Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clarifications from My Last Post

In my last post I referenced a few things that confused some of you. I mentioned the methadone clinic and that someone knew Ayla was missing there well before it was reported to the police. I had assumed everyone had read the comments under my very first post but many of you hadn't. Here is that exchange:

Hello, My name is Laura and I live in the Waterville area, I have been tracking this case from day one. I will be up front with you as you have in your blog. I currently work for a mental health agency and one of my jobs are to transport to the methadone clinic in Waterville. The morning that Ayla was reported missing by her dad, it was already going through the methadone clinic before Justin had even reported sweet Ayla missing, since that morning I have felt that something was "Not Right".
I feel for the family of this sweet girl, I could not even begin to imagine what they are going through. I pray everyday and check everyday for an end to this. Deep in my heart I don't believe that Justin is guilty and again that is my opinion. I was getting frustrated reading the post from the other web sites with all the he said she said B.S

Hi Laura,
Do you know if you reported that info prior to Dec. 23? According to Waterville Police logs, officers questioned someone at Discovery House at 5:39 a.m. Dec. 23 regarding the Ayla investigation. The information they gleaned from the interview was followed up on, but it did not lead anywhere

I also had made a reference that according to Heidi Tudela, Justin failed the polygraph test because in his mind he knew who took Ayla. Some of you searched all over for me trying to find the exchange I was looking for. There were numerous posts from Heidi Tudela, using the username HT1965. She makes a few references to Justin taking the polygraph test but not the reference I was looking for. I literally spent all day poring through facebook posts and different webpages devoted to Ayla and I finally found what I was referring to in my post. The post I was looking for actually was from an exchange between Katie Hitchings and Heidi Tudela on Katie's facebook page:

Heidi Tudela -- It is not that black and white the police know that. Shame on them. They would not "show" him the results. I would have wanted to see the results myself. And they only explained parts of it. Secondly you do not pass or fail a polygraph It is evaluated one question at a time. So each question can be evaluated. For example Justin was asked "did you have any knowledge of Ayla's disappearance" He said "No" He may have been thinking in the back of his mind well except for I think I know who may have taken her. Which he does have some thoughts on that... So then the police can say Justin the way you answered a question on Ayla was "questionable" that is all they have to tell him unfortunately. But no one knows that or understands. So again I would want to see the actual results but they would not show him those on that Justin is absolutely correct. And Katie is also correct they can tell him anything they want in an investigation like this and have I have seen them do it. It is like watching a tv show!! We understand why they have to do it and so does Justin but the fact is they are still doing it so hard to believe what they say! They even came to him and told him Ayla was dead very sad. And of course it was not true. So there's so much more that I wish people understood.
January 17 at 7:07pm · Like

If Justin is not being truthful with LE about what happened to Ayla and if we are all way off the mark here, why hasn't Justin made more of an effort to find Ayla? Why hasn't Justin told LE who he suspects took Ayla? Why not have this person's face plastered all over the news until someone tells the police where they are and ultimately where Ayla is? Drug dealers do not take children in exchange for a drug debt. The mafia doesn't take children. It is too risky.

Hearing Justin supporters claims, they want us to believe Trista took Ayla. Why? They want us to believe Trista was desperate because she knew the courts would not award Ayla back to her. If Trista is being honest with us, we have no reason to think they would not. DHS and Judges in family court believe in reunification. They will work with the parent to do what it takes to bring the child back home. They take into account if the parent received help for their issues, she did. Could Trista provide a loving home for Ayla, judging by the photographs of Ayla in Trista's care, she did. Was Trista able to provide a roof over Ayla's head, yes. Even if she was staying in a motel room for the time, she was providing a roof over her head. Mothers stay at homeless shelters with their children and that is not reason for the children to be removed from their care. DHS likely would have fast tracked Trista into a housing program. The court will also look at who the child had resided with the longest and that was with Trista, was Justin paying child support regularly? No, he was in arrears. According to Trista's website, he did not even see Ayla regularly before he took custody of her. The courts will look at that too. Neither of them have a job that we know of so that won't count against Trista. Trista also retains custody of Ayla's sibling and courts will try to do everything to keep the children together. Trista also had a signed family team meeting agreement through DHS stating that all parties agreed that Ayla would be returned to Trista once she completed rehab. Justin did not return her and proves he is not trustworthy.

Trista would not have had to resort to kidnapping her daughter, because there was no official custody agreement, Trista could have gotten Ayla for the weekend and simply not returned her. Why uproot her life, change her identity, the identities of her children, move them away from all family members, to start a new life in a strange new place? We know she did not have the means as far as transportation and money required to do this. It is also unlikely that Trista possessed the ability to mastermind a kidnapping without either getting caught in the process or being able to keep up the facade while being grilled by law enforcement officers.

And what about the blood? Is the blood unrelated? Did Trista plant the blood in the basement while Courtney and Justin slept on her way out of the house with Ayla? I don't think so. Police timed the release of the blood evidence. They knew before they released it to the public whose blood it was and that it was related to Ayla's disappearance. They know more about what happened than they are letting on. LE also aren't praising Trista for doing what she is doing to try to trick her into confessing. They aren't accusing Justin and the others in that house that night of not telling the whole truth because they think they are innocent.


  1. A few thoughts/questions that I have this morning. First, do we know how old the blood is? Could it have happened soon after Justin took physical custody of Ayla, or did it happen closer to the night that she supposedly went missing? Second, (and I think I just need some clarification on the dates here) exactly how much time passed between Trista finishing rehab and the night that Ayla went missing? Did someone say it was 2 1/2 weeks? In your post you state that Justin didn't return Ayla. But the reverse could also be said - Trista didn't try to get her either. Why is this?

    Also - I read somewhere that there is going to be another vigil on March 3. Not sure of the details, but I thought I might mention it for anyone who is in the Waterville area.

    1. Sally,

      They are unable to tell how old the blood is. But they know it is Ayla's. We know she had not been in Justin's carfe that long so had to happen during that time period. What makes the blood incriminating is the "spatter patter" The police have indicated that there was blood that was present and visible by eye (a few drops) and blood that showed by luminol. It has been indicated that there was evidence of a cleanup and indication of spatter. Spatter can be almost a fine mist and can tell investigators information about type of injury and how the injury occured.

    2. Anonymous 7:12, The police have never said there was spatter and a clean up. Nancy Grace said that. When Nancy Grace asked Steve McCausland of the Maine State Police whether there had been spatter and/or a clean up, he would not confirm that.

    3. thank you for the vigil heads up!
      do you know where you read this?
      i would need only time, date, location in order to attend.

    4. didn't the police say there was more than Ayla's blood 'mixed in'?
      do we know who's was the other blood?
      *correct me if i'm wrong

    5. I think the vigil was set up by Ayla Reynolds Ayla's Angels on FB. March 3rd:There will be a Teddy bear vigil for Ayla on March 3rd at 1pm. It will be held in Castonguay square here in Waterville. If you would like to bring a Teddy to be placed at Ayla's site that will be great. Lisa Howard will be handing out bracelets, I have green nightlight bulbs to hand out and am planning on making up more ribbons. Please come and show your support for our smallest and most important Angel.

      I think we should all change our profile pics to Ayla's flyer for a couple days too!

    6. thank you Cristine!

    7. Yes, thank you Cristine! I wasn't sure where I had read it - I knew it was on FB somewhere... Now I see that several of the 'Ayla' groups on FB have the flyer for the vigil as their profile picture.
      I'll plan on being there for sure.

  2. Ok, first, the polygraph and the blood evidence, which everyone is so intent on believing the tiny incomplete amount of information we have been given, is NOT the WHOLE truth. Fact is, we do NOT know how much blood was found, where it was located, how it was created, when, or if there was other blood found too. So how does anyone use that incomplete information to convict someone so quickly? Second, the polygraph results have NOT been released. LE simply telling Justin and the public, "you know the results" does NOT tell us everything about that test whatsoever. Could he have been deceptive on some of the answers? And which ones...we do NOT know that. When I come up with ideas or theories, I really do not take much of the above information into consideration b/c it is SO incomplete. I feel like it's been planted for a reason, and that reason has created such speculation and pointed the finger in only one direction. It's not fair, and it does not allow people to think clearly about any other possibilities.

  3. I don't think that there needs to be a clear-cut case against Trista for her to be investigated. There is enough evidence of an ongoing custody dispute that LE should be looking closely at her.

