanging around on the fringes of this political movement. (not slamming Occupy).
      there are also a lot of really cool looking mother type of ladies, maybe Ayla could be incognito and travelling with them temporarily if she was 'stashed' as some (me too) hope and cling to even against the face of logic?
      here's a couple of youtubes to show everybody what i mean. you can see some people actually ducking cameras at times, i'm guessing they might not want their photos taken for more than simple shyness.
      frankly, i can't believe NO ONE has mentioned this Occupy Maine thing taking place right at the same time period as Ayla's disappearance. i don't think people not living in Maine really get the idea that we don't have 'real' criminals here very often, it is really super safe here!

      i am not giving Justin a pass, he is obviously in this up to the gills..i am just looking around at what was going on in Ayla's neighborhood before during and after her 'vanishment'.
      here is an irie viewpoint:
      and this one is interesting because it is on the rainy day when Occupy seems to have just arrived in Portland, so it shows the people from 'away'.
      thanks ticox for taking the time to respond to me!!!
      J4A, i probably put too many links in one comment. i hope this one goes through.

    6. oops here's the second youtube:
      just mute it if you have political leanings.
      the police did end up making a bunch of arrests in their 'tent village' due to violence and mayhem. one guy hit another on the head with a hammer 'to wake him up one morning'. so there were plenty of 'out there's' on the periphery of this Occupy thing.

  9. I think Trista going back and forth with believing and not believing Justin is normal. She seems immature, so when Justin talks to her and reassures her she believes him because what mother of a missing child would not want to believe the father of their child. Even deep down she may think he's lying but I'm sure she wants to hold onto some hope. When he doesn't talk to her, she has time to think and see what's stacked against him and then calls him out on it and then he talks to her and manipulates her all over again. Its akin to your first boyfriend, or at least mine, you love him then he breaks your heart, then he sweet talks you and you love him again, then he breaks your heart, more sweet talking and you love him again. This cycle happens a few times until you realize he's using you for his own benefit and you smart up and not let it happen anymore. Do I think Trista made mistakes? Yes. Do I think she has blood on her hands? No. I think she is going through real up and down emotions, she's confused, wants answers and just wants her daughter back.

  10. Anon, I don't think that Trista has blood on her hands either. But I do think that Trista or someone connected with her went back to the DiPietro house and took Ayla. Trista had Ayla taken back as part of the ongoing custody dispute. Trista has demonized the father from the beginning, to take the focus off of herself. Trista is far more manipulative that people seem to realize.

    1. EXACTLY! While the world is focused on Justin, Trista is being the sneaky little snake she has probably always been. It's not lost on anyone that she has a 9 month old and is a drug addict! Not to mention, she got pregnant with the 9 month old just MONTHS after having Ayla. How did she support herself after her son's dad was sent to PRISON. She wanted the state to do background checks on anyone who had contact with Ayla.

      Here's an idea Trista---give background checks to men who have contact with your private areas UNPROTECTED. Sheesh.

    2. use your brain next time before postingFebruary 21, 2012 at 3:39 PM

      WOW! What does Trista's drinking issue and when and how many times she got pregnant have to do with Ayla being missing? What does how Trista supported herself have to do with Ayla being missing? What does Trista's son's dad being in prison have to do with Ayla being missing? Absolutely nothing!! Why is the world focused on Justin you ask. The world is focused on Justin because he was the one who had Ayla! The world is focused on Justin because little Ayla's blood was found in his bedroom! The world is focused on Ayla because the police have said that there was not an abduction, and the police have said that their "story" does not hold water and does not pass the straight face test! What is so hard to understand about the world being focused on Justin?? Common sense and rational thinking is all it takes to see that the focus should be on Justin and his family and girlfriend, who you forgot to mention lives with her son in a druggie environment. How in the world anyone can vilify Trista in these circumstances is baffling?? Ayla and Trista are the victims. Justin and company are not.

  11. I think the life insurance is a red herring. It has nothing to do with what happened to Ayla. There isn't even any evidence that Ayla is dead. The blood in the basement is more consistent with a household injury than with a life threatening injury. Ayla should be presumed alive and everyone who cares about her should be looking for her.

  12. Hmm I posted my first comment ever last night, and made sure it was here, but it is gone now. Interesting. This was it "Anonymous said...