    1. The first people thoroughly investigated in a missing child case is the parents.

    2. Exactly!!! That is because, not that everybody doesn't know this, statistically, someone close to the family is the perpetrator. There is no reason everyone remotely acquainted with the families shouldn't be checked.
      Not that it can't be a stranger, just less likely. But....possible!

    3. So why were Trista and her family and friends not investigated? No indications that their homes were searched or that anyone not an immediate family member was even interviewed.

    4. LE concurrently with the FBI has ruled out abduction and declared foul play, indicating a homicide without publicly stating so- most likely as to not lose contact with the DiPietros.

      There are no concrete indications linking TR to the homicide of her daughter, nor a motive.

      Probable cause has been established, indicating the involvement of the DiPietros.

      Motive has been uncovered- LIP.

      Is Justin innocent? At the moment yes.

      Is Trista involved in her daughters "disappearance"? Empirically proven to be no.

      Any further dialogue centering around TR and abduction theories has nothing to do with the facts on the ground and the desire to bring justice to Ayla.

    5. Any further dialogue centering around TR and abduction theories has nothing to do with the facts on the ground and the desire to bring justice to Ayla.

      no offense, TAmta, but this statement is ludicrous.
      we don't even know WHERE Trista was the night Ayla went missing.
      it would take about 5 minutes for Trista to clear this up and no, i'm not taking her internet pals 'word for it' that Trista was someplace else and couldn't possibly be involved.
      both parents need to fill in the timeline before and after Ayla's disappearance, pure and simple.
      the dialogue WILL continue until then.
      i don't care if she was hooking at a truck stop, she needs to clear up her whereabouts before and after rehab and in particular the week that Ayla went missing.

    6. Nimbus, do you really think LE and the FBI haven't already investigated where Trista was and what she was doing? They have investigated her up down and all around by now. They have stated this was not a kidnapping after removing hundreds of pieces of potential evidence from the home on Violet. Now they say they need the truth from either Justin, Courtney or Elisha. I don't see how it could be any more clear.

    7. Obviously LE has investigated where and what Trista was doing. An abduction has been ruled out by LE, so that puts Trista out of the equation of what happened to ayla. I agree that all of this talk about Trista is doing nothing to help find ayla. It's a distraction and it will resolve nothing. LE knows this and I can't figure out why it is so hard for people to see this clear fact. Trista was not involved in alya's being missing.

    8. Agree, Trista certainly has her issues, but she was not involved in Ayla being missing. Discussing her is a distraction that will resolve nothing.

    9. Trista must have been doing something very unsavory for all this mystery surrounding her where abouts.
      enough of the 'distraction' argument.
      all she has to do is tell us where she was the week Ayla went missing. sounds extremely simple and straightforward to me.
      what IS she hiding that she won't say where she was?
      you are making it look worse with your dancing around the issue and telling others not even ask.
      according to the two one should even wonder where the mother was the night her baby was abducted? GMAB!

    10. nimbus, really? come on, trista has answered le's questions and they are satisfied apparently. how can you assume that she was doing something unsavory? you can wonder all you want, but trista has no obligation to let the general public know where she was. I never saw her being asked this question during interviews, it's very possible that if she would have been asked, she would have given the answer. she does not have to tell us anything. the police have ruled out an abduction, that rules out trista. How can that be so hard to understand?????

    11. Why do you jump to the conclusion Trista was doing someing very unsavory? Trista doesn't have to tell us anything as long as she has told LE everything, which appears to be the case. Since LE has stated this was NOT an abduction, what possible involvment could Trista have in this crime?

    12. MIssing Child 101
      parents state whereabouts when child disappears.
      Trista will not state her whereabouts.

      here's a real easy question:
      why won't Trista state her whereabouts when her child disappeared.
      thank you in advance for your answer.

    13. Trista has stated her whereabouts when her child disappeared. She just hasn't told you or I.

      How do you know that Trista will not state her whereabouts to others? Have you asked her? Do you know of someone who has asked her and she refused to answer?

      Don't you think it would be more prudent to put your energies into helping by going with the areas that LE have stated they are not satisfied with? Such as, not getting the truth from the people in the house.

    14. I do not know why everyone is saying that Trista has not told the public where she was that night? She did tell everyone that she was at the Hotel in Portland. She told everyone on Nancy Grace. I cannot remember exactly when.. but I remember Nancy asking her something about where Justin was and Trista misunderstood her question and thought she asked where she was, that's when she said that she was at the Motel in Portland.

    15. thank you PB!
      why was that so hard anon??
      i will check the nancy grace's on youtube purple butterfly and see if i can find that.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. I cannot remember if it was the time that she called in or if it was the time that she was on the computer.. but it would have been soon after the 17th.

    18. Veeerrry thorough Tamta! If you're not LE, giving the bloggers some fabric to be creative with, then you SHOULD be!

  4. About the polygraphs... remember that neither Trista nor her mother passed their polygraphs.

    1. LE doesn't care.

      They know who is responsible.

    2. Tamta you are incorrect.
      McCausland’s statement over the weekend that the three adults who were in the DiPietro home on the night of Dec. 16 have not told police the whole truth was his strongest statement to date in the investigation, though
      (Tamta please note)
      McCausland maintains that no one has been ruled out as a suspect.

    3. Yes, the police have not ruled out anyone as a suspect, but they have ruled out an abduction as the cause of Ayla's disappearance, so that right there rules out Trista. There is no evidence or claims that Trista was at the Violet Street house. She could not possibly be involved because there was not an abduction. Whatever happened to Ayla happened apart from Trista. I'm boggled by the continual discussion of Trista taking her baby, she did not because according to the police, Ayla was not taken.
      I'm just really hoping that law enforcement will put out some more statements soon, and so praying that justice will be done for this gorgeous baby.

    4. Nimbus,some of your words regarding Trista on this page
      - a druggie, drunk negligent mom
      - I don't care if she was hooking at a truck stop
      - Trista must have been doing something very unsavory
      - i can think of only one thing that Trista was doing that she would not want to say and that is getting an abortion.
      - if she was stripping, hooking, drugging, hanging with the occupiers or visiting her convict baby daddy

      WOW, how do you come up with this stuff?
      I don't think Trista is an angel either, but she is a mother whose daughter is missing and most likely dead. The person that had her baby is deceptive and You are extremely harsh. Being young and making bad choices is one thing - murder is another.

    5. I beg to diffER. Neither Trosia nor Justin owes any one of us an explanation as their whereabouts and activities during the time in question.

      They do owe it to police.

      Police also owe us no explanation about their investigation or what various persons alibis are or even what evidence they have gathered.

      Based upon how the police speak regarding their investigation, it would appear to me that they are currently satisfied about Trista's movements and have flat out stated they disbelieve Justin's version of events.

      It is what it is.

    6. @anon 3:06PM

      I agree, wow, what horrible things to be saying about someone period, but the fact that her baby is gone. Beyond harsh!! I was just posting about Nimbus obviously having some sort of agenda here.

      Why would someone come onto a forum and post such ugly things about someone? Especially, since by law enforcement's statements, Trista did not take her baby.

      They have said it is a criminal investigation and that Ayla was not abducted. How could Trista possibly fit into that? She really does not deserve to be disparaged like this. She is an innocent victim too!

    7. please post the statement by law enforcement stating that Trista did not take her baby.
      oh that's right, THEY NEVER said that, YOU said that!
      they said they don't believe Ayla was abducted, not the same thing.
      what they DID say SPECIFICALLY is Trista is NOT RULED OUT as a suspect.

      Trista has already been caught being untruthful, which means she can not be trusted.

      yes, i have an agenda! FIND AYLA!

      here's a 'poor choice' Ayla's parents could remedy today if they wanted to:
      do something to search for your missing daughter!
      put up fliers!
      oh that's right..Trista is too busy trolling for a pro bono lawyer to sue the State who is supporting her, her children AND her felon boyfriend and Justin is watching movies and 'waiting'.
      why should i give a rat's @ss about Trista or Justin? they are scum who can't be bothered to lift a finger to find their own precious child!
      compare their behavior with ANY other innocent parents who's child is missing!

    8. Nimbus, I believe LE stated No One Has Been Ruled Out as a Suspect. I believe that means you, I and everyone else have not been ruled out as suspects.

  5. Thank you again Justice for Ayla for your sensible thoughts.

  6. Also, I don't believe that "Justin supporters" purely believe Trista took Ayla. Yes, she IS trying to get her life on track, and has made steps to do so b/c she was MADE TO by the State of Maine- she did have another child with a now convicted arsonist serving time in jail, and who cannot therefore help support her financially. She did petition the courts to make Justin pay child support most likely after the situation with her fiance occurred, which tells me she didn't really respect Justin enough to involve him in Ayla's life in the first place until she desperately needed financial support! Justin is in arrears on child support b/c he didn't even know about Ayla for almost 6? months, and then had to start paying on those prior months plus all the months from when she filed. Was he suppose to grow money on his tree? No he decided to move into his Mom's house- save money on rent he paid in Portland, and create a better environment for Ayla AND start school to become a truck driver and therefore collect a consistent paycheck. None of the above tells me where Ayla is or who took her, but it is just a simple picture of what was going on leading up to Ayla's disappearance. What I think of Trista and Justin is null. It's not our place to judge them. I have tried to reach out to both of them, and I will not point my finger at this point. I want Ayla home. That's all. Justin then petitioned the court to have physical custody of Ayla during Trista's rehab stay. That shows me personally he cared about her well being. There was a documented team meeting in October which all parties agreed Justin was to return Ayla to Trista the next day (or soon thereafter)...and he did NOT. We need to know why. What was his reason for not returning Ayla? There are also documents meeting with Justin and Trista where the State took pictures of Ayla's bruises and documented her broken arm. Nowhere did Trista state she was concerned for Ayla's well being with Justin or the state would have documented that too. Then Justin sends Trista text messages saying he fears she is going to be taken, or that someone is going to take her. Why?????! Then, from October to December 15th, Trista did nothing to get Ayla back. That is almost 2 more months! We need to know why she did not attempt or put forth effort to do so if she was so worried or concerned. She lived one hour away! She went to the court on the 15th and BEGAN to fill out a form to gain custody of Ayla. She supposedly did NOT complete or file that form. (Please correct me if I am wrong). Trista staying at a motel only makes me wonder why she wasn't living with her parents and trying to get a job. Yes, either way, she was providing a roof over her children's heads, but so was Justin.

    1. Sorry, you are wrong. Neither one ever petitioned the court until Trista went to the court house and filed for parental rights on the Dec 15th. Just a correctionm to your story. I don't know if you are from Maine or are familiar wit the laws or the case or how DHHS works but you do have many of your facts wrong or incorrect.

    2. Sorry, you are correct!! There was no petitioning...I used that incorrectly for filing papers with the Court. Justin did have to file papers to gain physical custody of Ayla, maybe petitioning the court/judge was wrongly stated. I apologize everyone. The state and LE was involved with picking up Ayla and giving her to Justin and that doesn't happen by Justin just asking. Please, though, feel free to correct my terminology so it doesn't get miscommunicated. I know the details count. Thanks Anon!

    3. Yes the state and LE were involved with picking up Ayla.
      It DID happen by Justin just asking.
      It helps when you have connections at the DHHS.

    4. Chris, I agree with Anon, A lot of your statements are just rumors, not actual facts. I'm not trying to insult you, or discourage you from expressing your opinion, I just think that you should specify what you heard from LE or reliable sources as "fact" and what you heard as "rumors".I see a few things that I too have heard differently, but I do not know which to be true.. For example- and this is not fact, just one of the rumors I have heard, that Trista went to DHHS to get State benefits and not child support, but they made her give the dad's name and they then went after him for child support. Again... just one of the many rumors that are out there.

    5. I meant Christine, not Chris.. sorry

  7. wow, i have a lot of words...sorry. here is the last portion of cut and paste! :)

    -December 17th Ayla is reported missing. The Dipietro's, without search warrant, tell LE and FBI come in our house and search all you want.
    -Both Justin and Trista were told by LE (hearsay) that they were not to help search on foot for Ayla.
    -LE tells Justin communicating to the public or searching would hinder the investigation.-Odd.
    -LE declares the Dipietro's house a crime scene and that foul play had occurred. -Vague.
    -LE makes statements that Justin has not told them the whole story. -Vague
    -LE declares blood found in basement, more than a SMALL cut would produce. -Vague.
    -LE makes statements that Justin's poly results are deceptive and he isn't telling them "everything."
    -LE tells Trista and Mrs. Hanson, eh, you don't need to complete your polys, thanks for trying. -Odd.
    -LE searches the river twice in the same place with no explanation of why. -Vague.
    -LE tells Justin (hearsay) Ayla is dead? -Desperate.
    We haven't heard from Justin since his first interviews where he stated without hesitation that Ayla is his world, he would not harm her and he feels helpless; or since his contact to reach out to Laura Recovery Center to help find Ayla; or since he appeared at the vigil with Trista; or spent time "trying to get flyers on every corner of America." and driving around looking for Ayla in cars...But we DON'T live with Justin, and we don't know what else he is doing except avoiding the thousands of people who want to nail him to the wall for killing Ayla and dumping her body and having his whole family risk their life and their children's life for him, and for a cut in 25 thousand dollars. God I hope you are never my jury.
    Do you know what Trista has been doing everyday? Oh really, you don't live with her either? She has been on tv and in the news more, so that makes her innocent? You've seen a few pictures of her and you declare her a good mom? Again, I'm not making these comments b/c I believe one way or the other...I am trying to keep an open mind b/c this puzzle has NOT been solved, it's been two months and Alya....I cannot even put into words what Ayla needs right now. I would give my left arm. I would give my shirt off my back, or help raise a hundred thousand dollars, but I'm not sure what this "person" needs or wants to help us find Ayla. Please tell us!

    Until we know the whole story, we cannot with logic, with reason convict either one of them. Therefore, we NEED to keep open minds. We need to because if we say Justin did it, lock him up, and Ayla is actually out there....I could never live with myself. Could you? And if I am wrong, and in the end all the pieces lead to what you believe, then fine, if ALL the pieces are laid out before the jury, and eventually the public, then the truth in its complete form is fair and square.
    In the meantime, we are not here to be their jury. We are here to figure out where Ayla is...or at least help to do so. Some people believe she is out of the state of Maine. If that is true, we need to be passing out flyers. Keep one posted in your car so anyone can see it, talk about it with friends and family, donate your time, donate your money to help pay for some of these things, but pointing your finger and proclaiming he did it is closing the case in your eyes and you are not helping Ayla. Dead or alive, we have to find her!

    1. Carefully crafted statements offered by LE may sound "vague" to the average reader but in no way indicate the existence of unreliable evidence or questionable investigatory methods. Any such conclusions are a result of the personal perspective of the speaker.

    2. Cristine, i think it might help you to read this essay:
      Marc Klass is adamant about how to proceed with LE in a missing child abduction:
      let the world ravage you, bare yourself to the wolves. who cares if your child is recovered!
      compare his advice to the behaviors of Ayla's parents.
      LE is going to do their own thing, their own way. as it SHOULD BE. they are the pros and even if you think they are botching it, (i wonder at times with their vaudvillian attempts to force the guilties to spill the beans), they don't take advice from civilians. they DO soak up data gathered like sponges, so we CAN help by looking for info and connections they might miss.

    3. Tamta- exactly making my point, but misunderstood by you. We cannot come to a "conclusion," and too many people have already done so.
      I also never said the evidence was unreliable. I solidly said it was INCOMPLETE- and therefore find it questionable for the "average" person, as you assume we are, to come to any such complete conclusion.
      I grew up with LE, I know how craft they can be. ;)

    4. Nimbus,
      I'm not giving advice to LE whatsoever. I completely respect LE's position and hope they cover all bases as it is in their hands now, but in the end...the public's hands...the jury. :) Nice article. Very textbook. We can't expect every person to have the same behaviors, though many behaviors are very telling.
      I also do not think there shouldn't be speculation, theories and the such- that's what I am doing too. Did I say that somewhere I don't believe in speculation? I don't believe in coming to one complete conclusion right now with what evidence, or lack thereof, we have. I don't believe in name calling, or telling someone they have blood on their hands. I don't believe we are here to judge someone else. I believe we need to brainstorm- first post I made- to create logical theories which may lead to Ayla. That is all. I am not perfect, not claiming to be anything but a devoted person wanting justice for Ayla. :) I just so badly want people to stop crucifying Justin or Trista or feeling as if they have some right to be so cruel and mean to them b/c they are not perfect. It's so ugly to be so hateful. It's the whole 3 fingers thing pointing back at you. But it's also that having a definite conclusion in this case closes doors to where Ayla might be....since we don't know still! I just want people to try to have an open mind.