    I read somewhere that LE spent a considerable amount of time searching the garage with dogs. WHy? Has anyone speculated what is in there that required so much attention? My thoughts were that if something happened to Ayla before the 12th, but after the 8th, it was at that house, in the basement and involving the babygate and stairs somehow(reason it is so very sensitive)...perhaps DiP's needed to keep her cold to prevent decomp. process from beginning until they could get her out unnoticed, clean up and make a story, clear out apt and any up any drug-related loose ends at CR's sister's, before cops are notified, etc... do they have a freezer in the garage? ALso, as far as anyone helping them...I am from a very small town much the same, everyone knows you deal it, ESPECIALLY your family! THere is no way Courtney lived with her sis and was not aware. Awareness=participation if you do nothing. SHe had her kid living there with all that. WHat a good MOM...not.A criminal Justice major? Did I read correctly? THat would def help with a cover up and staging...perhaps the only critical thinker of the bunch except ED possibly. Also, is it likely anyone up to their ass with these guys is likely to lie for them or tip them off with info(like custody filings). Drug addicts and recreational users come from all walks of life(Rush Limbaugh, lawyers, court clerks,etc.... No one is immune, and anyone can hide that secret(anyone AND their dealer...)so there is no telling who in that town uses, and everyone gets their supply from the same few people-6 degrees is even less, more like three, in small populations... I love logic puzzles so am working on a timeline/possibility flowchart...As it stands, I am inclined to believe she was gone way before the day she was reported, whether alive and horribly injured/comatose or deceased, as they needed the time to fake the abduction and clean up." I actually have a flowchart for different senarios that I have constructed using facts released, including if leaked hints by commenters are true, or not. So far, it points to three possible time blocks where the "something" event happened. The one hitch that gets me is the LIP, and there are other details that LE probably possesses that prevent any further zeroing in on an actual date, but I suspect this will change as we learn more. Also, anyone know if Ayla had private or state medical insurance? Now I know why cops get obsessed with particular cases, and it affects them so hard. Little Ayla looks very much like my two girls, one who is a month younger than Ayla. I sincerely hope the offending parties are brought to justice soon, and little miss Ayla is brought home. Her Mommy needs to know what happened to her, and Ayla deserves it.

    1. I received email confirmation of both posts and neither one went to spam. I am just getting online now and haven't deleted anything so I don't know where your first comment went. When I post of Statement Analysis my posts will appear and then seconds later disappear. I thought the admin was deleting my posts but others claim that it happens when the site is congested. My apologies that you had to post again.

      I also believe a shed was closed off and police put a lot of focus on that. I would love to know what they found there and hope LE releases some new information soon that will help up figure out the remaining pieces in this puzzle.

    2. the only BLOOD we've heard about is in Justin DiPietro's dungeon bedroom!

      *sorry everyone, but that burns me to read "blood on Trista's hands"
      is anon insane?

    3. i could see someone 'floating' a "Trista stashed Ayla with.." scenario. but blood?
      NO WAY!

    4. anon, i would LOVE to see that flowchart!
      your arguments are very compelling and it's obvious you have 'profiled' the players.
      i would love for you to elaborate and steer us in the right direction.

  13. I also noticed JD black eyes, broken nose and swollen, bruised brow(looked at first like a unibrow, but was NOT), but this is mostly healed by CNN? interview. Any Info on how he got this? It will be interesting to see on the gas station video if he had this injury or not on the 15th.

  14. Jaycee Dugard was missing for 18 years, yet her mother never gave up hope that Jaycee was still alive. Elizabeth Smart was missing for over a year, and yet her parents never gave up hope that she was still alive.

    There are many stories of parents refusing to move from their homes for years, even decades, because they want their missing children to be able to come back to the only place where they know their parents are located. The normal pattern seems to be that parents are very reluctant to give up hope that a missing child is still alive.

    It is stunning that Trista is implying after only 8 weeks that she is turning to the matter of seeking justice for Ayla: i.e., Trista is implying that she is giving up hope that Ayla is still alive.

    Trista is also stating on her Facebook page that she wants to leave Portland and move elsewhere. She posted this weeks ago, when she set up her latest FB page. That seems very odd too, since most parents of missing children are very reluctant to move away.

    Why is Trista in such a hurry to have Ayla viewed as dead? Is that so that people will stop looking for her? Why is Trista in such a hurry to move away? Is that because she wants to start a new life with Ayla elsewhere?

    1. this might have been a possibility in my mind, until ayla's blood was spilled in Justin's bedroom....

    2. A tiny amount of what is claimed to be Ayla's blood was found in an unfinished basement. Unfinished basements are dangerous places for toddlers because there are all kinds of odds and ends there that you typically do not find in the regular living space of a home. A tiny amount of blood in an unfinished basement is consistent with a minor injury from a toddler running into things and falling.

      If I had more information, I might also question whether or not this is really Ayla's blood. Sometimes mistakes are made during the evidence collection process or during analysis in the lab. Sometimes there can be cross-contamination. I'm not saying that happened, just that verifying the identification of the blood is probably something that needs to be checked out.