    5. i agree. no one can be ruled out with the skimpy info we have so far.
      i just wanted to point out to you that Justin's behavior is very suspicious and that is backed up by a father who had a missing child.
      we have NO CLUE where Trista was, so how in hell can we rule her out even if we want to?
      Justin has not searched for his daughter or asked for help finding her. instead he sent a cryptic message to 'someone who took her'.
      he is at home watching twilight movies if we are to believe local reports. (i do).
      there really is no way in my opinion to favorably spin his 'recluse' behavior, fleeing from the PD mid interview, NOT 'smoking' the poly, injuries to Ayla while in his care and blood in his bedroom imo, but i am listening.

    6. Ahh, right! I am listening too! I feel compelled to until we know his answers to so many questions. "Hiding" or being a "recluse" is the view he is giving us, but it doesn't mean he isn't doing things from his end that we don't see. I just can't close the doors yet, and for Ayla's sake, I don't want anybody to either. I am so so relieved to hear you say "listening."
      Trust me, I don't need to hear much more to spin it the other way either. I am so willing and open to seeing it a different way though. Begging to really- poor Ayla! It's just not right.

    7. i know Cristine.
      that is why everyone is so outraged.
      while the parents and their pals bomb the www and masquerade with sockpuppets on the interwebs trying to convince the general public what awesome parents they were and how despicable the other parent was, the facts are speaking otherwise and no one is even looking for Ayla!
      i could give a sh#t about these awful people..i just want to find Ayla!
      SAR was risking lives diving in ice waters while daddy (as NG would say) is home watching twighlight movies and mommy is revved up to sue DHHS since she was incapable or too busy or WHATEVER THE EFF (since she evidently can't tell us because it's so repulsive) when Ayla disappeared!
      sometimes i feel like people like us care more about Ayla than her own flesh and blood!
      thanks for the info about the vigil. Ayla needs people to help find her. her family are letting her down so badly, i am DISGUSTED!

    8. BTW, i can think of only one thing that Trista was doing that she would not want to say and that is getting an abortion.
      if that is the case, i would be the first to applaud her for not bringing another child into her world which is NOT an acceptable place for children.
      if she was stripping, hooking, drugging, hanging with the occupiers or visiting her convict baby daddy why not say so too. i can't have any less respect for her than i do right now anyway so Trista if you read this, you can only go up in estimation with me as you are currently at ROCK BOTTOM by concealing your whereabouts.

    9. Hi Nimbus,
      One part of this puzzle that we no longer have to try to figure out is Trista. LE has a "clue" as to where and what Trista was doing when Ayla went missing. We don't need to have a clue about it because it doesn't matter. We no longer need to worry about ruling Trista out, because LE already has. They have clearly stated that it was NOT an abduction, meaning that Ayla was not taken or kidnapped from the house, so Trista's whereabouts are not pertinent to the case of missing Ayla.

    10. LE has not ruled Trista out.
      please stop posting that.
      i will post this once more:
      "McCausland maintains that no one has been ruled out as a suspect."
      if you have a statement from LE stating otherwise, please post it.
      otherwise quit saying Trista is cleared.
      Trista did not complete a poly and NO ONE HAS BEEN RULED OUT AS A SUSPECT.
      those are the facts.
      i believe Trista 'tweaks' the truth and that she is with holding information.

    11. Nimbus, LE has ruled out an abduction from the Violet house. Whether they have stated it or not, This statement rules Trista out. Whatever information you think Trista "tweaks" or withholds, has no bearing on Ayla being missing. How can you keep saying that no one has been ruled out, and then ignore their statement that it was not an abduction?? Ayla was not taken by someone, something happened to her at that house.

    12. Nimbus, LE has ruled out an abduction from the Violet house.
      i tried to look this up anonymous and as far as i can tell you are incorrect.
      please correct me if you have differing info.
      what i found was Police Spokesman MacCausland did not 'rule out' an abuction.

      this quote was published on February 3rd:

      "We have grave doubts that an abduction ever took place there,” said police.

      please note the police did not say 'ruled out'. they said 'grave doubts".
      the statement continues, with: "that an abduction ever took place there", meaning Waterville.
      'grave doubts" refers to the location, not the possibility of an abduction.
      the statement is not "we have grave doubts than an abduction took place", it is "we have grave doubts than an abduction took place THERE".
      perhaps you would disagree?
      the police statement does not 'rule out' or preclude the possibility that there could have been an abuduction elsewhere.
      many have speculated that Ayla was living in Portland, not Waterville.

      if commenters want to keep insisting LE has ruled out an abduction from the Violet house, i wish they would back that up. it simply is not true.

  8. J4A, i don't like to compare this case to the Anthony saga but there are some potent similarities.
    the prosecution ended up cozying up to Cindy, George and Lee, they testified for the State and were not 'hostile witnesses' and they ended up 'outfoxed' by Cindy who screwed the pooch with her 'i did the cloro searches online and Caylee opened the door and climbed the ladder crap'.
    in my opinion, if Ashton had told the truth during the trial, that Cindy and the rest of the Ants were total liars and scum and thick as thieves; there might have been a conviction, even from that brain dead jury. it was 'painting' the Ants as a 'normal family' that even the jury could see was weirdo that ended up with the jury saying 'you know what? we can't trust anybody!'
    so personally, i am very disappointed with the PD in 'embracing' a druggie, drunk negligent mom and trying to parade her around as Ayla's perfect caretaker who just got bamboozeled.
    i aint buying it and no one else is either.
    Trista has not offered any timeline for her activities before or after 'rehab' which she tried to put out was voluntary.
    i still don't understand why getting drunk and fighting with your sister (something i did quite often when i was Trista's age ha ha), would be enough to jeopordize custody of your kids!
    i think there is MORE there than meets the eye.
    i could care less WHO Trista sues..i just feel NOW is not the time to be waging wars with the government..NOW is the time to find AYLA!
    anyway, (sorry guys i am in a non coherant rant today)..enough with the Trista angel crap.
    lets get Trista ruled out the old school way. with a timeline that is filled in by EVERYONE remotely connected to AYLA!

    1. The police has given the indication that they are satified with Trista and her alibi and her resopnses. The police have indicated that the ones in the house are not being honest. I think if there is more to meet the eye with Trista, the police have throuoghly looked at this. Here we are two months later and the last release from police about the case had stated that Trista and her family are doing what they can to keep Ayla's name out there and the "other" family is Not.

    2. the police have stated that no one has been ruled out as a suspect.
      the only statement they have made concerning Trista is that she is 'cooperating' with police.
      any 'indications' are imaginary on your side. to me, it seems like they are playing Trista against Justin because both sides are slippery eels.

    3. Can you please direct me to where you have seen the "PD 'embracing' a druggie, drunk negligent mom and trying to parade her around as Ayla's perfect caregiver"? I have not seen this. Angry much?

    4. yeah Anonymous i AM angry.
      Trista could have picked up Ayla on the 22nd of October. she didn't.
      i don't know why because she isn't disclosing her busy schedule after exiting rehab.

      I AM angry that a little girl had to live with drug addicts and drunks and get a broken arm and be 'mauled' and have muscles pulled and then vanish altogether.
      how 'bout you?
      you're cool with it?

    5. No, I'm not cool with it, that's why I'm here. Can you please direct me to where you have seen the PD embracing the druggie, drunk, negligent mom and tryig to parade her around as Ayla's perfect caregiver? I am still unable to find this anywhere.

  9. @Christine
    "That's all. Justin then petitioned the court to have physical custody of Ayla during Trista's rehab stay."


    So far it was agreed. Ayla was to stay with the sister and Karen Small
    facilitated a snatch and grab. The resulting torture and execution a result of that illegal action.

    Why hold a vigil why not hold a search for her remains.
    You all seem like your aiding and abetting a ruthless killer.

    The suspect wanted the baby aborted and performed infanticide on the live birth. It took several attempts to try to arrange an accident that is obvious by the increasing levels of injury.

    This is God's way of sending anonymous messages to the murderer and the cops.

    A fine example of your fantasies. A beginning a middle and an end.
    Ayla is dead and she is not coming back and Dipietro already regrets
    starting and playing this game. This is Satan's style of chess game.

    A trap for the Trista did it committee. She was ruled out from day one.

    Keep squirming Lance and your girlfriend Justin too.

    It never ends.
    A hell of your own design.


    1. Interesting bit from the story you posted:
      Only 15 percent of children in the United States are covered by an insurance policy, with the average amount in the range of $5,000, according to Bankrate. This coverage is often tacked onto parental policies to cover burial costs in case of the child's unexpected death.

  11. Hi, I saw something interesting over at the statement analysis site that I had not heard about previously. If this has already been discussed I must have missed it. It said that there was a cocaine bust at the Bob-In bar, which supposedly is where Justin and Lance worked. They also said that Phoebe hangs out there at the bob-in. Anyone know anything about this?
    Also, I saw a reference to Justin's dad previously on this blog, and that was the first I heard of a father of Justin's. Then on SA, it mentioned Justin's dad again, saying his dad was involved with a motorcycle club. Has anyone else heard anything about Justin's dad? The only thing I heard about a dad was some discussion asking who the dad might be, but no answers to that question, and whether the three siblings had the same father. Thanks.

  12. I remember reading about the cocaine bust at the Bob In, it happened awhile ago and Justin could not have been working there because he was living 75 miles away in Portland. The bartender and her boyfriend were selling drugs to patrons. They arrested those involved and it had nothing to do with the DiPietro's as far as I know.

    I don't know anything about Justin, Lance, and Elisha's father(s) except that DiPietro is Phoebe's maiden not married name. The speculation over the father was because someone had unearthed another DiPietro that they thought might be the father but it is likely an Uncle.

    1. Thank you. So, you think that the man with motorcycle club affiliation is the uncle? On your blog, someone commented about seeing Justin's dad in an interview early on, but then he just disappeared. It just seems odd that nothing more was mentioned about this? On the SA blog, the comment specifically talked about Justin's dad. But, once again no further discussion about it.
      As for the Bob-In, could Lance have been working there during the cocaine bust? I wonder how often Justin visited Waterville while he was living in Portland?
      The comments also mentioned that the reason that Phoebee's alibi has not been announced is because she was with a married man that night. Also, I think someone who knows the Dip family stated that all three siblings have different fathers. I just wish the truth would come out. Thank you again J4A, your blog is good

    2. I read early in the case on a FB page that Elisha's daughters paternal grandmother also works at the Bob In. Her last name is Linnell. It's her son who was kicked in the face by Lance D. Interesting to know that Lance and maybe Justin too worked there.

  13. Hello J4A, Can you please direct me to the page at statement analysis that discusses the comment her on your blog that you suspect might perhaps be from CR? I saw the post about it here and the reply but have not been able to find anything on the SA site. Thank you.

      Someone copied and pasted the anon comment from here to this thread as well, originally I thought the same poster posted there as well but later on the anon poster claims she is not CR and only posted here.

      This is the original thread that I got the response from VTLady79 from, there are also responses from me to a poster there, Jazzie, who initially had some issues with my blog. I believe? we are squared away now though

  14. "Nancy Grace said that."

    Then it's conjecture based on stupidity.

    Wait, how long has it been since Nancy Grace mentioned ANYTHING that wasn't about Whitney Houston?

    Nancy Grace is a money-grubbing, exploitative pig. The author of this blog cares more about Ayla than Nancy Grace could ever care about anything, except money.

  15. Anonymous, Nancy Grace said what?

    it was Maine State Police Spokesman McCausland who said:

    personally, i don't think trashing Nancy Grace is nothing but a 'distraction' as you are so fond of saying.
    at least Nancy isn't afraid to ask some questions and look for answers. you just dodge, weave and point fingers.

  16. Wow nimbus, can you please look at all of the statements that Maine State Police have put out? This will give you a clearer picture of what is going on. NO ONE HAS BEEN RULED OUT AS A SUSPECT is just one statement made. There are many others, put them all together and you will see why it is so easy to see that Trista was not involved. Maybe you have missed the other information, but I am sure if you take a look at the whole picture, you will see it clearly.

  17. fine. post the statement by LE saying Trista is ruled out as a suspect.
    i HAVE read all of the statements from LE.
    none of them say Trista is ruled out as a suspect.
    let's just stick with the facts okay?

    1. The FACT is that it was not an abduction. Trista or nobody else took Ayla. The fact is that LE has stated that the Dips are not being upfront with the truth. The fact is LE has stated that their version of events does not hold water and does not pass the straight face test. The fact is that LE has stated that one side of the family is helping, while the other side, is not. I suggest you stick with the facts, okay?

    2. okay anon. i guess you make the facts. since YOU say Trista couldn't have been in Waterville the week of Ayla's disappearance or hired anyone to go there, i'll just have to take your word!
      i'll also have to take YOUR word that the police have cleared Trista since they have never made ANY statement saying so. they DID make a statement saying NO ONE IS RULED OUT AS A SUSPECT but hey, i guess that couldn't include Trista because YOU say so.
      for some totally understandable reason, Trista just can't tell us where she was the night her baby 'vanished' even though i'm sure she would love to be transparent about her whereabouts.
      sure dude. baby disappears and mama won't say where she red flags there..why?
      because an anonymous poster tells me it's all irie!
      i am done arguing this point with someone who obviously has a hidden agenda.
      i could care less what skank hole or clinic Trista might have why won't she tell us where that was?
      but i am not done trying to finding out where the mother of Ayla was for the week of her disappearance.
      this is a very simple fact that i am not letting slide:
      the mother of the missing child will not reveal her whereabouts the week her child 'vanished'.

    3. Nimbus, I do not make the facts, I am only going by the facts that LE has put out. Whether Trista was in Waterville or hired someone to go to Waterville the week of Ayla's disappearance doesn't matter. LE has stated that it was not an abduction. That's a fact. Take LE's word for it.
      You keep saying over and over,
      okay, I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that there was no abduction. How could Trista be involved in an abduction that never happened??
      I'm sure Trista has told LE where she was. Why are you so intent on making it out that she must tell us? How do you know she wouldn't tell us if she was asked?
      If there was no abduction, why would it matter where Trista was? There is no "red flag", because there was no abduction. How simple is that?
      How can you ignore all of the other facts that LE has provided?
      There is no argument, just look at the facts okay?
      I have no "agenda", other than wanting to know what happened to this beautiful innocent baby. It really is starting to seem that you are that one that indeed has an agenda of trying to distract from the FACTS of the situation of Ayla vanishing. An agenda of trying to pull Trista into it as a guilty party in the disappearance of Ayla, when by looking at the FACTS, it cannot be that way.

      Look at all of the facts that LE has given, not just one, please.

    4. i have looked at the facts.
      LE has never ruled Trista out as a suspect.
      statistically, in these cases only 1/2 of 1 percent of children are taken by strangers, 99.5 percent of children are taken by their parents.
      the mother of a missing child will not come out and publicly state her whereabouts at the time of her child's disappearance.
      to you that is fine and dandy and not at all suspicious.
      you continue to assert that LE has cleared Trista, yet there is only one other statement from LE concerning Trista.
      she is 'cooperating'. that's it!
      yet you insist on asserting Trista is not a suspect, Trista has been cleared, Trista could not have been there, Trista satisfied the police..
      when nothing of the sort has EVER been stated by LE.

      i have never before heard of a mother hiding her whereabouts from the public during a missing child investigation.
      why would a mother be so worried about her reputation that she must keep her activities secret?
      what could Trista possibly have been doing (rather than picking up her HPPS sanctioned child on October 22nd as agreed upon during the family meeting) that has to be kept secret?

    5. So Ayla was NOT kidnapped from the waterville home, and the waterville three say Ayla was with them the night she vanished and they put her to bed. The Police called the waterville home a crime scene, and you're still arguing because YOU don't know what Trista did the week Ayla went missing? You make no sense.

    6. i believe Trista is with holding information. she has already been caught 'tweaking' the truth to her advantage many times.
      she was not in the least perturbed when her child went missing. she was smiling on tv and enjoying the limelight. i can only hope that is because she believed at that time that Ayla was fine and she was in no danger.
      yes, i want to know where the mother of the missing child was when her child went missing. that is the first question anyone would like answered.
      you are the one not making sense by trying to justify the mother's stealthyness.
      what's the big secret?
      there has NEVER been another mother of a missing child who did not tell the public where she was at the time!
      you are the nonsensical one trying to stick up for your friend and telling me, oh just take our word for it, she's all good!
      Trista had been authorized by CPS to take custody of Ayla on October 22nd.
      she did not take custody.
      i would like to know where she was and why she did not take custody of Ayla as was agreed upon during her family meeting.
      another secret? can't tell us?
      how come?
      what does NOT make sense is the mother of the missing child answering these extremely simple questions.
      pick a name, just use the drop down menu and fill in the blank. if you are going to keep harranguing a person for asking simple and crucial questions at least name yourself.