    3. first of all, a responsible parent wouldn't have dangerous odds and ends laying around in their bedroom when they have a toddler living with them. secondly, where has it been stated by law enforcement that it was a tiny amount of blood? The reports I read from law enforcement said it was a troubling amount, more than a small cut??

    4. Angela, you have brought up the Dugard and Smart cases before and like we all said, you are comparing apples to oranges. In those cases, the children were actually abducted, for real!

      Ed Smart behaved like a man, and a real loving caring concerned father, following Elizabeth's abduction. Blood was not found in Mr. Smart's dungeon bedroom in his mother's basement. He did not hide out waiting for police to "prove" what "happened" to Ayla.

      Jaycee's stepfather fully cooperated and told the media he saw her forced into a car. Your POS friends claim they were all sleeping and didn't see or hear anything, even though neighbors report noises and activity at 29 Violette Ave. during the night.

      But hey, I hope I have this all wrong, and that WPD, the FBI, the MSP, dozens of veteran investigators, with 100's of piece's of evidence, thousands of man-hours of training and experience, hundreds of hours of interrogation tapes, cell phone records, wire taps, anonymous tips, where all conned by a 23 year old, single mother, living in a welfare hotel. Because, that would mean Ayla is alive and well. It sure would make me smile to see her dancing again.

  15. Evidence is objective. She wants to know desperately WTF happened to her baby and where she is, as she is probably coming to terms with the reality that her baby is gone, not coming back, and that her paternal family is totally and AVOIDABLY responsible, for what ever befell AYLA. My young cousin was shot in the face and dumped in a ditch by two drug thugs a few years back. It was agonizing, even after they were caught and sentenced. After a while anger overrides despair, but neither ever go away for some of us.

  16. It never fails to amaze me that folks can view the same pieces of information and see them in such varied ways.

    I do not think Trista is anxious to have Ayla viewed as dead. I see her trying her utmost to keep Ayla's case in the hadlines, by whatever means. I see her expressing the same frustrations as the police are with Justin's lack of communication in general regarding Ayla and the night she purportedly went missing.

    As far as Trista expressing a wish to move away. I see that as a fight or flight struggle that is often felt by people in extreme circumstances. Trista has struggled with alcohol abuse. People who abuse alcohol or other substances usually do so because they have inadequate coping skills. They seek an escape.

    I Myself am curious as to why JD is no longer wanting to stay in the basement (reportedly) and is no longer staying at the house Ayla went missing from.

    I would love to hear what you all make of that?

  17. ticox, Do you think that Trista and her family should be investigated or do you think that LE should continue to give them a free pass? Which is the more prudent course to pursue?

    1. Since I am not privy to what exactly LE is doing, nor should I be, I do not know that Trista is getting a "free pass"

      I can only assume the professionals who are investigating this case have followed all leads and are or have investigated everyone associated.

      To my knowledge, LE has not cleared Trista, but my impression, based off McCausland's statements that LE is satisfied with the info the have gathered from and on Trista thus far.

      I, having no actual information other than what I read in the news and hear from LE via McCausland's statements, would not presume to tell LE their most prudent course of action.

      How can I say what they should be doing when I have no reason to believe they haven't done so already?

    2. Trista is not getting a "free pass".

      She is living a nightmare: her first born is gone.

    3. @anonymous above:
      I am sure that LE is not giving ANYONE a "free pass" when it comes to the disappearance of this world wide known Ayla Reynolds, who has captured all of our hearts, and a little disrespectful to imply LE isn't doing their job.. I think you have them confused with DHS.

  18. I don't think you are giving LE enough credit. Do you seriously think that with a missing 20 month old they didn't check out every possible angle to who could have "kidnapped" her? I'm sure they investigated Trista and anyone on her side they may have thought would do it even if its not public fodder. They most likely ruled them out as POI before they declared foul play. There is a/are many reasons they are saying Justin, Courtney and Elisha are not being truthful and its not just for shits and giggles.

    Yes, LE are humans and make mistakes but since this is such a high profile case they are dotting all their i's and crossing all their t's.

  19. @ Commentators asserting abduction claims by whomever:

    The FBI in conjunction with Maine State Police have concluded that the careful, thorough, and substantial quantity of evidence that has resulted from the investigation this far does not substantiate any claims of abduction.

    LE has intuited to the public that they no longer believe that Ayla is alive.

    Therefore, if you are asserting TR's direct involvement or the involvement of her family, then you are asserting that she is involved in the death, and/or cover up of Her daughter's death.

    Based on the disclosure of evidence thus far and analysis of TR's behavior are you really willing to assert that TR is responsible for the disappearance / homicide of her daughter?