    7. haranguing you? huh, more like you're haranguing others!
      You can't force others to see your point about trista when the po said it wasn't even a kidnap case. Good thing you're not a cop, cuz this case would never be solved, give it a rest would ya? move on to something that actually involves the crime here

    8. Actually if you go back and watch all the press conferences (I watched them all) The police do say that Trista had told them where she was during those times you indicate and they are satisfied with information that she had provided. So I am sorry, YOU may not where she was but apparently LE knows and are satisfied with what she had said. ALSO, in the age of being able to track phone pings on a cell, everytime a person uses a credit card, various surveillence cameras from wallmart to the local store on the corner, Geez the government could point a satellite at you from space and read your Driver's license. You don't think they have been able to have this information and track down what Trista was doing or who she was talking too. AND COME ON, for those that want to believe that she has "stashed" Alya, do you really think this girl has the means to do this and not have been caught. FANTASY world, this isn't the MOVIES. Occum Razor's: is a physics principle that states in all things typically the simpliest explaination is the more correct. Look at the facts and all that has been stated: Ayla was in the care and under the responsibility of Justin--> this is where you need to look. And by all indications the police state that he is not telling all he knows and that foul play occured in the house and that her blood was found in the house and that somebody from the house carried her out. It is not rocket science people. For all those that would say "I am pointing fingers" This is silly, why would I, I don't know this guy, I wouldn't wish a circumstance like this on my worst enemy. I am simply following the facts. I am for this baby. I also live in the real world, not the delusional movie that so many want to paint this as. I understand is it unbelievable, it is hard to believe something like this could happen in our community. I am not from Maine and I have noticed many that have grown up in this wonderful place(lived here for 6 years) also are in a little bubble. Many don't lock doors or windows I think because there is a quality of life here and little crime that doesn't really exist in most other parts of this country. Maybe that is why it is easier for some of you to believe some of these crazy scenarios that seem straight out of a movie.

    9. the police spokesman could be any more clear than this:
      McCausland, who is the only law enforcement official making public statements about the case, has said that no one, including Trista Reynolds, has been ruled out as a suspect in Ayla’s disappearance.

      as i stated earlier, Trista has no right to privacy in an ongoing investigation of the disappearance of her child. she also did not complete the polygraph, nor did her mother.
      if she would like to end public speculation, it would take but a few minutes.
      i am harsh because Trista was a negligent mother. she did NOT provide a home for Ayla as has 'put out there' by her pals here..the State of Maine provided a home for Ayla by paying the rent and buying groceries (food stamps) and paying her medical bills. Trista is unemployed and making babies she can not support or shelter with criminal fathers. She is also homeless.
      the people of the State of Maine are paying for her 'mistakes' as you call them.
      did Trista even look for work when she got out of rehab? i doubt it. she was too busy to visit her child and too busy to job hunt i'd bet. maybe she will tell us what she was so busy doing since we were paying for her leisure time.
      her habitual association with criminals could impact this case and her smiles while being interviewed on tv are very eerie. i am not the only one who finds Trista a mooch and self-proclaimed victim. we have already caught her 'tweaking the truth'.
      Trista appears more concerned with her reputation and seeking vengeance with her baby daddy than she is with finding Ayla.
      when will Trista begin searching for her child? when will she put up fliers?
      no..she will just sit at home 'waiting' for others to do the heavy lifting while she puts out bait for a lawyer to represent her pro bono to sue HPPS. nice.

    10. Nimbus, Aren't you the one who said "stick with the facts"? Aren't you the one that said when you point a finger at someone, three more are pointed at you? You expend an inordinate amount of energy on bashing her - do you know Ayla's mother? I don't think anyone thinks Trista is a stellar mother, but your constant bashing just seems evil to me and the only horse I have in this race is my hope to see Justice for beautiful little baby Ayla.

    11. um no, i never said that about 3 fingers. never heard that before actually.
      i don't know Trista.
      could you not equally say 'alot of time is spent bashing the Pietros, Courtney et all?"
      no i don't know anyone in Ayla's family.
      i am not bashing. i am asking questions.
      since no one will help answer any of my questions and in fact insist that i should not ask anything to do with Trista, i have to try to find the answers myself.
      some of the answers i have found are very uncomplimentary to Trista, thus my unflattering comments about her.
      why not address the issues i raise or help me answer the questions i ask instead of bashing me?
      i have nothing to do with this case, i am irrelevant.
      now you are calling me evil for asking questions and trying to piece together a timeline?
      that is really outrageous.
      do you call the commenters 'bashing' Justin evil? or is that okay with you.
      this forum is becoming completely biased. any progress we could hope to make investigating the facts is destroyed if only one parent can be examined.

    12. I think you irrationally bash Ayla's mom with gleeful abandon. I think you get irrationally mad when people don't agree with you. Actually, you scare me. This forum is not biased, just most of the posters have sense.

  18. Does anyone know if CR's child is still in her custody? It seems like CPS would have taken him since they were living in a drug dealing house. It's highly unlikely that CR did not know about the drug dealing. It's her sister and she lived there. And what of the sister's child? I wonder if poor Ayla had ever been at that drug dealing house?

  19. Sad to see that things between a few posters are sliding into a snarky spot. Think I will return another day when cooler heads are prevailing.

  20. Wow Nimbus, Why so angry?

    It really is becoming clear that you do have an agenda.

    Okay, so, 99.5 percent of children are taken by their parents. Ayla wasn't taken. LE has discounted this theory. That is why Trista's whereabouts are inconsequential.

    People are not suspicious of Trista because LE has made it clear that they are not suspicious of her. LE is not suspicious of Trista because they know that Ayla was not kidnapped or abducted.

    LE does not have to state the obvious that Trista was not there and that Trista is not involved. They have done this by making the clear statement that it was not an abduction.

    I am sure there has been a case of a missing child, where LE knows that the baby was not abducted, and therefore the whereabouts of the other parent were not considered important or put out there for all to see.

    I don't think Trista is keeping a secret. She has most assuredly told LE her whereabouts. Since it was not an abduction or kidnapping, Trista's whereabouts are none of our business as it has nothing to do with the case of missing baby Ayla.

    Whatever Trista's faults, problems, issues, etc. whatever, that you like to bring up, it doesn't matter. Trista wasn't there. Trista did not take her daughter. LE has confirmed this. What could Trista be hiding about the disappearance? Do you think JD and them told her what happened and she's keeping it secret, really? How ridiculous. You are fixated on this one thing, and I will not post to you again on this. You are not using common sense and not looking at the whole picture. Certainly doing nothing to help find Ayla.

    Good day....

    1. I wonder why such animosity towards Trista? Do you know her, if no then I would assume that you are passing a judgement based on information that you have deemed unsatisfactory. Most of the attitudes that we cling to as individuals usually are are a reflection of our own personal issues and perspective or part of maintaining and ensuring inclusion of a group. I wonder if you anger has to do with your own personal perception and issue than and objective view of the facts???? And please, I am not trying to be insulting, just wondering?

    2. here are the facts. why are YOU disputing them?

      McCausland, who is the only law enforcement official making public statements about the case, has said that no one, including Trista Reynolds, has been ruled out as a suspect in Ayla’s disappearance.

      i am NOT the only one who thinks Trista is not being completely honest.
      she has NOT been ruled out as a suspect, much as you would like to spin that she has..she is fair game for speculation.
      it is dishonest of the posters here to continue to post that Trista is 'cleared' when in FACT she is NOT!
      you will notice that TRISTA is the one who says in that article that she is no longer a suspect. the police spokesman CORRECTS that statement by saying she has not been ruled out. he could have CONFIRMED Trista's blythe statement of being cleared, but he DID to tell us why?
      her statement is no different than Justin saying he 'smoked' the poly when he didn't.
      while both parents are doing NOTHING whatsoever to search for their missing daughter and are instead consumed with sanitizing their reputions, i will simply keep an open mind and go by the what the POLICE are saying..not her pals or his buddies who are both trying to manipulate the FACTS to their personal advantage.