    Can you do it based on fact?

    What is possible and what is probable here are worlds apart.

    1. I sure don't think that Trista harmed her baby, Ayla. I think she treasures Ayla. But I do think that Trista could have been involved in taking Ayla back from Justin as part of their bitter custody dispute. And I do not buy into the claims by some that Ayla is dead. I continue to believe that she is alive and well.

  20. A good angle to understand on LE thoroughness is that LE found Bob Vear's estranged son and grandson in another state while pursuing every possible scenario regarding abduction theories. Most likely they probably gained the permission from the son to inform BV of his whereabouts in an attempt to gain his trust and support for the investigation while hoping to put distance between BV and Lance emotionally. Lance most likely gave Bob a sizable cache of marijuana growing paraphernalia just hours before the 911 call.

    Vear Gifts

    Old Vear Site

    1. Bob Vear named the person who gave the gift as "maine patients" or patients. Something like that,I am assuming it is the person's username on I will go back in a read his post shortly. If that was Lance that gave him the drugs then we should be able to ascertain that from the posts by this "maine patients" I have my doubts that it was Lance who gave him all these plants and paraphenila although it does make sense that Lance would clean out his apartment before the police searched it. Definitely need to investigate this.

  21. Justice for Ayla,
    I posted something on the fen. 14th blog page. I want your take on it...

    1. I commented under the post. Thanks Cristine for being a loyal reader and sharing your thoughts and opinions.

  22. Someone asked above why Trista did not simply go and get Ayla back from Justin when they were bickering over Ayla's custody. The answer is that Trista did go and get Ayla back. She sent someone there to the DiPietro house to get Ayla. That's my take on this mess.

  23. Justice For Ayla, on the rollup site, the term "Maine Patients" seems to mean a group of patients in Maine who are authorized to use weed for medical purposes.

    1. Thank you for clarifying that. When I first read the posts a few weeks ago I remember directly after he mentioned the gifts he had typed "Maine Patients" and I assumed that he was giving credit to the person for the gifts. I think it is very likely Lance was the giver of the gifts then. The timing is too suspicious.

  24. Does anyone have any thoughts on the fact that, if the DiPietro's were trying to make it look like an abduction, they wouldn't have taken the proper steps to make it actually LOOK like an abduction/break in? Broken lock or windows, etc... They seem to have their story straight (well, mostly. Except for the change of story on Justin's mother's part). But they didn't plan it very well if they wanted to create an appearance of an abduction.
    I think this just creates a stronger argument for an accident/cover up scenario. Although I am still holding out hope that she is alive somewhere.... I really am. I can't help it! Although it's getting harder and harder each day.

  25. Thank you also for covering the life insurance topic, J4A. I still have a hard time seeing where it might fit in. As I stated in a comment on an earlier post, life insurance isn't that expensive so I don't buy the argument that he couldn't afford it. I also don't agree with 'he should have bought health insurance instead'... Of course he should have, but the price difference is huge! I can see how some people can't afford health insurance - we're talking hundreds of dollars per month as opposed to maybe $10 per month for life insurance. So there really isn't any comparison.
    Although I find it difficult, given what we know and can infer about Justin's character, that he would be buying life insurance for Ayla because he cares about her and wants to provide for her. But maybe we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt? I almost hesitate to write that, because i'm not sure he's worth of it. But it's just a thought that I've had.

  26. I am beginning to give up all hope that anyone will be arrested or that Ayla will have justice. My reason for saying that is because DHHS pulled strings and made errors in this case. Often one Government dept. (in this case law enforcement) does not like to go after or uncover the bad deeds of another government dept ( the DHHS).
    It does happen, the bad deeds of DHHS have been uncovered and exposed hundreds of times. In many of those cases though it was because the newspapers took up the cause, filed lawsuits to unseal DHHS records. It was because the public became outraged and demanded answers from the DHHS.

    We do not see that happening in this case! The news has for the most part ignored the involvement of DHHS, much less done an investigative report on what their part was. Now, they are even trying to convince the public it is not unusual for an unemployed person living in his mom's basement to buy an insurance policy on a child he didn't want in the first place.

    To uncover the truth and ALL the facts of what happened to Ayla would most likely uncover the misdeeds of DHHS and unless the news and the public demand this happen, this case may very well become a cold case that sits on the shelf.

  27. On another site an insurance person wrote that the cost of the policy on Ayla would have been about $17.50 per month. Doesn't sound expensive to me.

    1. Uh, $17.50 is a lot of money for someone who doesn't have a job. What unemployed twenty something year old male gets life insurance. Did Justin buy health insurance for Ayla? No, why bother when the state will pay. I'll bet Justin rushed down to the welfare office the moment he got Ayla. Justin can sure afford cigarettes, probably paid for with Ayla's welfare money. Why aren't the Depietro's and Courtney Roberts looking for this beautiful baby???????? Was Courtney jealous of this beautiful baby?? Soooooo SAD....

  28. If this was a staged kidnapping, then they certainly would have broken or damaged a window or door. They were left in a situation where there was no evidence of damage, making their story of a kidnapping look implausible. I doubt this was staged.

  29. The arguments regarding custody issues in this case make no sense to me. DHS had already told Justin to bring Ayla back to Trista. Justin ignored this, so Trista filed for custody officially. Then these anonymous people expect us to believe she or one of her family snuck into Justin's home and kidnapped Ayla? Then Trista let things escalate to all of this and all the while they have Ayla hidden somewhere? Makes zero sense. You Justin supporters need to come up with another theory.
    You might want to consider blaming the girlfriend, Courtney or the sister, Elisha. This would be harder to dismiss. Courtney did after all live with her son in a drug supply house. She can't be a good mother. She was obviously jealous of Trista and probably of Ayla as well. Maybe Elisha was jealous of Ayla too?

    1. you know, I've wondered why they haven't taken Aiden away from Courtney. It is a fact that she chose to live with her son in a drug house. She knew what was going on and more than likely she was a part of it too. Isn't it standard procedure to remove children that are living in drug houses? And we're talking a lot of drugs. Shouldn't that little boy be protected? I too think that Courtney was jealous of Ayla, and afraid that Justin's relationship with his daughter would take away from her and her son. Clearly Courtney has no regard for Ayla, otherwise, she would be out there pleading for her return and looking for her, but instead, absolutely nothing.....

  30. $1.00 is expensive when you are unemployed and the taxpayers are paying for the health insurance and medical expenses of your child!
    I suppose next you are going to say his cigarettes, beer, and money for drugs were not expensive also, all while the taxpayer pays for the actual needs of his child.

    1. I suggest you take this up with our President, Barack Obama, not bloggers searching for Ayla. There are millions- hear that- millions of people who live off our government- your tax dollars- and buy everything from drugs to tvs, diapers and formula with that money and's a way of life here in the U.S. and I'm pretty sure it's not Justin's fault too. I am not defending anyone, but I am so tired of everyone trying to blame Justin for everything! Next thing I'm going to hear is his cigarettes are the ones responsible for depletion of our ozone layer. Remember when you point your finger, there are three pointing back at you. So many ignorant statements. You are not his judge. Worry about finding Ayla.

    2. Christine, here are three fingers pointing back at you. So many ignorant statements.

    3. Cristine, nobody is trying to blame Justin for "everything". Everyone is trying to help find Ayla, except for the ignorant posters who are bashing Trista and defending Justin. Justin can't be blamed for "everything", but he certainly can be blamed for Ayla's disappearance since he was the one entrusted with her care and protection, and since he is the one who "lost" her. What has Justin done to help find Ayla? So far Justin has made statements trying to defend himself and he took his brother out to beat someone up. How did that help to find Ayla? Defending Justin is not doing anything to help find Ayla. They know what happened to Ayla and they are lying about it, that much is clear, no judgement involved.

    4. Cristine you keep saying you are concerned about finding Ayla. If that be true, then there is something you can do. You can start asking for, or begging the 3 people in that house the night Ayla went missing to talk. Try working it from that angle for awhile, instead of attempting to distract from or delay the obvious.

    5. Hi Annabelle,
      Just because you aren't sure of what Justin is doing, and I agree he should be out in the public more, doesn't mean he isn't doing " anything." He also didn't lose his daughter. He either killed her or she was abducted, so that is not the correct term. what posters are you referring to, I'm curious. I have not seen anything like that. That would not be good.
      Finally, nothing is obvious or clear or we wouldn't be here two months later racking our brains, right? Coming to just one conclusion, to me, in my opinion, when neither the LE or any authority whatsoever has arrested a single person, is ignorant and close minded and hampers the search to find Ayla.
      And, Anonymous, how in the world do you know what I am doing to find Ayla? That post was time well spent, thanks. I am one of the few who is not distracting the focus and I will not participate in this banter with you so I agree to disagree then. I'm trying to help those stay on track. How taxes are spent is off track!
      Back to finding you Ayla! I hate that even one more night has to go by before you are hugged again. We are all hugging you from our hearts, and that is a fact! :)

    6. Frostiness, I know you are emotionally invested in this case as are all of us. I know you yourself have struggled back and forth deciding whether or not Justin is guilty. I understand your concern with keeping an open mind and do not want to condemn an innocent man. I know you want to believe that people are inherently good.