    3. Nimbus,

      Once a person is named as a suspect/ person of interest; the game changes and that individual is then afforded legal rights. Most of the time LE will avoid and put off ascribing this title to anybody until they are ready. There have been many cases where after the fact was stated "that person was always of interest" even if it is not publicly declared because legally it changes the situation. Also of all of the news posts the last month, LE has called Justin's family to come forward, they have called them to be honest and tell the truth. As long as "they say nobody has been cleared" it keeps everything on an even field". You have got to know that the information that they have released and timing of this info is stratigically chosen. I would hope that you are able to see that the pressure they are applying is pointed in one direction and it is not to Trista. Last I saw they were praising her and her families efforts of keeping Ayla's name in the news. Regardless of whatever you think of Trista, (it seems to be personal) the police don't seem to be all that concerned. You count discount the fact that they stated at a press conference that they are aware of Trista's where abouts around the time in question and are satisfied with the information that has been provided. Please use some reason and logic. Put the facts together and the picture becomes clear. The police are not concerned with Trista why are you????????? You just seem to be stuck on your judgements. You don't deny the direction of the evidence points at Justin but why do you insist on the fact that Trista was involved. A little to conspiriacy theroy. It is not that complicated. These people are not this sophisticated.

    4. Nimbus you are delusional, I haven't seen one post proclaiming Trista has been "cleared". The other posters are just trying to show you, via common sense, she could not have been a party to the crime committed against Ayla at the home in Waterville.

  21. because i don't like the lies being posted, that's all.
    if you tell the truth, i have no problems.
    when you make crap up to favor Trista, it only confuses the ongoing investigation i hope to see concluded.
    it is paramount to stick with the facts and not feelings.
    if you want to tell me night and day that YOU believe Trista is a peachy mom, go for it. that is your opinion and you have every right to it. i certainly wouldn't call your logic into question or accuse you of conspiracy theory.
    but it is really infuriating for you to repeatedly tell me to ignore the police statements to adopt your skewed endorsement of a welfare mom who couldn't even be bothered to pick her child up the day she was scheduled by HPPS!
    on October 22nd 2011, by Trista's own account, Trista was free to collect her baby and take her 'home'.
    FACT: she did not go get her baby who she was so concerned about because she returned injured every time she visited her father (as she told many interviewers) and Trista won't even tell us why not.
    surely, if your child was being injured while in the care of an estranged father you would go get your child promptly on the day you were awarded custody from a family meeting?

    nope. not Trista! she decided to do something else on October 22nd.
    she decided to let custody slide even though she was soo worried.
    oh but we are not supposed to wonder why? no questions please?

    why are commenters posting Trista is cleared, Trista is ruled out, Trista provided Ayla a great home, Trista is not a suspect when EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE STATEMENTS IS FALSE.
    i have posted the facts refuting each of these statements, yet you persist in outright lying, claiming you personally know better and i am incorrect.

    the statistics say Ayla is missing due to a parent. you are saying that we must ignore the statements of the police EXPLICITLY STATING in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that Trista has NOT been ruled out as a suspect.
    it is ridiculous for you to continue to accuse me of a personal bias for keeping an open mind when it comes to Trista and her honesty and motives.

    we don't know where the evidence points. you should stop saying that we do. this is an OPEN investigation and the police have NOT named a suspect.

    why do you still continue to proclaim the police are not interested in Trista? please stop spreading lies. that is incorrect! they issued a statement that Trista has not been ruled out as a suspect!
    if they had cleared Trista as a suspect they would say so! they have in fact stated PRECISELY WORD FOR WORD the opposite!
    it's too bad you can't address the FACTS and have to attack me as a commenter. you have no right to tell anyone 'what police think'. it is very irritating that you insist on doing so even when i have gone to great lengths to present the simple facts, providing you with links that back up my statements 100 percent.
    the police have issued public statements telling us what they think, you should not go around contradicting them with your make believe fairytales and chastising people who are following the official statements from Law Enforcement. period.
    until they issue a statement otherwise, you are impeding an investigation putting out 100 percent false statements and trying to pass them off as 'facts'.
    you should not do that, but i guess there is no stopping your Trista 'spin fest'.
    i have not accused Trista of abduction or kidnapping or murder, i have simply corrected your bs so that we can stay honest here. that is how an investigation progesses. with honesty.
    evidently, honesty is not in your 'playbook' because you are ignoring the FACTS and insisting i do the same. thanks but i'll trust the police over an anon illogical of me!

    1. Nimbus says:

      "it is paramount to stick with the facts and not feelings"

      Next Nimbus says:

      "but it is really infuriating for you to repeatedly tell me to ignore the police statements to adopt your skewed endorsement of a welfare mom who couldn't even be bothered to pick her child up the day she was scheduled by HPPS"

      Trying to talk sense to Nimbus, a waste a total waste

  22. what is incorrect there?
    trista was on welfare. check.
    trista did not bother to pick up her child on October 22. check.
    address the points i make and if they are incorrect then correct them, don' t slander me!

    what exactly are you saying? there is no speculation allowed at all about Trista as YOU have decided she is cleared?
    you've decided "it's a waste of time" so everyone has to be in lockstep with you and STFU?

    we don't even know the date Ayla vanished so how can we assign alibis?
    have you thought about that?
    we don't even know the date when Ayla was last seen by a non Dipietro or Reynolds!

    i believe we are on the same side. it upsets me quite a bit that you would rather mislead people and insist upon pushing mistruths (while denying others alternative opinions) than actually help this investigation progress through honesty and candor.

    clues point one in a direction, evidence speaks for itself.
    so far, (correct me if i'm wrong), we have a few clues and no evidence at all.

    it seems you are insisting this is case closed, Justin is responsible.
    i don't know how you feel about the other potentials who were in the house.
    this case is still wide open. why can't you see that and allow alternate opinions without attacking the commenter?
    i have provided links to back up my statements. you can't do the same, you are just shooting from the hip.
    i would think you would want to find the truth. that does not happen by 'tweaking' the facts to the advantage of the people you endorse.
    sorry, but you are biased.
    i am just collecting data and once and a while venting at the crap i am assimilating. i shouldn't be getting sh#t for that. especially from an 'anon'.

  23. Again, you are delusional. You seem to be projecting your feelings of inadequecy. You claim posters are saying things they are not saying. You are arguing with imaginary statements. You used the word "mistruth" are you cindy anthony?

    1. i might be replying to statements made on other threads or possibly even on other forums. i try to write so that it is easy to follow my thoughts, i am sorry if you are having difficulties understanding me.
      if there is something i have posted that you don't understand, you have only to ask me to clarify.

    2. Busy on the blogs, ehh. Are you courtney or elish?

  24. there is actually even one more statement from law enforcement that i had overlooked. it is the Police Spokesman's latest public statement and is very clear.
    i don't understand why accepting this police statement is delusional, but maybe you could stop insulting me and explain. somehow, i think you won't do that, you will just continue to muddy the waters with lies and attack me without justification.
    Trista's statements are riddled with inconsistencies beginning with her first statements as to how she was compelled by the state to enter rehab or lose custody of her children.
    when i get a chance, i would like to look closer at the many inconsistencies in Trista's statements.

    this article was published on February 17th.

    Still, police continue to say they haven't ruled anyone in or out as suspects in this case.
    "We need the full story before we start proceeding to that point, and we haven't gotten the full story, and that's what we're hoping and we can continue to hope that we're going to get it," McCausland said.

  25. knock yourself out Nimbus. I'm done.

  26. gee thanks anon for your permission to comment here!
    i was hoping you might actually address the issues i posted.
    can't say i'm surprised you have nothing to back up your opposing opinions and without bashing me as a commenter have only crickets to offer, no factual rebuttal at all.
    a few other 'facts' i would like to post:
    (again would welcome any corrections)

    Ayla was not 'given' to Justin Pietro, nor was it a 'snatch and grab' as i read commenters say.
    Justin took custody of Ayla when Ayla was taken away from her mother who was deemed unfit.
    Trista lost custody of Ayla following an incident that involved the police.
    CPS determined Ayla was endangered in Trista's care.
    that 'fact' seems to be completely swept under the rug now. in fact, i am getting quite a bit of flak for even mentioning what i consider a very important point:
    CPS felt strongly enough that Ayla was not safe with Trista that they took her child away from her!
    Trista could not regain custody without successfully completing rehab for 'substance abuse'.
    many posters, (and Trista herself) keep repeating that Justin took Ayla while Trista went to rehab as though Trista still had custody of Ayla when she went to rehab 'to get herself help' and were it not for rehab, she would have kept Ayla.
    Trista tried to elicit both sympathy and praise for stepping up and and getting treatment for 'substance abuse' when in 'fact' she had no choice if she ever wanted to get her kid back!
    Trista definitely tried to mislead the media into believing rehab was her own idea and she hid the 'fact' that she had actually lost custody of her chlld for 'endangering' her.
    this is not a "which came first chicken or egg story". we know what came first and what followed in spite of Trista's efforts to 'tweak' the truth to her advantage.
    Trista did not have custody of Ayla and could not get custody until she completed a State Ordered rehab for 'substance abuse'.
    Trista turned Ayla over to her sister and mother's custody which apparently was approved by CPS.
    to say that Justin took Ayla while Trista was in rehab is accurate but very misleading since Trista had her child taken away from her by CPS and had her custodial privileges revoked for being an unfit mother.