      What people are upset about is that even IF Justin is not guilty of murder, he IS guilty of hindering an investigation (if the abduction theory is true and he knows who took her but out of fear is not coming clean) He is guilty of not coming forward and doing all he can to find Ayla. He is guilty of spending time driving his brother to a fight not out searching for Ayla. Justin is not innocent in this even if your abduction theory is correct. He also is the one who put Ayla in harm's way by not paying a drug debt to begin with.

      I commend you for wanting to find Ayla but without drawing out those that know the truth that will never happen even if it means running their names through the mud and questioning their every move to force them to talk

    7. Cristine not frostiness, darn autocorrect. Sorry

    8. Ha, thank you, I've never been called frostiness! But smiling said, I know Justin is not completely innocent of being a good role model or father at all times, that's easier said in hind sight now... but I struggle with cold blooded killer for sure. Not being the perfect father or immature or even making repeated mistakes does not equal cold blooded murderer. I also never committed to him knowing for sure who took her...that is a huge question mark to me. I only wrote a possible theory...and to what we are claiming he is not innocent of also doesn't truly focus on where Ayla might be. I also agree, and have stated elsewhere, that no matter what skeletons come out of the closet, it's ok! I'd be willing to understand any of those things if he was out there proclaiming he had nothing to hide, that he has made mistakes. It would be hard, but we all would have a hard time....none of us are perfect. I truly am compelled by Deborah Bradley's pure openess and honesty. I learned a lot during her interviews recently. I commend her, where most have hung her. I suggest to the 4, not just 3 of them, to lay it all out there, but only to help, not to crucify or judge them! That is what bothers me about people's comments that also stray...Our role here is not to be his judge, but to help find Ayla. Laying it all out there will definitely help narrow the was someone acquainted to the family on either side. What if it's not? How do we know they don't feel like they have said all they know? How do they prove that they have said it all...when LE, and the media and public keeps asking for more?
      But I get it, trust me, he knows, not being out there saying this himself has hurt him more than anything. I think we will see something more in the near future from hard as it is...we aren't in his shoes and we don't know everything going on with him, the LE, or what it must feel like to be convicted already by the public of killing your child...especially if you didn't.
      So, let's guess it was drug debt....and thats why he could have been worried someone would take her, yes absolutely, he has made a terrible decision putting Ayla in harms way, and should have to pay a certain price for that. But, we still don't have evidence, proof, conviction...and until we do, I just really want to stay true to my instincts. I beg people to at least have an open mind. Hey, if I'm wrong...I'm wrong! It's not about me being right or wrong though is it... just open to all possibilities until the truth comes out. Thanks again J4A! :)

    9. Hi Cristine,
      you're right that I don't know what Justin is doing behind the scenes, but the impression I'm getting is that he's not doing much, and I agree that he absolutely should be out there front and center trying to do something to help find Ayla. What concerned (innocent) father wouldn't be?
      I agree that "lost" is not the best term to use, and I did put it in quotes to begin with. I think it's clear what I meant though, in that she has mysteriously gone missing, she's gone, that's lost as far as I'm concerned.
      The posters I'm referring to are the ones that no matter what the evidence is, they discount it and try to portrait Justin as the ideal father of the year. I myself initially thought that Justin was innocent of any wrong doing, but as time has passed and the little bit of information that has been put out to us, I just can't believe it anymore. I'm especially referring to the posters who have nothing to say about Ayla or finding Ayla, but rather they post only to vilify Trista and her family. I think this is so hurtful and malicious to do. They try to bring up whatever they can about Trista's past and family and things that really have no importance to Ayla being missing or to help find Ayla. A recent example, a horrible poster who actually said that Trista has blood on her hands! That's so wrong, can you imagine how hurtful that would be for Trista to see that?! Regardless of Trista's rehab and issues, it has nothing to do with Ayla being gone. This disappearance could have happened during a routine visit with Justin, having nothing to do with Trista going to rehab. Trista can't be blamed, it's clear to me that police do not suspect Trista. I haven't come to one conclusion. I don't know who did what to Ayla. I think there are numerous possibilities to what happened to Ayla, however, I feel secure that Trista was not involved in Ayla's blood being in Justin's bedroom, in the injuries Ayla sustained while with Justin, and ultimately her disappearance. To my mind, this is obvious and clear. Believe me Cristine, I am not close minded!
      Like you, I can only go by the information that's out there and common sense. I will add that the post I wrote to you about was the first post I had read by you, so it sounded like you were AH or somebody writing the oh,poor Justin, so misunderstood, and tired of everybody blaming Justin for everything post. Since then, I've read many of your posts, and 100% agree on a couple of them. You're even handed and just trying to make sense of what has happened, as am I! You've written many very good posts.

      Let's all pray for Ayla and the other missing babies

  31. Facts that jump out about the insurance-

    the amount- $25,000 is excessive for infant burial costs
    term type- not insurance that builds value for the infant but insurance that pays off in event of death only during the term
    purchase timing- 1. within one week of bringing Ayla into DiPietro home, 2. at a time when Ayla was allegedly due to be returned to her mother pursuant to an agreement, and 3. even if Justin planned to seek via court to keep Ayla in his primary custody, he would have undoubtedly failed with Trista having raised Ayla all her life and Justin playing a de minimis role
    timing v. first serious injury- Ayla wasn't in that home but a week or so after the insurance policy issued that she suffered a serious injury. (JD got Ayla Oct. 17, got insurance within a week, so by about Oct 24, and on Nov. 4 he breaks her arm in an alleged accident)Six weeks later she "disappears" but wasn't kidnapped

    1. Insurance is not just for burial costs. It can be for several other reasons including unisureblility if the child has health problems. Those costs alone could sky rocket to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Justin, who asked the State to have Ayla, has a friend in the insurance business, and was advised of this, it makes sense he bought the policy. If he went out seeking it on his own, I would definitely question his intentions. It is not expensive, and the policy, if true was valued at 25K, then he clearly wasn't trying to make a lot of money off of it. Why wouldn't he take it out for a substantial amount if he was trying to make money off Ayla's life? I believe she was actually a beneficiary to his policy...He also wouldn't have "undoubtedly" failed to maintain custody of Ayla. Maine's laws provide equal rights to the child by either parent at any time. I don't see Justin as playing a minimal role, as he was the one who sought custody of her. I don't think Justin knew about Ayla until months after she was born, and that was only b/c Trista was filing for child support. I think!!! Hate to state incorrect info!

    2. I agree with your post Anonymous, $25,000 would be alot of money to someone who lives in his mother's basement. Also, if an actual custody fight had ensued, Trista would most likely have been awarded physical custody. I doubt Justin could pass the many drug tests that would be administered and as you stated, Trista was Ayla's primary caregiver. Not to mention the abuse Ayla seemed to have been subjected to while in Justin's custody.

    3. I don't think Trista had any real chance of getting Ayla back for the simple reason that Trista is homeless.

      What judge would take a baby out of a securely owned home (not rented) with a grandmother, aunt and baby cousin/playmate in it, and give the baby to a parent who was homeless?

      What an irresponsible action that would have looked like at the time to the general public.

      Has anyone ever heard of a judge removing a child from a home to live as a homeless person?

      Trista knew when Justin rolled out of Portland on December 15, that her chances of ever getting Ayla back to Portland with her were slim to none. Imagine her panic and desperation at that thought. Panicked enough for her to have someone go to Waterville to take Ayla back? I don't think that should be automatically ruled out!

    4. Anonymous says: Trista knew when Justin rolled out of Portland on Dec 15, her chances of ever getting Ayla back to Portland with her were slim to none.
      How do you know Trista knew Justin was in Portland Dec 15?
      How do you know what Trista was thinking?
      Trista hasn't been automatically ruled out, she was ruled out by the FBI and LE. The same entities that say the Waterville 3 are not telling the truth. Unless of course it's Trista the Waterville 3 are lying for.

  32. To Heidi or anyone that can get her the message.

    Since Justin isn't talking and relies on you, Angela and a few others to get his message out, this you can do for him.

    Upload a copy of the policy to the web, especially the part of the policy showing Ayla's name, date of purchase, price of policy, and the beneficiary. Since his supporters are claiming he bought one on himself you can upload that also with the same info.

    Sorry, but we need to see the policies, to many lies have been told already for just his/your word on this.

    This will clear up any misconceptions on this issue.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. See what this is doing? It's taking the focus off finding Ayla. You just asked someone to send you their private insurance policy! Let's find Ayla!!!! It's easy to get off track, but let's try! ")

    2. Cristine---slow down, take a deep breath and read what was posted. It did NOT say send to the poster. It said upload to the web. They wanted all concerned to be able to see. People would not be off track (as you say) if the people in the house that night would talk to LE and give some answers that DID meet the straight face test.

    3. You're right, I did misread that, I was wrong. but Justin is not going to upload his policy to the web, Provide it to LE would be a more realistic option. we are the community, and as much as we would like to see all the info, we are not really entitled to that. All we can do is keep her name in the public, and plead for her safe return. It's not our job to make them talk, it's the LE's job. With that being said, I have no problem begging them to speak bc I want answers only to be able to find Ayla. It is definitely harder to narrow the search if we have too broad amount of speculation. They could definitely help narrow down that spectrum if they would talk more....unless they have said all they know. thanks for your post.