    Most importantly, i would like to point out that while Trista is crying that she wants her baby back now, she did NOT want her baby back on October 22nd when CPS had arranged for her to take custody of Ayla.

    Trista had completed rehab at that time and already had her other child in her care.

    could you please explain what you wrote;
    "LE also aren't praising Trista for doing what she is doing to try to trick her into confessing."

  27. Nimbus, This is not a factual rebuttal, but I do have questions as to what you have posted.

    "Ayla was taken away from her mother who was deemed unfit."
    I have never seen anywhere that Trista was ever deemed unfit by CPS.

    "Trista lost custody of Ayla following an incident that involved the police." Actually, from what I've read Trista never "lost custody". I understand she had filed for parental determination a few days before Ayla's reported disappearance and that both parents had their rights to her.

    "CPS determined Ayla was endangered in Trista's care." Where have you seen this documented?

    "CPS felt strongly enough that Ayla was not safe with Trista that they took her child away from her!" Again, please state where you have seen it documented that CPS took Ayla away from her mother.

    Trista did not have custody of Ayla and could not get custody until she completed a State Ordered rehab for 'substance abuse'
    Please state your source that says Trista entered State Ordered Rehab. I have only seen that it was voluntary.

    "to say that Justin took Ayla while Trista was in rehab is accurate but very misleading since Trista had her child taken away from her by CPS and had her custodial privileges revoked for being an unfit mother. " Please state your source of information that Trista was deemed unfit by CPS and that they took Ayla.

    "Most importantly, i would like to point out that while Trista is crying that she wants her baby back now, she did NOT want her baby back on October 22nd when CPS had arranged for her to take custody of Ayla." The only information I have read regarding this was that Justin had signed an agreement to return Ayla to her mother on this date and that he didn't follow through on his agreement. Why do you presume to know Trisa did or did not want?

    If Trista had "lost custody" and been deemed an unfit mother by authorities, they would not have left her second child in her care.

    1. the second child was not in her care, he was being cared for by Trista's sister and mother.

    2. You stated you were posting Facts in your post.
      The second child was in her care. He was staying with Trista's sister and mother while she was in rehab. If you loose custody and are deemed unfit by the authorities, they don't take one child and leave others.

  28. it is really hard to find cites for all of these statements exactly word for word, that is why i was asking for help in documenting Trista's statements about custody.
    even Matt Lauer was confused and tried to push Trista into clarifying but didn't get far.
    unfortunately, it seems like the Trista supporters won't help me to 'fill in' the enormous gaps and inconsistencies in Trista's own statements!
    i have asked J4A to clarify a very intriguing statement she makes above but have not heard anything on that yet either.
    first off, i am not trying to use 'official' terms of CPS. i have no idea what vocabulary they use or labels.
    here is the best link so far about custody, i have read every newpaper article i could and reviewed Trista's statements.

    it would be really helpful if someone WOULD come on and correct any errors as i have posted basically all i could gather or 'infer' or 'piece together' from the information made public and Trista's own statements. i wish they would!
    Trista did enter rehab voluntarily, however that is a misleading and ingenuous statement because (again correct me if i am wrong) , Trista was 'required' to complete rehab in order to regain or maintain? custody of her children.
    so if Trista didn't want to go to rehab, you are correct, it was not mandatory. it was only mandatory if she wanted her children back.
    did Trista volunteer to go to rehab one morning? was it her idea to 'get clean'? no.
    it was an offer given her by the State to try to help her become a 'safe' mother in direct response to an incident where the police where called to her home.
    while some would like to make this a game of semantics and spin, i would LOVE to know the actual facts in simple narrative form.
    it is obvious that commenters here are in contact with Trista, yet they seem to want to do nothing to clear up what is intentionally vague..i hope they will!
    as far as i 'know' from having spent a helluva lot of time going over everything i could find online, i have it pretty straight.
    what would really help is a simple accounting of what exactly took place the night Trista 'fought with her sister', why the police were called, what they determined, and what CPS decided.
    i don't think it's a stretch to assume Trista was not sober when the police were called, whether from ingesting drugs or liquor i won't speculate.
    it doesn't seem like a lot to ask in a missing child case with custody, endangerment and 'substance abuse' being core to the story for clarification..but it is what it is. Trista won't clear this up (Matt Lauer tried and failed) and i doubt her supporters will either. i have given them many opportunities, yet they would rather attack or ignore than give a simple explanation to what are very confusing and important issues.
    i have noticed commenters claiming 'Trista has been asked by the police not to comment on' subjects that reflect poorly on Trista, yet she seems to run her mouth like crazy when pointing fingers at others. the police have come right out and said she is free to say whatever she wants BTW.
    ..have to split this comment in two pieces for reply box

  29. "The only information I have read regarding this was that Justin had signed an agreement to return Ayla to her mother on this date and that he didn't follow through on his agreement. Why do you presume to know Trisa did or did not want?"
    i can answer this question.
    Trista has stated on tv interviews that SHE left Ayla with Justin because she thought
    (i am going to quote from memory now not exact words because i am not going to search a million articles right now to find the exact quote; feel free to correct me if the 'jist' is incorrect!)
    that Ayla was better off staying with Justin because SHE couldn't take care of Ayla at the moment and she thought she was better off in Waterville.
    she has also contradicted herself by stating that she suspected Ayla was being abused as she was injured after each visit with Justin (i think i posted links for that above).
    the statements are irreconcilable as far as i can tell, but maybe in Trista-world they make sense.
    Trista has said many times that she 'left Ayla there, making it clear that she CHOSE NOT TO reclaim her.
    Trista had CPS authority to regain Ayla on October 22nd. she was free as a bird. she had completed rehab and was able to care for her second child. i posted in one thread there is a bus available from Portland or Lewiston to Waterville 3 times a day. not having a car is no excuse for not collecting her child, especially since she says she suspected Ayla was being abused. there is no impediment for Trista to have gone to Waterville if Justin did not provide 'delivery service'. is that really an excuse? oy vay, i hope we haven't come to that when a mother leaves her child for 25 days in a situation where she suspects abuse because the accused abuser doesn't offer curb side service? puleeze!
    There is one difference in Trista's custody on October 22nd in comparison to her previous time of having custody of Ayla. That is that financial support from Justin was in question.
    one could infer that Trista didn't want Ayla without the paycheck that accompanied her custody, but i felt such a statement was potentially inflamatory given the rah rah Trista atmosphere. that is actually my conclusion after many hours of research as it makes perfect sense as to why Trista couldn't be bothered to get Ayla on the pre arranged date.
    the fact that Trista keeping/regaining custody of her children was hinged upon her completion of rehab is online, if i didn't already post a link including that, you should be able to verify that yourself with little difficulty.

  30. if there are commenters with 'inside knowledge' i would like to know where Ayla spent thanksgiving and halloween and if anyone has seen a photo of Ayla on either of these holidays.
    i would also like to know if Trista visited or spoke to Ayla on either of these holidays.
    i referred to 25 days above, to clarify, i believe Trista did not speak to Ayla 25 days before her reported disappearance. not a phone call, not a visit.
    Trista has said she 'tried' to talk to Ayla on the phone (doesn't specify dates) but Justin stonewalled her.
    i will never wrap my head around a mother who claims her child was put in an abusive situation not speaking to or checking up on her 22 month old daughter for that length of time. if a Trista supporter wants to explain that to me, i would be very grateful.
    i have many questions for Trista, i will just post a few that pop to mind, maybe someone can answer them.
    why did the bone doctor originally suspect abuse and then change his mind?
    did Trista visit her 'fiance' in prison after she got out of rehab? if so, when?
    does Trista have a car? if not, how does Trista get from Portland to Lewiston or to the prison where her 'fiance' is housed?
    does Trista have a boyfriend or is she 'committed' to her 'felon fiance'?

    has Trista ever been arrested?
    has Trista ever lost custody of her children previous to October 2011?
    TIA anyone who is kind enough to answer.