  33. The only person saying this was a term policy is Peter Hyatt who is not a reliable source on anything since he just makes things up. Most likely this was a whole life policy, the kind that builds as an asset and can be drawn on later for loans or cash advances.

  34. An update appeared on the Portland part of the timeline issue.

    Cumberland Farms confirms turning over the relevant footage.

    KUTGW = Keep up the good work

  35. Please post to let us know when statement analysis does an article on Courtney Robert's jealous and clearly false post here. Thank You

    1. So where is this imaginary post by the supposed Courtney Roberts?

  36. late night noise 16th = grow room in shed getting cleaned out and given to BV? Perhaps they had a grow room back there...

    1. oh good thought- loud noise is strange- did anyone in justin's house claim they heard a loud noise too? i wonder what other neighbors did...i know my dogs bark at all sorts of things, but i also know their bark- if it is defensive or just barking at some other dog barking in the night...kind of like understanding your baby crying i guess, ha.
      any other night it would not be a big deal to talk about, but these tiny details the night of her disappearance might actually not be so "tiny." interesting-
      i guess some people might decide to grow plants right there in their garage which was pretty visible to the street...??? what role would lance play in this though?

  37. DId anyone read the article/interview where JD gives time line for broken arm? He says it happened on rainy night in Nov, and it was his last day of class. Then another part PD says he was so worried next day, that he SKIPPED class to take Ayla to the hospital. SOmeone posted his school schedule from the catalog, and it ended something like 5 days after he claims. Does this mean she broke her arm and they actually waited 5 days before seeking med treatment, or was this a typo...

  38. Cristine, If Justin had tried to take out a higher value policy, he probably would have been denied by underwriters. Any agent selling him a policy would have known this. There is no reason for a parent to take out a high value policy on a baby and to do so raises suspicion. There is no high dollar insurable interest unless the baby is a movie star and thus a family breadwinner.

    Anon- as far as Trista and "homelessness," a court would most likely grant her custody with the timing of the transfer dependent on a showing that she established a home for herself and her daughter. In fact, by the time the hearing would have been held, it might not have been an issue.

    Emerald- there's such vast inconsistency in his accounts that it's pretty obvious what the reason is...

    1. Well by higher it could have been even 30-40K...which is what my children have. But you are right if it was higher than he would have been denied.

  39. Anon, yes I am assuming the discrepancies are due to lying... Just hoping to pin down an actual lie, concretely. DId anyone call his trucking school to confirm the catalog dates...I bet LE has. If this glitch is real, then it appears that they waited 5 days before taking her to the DR...not 24 hrs... If one can verify this, then it blows his and DP's credibility out of the water...not that they had any anyway... and shows not only definite real neglect, but shows that it may have indeed been a "trial run"... ALso, to these JD supporters out there, I was a neglected and abused kid by my parents, relatives and the older foster kids in our home. To the outside world, and even to us, my parents loved us, just not enough to overcome their habits/dysfunctional thought processes. They sang songs, gave us hugs and kisses, played and did birthday parties too, between up all night, passing out on drugs, whipping our asses with belts, exposing us to parties, violence and weirdos, and using us as drug carriers on planned visitation trips... Abusers are often adept at covering their tracks...look at that judge who's kid posted the video of mom and him beating the crap out of her for a fairly minor f-up... abusers do not always grow up to abuse...but many do...they are indoctrinated into the abusive cycle and can not see outside of it...makes me wonder if PD was a "yeller" or an adult fit thrower(yell, throw things, slam doors...)and that is why Ayla was so quiet around her, not only due to new environment, but a audiblyscary one...

    1. Wow, that story broke my heart. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's such a horrible cycle of uneducated abusive parents. Thanks for sharing, and it does help us see into a world most of us have never lived. Not sure if that was Justin's world or not...again, sometimes I have a hard time blaming someone b/c it's all they know, it's how they were raised. I wish there was a better way to reach out and change those habits early on. Yelling, hitting, neglect, drugs...why bring kids into that? I don't get it. I hope that wasn't Ayla's world.
      Keep researching the school angle- and broken arm. So far we haven't confirmed Justin as a liar, just his mother, and just that one incident, right?

  40. @Justice,

    Do you know, or have any way of finding out, if Justin or Lance DiPietro are LEFT handed??

    Checking out footage stills of Pine St. Cumbie's armed robbery from January, it appears the assailant could fit general description of either brother. The individual is holding gun in left hand..

    This subject came up on SA blog yesterday, and sent "anon" poster thru the roof! Suspiciously, so, IMO..

    TIA :)